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Heavenly Father we thank you for bringing us together this morning to continue our study of habakkuk stables and now considering the the truths that are represented on the charts from the Bible alone as we take up our study this morning we ask that you'd grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit that you'd forgive us from any sins from any transgressions that would be preventing us from hearing your voice or preventing me from conveying the message that you have for us this morning we went our understanding open so we fulfill the command in Habakkuk and pray that you would pour out your latter rain upon us now and as we take up the subject we ask that you would bless the the work that we're doing on livestream and DVD recording and let these things be of such a nature that it would better prepare us to stand and reflect your character and share the message of the hour in this time in Earth's history and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen ok this series of Habakkuk tables has course were on number 76 today and actually it's numbers 78 because there's a couple along the way that we did a number that were just reviews so it's a long series and it's taken many months to get this far along and last week we took up the task of bringing the conclusion together and on monday's presentation of last week which was the second in the conclusion i talked about william miller rejecting the midnight cry and evidently repeatedly when I was saying this I was identified that Miller redirect rejected the midnight cry in the spring of 1844 but it was actually the spring of 1845 it was just a a mental glitch that I had going on so I received an email from a friend and she says in the latest presentations in the second presentation you keep saying that Miller rejected the message in the spring of 1844 it is the spring of 1845 the seventh month movement had not even happened in the spring of 1844 I know you meant it right but it is there several times wrong so we put that in the record if you go back for presentations you'll you'll hear me repeatedly saying that so corrected that one I have another quote a brother wants me to share but I may or may not get to that at some point in time I don't know how many of you have ever had a disagreement argument or discussion over a verse in the Bible or passage in the Bible I've had several but more than that and more than just sitting down with a brother her sister after church service at a fellowship dinner and arguing a difference of a of a verse there's times when truce of a verse are argued publicly and I've had my share of those too we put into print in 1995 our understanding of the last six verses of Daniel 11 and from that point on certain components of that message began to be argued publicly and as an example one of them the glorious land the glorious land in Daniel 11 verse 41 represents the United States of America and as soon as that message came out the enemy raised up people to oppose publicly that the glorious land was the United States in verse 41 and it was a it was a point that couldn't just be left alone because verse 41 of Daniel 11 is identifying the close of probation for seventh-day Adventist so the fact that people that were being raised up to undermine the reality of what the glorious land is it's something that had to be responded to so that that argument went on and on and on to this very day you'll still find a large group of people in Adventism that will teach that their glorious land is the seventh-day Adventist Church which is it's absolutely ridiculous I mean it's just ridiculous there's no biblical support for it whatsoever whereas identifying that glorious land as the United States of America there is abundant biblical support for it the word glorious means in sense of prominence the word land means land four verses later Michael stands up in human probation closes so what's the most prominent land in the world just before human probation closes it's the United States of America the Bible is clear that the glorious holy mountain in the scriptures represents God's church at the end of the world that's verse 45 if Daniel wanted us to think that the glorious land in verse 41 was the seventh-day Adventist Church he would have said the glorious holy mountain but the reason but but because he says the glorious holy mountain in verse 45 and the glorious land in verse 41 you know it's something different to claim that the glorious land is the church when Daniel uses a completely different illustration of it just four verses later is just poor reasoning at best sister white says of the United States she says the United States is the glory of all the nations glory of all the nations glorious land how hard is that one there are three promises in the Covenant one is that we can have the mind of Christ the other is that we can have a glorified body and the is that the Lord would give his people a land and of those three promises if you just tally up which one is mentioned the most in the Bible the third covenant promise that the Lord would give his people a land to dwell in is mentioned fifty to one more than the mind of Christ or the glorified body at the second coming and sister White's is that all the Covenant promises are fulfilled upon the seventh-day Adventist Church so where's the land that was given to the seventh-day Adventist Church in fulfillment of the Covenant where was the seventh-day Adventist Church raised up the Bible teaches that those that would flee the persecution of the papacy that would flee from Europe they would go to the west and the Lord would establish his people in the West which is the United States of America so there's there's and there's many more reasons and you I judge I'm just telling them to you I'm not proving them to you there's many more reasons to show that the glorious land is the United States of America but that's kind of a secondary issue the real issue is is that when you understand the glorious land is the United States and Daniel 11 verse 41 you understand the next thing that happens after the collapse of the Soviet Union in those sequence of verses is that probation closes for the seventh-day Adventist Church so that verse becomes very serious and there's even people that this is one of the secondary argument there's people that that want to deny that probation closes for Adventist Church at the Sunday law in the United States and sister white repeatedly says that there's a closed door door message okay she says it was close to our message in the time of Noah a closed door message in the time of Abraham concerning Sodom and Gomorrah closed door message for the Jews in the time of Christ's destruction of Jerusalem William railer brought a closed-door message end of the world so for us to suggest that the last six verses of Daniel 11 is a closed-door message is consistent with every message in scriptures that's prefiguring the final warning message at the end of the world so this controversy that's went on publicly it has some severe serious ramifications let me show you something here I'm gonna I'm gonna show you one more thing about this controversy I won't go deep in it we will come back to this issue lord willing in a couple of weeks or so but if you if you identify the glorious land as the seventh-day Adventist Church or if you identify it as the United States of America is an argument a public argument that has went on for years since 1995 and the people that believe that it's a seventh-day Adventist Church to the self-supporting ministries you know hope or international Heartland steps to life amazing facts for the self support ministries that are in good graces with the conference or even the general conference the biblical research man okay maybe cold research department they'll tell you the glorious land is the seventh-day Adventist Church why would anyone that seeks to be a leader a spiritual guide of the seventh-day Adventist Church accept the doctrine that in Daniel 11 verse 41 long before probation closes long before Michael stands up no really when I'm saying before probation closes if they're saying that the glorious land is the seventh-day Adventist Church then when it's conquered it isn't marking the close of probation the close of probation when you take this position is when Michael stands up at the end of the world so if you're a leader of the seventh-day Adventist Church either in self-supporting work or in the General Conference and you've taken this position and they have then that means long before in verse 41 before verse 45 when probation closes in verse 41 the Catholic Church takes control of the seventh-day Adventist Church what kind of message is that from a leader of the seventh-day Adventist Church where is it in the scriptures where's your second proof that the papacy ever takes control of the seventh-day Adventist Church it's just not there okay so if you take this position that the glorious land is the seventh-day Adventist Church will the seventh-day Adventist Church that's the apple of God's eye okay that's the glorious holy mountain that's his people that's Zion right so the seventh-day Adventist Church is a godly power but if you allow the Bible to define what the glorious land is then you realize that the glorious land is the United States of America in the very time period when the United States is forcing the world to worship the papacy okay the United States begins as a lamb-like nation but it ends up speaking as a dragon and when the glorious land is conquered in Daniel 11 verse 41 the United States is speaking as a dragon so it's not a godly power is it it's a satanic power so when you when you look at these this argument you realize that on one side you're saying the glorious land is a godly power and the other side no the glorious night is a satanic power so this is mainly I'm trying to talk about public controversies in and biblical truth but before I move away from my illustration of a public controversy I want to show you one other thing because we're dealing with the daily the people that are on the wrong side of the view same people same people the Heartland Institute the biblical Research Institute steps to life amazing facts these same ministries and the General Conference will tell you that the daily is Christ sanctuary ministry Christ's sanctuary ministry and of course sister White plainly says that this view came from angels that were expelled from heaven she says this view brings darkness and confusion but sister white said the Pioneers had the correct view and the Pioneers say that the daily is paganism so notice in the argument of the daily it's the same argument as the glorious man it's the same argument back at the beginning of the 20th century the same argument that comes in at the end of the 20th century is all the only two different issues is the daily a satanic power or is the daily a godly power is the glorious land a satanic power or is the glorious land a godly power and don't miss this brothers and sisters that when the Pioneers identified that the daily was paganism they were identifying that paganism was the power that placed the papacy on the throne of the earth so when we're identifying that the glorious land is a satanic power it's the United States we're also identifying that the glorious land is the power that places the papacy on the thrones of Earth so don't miss its controversy because these kind of parallels are not manufactured by humans this is a prophetic parallel that has to do with the Alpha and Omega apostasy because this false view of the daily it came in the time of the Alpha and this false view of the glorious land it's what's being argued in the time of the Omega and it's the same argument with different symbols so we will deal with that more as we proceed but I know that people have passages where sister White says we're in order to present the truth were to present the truth and we're not supposed to worry about presenting the error you know not good to present the error because then you're letting people think about the air and they might stumble over the air and she says that repeatedly but she also says repeatedly that when you're going to teach the truth contrast it with the air she says that too so you have to take a little bit more of a balanced approach to what she's saying you know if someone's out there teaching air and the air that they're teaching is going to be beneficial to show the significance of the truth then go ahead and identify that false teaching but what you're saying is you don't need to go into the details about why that false teachers and no good Nick but sometimes to present the truth it is worthwhile to contrast it with error okay so in our last presentation we took time to show that one of the themes of Bible prophecy is the combination of church and state and we took time to show that in Daniel 2 in revelation 17 there is a progression that is illustrated in the kingdoms of Bible prophecy and we took those two principles into Daniel seven and eight noted that Daniel seven and eight were operating upon the principle of repeatin and large and that Daniel 7 was an illustration of the kingdoms of Bible prophecy in there and they're put in their political manifestation and that Daniel 8 was the same kingdoms of Bible prophecy in their religious manifests and that the religion the false religion that's represented in Daniel 8 has a progression there that is marked by the word good all self exaltation because each of these kingdoms a Bible prophecy they good all themselves more than the previous Kingdom so we put that in place to lead into our consideration of Daniel 8 verses 9 through 12 so I'm just reminding you that Lord willing we're gonna be in the Book of Daniel for a long time sometimes we will cover a lot of ground sometimes we won't and by a lot of ground we may cover a lot of ground but I mean we're not going to move far away from one verse sometimes so that's where we're going to be what we're gonna do here today turn with me if you would it's in your notes but to Daniel 11:14 because we're study in Daniel 8 alright so I want to go to Daniel 11 verse 14 Daniel 11 verse 14 says and in those times there show many stand up against the king of the south also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision but they shall fall there were controversies in the time of the Miller rights if you go back and read the Miller Wright publications the the newsletters the journals that they were publishing or you go back and you read William miller's papers that he wrote you'll find that there were certain controversies that the Miller rights were having with the Protestants of that time that are part of the record but there really isn't that many but there are they're there to be noted okay they were arguing about the Millennium there were certain arguments and one of them is this verse this is a verse verse 14 that William Miller has in the record he's elaborating on this verse in response to addressing the false Protestant view and the the first time I came across this I wasn't looking for it and and it didn't mean much to me I realize I was reading William Miller and the part I was reading is in your notes we'll get to it in a moment and I thought that was interesting I mean I was familiar with Daniel 11 verse 14 and I was led to breed this by William Miller and I had it my my memory bank and there within a couple of weeks I was in a meeting a week-long meeting almost a week-long meeting where a guy from the general conference would present his view of the last six verses of Daniel 11 for 45 minutes and then he'd answer questions for a half-hour and then I would present my views which were different than his on the last six verses of Daniel 11 and then he'd answer questions for a half an hour and it was a hand-picked audience there was only one person that forced themselves in but everyone else was by invitation only and it was half General Conference employees and half self-supporting ministries so he presents for 45 minutes on the last six verses of Daniel 11 then he'd answer questions and I did the same and it went back and forth through the week and he got to Daniel 1114 and he explained that the robbers of thy people this General Conference guy represents the the descendants of Greece some of the Syrian kings and a Antiochus Epiphanes now what I had just understood that this was a controversy in the time of the Millerites but the Millerites got it right the robbers of thy people are Rome the Millerites were arguing against the Protestants that this robbers of thy people in verse 14 represented Rome and the Protestants were saying it represented Antiochus Epiphanes and here's this General Conference man saying that the robbers of thy people represent Antiochus Epiphanes and I'm thinking thank you Lord for giving me forewarning that this is still an issue at the end of the world okay what what we had originally come to understand in the miller ID history somehow got turned upside down we get it got to the end of the world so I had the ammunition when I would go up and do my presentation without trying to be contrary confrontational I would answer I would address all the little glitches that I saw in his presentation and I had the material in my mind to answer it and if you read this and we don't have to read this I don't intend to read all these passages I intend to refer to them the key point in this verse and you have it in your note is the word also in William Miller emphasizes the word also if you're familiar with Daniel 11 verses 12 and 13 it's talking about the king of the north the Syrian powers and their aggression towards Egypt the king of the south and it's been the discussion for a few verses so when you get to verse 14 it says and in those times there shall many stand up against Egypt the king of the south also the robbers of thy people the subject has been the king of the north for the previous two verses and so verse 14 is saying there's gonna be other people besides the king of the north that are gonna stand up against Egypt and also the robbers of thy people so william miller's logic and his logic is correct and it's grammatically correct is that whoever these robbers of the the people are they have to be different than the king of the north also the robbers of thy people and you can read his logic down here below at the bottom of the page alright so whoever the robbers of thy people are can also be defined by the characteristics that are given in the verse they're the robbers of god's people they're the power and bible prophecy that exalts themselves but more importantly they're the power that establishes the vision and this vision here is the Chows own vision and proverbs 29:18 what does proverbs 29:18 say where there is no vision the people perish and where is there no vision there is no vision if you don't know who the robbers of that people are because the robbers of that people are the ones that establish the vision that's why sister white has statements like she says the scenes connected with the LAT the scenes connected with the man of sin are the last scenes in something history okay the first part is word-for-word the scenes connected with the workings of the man of sin who's the man of sin that's in Rome the king of the north sister white saying the last scenes in prophetic history have to do with the papacy the king of the north rome and daniel saying here what establishes the vision is Rome so they're in agreement with one another but proverbs says where there is no vision the people perish so what Satan does is he says I have to corrupt the understanding that the robbers of thy people is Rome because if I can do that then there is no vision and the people perish okay so this was a controversy in the middle right here see not brothers and sisters you may wonder what this has to do with Daniel 8 and you may wonder why we're spending time about arguments but I want to point to these two charts here these two charts here virtually everything on them has a reference in Bible prophecy but you notice I say virtually okay notice here 164 there is no reference in the Bible to this okay this isn't a biblical reference this is a reference to the controversy that went on in the middle right history it says 164 death of Antiochus Epiphanes in Daniel 11 verse 14 the Protestants were arguing that the robbers of thy people were Antiochus Epiphanes this was the issue with the Millerites so the Millerites spent a lot of time showing why Antiochus Epiphanes could not be this subject because if he is he destroys the vision so what I'm saying the controversy in the millerite history was so significant that it's actually put upon this chart and we've been told about this chart that it was directed by the hand of the Lord so these controversies are something that the Lord has noted alright it says death of Antiochus Epiphanes who of course stood not up against the Prince of princes who swear does anyone stand up against the Prince of princes go to Daniel 8 go to Daniel a verse 11 he magnified himself even to the Prince of the host the Protestants were saying that Daniel 8:11 is talking about Antiochus Epiphanes standing up against the Prince of the host the Prince of princes so the Millerites are saying this is almost sarcastic but it's not I'm not trying to be negative but think about it death 1/64 death of Antiochus Epiphanes this is 154 what BC 164 BC right so how long before Jesus the Prince of princes comes into history okay so that's their point death of Antiochus Epiphanes who of course stood not up against the Prince of princes as he had been hundred and sixty-four years dead before the Prince of princes was born okay so this is a controversy that has no biblical reference it's a point on this table about the controversy of that history all right there's controversies that are part of this history and this history is repeated in our history to the very letter anyway will we have more to say about this let's go back to our notes you see under the word exalt second Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 2 & 3 because we want to know who the one that establishes the vision that whoever he is he's the one that exalts himself in the scriptures and of course Antiochus Epiphanes in his lifetime may have exalted himself but the scriptures doesn't take any time to reference at verse 3 verse verse 3 it should say three and four of second Thessalonians they're in your notes it says tune three verse 3 let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed who's the man of sin that's a papacy the son of perdition who opposes and exalted him himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God now if you bust out the Protestant and even Adventist commentaries most of the many of them won't say most of them perhaps it's most but many of them will tell you that well where Daniel or where Paul is referencing this passage about the man of sin of exalting himself is found in Daniel 11:36 okay here's a controversy for you brothers and sisters that you should wrap your mind around its Rome that establishes the vision and Rome is the one that exalts himself in Bible prophecy I'm not trying to prove this for it to you right now I'm giving you the references that do prove it but I hope you already understand this and in second Thessalonians you have the classic illustration of the papacy the man of sin exalting himself and the Bible commentators tell us that Paul is taking Daniel 11:36 and paraphrasing it in verse 4 of second Thessalonians chapter 2 in verse 36 of Daniel 11 when you read it you can see what the paraphrase the connection to Paul it says and the King shall do according to his will and he shall exalt himself and shall magnam saw magnify himself above every God and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished for that that it's determined shall be done now he the power and Bible prophecy which is the robbers of thy people which exalts himself is the papacy but in the Miller eyed history there was a controversy because the Protestants were saying the robbers of that people were these Syrian kings Antiochus Epiphanes and of course this destroys your ability to understand the vision but when we get into Advent history what do we find in Advent history over verse 36 we find Uriah Smith saying no this isn't the papacy this is Turkey all right and your eyes Smith does it by changing one word how many words do you have the Liberty to change in God's work none okay Uriah Smith reasoning is in verse 36 he says if we could say a king but the verse doesn't say that the verse says the king and when it says duck King it means the king that's been being discussed in the previous verses and even Uriah Smith agrees that the King that's been discussed in the previous verses is the papacy but reraised Smith wants to change it to a new power so he says if we could say a king instead of duck King we would see a new power introduced into the verse so he changes it to Turkey and what does sister white say she says all those that become confused on the meaning of anti-car we'll ultimately end up on the side of Antichrist so we need to be clear about who the man of sin is now what I'm saying to you is that the robbers of thy people in verse 14 is the power and Bible prophecy that exalts themselves and that's 2nd Thessalonians 2 3 and 4 and this is derived from Daniel 11:36 and Daniel 11:36 is also a point of controversy in Advent history and this controversy goes back to the Miller ID history and it was such a controversy that it finds themselves on these tables noted even though there's no biblical reference for Antiochus Epiphanes also the power that establishes the vision is the power that falls and in Revelation 14 8 who falls battlin whose babbling at the end of the world that man has sinned the one that exalts himself and you can look at Daniel 7 26 825 and 1145 and you see that Rome a king of the north is illustrated as falling so what I'm saying is in Daniel 11 verse 14 all the proof text established that it is Rome that established as a vision not Antiochus Epiphanes and then you have underneath in your notes the word robbers it's the destroyer it's the breakers of God's people and you can see references the breakers of God's people in the scriptures in in breakers is one of the definitions for robbers that's Rome okay we are familiar with the fact that the the fourth kingdom was going to break and stomp right it was going to break was going to rob it was the destroyer and then underneath that you will see william miller's argument about Daniel 11 verse 14 so one of the things now about verse 14 I want you to see outside of what we've been discussing is in verses 12 and 13 the king of the north is the subject so when you get to verse 14 it says and in those times there show many stand up against Egypt the king of the south it's been discussing about the king of the north and the king of the north at this time period is Greece it's the the final kings of Greece that have come down through history they've been preparing to take control of Egypt the king of the south and it says in verse 14 in those times at the very end of the Greek time period to be the third kingdom of Bible prophecy in those times there show many stand up against the king of the south many powers are going to begin to covet conquering Egypt also the robbers of thy people so one of the things that I'm going to emphasize here that it hasn't been part of this subject about the Miller Wright controversy is when you understand this correctly this is grammatically telling you that Rome is a different power it's not a descendant of Greece also the robbers of thy people william miller's logic he wasn't trying to make the point i'm making but he supports what I'm making here is this verse teaches us that Rome is a different power than Greece okay they're not the same power keep that in mind we'll get back to that on page 2 of your notes we have a quote that probably many of us are familiar with in this room in on livestream it says the grand instruction contained in Daniel revelation has been eagerly pursued by many in Australia this book has been the means of bringing many precious souls to a knowledge of the truth everything that can be done should be done to circulate thoughts on Daniel and revelation I know of no other book content that can take the place of this one it is to be God's helping hand your eyes Smith's book thoughts on Reverend Daniel revelation is to be God's helping hand she continues on and says those who have been longing the truth are asleep they need to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit the third angel's message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice tremendous issues are before us we have no time to lose god forbid that we should allow minor matters to eclipse the light which should be given to the world now if you're reading through the human oh and you see that one of the authors of many of the songs in the hymnal are Frank Belden that is Ellen White's nephew who ultimately left adventism and but when I heard what I'm gonna tell you about here I just amazed he had the ability he would go to he would work with an evangelist and Adventist evangelist and the Adventist evangelist would begin his sermon he did tonight the he would tell the people were gonna cover Daniel - and he'd start into his sermon and Frank Belden would take his wife and he and his wife would go in some other room with the piano and they would sit down and write a song about Daniel - and at the end of that evangelistic presentation Frank Belden and his wife would come out and play and sing the song about Daniel - so when you read in through the hymnals and you see these songs by Frank bailed and that's the guy that did it and that's the kind of gift he had but he he walked away from Adventism and his aunt was Ellen White so although it doesn't say this in this next passage if you if you look closely in Ellen White's writings you'll find that it was Frank Belden that asked this question and he wasn't asking it you know there's different ways people ask questions sometimes people ask you a question and you can tell maybe it's a dumb question but you can tell they're honest they want to know they don't understand it but sometimes you can tell when someone's asking a question that they're just trying to set you up to try to make you look bad and they don't really care about the answer they're trying they're fighting against the truth you know you can tell and beldon's question here it was not a positive question he was trying to undermine what sister white had just said about your eyes Smith's book thoughts on Daniel and revelation she said it's God's helping hand so as we read through this next passage you're gonna see a question do you believe that what these pioneers wrote was inspired well when buildin when you get to the real question when it's laid out not so cloaked as it is in this passage he was saying to her you think you're iya Smith is inspired you know with a sarcastic voice so let's read this I'm the vine ye are the branches said Jesus we do not have understand the preciousness of this lesson we must learn more and more the significance of these words we need our eyes anointed that we may see the light of truth we must not think well we have all the truth we understand the main pillars of our faith and we may rest on this knowledge the truth is an advancing truth and we must walk in the increasing light a brother asked and this is Ellen White writing and she's saying a brother asked but the brother that asked was her nephew a brother asked sister why do you think that we must understand the truth for ourselves why can't can we not take the truths that are the others have gathered together and believe them because they have investigated the subjects and then we shall be free to go on without the taxing of the powers of the mind in the investigation of all these subjects do you not think that these men who have brought out the truth in the past were inspired of God he's setting her up and when you get to the actual dialogue he's he's being specific to your eyes Smith here's what she says I dare not say they were not led of God for Christ leads into all truth but when it comes to inspiration in the fullest sense of the word I answer no I believe that God has given them a work to do but if they are not fully consecrated to God at all times they will weave self and their peculiar traits of character into what they are doing and will put their mold upon the work and fashion men and religious experience after their own pattern it is dangerous for us to make flesh our arm we should lean upon the arm of the infinite power God has been revealing this to us for years we must have living faith in our and reach out for larger knowledge and more advanced light do not trust to the wisdom of any man or to the investigations of any man go to the scriptures for yourselves search the Nspire word with humble hearts lay aside your preconceived opinions for you will obtain no benefit unless you come as children of the word children to the Word of God you should say if God has anything for me I want it if God has given evidence from his word to this or that brother that a certain thing is true he will give it to me I can find that evidence if I search the scriptures with constant prayer and I can know that I do know what is truth you need not preached the truth as the product of another man's mind you must make it your own when the woman of Samaria was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah she hastened to tell her neighbors and townsman she said come see a man which told me all things ever I did is not this the Christ then they went out of the city and came unto Him and many of the Samaritans of the city believed on him for the saying of the woman which testified he told me all that ever I did and many more believed because of his own word and said under the woman now we believe not because of thy saying for we have heard it heard him ourselves and know that this in' is indeed the Christ brethren we must sink the shaft deep in the mine of truth you may question matters with yourselves and with one another if you only do it in there if you only do it in the right spirit but too often self is large and as soon as investigation begins an unchristian spirit is manifested this is just what Satan delights in but we should come with a humble heart to know for ourselves what is truth this time is coming this is one of the reasons I went there's two nice thoughts in the following the conclusion of this passage that isn't really germane to your eyes Smith this is one of them the time is coming when we shall be separated and scattered and each one of us will stand without the privilege of communion with those of like precious faith and how can we stand unless God is by your how you stand unless God is by your side and you know that he is leading and guiding you whenever we come to investigate Bible truth the master of the Assemblies is with us the Lord does not leave the ship for one moment to be steered by ignorant pilots we may receive our orders from the captain of our salvation we must be able to present the precious truth at the right time we do not claim that in the doctrine sought out by those who have studied the word of truth there may not have been some error for no man that lives is infallible but if God has sent light we want it and God has sent light and let every man be careful how he treats it as the truth is proclaimed men will say be careful now do not be too zealous too positive you want the truth of course we went to truth and we wondered as in as it is in Jesus when Nathaniel came to Jesus Jesus explained Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile Nathanael said whence knowest thou me jesus answered when that was under the fig tree I saw thee and Jesus will see us also in the secret places of prayer if we seek him for light that we may know what is truth our brethren should be willing to investigate in a candid way every point of controversy if a brother is teaching error those who are in responsible positions ought to know it and if he's teaching truth they ought to take their stand at his side that's the other point I want to make sure you see too often people have heard this prophetic message and they know its truth but in order to you know maybe move up in their their realm of influence or maintain friends or avoid controversy in spite of the fact that they know it's the truth they decide not to stand with it we should all know what is being taught among us for it if it is truth we need to know it the Sabbath school teacher needs to know it and every Sabbath School scholar ought to understand it we are under all all under obligation to know to God to know what he sends us he has given directions by which we may test every doctrine to the law in the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there's no light in them but if it is according to this test do not be so full of prejudice that you cannot acknowledge a point when it's proved to you there's a brother there's a brother and I quit he's put he's put his papers out on a website now and many of the people that are opposing this message they they send people to his papers ok and and he's got credibility because number one he's a medical doctor which makes him credible in some people's eyes plus it's the son-in-law of Gerhardt damn Ste who wrote the book the foundations of seventh-day Adventist message and mission ok which is a book that we recommend about Miller right history so he's got this kind of secondhand credibility too and I create dialogue and with the guy it was all it was a nice dialogue was email dialog but I still have the emails so we wouldn't want anyone to say that what I'm saying hasn't been documented and he came out with a paper and in the Spirit of Christ he sent it to me he says you know but I'm gonna go public with this paper and I thought I need to share it with you first it's a thank you and and I went through and said well what you're saying here is wrong here's why from the spirit prophecy Bible and what you're saying here is wrong here's why from the Bible ok so we did we did this three times and every time there were things in there that he was saying that were you couldn't there were we're not correct they're just flat weren't correct so what he did is he he held on to his paper and he removes those he removes those things and like they're not part of his argument and and just maintains the paper okay he never acknowledges that he was building his premise upon this pillar here and that pillar got removed he just kept his argument and didn't say anything about that pillar and because he did that because of our dialogue I determined well if the guy can't even acknowledge eat when he emails back to the I see your point you were right about that if he's not even willing to acknowledge that I never get everything done in a day I'm supposed to do anyway so I spent any more time with that kind of attitude and so what what she's saying here but if it is according to this test along the testimony do not be so full of prejudice that you cannot acknowledge a point when it has proved to you simply because it does not agree with your ideas do not catch at every objection however small and make it as large as possible and preserve it for future use no one has said that we shall find perfection in any man's investigations about this I do know that our churches are dying for the want of teaching on subjects of righteousness by faith and for kindred truths no matter by whom light is sent we should open our hearts to receive it in the meekness of Christ but many do not do this when a controverted point is presented they pour in question after question without acknowledging without admitting a point when it is well sustained you ever had that question from the floor you answer it you blow the foolish premise out of the water and instead of the person saying oh I get it they move to the next question and their next question would only be valid if their first question had been valid and they just keep rattling him off and after a while then that's the reason not to point to that hand any longer Oh may we act as men who want light may God give us his spirit day by day and let the light of his countenance upon us that we may be learners in the school of Christ so what I'm saying here is this was a nice passage I put some points in that aren't germane to what we're really looking at what we're really looking at here is that Uriah Smith's book thoughts on Daniel and revelation have been identified by sister white as God's helping hand but in the same vein she's let us know that he wasn't inspired and there's some things that your aya Smith teaches in that book that are wrong and that's an enlightened approach to that book okay but we're going to refer to that book okay so I want you to go to Daniel 7:7 now and now I'll try to tell you the point I am trying to make here through all this first hour in verse 7 of Daniel 7 it says after this I saw night visions and behold a fourth beast dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly and it had great iron teeth it devoured and brake in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of it and what beast is is this is Rome and what does the next phrase say and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it okay now now here's my point I hope I haven't went so far around the mountain that you can't get my logic in Daniel 11 verse 14 where we started William Miller uses the word also to prove that the robbers of thy people Rome is a different power than Greece and here in Daniel 7 Rome is diverse from the beasts that were before it so upon the testimony of two in the book of Daniel we know that Rome the fourth Kingdom is not a descendant of Greece it is a different Kingdom okay you with me maybe that doesn't mean anything for you but it should okay so I'll show you an error in at one level and I don't think it's an error and I know that I've been saying some of these things here in the recent pass and it really causes people trouble I have a close friend yeah the thought I'm gonna say right here I don't know if he's got through it yeah but look it here on this chart here this is the 1850 chart this is Daniel 8 and the Pioneers show the little Horn of Daniel 8 coming out on one of the horns of Greece alright now go to Daniel 8 verse 8 Daniel 8 verse 8 says therefore the he get groped wax very great and when he was strong the great horn was broken and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven here's the four notable ones right and there's going to be a little horn that comes out of one of them and that little horn is Rome notice the next verse and out of one of them came forth a little horn which waxed exceedingly great toward the south toward the east and toward the pleasant land so my argument is is it Markos here Markos a world-class graphic artist if that's the right category is that is that a correct way to describe your profession graphic illustrator okay so if you gave Marco the job assignment illustrate for us verses eight and nine at the surface level he would do this very thing he would show this horn coming right out of that horn but we know from Daniel 11 work 14 and Daniel 7:7 that this kingdom of this little horn that it doesn't have a direct connection to Greece its diverse also the robbers of thy people but for a graphic illustrator to portray this there's no problem there okay there's no problem there as I read it if I had to do to illustrate it graphically that's how you'd have to do okay but notice that even and this is an error to suggest that the I'm telling you out front I'll explain why in a moment it's an error to suggest that the little horn comes from one of the horns of Greece it's an error all right your eyes Smith makes this error on thoughts and Daniel and revelation God's helping hand page 175 he says the little horn comes forth from one of the horns of the goat he says it he's wrong okay okay so let's let me read something to you from Samuel Pippins book receiving the word Pippin Pippin okay it's different than Pippin jerk on a regular basis I get people we get people not within the past month and a half a brother from Canada called here got ahold of my wife and said I have heard that Jeff Keppinger ran off with a young woman my wife says Pippin Pippin okay and I don't know there Pippin ran off with her one with a young woman but it he's the one that had the problem the moral problem not Pippin jure okay but this is his book this is his book and in this book he's going to define three ways to study the Bible that are in Adventism today William Miller's rules he's going to say we all reject those okay but he's going to tell us what these other two rules are this is on page 27 beginning it says the crisis facing contemporary Adventism is not necessarily due to a clash of two cultures the Church of the West and the rest of the church rather it is a crisis over biblical hermeneutics the appropriate principles for interpreting the Bible recently this crisis has spawned much new hermeneutical terminology in our search case Berk versus codebook principle versus literal approach contextual versus key text approach dynamic versus rigid approach principle / spirit versus literal / letter now here's the one I want you to hear because he's saying that the hermeneutics in the church break down into two camps and here's and he just described those two camps in various ways that they're discussed but here's the here's the breakdown of those two camps what I want to put in the record historical critical method versus historical grammatical method and perhaps other terms of Wales but as well but notice what he says in the next paragraph in addressing the issue of biblical interpretation in parentheses parentheses hermeneutics seventh-day Adventists are faced with only two options the historical Adventists approach to the Scriptures which recognizes the Bible is fully inspired trustworthy and thorat imitative and to the contemporary liberal approaches to the Bible which deny the full inspiration reliability and authority of the Scriptures although these two approaches are mile apart miles apart they are both agreed in their rejection of a third approach namely the proof texts method of interpretation it may be helpful to explain why and the proof text is william miller's rules in line upon line so what I want you to see is that when Adventism in the 1920s and 30s was rejecting the pioneer understanding of the daily that they also were reaching out for accreditation in their colleges first the medical colleges and there to buy just what had to happen the theological departments they accepted the biblical hermeneutics of apostate Protestantism and these biblical hermeneutics of apostate Protestantism break down into two methods historical critical method historical grammatical method those are at odds with one another and the one approach is exemplified by a man named Desmond Ford okay how many eight in this room have heard of Desmond Ford did you know that Desmond Ford rejects his spirit of prophecy he rejects his sanctuary and for a time after he left the church maybe he still does he began to worship on Sunday maybe he wishes on both now I don't pay attention to Desmond for okay but if there's a time he was even worshipping on Sunday that's where he went with his biblical approach to hermeneutics and it caused a crisis in Adventism that I don't know a great deal about that crisis was reaching its head right when we were coming into adventism but I want you to go back to Daniel 8 verse 8 and 9 whether you understand it or not the reason that Desmond Ford throws out the sanctuary in the spirit of prophecy in Adventism is because he claims that the little Horn of verse 9 is a direct descendant to one of the horns of Greece and therefore he claims the little horn is Antiochus Epiphanes and therefore what we teach about the Pope of Rome being the man of sin is swept away because the Bible isn't talking about the Pope of Rome it's talking about Antiochus Epiphanes this is the same argument the Millerites had to deal with with such an argument that it's actually enshrined on these sacred charts and and Desmond Ford is the modern man that reassures this back into adventism ok so because of this this is the spawning of the biblical research institute won't go into the history but was it was because they had accepted these two false approaches to biblical hermeneutics that some of them realized whoa if we stand in this camp with Desmond Ford we sweep away all of Adventism and therefore those that didn't want to be in that camp and we're in the other camp that Pippin is speaking about here they started forming committees that ultimately evolves in the biblical research institutes so if you go to where is it page 8 of your notes you'll see two of these men two theologians that are opposed to desmond ford the champion of the one type of hermeneutics and they're the champions of the other type of hermeneutics and both these hermeneutics reject william miller's approach to the scriptures and you'll see where it says the four wins of daniel 8 you'll see hassel and shea these are well-known adventist theologians that oppose desmond fort the peak when bread desmond Ford brought his argument that this horn right here the little Horn of Daniel 8 verse 9 was a direct descendent from Greece they knew they were in trouble so they started scrambling so what I'm doing is I'm going to give you references by Shea and hassle and shane hassle they don't have any agreement with what we teach because we use the proof text method of william miller there is opposed to us as would desmond ford be but they want to pretend hassle and shane want to pretend that their biblical approach to hermeneutics upholds Adventism when it destroys it just as well as Desmond Ford does the biblical research institute is opposed to Desmond Ford but the biblical referred research institute rejects our understanding of Islam it rejects the 2520 it rejects the daily it rejects it rejects these charts - are you following me but it's seen that Desmond Ford was his interpretation was gonna sweep up all of Adventism away so they went to work and if you go to William Shay selected Studies on prophetic interpretation from Daniel revelation Study Committee in volume 1 page 41 through 43 or you go to Gerhard fat hassles from the Daniel Revelation Study Committee volume 2 page 387 to 394 you will find that both those men show from the Hebrew of Daniel 8 and 9 that this little horn does not come out of the four horns of verse eight it comes out of the four winds the reason that they did that homework is because Desmond Ford was destroying Adventism by showing the little horn was Antiochus Epiphanes Desmond Ford was using the same argument that was used in millerite history to attack the symbol that establishes the vision okay so what am i saying I'm saying that we're still in Daniel 8 right now we're trying to show from the scriptures that the daily in the Book of Daniel is paganism in the previous presentation we showed that the kingdoms of Bible prophecy in Daniel 7 represent the political manifestations of the kingdoms of Bible prophecy and they're represented by these beasts but Daniel 8 is tied together with Daniel 7 by Daniel in verse 1 of both chapters they're tied together and one of the themes in Bible prophecy is the combination of church and state and in Daniel chapter 8 it's the same kingdoms of Bible prophecy but it's their religious manifestation and we know this because the Daniel uses sanctuary animals and sanctuary terms in Daniel 8 to let us know that this chapter is about the religious manifestations but every sanctuary term that Daniel you in Daniel 8 is a corrupted symbol from the sanctuary whether the it's the RAM or the goat that have these unbalanced horns because the offerings had to be perfect or whether it's the little horn and the Bible it's an abomination for a man to dress like a woman and a woman to dress like a man in this little horn in verses 9 10 11 and 12 and 1 it's a man and the next it's a woman and the next it's a man and the next it's a woman that's an abomination all the sanctuary terms in Daniel 8 are corrupted counterfeit terms teaching us that this is the religious manifestation of the kingdoms of Bible prophecy and that it is a counterfeit religion that is expressed in the progressive nature of these kingdoms because each of these kingdoms goodall themselves more than the previous kingdom it's an escalation of self exaltation which is the very root of Satan's religion but now as we begin to analyze verse 9 through 12 the first thing that I wanted to awaken us to if we will be awakened is that this passage of Scripture is of such supreme importance to understand that it is here where men that are in the camp of Desmond Ford begin their warfare that sweeps adventism away and in so doing all they are doing is repeating the warfare that took place in the Miller IDE history as represented on this chart but in so doing they demonstrate a difference between two camps of hermeneutics in Adventism and both camps reject william miller's rules of prophetic interpretation so I want you to understand that as we proceed through Daniel 8 and onward in our study of the daily that sometimes the controversies over these verses are noted by the Lord and therefore at students of prophecy as Bereans rightly dividing the word we have a responsibility understand the implications of these controversies and take note of them and understand that there is being an emphasis placed upon this passage from the history of the Millerites in our own history that requires that we see the seriousness the importance the relevance of this passage where we find the daily okay all we did today was kind of get put some emphasis I hope on the following studies as we march through Daniel chapter 8 and the daily shall we pray Heavenly Father we want to place ourselves into the history that's unfolding here and understand that this history has been prefigured in past histories and that some of these controversies that are fighting against the prophetic message today have been prefigured in ages past we want to understand what that means for us as your people and for us individually we want to rightly divide the word of truth we want the vision established in our hearts so we want to understand clearly and conclusively that the robbers of their people is the man of sin the Antichrist a Bible prophecy we want to approach our study from from that vision not the counterfeit vision that Satan has selected to undermined the ability for people to have the vision to prevent them from being lost here at the end we ask that you continue to bless the production that was going on here in the live streaming and we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen you