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danielle 11 the last time we had 
come up to verse 40 and we had 
dedicated a little time could you 
talk a lot more about the events that 
they happened that are recorded in 
daniel 11 but let's go to 
in that hour to advance 
and enter 41 in the last hour 
I had mentioned 
what happens in verse 40 after 
of 41 then in 40 it is then that the 
king of the north in the 40th conquest or had 
conquered and already conquered to return from 
what he had lost after pawning 
is let 's say that trajectory trajectory 
to then be able to focus on the 
throne something that is in the future still 
Russia had fallen communism had 
fallen has been crushed by the 
maneuvers by influence by the 
politics for the effort of the papacy the 
northern network now in the logic of danielle 
11 and from the book and danielle 
the battle is not over there that just 
It's the beginning we've seen in Daniel 11 
verse 16 
that when romapagana enters the 
scenario of the story the bible says 
the next and the one that will come to those steals 
to win against him against 
at that time king of the north that is to say 
and he who will come against him will do his 
will what he wants to do and there will be 
who can be confronted by saying 
here with those words that román between 
the story of what he wants to do 
above all whoever wants wants 
in its advance and will be on earth 
glorious second pass which will be 
consumed in your possession 65 before 
Christ-romapagana conquers the 
land of Syria conquers what was 
the realm of that logical 63 
pompeyo conquers israel to palestine 
and a little later in the verse 
25s those steps to conquer continue and 
they culminate in 
the victory of pagan Rome over the south 
from south or that is all mine in that matter and 
will wake up says university verse 25 
his strength and his ardor against him returned 
with great army 31 before Christ 
we have here those three steps 
he has to conquer romapagana to those 
three territories to the king of north to which 
it was glorious and rd south then 
you can start what the bible gives you 
as time to spare to govern 
sovereignly before it does not play that 
paper still and the same we see here to 
from verse 40 the condition does not 
with roma covered to eat has conquered 
and returning is not the same sequence but 
it's about the same areas now in 
spiritual sense and in verse 41 
he says he will enter the glorious land 
and many or many will fall without you 
bibles say many provinces the 
province word is not in the text 
original was added once again by the 
translators to make sense in their 
logic in entering the glorious land 
many will fall at this time more these 
escape from his hand and don omar and the 
Most children of ham 
this is here the information in this 
I think that in this hour we are going 
simply explain the first part or 
what is it and what does it mean that he 
will enter the glorious land for the 
next hour will be the rest of that 
the glorious land that same term that 
we find in verse 16 already 
we had said that this land 
when we are going to open some 
biblical passages if you wish so 
of my throne 35 
when the earth presents itself 
glorious in the bible 
she presents us with this matter that God 
promises his people a glorious land 
a desirable land a good land 
she makes mention many times of that 
through one of the most promises 
mentioned an ancient testament god 
repeat and repeat several times and lead the 
town on two occasions to land 
glorious is not true first of egypt 
to Canaan and after Babylon here they give 
are those two moments with the god pulls 
his people want to say constanza if they 
takes to the glorious land in the 
verse 51 25 of exodus what I am 
saying inside he had not told me that 
it is correct but not mine 
chapter 325 
says the following 
pass and I beg you and see that land 
good that is beyond the Jordan that 
good forest and lebanon 
here is talking bassinet that reaches 
the shores let's say of that land that the 
can see but can not enter but 
LORD was angry with me 
cause of you why I do not 
he listened and he told me jehovah enough not me 
talk more about this matter 
this land was the goal of all that 
trip of the town we know the history 
very well 
that story we know but here such 
time what we do not know very well that 
purpose maybe it is not very clear to us 
because God gave him holiness but more than 
gift was just like that a gift 
God always does things with a 
purpose not true for the good of 
people for the good of humanity is not 
what they do is never selfish 
It is never simply to please them 
feelings or emotions or 
superficial wishes then he says 
that here elena white comments on 
patriarchs and prophets 502 503 
the great sovereign of all nations 
had declared that Moses would not have 
introduce the congregation of israel 
in the good land and supplication 
fervent of the servant of God could not 
get your sentence revoked 
he knew that he had to die however 
he had not hesitated a single moment in his 
care of Israel with all fidelity 
had tried to prepare the 
congregation for his entry into the 
promised heritage 
that we know well but we are 
to complete the logic of that 
argument that we are going we are meaning 
we are here that information maybe 
there is some 
participant in that conference that is 
new in those in those matters and 
we need all the information in the 
Adventist biblical comment I take a 
page 34 we read the taste of them 
had perverted in Egypt the taste of 
who of the people of them god wanted 
restore your appetite to a state of 
purity and health so that they could 
enjoy its simple fruits that 
were given to adam and eva 'in the harem 
we are here and really talking about 
of hunger what it has to do with 
stomach and mouth 
I was about to establish them in one and that 
it is very interesting a second Eden one 
good land that that thought for me 
was new to read those texts here a 
second eren I did not know that until this 
point god had prepared that earth 
for his people it was something amazing cute 
wonderful where they could enjoy 
that of the fruits and cereals that 
I would provide them 
nowadays there are often messages from 
health we know it and we teach it such 
once but precisely in the lands of 
South America is very difficult to find 
really someone who does not eat meat 
in the stations that they have left me 
get in the past years in the 
South American continent very difficult 
find people who no longer eat meat 
well the truth that almost nobody eats 
meat but they eat chicken doing that is 
the business with fried fish fried fish 
and in the little dish there is never a lack 
Chick a little or not at home but 
always with one is outside 
and the shepherds also gladly 
they feel at the tables and good at 
except there they have the little dish with the 
chick not that here I 'm not attacking 
let's say because it is not impure kan 
but what God wants here that not only 
we are talking after the flood what 
true is he argued that you are in 
our heads that everything is allowed 
because it is pure of pure flesh flesh 
white meat clean though it was left 
the worst meat almost exists today 
the support 
despite that here in this situation I 
I wanted to prepare the town to a 
land as eden where they could enjoy 
of fruits and cereals says here 
very interesting that 
the king 
put back what the people had 
lost in egypt 
in Egypt surely not only have 
eaten pure meat but also meat 
here is the information that the 
spirit of prophecy 
he proposed to take away the regime 
exciting food with which they had 
existed in egypt I wanted that 
they were in perfect health and vigor 
when they entered the beautiful land 
towards which I was driving them from 
so pagan nations 
surrounding areas were constrained to 
glorify the god of israel years that 
I had done such a wonderful work 
for his people the name of god is not 
could be glorified unless the 
people recognized him as the god of 
sky will enjoy perfect health 
I never forget that story let's say a 
fellow in germany who had arrived 
under the conviction of the regime 
food and the fervor was the 
church and it's easy to challenge the brothers 
you do not advance 
spiritually because you eat 
That's how his testimony was 
unfortunately a few hours later at 
On Saturday, other brothers 
they found the restaurant with a plate 
similar the Turkish restaurant with 
lamb not so cut of that 
what that meat is called that is turned around 
and they are short 
our message does not work if we 
we do not reflect it if we do not live 
what we know we should do not 
it works the town has to had to 
enjoy perfect health I had to 
show that I had to live that and that's not 
I had simply one approach 
personal or selfish purpose if it was not 
for the good of the nations that through 
of him or the nations recognize 
they knew the god of israel at his 
blessing on and for this town l 
that advanced information that that people 
has received our people to receive the 
same information 
but today I do not know the 
movements in other countries but in 
germany the church already sold its great 
food industry healthy food 
has been the one consisting of the first ones in 
establish that is this 
the production of those foods in 
germany in europe great industry but 
nowadays it does not belong to us anymore 
that already we do not understand those things not 
no no I do not understand why the church 
making their decisions decisions 
economic said but 
and the workers who could there 
work with another sense also for 
that many get a job in which 
were free something that happens with 
they three years they could have 
free of Saturday but not after 
there were more promises 
it is finished it is finished we have 
the same 
the same gift was delivered to us 
for our good the good of all 
israeli nations 
old with that goal once that was one 
of the points so god gave them 
the glorious land to enter there 
so they can live in perfect health 
and shine as true people of the 
here is another text we are going to highlight 
here a few points and then we're going to 
compare that with the testimonials 
biblical the law of god should be 
exalted his authority maintained that 
we find in prophets and kings page 
11 and page 12 
the law of god should you be 
exalted his maintained authority this 
great and noble work was entrusted to the 
house of israel clear we know 
that the Israeli people should not be 
it will not be difficult to find until today 
in day 
in people who belong to the town 
Jewish or for an Israel who think they do not 
they have no need of any 
information about religion because 
they are and will always be and have been 
always the chosen people of God 
but that work here that I had 
prepared was not entrusted to the house of 
israel god separated her from the world to 
to be able to give a sacred 
history depositaría of his law 
depository of your law 
he made her the depository of his law and wanted 
to conserve knowledge 
of himself among men so he should 
shine in the light or the light of heaven 
about a world shrouded in darkness and 
there was a voice that begged to 
all the peoples that moved away from the 
idolatry to serve the living god 
maybe one wonders why we're 
giving these texts here what do you have to 
see that with danielle 1141 is already going to 
solve within a few minutes what 
has to do this with him with this 
glorious land here in daniel 41 11 41 
we see here that they have a purpose 
for the people the village has a task 
has a 
has let's say a mission does not exactly 
he has the privilege and privilege 
It has to do with the earth that God 
I wanted to give 
he rescued them from their servile condition and 
now talking about his time of 
servitude in Egypt to be able 
take them to a good land an earth 
that he had prepared in his providence 
to serve them shelter 
that protect them from their enemies 
I wanted to attract them like that and surround them with their 
arm your eternal arms 
if the people of israel 
I was in captivity 
or bondage 
in egypt 
that state had to be broken 
finished and I wanted to take you to your 
to the glorious land 
in the glorious land 
the fire had to 
in representing god 
through health through faith 
of teaching had a mission 
these are the things we have read 
until now 
and of course it was a refuge 
because what happens there with the religion of 
people of israel could not live it not 
It is true 
They had to work on Saturdays 
one and they forgot and on Saturdays 
when he came in bassinet and wanted to introduce 
save the Sabbath pharaoh forbade them 
do what 
then his religion there could not live 
I did not have the temple either. 
no no no they did not have the system of 
sacrifice there was not possible 
I had no priests, no no 
what they could do was limited 
according to your faith we limit ourselves today 
in day also although there is freedom 
us being under certain 
circumstances around certain 
family friends we limit ourselves and we 
we hide with our faith 
we do it this way so that nobody finds out 
follow the text 
by foundations page / 12 in this way 
He approached the Israelites so he approached the 
people like that 
and protecting them 
so that they dwell as in the shadow of 
miraculously protected from the 
dangers that dragged on their 
pilgrimage through the desert were left 
finally established in the land of 
Promise as a favored nation 
here we have a term that we are going to 
place here 
they were under the protection of 
Lord under the wings of the omnipotent god 
they had wonderful circumstances a 
perfect ideal land where everything grew 
what they wanted to have a beach not 
true has great lakes has 
mountains on one side is an area 
magnificent where God had placed them 
they were favored 
we have already read exxon or exodus we have not 
lived now let's go please if you 
I would like to open exodus 3 
testicles 3 7 and 8 
said then jehovah 
well I have seen the affliction of my people 
that is in Egypt exodus 37 8 well I have 
seen and I heard his cry because of his 
former actors because I've known their 
anguish and descended to free them from 
hands of the Egyptians to take them out and 
get them out of that land to a land 
good and wide to the land that flows milk 
and honey to the places of the Canaanite of 
work lettering of desire 
Televeo and diving 
the cry of the children of Israel has 
come in front of me and I have also seen 
the oppression with which the Egyptians 
press well for both now and you 
I will send Pharaoh 
give the commands to Moses here god 
you know the state you do not have to take out of 
those circumstances next text can 
be psalms 106 
that speaks precisely this matter we know 
starting with verse 23 
this time on 21 
they forgot God of their salvation that 
he had made great greatness in egypt 
wonders in the land of camps things 
formidable on the red sea and tried to 
destroy them if not interposed 
Moses your chosen before him in order 
to set aside their indignation so that 
destroys them but they appeared the 
desirable land they did not believe in the 
with us here we have to add that 
information in verse 24 we know 
106 and they favor them 
double son-in-law 
offer that gift or not to that gift to 
that land 
known things we know all this 
we know that story but we leave it 
here to understand what the 
glorious land here in this context 
that we already have our minds set 
this way we know we have 
that finding the spiritual answer does not 
we are looking for the country the territory 
from israel today 
territory of israel 
is a nation among many is no longer that 
nation chosen from before sometimes not 
we have very clear that concept is a 
country that is going to have prophecy spirit 
says that special things are going to happen and 
that also God is reminded of that 
town but it's a nation that 
he simply discarded his role in the 
history discarded the plans that 
they had had with them 
it's not a country let's say it plays a role 
specific in prophetic terms 
a parallel text now because there was already 
said that not only once did I take the 
village but twice at least it is not 
true jeremías 3 
verse 18 
in seven miles three verse 18 
We find here some words about 
of that situation 
in those times and they were from the house of 
help the house of israel and they will come 
together from the north land 
to the land that I had inherit from you 
parents they were in Babylon to that 
it refers god promises that he is going to 
get out of that land of that same 
bondage situation now no longer 
egypt but Babylon 
comes the promise that they are going to 
get out of there 
I was wondering how I can for you and I will 
I will put for children and I will give you the land 
desirable the rich heiress of the 
nations and I said will you call me father and 
do not turn 'aces' after me 
for me that's one of the most texts 
sad of the bible because here we see 
a god with fatherly affection 
he promises something to his people he says that what 
will do and has that sweet ESSAP 
hope that the people already speak for 
so call it that he will call 
my father 
I repeat 
but what does it tell us here verse 20 
but as the unfaithful wife abandons her 
partner so test castell test 
against me or house of israel says jehovah 
bosch was fled over the heights 
cries of the prayers of the children 
israel because they have twisted their way of 
jehovah your god have forgotten 
become rebellious children and I will heal 
your rebellions and here we 
We come to you because you are me going 
our god with that text is like the 
nava and it says all the texts all the 
prophets spoke more for our 
time for your time 
we have to have this always and very 
clear our minds the text here 
although it is referred to differently by 
supposedly even more to us and to us 
we unfortunately fulfill that is 
horrible role of a son or a 
wife as he puts it here that he forgot 
of his partner has been unfaithful and and he likes 
this life does not do it consciously and 
has and defends it and explains it 
and he is right to do so and uses 
bible to defend your lifestyle 
of an unfaithful wife 
yes us now 
in the words of the bible 
we want to give an answer 
for all that because they do that 
because they did that we have something very 
clear in samos 105 the last 
verses come out of Psalm 105 because 
they say clearly there he pulled his 
people with joy with joy to their 
chosen we know 105 verse 43 
he brought his people with joy with joy to 
his chosen ones 
as a father with so much love and the law 
gave the best land of all lands 
the most desirable country 
gave them the lands of the nations and 
the labors of the peoples inherited 
but once they say in 45 so that 
keep in its statutes and comply 
their laws because god gave them that land 
for you to keep in your statutes 
then the earth 
he had a purpose he did not tie the freedom 
religious can put here too 
It was really what I wanted you 
give to the people 
in Egypt the lion was impossible 
they needed a place where they could live 
by faith that God gave me a 
so the psalm 105 to 
keep in its statutes and comply 
their laws to them there could they could not 
in the circumstances where they were 
as elena white is hard 
we will 
let's get a change of our 
character as long as we live in the 
and she tells us that she is 
absolutely impossible but says that 
almost nobody is going to get that 
and nobody should think that it belongs to 
through 1% who will achieve that 
impossible we will not achieve that the town 
he did not achieve that israel did not achieve that 
I needed a secluded place where 
they could really live according to their faith 
interesting that information other 
information that we had already mentioned 
because God gave them the land Jeremiah 
27 those two books here give us 
a lot of information about the earth 
Jeremiah 2 verse 7 
we read Jeremiah 2 the seventh verse 
and I introduced you to land of plenty 
so that because they start the 
chicks and the good ones 
not so that it begins its fruits and its 
ok but you came in and contaminated is you 
my land and there is abominable my 
inheritance we had already said in water 
I had already said that they had to 
healthily live there for a purpose 
it was also living healthy 
it has to do with health we put that 
merely physical health that by 
course influences our mental health 
life here says it has its 
purposes had them for sake of his 
chosen people that land well for itself 
same good for the others now yes with 
that information here we are and 
the time is over says the old one does not 
true we end up with the 
crucifixion of Christ and then with the 
seizure of this vain 
the town really comes out of those 
circumstances as chosen people and 
this is now in the air 
vacancy that who is not the one who deals 
of that where is that for the good of 
the gods god perhaps said it and has 
there is said it did not work, we are going to leave it 
so now that's why we 
we need 
understand these totals well to be able to 
apply it and look what the 
spiritual application of this 
well here we must not forget that it says 
the old one in the serfdom in egypt 
they came through for a while 
crossing the uncertain to the earth 
glorious is not like that 
for how long 
40 years through s 
desert to get to that land 
that was his own fault his 
rebellion led them to this extreme 
what to cross is true that you have to 
pass until you get to get there 
we have that in mind or do we have that 
scored there 
if we go back to 
a detail I want to add to the verse 
16 that we had already read says and in jr 
who will come against him will do his will and 
there will be no one who can face him and 
will be in the glorious land roma pagan 
will be in the glorious land 63 it 
fulfilled that which will be consumed in your 
power or in another translation consumed by 
his hand 
here the word also translates as 
human in English where you james 
you will see that there are two brothers by his hand 
will be consumed 
that's interesting 
because in 41 it is again the same 
situation with the king of the north between the 
glorious land says will also enter to 
the glorious land and many will fall more 
you're out of his hand here is the 
hand of someone in the game the hand that 
it is that it is holding everything 
let 's say its playing that hand that's 
the symbol of that hand and all two 
they are under his hand, that's not what he did 
romapagana the town was under his hand 
your command and here also in the connector 
it does not repeat itself we have 
here those indicators that we 
help to understand that it is the same 
history that repetition of events 
is that that and nabai refers to when 
it is said that history will repeat the 
that we have to understand 
interesting that helps us 
in signs of the times June 12 
1893 the in water etc 
and she now quotes from text that we 
we have also read Jeremiah 318 19 in 
those times were from the house of 
play the house of israel and they will come 
together from the north to the 
land that I inherited from you 
parents I asked how will I put you 
children and I will give you the desirable land the 
rich inheritance of the nations and I said 
call is my father and not set you apart 
It is good and obviously here 
refers to when installing the old 
and air now keeps saying when the 
land that the Lord provided as a 
asylum for his people so that what 
they will worship according to the dictates of 
their consciences the earth upon which 
the shield of omnipotence has been 
placed for long years the land that 
they have favored 
using here something that we have already read in 
reference to the israel not true a 
favored land 
making the depository of religion 
pure of Christ when that nation 
through your legislators capture the 
principles of Protestantism by 
statism there was no Protestantism in the 
ancient israel time the certain 
then what does the appointment refer to? 
jeremías jeremías to the old distro 
but now he talks about Protestantism not 
there was not until the 1500s and something 
then when to the horse mackerel the principles 
of Protestantism and promote the 
Roman apostasy good position 
roman just came in or you 're not after 
the beginnings of Christianity to break 
God's law is then that the work 
end of the man of sin will be revealed 
you have already understood that text 
Here is the analysis of the spirit 
prophecy is talking about Jeremiah 
3 talking about the favored land 
now here it applies here to another nation 
applies it to the us 
that here refers to the Dominican law 
and you can read all the text no 
there is doubt in what the spirit does 
prophecy and about the old one has a 
compliance in modern distract 
and the two were born in the two nations the 
two peoples have a land an earth 
favored there is to win here you talk 
with those terms of the usa but let's 
to see if that really is that way 
signs of the times June 12 
1893 now maranatha thousand pages 191 
in the book maranatha 191 the Lord has 
favored the USA more than 
any other nation 
although the us today are 
in a state 
let's say that it is no longer up to how 
it was before compared to others 
countries for the fall for the 
fall for the lack of morality by 
many things because of the opposition to 
true faith 
and for one that comes from Europe sometimes 
there are some amazing experiences in 
airports almost never arrive 
once I arrived and the entire system 
computing at all airports 
of America had failed those things I 
I did not expect from the USA but despite 
these details of those things the sounds 
are still the maximum power not 
only military but also economic 
is a country that by far is in front of 
several other countries in their achievements in the 
science I think that here the 
most patents innovation 
we have no problem recognizing even today 
in day despite the emergence of countries 
very powerful with a lot of future like china 
as indian as brazil despite the 
America still occupies that place which is the 
most favored country the strongest country 
more powerful more advanced 
the lord has favored the usa more 
that any other nation in him already 
provided shelter for his people in order to 
that he could worship him according to 
to the dictates of his conscience aha 
so here we can start saying 
well this is here is old 
but to the us this also 
look what it says there shelter that 
as well 
we already have some refuge things have 
what to see we are not going to add here the 
Interestingly it applies to them 
ancient history points of this 
glorious land to the usa 
we followed a bit here that text 
that nation Christianity has prospered 
retaining its purity in it has 
taught without restriction the doctrines 
of the gift of life I lived dif and lived 
vivified by the power of a single 
mediator between god and man was 
divine purpose and in that nation always 
there would be freedom for the people 
they could worship him according to the 
imperatives of his conscience 
something else 
religious freedom 
where the bastions here of that nation 
we skip another text 
Signs of the times 
again of the same one that we had lived 
before June 12 , 1893 
another part here we are going to 
ah no no no 
I only repeat some details when 
to earth the united states the lord 
provided as an asylum for his people and 
it is an asylum is where you can take refuge 
can oscillate can live in freedom 
religious can keep its statutes not 
there you can have freedom of 
do it and the land that god has 
favored doing the depositary of the 
pure religion then this has here 
what to do with those two points here 
pure religion was deposited here 
deposited the information to a town that 
represents the god who has a mission 
obviously because he has pure religion 
God has done with the USA the same thing that 
he did with canada with ancient israel 
and several times here we find that you 
speaks of the nation favored to the 
same terms biblical commentary 
Adventist took seven pages 986 US 
it is a country that has been under the shield 
special from the omnipotent the same as to 
ancient israel god has made great 
things pages 986 
page took 7 of the biblical commentary 
God has done great things for this 
country but men transgressing their 
law have been doing a work 
originated by the man of sin 
satanas you're carrying out their 
designs to engage the family in 
the disloyalty 
repeats itself already makes that same town as 
did to another town 
Selected Messages Volume 1 page 107 
select messages like a page 107 is 
in vain that the declaration has been given 
of the eternal truth to that nation for 
be taken to all the nations of the 
world and here it is very well explained what 
we understand under the mission the 
truth to that nation so that it leads to 
all the world 
to all the nations of the world in vain 
Maybe she asked herself that she asked God 
elected to a town and has done it 
repository of a truth saturated with 
eternal results has given him the light that 
must illuminate the world has been wrong 
God we are really his instruments 
chosen are men and women 
who have to carry messages to the world 
of chapter 14 and so on then here 
and we find all the attributes 
is it so 
related to old and old 
in the good and the bad with that nation 
that are the united states put the 
health there will be no problems of 
find texts 
that also of course for you the 
not in vain here in the in california 
let's say you did not find that there are lives 
healthiest people in the world with 
two other places you remind yourself is 
national geographic analysis ago 
about 23 years already this topic is good 
there's a lot of information there and 
the nava already talked too much about that 
too positively by 
another text here because now we're going to give 
another approach 
in nerves hearts 
February 28, 1856 
February 28 in 1856 aaron jackson says 
want et son 
this pioneer 
that was not any pioneer 
but the one 
that on October 23 he had the vision that 
he opened his eyes to the people 
remnant atlantist on the 
events of October 22 with a 
Christ entered the heavenly sanctuary 
an event that the most outstanding 
theologians in our church as one 
can read in magazines say that today in 
day we no longer know what happened in that 
October 23rd 
We do not know 
we should know 
says harmeet singh is mainly in 
that land of america that land 
American that the great body of the 
church has shared its triumph and 
prosperity since 1798 
he speaks here 
speak here obviously the usa is here 
where the desert and the lonely place 
they have been happy for them and the desert 
arches above 
rejoiced and has blossomed like the rose 
this is here that the high voice of 
preparation prepare the way and the lord 
has been given mainly from that 
American land the Atlanticist message 
has resonated to every nation tribe language and 
town this land and this town are 
recognized by the name of sion and 
of 62 13 40 and 19 thousand 341 and 2 that is 
the law will come out of law 
Jerusalem the word jehovah this now 
is literally doing fulfilled in 
the proclamation of the third message 
angel apocalypse 14 9 to 12 lawyer by 
the perpetuity and obligation of the 
ten moral precepts of God the 
constitution and the foundation of his 
moral government 
but above it is clear that this desert 
then we skip a bit in your text and 
in this desert of preparation is the 
glorious land of danielle 89 in daniel 
11 10 the 41 to 45 is called the earth 
glorious and the mountain and the mountain 
glorious and holy or the desirable land the 
ground of joy or adornment cards in one 
of the most important pioneers 
blessed with tremendous light he analyzes and 
says in Daniel 11 41 that land the us 
they are called the glorious land that is 
What are we saying? 
we believe we understand we analyze that the 
glorious land in daniel 11 40 and in 
forward in now spiritual terms 
it is no longer Israel old channel the country 
if not the USA 
the glorious strip here are the usa them 
represent all of italy is that 
ancient israel represented when and extra 
the old leaves the desert enters the 
land of cranes 
when the people of god 
after 2000 or during and after 
of the 2,200 60 years that the bible in 
apocalypse 12 symbolizes it as a 
time in the desert 
it goes where it goes where it escapes 
town that town escapes the us or the 
north america land 
that's the same thing I do with his people 
and the same trajectory is modern 
as he did with ancient israel the people 
it has to come out of slavery the 
slavery under the government of the papacy 
of the bishops of the Catholic nations 
for 1260 years god brings this 
town and takes you where it takes you to the 
united states of america 
and we're already in the final stretch here 23 
texts that support us in that 
I want to quote 
what was his spirit of prophecy in 
conflicts of the 493 centuries and in 
forward what was the question what was 
in 1798 the new world nation whose 
power was then developing 
so that it was announced as a nation 
strong and big able to call the 
attention of the world the application of 
symbol does not admit any doubt a nation 
and only one 
responds to data and features 
characteristic of this prophecy there is no 
question that comes here usa 
North America 
again and again the thought and the 
terms of the sacred author have been 
unconsciously employed by the 
speakers and historians when describing the 
birth and growth of that nation and 
you can read how she takes the 
texts of the authors different authors 
and shows how they use the words 
from the bible to talk about the 
Emergence of the USA 
and later the horns and says 
similar to those of a lamb 
they represent youth innocence and 
meekness referring here to 
apocalypse 13 
traits of the character of the usa with the 
prophet saw that that nation rose in 1798 
among the first expatriates 
Christians who fled to America in 
seek asylum against real oppression and 
priestly intolerance there were many 
who resolved to establish a government 
on the broad foundation of the 
civil and religious freedom 
not then she does not explain us very 
clearly that the usa 
They have been prepared by God for love 
the mercy of God for his 
village so that the people of israel 
the Protestant people who were going to form 
that modern 
that this people had the freedom to 
to be able to live according to his conviction 
impossible in the countries of europe for 
that I take out that town and it takes them to 
those North American lands to form 
just the same as ministering 
antigo was formed so that they have the same 
the same commission 
usa course we understand 
they represent the glorious land to whom 
these verses are the glorious land 
nowadays there is nothing that speaks in 
against them 
they represent israel of the 
Selected messages I take three pages 442 
now ending 
says the usa where it has been shining 
over the people the greatest light of heaven 
it may become the place of greatest 
danger and darkness the greatest light of 
heaven the most favored earth equal 
as the old one says 
the people of the united states has been 
a very favored nation but when 
this network is restricted freedom 
religious renounce Protestantism and 
support the papacy will have filled the measure 
of your guilt well herbert 2 of 
May 1893 
so what happens here is 
elena de white not only says that the 
the united states fulfill that role 
perfectly from ancient israel in 
terms of people and in terms of 
territory but also they continue to 
the same corrupt steps of israel 
old and we ended up opening our 
bibles if they wanted in apocalypse 13 
to and have that key text that we 
introduce s 
to that sequence of events 
we have the beast 
from sea 
here in this chapter we 
we understand that that is the papacy 
and in the circle 
13 from 1 to 10 
and we have universe and ass 11 now the 
next information after I saw another 
beast that came up from the earth and had 
two horns similar to those of a 
lamb but he spoke like a dragon to that 
was referring to that text that we just read 
the prophecy spirit analyzing what 
mean those two horns and that that 
nation emerging in 1798 have to 
have been the us and so it is 
had two horns like a lamb of 
circle 12 and exercises all the authority of 
the first beast in his presence to 
she and makes the land and the 
dwellers of hers worship the 
first beast whose deadly wound was 
healed this here is now the culmination 
in the history of the us the 
completion in negative terms they 
in a moment of reading they arrive at that 
point that they become the 
right arm of the sea abc 
Papacy and they throw 
or change they have to change their laws 
to support that beast so that she 
can center on the throne we 
now to conclude we understand and always 
as at least we have defended that 
event like the Sunday law 
through drawing a Sunday law 
supporting the desire and political goals 
and religious of the Papacy the USA the 
first of doing it among all 
nations becomes a servant 
completely from the papacy and this is the 
moment here in daniel 11 41 when 
we understand that dad comes in 
the glorious land 
just in the beginning of the one of the 
there was already a priest dad dad sent 
already the sixth calling their hikes the 
us since the beginning of the state of 
usa the catholic church is present 
that's honest yet, but it's not that 
the dad has that the church has in his 
here he is not entering into those terms 
prophetic of 41 on this earth is there 
Of course he is working and of course 
the dads began to visit those 
clear nations that are laying down 
secret and non-secret relationships with 
that nation but in prophetic terms 
the bible knows that moment as the law 
Sunday at this time 
this country surrenders and surrenders and street 
and will be the second country in the list of 
the three that dad had to conquer 
to sit on the throne that 
then it is the analysis of those terms 
the glorious land the us if you 
in their bibles they would like to mark where 
one is in the story could 
make a dot after verse 40 
in the little space that there is in the 
verse 40 and 41 and we are 
here after verse 40 but 
we're still not in 41 there in that 
space can do an interview for 
a heart or whatever you want and we 
this is amazing, that's amazing 
we can 
find ourselves in this 
book as the historical moment that 
we live is that space that is here 
we are there this dear brothers is 
something that differentiates that prophecy from 
that understanding that we already have but 
let's say more about that in the hours 
that come 
I appreciate your patience and your attention and 
we want to thank the Lord for his 
us in the heavens 
in a story of patience and love 
jaded people to freedom 
through a town that you have 
that story has been repeated in our 
times but we live 
at the end of those times where we see that 
that town that has that commission is 
repeating the passes they carry at the same time 
that reach the abyss dear god there is the 
hope and the possibility of not forming 
part of those who decided 
place your paths in a direction that 
not be blessed help us that through 
from that study was also formed is not 
with a heart the conviction in what 
time we live and that should be the 
decision in our lives we praise you 
of heart Amen