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in the last hour we have 
the historical events of 
verse 40 we have seen that in a 
first first step 
r the south French atheism france 
Napoleon managed to finish the 1200 
years of the supreme kingdom of the king of the north 
modern Babylon 
the story is still so the title 
of king of the south that in the present to 
atheism in those instances not like me 
I said in 1913 but 1917 for the revolution 
French is granted, let's say, to the 
Soviet Union and they take over 
that title represent autism 
in that moment it is they who can 
call the king of the south because they have to 
be called ere de sur 
and this is the goal that is he 
the goal of the papacy now in those 
instances of the verse the second 
part of revenge against France but 
against the one who surrendered south that is the 
and the history we have seen why 
covered was very clear that goal of 
snatch to get rid of as 
the bible says to enter the lands 
flooded and pass over that power we have 
seen in the events beginning 
I'm doing it, let's say 1989 90 91 92 
that communism fell and that fall 
was the product of the secret activity 
of the papacy in alliance with the us 
We will provide some information 
those criteria have not followed that 
history that does not have it very present in 
your details we will not go into many 
details but I love you 
suggest or I want to not suffer 
advise books 
in a way 
it does not bring we can say describe those 
we know maybe very well malaka and 
martín an author says that he was such a Jesuit 
is Jesuit 
I think my love no longer lives not true 
wrote that book the king of the black 
the keys of that blood are in Spanish 
I mean, I had in Spanish 
that the amount of 
books that I always 
an old-fashioned other is still 
and there are files on the internet in pdf that are 
can go down not so easy contract it 
can of kiss of desplat in that book 
bad that king not as in his novels 
who has also written and who have 
made famous that here is not a novel 
if it's not a book where he makes a 
analysis of a fight 
here we have in the subtitle that says 
press kent versus stripe interest control 
of the world ' now papa juan pablo 
second against russia and he 
the west on or for the control of 
new world order he analyzes that the 
fight or the political activities of that 
dad were to gain control and he had 
two rivals russia and let's say the world 
the west and the united states canada 
europe etc. 
says also like that in the 
I do not know if they could see that in the 
images that we have here in the second 
in the first stage to know the book 
he says that maybe desplat the struggle for 
world also twin pop jon porsche 
Kent Mikhail Gorbachev between capitals 
and if he the other if he first fights for the 
domain over the world 
/ john pablo second mijail gorbachov and 
the capitalist west or he knows 
those three players here in all the 
three want to get to the same thing all 
they want 
dominate the world and he in his book 
analyze how in the story it was seen that 
one was already taken out of that race 
Mikhail Gorbachev's Russia 
intervention of the pope and the us was already 
taken from today 1 russia no 
only the truth was divided again 
Russia is no longer the Soviet Union of 
before it is not part of all those 
states have already separated states 
we have russia we have belorussia we have 
ukraine and we have several parts 
then the other countries that formed 
part of the communist bloc 
romania sokolova that last night already 
slovakia is not true albania bulgaria 
poland lithuania croatia 
we have said hungary etc. all those 
countries also came out of the pact is not 
true they were part of that story and 
they are no longer communist countries are countries 
that now the parquet has already entered the 
European Community 
so what we see in history 
contentious russia fell was already collapsed 
does not exist anymore is not that power from before and 
nowadays it is not a communist country either 
it's not true they survived structures 
the communism of socialism yes a lot 
enough but the country itself is not the 
communist country 
there are several parties there is a democracy 
it is a country with other countries it is not 
only country that is left is Cuban 
want north china a little bit there's no 
some powers of course but already 
in comparison as there is no longer the 
communism because communism China 
they are actually more capitalist than 
communists even though they have those 
strong communist structures 
then to study the events in 
that council málaga and martín that 
you jump silver the keys that blood 
good good first-hand information 
analysis of events and it's not 
a novel is a historical account in the 
documentation another book that we want 
what I want here to advise is here the 
German version is interesting that that 
Carl Bernstein's book and political framework 
He left once at the first exit and 
in several languages ​​and I understood well in 
more than 20 languages that normally does not 
happens with books come out in English and 
then if it succeeds it is introduced to 
for the markets where more success 
they could have 
and then it becomes a classic 
after a few decades and then 
appear in other languages is the book of 
once and do it in more than 20 languages 
here the German version is angelic 
johannes holder site in Spanish su 
sanctity joan pablo second today is 
hills simply in english carl 
bernstein is not any 
on the part of the discovery of 
'not that it is a heavyweight we can say 
he did not receive a pulitzer price is a 
a renowned journalist and frame 
Italian politician specialist in 
Vatican affairs to both 
let's say accompanied to Juan Pablo second 
for a long time and in this book it counts 
the story of his childhood through his 
youth his first works as the 
priest then his time as a priest 
in Warsaw where he started that fight in 
the 70s against 60 to 70 against the 
communism was famous its activity its 
lack of fear when he placed a cross on 
warsaw of a square the Russians the 
Russians I do not say the socialists and the 
police they took it out on the other time it was 
as a priest of warsaw and he did it 
placed again like this happened several 
until finally he came out winning and 
that cross was left, people learned from him 
that the people should not be so afraid 
of the politicians that one can reveal 
one can resist that power and 
I should do something and that way I can 
attacking and weakening a system was very 
important its influence and its 
example for the communist people 
then that book also gives a 
very detailed analysis of the stories 
and actually when that book came out 
brought many details to light 
unknown events that had been 
Let's say secrets at this time tells 
where was the dad in what visits did 
who talked about what they talked about and there 
we learned that dad made a pretty 
great effort to 
travel to Poland there they were established 
relations between the movement of the 
solidarity and the catholic church and there 
It started to 
let's say to influence and support this 
movement is known that the us a lot 
money they have invested have brought to that 
movement to give it strength so that 
can move do things and he was 
behind organizing by controlling that that 
arrived at a moment that Juan Pablo 
second he found corbacho like me 
was visited in the Vatican of trabes 
remember those issues those moments 
keys to finally the fall of 
communism there was the church back 
was we say working by getting 
that those things happen putting everything 
in its place and finally brought that to that 
surprise fall of communism those 
books or be tips for 
to look a little at the details of that 
I want to share some texts of 
the press at that time several of 
you must know those texts but 
those texts are important because 
reflect at that time as the world 
received understanding gave the fall of 
they are all texts taken from newspapers or 
American magazines here the judge news 
and world report should be 89 
the title is corbí bows before the 
Roman religions because religions 
corbacho bow to the legions 
Romans the world sees it like that puts it like this 
like I play a little like that but play with the 
story and hit it like that was really without 
time that the Roman legions are the 
legions of rome and the legions of roman 
at the time well the us who have 
worked as the right arm of the papacy 
they became the legions of 
roma ' very well interpreted here or analyzed 
or put the title maybe not 
coincidentally that newspaper is not true 
the session of Soviet president with the 
Pope Juan Pablo Second on Friday is the 
most recent event of a revolution in 
the communist world that dad helped 
start and that gorbachev has allowed 
occur and uss ddg of 1989 also a 
cover says that they see the 
Xavier's world was obvious it was not age not 
it was hidden such lens were hidden 
unknown but the world saw that the 
dad had his hand there he had his hand in 
that's not the dad helped start 
well the role that Gorbachev did good 
it is here he says he allowed it to happen 
but we know that I had no choice I was 
predicted hundreds of years ago that was going 
to occur one way or another if he 
would have opposed the government led 
so that it happens 
says later in live 
December of the same year in meetings 
private with state leaders 
secret consultations with dissident groups 
and a pressure and a persistent propaganda 
in favor of his crusade of tyranny 
Juan Pablo Segundo has helped create the 
greater policy change from the 
Russian revolution or be greater than 
Russian revolution the biggest change that there was 
it was the end 
of the Russian revolution can not be 
finish was finished someone started good 
possibly the church had well its 
hand also at the beginning of that and he 
also helped and helped let's say pressed 
ended with communism 
in daniel 11 we go see that 
it is simply the first step the papacy 
to return to sit on the throne and 
receive authority over the world 
he has to fulfill that he has no other 
way you have no choice we have read that 
romapagana conquered Syria conquered 
the glorious land and to return then 
have to do those three things have 
that conquer those three areas 
soaked at the beginning of his story with 
this has to pull the three horns 
to whom we will see this and we are 
seeing how the papacy had to take out 
this territory was written was predicted 
It was the requirement for him to feel 
in a place where you want to sit 
so here he says he helped 
to create the biggest policy change 
since the Russian revolution 
in the same magazine on December 4 
89 says his triumphant tour talking 
of the pope by poland in 79 79 said a 
Polish bishop altered the mentality of 
fear the fear of the police and 
tanks the fear of losing the job of 
not be promoted from being expelled from the 
school of not being able to obtain a passport 
people realized that if you 
they stopped fearing the system the system 
he became impotent in this way he was born 
solidar solidarity solidarity that 
movement came out of that interestingly 
it seems that he was initiated in some way 
by the church according to the analysis good 
here speaks a Polish bishop should know 
some things that man 
in this way solidarity was born 
supporting by the one supported by the church and 
directed by dad's friends such as 
lech walesa is from osma sovietski who 
subsequently it became the 
first Christian person who occupied the 
position of prime minister in the block 
Soviet what a surprise how they got 
things did not like everything fell into place 
my dad was behind that was all 
just like a chess game 
controlling what 
very interesting another text from my mother 
live view also in December the 
race to freedom in europe 
oriental is a sweet victory for juan 
Pablo second the race towards 
freedom a sweet victory of him 
other text time magazine December 4 
again 1989 
the moment will be electrifying not only 
because Juan Pablo helped inflame the 
fervor for freedom in his native 
poland that now swept like fire in 
the stubble across europe 
oriental more than that the meeting of the 
men symbolizes the end of the war 
most dramatic spiritual of the 20th century 
that was spiritual there is a war 
spiritual here there are interests 
spiritual there is a corporation 
embol life in this a conflict in the 
which force apparently 
irresistible communism collided with 
the purpose and removable 
good christianity 
no it's not so christianity not true 
Christianity seems and now obviously 
obviously more powerful than the 
communism could not cope 
rumba fountain two dragged out / 
another text also from life magazine this 
year the triumph of san pablo second the 
wave of freedom that go to Europe 
oriental is an answer of his prayer 
more good front his holy prayer not 
sir none of that of course not 
it was a prayer for the freedom of the 
villages was simply the reconquest 
of something lost was to reestablish the 
wounded pride was to start the victory 
to sit on the throne but it says here 
the wave of freedom that are already going to 
eastern europe and what here for 
we interesting that that newspaper uses 
words that are well reflected in the 
biblical text because the bible says 
It is also using that image of water 
that goes over and leaves everything covered and the 
diary also says the same the forgotten 
freedom that are already going to eastern europe 
as flood everything very interesting here what 
who live it says is reflected in these 
another text more you laugh about jess march 
1990 you see that most of those 
texts here were written in 89 by 
that we place as years of the 
fall 89 although there are other events 
important later but there the wall falls 
it is not true 
the wall that symbol of the curtain 
between those two blocks streets me 
I remember I do not remember how old I 
I had but I 
they were germany at that time and with my 
brother we went there to berlin is not so 
easy because of western Germany 
you have to cross a few hours 23 hours 
of traveling through eastern Germany to 
after entering the island of berlin 
that half was again German 
western was like an island within the 
communism the true half of berlin 
it was oriental the other western there 
we were 
One was before the events one 
I never knew when it was going to happen 
it seemed that soon there will open the 
wall and we went there we went to the wall myself 
I remember well and we only saw there 
there were the soldiers standing on the wall 
that was never like that normally and the 
I was a lot of people jumping saying 
things we removed little time we came back but 
in seven way not yet been seen 
those things 
I do not forget it was never for us 
Something incredible 
impossible really and it seemed like the 
nothing suddenly happened as it was 
such a surprise was for the same surprise 
it was very fast those events 
once initiated there was no way to stop them 
it was already clear that he was going to fall 
there is an interesting detail in that 
history and you can find 
some information about that in books 
del málaga martín and here I have two 
images two three four images 
in Portugal 
there is a sanctuary 
What is it 
the sanctuary more along with lourdes in 
France is the most important sanctuary 
of the catholic church 
and it's called the sun traoré fatima here in 
that image one can see there is a 
tremendous plaza 
I do not want that shows here and everything 
there is one here is here well there is a 
plaza is the plaza bigger than the 
Catholic church has 
excuse here the technique a little does what 
What does he want 
this square the biggest square before 
a catholic church in the world is 
huge is so big because they need 
space for so many people because the 13 
de juana was April 3 every year they 
celebrate that event of the appearance of 
the Virgin of Fatima since it happened there 
you are going to understand why I am counting 
that time and what does it have to do with our 
history here 
in the year 1913 before the first 
world war to about 12 girls and a 
they had less than had about 12 11 
10 years there disappeared like them 
they thought an angel 
and that angel told them they had to 
prepare to sign it I wanted to talk 
with them 
and nowadays if one goes there to that place 
in the center of portugal you are one 
You can see the whole route where 
happened that things and in the collectors 
images and it's interesting that the first 
appearance of the angel is is a statue of 
marble where is an angel or talking 
well and you see the three children 
kneeling before the angel 
for my first occurrence was that is not 
an angel of God because the angels of 
God will not let one dessert 
landare is not true 
always in the bible says get up 
man because to christ is not true to 
god can only kneel and 
prostrate but in those images is 
very clear in marble remained forever 
that situation that children with 
right they were obviously prostrate 
that angel you are from angel gave them a 
message appears that happened like three times 
I believe 
Then they started to appear 
yellow as they describe it as 
a very cute but cool woman also not 
I had loving expressions I did not have 
Honey it was like a cold appearance but 
they were impressed by the beauty 
also and that that appearance and that woman 
they were told it was Maria and gave them 
instructions gave them things that many 
guys started to suffer for the 
sins of the world because she told them 
that they would have to make an effort to 
the sins of the world because he was already 
very sad very very sad because the 
world are starting this is is 
is not doing according to what she 
he wants then they start to suffer 
around the world or those children who were 
poor kids 
part they stopped eating they gave the food 
others who were poorer began to 
take a rope 
make a pressure here to suffer 
really physically they wanted to demonstrate 
it was called acquiring 
fulfill the order of that yellow 
God in life does not do those things 
ask of the human being for what 
suffers physically so that pain 
so that it is physically hurt 
well it 's yellow like that was a little bit more 
happy then and what is the matter 
children get into trouble because 
they tell those things and the church 
is against that the church 
Catholic does not believe that they are appearances of 
mariah until the children in their in their 
sadness and not knowing what to do ask 
mariah for her to give him a signal 
to support them 
with that story is not very important in 
actually only counting here to 
get to a point because that has to 
see with russia street you are already going 
to see why 
the children then then receive from him 
and to the date of an appearance that is going to 
happen and they should call everything 
the world so that everyone can 
see what what is going to spend a 
miracle something then on a certain day not 
remember on October 13 I think it was 
1913 17 I do not remember well 
I think the 17 inclusive had to 
revise that 
those children go to a place and notify 
people and many journalists come and 
official church people come 
and they are there, it is said that it was a day with 
thousands of people witness your account that 
It was a rainy day in Havana and all that 
It's not worth there is that place there in Portugal 
it's still like a sanctuary they were 
there they are waiting for 
you find I fall and the children were 
there waiting and suddenly they see 
as the sun is appearing and that was 
now the miracle the sun 
he started to move 
and in the sun he began to jump 
in my imagination as well as in the 
disco began to move the sun and 
passion several things 
there was a wind and all that were 
wet ones dried up and people count 
testimonials I'm in the last lady 
who saw that live I think he died 
few 90s and water is not even told that 
they were all with their clothes after 
ironed clean and dry although all 
they were in the mud first with the 
rain mud clay there they were dirty and 
after assimilating everything they were like this 
cute and all nobody can believe the sun 
it moved 
some more things started I think that 
there were lights also so lights miracle 
only that 
thing that visually impressed the 
ingrid to something something impossible a miracle 
on condition 
well from then on people believed 
that was obviously an appearance 
true and they supported those children 
that appeared most strange the miracles in 
life are different they are not like that 
just to impress our 
visual curiosity but more a show 
there is no such thing in life there is information 
there is a consolation there is a vision of things 
of knowledge here not good that 
happens and those children then there in 
forward they have support and what is important in 
this story is in the end that they 
they receive some secrets they are revealed 
to them a series of three secrets 
decrees that should not disclose to 
to those are the secrets of Fatima with 
those secrets and knowing those secrets 
those kids keep it they do not count them 
they are only revealed 2 
it does not matter at that moment that they speak 
that but the last secret of the third 
stay secret 
really a secret is re secret was 
written by the only survivor she wore 
it's interestingly called 
lucia is a feminine name of lucifer 
not especially 
it's the same root the lucero forms 
today you have the little house 
where she lives says she looked in lares and I 
I put it there very man they lived 
when I went into the house where that 
girl had grown up was there present 
a nun that according to which the people 
he said he was her aunt he knew her 
personally old lady and she was there 
a nun explaining images to the 
and suddenly I got inside in the room and 
I enter into that I think that for 
and stop it and my life like that and stop counting 
and talk to tourists because for me 
Look like that, do not count and look at me like me 
I go to another room and then it follows 
counting on the thing I do not know and when I go out 
again she stayed for and she is 
looking like this until I go out a little 
7 I do not know 
what happens is that there is in that 
in that third secret that was not that no 
it was intended for the public it was just in 
the 60s I think he wrote it 
He already looked old and a monkey 
elderly old woman a nun became 
in a nun he was in the monastery 
of coimbra in portugal 
she puts it on paper and it 's got to 
present the text the third secret to 
a priest he does it like writing a 
a little better 
despite being secret this priest 
it seems that he tells it and goes to the 
advertising a little that contains that 
and it is revealed that this secret speaks of 
that Maria is a bit or quite 
angry at the situation that Russia does not 
had been dedicated to her that says says 
maybe in that secret 
and that then Vatican secret well 
throw it out take it take it from him 
priest and he puts it in a box and what 
lead directly to the Vatican so that 
only the dad can decide what 
do with that secret 
and it is said that the first pope in that 
time that was in office receives the 
secret he reads them he wants them and leaves him in 
the box for the next pope 
solve the matter 
the next dad when starting his trade 
he opens it double and again hides it 
later the analysis was that the dads 
they obviously understood that I had to see 
something with russia and they were afraid in that 
time that russia found out about this 
Russia would have attacked the Vatican or the 
Christian world literally attacked with 
their weapons for fear of this much so much 
let's say explosiveness was in that 
secret they kept it secret 
just jan paul according to the good not just fresh 
when juan copper sure enters his 
pontificate is exactly looking 
here one thing 
he does the same thing does the first one 
thing does it take off 
and he hides it too but you know 
what happened to the 84 a close-up attack 
of a Turk not true attacks him gives him 
a bullet and what's wrong with the bullet does not 
kills because it does not kill that gala 
because the bullet 
goes directly on top of a medal 
that he has and that he was in that medal 
the Mary of Fatima today that bullet 
is in the fatima sanctuary in the crown 
of the little statue that is there 
placed the old sanctuary is there in 
the crown was placed on him he donated that bullet 
and I do not count that because it's a 
story that I think we have to 
know but it is supports this analysis that 
we are doing from another point of view 
It is providing information here 
things about events that happened in 
other side 
and we see that in that story Juan Pablo 
second is attacked and he understands something 
because in the vision that just in the year 
2000 was revealed to the public through 
at that moment I understand that it was 
bishop who has the current pope he was 
the one who has the honor of reading to the public 
and interpret that secret on the page 
Vatican website you meet 
the analysis the official interpretation 
of that secret and is written by rating to 
joseph ratzinger 
good in the analysis he writes that juan 
Paul the second was wounded and he 
understands that he was the dad of the vision 
because in the vision he said in the third 
secret you could see that a dad was 
walking and they are just attacking 
that dad and him street with blood on the floor and 
comes a lot of sadness to the church there 
much corruption to the church and so on 
etcetera because he no longer delivers to russia 
to Maria, that's just how they assume 
says in the secret Juan Pablo second 
have to read that dad from that vision and if 
he does not do anything right he does not do anything 
then he is not going to fulfill the vision and 
the wrath of the Lord is going to come upon him 
understood that the Catholic church has 
so much corruption in your media has 
so much pornography in the history of 
all his priests have so many 
despicable because because that was 
result of not meeting the demand 
of the tide of fatigue that was the 
analysis of the church 
in the analysis they see that there 
those things and those they say that's the 
consequence of failing to comply with 
the mandates of Maria de Fatima very 
interesting that for me it 's like one 
it's like seeing things from a little bit of other 
side here obviously we have that is not 
nothing sacred we do not have any 
divine influence is not any vision 
of god that's all from the dark side 
those here satan working from a 
to his people 
for his people visions that seem 
predict the future 
and Juan Pablo second what he did 
immediately when he was in the 
bed with the wound he did bring those 
texts the secret of Fatima and he 
he immediately made a statement 
public and dedicated to russia officially to 
Mary of Fatima to the Navy 
at that time he did not have much support 
in his church few bishops came to 
his invitation was a bit of a scandal 
but he did that and 
and started that process that what I had 
what to do according to the demand of that vision 
we understand here that there is a dark world 
there are entities there are powers that work 
on the other side they help push and they give 
understand the things that they have to do 
he understood that he had to 
reconquer Russia that was his 
obligation and that was the chosen dad 
for that function was Slavic Pope the coni 
I met his people I met the countries 
Slavic countries russia were his people 
he knew how to deal with them he knew how 
conquer and he managed to do this 
and for you to understand that analysis 
of the issues is not 
something like that came to my mind in the 
Fatima sensor before entering there 
as strange as if you say in spanish 
type to the altar is like glass the 
glass as well as big showcase and there 
have a piece of béton 
it's such a piece of that size towards 
high there the image can be seen that is 
that's just a piece of the wall of 
what makes a piece of the berlin wall in 
the center of Fatima is not true 
has nothing to do there 
here we see it in that image here a little 
close up 
I was amazed liz and this that 
does it there is not true 
we have a friend who became a millionaire 
by at that moment 
tear off the wall and smash and put 
a seal and sell it he sold those 
pieces to tourists the envy 
big pieces to the studios in 
hollywood wanted everyone a piece of 
true originating from wall I do not know if 
he sold the Vatican to that piece of 
here would have to see if he has his helium 
and here now to go there for 
conclude that analysis here next 
you see a plaque on the wall and in 
this plate in Portuguese of course 
He says 
first berlin wall raised in 1961 
on August 13 collapsed in 1989 9 of 
11 of November 19 
and now comes the text dedicated by 
Juan Pablos Juan Pablo Second at Fatima 
1991 forced the fact and pastor to be able 
is guided with motherly love the poles 
for freedom 
thank heavenly shepherdess for having 
guided with motherly love to the people 
to freedom 
what the catholic church here 
placed as a symbol as a statue 
as one with a plaque with memorial was 
simply that they dedicate the fall 
from communism to the heavenly shepherdess 
as they call their goddess Maria what 
they place the dedicate because they recognize that 
was she or they who gave man to 
that communism that they were the ones 
they have to take that victory are the 
what they did are the authors of that 
victory for me this here was a great 
surprise and something very interesting at the same time 
because from the point of view 
Now Catholic tells us how they see 
those events russia fell the king 
from the south fell through the hands of Juan Pablo 
second the support he received for him 
the us the mutual effort that they made 
and it was the first step in the sequence of 
the steps that dad had to do to 
start your institution to sit down to 
your environment again in the next hour 
let's go into the next verse 
what does it say 
then he will enter the glorious land 
we already see from here that with the fall of 
this king of surfing is not confirmed no 
conform, there is not enough, there is not everything 
well the next step he goes into the 
glorious land 
think it was glorious what it means 
that will be when we will study 
God using in the next hour 
I thank you for your attention, thank you for having 
been with us here in this 
conference god bless you all 
and be masters with a prayer 
our god we 
we have full confidence that the 
events of this world are under 
Manu that everything is under your control 
that there are things that entities and 
powers of darkness and this world 
associated with them are doing they are 
carrying out but they also do not 
they can do something else than it is 
and why do we know that simply 
we have to open the bible because there 
we find the prophetic word more 
sure that he tells us beforehand 
hundreds of years hundreds of years that those 
things were going to happen thanks 
we can be witnesses of those 
events we praise you we thank you 
Mr. Amen