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although we think a bit late this time 
let's do an hour anyway 
so that those who are watching and 
participating can count on a 
study one hour or so up 
here would be 22 
we have arrived in the last hour to 
complete the introduction we have done 
a review as soon as there will be four 
hours I think 
three or four hours I already lost the account 
four hours of reviewing the first 
verses that is most of the 
verses from 1 to 39 and we have seen that 
here we talk about the powers the powers 
that the bible knows as the powers 
what are the continuum or what are the 
powers that continually make that work 
they continuously destroy that the powers 
of paganism who in the last phase to 
depart verse 30 to 31 are 
are are replaced by another power that 
is the abomination of desolation makes 
desolation just like the others but one 
a more abominable form 
and that power is blunt the wall and in the 
terms of danielle 11 
we have seen that here there are basically two 
or three titles between the northern kings or the 
glorious land those three fight between 
he basically king of his fight against 
king of the north and vice versa 
we have reached a point where the king of 
north is now the dad himself or the papacy 
has received that title because it has occupied 
that good territory no longer in meaning already 
not in that sense is 
literal because roma papal is entering 
to meet them in a way 
we are after the cross 
when we understand the things of 
spiritual way let's see this already a 
little more in detail on 
that power is the power that with whom 
we count in verse 40 and we 
we have no other power here that 
introduce up to that moment and now to 
start verse 40 still spoken 
of the papacy in the northern radius he is the 
King I had said in the first 
presentation that we are 
following the study of urias snet 
by josh smith he explains about circles 
just as we are doing it 
We are using your book but I said that 
we do not trust you until after a certain 
point because in reference to the basic what 
36 he says the following 
in cycle 36 here it says and the king will do 
your will and be in green sorbe will be 
etcetera etcetera 
r will do his will and unfortunately in 
the translation into Spanish we do not 
it depends on the translation is that there is 
It is not so easy to obtain 
the book in Spanish and there I have seen 
translations that are studying that are 
rather a reduction of the writings 
does not appear always and not even in 
English translations that today 
officially you can get neither in 
other languages ​​appears what he said 
here initially that has been cut 
although the logic is still valid because 
curieses tells me in reference of 36 
you can verify it in English what 
true in the the site of the pioneers 
there you find him and he says yes 
we could say no r and more 
well to say a king then and then he 
it followed its logic what curiously 
makes to understand or to explain 
verse 30 
it simply wants to introduce a 
change of words he proposes to change 
the word king and replace it with a king 
we can do that 
hello the bible does not admit us at all 
change the words is impossible 
we in that study have proposed 
other translations at one time or another 
but that's not changes, let 's say 
original text simply sometimes a 
different word can be translated 
ways but that here means ' the and not 
a completely different words 
impossible to replace one with another is 
specific here there is no option there is no 
option as in some other cases like 
we have said the love of women or the 
Women's desire are variations 
had a word here there is no seso the king 
it says here and the king is the circle relief 
earlier then the king is the king of the 
night is the papacy the 30th cycle in 
ahead is still the papacy for 
prepare yourself smith 
he does not understand that here and with the insurance 
with the good will to love 
provide a book that explains each 
to put your logic proposes to change it 
and that's the reason why we 
from verse 30 here in the book 
de l'angel we can not trust the 
analysis analysis of urias smith 
because after 
he suggests that his powers are the power 
is turkey 
there are things that he lived in his time but 
not today 
they would not make sense 
and well that in reference to that I wanted 
remember this matter I also wanted 
remember what we had read at the beginning 
we had 
I've seen that there are some words from 
inah white in reference 
these texts we already studying 
see if I find it here again 
simply the site find where 
I have 
here it is 
he had already said in manuscripts 
like 13 pages 294 we had read what 
below and perhaps now after 
study I his verses we understand 
you are going to remember her 
394 in manuscripts released a volume 13 
and I had told him we do not have time that 
losing dangerous times are before 
we the world is shaken by a 
spirit of war will soon take place 
the scenes of anguish described in the 
prophecy the prophecy of chapter 11 in 
the level has almost almost reached its 
total fulfillment a lot of history 
what has taken place in compliance 
of that prophecy will be repeated and now 
verse 30 speaks of a power that 
will be contrasted we have studied that 
it's romapagana that turns sad because 
the success has disappeared the armies 
pagans of the linden tribes the vandals 
the troves and so on they enter and 
they conquer the kingdom 
because they will come against in tiki team birds 
now she is quoting its verses 
30 and 31 and he will contrast and he will come back and 
will be angry against the holy covenant and now 
according to your will 
will return then and will be understood with those who 
leave the holy covenant and you will 
will raise on their side troops that 
they will desecrate the sanctuary and the fortress and 
they will remove the continuous sacrifice and 
they will put the abomination of desolation with 
Flattering and she'll look and she's going on now 
quoting from his verses of the bible 
up to 36 
then in conclusion of that she says 
scenes similar to those described in 
those words will take place not this is 
the story that is going to repeat that in 
the essential story of the emergence of 
Papacy entering history 
taking over the world doing what 
he wants to persecute the faithful of 
god and they in blazquez and two through 
of tribulation are saved or are they 
become martyrs and do not get out 
because of that, but they have what 
I'm saying not always and that here is 
what she says that is the story that 
it repeats that the history that is 
in front of us and as we said 
the beginning of the story that is to 
point to take place completely 
and follow him saying we have evidence of 
that satan is getting fast 
the control of human minds that do not 
they have the fear of god before them 
let's read and understand the prophecies of 
that book we are in the middle of that 
we are trying to read and understand 
these prophecies we are listening to what 
that to the voice of the spirit of prophecy to 
the divine voice to the voice of god that is 
speaking through him already 
putting that in context now 
maybe we are more alert have others 
meanings those verses for 
we then go back to danielle 11 of 
circle 40 
it says that's the culmination of our 
study is the main thing those are the 
verses that you hardly go 
to find a logical explanation 
consistent in the books that we have 
but at the end of time but at the end of 
time or in the time of the end the king of 
South will contend with him 
who with whom he inherits south for many 
verses has not been mentioned 
he has disappeared 
still I was down crushed 
I was 
does not speak anymore 
at 25 the last time 
was conquered there 
and there it recovers forces for us 
reconquer what he had lost because 
all the time 
the two fighting against each other 
that moment now in him at the end of the 
time the king of the south will contend with the 
well the word contender let's go 
to see some parallel texts for 
understand well what the Bible wants 
say here how the bibl applies that to 
the first of king's first reis 
chapter 22 
you have an example of it 
Hebrew word 
Enagás in the same word that is used 
here too 
first of kings 22 of article 11 
says the following 
and drought and I from whom a ana had been 
made some iron horns and said well 
has said jehovah with these to gore like 
the Syrians to finish them 
that word to gore is the same 
word like to push or how to contend in 
Hebrew is the very same word you do 
then with these horns he proposes 
of attacking killing the Syrians is a 
very fierce activity a war activity 
wants to annihilate someone that wants 
to say this is the same word the same 
word also in daniel 84 
the same word today you know 
well that context Daniel 84 says I saw the 
I saw that the ram hurt with the 
horns west to north and south and 
that no beast could stop in front 
of him nor were there any capable of his 
power and did according to his will and 
I magnified I saw that the ram wanted 
that word hurt once more is the 
same word razor 
push contender 
bake and live 
it's an attack here is a war attack or 
an attack that has as a consequence 
possibly the death of the other that is 
the word that here 
Daniel uses it making it clear that what 
the king of the south does is attack the king of 
north to kill him to hurt him 
badly to get rid of us 
because now he wants to get up and 
put yourself back into the domain of things 
good as here tells us something here there 
several indications to place the 
story in its place 
we do not have great difficulty of 
understand what it means because it says to 
out of time is after time already 
we had lived in verse 36 on 35 
says until the determined time 
the papacy has a certain time and 
this determined time for us is 
through time one of the two 
time lapse best known 
and we already mentioned it 
the time that the papacy received began 508 
and after 30 years of preparations in 538 
I had 
it happens had his throne had his authority 
I was ready to start or to 
start your 
sovereign domain 
and the time that God's bible gives him 
and we find it in daniel 12 
we find in several places how many 
times are in the apocalypse 12 also 
It is true 
times time in half time 
three and a half years or between two months 
or one thousand two hundred and sixty days or thousand 
two hundred sixty years 
that is the time determined time 
that was given to him and with the bible he says and 
at the end of time at the end of time 
of that king that in those can refer 
only to that verse 
then then it comes from south and it 
attacks good there is no doubt that that time 
It's 1798 
and we do not have 
uncertainty about those details 
spirit prophecy clearly speaks of 
those events 
those are those are the are the way 
part of our heritage we 
we know that story well 
very much about that there is too much 
evidence the time of the end is 1798 is 
the time the end of time that was 
given to that power and logically when the 
bible says that there will be attacked will be 
corneados will be content that is contained 
against us instead 
we found that story and we see that there 
a power that does that 
and that power is france 
you could name it Napoleon 
that he himself did not go but sent his 
general here to do that for 
take out the papacy 
there were complications 
polio did not want to submit to the 
Catholic church like the other risks 
well done through centuries 
he placed the crown of himself not 
I wanted the papal to demand nonetheless 
I had respect and I did not intend 
immediate to get him out of killing him but the 
let's say it was revealed to him he opposed 
certain plans of the French Republic 
well it was republic at that time not 
I'm sure of the empire of 
Napoleon has already reigned France 
and opposes and there comes that to a moment 
where was union says good that man me 
is bothering a lot taking out and sent 
his general and took him out and then also 
they conquer not the Vatican was not 
a fight but he conquered it 
officially empower the state of the 
Vatican and disappears 
for a year the Pope there is no potato there is no 
potato instead 9 potato that can 
exercise let's say 
the alliance of the church 
elevated to the south of France to a city 
which is called balance there remains in a 
castle and when I was there traveling 
in the past year looking for the castle not 
I found it I did not find the castle 
I found no sign I asked 
tourism office I asked for bookstores and 
nobody even knew that some 
dad's time that city had been 
I had the impression that I was in 
the fake city that was not that city 
but then against images there was a 
castle and once maybe there's still 
the dad has been there a year got sick 
and he died and the church after 
immediately placed another dad but not 
in Rome not to new ethics, not because 
could and had to place milano created 
another dad was summoned and so on 
we know that history that history 
of the death wound that was awarded 
through france to the church 
catholic france at the time not the 
church on radio does not have its moment 
it is theoretically like a church 
Of course there are laws but it no longer exercises its 
power did not have to ask for that raise anymore 
there is influence on the states 
and that so we do not confuse that 
that power 
if we would be here in 2011 
has not returned yet 
some say that the motilla wound 
was healed healed but not 
the wound is only healed when 
this story 
it happened again when the dad has 
power that here has had 
and as we have indicated in the last hour 
what the father was doing about that story 
we have no comparison today exercises 
great influence without a doubt is the 
author of many things of many 
political movements events 
public today but there taking out and 
place the kings 
they had to think everything to him alone 
the feet 
so many things that the today did not yet 
see you 
there are many who oppose who rebel 
that do not 
according to how he wants that is still 
future we hope that the wound is going to 
heal we do not expect let's say that way 
positively but we know that soon 
to happen now 
then here something happens 1998 this is the 
moment of verse 40 at the end of 
with the king of the south we have already indicated that 
it was france with tends against it 
well we need to contribute some 23 
verses for 
for his comparative power to 
as we say we support a little better 
a little stronger to that theory 
because edesur poker would be france 
although before the egypt you have to 
see with france 
well we understand that after the cross 
there is no 
and we are talking about things 
spiritually the symbols are have 
to be understood spiritually not 
we have Egyptian as a country does not play 
no role as a country like Israel 
ancient is no longer ancient israel today in 
day and let's say in that sense do not play 
paper but without spiritual series the 
things have become issues 
spiritual in that sense we have to 
look for what is egypt or good maybe 
even that is necessary because here 
there is talk of egypt is not true 
the king of south 
southern heir is who occupies egypt is 
who is the power of egypt 
but Egypt today under the power or 
that low time and hit digit for the 
Egyptian kings to direct all the 
governments does not play any role in 
relationship to the papacy they did not take out the 
Papacy from his throne one is on his way 
wrong if he seeks to explain it from that 
way then life helps us not 
true good exodus 5 we already have the key 
to understand what is egypt 
Chapter 5 
first two verses 
exodus 5 1 and 2 
later Moses and Aaron entered the 
presence of Pharaoh and he was told soba the 
god of israel says well lets go to my 
town and celebrate my party to celebrate 
my party in the desert and the pharaoh 
you have soba 
I do not know 
so that he can hear his voice and say to israel 
you have city 
I do not know Jehovah who is air for 
I'm not nothing does not exist nor does it 
will let go to Israel to still nothing 
what they were of course knew job 
to logical 
Of course I knew he was the god of 
israel that town 
but he says he does not know he does not know no 
there exists that attitude for us 
we would call atheism 
the artist today is not that he does not believe 
nothing is not not that you do not know that there are 
others that there is a god that exist 
religions that have gods that's not 
the matter he is not neutral also has 
your god we know every artist 
he has his gods 
and that pharaoh here represents 90 min 
says activism because it denies the 
existence of god and if we with that 
we have the 11 we have 
one reason 
to say that the power that is king of 
south in the spiritual sense occupies 
egypt but occupy egypt means 
represent the spirit of egypt 
it means 
have that spirit of this pharaoh 
means being an artist means of 
represent atheism at this time 
of French history was the power in the 
world that as a maximum power represent 
to atheism 
and in conflicts of the centuries when 
elena white talks about apocalypse 11 and 
He explains that France was the only one 
first country ever in history that 
He dared to draw a law saying no 
there is god and he forbade worship 
to God that the story had not seen 
French during the French Revolution 
during the events choosing 
a goddess like her god 
the goddess the reason they choose and the 
they take out a law puts it in black and white 
on black on white they put a law 
that god does not exist that is the culmination 
she also describes in that in those 
chapters with the centuries as the 
revolution not like the revolution the 
reform was carried out in france the 
reform had the greatest resistance 
in this country that's why we do not 
we easily remember ourselves from names of 
French reformers 
he snuck Swiss English ships but 
French there were there but they had 
sooner or later they had to flee 
germany or switzerland already in france the 
persecution was so fierce there was 
the times when it was a little possible 
I played notes 
they could be in a while but they had 
to fight badly you know the 
night of san bartolomé where that was done 
tremendous killing beginning in paris and 
then across the country killing thousands 
of v notes of the most outstanding 
let's say according to the social rank 
in france those things we see more 
serious that in other countries a 
persecutions in the capital a elena 
white commented on an incident where 
they managed to capture that man 
wants responsible to announce of 
secret way where Christians the 
reformers were going to find the went with 
a torch and he placed it as a symbol 
from where they were going to meet again in 
fire the lanterns the 
Christians knew that that house or this 
house had to meet and they grabbed 
this man suddenly and he had it 
how they tortured him and he was bound 
to reveal the homes of the many 
Christians that had been taken out 
burned the Bible burned not true 
publicly Bibles burned 
we have here in French the culmination 
of opposition to the movement of the 
reform we have here a more serious way 
the exhibition of atheism 
that's why france now occupies 
like no other nation receives that 
title is grabbed holds on to that title 
and is the king of the south is yourself the 
which represents atheism 
that's why we say here we talk 
France is France and logic that hits 
exactly with time 1798 
there is a power that takes out that ends with the 
papacy and you can france 
let's also open apocalypse 11 
to have another witness more of our 
apocalypse 11 speaks of the two witnesses 
the two witnesses represent here 
to the word the old testament the 
new testament and here life relates 
the story of those two witnesses who in 
certain place 
we start verse 2 
but the patio is outside is outside the 
temple leave it aside and you do not look at it 
because you have been delivered to the Gentiles 
and they will find the holy city 42 
months and we've seen that time and I'll give 
my two witnesses who prophesy for 1260 
diaz dresses of silicon or clothes of 
of ashes sack of mourning them in those 
videos in the 60 years were not in 
freedom they could not talk like 
they wanted they were oppressed 
persecuted killed these witnesses are 
the two olive trees and the two candelabra that 
they are standing in front of god of the 
We jumped a little circles 7 
When they have finished their testimony, 
beast that rises from the abyss now war 
against them against the two witnesses and 
will defeat them and kill them and their corpses 
they will be in the plaza of the big city 
which is in a spiritual sense is called 
his taming and egypt where also our 
Lord was crucified 
well here we have the same city the 
same place the same power the light the 
power that spiritually is called 
Egypt is not that the king of the south 11 
spiritually king of the south is he who 
is spiritually in Egypt and that 
power here is identified as that 
who persecuted in the big city and killed 
these two witnesses and crucified them equally 
how he crucified the Lord 
Elena gives us light on her verses 
and tells him that that great city that is 
called egypt and sodoma in sense 
spiritual is Paris that's the city 
where those events happened 
events that I have just summed up a 
little there then we 
we find there happen his things and 
they repeat she says explains that 
way and they repeat the crucifixion of 
Christ because they crucify they kill the 
followers cross and burn the bible and 
they do all those things 
and he tells you this is atheism says he 
in conflict of the centuries then here 
we have another witness for 
in putting in place the explanation of 
danielle 1140 
what Daniel 1140 says first part is 
the next thing the king of the north arrives 
to its end after thousands in the 60 years 
the time of the end has come for him and 
that power france and representing the king 
of the South representing atheism is 
that power that is working here 
and that works because we said he 
contains in the blindness against is 
really what we can take out 
understand without any problem and obstacle 
but here is a semicolon 
in my version there is a semicolon to 
Sometimes some translation is inclusive 
point the verse is divided into two 
part parts we could say and part d 
verse 11 verse 40 refers 
1798 france and the papacy verse 40 sees 
now tells another story 
and we will read it first 
and the king of the north after having been 
conquered and the king of the north 
will rise against him like a storm 
with cars and people on horseback many 
ships and will enter the lands and 
will flood and pass 
Okay, yes 
we share those two verses we 
we see clearly that here is a 
revenge that is the same story as 
in a mirror 
freire south rises bush pulls king of the 
north now revives the north rises and 
kills to take out edesur is already what happens 
the time in chapter 11 nonetheless 
the terms that the bible applies here 
they are a little more they are a little different no 
it tells us what 
the victory of the king of north seems a 
little wider a little more 
more serious larger as more extensive 
thank you that's the words here 
they apply is they rise or they do not contain 
with him only he gets up 
like a storm with cars and people from 
on horseback with ships 
will enter through the flood lands will pass 
with that here is a different victory 
Victory is greater than the other 
in the logic of danielle 11 the radio 
north down there he does not like it he does not want 
stay there crushed he does everything to 
be on the throne to dominate the world 
but Persian had no other power than 
he let it emerge he was the only pavilion 
same great Alexander the same and the 
dialogues tried to achieve the same without 
Romana pagan success again in the same 
was the dad in the same was 
always up always eliminating everything 
dominating everything leaving no any 
player in the field and here that's what 
dad does 
but there arises the question is not true 
which we have seen in the story that 
the papacy got up and took revenge 
that's something that we do not find in the 
that way we do not see it france 
since I exist in day here it says that it is 
franz or that is future still 
but france today not even 
represents the tics 
France is a republic is a 
in france is 
although it has certain tendencies to 
socialism for example but 
It is not a country like the others in Europe 
more or less does not represent atheism that 
French title lost we can say almost 
immediately after the revolution 
French that title was delivered to another 
power and if one studies the events of 
how the revolution began 
French what powers were 
secretly back who started the 
things who moved the masses to 
that are killed if we see that story 
we understand that the powerful themselves 
after working here in france 
they went to other countries 
and history reveals to us that successfully 
in the empire of russia the kingdom of russia 
the same thing happens and a 
revolution the Bolshevik revolution to 
the October revolution and the same thing happens 
as in France the town gets up 
he does the same with france they take out the king 
It's like the Tsar 
they kill their family more today they do not 
knows some do not know where they were 
the story ends there is capable of 
being killed they take them out to their family 
came as france is a copy of the 
events in france and russia grabs that 
title steals it from france and in a way 
bigger though france becomes the 
power that represents in history the 
I think we have no difficulty in 
accept this 
and russia 
it is not a country it is an alliance of countries 
here is introduced then is socialism 
lenin stalin 
it is not true the influence of 
philosophies of 
in it are introduced are adopted in that 
country and that that land mass that goes 
up there until asia is here is not 
true up Mongolia the limits of 
Chinese influence all that becomes 
in socialism in communism we have 
here a power that represents the 
atheism like France did not 
the region of religion is not supported 
it is obvious religion for the people not 
it is true that what he says 
the churches close there is persecution 
in those lands there is only one 
little can the church exist 
orthodox byzantine but it has its function 
let's say uncontrolled political or state 
the catholic church does not exist there either 
you do not have the right to be present 
open churches we have that power now 
that in history shortly after 1904 the 
revolution 13 I think 
start taking that title 
represents the glimpse in the story if 
we see here in those vehicles 
that the papacy the king of the north 
raise to take revenge for another is to take 
the title then its destiny its against 
people is not France your continent has 
that be the Soviet Union 
his opponent ok and we look if that 
that we can check with the 
historical events a little bit now another 
Once we will enter to identify the 
words that here apply the king of the 
north we look at Jeremiah 25 verse 9 
a very interesting mention also of 
that power that comes from the north 
25 verse 9 
verse 8 we can start 
therefore towards that jehovah of the 
armies because you have not heard my 
I have sent here words and I will take 
all the northern tribes says jehovah and 
anapú donoso king of Babylon my servant 
and will bring them bring against this land and 
against its inhabitants and against all those 
nations around and I will destroy them and 
I will put them for scorn and derision 
mockery and in perpetual desolation and I will do 
take from them the voice of 
joy and the voice of joy the voice of 
esposada and the voice of res posada noise 
of mill and lamp light 
that power of the north is also associated 
with Babylon here already 
and that's because we associate the 
king of the north with the dominating power 
Babylon but once again we 
we are now trying to make sense 
and that's what the same thing helps us again 
apocalypse text 
good not the same text the same book 
apocalipstick 17 verses 5 there are when 
speaks of the papacy the following are used 
apocalypse 17 5 
says what he's talking about that 
woman dressed in purple 
that is full of abominations says and 
on his forehead a written name is 
a mystery 
Babylon the great of the mother of the 
harlots and the abominations of the 
that woman is drunk with blood says the 
verse 6 
that is the title 
Bible for 
great harlot for spiritual Babylon 
for the catholic church for the papacy 
here we are at the end of these events 
of his kingdom in a little 17 and it's power 
that spiritually is Babylon here in 
these verses is that power that 
spiritually governs Babylon 
eat the north 
for that reason it is the same power as the 
Papacy we have no problem to 
defend those two powers in their sense 
literally and now in the spiritual sense 
as well 
we are fine then we are following 
the story and it works fits up 
now we have no difficulties and we see 
that the king of the north is also the 
dad is the one who is seated in the 
be by that name and he comes now and 
let's look at the words that the Bible 
applies will rise says here good what 
means that that will rise first 
of kings 22 
first of kings 22 that attitude of 
get up 
what do you want to tell us 
every word has its importance like this 
we study the bible if 
we understand life every word and 
we will follow candle in your rules in your 14 
rules each word has its meaning 
it is important to understand each word 22 
verse 11 
not me 
it was not that text that we had already read 
it is not the text that I wanted to read 
Let's see 
apology was not that but again 
apocalypse 17 verse 8 this time 
because here the same story opens 
verse 8 apocalypse 17 8 the beast 
what you saw was and is not and is for 
rise from the abyss and go to ruin this 
here is the history of the papacy in its 
moment of the vision that Sanjuán receives 
the beast is not but it was and it comes back and goes up 
of the abyss not that is the attitude that here 
we found in apocalypse 17 that's the 
marker for that power the papacy 
and this is what happens here in Daniel 
11 verse 40 he gets up he is 
crushed bass is dead it looks and it 
rises up and that's the same attitude 
that we know in relation to 
satan isaiah 14 tells us fully 
that is that satan pretends that is 
your goal 
verse 13 of Isaiah 14 says you that 
you said in your heart I will go up to heaven in 
high next to the stars of god 
I will raise and my throne and in the amount of 
testimony I will sit on the sides of the 
north isaiah 14 verse 13 in the north 
he wants to sit he gets up for 
accept yourself that is in your heart not 
true that is the abomination that 
we are all running the 
danger of repeating it 
personal pride and wanting to rise 
sit up 
put our desire on top of desire 
divine to place our goals above 
of the plans they have for 
us this is exactly repeating that 
story and he feels in the north and 
North has so much meaning in the 
bible the north is the place too 
where the loaves were placed in the 
sanctuary the north is the place where 
was the sanctuary if you see the 
map of jerusalem in the north it 
placed the sanctuary and here it says is the 
North is where jehovah is sitting 
then they are memories that this time 
that the north also comes the trial the 
North has much to say and right there 
if you want to enter that man 
he rises as satan comes out of the abyss 
this is what that verse here 
it was about 20 minutes we will 
advance a little 
let's see if we conclude that verse not 
I'm sure but again and he 
we raised against the said as 
a storm 
we already understand what that means but 
it's fine it 's fine I did not have another text 
we know 58 
talks about the same thing we know 58 the circle 
I put the same words 
Psalm 58 verse 9 before you 
hoya feel the flame of the thorns like this 
alive thus grasped will snatch them the 
with tempest with the storm 
so the bible then applies 
do not let it survive something does not leave 
that something can breathe it out kills 
and that's how danielle says it here 
we know 
58 verse 9 will be that 
with cars and people on horseback makes 
another no less 11 verse 4 
obviously we do not have 
problems of imagining what they mean 
those cars and people on horseback 
but let's use the biblical text 
to have certainty verse 4 
Deuteronomy 11 
and what he did to the Egyptian army to 
your horses and your cars as press and 
how it precipitated the waters of the Red Sea 
about them when they came after you 
and jehovah destroyed them until today and so on 
here the bible with the speech of carl 
people and cars or horses and their expensive 
then it refers to the army army 
they are the military forces 
let's give an explanation 
how is it that dad got up with a 
army is not that dad never had 
army has no has under his command 
army but he himself has no army 
here he says he comes up with a 
and then says and many ships 
well many ships we found by 
example in second of chronicles 
chapter 9 
all right 
verse 20 
according to the chronicles chapter 9 verse 
20 onwards says all the crockery of 
beef wolf was not gold or whole 
crockery of the Lebanese forest house 
of pure gold 
in the days of Solomon the silver 
it was not appreciated the silver was worth nothing 
just gold 
because the king's fleet was going to taxis with 
the servants of iram and every three years 
The taxi ships used to come and brought 
gold silver ivory monkeys and peacocks 
we have here the wealth that 
enter the country 
with the help of the ships the means of 
transportation what symbolizes we could 
economic conclude once 
represent here in that sense not to 
military ships although in that sense 
it also exists in the bible but here 
we see how they are also applied as power 
economic are the means of transport 
apocalypse 18 also uses the nobodies 
in that sense for example verse 17 
from apocalypse 18 
He says 
because in one hour 
so much wealth has been consumed 
apocalypse 1817 and all pilot and all 
those who travel in ships and sailors and 
everything that works at sea is 
they stopped far 
and seeing the smoke from his fire they gave 
voices saying that city was similar 
to that big city 
and a little bit below that 
and they threw dust on their heads and 
they cried crying and lamenting 
saying ay ay the big city in the 
which all those who had ships in the 
sea had been enriched by their 
riches because in an hour it has been 
desolate here also the ships 
representing the medium that brings 
Riches is the economy that brings 
riches to those 
the sailors have ships and all that is 
flood in the future is here is 
talking about the times later in the 
and good taking that we have those two 
those two things these two elements that 
the king of north used to 
for your battle against the southern air 
people on military horseback carts many 
economic power ships 
and what he does is enter through the 
lands will flood and pass 
we have already said at the beginning that 
Russia or the Soviet Union is composed 
by several countries 
France is just a country here says 
enter through countries or lands 
plural the truth we have another then 
help here to understand that that 
victory in that attack is concerned 
really to the king of the south that is 
represented by the Soviet Union as 
you write that is that ere 
A) Yes 
in Spanish 
good now 
almost all of you stay here 
present and I suppose many of the 
listeners have also witnessed 
those events because starting 
in the 80s of 1900 almost all 
to the children here 
for their luck they have not seen those things 
in the 80s 
something interesting happens that the us 
they finally succeed in establishing 
diplomatic relations with the Vatican 
the us has always been a country that does not 
they had diplomatic relations so 
less officially with the Vatican them 
no they were not enemies history 
certain of the catholic church 
but it was just ronald reagan the cowboy 
it is not true 
that president who managed 84 
he managed to establish diplomatic relations 
with the Vatican and from that 
moment the us through their 
intelligence services maintained 
continuously informed the papacy of the 
events in the world were to visit the 
Vatican the Vatican every week we have 
the reports that today reveal that 
history starts here something in the world 
that had no precedent in history 
by Andrew in the United States do 
enter into an alliance with the papacy 
good is everything here for us is 
known this is the story of jacob 
ellipsis 13 that's not new for us 
we know that that has to happen 
and we take a look apocalypse 13 
to identify those events 
we have here the two beasts 
a beast after the sea and another 
time of the earth 
circle 11 after I saw another beast that 
it came up from the ground and had two horns 
similar to those of a lamb but 
he spoke like dragon one who is that 
power we have identified as the 
us I do not know if you see here in the 
image is this bug here the pioneers 
they imagined that bug with a mixture 
of various animals 
there is not that animal is not true but 
has horns like lamb 
that animal here is that power that comes from 
the earth 
that power has a role a role in 
relationship with the other beast that is the 
papacy exercises all the authority of the 
first beast in his presence already 
only to add when it happens 
that here 
verse 11 to when it refers 
that happens when in history 
when it arises 
in 1798 
they finish one thousand two hundred and sixty years 
and that same moment that another 
although things are already heading 
to establish the us prophetically 
we understand that in that same year 
1798 is present enters the 
platform that power that is that animal 
that beast of the earth the us 
if I remember well in that year the usa 
are recognized by some countries 
Europeans officially as a country that 
it is recognized that it is a country 
france and others then that's the date 
here where that power arises 
had to emerge at that certain moment 
it was logical 
and that power appears to support for 
lift another to his throne 
the papacy always needed a power 
that supported him that his troops were left to 
he had to emerge there at this time 
and it continues here apocalypse 13 and we are going to 
we are already closing almost 
12 and exercises all the authority of the 
first beast in her presence and 
causes the earth and the inhabitants of the 
worship the first beast whose wound 
engine was healed here the bible jumps 
quickly in the story is not true 
it goes like a lightning forward on the 
history because that does not happen anymore 
in the following years that has not yet 
happened but here we have just 
this we have that power that appears for 
support the other beast that's the 
history of daniel 11 40 appear the 
boats not out of nowhere the military appears 
or out of nowhere that's all dice 
delivered by the usa 
they appear in the story for 
place the other beast in its place 
and that power is the one that in 84 starts 
establish diplomatic relations 
get into intelligence not that's what 
same words that we can draw from 
danielle 11 30 in 11 
do intelligence with 
in verse 30/11 or as it says here 
will be understood with that history repeats 
the usa are understood now as they do 
the intelligence with the papacy them 
they support the papacy and they put it in their 
place is that study that is being 
leading verse 40 
and we do not have that's why we said 
we are present you have 
seen that story 
some were born during that story 
we in history see we have 
seen that that was the biggest let's say 
the theme in the years after the 
world war where at the end of 
World War II begins a 
cold war a war of two systems 
the eastern pact against the alliance of 
the states that joined in the born 
led by the us NATO in Spanish 
we have that fight that is the cold war 
that is a fight where there is not no 
really military encounters but there 
two powers that strategically fight 
the Soviet Union they invested 
too much money nowadays we know it 
in his army in arms in the 
missiles to prevent to be 
prepared at that time of a possible 
theoretical war 
and I remember as a child that 
on television one day it was announced that 
on earth 
and the united states here 
in that land 
the united states under ronald reagan 
they had invented a satellite system not 
It is true 
satellite that against missiles 
remember that 
Star Wars' where I was 
that system 
in the space in which space here in that 
that was was an invention 
there was no no no no no war no 
so systems did not exist at that time 
then the idea was that when russia 
launches its huge missiles that could 
fly to the us from up here 
the divided as well as in the games 
electronics could be in space 
make disappear is not true that was 
that was all propaganda was all that 
news was propaganda it was a fight 
virtual military is not true and Russia does not 
nevertheless clear 
they invested money to make another 
system not to also make a system 
well and they put money in the 
research in science that 
it's just a small example but that 
it was real we know today very well that 
the political states and they put money 
that they did not have too much money in the 
science of weapons in the 
army in the military 
the truth that was part of that fight 
here that we see that fight and already 
we go to the next hour as the 
Vatican was behind that 
we also know that that fight 
not only was it a cold war at the level 
military but also the one that was 
economic there was an embargo, the truth was 
different economic and russia- at the end of 
accounts that comes down totally 
destroyed economically and militarily 
also on the edge of its possibilities 
we have inside then enunciated is the 
verse 40 we have some more things 
to contribute in the next hour 
let's close in that moment guts 
with your attention to all hopefully see you 
in the next hour that will be at four o'clock 
to 4 of that hour here 
our god who are in heaven 
we are entering a history of the 
which many of us have been 
witnesses that I believe sir is the privilege 
of few generations in that land see 
things happen that in your word 
are written dear god help us 
get the conviction that that is 
right if that is your will 
we praise and we thank you for everything that 
give us the possibilities 
techniques for your support your help and the 
health in the name of Christ amen