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maybe at the beginning 23 words we 
we apologize and sometimes there are some 
problems or a delay in 
due to a technology that stops 
we are new we are new 
starting to broadcast by the first 
time in reality that series of topics in 
you will understand that this is not a 
thing so easy it takes true 
team some things are not in your 
place the moment 
sometimes the problems are unrelated one not 
has influence like this I ask 
I appreciate your patience and here 
a start is given to something that in the future 
we hope it's going to be more fluid is going to be 
more will be better and work better 
but it is already the joy is ours that a 
through this conference we are 
giving here we are connected with many 
people in the world 
we have seen that many countries do not 
are following 
at the time I can not stop sending 
Greetings to my parents who are also 
observing I thank your 
contributions and your comments too 
that I am bless 
and welcome then once again to 
we are all going now to enter the last 
part of the introduction I hope so 
there is much to say 
we have been the last time in the 
verse 30 we have said we have seen that 
here in verse 30 something happens 
special similar as verse 3 
universe 5 and 14 will be 11 
others a new power is introduced in a 
history of the story changes because 
someone gets into the story and appears 
on the platform of the 
of world history 
a power that previously did not play a role 
but I'm admitting that that power 
now take a command 
in verse 30 we have seen that 
romapagana is trying to rescue his 
empire through an alliance through 
of what the Bible says they 
they will understand with them they have intelligence 
with those who leave the saint 
covenant those who leave the holy covenant 
are those that form, of course, the 
Catholic Church 
and that's the power here appears from 
suddenly that power is going to be the power that 
the following verses take the paper 
and take the title of King of the North and 
we will see how this happens 
we open then our bibles 
verse 31 
and troops will be raised from him 
the sanctuary will defile the fortress 
and they will remove the continuum and put the 
like that is not now 
a study on 
other topics generality that daniel ponce 
or that the last verses 11 
in the different topics that emerged 
during our quick tour to 
through the first verses 
we have only touched we have said 
some rather superficial things without 
give a lot of support 
biblical spirit prophecy or other 
sources to defend it but leaving 
of course more or less like that but our 
our way of explaining our 
our point of view the explanation and 
here we also have a verse that 
would have that would lead to a study 
very broad and here you see one of 
the most complicated articles by daniela 
and surely good of the bible here is 
says some things that can be 
understood very incorrectly but it is 
essential to understand it very well what it says 
troops will be raised from him 
they will prepare the fortress in the sanctuary 
maybe some videos say and the 
strength but the strength is more 
well related to the sanctuary the 
words that Daniel apply here if one 
would have access to the Hebrew he would see one 
I would see that the terms used here are used 
they have a very strong connotation 
of the war what is presented here are 
troops already the sanctuary here is the 
mixed word in Hebrew is the word 
which means sanctuary can I can be 
the pagan sanctuary 
it can also be the divine sanctuary 
but daniel as one sees daniel ochoa 
daniel 11 he uses those words to 
distinguish one sanctuary in the other 
as long as he speaks of the sanctuary 
of holy god the heavenly daniel uses the 
word codhes we translate the 
two things codhes the us the others 
and both as sanctuary but in Hebrew 
they are two different words one 
means exclusively the sanctuary 
celestial codhes the other half can 
mean any kind of sanctuary and 
this word here is used 
so here we have the troops the 
troops of the Roman Empire or troops 
Roman the heathen troops that desecrate 
the sanctuary is not the sanctuary of God 
it will not be located in jerusalem east 
heavenly sanctuary is the sanctuary 
pagan what will that sanctuary be 
fortress like the fortress that 
sanctuary is the fortress that's what 
you want to say is that text here is author 
and the fortress is sanctuary and strength 
then we have to find a 
solution for this matter here something happens 
against ordes please d 
of the sanctuary that is also the 
and they will remove and here that word means 
will remove really means remove 
and continued the strength here then 
we cling to what the 
pioneers in our church was 
teaching that the sanctuary and the 
fortress are the city of Rome is the 
Roman capital 
and we have already studied in the 
last minute we have not reached a 
moment of the story in which they roman like 
we can say they close themselves that 
you're be doing something on your own 
please because roma has the idea of ​​moving 
its capital 
from roma to constantinopla 
you see that that is totally 
different different place is not like that 
as in Bolivia for example they had to 
sucre as capital but also series 
of the government and it was then peace that did not 
it is so distant it is already in the same 
country a germany had for many years 
the capital like paul already while 
officially or actually the capital 
of the diego having been or was in Berlin 
but because of social circumstances 
policies was not possible but here 
we have something very different 
Roman places his new capital of Naples 
or in Milan or with sicilia no roma place 
his new capital in constantinopla iron 
we have the country here and turkey is not 
true istanbul would be that city today in 
day is also called this capital and 
sancio another name that carries but 
according to the name of the emperor himself 
Constantine in the year 330 moved the 
to do that for almost from a 
small city do the series of his 
government he made a great effort the 
worked robbery let's say the entire empire 
lovely things like statues like 
constructions made them carry everything to 
constantinople and erect there in little 
time a magnificent city 
that nonetheless according to the bible and 
also according to what we see in 
the story has been an attack on his 
own country when its own empire like that 
we understand that roma or his troops 
desecrate profanan also desecrate 
to your own city here there are two 
there are two applications that wanted to try 
being one can understand that that 
it happens 330 the truth when exactly 
the capital of Rome is charged for 
constantinopla let go taking 
let's say from a political point of view 
strategic a decision I did not know 
hurting himself pulling steals the 
capital that you never fell too 
remember history that aníbal with his 
Elephants entered Italy was ten years 
in Italy but never conquered Rome 
ten years in the country trying to up 
snorers breaking the roma never fall 
enemies were there but the heart 
he was intact working well leaving him 
nourished the country and maintaining strength 
of the empire while Roman did not fall 
Rome was intact it was fine but 
roma now and they understand and the 
they go and that is one is how 
direct yourself 
there was no attack say the 
Roman troops when Rome is that is not 
refers but that's in that sense was 
as a decision that led the wing to 
attributed to the fall of the empire 
another imputation could be that through 
of that as roma of that sloppiness 
support their former capital they 
they also open the doors from this 
way to the invasion of the Goths and of 
the vandals that they desecrate 
the empire they then come to be 
they also become the ten kingdoms that 
continue to Rome and become the 
troops also from rome could be that is 
another interpretation of it the same 
verse what happens is the same 
Roman is hurting himself is 
desecrating I know why they decide to 
leave his former seat of his capital 
that what happens here in that way 
the sanctuary will defile the fortress and 
they will remove the continuum or whatever they 
they do is they remove themselves ok 
that's what happens here is not hostel is 
a little complication because it does not seem 
so logical and really if one looks at the 
story one there about two question by 
what did they do that was not a wise step not 
it was a smart one step walk 
there and thus introducing 
the division of the empire in the empire 
of the east and east and of the empire 
they do that and that way they 
they attack the self although that was not no 
I was not aware of it 
so then we can now understand that 
that phrase that seems to be contradictory 
if they will lift their part of their part 
troops that desecrated the sanctuary and the 
strength itself is so deep 
they are attacking us we hurt ourselves 
same and they will remove the continuum they are 
removing themselves does not blunt that that 
continuous at that moment is removed or 
follow yourself 
here we have a few left 
investing to explain that 
complication the continuous 
as you will know in first writings 
page 74 elena white makes it very clear 
that the continuous word was added by 
human wisdom should not 
the sacrifice was thanks the word 
sacrifice that we found here was 
added by human wisdom and not 
I should be here and that's very easy to 
believe because many Bibles the word 
sacrifice is in italics then that 
it means if you read the legend that 
this word is not there that does not exist in the 
original that was added because the 
translators wanted to do some some 
sense of that phrase of something that they 
they did not understand 
some bibles are in parentheses 
inclusive ie 
in the word sacrifice here in that 
context simply distracts us 
it simply brings the mind to something that 
it does not confuse us is not in the text 
I should be you could treat her 
with freedom elena white says so 
then we have to try 
here with the remove the continuous 
sacrifice has nothing to do is not 
here in the text that that continuous other 
we're going to make it easy because 
we want to get to something else not 
true we only want to move forward 
I'm going to read that spirit text 
where she says she makes that comment 
first writings 74 then in 
relationship with the continuous that the word 
continuous had been provided by the 
human wisdom and does not belong to the text 
that the word sacrifice had been 
provided by human wisdom and not 
belongs to the text 
and that the Lord gave the right meaning to 
those who gave the cry of the hour of 
judgment while there was union before 
1844 almost everyone accepted the opinion 
correct about the continuum 
but the confusion since 1844 
have accepted other opinions and as 
As a consequence, confusion and 
darkness first writings 74 
we are going famous is not easy the 
issue on that morning here says those who 
those who gave the cry received 
of the time of judgment while it existed 
union before 44 had the point of 
correct view about this matter 
well here you have the 
manifestation of those who gave the 
clamor of the hour of judgment before 44 
in that diagram that was made 42 here 
we have 
the explanation that without meaning 
that the continuum was removed here 
says continuous removed 
according to daniel 11 31 in 508 and the papacy is 
placed in its place that here helps us 
that's the heard he was confusing the 
graphics that 1850 apology is not you 
43 that was done in 42 but here says the 
same thing 
removed the continuous sacrifice with them 
they add sacrifice simply for 
add the text as it is in the 
bible although they understood that the 
sacrifice word is not correct 
danielle 12 11 and 12 
and these two correspond here clarify what 
who was saying here those who gave 
the clamor of judgment time before r44 
they simply defended that it continued not 
it was something else 
that paganism 
for example you can verify that 
in the writings theory his methods 
there he says it there he explains it 
other texts 
several tony texts we can see that 
testimony of the pioneers then the 
continuous because that is one thing 
abstract is not true do you have a 
word a term and it's abstract because 
we have that word that 
means what is the image that we 
in our mind we can do when 
one speaks of the word continuous 
for me it works that way 
we are going to do it here 
we have here that story of 
their kingdoms that's the story of the 
kingdoms show in that image 
the first power is a pagan power 
that power does not continue to end in some 
moment but continues 
through miro persia what Babylon 
does it continues through another power 
miro persia continues making the same 
thing continues to defend paganism 
attacking the truth then what here 
begins to continue Persian medium continues 
enter continues being the same 
work the same job at all 
empires until you get to this moment 
is what continues what is 
daily what is continuously 
present are those powers that's why that 
call the continuum 
but that changes 
when you reach your feet because you no longer 
continue what was working here 
comes something different you enter a 
Satan applies a different technique a 
it's a mixture is a hidden paganism 
a paganism that has vestments of 
of Christianity 
Of course we understand that the 
Catholic church is also paganism 
but it's a different paganism is one of 
that way is worse is more subtle is more 
difficult to discover because the live calls 
the abomination the abomination of desolation 
if you have that verse right 
here in Hebrew the two words with the 
continuous and lonely and abomination is 
they refer to desolation 
we have two devastating powers 
we could say the desolation 
keep going 
and the abomination 
my nation on your side 
that is 22 the two words are 
they refer to desolation the two are two 
different types of desolation a 
continuous desolation 
because that is what the powerful do 
they make desolation continuously through 
of all those years but here we 
we have a culmination the abomination 
that's how I know how to understand the 
Hebrew correctly no no no one is the 
a devastating one of the other only 
continuous the two are devastating powers 
and there is but they are distinguished in those 
details then what happens here in 
that verse is nothing other than 
information that a power that is called 
the continuous ends because that power 
moves to constantinople because it 
is hurting himself and the other power 
arises because of course we 
we understand that here at that moment 
when the roman hyper rome moves 
constantinopla give rise to the new 
papal arrom who occupies that capital and 
who becomes the political and religious king 
from rome 
one yields the other settles down and that was not 
the plan 
that was not the idea that was not the goal of 
pagan clothes they wanted to say 
rescue his kingdom he was 
dissolving but 
satan knew how to take advantage or he led 
those and knew how to take advantage of that in such a way 
that the roman catholic church comes out 
winning and coming out as arising in that 
moment as power 
and according to apocalypse that there are three 
steps is not true received power 
authority and of thrones are different 
stages in that process and that's another 
study but then it is to your light that is 
what is spoken of here in that verse 31 
we have here that transition to us 
nowadays it seems a bit complicated 
simply because of certain confusions that 
we have read here in the text of elena 
white she says to finish that appointment 
that I have shared with you first 
subscribe 64 she says but in the 
confusion since 1844 have been 
accepted other opinions and as 
As a consequence, confusion and 
to our church through Luis 
conrad and a German a theologian who 
let's say established absenteeism in 
germany other europe countries 
he simply introduced a new theology 
and he introduced that concept that he continued 
that continuous sacrifice 
elena white tried to stop him but 
after his death and he knew 
introduce and make let's say 
acceptable in the Adventist church is a 
new point of view that was actually 
an old theology 
to that she refers here she knows that 
that was going to happen no god has made him 
knowing then 31 is a key verse 
but it's not that complicated if you put in 
its place 
the different the different issues and 
we follow then with the 32 we go 
extend a little more about the time 
that study because we started so late 
but because I try to conclude here 
with those verses so that in the 
next time let's start with the 40 says 
then rather fast now we're going 
fly over your verses with flattery 
and will show the rapists of the pact more 
the people who know God will strive 
and act 33 and the wise people of the town 
will instruct many and for days or for 
some days or for many days 
they will fall by the sword and fire in captivity 
and dispossess that to us leaves us very 
clear that here refers to the history 
of the Catholic Church the persecution 
the 1260 days are those days that here are 
they mention that period that he is 
granted to the church to do that 
diabolical work 
34 and in their fall they will be helped from 
small relief and many will join 
they with flattery 
apocalypse 12 16 says but the earth 
I help the woman because the earth opened its 
mouth and swallowed the river that dragon had 
thrown out of his mouth 
we see that the church their people 
receives help in that time also 
we know that the persecution ended 
some years before we also know that 
in some countries the reform started to 
help the children of god not in everything not 
in full so it was a help 
partial a small relief 35 also from 
the some of the wise will fall for 
to be cleaned cleaned and in blazquez 
gone until the determined time because 
even for this there is a term the time is 
well determined of 538 before Christ 
up to 1798 are one thousand 260 days 42 months 
three and a half years is a time 
of 538 
life repeats here similar as in the 
roman pagan history as we saw it in the 
reticle 24 there is a time already devoted to 
time though the town that town can 
do what you want but afterwards no longer 
and of course that is in harmony with the 
Other testimonies from the same book 
that's the story that 10 of the 
this god town that defends the 
true that through that 
is purified that is the story that 
will be repeated is not true 
remember the text we read at the beginning 
verses 30 and 36 will be repeated 
that says prophetic spirit as the 
next time that text again that's 
here here it differs that is the time of 
persecution that we expect from 
here a little 
that is the time of the martyrs that 
will repeat in our history 
and then 36 and king will do his will that 
king who is to do and now where is 
romapagana is no longer there no longer exists 
one change another settled in the capital 
another person on the shoulder of television 
the man of sin has stolen has 
received that title and he is a new king 
from North 
and the king will make his will clear to us 
in history maybe we should to 
Sometimes a little more study also 
that history of the Catholic church of 
the videos of the 60 years we 
we remember some things 
superficially that there was persecution 
etcetera but it is very interesting what 
happens in this story incredible things 
let's mention 23 things now 
right away 
in re will do his will and be in sober 
will expire 
in time he was sober and magnify himself above 
all god against the god of the gods 
will speak wonders and will prosper until 
that anger be consummated 
because the determined will be fulfilled 
here I only do I want to mention 
from that term the anger that you have to 
to consume is a term that the bible uses 
to talk about the 2500 and 20 days the 
2500 and 20 days the first phase 
of 722 
until 1798 
that's the time of anger to them two 
times of anger in the bible 
and that time of anger to whom 
refers here is the first time that 
ends in 1798 that determines the wrath of 
god over the town that's him 
that's the work of power is bleak 
is one can often see that which is not a 
often but one can see that dividing 
that time we are in year 538 and that the 
2500 and 20 is a compilation of two 
times 1260 years the pioneers understood 
this period as two times of anger or 
two tribulation times 
or two times desolation because they are two 
devastating powers 
that they divide that time between them and 
they do the work 
they do that work against the people of 
I do not know what I have there 
among so many numbers 
I remember here always false number 
thank you very much is 723 
sometimes one remembers what is false and 
there or in a presentation I heard 
because it's not like they say 222 and I'm 
saying 23 and I always remember seven 
years or 22 maybe because Mali not the 
number thanks for the notice 
that is here it refers to what you mean 
this verse is consumed until 
anger is consumed anger is 
consumed in 1698 is the time 
determined the time that is given the 
end time that is given to that 
church that power 
and you could read here for sure 
Thessalonians chapter 2 where Paul 
analyze that power is man of the 
downfall that has to enter the 
scenario at the moment that another that what 
hold that is romapagana is will be removed 
not then here is that power that speaks 
in that way of circle 37 of the god of 
his parents will not heed theirs 
parents of the god of their roots 
let's say the apostolic church after 
that church a stream became 
in the catholic church and they believed 
in the true god hairs no longer 
are moving away from that god or love 
of women or better would be the 
tradition or the desire of women 
nor respect goodbye any because over 
everything will be magnified 
different opinions and what does it mean 
that the desire of women 
People say that 
the desire of women through 
many centuries was to be the mother of Christ 
the mother of Christ was the great desire of 
the pious women but christ as 
we know does not play a role 
important in the Catholic church for 
nothing Christ always must always the 
dead in the pieta is always the one 
is on the cross 
that is Christ or if he is in some 
statue then he is always below 
of Mary 
they do not respect him practically 
can you refer that to celibacy maybe 
that will be the explanation of that detail 
we know a text that is called 
the dictatus part in middle 75 a dad 
Gregory the seventh he released a series of 
like a 7 t 
it is already 
a list of d 
doctrines evenings a list of issues 
privileges of the church and simple me 
I'm going to attack get some here for 
to support what that is saying 
text them for example says 
point 9 says that all 
that all of all the people that 
only to the dad the princes should 
kiss his feet he is allowed 
only he is allowed to take out the 
emperors that no biblical book 
can be considered as part of the 
canon but through what the daddy's 
his authority that only 
can not be judged by any other 
person that the Catholic Church has never 
wrong or will you err in all the 
eternity and the writing testifies 
of it we do not have here some some 
things that come out of your dictation part of 
paper data that are the reflection of 
that arrogance of that thinking about getting married 
above all god is not true 
incredible is testimony that the church 
da of itself has not closed any 
It was never anyone but just in things here 
he stands over god definitely 
there are already many more testimonies to support 
this matter and now to jump towards the 
end 38 more will honor in its place the god 
of the God strongholds that his parents 
they knew he will honor him with gold and silver 
with precious stones and things of 
great price with an alien god will be made of 
the most impregnable fortresses and 
will fill with honors those who 
recognize and for price will distribute the 
earth if the Catholic church invention 
several techniques like empowering yourself 
land lands like colo like 
Dad seize himself as a family 
in his family of honors positions and 
of powers 
famous air papal nepotism the idea of 
that dad like he could not have children 
officially although many of the dads 
they had not only many women but 
also many children placed their 
or they are called the children of his brothers 
nephews not the fools placed in 
nepotism placed in positions 
important several 
nephews of some dads and then they 
they committed and the same in dads 
they were techniques 
that the church invented to fulfill what 
what it says here is already exactly what 
What's up 
an example maybe more 
worse or let's say he 
examples alejandro the sixth to the pope 
Alejandro sex who did those things 
with reading it is very interesting and here 
Love says that alien god that 
parents did not know I bow to the 
interpretation that they are alien to them 
and the strengths is nobody other than Mary 
Mary is a god in the church that others 
they did not worship they did not take it as god not 
they knew him as god but Maria 
comes from diana of art month says mira 
month and those goddesses target for example 
you exist today the statues he already 
has represented as a goddess with a 
crown that is in the form of 
a bulwark of one what it says here 
exactly a fortress in your head 
in that woman 
if he is 
more or less like that 
they have is represented so has no 
a fortress 
the fortress the god of fortresses 
it's that woman that according to the story 
we know if we look at the wife 
of the number was the first goddess let's say 
the first one who became a goddess who 
he built the first city after 
deluge the goddess of the fortress she 
He married his husband's son 
and often it is shown to her as 
having a little boy in his arms 
she is the antecedent of the cult of Mary 
there is not one 
book 2 Babylon the Babylonians in the 
analysis of those matters that's what 
I understand how jon de petro's 
verses then here we have traveled 
in his verses we have seen that here 
it is spoken of roma 'papal the new king of the 
North he who does what he wants 
assume that space in history that you 
was granted the one that has that can 
do all that until the time of the end 
it is expected that in the following 
verses then you talk about that 
time of the end because that time 
end all those kings here all those 
powers were terminated at some point 
then I thank 
once again your attention apologized 
one more time for leaving a little time 
let's start the next hour 
a few minutes later and I try the 
next hour return to the old schedule 
limit it a little 
however we are going to kneel 
also to thank the lord 
god, father, we praise you, we thank you 
this morning we have had the 
continue studying in this biblical text 
and we are ready for the last 
six verses 
that in our time you have made us 
revealed to us we thank you for 
as we could not thank you we do not know 
how to say it but with these words 
humble please take that as the 
expression of our heart and help 
all those who are watching you 
are trying to understand what they 
also understand that you open the 
understanding and the need and the 
understanding and the need to understand 
to this solemn text in the name of 
Christ amen