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present the last verses before 
of 40 so that we are all then 
ready for 
study deeper things and that you 
only recently you know bears 
we ask that you be with us that we 
It protects is that you help everything to work 
well with the technique 
we speak in agreement will in the 
name of Christ amen 
we have advanced in the last presentation 
to the history of the Roman Empire we have 
seen from the start here in daniel 
11 the same story is presented as 
Daniel seven of a thousand eight stories 
familiar stories of the kingdoms 
who do the work against the 
God's people but here in 11 in 
difference to the other books we have 
a few terms the king of the north and the south 
those kings are those who occupy 
certain places the king of the north occupies 
the territory of persia in the south occupies 
the territory of egypt this title has 
changed already in that story first king 
from the north we have to mention that 
it was also obviously worse than persia 
then that title passed Alexander great 
then that title happened to 
in one of his generals he makes crazy and 
we have seen that in verse 14 of 
daniel 11 a new power comes in and that 
be able to erase it to jealousy and you give that 
empire and what you get that way 
that title and is the new king of the north 
r of surfing at that time is still only 
and they are here the focus of the 
story in the verses that come 
we can then danilo 11 
we have read verse 17 verse 18 
verse 19 we should have 
mentioned the last time but 
let's now add the information 
what happens here and cycles 19 then 
To return to 
then he will turn his face to the fortress 
from their land more will stumble and fall and not 
that king of the north will be found 
or if we want to discover the 
figure that represents that empire in that 
moment was July Caesar the after 
succeed in 
in the jobs I had to do 
in Egypt after reconquering 
some of the territories lost in 
verse 18 the web to your land to the 
strength of his 
its land that the soma is simply 
come back after going around here in 
and fix some issues here he 
comes back aroma is what this says 
verse and what happens in Rome says well 
more stumble there will fall and it will not be found 
in a short time at home there he is 
killed murdered and are unaware of 
stories fifty and sixty men of 
rubin they meet deceive him let's say in the 
Senate and they kill him 
with the sword 
to daggers is exactly what happens 
is that event here we are in the year 44 
that's what legion july street means 
Caesar dies that's what we 
we understand in this verse the 
verse 20 and they will rise up 
will raise in its place one that will pass 
by an interesting tribute collector 
that the bible says well in its place who 
rises in the place of Caesar 
in the place rose to a triumvirate 
is a set of three men that occupies 
the place of Caesar them in a union of 
three of them defend what has been done 
I will cease to come to cease 
one of them is augusto octavian 
Caesar's son and I, if I have a good 
understood adopted right 
son marco antonio is also part of 
of those three and the other is called Emilio 
sleepy two is the famous triumvirate 
they raise they rise up in their place and 
august indeed is he who 
finally the emperor is left 
others that appear die or will be 
killed and 
he is the one who does for the sisters 
for the lands a tax collector 
that's also the story of lucas 2 
where we see that for the lands of 
israel is collected is made a be counted 
of the town a collection of 
taxes and so on that's to that story 
and not much else says the bible about 
august at this moment says 
passes a tribute collector by 
the glory of the kingdom the glory of the kingdom 
the kingdom and the Roman Empire really 
those under the leader of Augustus had 
the rival had reached a point 
one thing that brought him out at that time was 
peace the king did not have everything now had 
an emperor had peace and glory for 
a lot of time just like I had never had 
before nor would I have much in the future 
time of peace 
an interesting thing is that it blinks between 
the various temples he has had a 
time temple of god of a god who 
flame plains 
or is it the god that's where the 
name of January and the beginning of the year 
in that time he has a door that 
door was and is that I get confused 
It was always open when there was peace and 
it was closed when there was war in 
somewhere the empire can be at 
backwards I do not remember that detail and that 
door in that time of he was that two 
closed or open let's say for peace 
as never in all is the history of 
Roman Empire only January he did 
the same did close the door by 
peace but that's because he lied for 
lie and did not know that there was 
wars that like he wanted to show 
that he had a successful empire he did 
the same though it was not it did not correspond and 
that door had that god that is a god 
and how interesting these two faces 
they symbolize those two many things 
but they symbolize between 
different things is not true a face 
it is the happy face the good face times 
of peace the other side is the bad face or 
distressed by times of war that's why 
the door was open according to how 
that god appeared or we also have that 
in coins that one side of the coin is 
the good one to the other in the hand 
that means in the times of 
August that door was like that 
symbolizing that they had a lot of peace 
it was a nice time let's say for the 
glorious empire many were built 
and it says so but in a few days it will be 
whoever that king but not in 
anger or battle is interesting that the 
bible highlights that or most of the 
emperors died to come or by 
murder in circumstances that 
really not one does not want to spend but 
this kingdom 
quiet died only old man 
and that was the case of Augustus who had 
the next verse 
verse 21 
and a man will succeed him instead 
which will give us the wave of 
kingdom but it will come without warning and it will take the 
kingdom with flattery 
that king who follows him to octavia was his 
son but not his true son but the 
son of his wife 
and octaviano wanted augusto never wanted 
that he 
is the successor wanted his grandchildren 
they would be his successors but the grandchildren 
they died before august before 
inclusive of august then he does not 
had another option to choose octaviano 
to tiberius as the successor he did not want 
but it had been said that he said no 
I wanted because he was a vile man and that 's 
what the bible says instead 
raises a vile man depending on the 
translation a despicable man says 
say that was bad was not good one 
good she is alone she did not want him but 
because of the flu , his wife arrives 
he spoke 
and never have I ever spoken again who 
They know how it is with a lot of patience 
always year after year month after month 
talking until one moment says good 
so be it and then instituted as 
successor officially 
but flattery here can refer to this 
to that attitude of the wife but also 
You can refer to the following once 
let's say in the position of adopting the 
commands of the kingdom 
and periods and about the complicated no 
you say they want it I do not go 
because the people did not want the Senate 
he did not want it he was not man 
appreciated and then he became the 
I do not want where I put I want and he 
He waited until he was officially invited 
the people of Rome want you 
Tiberius excellence that occupies is a place 
because there is no other man and so on 
etcetera then why that is 
acting that he forced that flattery 
he needed his region to occupy that 
position and he came in as emperor that 
is what we see here 
exactly the very interesting story 
those little details are things that I 
they surprise are details and we find in 
its perfectly in place here in that 
history seen what happens with him 
it's really ugly 
so follows the story 
the enemy forces says here the 
enemy forces will be swept in front 
of him as with flood of waters not 
I understand that there is difficulty here 
for English translators of the 
king james for example says and arms 
of the founder will be broken in front 
of him or the one who breaks the one who is 
bad the one who does those things that 
he breaks the others he will also be 
That's the way I am, I'm much more inclined to that 
translation because that's how it was 
tiberio tiberio one of the things that was 
famous for him is he did as a 
moral campaign in his empire and for 
to prove to want to say 
impress the people on men and 
women if you placed them in crosses 
he did that he introduced from over every 
way swing but that would be 
crucified the Romans who were under 
certain occasions let's say I had to see 
with morality and they were rich men and 
poor and many crosses were placed with 
the people that was under his kingdom 
the cruel justification like that so that it 
see the fright 
and the one who braves, let's say not to his 
I move towards a realm of terror 
and the hatred of the people was against him and 
his life ends very similar to him 
really that sick man I do not know what he had and 
it seems that the last days of his life 
it stayed in a coma in no 
he was talking he was sitting in his house and not 
he spoke 
and after a few days the leaders 
generals met to plan 
how to proceed with the kingdom 
and it is told that at this moment 
when they were let's say already talking about 
future of his kingdom is wakes up like 
well a scare for all one that already 
we seemed to wake up there in his chair 
and they went to kill him with a 
or if you go to sleep that water 
he is one of the generals from his guard 
he asked for what 
or drown with the dreadful death that is 
here what happens with tiberio 
already so it is flooded like this 
as he flooded the others interesting 
that in the end the verse tells us what 
next together they will be hers will be the 
all destroyed together with the prince 
of the covenant who is the prince of the covenant 
Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was crucified 31 
after christ is this happens 
during the reign of Tiberius 
37 after Christ the same 
during the kingdom the balance and the 
bible does here 
this clear mention Daniel had already 
talked about that in daniel 9 we do not know 
the 70-week prophecy we know 
what will happen the last week in the a 
half of the week already already 
has that prophecy included in their in 
texts and here again refers to 
the same 
is a reference here to give the 9 25 
in principle the covenant will be broken 
it's like for us as a 
already as a signal for us to locate 
here we are fine with this 
interpretation so far we're going very 
well because just that agrees 
what now follows in the verses is 
as a way to summarize the rule 
he has still reached that point 
culminating has led us to the 
death of jesus christ who is obviously 
the highlight in the in history 
and at that point here 
the story in the eleven has been like a 
small pause and makes a kind of summary 
so we can understand that it comes in the 
verses that come 
says in 23 
and after the pact with him 
he will cheat and rise and he will come out victorious 
few people 
being the province in peace and in 
abundance will come in and do what it does not 
did their parents nor the parents of their 
booty spoils riches would report to their 
soldiers and against the fortresses form 
to his designs and this for a while 
here we have something that is not directly 
in relation to the previous verses 
but to all the previous verses 
here is this what he does 
makes a pact with him 
will cheat and go up and out of the sweat with 
few people here we see the in summary of 
the history of the Roman people 
roma makes a pact with the town of 
god- in 161 before Christ because the 
Jews ask for help from the Romans 
here is that pact already with the people of 
Roman god still few people 
let say 
they do something that nobody did to reach 
its power that what made it rome 
different that says here are the 
province in peace and abundance will enter 
and will do what his parents did not do 
the parents of his parents and the deal 
plunder spoils riches to his soldiers 
what it does differently is to take 
has another technique to conquer for 
expand romance pacts 
roma- obtains ground through doing 
alliances protects israel but not what 
incorporate we would say in your network yet 
but it makes Israel independent what 
receives only the promise of 
protection and that's why you have to pay 
a little 
but thus establish political relations 
alliances and so steals with few people 
let's say different as alejandro magno 
already different as the Persians 
s but expand and the expansion of Rome 
here on that map if more or less what 
we can see everything you see here 
belonged to roman some time 
-spain all france all up to here 
above we do not find the countries d 
germany until entering not on earth 
and almost the entire north island of africa all 
here all israel is here to climb 
to greece all that was from rome 
clear with many wars also not 
however they object that way of also 
help your soldiers would not only receive 
land received land joke treatment 
they have different techniques let's say 
and make alliances to expand for 
parents and parents parents do not 
they did well 
and this all now is interesting the 
information for a time that is a 
time in the bible 
one year 
a time 
the same as a year 
in the same word 
one year 
how many days have 
in the Hebrew calendar 360 days 
good if we use the rule 
diaz prophetic interpretation for one year 
then a prophetic day is a year 
true real 
we are speaking here in that prophecy of 
then 360 years time 
then it seems that the bible here does not 
appears but effectively the bible 
here it says that rome queen for one 
period of exactly 360 years 
if we want to understand prophecy that time 
We need to know the end or the beginning 
if not the lapse 
they want the air 
we have here a period of 360 
but if the end does not begin we know not 
we know from the beginning and vice versa the two 
things are valid or the end or the beginning 
we had to always know 
still here does not tell us the information 
does not give us information how to count that 
period of time but it let us know 
more in the next verse 
and wake up your strength and your ardor 
against the king of the south with great army 
South warrior will engage in war 
with big and very strong army more not 
will prevail because they will betray him 
you remember that the empire of the 
dialogues had been left and egypt 
Roman had there would not be empowered of 
egypt the Ptolemies 
they were there governing the country 
that could not do for an empire like 
the Roman foot with the ambitions of 
conquer the world that was the world in 
that time there could be no other empire 
let's say the old empires unite 
but that is facing him although it was 
his ally would have been better if he formed 
part already then the admission of Rome 
logically it was to incorporate and conquer 
to that empire that's why here in that 
verse says 
that the look now from Rome suddenly 
is focused on the return 
awaken your forces like that 
was sleeping is not true and its 
courage against the king of south 
the story is the following 
the three men here 
marco antonio 
and he lipids me 
it comes out very fast I think it dies a little 
time later and two men are left 
marco antonio those two men in 
actually formed an alliance to for 
guide the kingdom but rather each of 
they had the initiative and the desire to 
remain unique 
only band one star of the kingdom 
then those two of those two starts 
an enmity 
while august remains with that peace 
from the kingdom italy stardom to those areas 
marco antonio stays with the west and 
with this land and that man frame 
Antonio who according to the statues that 
there was quite corpulent 
he liked to play the god he liked 
play the god dionysus beginnings 
and you 
of good wine parties 
he let himself suddenly celebrate 
and that attitude had sympathy in the 
village but not in all there was a great 
part especially here in Rome that does not 
he did not like that madness of that king of 
that emperor playing the army 
the kingdom was beginning to separate and frame 
Antonio he went to Egypt 
and it was for egypt to park there 
he entered into an alliance with cleopatra and not 
alliance beyond that was not her lover 
they were both together that did not say 
he does not have 18 he had a little more 
apparently there was no lack of charm of that 
woman who had the ability to earn two 
important emperors of history 
Roman is not true then it was there 
I was here and that situation 
it became a crisis and that crisis 
culminates in a battle and that is the 
famous battle of action 
I think it's written like that in Spanish 
august against marco antonio 
here with those with the troops of the empire 
roman and marco antonio with his troops the 
Roman employment but also with 
the alliance with the help of egypt with 
and this is what here what refers 
this verse here 
that's verse 25 wakes up his 
ardor against south reid 
South rd will engage in war 
with big and very strong army and that 
strong in that story those two troops 
they are 
I do not know exactly but somewhere here 
in the territories of greece was that that 
city ​​the thing is that acció was as well as 
as we said 
it looked like this more or less 
and we will not go into much detail 
marco antonio stays here with his 
soldiers and with their ships and he is 
surprised by the rapidity of the troops 
of Augustus who comes with his boats here 
does not enter for 
they already have him trapped there and that battle 
it is extremely important you can 
read on internet wikipedia find 
information about the action battle 
that battle was 31 
after Christ 
-Yeah sure 
31 thank you before Christ has to have 
been logical 31 before Christ 
what was happening here was marco antonio 
with his troops his ships his soldiers and 
cleop to cleopatra treatment with many 
ships and also with the treasure of their 
kingdom out here was octavian to 
liked his troops but there was not a 
movement and for weeks for weeks not 
nothing happened 
the problem was that marco antonio the 
terrain from where they were here was 
as it is called when the earth is 
wet and nothing grows there is only water if 
his man 
swamp swamp was swamp and there was 
diseases and he had problems of 
get food for his troops 
the other was fine here they had access to 
areas where they could get food 
but everyone is right not to attack 
one expected the other to do something 
after all it 's a story 
complicated and historians are still 
trying to understand what really happened 
but it seems that 
cleopatra the already in the in the different 
ideas that they had how to carry 
out the battle with his ideas won and he 
he proposed to pretend 
A leak 
since they were going in a way with their 
fast boats especially from elia 
act so that others go behind 
them so that in this way easier 
can have a fight in the open sea 
because the antonio marco boats 
they were predestined to fight the sea 
open less than the other other boats 
that were milder were predestined 
have fight in open sea complication 
it's very interesting like that was 31 before 
Christ the ships pretend one and escape 
that is not understood or is the troops 
marco antonio do not understand and 
they think that the leaders are 
arising with the treasure and it 
turns against his emperor and there is a 
great confusion 
cleopatra goes ahead with its framework 
Antonio like he does not reach there 
goes behind her and after three days 
reaches it and there is a great confusion that 
you lose everything in theory you think today 
that marco antonio could have won the 
battle had more troops had had its 
can we say possibility of winning it 
but so for that reason it was nothing 
that or homeland returned to egypt in egypt 
they went against marco antonio and 
he and she commit suicide with the snake and 
after also totally broken 
disappointed he also commits suicide and 
as the sole emperor of the kingdom 
to taste that they had 
because that's so important because 
we counted that in detail because that was 
31 before Christ 
this event marks the end of the republic 
roma- stops being a republic starts to 
be empire 
now they have on the throne a 
true emperor emperor that 
let to celebrate as god 
change the story 
taking that as a starting point for the 
360 years 
we had to find a verse 
previous interesting to what date 
we arrived because 31 before 
Christ passing the death of Christ 
from now on we arrived that year 
no longer 330 
It is true 
you have to count the year 
like about 10 years or the year 
year 1 
and because that's so interesting that 
we understand passed in 330 
exactly the brother says the empire 
Roman is divided we know that 
constantino has the idea of ​​moving 
the capital of rome 
to constantinopla he makes a new 
capital from which almost nothing of that 
way he starts the division of the empire 
Roman in that way according to the bible 
breaks the ends of the clean of Rome 
but it does not stop existing until 476 I think 
but from prophetic biblical point of view 
no longer plays role as power among those 
powers of the statue ends here its 
power is no longer an empire that with sovereignty 
govern the world there are finished the 
360 years that are given to that empire 
that's why that event is so important 
the clean Roman follows a logic follows 
a law that God has commanded for 
that ground 
we can compare in Daniel 8 verse 9 
something that is another story 
and from one of them came a horn 
little daniel 89 who grew up a lot 
south and east and the glorious land 
that little horn we know here is rome 
pagan at the beginning and it becomes robbery 
in papal at the end 
because the bible that grows south says 
to the east and to glorious land 
because it tells us and grows at four 
areas watching the four 
and the supply 
because the bible knows that it is mandatory 
that Rome has to conquer the south 
the east and the glorious land 
the south is egypt 
come back south east point of view 
from rome 
is Babylon or Persia or jealousy and das 
the king of the north 
already has glorious 
it is here israel 
65 years of Christ 63 before that 
31 then the three steps the steps that 
Rome was bound to do before 
to be able to start its power its phase of 
govern the earth with power 
the requirement was that we see also 
you remember that those for clothes for 
of being able to govern had to be done 
every two three horns 
which represented three areas also 
and that what Rome has to do and 
before that the bible does not mention it 
see but no no no do not count now yes three of 
one before Christ-roma fulfilled his 
duty counts as power that goes into that 
list of the powers they present to 
verse 26 even that also refers 
to the same story even those who eat 
his delicacies will break him or her 
that was on a table not the three 
men them 
they become enemies 
your exercise will be destroyed will fall 
many dead like that was 27 the heart of 
those two kings will be to do wrong that 
is the story of those three 26 27 and 28 and 
will return to his land with great wealth and 
your heart will be against the holy covenant 
it was his will and he will return to his land 
good after conquering 
to egypt frame august octavian not to him 
but his general tito returns for the 
land for the land grub llosa 
and you know very well what happens there in 
This weather 
we are not talking about it 
year here says then it can be like 40 
years later 
in the year 70 
after Christ the Romans once 
more attack Jerusalem 
and because of the circumstances that were 
foreseen in Deuteronomy 25 in Matteo 24 
we know we recognize that 
tragedy in jerusalem plus another 
name 28 but look at that 
and Jerusalem street 
that's what this here refers to in that 
verse 29 now we are arriving now 
at the end of the introduction we are 
arriving at the end of that hour also 
we still have 23 verses ahead 
of us and they are a bit complicated 
as it is not the purpose of that of those 
entry hours in all the details 
that's why we have skipped some cycles 
we had talked rather 
superficially of events 
here we also only want to give a 
summary of what is happening 29 
at the appointed time that is the time 
pointed out the only time that is 
pointed is in verse 24 and this 
for a while those things now for a 
time at the appointed time we 
we understand the end of the three hundred 
sixty years at the time it was given to 
he will return to the south more will not be the 
second avenue as the first 
from 330 the roman empire street 
and it has many problems because of the south 
barbarians have problems here of 
all sides are invading the empire 
and Roman is defending himself but he is not 
as it was before it does not come out victorious 
wins sometimes but also 
has several times that loses loses 
terrain wants many rome men up 
now the descent we have arrived at that what 
what had to happen is happening 
verse 30 because they will come with bring 
tiki team ships and he will contrast and 
will come back and be angry against the pact 
and now according to his will he will return then and 
will be understood with those who leave the 
holy pact 
is to that verse is a verse 
important just like verse 14 
here the transition of powers is marked 
first we see what joke comes 
to contract they come to dress and tim that 
they are tiki birds kim kye team is a term 
for those kingdoms the kingdoms that are 
here governing in which on the coasts 
of the Mediterranean Sea 
that here is called mediterranean sea very 
cute to swim is quiet 
It has beautiful water lines no beaches 
true and in that sea here the towns that 
they live there or always decrees 
those people who govern that sea are 
called the tiki team people in this phase 
of time the town that was located 
in the capital cartago 
they were the vandals 
and they rather 
they have 
represented at that time here team 
them with ex and 
in incomparable success in comparing in the 
history and they conquered the 
complete the marina the entire marina 
Roman Empire three times Rome attacked 
he wanted to attack in charge great controls 
number of boats and always the 
vandals managed to sink to capture 
or to burn all the boats that break that 
phase stayed to those areas without marina 
without boats without being able to influence in those 
areas on the seaway rome was 
totally non-power purposes 
and that is precisely in that phase the 
vandals manage to seize 
of the waters that is that verse here 
not wasted in the verse is steals 
will contrast 
worked like a child who does not achieve what 
who wants angry does not come back has to 
back has no other option comes back and that 
his roma is something very different always 
he did very different things and román returns 
and it will be understood with those who leave the 
holy pact or in English says has 
intelligence with that well a good 
translation that the Hebrew allows 
translate it well you have intelligence with 
those who leave the holy covenant 
good the holy covenant 
started here is not true 
and Christ was that he brought the holy covenant to 
through his disciples to the town of 
Christians the Christians came in 
in that holy covenant the primitive church 
Christian built grew and that sent or 
he carried out this holy covenant but here 
we have a town 
a town that is chosen from Rome to 
form an alliance and that people is 
it stands out because it turns against the 
holy pact then what town do we have 
that turns against the holy covenant 
Of course there are many who are against 
of the holy covenant but a people 
coming out of the holy covenant becomes 
against the holy covenant and that people that 
power that here goes into history 
Rome now located here in 
Constantinople has the idea through 
religion reconquer what had 
lost finds it as a material what 
found as a methodology 
seize what I was losing not 
we must forget that the barbarians already 
they were here entering the entire empire 
Roman the barbarians of a few are 
they converted all Catholics and if one 
has control over religion one 
can control the villages that was the 
logical if romapagana manages to seize 
the catholic church or make alliance with 
she can regain her people 
that through another way does not achieve 
Rome wants and so has the idea 
to make alliance with him with those who 
let see the holy covenant or those who 
they turned against the people of 
god or covenant of the early church 
or the Christian church 
that is what we understand here 
that's something new something new because 
Roman is losing militarily not 
manages to control the kingdom 
but that does not happen it's not true it does not have 
succession that and instead of being able to control 
the Roman lp you see kind of control the 
Roman hair to the church the church is 
the astute the church is that it wins 
and he uses the troops of Rome to 
herself sit on the throne 
that's the story that is part of the 
history that we have seen as 
elena white and cesc will be repeated 
this is that nations do not understand 
this is that it will be the wonder of the 
the surprise of the people because that 
King is going to empower the others in 
Once they use it, the truth is that 
the conspiracy theories do not take in 
understanding all that secret things 
understanding as the different powers 
they are ruling the world 
secretly but nobody really 
realize that this is true, but in 
that comes out winning is the man of the 
perdition the one who remains on the throne at 
final using all those powers is the 
dad himself and that's ventura he's 
repeating here 
of course in verse 30 we 
we see a transition a power that does not 
play no role so far 
located in roma ' 
because the Romans left the city 
they left for constantinopla that power 
here is going to play a role in the story 
from verse 30 it's going to be the 
new king of the north and it's going to be the subject to 
from the next presentation I have not 
still managed to close the introduction 
completely but they will not be many 
words that we are going to 
employ here I will explain your verses of 
30 and 39 and it's okay because like that one in 
a story we can enter directly 
to verse 40 
I thank you then once more for your 
attention your patience your interest and be 
masters with a prayer 
you who are in the heavens you have 
guided history 
you have written down the most important thing 
we have to know about that story to 
that we learn from her dear god 
bless the people the people who 
are following that study bless 
us so that we can provide a 
service that is in accordance with your 
tell us on that night that afternoon depends 
where are we from and dear sir 
thank you very much we give you for your help 
through study beloved jesus amen