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like no good morning 
It would have been very good if we had 
had more time 
If we could have even added 
some things regarding the 
tea presentations or two dressing rooms 
presentation to be identified allow 
I honestly find it quite difficult 
teach the truths that brother theo 
2 presents what you do not believe in them that 
they are difficult to teach will have to do 
before selling to see but I 
I came to the firmness that they are very 
and he has many ideas but the ones that I 
I have been able to try the ones that I could 
have time to see are valid 
braman address of the sme 
but we came to the conclusion that the 
message has as part 2 of 
message from juanes instead on 9 
and he did that through the methodology 
line over line 
using a story between a conflict 
initial between the king of the south 
writer and good brother I was now 
there when he was right 
stathis and then he began to share his 
three and it's a series of studies that 
it's about three or four years old 
putting them to the public service 
I've been 
I have had some personal encounters 
with the private 
be in vineyard of you and there are several 
aspects in their studies that I 
incorporate my own studies to 
teach in minervén and carapintadas 
antonio and delaware 
but that does not mean that anything 
that I present to you, I have the ability to 
accept it and be able to teach it is not so 
but summer the young and minds but one 
of young minds that are well 
sharpened in this message 
energy net 
there are people who can study the message 
and understand it 
when the free state presentations 
report was a bit frustrating for me 
in almost 20 innings of haiti 
because he was presenting certain 
things that I did manage to understand 
not enough in day to 
but I also understood that the 
class that was there listening 
but I knew that most of that classroom 
does not get to understand sometimes well if I 
I was doing frustrated 
time in eastern claire denis or where 
because because I was not doing 
Enough effort to make your 
audience to understand it 
so it came to the point where I grabbed 
these brothers a sister and a brother 
in water 
so I want your morning 
this is in the classroom and you two me 
they teach a summary of what they 
they did that in a precise way and 
clear the presentation with web 
I want to learn 
and they do not 
they did not put all the characteristics of 
the things that I had brought you now 
so what do I decide what I 
I mean when I say everything he 
all the information of what happens is 
who uses the calendars 
believe that God's calendar are the 
star is as the Bible you 
but through history 
humans have developed from 
human wages to be able to govern the 
time I live and that too 
works but they are imperfect but 
Although the Lord was also in 
control when they were created in their 
calendars magnets even though they were 
the calendar that are imperfect by 
skype except for the calendar 
heavenly walter 
and what has the calendar called 
by ball now these calendars that the 
Jews developed 
but also the Jews 
so essentially theodor has 
developed a calendar directly 
from the bible that has no errors 
so he uses the biblical calendar that 
it has no errors 
he uses other Hebrew calendars like 
the ita face and the rabbinic 
and he also uses a couple of calendars 
Romans the Julian 
in the Gregorian 
and unfortunately 
but maybe it will be wine 
when I was leaving he reached me 
I counted I'm starting to look for the 
but the reason is that 
the reason why he fills his 
in la gomera the calendars 
is that he would take for example one of the day 
in the morning 
tomorrow, usa has a 
a very important holiday this 
tomorrow this morning next week 
Thursday Thursday is the day of action 
yes, clear 
mario tector this good he is going to grab 
on Thursday bitches 
I 'm not going to virtualize 
on November 22 
and on November 22 is the calendar 
but if you were cause in the calendar 
previous roman 
it would be november 9 
or December 34 what I know is that there 
34 days of separation between Julian and 
the Gregorian 
are 13 days 13 days to two trips 
of spas 
so if I come and convert to 
Thursday of this week in a landmark 
and we know that on November 24 
November 22 
then I can teach certain things 
about that milestone and it would be quite 
easy for you 
but what theodore begins to do 
and he is going to tell you that at the same time 
that date also in the julian is 9 of 
but he is also going to tell you 
if he is going to tell you in the calendar 
rabbinical is for example not like that but 
the fourth day of the month 
firmat then he is going to tell you that in 
the biblical calendar is the seventh day 
of the fifth month 
is correct and he knows very well and has 
so when he 's going to talk about you 
that milestone in the issste by the way 16 of 
this is to say by the way that milestone here 
has all these different dates and 
now he goes for the next milestone and he 
start to share what the relationship is 
and suppose that the next milestone on the 15th 
in escape guards for you then 
what he has discovered about these 
Milestones of your shipment is that this milestone 
in the Gregorian calendar is 22 of 
November and then 15 science the subject 
show that in the Julian 
the work shower 
and he would tell you that this is 22 of 
then suddenly you see a date on 
November 22 in the first but then 
you see again the same date in the 
next man and this way 'mark 
but using a different calendar the 
or I like my profile and this is too much 
difficult for a man as old as me 
follow all that 
watson birdies 
some some these guys have 
the ability to follow what you have is 
trying to explain 
so I can not explain all this to 
again but I can tell you something 
theodor started with some problems 
rp h 
will use theologian is not wrong 
but you know that when I travel 
It is very difficult for someone to call me 
and everyone knows why 
I stopped using phones and one of the 
great reviews that have my phone 
because people are surprised when I 
They see that about two months ago 
but in the past I always received a 
call from home when I was here in 
South America and they always called me to 
count a disaster that happened 
terrible crisis there at home 
things that happened that I had nothing 
what to do because I was thousands of 
miles so I stopped using phone 
phone for many years 
and the call I received yesterday 
theodore wanted the school of 
prophets in arkansas would break his time 
change in the class schedule 
because he wanted to teach something tomorrow 
and that it was recorded so why 
It happened that Theodora found a 
connection between Thursday the day of 
action of grace within two days 
and the civil war in the us and the 
connection with the civil war that 
begins the 2,520 
and it's one of these studies well 
complicated that you have with the 
calendar would always be but 
and I'm going to try to distill all that 
message in a simpler way to 
explain it here he thinks there's something 
big important that will happen the 
in the us in two days and he 
wants that to be in the domain 
public before it happens 
although that 
andrew only power so I'm going to 
do a couple of things here 
I'm trying at the same time while 
try to bring to a conclusion my 
and it would be very good if we had the 
basic bases of the presentations of 
theodore the things that I have to 
present are very complex but can 
be understood 
and the second witness testimony for the 
test presentations 
but for me to be able to put some 
emphasis on what I was teaching 
in hard to understand 
you have to understand that despite 
that I do not have the time to 
prove to you 
and I want you to know that there are certain 
justifications for all the things that 
I'm going to talk about the 
theodore's presentations 
so instead of going to the conclusion of the 
seventh seal and number 81 
in american view 
I'm going to try to give you a 
brief illustration and explanation of what 
that I understand the presentations of 
physical progress for sex so if you 
they open ezequiel 46 
Ezequiel 46 
it's not yours 
Ezequiel 46 
and when you meet these will cost you 
right side and bring Israel evil 
for 40 44 40 days per year this side 
when we arrived and you need 
check these things in their own time 
the point that I'm going to make now 
are all the visions of Ezekiel if 
you pay attention in the visions 
from daniel and you can see when 
a vision begins and they will see how 
when a few chapters later 
finish the edition and then another vision 
and all the visions of ezequiel are 
dated have a special date 
and the truth is the date that is associated 
with this first version 
it is the beginning of wang vision 
in chapter 12 
says that on the fifth day of 
the fifth day of the fifth year I left 
so in time 
of man 
and the verse abu dabi 7 happened in the 
year 30 in the fourth month the fifth day 
of the month so understanding the 
history miller and is while 79 
we know what the 
fifth day of the fourth month means 
and in biblical history that means 
It was July 21 
that the pioneers identified it as 
midnight and white sister calls him 
Half way 
and follow football 
and the first day of the book of Ezekiel 
corresponds to midnight 
the last time he mentions a date 
in ezekiel Peronist act survey that 
nate and that's why it's the same as October 22 
of 1844 abdalá so at that level 
2 the visions of that one who refer 
the miller history and is of 
Midnight until closing the door 
of grace on October 22 
and in our time in history 
unpublished the letter is repeated at the foot 
I am the author like significant 
so if that 's the way I want 
that they see because they have the importance of 
the date in the ezekiel book 
portman has the first fifth day of 
fourth best 
which is July 21, thousand 844 in 
but on July 21 , 1849, I want you to 
know that a different date in the 
Julian calendar and a different date 
in the rabbinic calendar 
so I'm going to try to take them to 
you to a version maybe if you 
I get mary take you tube well in that way 
that I'm going to take you to a vision in that 
I want to sport I do not think we can 
go so far 
but I'm going to tell you from now 
well with us we get to the last 
milestones of this vision 
there are three milestones at the end of this 
vision that does not happen in the same year 
but all these events take place in 
the tenth day of the fifth month 
so in this vision that I'm going to 
to show 
you have three milestones 
that arrive in three different years in 
the visions of drought 
but there are three events that occur in the 
same day of the year and the tenth day of the 
fifth month so as students of 
prophecy and one you know 
before the tenth day of the fifth 
month is a symbolic 
because we have three testimonies for that 
in the same line you can follow me 
so the tenth day of the fifth month 
is the exact day when the city of 
Jerusalem was destroyed by 
nabucodonosor that the straits times 
and that date is identified in the 
three milestones found in the book 
of ezequiel and one of those times is 
referred to with respect to 
deconstruction of gestures 
then the tenth day of the fifth month is 
a symbol for the destruction of 
and we have taught for years that 
the destruction of jerusalem is a 
symbol for the martyr law Sunday 
without the symbol of are saying so 
when you see the tenth day of the 
fifth month in the writings of a 
symbol of the Sunday law 
and now I know 
but I know we have this divergence 
and in the teachings of the model of 
agriculture but I'm going to try to teach 
this in the way that I understand it 
I did not show for you but if 
you that in this line of prophecy 
what are we going to see in ezequiel way marx 
that the last three milestones all happen 
at the same point of the year and that third 
milestone that occurs on the same day is the 
and then and so on the tenth day the 
fifth month is a time the destruction 
from jerusalem 
and when Jerusalem was destroyed by 
tito in in the year 70 
was destroyed on the tenth day of 
fifth month also there has another 
witness for that 
kirk 11 so you do not have to see the 
depth of this as you will not see it 
post times but both times 
Jerusalem was destroyed, the 
tenth day of the fifth month 
and I'm trying to teach you 
how these dates begin to 
turn into symbols 
ginard artistry but the tenth day of 
fifth month in our time in 2000 not 
I know which day it was 
but maybe in June 22 
when we reach June 22, 
our history 
in our maybe calendar along with 
that vision by the sun I say then 
possibly June 22 is a 
symbol of and Sunday 
look maybe not 
and not just any example and 
I'm trying to make them see the logic 
if you already know that the tenth day the 
fifth month is the Sunday law this bread 
of wheat francaise de jeux bella based 
in the three references in the visions 
of ezekiel understand pasteur and it happens 
in eivissa and then the fact the fact 
that happened then you have 
more than one evidence to prove that 
it's a Dominican law 
in biblical calendar 
I do not know 
I do not know what the tenth year is 
the fifth month I do not know when here in 
our candidate to windows laica but 
I would love you in a second 
but I 'm not fine for me but 
try to continue I found out in theory 
if June 22 was our calendar the 
Gregorian Walsh calendar 
and that day was the tenth day the fifth 
month of newman 
then you might have the 
right to say June I do not know what of 
that sold 10 is a symbol of 
tandil or is a symbol of the law 
Dominican Einstein 
and I'm saying it could be cool 
steinman and why do I say maybe 
because you at least need to see 
that on June 22 a host will be repeated 
of pop mart and that aligns with the 
tenth day the fifth month 
then you would have a second 
that on June 22 
then then I would have the right to 
say that June 20 is the law 
Sunday based on the two witnesses of 
the destruction of jerusalem 
you can follow the logic because I'm 
trying to teach them something of logic and 
I need you to understand of what followed 
they understand 
well here I go with another logic and point 
I do not know what 
if on June 22 , 2018 it had been 
the tenth and fifth month of June to 
Nice that the states of are saying 
then possibly June 22 will be 
the Dominican law 
in the current football with my serve 
fifteen and if we put back to 22 
June 2015 
and also aligns with the tenth day 
of the fifth month in Ireland 
77 sign 
and then possible I would have that 
second testimony you need but 
well this is what I want you to see 
friends if you see another reference to 
myung hwan and I know that from 22 judge of 
tempt herdman like being the tenth day 
of the fifth month 
andate that possesses the characteristics of 
that state date and that they match 
the Dominican law 
and that should also happen in the 
Julian calendar 
if you meet on June 22 
in the Julian calendar 
that may end up giving you a second 
testimony in the Gregorian calendar 
then you take those two witnesses 
man and aligns them with the witnesses of 
biblical calendar we say 
and then they would end up identifying a 
tactics and that is the complexity of 
Today material 
because he handles like five calendars 
and now he wants to handle the sixth in the 
scenario of legrand but more or less 
can understand the logic 
so you probably still 
they are here in ezequiel 46 
Now I think interesting 
and it is that he had to learn this before 
even from theodore and I never learned it 
well and I had done a study you have 
bach this bus is in the tables of 
backup in the series of tables and so 
Do not worry now about calendars 
this is a study about the 
fundamentals of the fundamentals of 
history miller and is 
that is to say and what I mean by that 
those are the foundations of history 
but you can see that what they 
they understood was time 
so the most fundamental thing that 
they had to understand 
it is the beginning of day by year 
where the Seventh-day Adventist and 
the miners would go 
to test the beginning day by year 
Ezequiel 46 
but that's really the second one because 
the first witness for the beginning day 
per year in number 14 30 and 
14 34 so I put his fingers and ezequiel 
Lorraine see in the book of numbers 
14 34 
according to the number of days of 40 
days when you recognized the earth 
will take your energy of 40 years 
year for each day and know in my punishment 
I already tell you, activision, now they're back 
the audio part of the verses today 
says day by year day by year of the vedado 
give is of fundesem abdoun of adhesion to 
migrants and I want you to know that this is 
the foundation of the foundation of the 
story if you do not have the 
beginning day by year 
and two testimonies to prove the 
beginning day by year 
this time then you can no longer 
recognize these time prophecies 
citytv and that's easy to version though 
currently you're coming with word credit 
and men structure infrinjan airs 10 
that here and now when an Adventist 
I cited half I'll teach you not yet 
Adventist this theme would take it in 
these verses 
3. 4 
and then we started talking about the 
prophecies of time 
but years ago when we 
janet fyle is that the stories are 
where these verses were written 
they were stories both in number and 
ezequiel where he 
It was a story where the people of God 
he was breaking his alliance with god 
and we do not say that to you when 
We are in a non-Adventist study 
in numbers 14 34 where we see the 
beginning of day by year of people 
who broke that covenant they're going to die in 
the desert 
and the lord then enters into a pact 
confused of caleb 
and in 46 
this prophecy here is talking about the 
destruction of jerusalem when it will be 
destroyed and they are going to be taken 
captives to Babylon beard well now I 
I know that the Lord brought them out of 
and then we have a story of Christ 
but they end up for places in 
the destruction of jerusalem in the tenth 
day of the fifth key is preferred so 
at a prophetic level of this referent 
these two references for the beginning 
of day per year 
represent king of the hill bears 
represent the beginning the beginning of 
the Hebrews and fortis lines 
at the beginning of 440 years wandering in 
the desert 
and the end of the Hebrews the destruction 
of jerusalem in time is different 
so this beginning of the day 
which is that ends 
gration that is the foundation of the 
is being given and explained in a 
rebellion of the people 
broken young when they break the 
with the symbolism that the beginning 
is doing present represented by 
the researcher 
many of you can look small 
ok concepts so he did gerardo lord 
is going to tell insisted here Mr. 
is going to tell ezequiel that here he is 
who this 
now one of the places where theodore 
goes and always confuses me this style 
it's not even that there are two lines of 
prophecy and in that he wants 
Javier might as well and he does not have the 
skill I think he had yesterday to make a 
and the next line that down ideas 
understand why he does them together and if 
you have never seen it before ww 
hard mind 
so what I you see 
from the beginning 
you're going to have to go to the USA so that 
perfect your English 
one of these lines is ezequiel and 
he is going to illustrate the prophecy and his 
personal connection with the prophecy 
I'm going to call that the messenger 
but the list 
and then there is another line down here 
what would be the prophecy 
and I am saying several things here 
and you also think that I 
I'm just saying but I'm going to 
repeat them again so that you in 
your brain the beginning the foundation 
of the foundation of millennial history 
how many of you studied the dream and 
william miller 
then you that the dimensions 
from that box 
6 x 6 produces 360 and 361 biblical days 
and that chest is the word of God but 
the main rule that miller had to 
see in the beginning of day by year 
and is symbolized by the dimensions 
from the chest of that I'm saying 
that the foundation of the foundation of the 
military history 
it's a prophetic matter nobody 
it's not just a few words with the 
that I am playing 
I'll try to show you from 
ezequiel if you read the story the 
needs to 
he has to lie on his side for 357 
from your left side and run believe me if 
I'm wrong 
although he walks brightside 
and then he has to lie down on the other 
side for 40 days 
every day that the cost of this side 
represents a year 
and there are 350 years that are for the kingdom of 
Northern Israel 
and the 40 years are for judas priest the 
town goes out and is a pretty symbol 
simple clarity yes or no even if you keep 
goldberg per hour 
and we are going to read 
and you will lie on your side 
left and put on the clean of the 
house israel the number of days that 
will sleep on him will carry on you the 
iniquity of them I have given you the 
years of his iniquity by the number of 
the days three hundred and ninety days as well 
will carry the iniquity Israeli elãas 
fulfilled this you will lie down again on 
your right side and you will bring iniquity 
of the house of games for forty days 
day per year days per year I gave it to you 
I know that the left and the right something 
means but I do not know what I know 
they say 
trina washington air 
Well, in white knight and truth 
my brother was 330 but 350 40 are 390 
now this is a judgment to make against 
of two kingdoms 
jr pickens and this time prophecy 
start here at epic games web 
grass and it starts with spin 
or what did 
so then 
now just a second I thought I had 
here the note 
in the web beacon 
I look 
now if I do not find the notes 
right now I will not find them 
that awaken you the thought that 
I'm giving 
If I do not get the date 
this is 1977 before Christ 
means and this is fine means this 
is a trial against the tribe of 
North and South and North in Santander 
begin and this is the date on which 
tribes of the north of the south 
but wang had gone north 
and he places two places of worship 
and he's going to start a fake service of 
and there is a Jewish prophet who is going to go 
until he reprimands him 
and we call him the disobedient prophet 
and we found it in 1st of kings and I think 
which is first kings 13 
It is very nice to see 
if we want from verses 14-1 to 3 
and here that a man of God by word 
of Jehovah came from Judah to Vettel and 
being hero one next to the altar for 
burn incense camel against the altar 
by word of jehovah and said altar altar 
so says I go here that the house of 
David Nash was a son named Josiah the 
which will sacrifice on you the 
priests of the high places that 
they burn on you incense on you 
they will burn bones of man and that same 
day gave a signal saying this is the 
sign that jehovah has spoken and here 
that the altar will be broken and the ashes 
is on it will spill and this is 
first of kings three yes 
without tacc they are good at mainar gata it seems 
that some of you did not realize 
I make myself 
in 1977 
we do not have we do not even know the day of 
the various 
from verse 12 
You have two witnesses to know when 
it was that it took place 
so verses 32 and 33 of the chapter 
previous 12 
then instituted hero one party 
solemn in the best payment at 15 
month when the solemn feast that 
celebrate in gúdar and sacrifice over 
altar so did vettel so they are and put it 
calves offer sacrifices that 
had done and established in mind the 
priests of the holy places that 
had built the typical then on the 
altar which he had put it in the 
15 of the same end the month that had 
invented from his own heart and he made 
feast to the children of israel and went up to 
altar to burn incense 
they are 16 english andy 
7 matt so this took the place in the 
fifth day 
but what I want to teach you 
Ezekiel is going to illustrate the trial in 
against the north tribe and those of the 
prophetic history teaches us 
Ezekiel rises as a prophet for 40 
years before the destruction of 
the sporting is the prophet 
so this is the time that this is 
the ezekiel ministry that lasted 40 
years and describes the destruction of 
jerusalem is about curators of 
that legacy of potatoes she can bless 
the lord is going to make a prophecy 
explaining why it's going to be destroyed 
you go back to this event 
but wang that is starting this 
false service to prophet camps in 10 
beta comes 
and it gives a prophecy of condemnation 
against him 
in the case of one sight premiums and 
in our prophecy that occurred there there are 
a promise that on certain days 
at the wit 
and in that prophecy when we are going to say 
the altar says is the author author says or 
altar altar in professions and get the 
blind and in the prophecy when you see a 
it is an indication for love 
so this prophecy has to have 
a direct connection to the clamor of 
midnight in our time bastions 
llosa and me and what it means 
vince vaughn decision means 
foundation because I only 
diaz foundation god means 
the puppet cointzio ride and he is the 
prophet that will come 
350 years later 
and let me be sure if I'm 
having the date entertained 
in the year 600 and 27 
are intended and it is again the work that 
you do 
so if you are in 627 and you go 40 years 
towards the future 
and where do you think you end up 
destruction of jerusalem 
some may argue that you can follow 
but hey we will place better 500 
nations of sting farc so that is the 
difficult part navy maybe in fitur 
browder paint row can go to now if 
you put the line as 
but he had said 
nine and refers to this as only 
a line of prophecy here because you 
it stays so forget about the cat by 
forget about the cat perez is that this 390 
up to where it takes you 
in this event the 300 moment takes 
but hey I think I do believe that 
will be the answer 
leads to the destruction of jerusalem 
but maybe there he says that they lost their 
attention to the sentence I lost the 
attention of you 
slater will take place 51 points 5 years 
they say and have you can see that and 
when you say hurry to order the same 
for jose is a prophecy of the 391 
years and six months 
sting the time but now I only 
I want you to understand this 
of ezequiel 
gaming is more and that represents 
ezekiel as a prophet proclaiming that 
message and it 's own minetti by line and 
slide in reigns straits to him proclamation of 
this lying on one side and 
shortening of the other 
cancer you can follow that 
but in that story 
yervoy is from kareem de scarpetta author 
these 350 years begin when german 
begins to make his fake services in 
the altars 
this false altar in 1977 
Herbón takes you to condemnation 
prophetic that is given 
if we had to put a name for 
that profession 
if we had to give a name this 
prophecy this teacher always knows in the 
prophecy of josías bikers sprint disney 
bolt outside because it predicts the arrival 
from jose to 
will be that it is a fair application for 
that prophecy 
in military history 
the lord raised a man called 
and fixing a prophecy of 391 years 
and 15 days 
israel antilles 
in that construction story but 
they have the same numerical structure 
in those days links recognize the story 
mining in guangzhou style leches 
projection and when the prediction of 
josean leads 
it was fulfilled and he had a power to 
military history 
and when that truth was that prophecy 
it was fulfilled 
I'm an ex on the court although when I was 
that the hosea prophecy took place 
wang wang 
in a 
numbers in georgetown 
so they put it in style 11 of 
go sitting of so this prediction 
of 391 years and 15 days is ugly the air is 
and what happens next 
of the foundations are thrown back 
the foundations are placed llosa in 
you defend jones and ashley takes you to 
foundation day yes or no 
to the measurement and glove to show them 
a really necessary thing I have 
finished this study 
I should not even be 
teaching them this 
I knew that I could not help 
cause I told them from the beginning 
but you see these arguments with 
the calendars is valid and there is a 
second testimony for sister lotina 
I present 
so the story screams at me 
he is placed in 1842 and means 
and in our history when it was that 
foundations began to be placed 
so you 're both in terms of 
the basics being placed 
but what is the foundation of 
foundation of the story my bold 
this is the beginning day by year 
is marked both on the principle of 
israel as in the last israel the 
and this is the second testimony for the 
principle for me what strength is 
found in ezequiel 46 where in site 
is the string of this phase just 
where you want is illustrating that 
prophecy is actually professed and there is the 
prophecy of Josiah the passion of the 
prophecy of the foundations 
but in the dream and guillermo thousands of 
occasions are no longer the foundation of 
foundation is detention would be houses 
which are the dimensions of the chest 
which is 
that I'm sexting from 161 
efe so if you take 
I do not know if he can do it correctly 
and I would love to do the right thing 
first try I will try 
360 separation 
if you replicate 300 by 2001 that's a 
foundation of studies there are mirrors in 18 
saya and this also yes football 
unbeaten there are changes to it so you 
bone multiplies for your children gives you 
you know 
720 thousand three hundred sixty 
although it helps 
if you see in that 
and if you take 300 720 thousand 368 for 
you and divide it by 1840 
war and 
when it gives you 
390 and 1.6 
if you have that story and of 
destiny's and that the prophecy that is in 
the one who insitiated the string that 
even if it wants to illustrate 
to these calendars of these 
calendar applications 
they begin to produce truths 
steinman line that are a second 
testimony for the line about 
lines up the world wind the kingdom 
everton the king the south for the 
war between the king of the south and the king of the 
and that is the message of the cry of my 
disk and applications and these calendars 
these applications are managers of the 
Soccer amd chips are so complicated 
that are almost impossible to teach 
allianz but this kind of thing can 
be checked in front of one 
richard through networks with a view to 
access and it is very difficult to imagine that 
this can be a kind of accident 
where are the science fundamentals 
foundation x the fundamentals of bypass 
to be divided by the basics 10 
prof gives equal to that profession number 
that the expression this numerical expression 
of wifi gates and that we started to 
see in Algiers street in our history 
reading repeating itself over and over again 
beginning in different and also 
meeting starting at the first 
that started in the context of the clamor of 
He explained one time so it's too much 
information to apply everything in the 
orange moment 
also the same 
and I do not have the ability or even 
explain anyway 
low forgive you in trying I think 
who understand that there 
and that's something that paul mona and placed in 
wants to place in the public diary 
and he has dawn control 
endure and I want to show you one thing that 
everyone knows the prophecy of 391 years and 
15 days 
of apocalypse 9 
and this is going to be very fast 
I have left 
on July 17 , 1299 
these are 150 years 
ending in 27 
strong report of thousand 449 
development where you 
inside the air one 
in thirteen days and here come the 391 
one thousand fifteen days 
and that take you to August 11, 1840 
that you know about that 
prophecy that is according to the context we 
speaks of sun to exterminate social had 
what to solve all this 
disney be these dates here these two 
at the beginning they are in the calendar 
/ testing instruct the calendar 
Gregorian still did not exist 
the third date and a show calendar 
talk and to be able to solve this is the 
law of gravity or cialis had to deal 
with anders with two calendars 
and when the midnight cry came 
the web message because to sell he had to 
deal with 4 calendars 
in the history 
we have two witnesses 
of both testimonies 
anders 100 denver so to be able 
understand the message arts I bring 
whitmore of ohlander you have to 
deal sometimes with more than one calendar 
in all these records while they 
they struggle with their calendars of first 
leave yesterday them at the beginning only 
they had one year 
phoenix but when everything was ready 
stop the dog man 
they already had the day the month and the year 
difficult to mean paid so 
you can see the significance of their