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I had mentioned them in the last hour 
in the 50s 1950 57 our 
church had received a little light 
a moment through pastor luis we 
are in australia already opening 
understanding of danielle 11 but for 
course if you remember that in that 
time at the same time there were some 
other incidents in our church the 
kingfisher relations to keep 
and our church in to get into 
try to understand some points of 
and then with the with the book region 
holy in what exactly does I read in those 
times our church decides to take a 
course leaving the old roads leaving 
some old ones move away from their headquarters 
beliefs and in that way putting on 
a situation where I was not willing 
to receive the light that I wanted to give you 
his children 
we have events here and not in 
vain not for nothing can we place that is 
those times and see those things happen 
same time they are related although 
do not look like then we open and now yes and 
daniel ponce 
and what I'm going to deal with at that time and 
in the hour that follows that hour is to do 
a summary 
more or less quickly from the first 
first 39 verses so that we 
102 on the same page to what is 
close to the understanding since 11 is 
a chapter that we little studied 
that information that I want to fight 
now it is not new information 
that information has been defended by 
our churches we can say from the 
start you will know the book of 
urias snet sweet daniel and apocalypse or 
visions about him in the apocalypse 
where the verse by the verse is 
explaining here the meaning of those 
verses us basically 
we explained what he was in those 
in this book explaining 
of course a little later from 
of the circle 36 the roads separate 
because he makes a mistake a very 
visible easily understandable we're going to 
mention at the time 
so that we follow him 
that he is explaining and concluding 
only to this verse 
there is also a sister book 
temple about daniel and apocalypse in 
English to that book that in more form 
brief explains verse by verse and 
god through that year we're going to take out 
the light also that book in Spanish and 
is translated 
we have an hour and we enter daniel 11 
verse 1 and the following verses 
says so 
and myself in the first year of giving the 
I was there to encourage him and strengthen him 
and now I will show you the truth here 
that there will still be three kings in Persia and the 
fourth will be made of great riches more 
that all of them and by becoming strong with 
his riches will raise all against 
all against the kingdom of greece now not 
they left 
there right now in the first verses 
we are aware of what 
in parallel to danielle 8 
is a parallel on the 7 that parallel the 
January 2, 11 the approach also begins 
about the kingdom of persia has to 
provide more information than 
other chapters had not covered and 
we enter the same thing that we already know 
well we as a church study 
a lot since 87 and 2002 these 
verses that explain the great 
kingdoms that are represented in the 
statue or the different animals and here 
we also enter with that story is 
known history 
it's something that we 
already of this child in schools 
sabbatical we study here there are more 
information that we did not have here 
refers to three to four last kings 
are can be identified in the history 
of the last four great kings like 
changes is the green fake psoe smer 
darío and these fish and jerseys axes the 
last king jerjes is that the bible 
he calls them like he had big 
richer than all of them so was it 
he exercises had more riches than others 
more powerful than other 
to one that another will have seen in that 
movie called batch of 300 
that is king jerjes that with his huge 
wealth and power dares to do what 
the bible here says attack greece 
we do not know today but the 
historians think that some could 
reach up to a million people from 
soldiers that I take in trying to attack 
that was 480 before Christ when that 
huge army of persia and here we have 
in the map 
we can see more or less of what we are 
talking but one thing should verify 
before we go to this 
let me look a second here 
then looking for the location 
you can quickly verify where 
exactly that it was pretty very feeling 
Thank you 
then we have here we are going to 
look here on the map 
more or less here we have divided 
drawn a sketch of what is how 
I can recognize here europe -spain 
the shoe was not tied in the boot of italy 
sicilia the islands corts and houses that are 
the islands here of greece 
here where there is so much confusion and 
problematic in those days is not true 
country that can not be maintained 
to what concerns the economic chalk 
he believed that the glorious land israel and 
we have here the north of africa 
that star would be a letter 
the rage story egypt 
so for we have the idea of ​​where 
we are and what comes here what does not 
it's all in him they stepped on that here 
for there that is the kingdom of the whole kingdom 
Persia was located Persian medium 
Babylon here more or less located the 
and from there of all that tremendous kingdom that 
will go and even india who is rey jerjes 
he joins a huge army and enters 
try to enter by dirt road aa 
that history is known to us what 
we locate the true and 480 it becomes is 
that story in that battle we forced 
that conflict comes to culminate in the 
encounter in the thermopiles 
the issues are a strait that is like 
say as between the mountains 
very acute a very acute space has to 
I had to pass 
the tremendous army 
it is not true here that huge army 
had to go through this strait and 
well that was the problem and that was 
there the tactics of the Greeks or is it better 
milestone and the Spartans that were placed 
here to close that 
it does not help if you have 100,000 soldiers or 
a million soldiers or more because 
always here they are only going to be like 
100 against those who are here no no no 
that's the circumstances of the 
geography did not allow the army of 
armies pass by there the famous 
history that of the 300 soldiers of 
of Leonidas of the Spartans restraining 
that's famous here and that's why that's 
the one that the bible speaks here in the 
verse 2 
then for treason 
they learn of a possibility 
from let's say attacking the Spartans 
from both sides freeing the way and 
go but what the Bible says 
lift everyone against land of 
what he does is raise an army 
Huge enters Greece but then he goes to 
be conquered by the union of those of 
the Greek troops and at sea in another 
it's a very geographical situation 
interesting we call them that place in the 
battle of sadam is in the same year is 
king loses let's say 
the Greeks are freed from that threat 
that is what that story and the 
live puts it as the end of that 
huge empire puts it as well as those 
are the last kings that at a point of 
biblical view here the end is finished 
Middle Persian story also follows 
still existing the kings there and the 
kingdoms but the vigil has another 
historical approach does not always agree 
with the ends or with the times that 
the history of the world wants to place the 
bible has another focus is the story 
and there God 
tells us the true story 
because we know that history in the 
books is sometimes correct is not 
wrong there are many lies depends 
who writes it is not true 
we have here that sacred history and 
we have here those four kings those who 
we already know danielle 8 and 7 that 
story and we're already in it and 
we are aware is not something unknown 
the bible brings more information and what 
that comes after 53 also 
we know immediately who 
will rise then a brave king the 
which will dominate with great power and now its 
will is brave king that if warrior 
of experts 'alejandro magno' and 
we know a king is 1 336 gets up 
alejandro magno and dominates in a tremendous 
in a tremendous in tremendous conquest the 
departing from Macedonia 
enter here conquer all persia goes 
even Babylon makes Babylon and 
the seat of his empire inclusively goes 
up to india with him we know the history 
it is also real and the bibliography I mentioned 
briefly and also says what happens 
with verse 4 but when it has 
lifted up his kingdom will be broken and 
distributed to the four winds 
we know that already from beniel 84 winds 
they had to be to the four directions 
not his descendants had Alexander 
more condescending 
if he did not have a baby he was killed 
having few days let's say I did not have 
heir did not have did let's say that 
could grow and that he could inherit his 
kingdom and famous was his response with his 
generals ask who will be the 
next who wants is that before you 
whoever wants is what is going to 
inherit the kingdom and what they relate was their 
stronger answer they told him and so 
what happens in history is its advance 
the next verses is that more 
Strong is looking for there is not one more 
strong sometimes one more could and the 
among themselves are trying to 
recover the kingdom of alejandro magnum 
that they will never achieve 
and so says verse 4 just not 
to their descendants or according to the domain 
with which the domino does not his descendant not 
inherit his kingdom and kingdoms after 
what we call the dialogues 
are those four kingdoms in the end first 
they were more then they were four 
they do not manage not to get the same 
can be the same magnitude 
of the kingdom of alejandro magno 
because his kingdom will be uprooted and it will be 
for others outside of them cassandro 
Lysimachus Ptolemy III is then 
four generals who were located 
here in egypt 
here let's say 
we can put the kingdom of persia 
I hope it is more or less appropriate 
correct that grows there I do not place myself very 
well in those areas and in 
that region 
more or less like that 
have been those are to him in those four 
parts are divided the kingdom of alejandro 
great you already understand well that 
It is the biggest part 
if excited by logical xosé 
he deals with that area let's say he's left 
with the greatest 
with egypt 
I do not place only those two 
because the others do not play any role 
from here on in these verses 
them too in the story little by little 
disappear are not not very important to 
final is only those two those two 
because the idea of ​​the four generals 
it was always to reestablish the kingdom of 
alejandro magno that his idea wants to be 
as Alejandro have the dream of 
recover from restoring that great kingdom 
and not only the first one knows him 
also our successors the dyn their 
for decades they are trying to follow the 
same goal 
and we follow then 
and it will become strong back south 
more one of your princes will be stronger 
that he 
and his dominion will become powerful 
well here are some things to say 
says ry strong Resur will ere the 
sur who is the return of those 
you say ptolomeo and that's if one what 
it has so graphically it's logical it's not 
we place here the rose of the 
directions here clear is the north the 
the east and the west 
but that always depends on points of 
view is not true it depends on where 
if you are here the south is down there 
it would be good would 
the chop and up here comes here 
Kenya is not true then and that is 
important is not not difficult but it is 
important to mention and keep in mind 
that the center of the bible is obviously 
israel the glorious land is the center 
of all the biblical story is if we speak 
of geographic center is not true 
the geographical center is here yes looking 
from here the north is obviously what 
is there from the south is there and here others 
countries played no role 
if we have more libya here and chopi 
there they do not play that role as it has 
had egypt as power also in 
prophetic terms a power that is 
important and Babylon both powers that 
in prophetic terms they have their 
importance and if one wanted to say that 
good looking also on the map 
and Babylon is actually in almost the 
same height 
then and why then that is in 
nights and Babylon and the same height of 
hoover they read as one can say that 
that's the north really if you guys 
they look at the map I was maxed at 
same height the answer can be 
double first than babylon a was not all 
the kingdom is not no tower was also 
up here up here but maybe more 
easy would be to simply understand that the 
Babylonians by the circumstances 
geographical to attack 
they always came north in the perception 
of God's people in the perception of 
the Jews of Samaria this town came 
from north and so he lives he calls it and we go 
to read some verses from here to little 
we have then the verse 
introducing a term and that term 
the king of the south is important 
the chapter 11 danger now is going to 
work with those terms and we have to 
keep in mind we have to 
understand well what they mean 
will use these terms here in 
forth king of his king of the north in this 
moment of history 
the king who occupies that area that occupies the 
south is the king of the south that kingdom was 
egyptian egypt and it was not ptolomeo one of 
the Greeks who were taking over 
removed in power from those areas 
and this king here and then says the 
it will become strong 
plus one of his princes and his princes 
it does not refer to the princes of 
return but refers to the verse 
the princes of that great king of 
alejandro magnno plus one of his 
principles will be stronger than him and that 
that was stronger was the eucop 
that was evidently stronger 
here that makes 
will be stronger than him and will and will be done 
powerful his domain will be great 
obviously we will be great 
we have here in the verses 
very detailed information then 
they are very detailed information and it is 
impossible to find another story 
in the history of humanity that 
fits here in these verses the only 
and the truth is that we as a people 
artists are not the only ones who has 
your point of view you look 
especially in the 
in the defense of those of others 
Protestant Christians have defended 
have understood these verses of the 
same way we get together like 
privatizes the understanding of these 
verses in this way to the last to 
final however we have to 
contribute something that the others do not 
they understood and we are going to study that but 
So far we are getting with 
many others are detailed 
comics and so impossible to find 
another application that explanation has 
been understood received and defended by 
so many Christians through the centuries 
the king of south in this verse is the 
Ptolemaic dynasty 
verse 6 after years will do 
alliance or the king of the north 
will be ptolomeo crazy will make alliance after 
of a time and the daughter of the king of south 
will come to the king of north to make peace 
ok here life tells us something that 
we in history always see 
that marriages have been a 
had many times the function of 
establish political relationships already 
same happens here 
Send your daughter 
on her behalf see bernice 
bernie sends it to her so she can 
marry her crazy because the problem was 
simply that I know what was married 
but so big was not the problem 
because he always got rid of his wife 
no and married bernice surely was 
younger more and more beautiful I do not know but 
had that political function 
well that says here as follows the text 
after years they will make alliance and the daughter 
of south kings will come to the king at night to 
make peace but she can not hold 
the strength of his arm or stay with him 
neither his arm nor the one who passes will remain 
with the sky remains 
nor her arm because it will be delivered to her 
and those who had brought her to herself 
son and those who were part of it in 
that time then what about her 
the story goes that the following 
then after a while realizes 
that the relationship is not going so well does not 
he likes bernice so much and again he comes back 
to marry his first wife 
story that answered the day often 
to those things 
before it was the same there is nothing new 
under the sun then it's outside 
bernice and the woman who was called side 
He says 
read though it was re instituted as 
wife the disc he distrusted the already made 
kill her husband makes leuco kill him 
he killed bernie he killed bernice's son 
and this is what the prophecy says 
all that is written here he will not be no 
it will remain was killed 
she will be delivered was killed those who 
they had brought their son himself too 
not that that is here the extraction are 
details of that you know this book 
It was written long before that 
it will happen 
ok we're not going to go into all those 
details here that story only them 
I wanted to give the is a bit the the 
understand the idea that you are 
speaking here are verses with a lot 
with wealth in detail and with answers 
that we have that are also very 
detailed we have and we have 
found the story that here is 
speaks and it's wonderful to have here that 
knowledge of the understanding and enter 
in those details and be able to see what I know 
who is it about 
and that I do not understand why it is so rich 
knowledge of us about that that 
should be one of the issues that 
we study but there is quite silence 
about daniel 11 
well then add other information 
let's also use the bible to 
understand a detail here the king of the south 
in liza and us 30 helps us understand 
also who is 
Isaiah 30 
verse 1 
no verse 2 says isaiah 30 verse 
2 says so 
32 that move away to descend to 
Egypt and they have not asked from my mouth 
to strengthen itself with the strength of 
Pharaoh and put your hope in the shadow 
Of Egipt 
and more onwards says prophecy about 
the beasts of the south 
and some other translations say 
of the negev the negev that was the negev 
it was a is a desert south of israel 
start where israel ends more or less 
in the south already or the bible uses vice versa 
south or nayef or we support the translation 
it can be childhood or it can be south 
because it was from tribulation verse 7 
certainly egypt in vain uselessly 
of the help we see here we will go 
simply that if normally the bible 
use the south to talk about egypt or 
When you want to talk about Egypt, use the 
southern term or negev 
so here we have an idea that he 
the same from the south this is not from egypt 
and that is something very easily understandable 
we also in our countries 
we talk about the south 
we do not believe summits referred to 
certain areas and everyone knows what 
we talk when we talk about the south 
also for then have another contribution 
here are several texts that we could 
use of birds after we go read some 
others the king of the north we can read 
ezekiel 26 for example 
here the previous book before Daniel 
so the 26 
verse 7 is expressed pretty clear 
and that concept of the north 
not even the 26 7 because that's what he said 
I go the Lord, here I am from the north 
I against shot to nabucodonosor king of 
Babylon king of kings with horses 
cars and riders and troops and a lot of people 
already there in the north I bring then that 
king of the north of the north is king who comes 
of Babylon there is no doubt in that 
we have the biblical report obviously 
also for that interpretation I do 
a little emphasis on that because there 
different ideas and concepts who 
re north in who is the king of the south already and 
how important is it in the verses 
that come we have to understand to know 
good to whom the bible refers 
we are going to provide some verses in 
forward when again it is mentioned 
its kings the story now that that 
comes here is a story that tells the 
fight between foresaw the north and the south 
these here more or less disappear 
they literally disappear in history 
those other powers do not play a role 
important least in terms 
prophetic and those two powers remain 
northern kingdom 
jealousy gone and ptolomeo with like 
return south occupying those places there's no 
who occupies that place is that king of the south 
very easily understandable because everything 
mine was not egyptian egyptian he occupied that 
area of ​​the village then he received that 
title that is important then 
we skip the verses that 
they come 
there's a fight back and forth here such 
One time we can mention 
in verse 7 
but a renewal of its roots 
will rise on his throne and come with 
army against the king of the north and 
will enter the fortress and will do in them 
his arbitrary weapon and will predominate 
logically bernice the daughter not of the 
Ptolemy was murdered her 
brother here the bibl of the so-called renewal 
from his roots Ptolemy the third was his 
name by Ptolemy after he gets up and 
he now logically he attacks the king 
from the north and is very successful the 
8 and even their gods their images 
castings and their precious objects of 
Silver and gold will take captives to Egypt 
and for years was hold on against 
king of the north although the king of the north in 
the bible is introduced as more 
powerful as there is a stronger phase in 
the story where the king of the south 
Ptolemy the third manages to conquer the 
balah the historical account knows that it was 
until Babylon conquered Babylon what 
what it says here in verse 8 is that 
he brought gold and silver back here in 
bami lyonnais had been treasured 
the treasure of egypt 
the treasure of egypt was captured by 
money changers and was one of the 43 
of Persian who had mentioned at the beginning 
it is not or they start many details have 
the story and he's had never been 
forgotten them that our treasure is 
in Babylon generations ago there had been 
stolen develops and recovers this 
great treasure and tremendous victory and the 
has returned to egypt 
that here the bible notes it maybe 
is to those details here so it does not fit 
Wealth doubt speaks here no no no no 
there is no doubt that here is you are 
refers to who those kings are that 
history is so important to understand 
that the bible makes it so clear that 
we can not like to fail there is a 
wealth in detail here you should 
continue studying with the books that I 
I mentioned at the beginning for example 
and they can take the history books 
that exist to compare and to read 
those details that the bible here 
is presenting and that fight now 
between those two great powers leads to 
reach a culmination 
verse 14 we see something 
in those times many will rise 
against the king of the south 
it happened that back in that moment was 
the father had died and he was a boy who 
all right 
who was on the southern throne 
and that occasion the others wanted 
to take advantage of 
be crazy and your alliance with the others to 
attack that kingdom who at the time 
I only had one child over certain kingdom 
way was very living 
that's what the verse says ah that 
is what happens in that story and now 
something new comes 
and turbulent men of your people will 
they will rise to fulfill the vision but 
they will fall 
those turbulent men 
have not been mentioned before is 
a new power is a title that does not 
we know there is still another power that is 
get involved in history this power 
come from here 
from roma ' 
in Italy the Romans had begun to 
form his kingdom 
they were already in history as a power 
that grew up here but the focus of the 
prophetic history does not include it yet 
the focus is here 
that's the story that's the story 
of the world 
everything that happens outside does not matter 
they exist or are not part of the story 
sacred history they do not make their 
things here there are all tribes but they do not 
they are part is not part of the 
history that's the story not of 
suddenly here in verse 14 there is a 
power that comes in 
you remember that in the second 
World War 
the us entered the role 
the us were not part of the war 
let's say the conflict conflict between 
germany russia france and england 
poland true italy romania many 
countries but in the USA it had nothing to do 
but they go into that plan goes into 
the story and they present themselves and from to 
from there 
they are a world power already started before 
all of that of course in the first era 
something similar but that in the 
recognition of humanity there 
they suddenly come in and that's the same as 
happens here in that story in the 
verse 14 suddenly come those 
men and those are those men here 
turbulent or ferocious men 
that power that is represented as the 
iron in the bible that power goes into 
the story because 
because Rome had 
promised previously in a pact 
protect the Ptolemies they had 
made a pact with Rome 
and in that moment that those powers have 
the desire to seize that fragile 
Southern Rome commands its intelligence 
let's say you are organized that a general 
go there and they defend them and the young 
king to the young empire that's what to 
refer this we have here 
as a new stage that is 
starting because another power comes 
get into the story 
the 15th century will come then north herrera and 
will raise bastions and take the city 
strong and the forces of the south will not be able 
hold up nor his chosen troops 
because there will be no forces to resist 
good and italy -roma they send a 
general is called with two glasses two 
cups and that general 
a very experienced general helps him 
help defend 
they carry a campaign against the north but 
the king of the north what good says it 
he conquers it and he has to emerge 
and he has to hide in a city that 
city ​​is called sidón 
that's the bastions that are placed here 
they will rise against him in the city 
that historical incident my glasses 
sent by rome to defend egypt 
it was not Italian it was from here of the islands 
I think that act 
from here came is believed turkey 
that's with in the city and I'm telling you 
totally furious that here someone 
he wants to get into his plans conquest 
he does not kill him they let him out of sidón 
he and his troops can 
let's say with life escape but they 
They had to leave everything they had bone 
naked completely they had to 
leave the city so they survived 
but with shame 
it seems that then the plans of that 
logical here they 're going to go happen is going to have 
success but the biblical story knows 
and says verse 16 and the one that will come 
against him 
now his will who will come is that 
it is rome 
those are those turbulent men 
he will do his will and there will be no one who 
I can face you 
well what happens now after that 
that this plan fails Roma himself gets 
in history 
it simply makes the kingdom of 
jealousy and das have no problem 
of simply erasing out of the 
history to the genocides what we 
we are here in several verses 
telling and seeing that story of the 
life with detail explains it here in 
that term is the verse ends 
disappears the dynasty of jealousy and 
say das ends in history 
Roman conquered it and I was never 
more returns disappears ends here that 
king those also disappear remains 
only by Ptolemy or the dynasty of 
the Ptolemies because they are in alliance 
with román román the strategy this happens 
in that verse and it will be that was 65 
before Christ - we are now in this 
moment of history and will enter the 
glorious land what the Romans in 
that conquest here of those areas do 
is to take advantage of that they are already there and 
they also conquer to urge him 
according to the historical story it seems that 
they had no plan either 
they wanted so much but there was a 
complication of those who wanted 
take over jerusalem and they provoke 
a little to the Romans so the 
Romans are forced to enter the 
city ​​and 12 thousand Jews die that was 63 
the bible takes note of that here 
will be on earth verse 16 and 
will be in the glorious land which 
will be consumed in his power 
suddenly we have here a 
new power that got into the story 
and totally changed everything 
we were seeing here the great plans 
they had them and then as squares 
had re-establishing the kingdom of 
Alexander the Great 
there was only here to annihilate that 
Stepto Ptolema's child from another least 
the suddenly is completely removed 
the story ends all dreams 
everything ends and comes to Rome and enters the 
story now I ask you if you rome now 
it is logical and to all that who is the king 
North because there is no zoo 
and that's the logic roma now be no 
it matters that Rome is here with her 
capital is not true what matters is 
who deals with that area of ​​Babylon 
he is the king of north is like a title 
that receives and seizes that and how 
free receives that title also the king 
from the north is now him 
verse 17 
of step that was pompeyo the truth in that 
name we know pompeyo magno he was 
that general who did all those 
65-63 conquests before Christ 
in the 17th century 
we have 10 more minutes and we're going 
possibly to close with the story 
here of the roman empire 
in the 17th century it says and will then affirm its 
face to come with the power of everything 
his kingdom 
and now with that agreement if it will give 
a daughter of women to destroy him but 
will not stay or succeed here in 
my translation the queen valera 60 is missing 
something that is for example in the king 
james other bibles I do not know how it is in the 
of 2000 1909 the queen valera that are 
many cases a little more faithful 
actually says here in verse 17 
will then affirm his face to come with 
the power of all his kingdom and now and 
just or righteous men with him 
here is an additional information comes 
he comes rome and he gets here in that 
history and the just righteous men 
they come with him 
that's important I do not know why it's missing 
that here in that version of the translation 
in verse 17 exactly 
the thing in the story is wrapped in 
such a way that the problematic in egypt 
it is not solved 
because my son we have two kings 
reality is a young man of ten years and 
It is his sister who was 18 years 
young was Ptolemy the 13th and the sister 
it was cleopatra the seventh is to cleopatra 
who increased here in that verse 
it comes to be mentioned in the bible is 
the famous cleopatra as you see the 
seventh there were several already but that's the 
famous the the one a woman as it is said in 
the historical story velia there are several 
statues that have been made of it 
and they do not think that the Egyptian era is not 
had rather the Greek fractions 
so you can also see in the statues 
that were left of her 
that woman here takes plays a role 
important he is already on the throne with his 
brother eighteen years ten years young 
and the two of us understand the brother killed 
he throws him to Cleopatra outside the city 
but he already 
becomes the chosen one of Caesar to think 
in that complicated situation here is 
he comes personally to take care of 
the digital problem 
and he makes alliance with cleopatra 
We do not really know why I can about 
reasons will have been the charm 
of the beauty of that young girl who 
I had some ideas 
how to achieve that that attention in that 
situation where Caesar went to Egyptian 
in Alexandria 
and really got into trouble that did not 
I had waited because the brother 
he controlled the city and suddenly he 
he was in closed with his little 
army that he had brought with him 
and I think back was outside then 
to do 
a relationship or how one became 
alliance with her had to like that 
going through that barrier I had to 
leave so it was impossible so she 
that's the story of the story he had 
she had the idea of 
let's say let's say in a gift like 
I say on a carpet she had the idea 
that she was going to deliver to Caesar 
I gave her a carpet but she made herself 
roll on that rug and its your belly 
how does your bodyguard do it in Spanish 
so this the historical story elevated to 
she as a gift as a present to Caesar and 
when the plot opened and the 
beauty not true says that he had no other 
thing or it could not be anything else that is 
totally in favor real already of course 
and there, according to him, would be the plans 
and the alliance 
almost that death there because in that 
battle like in a battle in the city 
that has few because of its possibility is 
imprisoned and let's say from both sides 
it is thought that possibly in that 
battle was also ignited the 
library of Alexandria that's what 
according to some speakers there may be 
happened because Cesar burns the port 
burn the Egyptian ships for 
that they lose their fleet and there in 
that teaching lights part of the 
City of Alexandria is the story here 
with many metals is a very 
Famous well known and the bible puts it 
here because it plays a role in that story 
prophetic plays a role here and in sn 
will follow 47 before Christ Caesar gets 
and that's what we see here the daughter 
of women that was given to them for 
destroy them that's cleopatra 
but as we see or will not succeed 
will remain he will no longer stay or 
in other translations he says he will not stay 
from him he already afterwards after entering 
a relationship 
with him she also leaves Caesar and Caesar 
there is more time there in Egypt than 
I should have stayed 
the 18th century 
let's jump that we can read 
he will quickly return his face to 
the coasts what will cease after 
egypt he is going to reconquer some 
coastal areas 
in the 19th century then go back to his face 
to the fortress to the fortress is the most 
appropriate translation 
here are different comments on 
English is in the singular 
here sometimes we have the translation to 
several translators advise theologians 
that here it would be better to say go back to your 
face to the strength the strength of his 
earth then it becomes is the 
capital of his kingdom the strength of his 
Kingdom is steals in the history of Rome 
we see that Rome was never 
conquered at the end when the 
Kingdom of Rome and conquered but 
continues throughout the time of romà de 
the history of roma the fortress 
while she exists roman fall 
and as the story here they have so many 
from Italy if I'm always tempted to 
go too much into the details because 
it's interesting story not to meet 
my goal to say finish those who 
now the history of pagan Rome but 
little is missing and in the next one now we're going 
to follow and we will conclude that 
introduction to de in 11-s 
introduction is important because the in 
Water says that history will repeat itself 
and when we know what happened we can 
know what will come in the future 
We thank the Lord with a prayer and 
we finished that hour 
our dear father the story is 
in your hands 
in ezequiel history is history 
that world 
is presented as a complication of 
wheel movements on wheels 
however, although it seems complicated 
everything is under your control everything under your 
leadership and in perfect harmony with the 
plans that you have for that world 
we see here also a story with 
many details 
a tower however that has been 
found as fulfillments of your 
we praise you for it in the name of 
jesus christ amen