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danielle 11 the study of daniel 11 is 
A study 
let's say that in our generation 
to mayor to occupy a specific place a 
wonderful place a place destined by 
the Lord for our times 
we have to understand his verses 
verses that have remained in the 
darkness for decades we can say 
if you maybe at some point have 
had the opportunity or want to do it 
and review the opinion of the theologians in 
our church about its verses there 
several books that can be used 
and there are good interpretations that for 
the details explain verses by 
verse however reaching one the 
last verses of 2011 
we always find a vacuum to 
times a literal vacuum, that is, 
exhibitor honestly says that we 
we hope that in the future God will 
illuminates so we can understand those 
verses recognizing that so far 
we have not had the light 
others simply do a review very 
superficial those circles 
they enter a little detail and summarize it 
they are many verses in a few words 
because there is not that understanding of 
meaning in its detail 
and I'm not here criticizing those 
men who do have done a job 
for the good of the people for the good of 
the creation of adss but simply 
is that those verses are intended 
for a generation a generation that 
had to come before they could 
reveal those verses because we 
we are not those that by our with 
that intelligence or by our put your 
capabilities we managed to discover dig 
the precious ages is simply 
always the holy spirit always 
Jesus Christ that helps us understand something 
if then there has not been the 
understanding for now is because it has not 
been intended for those generations of 
understand it 
if at some point in history 
we could observe what 
it is not a people get understanding 
about those verses then more than 
only the interest in had to be 
awakened I would have to be awakened 
us a curiosity because god to 
this generation gives you that understanding 
because suddenly to us and that's what 
that we want to share in that 
series of studies we want to propose a 
explanation that 
from our point of view and deep 
condition is what I want you 
tell us with the two verses a 
interpretation that does not have does not have 
problems here or there is something that is very 
consistent and I hope that you hear and 
then they can read it and share the 
same condition with us if this 
it happens 
in my conviction it has happened since 
few years ago in our generation the 
light on your verses if this 
it happens in humanity then god 
He wants to tell us something is because God 
has something an information that now 
is getting the stamp of it so that 
the people who can see these verses 
have that appropriate information 
destined to its time 
in that group you have to understand it 
before it would have been good for profit and 
cute also to understand it no no 
problem in that but as Daniel did not 
understood many of the prophecies because 
they were not for your time 
then those who would have understood 
his verses before would not have been 
for them neither nor possible of 
understand it 
in its detail and that we will see in the 
works that we have ahead 
good the great importance of their 
verses that logic could 
argue but we also have some 
texts of the prophecy spirit that 
they are very interesting and that surely 
most of you have read because 
the first text that I want to share 
is in conflict over the centuries 
maybe we have not seen that text in 
relationship with daniel 11 
but in the concept of the centuries 
the spirit of prophecy 
makes an approach the 'daniel' 11 says in 
we found that on page 594 
and I'm not sure if that's the 
translation that should be the text in 
Spanish I think 
I'm going to review that and then add the 
information if that's the pages 
I usually have the page in 
English may be that here at that moment 
I have already incorporated the page in 
Spanish we are going to provide that information 
so says the spirit of prophecy 
before the crucifixion the savior 
had predicted to his disciples that he was going 
to be dead and to be resurrected from 
grave and there were angels present for 
record those words in minds and in 
the hearts but the disciples 
they expected the political liberation of 
human yoke and they could not tolerate the idea 
that he in whom all his 
hopes were concentrated were to 
suffer a death 
no children to 
it has nothing to do with here 
that we are studying appears already is a 
is an incident is something that happened in the 
history something that we know we know very 
well that complication the problem of the 
disciples of accepting the true 
purpose of the work of christo 
now he keeps saying they waited for him from his 
mind the words had the words 
here but those of expected 
that they needed to remember and when they arrived 
the test time 
here the information had arrived in the 
in time they took it out of 
their minds and when the time came for 
proof they needed that they did not have it anymore 
when the time came to test the 
found without proper preparation the 
information was not here in 
that information would not have been the 
preparation they did not have 
they did not remember what they had to remember 
the death of Jesus destroyed his 
hopes as if there had not been 
so also and now now is what 
it interests us makes you take that 
story to teach us something like that 
also the prophecies announce us the 
future with the same clarity with which 
Christ predicted his own death to the 
disciples the same we know in 
theory what has to happen comes the 
moment of testing and we do not have 
recorded that we're not going to prepared the 
same story and now pay attention 
the events in relation to the 
end of the time of grace and the work of 
preparation for the time of anguish 
have been presented clearly that is what 
that through the prophecy we know 
we should have saved we should 
understand and hold on so that in the 
test time 
we are prepared events 
in relation to the end of time of 
grace and the work of preparation in the 
anguish time have arisen 
clearly where 
where they have been clearly presented 
those things that are there destined for 
that we fail the test 
clearly says the is not a hidden thing 
it is not a thing that difficult to understand 
it's something clear for this purpose 
where are we know where are those 
scenes the events between the 
relationship with the end of the time of grace 
and the preparation work but and it's another 
time is also our experience now 
in which one each responds in its 
heart in your mind to that question but 
still crowds have so little 
understanding of these important 
truths as if they had never been 
I recorded that information but it's still 
an information to our benefit 
because those events the end or the time 
of grace is still future 
we found this 
maybe in your most clear exposition 
most eminent 
danielle 12 
one that others will have remembered 
danielle 12 is the moment where 
something special happened at that time 
at that time although time in that 
time the bible was talking about 
here in that time of the verses 
previous in that time will rise 
miguel miguel is christ 
Jesus Christ rises the great prince 
who is on behalf of the children of your 
town and it will be time of anguish because 
he gets up 
what does it mean that he gets up 
the trial ends the judge who was 
accepted or let's say the intercessor does not 
true that he was sitting with the books 
open interceding doing a work 
get up because the book 
is closed time was completed 
grace he gets up because that job 
the work he was doing sitting 
it's over it gets up very very 
visually easily understandable here 
the bible works with those so that 
we sell easily they are scratched 
the book ends the time of grace 
That's what Ellen White refers the 
events in relation to the end 
of the time of grace Daniel 12 verse 
1 and then the description comes here 
I can read it from that time that 
never was 
for us future and the 
events in relation to this 
moment that have been clearly 
presented by logic are those 
verses that come just before 
from danielle 12 verse 1 that's 
also what Daniel 1 says in that 
time gets up well so between the 
lines but absolutely clear the inah 
put the in the light of our interest is the 
approach that she wants to give to 
last verses of danielle 11 
something that maybe we have not 
understood if one has also read 
conflict of the centuries he already puts it 
here an emphasis saying that we 
we have to understand those verses 
forests if not we will not be 
prepared for the trial those 
verses god equal as christ to the 
disciples had given them so that 
remain firm at the time of the trial 
a little later and that's something that 
I have noticed in all the mentions that 
elena white does when she talks about 
that time of danielle 11 the last 
verses she mentions as well as from 
something very horrible something very horrible 
she says I have that here as a 1 
two paragraphs later 
thus mentioning also the says of 
Suddenly satan is continually trying to 
attract attention to men in 
instead of attracting it to God makes the 
people consider as their guides 
the bishops pastors and teachers of 
theology instead of studying the 
scriptures to know for yourself which 
what are your duties 
that is also 
5 94 595 
directing then the intelligence of those 
same guides bishops pastors professors 
can then also direct the 
multitudes of his fly his will 
interesting not true that's something that 
we know that is something that we have 
that being alert always does not want 
say that pastors and theologians 
so wrong forever and for being a pastor 
and theologian does not but only tells us 
here a satan technique because to 
controlling crowds is needed 
only control the guides and how the 
people blindly follow their 
guides then it's easy work to 
satan already 
but what does that have to do with danielle 
11 because they put it here always and 
let's have two more texts always 
when spirit prophecy speaks of being the 
11 and she also talks about the work of 
satan in the way they want to tell us 
Care brothers dear children of mine 
taken care of because when it comes to those 
verses here is very interested and 
very strongly elaborating the satan 
as well 
it's something that we're going to see now in both 
following texts that we also have 
here to fight the next one is from 
manuscripts released volume 13 
pajín to 394 
manuscripts released volume or volume 13 
we do not have time to waste time 
dangerous are the world before us 
is agitated with the spirit of war 
something that we would say amen in those times 
in which we live is how soon they will have 
place the anguish scenes described 
in the prophecy 
if everyone is going to say yes that's clear 
we believe that is not true but now it says 
the prophecy of chapter 11 of daniel 
it has almost reached its total fulfillment 
ok that is very much in agreement with what 
we have said so far we have 
understanding of danielle 11 we have 
interpretations but there are a few last 
verses that remain open that 
we have difficulty or we have had a 
difficulty in our means of 
explain them to identify them 
appropriately and he says almost everything 
Daniel has been fulfilled but there is something that 
not yet 
it has almost reached its total fulfillment 
something is missing a lot of the history that has 
taken place in compliance with the 
prophecy will be repeated 
then that is very interesting because 
here we have again what I said a 
little bit and the centuries we have information 
things that happen events that are repeated are 
they will repeat and if we know this what 
was we going to be or can we prepare 
for what is coming is very easy 
understand it and that's the logic of their 
verses follows him and now 
specifying what is said in the 
verse 30 speaks of a power that is 
will contrast 
because ships will come against him from 
I now had an appointment in verse 11 and 
30 let's touch that now in the 
next hours a little 
we will not be able to do a study 
deep of the whole book of all this 
chapter 11 
but there are sources that we are going to indicate 
as you can by themselves 
soria what 
and she now quotes daniel 11 verse 
30 to 30 to 36 because he wants to tell you 
that those are the verses that's that 
is the story that is going to repeat 
similar scenes are being continued now 
scenes similar to those described in 
those words will take place we have 
evidence there is water and now what I 
I said we have evidence that satan 
is quickly gaining control 
of human minds that do not have the 
fear of god before them 
let's read and understand the prophecies of 
this book because we are now entering 
in the time of anguish that has been 
mentioned and the now cited nor the 12 the 
verse 1 to 4 just that text that 
we have already book just in relation to 
apocalypse with conflicts of the centuries 
which is for me those texts one combines 
with the other perfectly information 
that she gives here here the repeat of another 
similar scenes then dear 
brothers if you do not want to repeat 
the error of the apostles if you 
they really want to be prepared by 
like for god's sake 
He has revealed to us his texts 
prophecy for some of us is something 
that is fine and that is for those 
who want to like history there 
little very complicated there are many times 
it's fine for those who want but I 
I stay for the gospel the truth 
so many times have we heard that love 
of God is love the love of God but 
this here is the is the manifestation of the 
love of God so that one does not walk in the 
moment of the test because he does not know what 
what's going to happen because you do not prepare 
properly God revealed us in the 
details what happened and saying that 
is going to repeat rich information for 
he who is the son of God and who does not 
wants to repeat the error of our 
dear brothers then here once 
more in liberated manuscripts elena white 
more clearly now because he mentions 
that chapter makes that approach saying 
the prophecy of chapter 11 of danielle 
is almost or almost fulfilled its 
total fulfillment a lot of that story 
it will be repeated 
we have here I create some arguments 
to study that chapter is not true 
we have accumulated here some some 
reasons why we should have a lot 
much interest in this chapter is 
essential to understand it is essential to obtain 
that information 
history repeats that we 
we believe and clear satanas here just 
the opposite wants to achieve again she 
what mentions is here and also 
interested you do not believe that he is not 
you of life is not true he knows 
these verses he there are his verses and 
he has studied it very well he could 
expose easily because he needs 
know what God is doing that 
you need to prepare and understand so that 
can make his his suv for the one who can 
adjust your plans according to the 
God's people plans he knows very 
well and he has an interest so that 
we do not understand so that we 
we were in the dark in reference to 
that prophecy 
and we're going to see I think it's not so 
one last text we find this in 
or the testimonies jewels 
for the church testimonies for the 
I take 9 pages 11 to 13 we will take 
some texts 
let's recognize what he says here already 
we mentioned that we are living in 
the time of the end 
the prompt fulfillment of the signals of 
the times proclaims the imminence of the 
avenue of our Lord the time when 
we live is important and solemn 
spirit of god is retreating ward 
gradually but certainly the 
earth are already falling judgments and pests 
on those who despise the grace of 
God in this year we have seen the truth 
an accumulation of tremendous events 
in last year is also that the notion 
of each of us was or is that is 
something like there never were are things but they are 
big things are tremendously signals 
that one can not not see 
they are events of d 
from a higher level to what we are 
very one after the other 
and they will continue of course and they will 
increase in strength those those 
incidents plagues judgments says l here in 
this social skill war threats 
as portentous presidents announce the 
proximity of events of the 
more serious 
the agencies of the master reads cole haan 
and combine forces for the great crisis 
final big changes are about to 
occur in the world and movements 
finals will be fast good he already one 
can you say he has written that a long time ago 
time is not true 
and because one says that now in 
those 2000 years 
10 11 12 because now it refers to 
we take the right to say that 
it's true now 
there are many who 10 20 30 years ago have 
believed that it was that time 
they have left their trade they have prepared 
they wanted to dedicate themselves to the coming of Christ 
and nothing happened a personal disappointment 
I know brothers in our church who 
they say that and I also like you before me 
It was also like that 
motivated is fine is fine but you know 
that the man has not come and I do not know 
we see that many times 
as we call it the exception of 
solution between our media in 
our ranks and here we have now 
we are again trying to put 
take this text and saying that that is 
Now, as we know , who does not have 
appreciation for the prophecy the who who 
who takes it for something that is very 
difficult that is not so important 
not even just he will not be able to 
discerning is not going to be able to say that 
text is now we can not 
However the student of prophecy 
can with full conviction 
understand that those texts refer to 
this moment in that series of topics we are going 
to try to also defend justly 
that is now that it is this moment that 
are those years when this is being 
we will continue here this text 
can take only a few examples or 
a few words the current state of 
things shows that hard times 
are dazzling the newspapers 
they are full of allusions concerning 
some formidable conflict that is that 
should explode soon 
the audacious are always more frequent 
attacks on property 
or I have recently been in Bolivia 
Santa Cruz and the strike is something daily 
every day there are strikes in the 
capital to the groups that present themselves 
in front of the state they make protests 
that's something like it as it says here 
they have become common matter really nothing 
special thefts and homicides are 
multiply and here several things we 
we recognize you all that here in our 
those who have in their hands the 
reins of power are unable to 
solve the problem of corruption 
pauperism and crime 
obviously in the countries that we of 
Spanish -speaking Hispanic for example that 
it really is like that, no, there is no 
solution we see that there is so much just 
that much moral corruption is in all 
the streets is difficult to go through 
a street without being confronted 
badly confronted with things 
that pauperism in poverty and 
impossible to solve the crime 
also increasing in countries that were 
quite quite still does some 
years already in vain they strive to give 
business matters one more basis 
sure that's the big issue of the tests 
of 2008 at least it is not true that the 
economic base 
europe are fighting good I do not need 
explain that you are fully clear 
each of us from the diaries 
about the news of and knows 
if men wanted to borrow more 
attention to the teachings of the word 
of God there would make the solution of the 
problems that concern them and now 
and she says that has to do what 
we are studying here a 
Delicious spirit shakes the world 
the prophecy contained in the eleventh 
chapter of Daniel's book is almost 
Completely fulfilled 
very soon the scenes of 
anguish and written by the prophet ok 
He already paints us with many details in 
a situation of our society 
earth and then says that daniel 11 almost 
it is has been completely fulfilled 
we have here another one another 
source another contribution to understand if so 
is we are in the time of 
fulfillment of the last verses 
before finishing the first 
now I want to remind you that in our 
means we have had the 
alert some years ago 
us since the 50s 
we have a pastor in australia lunch 
wear 'who has already taken this chapter that 
it has 
studied and that has contributed a valuable 
information and that he saw that the 
powers that are fighting here in the 
last verses are the powers of the 
papacy is the power of communism and the 
us and he already what he already explains 
the common profis prophesying what was going 
to pass 
he already explains daniel 11 something that 
we overlooked our 
church no 
gave us not do not know those texts 
You can find it in Spanish 
I think there's no we do not have Chávez 
we have translations that your pamphlets 
in English on the internet or you who 
you will find your analysis 
and then some years ago already then 
at the end of the 20th century 
1995-96 suddenly the man has had the 
love and it is coming to us with a 
light that based on that we are now going to 
expose in the hours that come our 
understanding of danielle 11 we closed 
with prayer I appreciate the attention 
god in the heavens 
we are here in front of a text a 
biblical passage 
maybe we understand or are starting to 
contains information that does not 
it is only powerful 
Not only is it essential, it is also 
destined to our people to our 
time to our generation 
we have to do something solemn 
in front of our eyes 
and the hours that come 
they can be if you want 
of benefit for those who study and 
accept what you want us to do 
so that like the disciples or 
so that we do not repeat the history of the 
disciples who received the valuable 
information and at the time of the test 
they had what they should do 
in the name of Christ we praise you 
thank you amen 
you yours