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our father 
let say 
at the end of the seminar and now we will have 
the last presentation 
once again we want to ask you to be 
present lady that you are present with 
your holy spirit and with your saints 
impresses the hearts of each one of 
the truth 
that my brother is to share sr 
be with us so we can 
to take advantage of 
and we can take this time well 
because then everyone will place a 
his house 
we know what 
life goes on and everyone is going to have their 
worries ladies but we want 
and remember what we have learned here and 
we know that this is important 
so we ask that we index is of 
special shape that moment sr 
So they ask you, Jesus, amen. 
I already know about wiiware looking at the tour 
bartz the disinterested system yesterday we have 
looked at the at the two services in the 
sanctuary in widgets cloud com 
the daily service service 
lafosse collection and we said that those 
two services the daily service of 
annual service 
completed a full cycle in the 
plane of salvation in addis records 
center and that this represented tanger 
from another world here in the the 
period from age to end 
the world gives instead of water is 
tangible in this and wine that in the 
annual service at the sanctuary changes 
to the bottom report and the way you save 
the world god was 
showing the man how he was going to save the 
world push fighters the sword won and 
Take place ones and Pablo identifies that 
It's work 
it happened only once 
in this last presentation let's go 
to various places of our notes with 
the wigan 
sexting at the moment we are in the 
page 16 
and what I want to do is 
study with you the fight of jacob 
the time of jacob's anguish 
station and midnight m night raw time 
jacob's distress is a 
Midnight time illustration 
does he cry for midnight 
but before we talk about him 
the time of jacob's anguish I want 
speak you speak first about the 
fight he had with the angel Christ 
of shakespeare in shake up and they know 
I want to read with you the comment 
what sister white has about this 
experience in the context is where 
facebook is that god asked jacob 
that he returns to his 
of birth 
after here i am went to see if lindberg 
fractions or after fleeing 
after having stolen the right of 
primogeniture eternal intur tourism 
then now go back to walk with money 
approximately 20 years years later the 
yes we know you have the experience wild 
card is this child sport did and 
then have this moment of confrontation 
with god before meeting that u 
great football cities of lineage 
this is the background of the story that 
let's look now says like that but the 
servants returned with the news that 
esaú was approaching with four hundred 
men and that he had not answered 
to the friendly message it seemed true that 
came to avenge terror seized 
from the camp then Jacob had great 
fearful and agonizing 
He could not go back and he was afraid to move 
his unarmed companions and 
homeless they did not have the minor 
preparation to face a 
hostile encounter 
he divided them into two groups so that 
that one was attacked and another had 
chance to flee 
of those many generous command cattle 
gifts to esaú with a friendly message 
He did everything that was on his part to 
atone for the harm done to his brother and 
avoid danger 
that threatened him and then with humility and 
repentance called for protection 
divine jehovah that you told me to go back to 
your land and your family and I will make you 
well I am smaller than all the 
mercies and that all the truth that 
you have used for your servant service 
sorry that with my refrain pass is better 
Roldan and now I'm about two 
gangs deliver me now from the hand of 
my brother from the hand of that water because 
I'm afraid not to come maybe and mayer to the 
mother with children 
he does not want 
let's adapt the next one to 
we continue where it says it was a region 
It was a lonely and mountainous region 
madrid madrid era of figurines apologize 
page 16 was a lonely region and 
mountainous burrow of beasts and 
hiding place of robbers and murderers 
jacobs alone and helpless idefense 
helpless he bowed to the ground 
have counted it was midnight everything 
it made him appreciate life was 
far away and exposed to danger and 
What is most bitter is the thought 
that his own sin had brought that 
danger over the innocents complement 
exclamations and gold tears of the 
selig web theories 
and suddenly he felt a strong hand on 
he believed that an enemy was attacking 
his life and tried to get rid of his hands 
of his aggressor in the darkness the two 
They will fight to prevail 
a single word but jacob unfolded 
all your energies in no time I know 
me in his efforts while he fought like that 
for his life the feeling of his guilt 
his sins weighed on his soul 
they came before him to get him away from God 
but in his terrible affliction he remembered 
the promises of the Lord and his heart 
I exalted supplications of mercy 
do not come out 
it is not 
what is 
the fight lasted until shortly before 
dawn when the stranger touched the 
thigh over jacob leaving him 
incapacitated in the act then he 
the patriarch knew the character of his 
adversary understood that he had fought 
with a heavenly messenger and that for their 
almost superhuman efforts had not 
obtained the victory was christ the angel 
of the covenant and that had been revealed to 
jacob the homeland that was 
disabled and suffered the most pain 
sharp but did not loosen his grip 
completely repentant and broken 
he clung to the angel and cried and progol 
asking them for the blessing he should have the 
sure that his sin was 
forgiven the physical pain no vos no 
it was enough to turn his mind away from this 
objective their resolutions was strengthened 
and their faith intensified in fervor and 
perseverance to the end 
the angel tried to free himself get rid of 
him and cut them off gm that scratch the dawn 
but jacob answered I will not leave you if not 
you see me tell me if this had been a 
Trust boast goddess and boastful jacob 
would have been 
annihilated in the act but had the 
Confidence that confesses confesses 
own and nicky indignity and yet 
trust in the faithfulness of God that 
he fulfills his covenant there is only much in these 
paragraphs that we have read 
at 150 but we do not have time to 
explain everything 
I want to touch the main points 
that we are studying first the 
maná white identifies from experiences 
of time they get to understand that this 
experience in the moment of jacob 
that happens at midnight of the day and 
then enter only from capcom amen that 
the angel that fought with jacob came to the 
midnight i am natural bag speaking 
news of the world 
knowing that the bible always speaks 
for us at the end of the world 
xperience this then describes the 
experience at midnight 
him and this will be the crisis of life of 
his whole life leaves glass in orissa wind what 
what has to be done and remember I know how 
we have looked at the prophets I have already 
He went to Daniel Juan Isaiah and 
wants to govern experience from 
facebook in their pain everyone had a 
face-to-face experience with god 
visual arrives are gardens 20 pesos 
Jacob also has this experience of 
face to face 
yes yes and how was it possible to go through 
this experience 
and I trust that God would have mercy 
with him in me and persist and previous of 
decent quintals 
previously before he had confessed his 
sin at times the iprem sgam traumas and 
then he cried out the promises of the Lord in 
the situation in Libya included 
experience and this is what takes you 
that experience on the excursion to 
whales is said and we're going to genesis 32 
in first turning verse 30 
says so 
Jacob called the name of that place of 
honey because he said I saw god face to face and 
was released my soul you are great 26 
expire his pain then he has that 
face to face experience just like the 
first demanded this year as well as Isaiah 
as well as daniel 
and that's how it is 
sabines experience space the face 
pain file 
they all have that expensive experience 
to face with Mr. Manuel OFID 
baron wake up and if we look for the 
bible and by the spirit of prophecy 
after spicy best experience 
plunger this experience every face is 
returns a symbol in surveys 
metlife experiences and we can locate 
or place that experience at midnight 
say arrived the reason this is the night 
in which jacob fights in jalón de 
directors of warcraft and how long 
He fought Jacob with Christ 
pay until morning show star light 
begins at midnight the son and achieves 
zoo away from unen and goes fighting until 
the morning in war is money and that is the 
clay own prophetically by 
it's from this profile that typifies the morning 
this for fine wine rights watch is 
typified when Christ remembers say 
the time the west was on the snake 
rating on the new because tonight 
fight with the angel this role of fire 
his profession typifies the closing of the 
strike door of grace 
leaving on facebook where 
people are going to meet 
face to face with god look look 
they no longer have a christ mediator no longer 
is in his role as mediator 
subsidized vision between the night 
instead of having someone among us 
here are assets on facebook page 
personnel now has to deal with me 
face to face in the profile experience and if 
I'm not ready for that 
experience in something of mine 
will be defeated 
we continue in our notes 
because we are on page 17 17 for 
the forum 1 2 3 4 where it says the 
jacob's experience 
during that night event güeyes 
nahuel or which experience granting 
now sister white 
put that jacob experience going to 
apply that experience to the end of the world 
says so the experience of Jacob during 
that night of struggle and anguish 
represents the proof that there will be 
endure the people of God- 
immediately before the second 
Coming of Christ the prophet Jeremiah 
contemplating in holy division our 
days he said we have heard trembling voice 
fright and not peace 
before pale tornado all faces 
how big is that day so much that 
there is another similar to the time of 
anguish for Jacob more of it will be 
delivered Jeremiah 35 to 7 
Only the closing of the door is protected 
of grace 
what if 
of things profession the closing of the 
doors of grace exposed strong 
walking lord 
happens just before the life of the 
Lord of pain bars up down out and 
then after the time of the anguish 
the lord returns 
so if you are from the door of the 
grace until the second coming is time 
file is typified 
'midnight seleme knight frank between 
the time of midnight until the claim 
Midnight said dry physically well 
they are sinking because jacob begins to 
fight with the angel mena at midnight 
in disuse another day of the night and this 
it's going to happen all Sunday night 
until the morning arrives 
where it says angel let me go because 
the day begins 
but jacob will not let go of television 
a soul sister was not until she receives her 
blessing your home kind of it 
way of God's people doing world 
at the end of the world can you try things 
English when the closing of the 
grace is the door 
we will have that time of anguish 
that ends when the lord returns 
dominant and this illustrates the period of 
midnight makes clamored midnight the 
pains the physical and coming of course 
obviously the gentleman does not come physically 
dedicated only to those we do because 
we are looking at the symbol pérez 
describe and nextgen 
but it describes an experience of 
captive heart caster that the town of 
God has to pass 
washington and beijing we continue 
when Christ finished his mediating work in 
man's favor then will start that 
time of affliction 
then the fate of each mistress will have 
been decided and there will be no 
expiatory blood to cleanse us of 
sin when Christ leaves his position of 
intercessor before God will be announced 
formally x unjust be unjust 
still and who is dirty in their in their 
and be still 
and here is just be still justified 
and the saint has still sanctified 
apocalypse 22 11 then the spirit 
that represses the evil will withdraw from the 
land like jacob was under threat 
of death of his angry brother like that 
also the people of God- will be in 
danger of the wicked who will try to 
destroy it and as the patriarch fought 
all night asking to be released from 
the hand of esaú to cycle will cry 
just goodbye day and night that the free 
of the enemies that surround them 
I suggest and if to give 
by profession is when you die is the link 
it is necessary here we see that the end 
of the time of grace is when 
when christ finishes his work 
internal enemy intercessor 
of enemy mediator on facebook 
for anyone to make up professional 
darwin and it will be impossible for any 
one do prepare after that 
after that point and almost without brake 
messenger windows the people as world 
because now he will know judgments about the 
without leaving a finger on page 17 
in the courts line with chrome and by 
moment we go to page 19 in very 
heavy loads for good to see English 
hans ex following we've already led that 
paragraph before but I want to repeat it 
in this context 
at the end of page 19 where it says is 
in the crisis they found the end 
it is in the crisis when the 
character when the fervent voice 
proclaimed at midnight and here the husband 
comes out to meet him and the virgins 
who were sleeping would wake up from their 
dream it was seen who had done the 
preparation for the event both 
classes were caught off guard but 
one was prepared for the emergency 
and the other one was found without preparation 
so also today a calamity 
sudden and unexpected something that puts the 
come face to face with death 
will show if one has true faith in 
the promises of god will show if the weapon 
is sustained by grace the great 
final test comes to the completion of the 
Grace time 
when it will be too late for the 
so that the need is also met 
ok go away with a heart sing the form 
as we have seen before when males 
well depth metlife 
when the voice proclaimed that it was 
midnight or berlin are savings 
all the virgins awaken in the 
singularly secure security and is 
evident who was prepared who did not 
and it is in is in the crisis that that character 
is revealed 
and the experience that is described 
is the name of facebook 
is described as a 
sudden and unexpected calamity something 
that he puts on by coming face to face with the 
death a belgium action with track and 
remember that jacob has just met 
with Christ face to face in them after 
has had and calls the place had the 
last single word face to face in arts 
see the teacher 
what does it mean that I saw god face 
face and survive in morés and zinc and that 
think stage of facebook garden and tense 
life is ours on this face to face with 
god and thinks that his life is at risk 
in word and place and makes the cost of 
problems that place claims the promises 
of god of strong words as well as 
they say this paragraph from experiment 
webber in the program 
this experience will show if the soul is 
sustained by grace the software of 
soul exist parents forgiveness will show if 
one has true faith in the promises 
of God will show asia 
supported by grace 
for me 
I'm from shakespeare jens weidmann to fast 
carter or this experience 
will manifest our character 
just escobar we go back 
page 17 the better from the concert 
at the end of page 17 where it says 
such will be the experience of enjoying 
the rest 
such will be the experience of the town of 
god in his final struggle with the powers 
of the evil god will prove the faith of his 
followers his perseverance and his confidence 
confidence in his power to 
free them satanas will endeavor to do 
terrified with the thought that his 
situation has no hope that their 
sins have been too great for 
achieve forgiveness will have a profound 
feeling of their faults and has 
examine your life you will see your 
hopes but remembering the greatness 
of God's mercy and his life 
of God and his own repentance 
come to the fulfillment of the promises 
made by Christ to sinners 
helpless, repenting their faith not 
will be missing because your prayers are not 
answered right away 
so be it giving the power of God as 
jacob is angel action and language 
of your soul will be I will not leave you if I do not 
you see me you say 
this is representing the final fight 
with the powers of evils in charge in 
this faith and god is going to be try our 
faith in the snake monster formations 
truth and the most important thing is the 
next paragraph sometimes a link 
in the suites section 
if this was the only lesson that 
we took to the house this week in a 
waning equality would be would be 
valid time 
says so and jacob would not have 
repented before for his sin 
consisting of trying to get the 
primogeniture through a deception god not 
I could have heard his prayer and 
conserve him I put exam of the life 
This will be the time of anguish if the 
God's people you would have sin 
inconfessed that appeared before them 
when they are tortured in fear and 
anguish would be overwhelmed 
despair would nullify their faith and not 
they could have confidence in God for 
ask for his release but even if they have 
a deep sense of his unworthiness 
will have hidden cannes to reveal 
your sins will have been erased by the 
Christ's atoning blood and not the 
you will remember 
to nobody 
I represent 
if Jacob had not repented before 
for his sin 
God could not have heard his prayer nor 
talk honestly keep the 
life week on the internet in vietnam 
experience we can not enter the 
midnight experience 
woods have waters with sin in 
our lives 
we look again at aspects of the day 
of atonement with your entity between offense 
better without those who entered the day 
of atonement with sin of andersen 
webber afternoon 
not them 
was off or spied on sin in 
that day 
immediately you had to have 
depended on your sin before entering 
the expiration date only from this 
reaching that day the Lord olive 
the cancer to all its sin 
you already had 
sorry for all the fernandez sin 
which is but not only confessed by 
now he violates but he has already left his life 
says experience is to simulate is to see with your 
profession this symbol 
that experience is symbolized by the 
closing the door of grace years 
They take place before there can be in the 
message when you will have to stand 
before god without a mediator 
on the mobile 
and it will be seen will be visible if you have or not 
you have the oil is a neighbor equally 
it will be visible that what you are made of 
notice that if you have sin the 
existence as it says the way white efe 
located will be cut your faith you are work 
now is our work now only comes to 
to repent of our 
sins in mind progression with my home 
and do the proper preparation for 
find them with god 
its water is that for much less than 
highlight a good part of our 
notes and like so but they 
I advise you to read in your time it 's good 
see edward singular with inclusion 
because it is placed in an order that 
takes them will lead you to a conclusion 
logic for a Danish not but I want 
finish with this note 
I want to talk about the Easter page 
your strong ones have good monitor to the 
young boys 
this type 
but on a previous page still 19 
then at the beginning of page 19 
second paragraph where he says when he 
abandon your how many times of 
prevention the context is that this is the 
closing the door of grace 
when he leaves the sanctuary 
darkness will return to the inhabitants of 
the earth during this terrible time 
the righteous must live without an intercessor to 
the sight of the holy god nothing stops him 
the bad guys and satan completely dominates 
to the impenitent 
bernie 2 
the patience means has concluded the 
world has rejected his mercy 
despise his love and his law trampled the 
clean have let their time of 
grace the wicked the spirit of god to 
that opposed stubbornly ended 
for departing from them helpless and 
of divine grace are at the mercy of 
satan who looks to the 
inhabitants of the earth in a great 
final tribulation like the angels of 
God already stop how to contain the 
violent winds of the passions 
all the elements of 
contention will be unleashed 
the whole world will be wrapped up in one 
a ruin more frightening than the one that fell 
formerly about Jerusalem 
a single angel killed all 
firstborn of the Egyptians and filled the 
duel country duel 
wisin what we saw is that it describes the 
closing time of grace 
and what he will then tell us in the 
next paragraph 
says that a single angel killed 
all the firstborn of the Egyptians and 
genoa to the country of duel between wins six 
times of sr 
after that, no one yesterday is going to 
say that the work of destroying angel is 
what to find the times 
except it is typifying the anguish of 
jacob arose the dance dantea phoenix 
when David offended God by taking 
census of the town an angel caused the 
terrible death, death with which 
his sin was punished the same power 
destroyer exercised by holy angels 
When God gives Himself it is commanded 
will exercise the evil angels when he 
he allows it 
there are currently ready forces that do not 
they expect more than divine permission to 
sow desolation everywhere 
if you feel 
she tells us that this angel of 
destroyed of egypt is of cement is 
decent is world gives life on the stretch 
de costa adeje is the same is the same 
destruction work that will take 
when the shooting has detected them in the 
anguish time alone escobar tepic 
sporting we return to page 20 other 
why it happened to you and we look at Easter 
just heeled you agree to come see us 
open exodus 11 
It was used 
4 to 7 
Exodus 11 4 to 7 
said then Moses 
Jehovah has said so at midnight I 
I will go out in the middle of Egypt and die 
all firstborn in Egypt's land of 
this firstborn son of pharaoh pharaoh who 
he feels on his throne until the firstborn 
of the servant who is of is after the 
mill and all the firstborn of the 
and there will be a great cry for all the earth 
of Egypt which never was and will never know 
but against all of them all 
children of israel from man to the 
beast nor a dog will move its tongue to 
that you know that jehovah makes a difference 
between the Egyptians and the Israelites who 
they are saved is the trier responsible body 
in what time the lord will pass by egypt 
at midnight 
at midnight they will come out in the middle 
of angel dices is not strong and 64 the 
if we go to chapter 12 
verses 12 and 13 
Well, I'll go to that night for the 
land of successes and all firstborn in 
the land of Egypt was men 
like the beasts and I will execute my 
trials in all the gods of egypt and 
I jehovah and the blood will be a sign in 
the houses where you are and I will see 
the blood and I will pass from you and not 
there will be in you plague of death 
when fleeing the land of Egypt so 
what ex may be be put before 
two bayern trays what happens then 
in this moment of maybe midnight 
last and angel for by egypt in 
Mondeo video and what they had 
what to do is protector and the work of 
world exchange was to put the blood 
at the doors 
before the time came 
so that angel in this video in the 
moment that before this moment that angel 
I was going to go through Egypt 
the hands of women nine or this was 
a work that they had to carry out 
of children 
farms for metal the angel goes by 
by egypt at midnight on Thursday 
stand out and will do that job 
our lakers option with your young 
spirit tower 
midnight the same arm said jacob has 
his experience with the Lord where is 
struggling with the angel at midnight 
in the experience and in both cases there 
a work of a preparation work 
before his experience he said live at 
your hands passover saverin football and 
work of worth mine Israelites who 
they had to make their paschal dinner and 
put in blood at the doors before 
midnight on Friday or the 
efficient pension to see wait for your 
ass budiño jacob had to apologize 
for his sin of having stolen the right 
of primogeniture before carrying the 
moment where he fought with the angel of the 
where we camps after at least that 
also the others we have a job of 
preparation before we get to the point 
from midnight 
the action 
in some appointments 
it's a pity we will not be able to read 
all the texts here about Easter 
Kate because all the appointments until the end 
of those pages on the next page 
describe the sheets on software forums 
the symbolic application of the scene of 
the paschal scene for us in the 
disco 90 are highlights I want to read 
just some details 
on this gesa website 
good facsa 
We are on page 20 under the title 
Easter and let's start in the middle of 
first word they were saying was not enough 
I obtained 
it was not enough that the paschal lamb was 
dead he had to sprinkle with his faith with his 
blood the doorposts like 
the merits of the christ must 
apply to the soul 
we must believe not only that he died for 
the world but he died for everyone 
individually we must appropriate the 
virtue of the expiatory sacrifice 
and tells him it's not enough that he dies 
the lamb 
it had to be applied to the posts of the 
door of the sun in the middle that 
It represents 
symbolically the blood being applied 
at dawn 
and what does santiago say in the epistle 
recommended risk is not enough 
believe that god is god and that he 
harden sick skarsgard because 
satan also believes that god is god and 
we need to have an experience 
individual with endo endo textual 
image and it is this that symbolizes that 
Hyssop is used to spray blood 
it was a symbol of purification 
was used for cleaning the 
leprous and those who were unclean 
for his contact with the dead 
Severe meaning also in the sentence 
of that friendship purifies me with hyssop and 
I will be clean the uam and isr in Blánquez gone 
more than snow 
on the serious swab 
cage john represents the purification 
it's winston europe 
it suits 
the fact that we eat the booklet he said 
bradley center of the angel of the apocalypse 
10 the reporting this message 
participating in this message 
we are purified 
and it's always about what you eat that you're going to 
eating there's a big step to know you're going to 
eat the paschal dinner there is a good 
little europe you are going to eat the little book 
the wine the world acquire suicide 
you are going to eat the roll that was ezequiel 
sunderland or you're going to drink the wine of 
Babylon and frankenstein and eat from the 
king's table 
and it's always about what you're going to eat in 
these centers 
and just as the saying goes the same, you are what 
you eat is failed to save if I eat the 
Word of God to keep bubi as 
fermin james mind the word of god 
if it becomes part of me and it's going to 
if I eat the words of satan outside 
of me makes the satan's flesh of the 
uach in 2011 that too and they changed in 
no neighbor juan in value of look and 
it will be obvious who I am 
according to how your water is not 
law that is not work now in this 
moment is with winters so fringes nes 
is to be thirsty and hunger for justice 
pain buffet the suite is mine is about 
me so that the Lord fill us with this 
paschal dinner a joke is a joke 
of orphan which is the word of God in 
one of its forms and in all its forms 
for goal widgets and this work needs 
be finished before midnight 
children left can salvation because 
the whole plan of salvation the jurists 
best of all reason because he does 
it's three afternoons and half fried in me is 
to restore the image of Christ in the 
man with 76,000 software and tariff 
when they call 
dm cargo smart 
the e 
the image of God was erased in aran 
in waiting webcam to sit and from 
then all the time has been the work 
of god christ turn in my mind 
restore this image in humanity 
about newman of level edit in the 
perfect carmen and bring back from 
return to humanity and divinity in 
perfect harmony in him he got upset and he's 
symbolized to stop me more 
in the ten commandments of moses may 
of tablets in now winning a meeting in 
Hindi come and friend of Moses discussed 
the tables and god wrote wrote in 
a work in perfect harmony of being 
human and god is going 
the bible is come in that writing by 
men in spain dance inspired by 
god of the diagrams 
sanclemente gables representing the 
ten commandments the two tables esmail 
banner are made by men and spire 
pay inspired by God in Dublin 
testimony and the living testimony alive is 
Gareth in the click pair and represent 
lingual there is when god is represented 
perfectly in your life in this word in 
this video and this is the work who 
they are right in these tracks and so 
as a vertex brother of that none in 
the guaire salvation to only one 
has chosen the salvation of sanín one 
way you has to be just a way to 
be saved in water and this way this and 
engine of a kast is to eat and drink from the 
meat of christ 
in the blood of Christ 
we need to participate in nature 
divine see watchers to change us 
in a shredder of cambre and when this 
work is done wind pains up 
remember that - when the Lord restored 
the image your image in us 
when he 
have the restored the deleted image of 
anjou the Hispanic letters 
then he will lift us on the football cross 
of itself so that the world sees us in 
spicer and just as Christ said and pub and you 
throw water call or mentions 
when I 
was raised to bring everyone to my show 
in henderson team well when the 
will raise his people when proverb 
on the cross so to speak 
jones gets once again all the 
men will be called Christ children 
the goal continued because they will not see you dovi 
lotina course are going to be looking at 
Cristo 2000 thinks is manager or practical 
and bright is looking at a character 
that represents perfectly amen 
what I want you to take from 
this week in this in the sahel middle 
with one and triunfen strauss and me 
sad that we could not finish 
our notes is to give 
and it is that we need 
prepare the show and if winters is so 
easy to come back from a week 
as it is in default wide band who 
returned webs and relay and return to their 
old ways to train but gold 
sweet william additional millions that 
in that week everyone has made one 
a decisive decision in your life gives very 
good make the actor of grace jones for 
that we make a whole preparation 
for the time that is approaching 
quickly and we are not ready 
and only the Lord can prepare us 
a good one after and the only way that 
this happens is the project nation is 
in his perfect mission and more enjoyable 
we can leave an angry dear father 
celestial balbases week but really 
has blessed us this week take care that 
sign zinc we wish you for your 
mercy take care chief of being that 
we make for communion producers of 
old by the words you've 
spoken to the 443 people is wii 
leave me your holy spirit upon us 
at the end of this camping in my project 
word to allocate lives word and now we go 
give us our lives 
it helps the state so we can 
how to die for it in the everest and 
live for christ because the aversions 
forgive us our sins gifts 
aversion to me we forgive our 
faults because the expressions 
but less for 
our for being so human 
waste to wear 
rick grimes jon arrimo navas pray that 
can you restore your image in us 
in universal newark and that you walk together 
biofriend in arcelia that you are our 
friend and our savior in value and 
our lord whose he distinguished and those 
things we all ask sir ares name 
then cannes in the precious name of 
Jesus Christ