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Padre nuestro una vez mas ya jogando in our desi Santo de teba demos que nos familias con tu Santo Spirito Senor pedimos Taman la presenter de to Santos on jealousy or alumina knows para que podamos entender Emmons ah hey che Romano Tala estar con party no con nosotros ena Ben díganos este momento de forma spca este Camila Camila traducción ah si te Pido nombre Jesus amen so I have two presentations last one one now and then one tomorrow me tengo mess dos presentatio neighs ah screams una hoy y otra mañana and so we have a lot of ground to cover eat awareness fighter mucho para hablar so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna summarize no kibriya tratar de ferran fantasies and resume it I will summarize the general theme of each portion where tratar de resume is a tema de cara portion so if we can go to unscrew two things we gotta see that okay canapé balloons oh yeah okay the bottom of page 12 vamos a la pagina Doce escena de la pagina Doce so one thing we see will not grow sake no problemo we're looking looking at the process looking at the vision of Isaiah remember Allah be filled this is is that you can see in in two places Killa puedes ver in both lugar and in each place showing you something different in Kara loo guard Tamara I would differently it's probably showing you two different parts of the same work Tamara both parties different del mismo trabajo de la misma abre so we've already identified yeah mostly del sacado that as l6 is at midnight you say your face is Allah million ah-choo and we've connected with Ezekiel and several the other visions you must connect our OS is securely about it or Presbyterians and if we go to Isaiah chapter six you see Abram of Esaias capital of faith and if we read verses 1 2 3 assalamo slow particulars um oh ah tres difficile na an oak embryo array osseous dijo a senior sentados say bran trono IA to ISA Blaney a sus vidas en Avenel templo por encima de el ADEA sarafina's caribou no tenia says Alice condos Cobre ensues rostros condos cobrin sus PS e condos boloban y uno al otro dhaba voces de siendo Santos Santos Santos Hilda de los de hair Tito's por la tierra a general su Gloria okay so what we see here is that when this vision is taking place the Kodomo tachi is cuando está busy on okura it describes that the whole earth is full of his glory this critical total appearance the general so Gloria so let's go to Revelation 18 below sentence the apocalyptic deity o2 in verses one issue le mostró particulars uno dos después de esto VA a tranches descenders de Cielo con gran poder la tierra fue al hombre de con su Gloria claw mo combos potent a diciendo Aikido Aikido Nagrand Avalonia yes aho abaca she owned a demo knows yo worry de de todo espíritu amando yell burgle datura a bi Munda yo bro decibel okay so in Revelation 18 in apocalyptic the future we see that the whole earth is lying the glory of God the most capable of Tierra is Adam brother Condor glory days senior and this is the angel yesterday on here that descends at 9/11 she defended in epochal onto the state champion and it fills the world with light Aegina material consumer caneta loose now we've identified a mote identify Cairo that we see Isaiah theater at midnight que kiss a year so let me said let me say that over so we identified that the angel of revelation 18 is here evil today Sakhalin K is Angela up college to the future star key in on to the septiembre but this is the same experience that is depicted in Isaiah chapter six one two three the latest la misma description Quesada fabricius says who not read that the whole world is false is glory k2l appear register general su Gloria it's the same experience in la misma experiencia are the same description of this event in la misma description name is momento so we have the question the normal sentence la pregunta how can we see Isaiah as 911 and at midnight como podemos ver SI es Archaean onto the safety area mismo tiempo a la medianoche now I'm telling you about a problem that you might have not even wondered it out your lives went to the bra lemma que ustedes today's mascara to get in question but it's important for us to know it because the solution to this problem there is important take is supposed este problema porque la solución as a lot of light - what's taking place at midnight Grega Mucha loose sobre lo que la acontecer a la medianoche okay so let's go on or know another example that ultimately came to periscope is Ezekiel chapter 9 is akia capitulum with so what I want to show is what my point is I want to show that we can see this is the same symbol at midnight and at 911 lo que yo quiero you get rapidly the most rad is que podemos ver el mismo symbol o and a median ah-choo we are on to the 50 mm now this one this example buys a of Ezekiel FHM to be a fake it requires us to take several steps multi created that values puzzles so the second I lose someone a momento que yo estoy pidiendo i again raise your hand levántense umano and ask me to repeat or explain again the your zapateria a louis Pluto otra vez okay so is the key chapter 9 if a cake a particular movement is this is describing the ceiling work described a trabajo de cemento in the ceiling time it came for the stage amento begins when this angel descends the angel population aging in psi in a moment okay descended anchor the up going to the future it is also the September in the experience of Ezekiel chapter 9 yes where's la experience today the key capital delivery just to describe sister wife describes as the ceiling in the mana right to describe a cordless printer the cement because firstly the process but k3 veramente is improve processor progress 0 and if we go to verse 4 Salameh vesicular Quattro it culminates Carina in the setting of a mark upon one group of people in the slang of another group is produces a poner interior and report yamato ultra group or one for four to six fortresses estamos en si quiere cuatro axes le dijo que la casa primero de la ciudad primero de Jerusalem upon listenin una pena in a frente a los hombres que hymen cake lemon causa de todos al OB Naciones que se hacen in Malaysia yellow Scott rose dijo for gender Lazio pasa pasado la ciudad imposed el y matado notre dunes West Rojo meeting guys Misericordia Matata be a hos holiness Ibanez Nino's de mujeres SOT no quiere minghui no pero para que sobre el cual you BL see me al no Zack say Kara's Yeomans adres permission to REO comenzaron place des los Berenson see a nose que estaban delante del templo so this work is a obrah of setting a marker slang the paneer in failure or the Motta's began the god sanctuary in PS a-- comienza in santuario de rio and it begins with the in generic in Kazakh nose and camel or those who are supposed to be achilles care David said leaders so judgment always begins with the house of God and then he works from the house of God to those who are outside of the house quiso siempre es econo casa de dios y luego de la casa de dios ba a los que no son Eliquis videos which would be the gentle kiss three and off campus or Adventism first and then the world Oh Advent is ma primera mente in Louie mondo and everyone who goes to the ceiling time it total pattern por el tiempo de cemento so the human is describing the ceiling which begins at nine eleven if he can wear the most Escriva temple decision meant okey commence ax and onto the septiembre but the geo-9 is connected to the G or a pero se quiere is connected or a skill also it's the same vision as la misma vision in verse one in verse 1 of chapter 9 in particular you know the de sécurité capital murder as said he cried also in mine ears with a loud voice this a clamor amiss leaders con gran boss who cried Nasir King clamor in suzaku with the angel who is talking to him in Ezekiel chapter 8 and uncle que estaba hablando con el in capital H oh it's one thought is in pensamiento so we go to the EO 8 the barycentric a particular author and we look in verse 4 and 5 is the Lea most loved the circulars cuatro Cinco he's going to describe what he's seeing in verse in chapters 8 9 ever describe it this critter lo que what he will see the chapter 9 sorry if you can yeah he's going to describe he's going to give a description of the of what you think a battle not description in this description is applying to chapter 8 in Chapter 9 yes a description Catholic a capital or choose Y Capital maybe because the one thought for Kisan unsolo pensamiento so if you can read just read chapter 4 verse 4 if he killed or took particular Quattro Yeti IG is Pamela glared at us this ray communal vision giardia bestow any camp oh okay so he's saying he beheld the glory of the Lord like he did like Isaiah or like Daniel Nov 30 que él había visto lebih soon as the commode a meal or Kamui area and if you were to look in verse 2 it's the same description that is given to John or given to Daniel a Christ if so still in Miren the acicular both 7 de cuenta que Islam is a description case val sobre is as in Daniel II in a quantum you so he's saying I beheld the glory of the Lord glory of God of Israel distances at least Avila glory radius DJ's according according to the vision and I saw on the plane Kamala vision Kyoya Bastogne El Campo when did they have the vision of the plane from blade to Willoughby film in El Campo shaft in chapter 3 in capitalist race so go back to chapter 3 we're almost encounter capital of today's in God verse 22 llamo say vesicular banty dose 22 and 23 we - 3 xx - 3 22 and 23 SI quieres been cedras menti tres de mozilla mano de silva sobre need a medic Oh levantate Isola Campo ERG avere contigo ml Avante a salir del Campo de aquí que estaba la guerra de siiva common allergy I bestow cuanto a yoga bar the post-race sobre Valastro okay so this is describing he saying so he tells in Chapter II in 9a in obese in capital or chin level which is describing a ceiling to discretize so German book the begins at nine eleven keep authority on to the September that he's seeing the vision nine he had in the plains this aqui estoy bien de la Basanti - wrote in in the Campo so the same vision was there tsunamis my vision then he says well releases in chapter three in capital press that this vision of the plains kata be symbol of samples in El Campo it's the same vision he had inadequate chapter one by the river Chebar a la misma vision to a 12o which he has which he had by the river river Chebar nigga one key tool in capital o uno con Tyree okay life so the keel chapter one affair if the K capital or no chapter three capital o tres en nine also in where are all the same vision todos phenom is my vision by pero de ceiling began nine eleven pero este jamendo empieza comienza also de septiembre so we applied ezekiel e para nosotros epic a motif occur easy easy okay - Ezekiel one one in that vision ethical owner or exhibition to midnight Emilia not sure so it's at both places or ferritin and los lugares in a Maserati so want to explain why we see de Jerez pick apart a knob a motorcy so let's go nan-oh vamos a dino that notice to next page 15 na penetration and you want to begin with the top the first paragraph Adisa see no solace tanto el mismo sino también a ministerial de los estados de de servers Davis Cassio chambre Paris cosas celestials embryos Oh Cho Cinco por esto era de suma importante y el Senor por mellowed a Moises violas instrucciones Matt Clara's a proceses acerca de cada uno de los puntos de este punto symbolic Oh okay so II returned to the symbolic code improper administered exemplary Oh consiste en dos parties un ser de su diario yacht row Anwar El Faro de su diario say effect Robin en la tarde uh lo castro in a a tree odessa burn a cool o en el lugar tanto the interest que ser be to annual serjella Farah in Eluga Santisima so the ministrations program administration of the sanctuary la ministration a ministerial the in the Santuario it's broken up into a daily into a yearly work if the video in una hora de area you're Nolan was and what and we understand from Psalm 77 notice in 10 Devils upper to the pharmacy certain theaters that the way of the world is in the sanctuary kilos communities in Europe zone into innocent wari that the way he deals with people the way he says que la manera como el trata con las personas la Madero como es fiber is depicted in the sanctuary is illustrated in the Santuario so what I'm going to suggest Loki over uzuki reef is that when Isaiah in ezekiel at 9/11 if quando if it clearly say yes is done in on to the septiembre the representing this daily work ellos representin i servicio diario which is a work of putting a lesson que su trabajo de poner de lado a picado in preparing for the yearly work para prepararse para sa de su and while which is the day of atonement quesadilla the expiation and I wish we had more time which we had another week your career key to be a famous mass soon as a man so I will explain it in in in much depth as simple the DSB cut the former mass profunda but we're not going to be able to do that there are not set up possibly so I'm just going to be able to given the the summary version of the boycotters the just for mere parliamentary so let's so what I'm suggesting is this no Kayoko to Korea know that from 9/11 to midnight the key based on 3 September after medianoche represents the daily service represent a service o diario and from midnight to the midnight cry represents the yearly service Emilia not just a club or a million or children present I see be so unwise and we're going to look at these two services now and show how they fit into each time period vamos ahora de da de más cerca de servicios y vamos a ver como ellos entrance v energy now I want to skip I want to go to the very to the end and read something first and then we're going to come back here OLED una parte Sita en is female Alou everyone was ejected sir so that's good okay are the end of patriarchs and prophets over than oh right here okay all word says the work performed complete the earlier on administration sex was to work once a year once an area answer yes estamos en la página catorces en el cuarto para o fo y cometa tell Erin ahora y como zaltar a final C todo se para de fondo de una better a new one it is yes just at one point those will be current yo si una vez al año en el gran vía Bella expiation a faster boat a entrada en el lugar Santissima para limpiar el santo REO la a bruh kisses avada acabo AG complete ah de el siglo my de ceremonious okay so the Lord is the North explore a depicts the way of salvation through the sanctuary Eleuthera a camino de Sebastian a Travis is the Santuario and I want you I want to illustrate this you kiddo you've tried it though when did the Lord enter the heavenly sanctuary crumble in this work one direction you're in Troy Sandra de sitio para empezar de stoah 1844 Ron know if the nickimja crap when did the Lord arrived in his sanctuary Quadra signore jiggle I sang I sang 20 31 31 yeah what happened in 31 trenton you know so what que que paso in treinta you know the cross la Cruz and Christ died in Krista module went to heaven austin de el cielo and began working in the sanctuary he until social order innocent radio and what did he do there what compartment was in e ke theology in K departamento second trauma the holy place the holy place in the Santo so the Lord began work in the holy place a senior in comenzó su agra Inosanto in lugar Tonto when did that work n cuando se terminó esto bruh 1844 1844 militant squad and de cuatro and what did he get what did he do where did he go he encounters a bonded in throw the whole Muslim he's going to go into the most holy place a by entrada al lugar Santissima condos in this work end yes our receipt elemina when did this work in cuando se termina TOA we don't know from below and of time fruition the end of probation I've seen that tiempo de Gracia this is Daniel 12:1 if the Damier balsa you know where Christ stands up my Costanza Donna mEagle to levanta and we finishes the work of salvation e in Syria or termina in now over the Tiber soon now that would make that would that would that would show us else from North Korea or so I let me say it this way when did the plan of salvation begin mayhem adidas I wrote Reforma quando in peso a plan of salvation in heaven and Eden and hasn't yes the plan was made in heaven see a blunder for a true energy in most yellows in the yellow but the plan begins the rate plan in commune somewheres and forth o is entering beware from eating an event and what do they begin to do from Eden forward ek commenced our own affair a party day then it is sacrified land they're going to make sacrifices in where is the sacrifice take place even as a sacrifice we donde see jellinek are below sacrificios which which compartment essentially k departamento de santo audio and is in the had reported for court yet in the courtyard on the brazen altar in a patio and i they Bronson and this word is in so this is the work of the courtyard if there is no already taught you when does the work in the courtyard end once a term in an ordinary patio we've already inserted gem of the premier 31 ad didn't I remember specifically store Christ all these sacrifices crystal totally serious are typifying Christ so it's empty PC Canberra Cristo Christ is going to be the sacrifice and move now into the center into the holy place Christo where is the sacrificial yarder and trucks a Luger Tonto and finally he goes into the most holy place in Louisville interest a Lutheran PC mode the entire work of salvation webinar already Sebastian is found in the sanctuary so in Quang Tri innocent wah do and can be shown on a line he preferred it was prodded una Linea from eating to the close of probation commence Indonesian as a sierra de la puesta de Gracia when did the 30 inches message arrived cuando llegó is the thermal shock Angelica 1844 militant squad and a Quattro so the third angel arrives in were in the time period of the third angel since 1844 yagota Sara Ann Kaye y entonces estamos en el período this is Sheppard action and how does this away describe this work in common hermana why to scribble estaba we're in the in typical day of what estamos media and political decay atomic entity to the atonement and AL dia and the typical they experience you write that underneath here Jignesh right David Thomas investigative judgment amen any investigative judgment DNA who investigative oh atonement David Thomas see the confirmo now what is poss-eye GD said Pablo now let's make a question mr. tuna pregunta muy in procedure but in liver chapter 9 there are neighbors capital of new eventually given chapter 9 a brave of a breeze capital of New Haven if we start in verse 24 to commend some of in a particular 24 verse 23 29 mixed emotions venti tres Abe Reles labels been teeth dressed we're going to read from verse 23 to 28 vamos sur de vehículos en titre 70 ojos todos en cot Rara Avis murdered NT tres few ways necesario que los Tigres de las cosas celestials tempera cicadas hace para las cosas Celestials mismas kameshwari sacrificios que estos porque montreux cristo en el santo REO h o de mano Seger adele verdaderos sino en el cielo bhisma para presentar say a hora por nosotros anty anty Rios a no para ofrecer say muchas veces como en tell Somoza sir dot a en el lugar Santissima cada año consomme a Gina blow drama naira louvière sido necesario para ser muchas veces deste principal del mundo para hora en la consumer she owned a los siglos say presentó yuna Bess para siempre por el sacrificio des amis mo para Qatar dinero LT carro de la manera que esta esta bear Osito para los hombres y Miren una sola des y después de esto a hui co c tambien Cristo few Ofra sido una Sola base para jovanna picados de muchos ya prefer a possible novice single a she own con el picado para ser da a los que el esperan una tanto Crestron Goenka cuantas veces que sus ba a la cruz 1 1 1 moon Apollo 8 the word salvation la hora de la salvation will only take place 1 ba ba ok acontecer una sola rez once Michael stanza 1 Christ and up una vez que me gusta la banda Christopher levanta and the work in the sanctuary eater minute organist Ontario it's done is that the Saqqara everything is done on this line pero que eso in esta Libya will happen once barcoo the third moon Apollo 8 Eden only happens once the cross only happens once the third angel only happens once again solo una vez la Cruz una sola vez a therfore alkyl una sola res he doesn't have to do it over and over again municipal third fellow best rabbit what did we read what is what what if we read from patriarchs and prophets kiss all mostly into the Patriarca see prophetess the work they performed completed the yearly round administration so I read our 100th year on the Dalton greetings una refer Meo la grande del expiration is a survey entrada en el lugar Santissima para limpiar exemplary oh la Oh break it ajudada acaba G complete Allah s Seco an the ceremony's one-year une annual of the yearly service in the sanctuary de servicio annual in the Santuario with depicting a complete sense complete system sigh complete cycle of salvation represent era un cyclical Plato de la terrasse Serato one year moon annual depicted this entire process in Ostrava todo is the process from Eden to the from eating to the close of probation they did as a sierra de la puerta de gracia so when we look at this when we look from 9/11 to the midnight cry st. francis miramos the also the 50-meter ostomy media noche this is representing one set one cycle of salvation as we only have at the club motivator not sure it's represented sequel The Saboteur that will only take place one Kirra acontecer una sola 'but you only get one chance at Salvation tu vas a tener solo una channel una oportunidad bharatavarsa so the priests in this time you're satelli Baptist in if the video will have one complete cycle validated in circular completo but we said the remoter beseemeth in process inhibitors Apollo this in a dress that is given for men to die one he is battle hombre demurrage una vez una follow it but is that true better is to it very bad yes see absolutely see we are Sivakasi but let's go to first Corinthians 15 31 the Ramos are primarily Corinthian Corinthos South Korean ver Scranton's 1531 Kinsale treinta you know the miracle in still keen say treinta you know first off solutions America dentists could print a Quincy Trent a una cosa Figaro hermanos well a Gloria kiba's Oprah's tango in estrus any or Jesu Christo Chikara De Niro so here we see a key demos that in Hebrews cannibals when Paul is talking about the anti-typical day of atonement quando quando polyp habla as secondary DSP assume anti-typical he says that it's given once fermented died in then be judged ke D CK Lisa dollar hombre de Moura Marie una holiday here para key is telling us he dies daily know this case he had a deal with that was obviously not physically dying obeah men to north simulator not very physical mental but he's saying that I die to myself daily pero que de vecinos cameras but is but a joke the area meant how many times a year did the did the Day of Atonement take place how many times company me how many times in a year the day of atonement explained cuantas veces durante annual our quantity o el dia de expression one Time Warner followers this experience is a one-time experience esto es una experiencia de una followeth typify by the day details of the yearly service Pacific are operated with you and wild but how often did / - so pero cuantas veces Pablo Morillo daily at sujod we are demented and his witnesses I die daily you Condor difficut Kennedy Romero he's describing the work of daily sanctification describe a a la hora de santis occasion the area which is the daily service KSS servicio diario it's what we're doing now is located Thomas haciendo era it's the experience of the Lord we're supposed to be having now it's like 3m tape on the senior que debemos tener nada so as we die daily Maria no Kara dia there will be a point where we will reach the judgment one para un Punto in KJ Guerra a whistle une autonomous and it will be as we are spiritually dying important it Sarah Connor so Maria famous spiritual mentor como although this policy so when we see Ezekiel and Isaiah at both these points the author of memo sentences Pablo is is in Amber's puntos they're depicting each of these services all systems in Australia cada uno de tu servicio when when when Daniel sees the glory of God in chapter 10 cuando danielle de ana glory de Dios in capital OBS what happens to kill pasa con el this is he standing and see it is illustrated yeah what is it what happens to him kill it papa he forces one day he falls is one dead guy coma webbed oh he's prophetically symbolizing someone who's dying prophetic comment is a true symbol it's under a young kid with it so when we see Daniel at midnight cantatas sabemos Danielle a la medianoche he's depicting Hebrews chapter 9 el estado present in Istanbul ah a Braille capital rabbit where horses is given once fermented I bonded Paolo d SE que la da da hombre de mer a moo-moo ribs una followeth it's given to them once to be judged it a man who scholar una Sola with but when Paul says I die daily pero cuando Pablo basica your colored er arrow and we see Isaiah whereas if you're Daniel here today most Daniel if Achilles is Ali this is where we're seeing them depicting his daily work entonces vamos a lost Rondo LOC lost Rondo sOooo bruh the idea MA amen so let's go back in our notes will be evaluated mater and let's go back to page below Mosul apartment the beginning I suspected a thing okay so let's look at the four no more I know mortal I estamos en el tercer parada phone ninguna oh ho mortal settler with fruit for no model item shoe before a board okay estamos packing oppressor Perazzo tres mingle automata except o el de su Moses our daughter Debbie Amir our interior del lugar Santissima solo una vez al año podia entrar aji a zoonosis r dot a ESO después de la preparación Mosqueda Llosa assalaam a tan Blondo entrada para presentar say aunty dios y el pueblo de ver NT Silencio esperaba Suja Gresso con los corazones elevado's in servo dasa or ASEAN para teddy lab NEC own Davina ante a propitiatory o es uno so celebrate a ASEA explosion para ser y en La Nouba naegleria yes say contrada con el seesi c sub permanencia ND to see a 6 ET au rue de la Motte a tiempo acostumbrado l % es de mer de que a casa de las pecados ratios for the a mismo lobia somewhere Cola Guerra de señor so when the high priest goes in on the Day of Atonement to make the atomic for under David román in Tom Condor Saturday entra Santissima para el dia de base de chillon he's making the atonement for all of the Israel of all the complication es hasta la SP ASEAN para toda la congregation DJ and is going to play out the same Yaiba SPR a supe kado s picados but notice there are nothing in the first the first the second sentence cannot fit in that sentence only once a year could the press enter here so Luna based on a new podium prodigy a sumo sir doses in and that after the most careful and solemn preparation here to disperse on a preparation Mosqueda dasa if the lemon the high priests make the preparation on the day of atonement say rocky Zuma Sasebo pay ASEA Supra pero en el mismo dia de expression no no he had to make that before the day of atonement esto para para to Joe acaba antes del día de acción this had to be done before it had to be done in the prior days esto el a be a fair and this in los dias Imperial so we come to the anti-typical day of which we come to midnight so no jugamos i a la medianoche without a proper preparation we know the reader prepare oh it's going to it's going to it's going to manifest after manifested on whether or not we're wise or foolish version the form of fabulous business lobbyists or incense factor because this arises at midnight porque hermano y tal Emilio not yet we see who had made the preparation and who had not where we spoke in a BIA it to super if I really kill nor yet or we're either going to be destroyed because we didn't make the proper preparation or theorem of history let's porque no hemos hecho la tropa Pato and our our our names will be blotted out of the book of life in retrospect Aaron a Pagano salir de la vida or will come to this point with a proper preparation oh I can Samos este punto c'mon prep arroz con con el dedo prep a low in our sin will be blotted out in rest reputable Sara pagado and only your name / name e ba e ba Behar followed with remembrance so Oscar the next target album service próximo pirarucu ESO le Bisou diario consiste en a local Toma to Tino Yodas Pertino Eno sarasim en toda ensign in sin so NC Enzo Tarboro Edel sacrificios especiales for lost acres individuals además a be a significant fetus parallel sábados Lagoon of murders in las fiestas the specialist so during the sir during the daily sacrifice in contest durante factor 82 the REO the offering was for individuals in LA or frienda era para de carros individualís remember the daily services for individuals it's a vista de diario is para individuals but the yearly service is for all of the congregational syllabus and while is para toda la congregation so every day in terms of color the yellow espouses como paulo brazil is di como para sa yo Mero IC title myself to my pride this is necesito mo Borges Emilio Emilio I have the dye stain min-soo tamale particle so every day when I send or if I think the Calabria to your Tico I have to remove that sin from my lifetime it by asking for forgiveness necesito a Pagar OSAC are aesthetic are dead nevada pedido perdón but it's not just asking for forgiveness the know if so lamented the Deerfield perdón because repentance isn't asking for forgiveness for the Unrated deer say no if we repaired on repentance as a producer is when I have my sing in front of me if cuando yo tengo take out the lambda me and I turn the other way II very worried about boy outro lado and I never commit it again you won't come out Boyer a philosophical during this time during this yearly service or this daily service durante su servicio BRE oh I need to cleanse the soul sample of every defilement this is little limp that is a temple there i'ma mister it's a Sufi rep so that when I arise arise before the Lord till associate and don't sit sit if I arrived for because when I arrived in front of the Lord okay cuando yo may I present to aunt a senior if I have seen in my life you think will pay Academy Vida my name will be blotted out of the record of being my minimum barrysarah pegado de libro de la vida so it's our work and comes with dressed Roberta to send our sin the Indian versus picados away from ourselves natural to nosotros and on to the sanctuary II my values are some product as the in using the example of the sanctuary system Sutra Samos a simple oh there is employable they were removing sin from their lives the toronto condo picado de sus vidas in placing it upon the sanctuary II love southern color condo I said Prada and then once a year in tantas una Bethel on your the sanctuary would be cleansed of all the same that had been placed there during the year it's aunt waad Rio with food if Accardo for Casa de toda picados theory a committee low to Ontario symbolizing the blotting out of the same symbol is Sandow ma expiry Undertaker now let's read you can just read here from every morning to atoning blood of Christ cada mañana y cada tarde so precioso brea tar un Cordero deluna mio con las olas Sione's appropriate --is represent a para symbolize arma consecration Diarra a do s de table honest or y su constant a dependency ax de la sangre expiatory de cristo we need to be daily consecrating ourselves to the Lord cada dia thus Atomos config Ramos adios because if we're not doing this work porque si no estamos de stoah bruh we're not going to be ready for the Day of Atonement Norris today Mo's preparados para el dia de question where is our sin will be blotted out or our name ob-la-da donde or nuestro picado sarah pegado otro hombre strap 'god oh okay so let's go to page next page probably I want this signs of the times the thermo set up in a panic occurs in those in the sector Pereira for indigents yes okay find audience cheers question got the daily intake and service in the area full of in the area warrior knows they would I that's what we read about in the daily service there being two types of sacrifices which is represented by the one and two I've never considered aa nunca consider a consider a este pensamiento but that wouldn't surprise me whether it's a mummy stop great idea that were very well maybe correct that it's representing that is second angels message when sa possibility so is the represent Ando la primera Cebu dimension Angelica and regard to the curiosity I have in Asia do the daily service via those who know a word in addition to the people there was a collective service incidentally we go under the lambda was sacrificed by this by the creek yeah and then the other one for the person who committed sin when he came to the priest to present himself and this was called the individual service in hey Ricardo in this case are we on dos dos amigas so there were two types of service in the daily service amen amen la pregunta whoo so yeah so me dijo a clarity is one visual solamente puedo Samantha via Oh okay Miss Cleo esta bien lo que esta bien de Sade's Jimenez he was just wanted to innocent only just the two of the subdivision here instead you confirmed it by the engine yes okay let's read the scope from under the Sun vamos a la cita the signs of the times x2 / r fo for in Valencia / inversion Center Kara's Estragon TS loss almost Wheldon des cuidado in you so del dinero y Foreman albatraoz de rocha bears de entrar Kayla abnegation de las páginas cosas con do say a la obligación de las cosas mayores cero momentos son cuidado sometta assessor ADO's y pesto's a Lulu so prudent a las horas no se despaired hicieron Uno's des tessarin sin ahora las oportunidades pajamas nossek desk you Darren mayores oportunidades si se en plein talento slim atados been drama your utilidad Yonatan TDOT a paciente en hacer en hacer en you stead Canara poder para hacerlo bien y pass sentiment a nuestro trabajo no puede ser notado por los press y no superdad credit oh la mesilla pero dios marca acerbo diligent a audacity Duryea para hacer una hora más grande es la ciudad en las páginas cosas no casa grande el hombre anteriors so the daily experience na experiencia the area of preparing ourselves de prepare and prepare de nosotros of being faithful the sensor fearless of capitalizing our small opportunities the approbation done with respect Aeneas oportunidad is going to lead us to the yearly experience nausea vara la experiencia and well this daily preparation is the prepare oh the reo of of small things as a word in the Kenya's causes como era will lead us to this yearly service where the great day of atonement is taking place nausea is Iturbi to unwire donde el servicio the expression acontece yet now one last thing i want to say before we close ultima kosaki you carry with it onto the determiner just in case Sala post like a pro I'm not denying master Negron look that from 1844 to the close of probation is the great day of atonement the state new Total Current a Quattro outside deira de la puerta de Gracia is a grand dia the expression but as we look into this history pero Miran do I say scoria we find that as the Lord is working with specific groups of people as que vemos que cuando el señor trabajo con grupos de specific owes this experience is repeated esta experiencia todas experiences JEP Attila that everyone will have an experience with the first second in 30 cada uno tendrá su experiencia premier Segundo de el mensaje Angelica and all of them de cada uno deja or are all all of it rather who produce is a portraying what the Lord is doing on a grander scale ostendo Strang go no Casey or hace una Scala my or that he will accomplish the same work in worthy to accomplish the the plan of salvation for the entire world he is this Aurora a plan of the Sebastian para totally muumuu but he'll accomplish the same plan to the individual pero but complete ambien con el mismo plan para cada individual amen amen let's pray for EM oh should I close Javits Marco dear Heavenly Father giving a paraphilia spirit we thank you again otra vez Darrell Simoes we pray that you would lead us to this experience Lord wherever skimmers conduces is a experiences in earth of forsaking sense the Abba monorail picado of coming in the perfect unity with you you J got a perfect union contigo give us the strength and the grace Danos to first e Gracia to overcome every defective character but I've been said accredit effect to the character and to be accounted wise a parasailing contrato Savio as the wise virgins were Kamala's las business lobbyists for encontrados to be found with the character or the oil that is necessary for trial ahead para que para ser encontrado con el aceite oil character necesario para la playa la palabra que viene pour out your spirit honors durometer espíritu sobre nose and we ask that you dwell on each and every one of the floors inviting presence deberíamos que estás presente mirando in cada uno de nosotros cleanse the soul so the sequence is templo de lima we thank you Lord and we love you there are thermal seniority mammals Jesus memory hisses I mean