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para nuestro para estar Bert or de la tarde TM atomos para a continued ODIs to poor who s taken Oh Scott Rose para que ser una hora definition sino que vemos Porto Santo Spirito para que nos Illumina porque estamos tratando de Costa Gravas pedimos KSA's comer mono tales kilo been digas para que pueda Alan lo que se tu voluntad C or s take amigo también en la traducción ESO te Pido nombre de sus a men okay so yesterday we did I get we began looking at we were looking at these visions of the prophets Tommy run run let's be honest little prophetess and we had looked at Isaiah in Daniel Yadier most me Dada si es e Danielle Joe hope Paul Fabian Paolo Moses and john-boy says he won and we showed to Sicily Island a most Ramos a terrible attitude hermana white that sister Y connects all of these decisions together karamaneh white less connector at todos esos busy honest that they were all having a very silly experience of the Lord told ellos tuvieran una experiencia especial para Cunha senior and we showed that all these connects with CEO the most Ramos que todos ellos a connect and I see care particularly is the Geo one one in particular if we kill you know know where he's having this wheels within wheels a gamma tends to be on there rather than to the rather and we connected this to the fifth day of the fourth month here's is having it unsafe a the fourth month you solo comment connect Thomas I came to the other quarter más por que se que tiran tends to be shown in a key to the other quarter met which in the Milan history km la espera me Lolita is the day that Samuel snow is give in the midnight ride it idea in case some with no declare mode de medianoche so if we continue on page eight C code in Arizona partner or Cho I want to read one more pathogen memo move on Kieren el mas una cita de leyva vamos a a bantha so what we've seen so far about all these visions lo que hemos visto esta hora progressive Bibiana story is that they're all having a prophetic face-to-face experience of the Lord que todos ellos en una visión una una experiencia de philosophie kinesin or cara cara and and this always leads to humbling of the humanity component in this equation he important occasions soj de una experiencia who million teh departed a director Amano and we saw and we want to make clear that all these experiences you can remove the hair Claro que todas esas experiences are prophetic and symbolic some prophetic of a symbolic use enough suggesting that because daniel had a vision no story sous vide end o que por cierto guna vision that God's people are going to have a literal vision que a burglary of temporal may be shown literal but these are prophetic symbols pero que es on symbol of prophetic loss that point to an experience that we will have K upon T on una experiencia que nosotros tenemos and if we read if we begin on the bottom of page eight sentences la most in el fin de la pagina or top one is the Univision yep Odyssey - lieutenant okay before we begin reading I'm tisk a common some cumin some of layer to give a very very brief overview of what we've done so far for those who haven't been here here that hombre de David Rees women de lo que hemos estudiar hasta ahora para los que no an estado con nosotros over the last week durante la semana pasada we've been showing the millerite history the most most ridiculous father if for a milliliter from 1798 to 1844 this term u s-- citizen been torture after mucho since qur'an de cuatro prophetically parallels our history at the end of the world prophetic Ament a parallel a-- nuestra story in el fin del mundo and when we see this prophetic parallel the quando the most is the parallel o prophetic oh and allows us to see what will take place in our history by looking in the past no pyramid a beard or entender lo que hora de nuestra storia mira no I pass odd that God declares the end from the beginning the earth declares in this different video so if you want to know the end of something look at its beginning sakura-san tener el fin de una cosa media a common commensal the beginning of the adventism is terrifying the end of Adventism a commune to the Adventist element is more typica i findell Adventism and what we saw is that the Miller lo que nos vemos is kilo milliliters uses the line of Ezra 7 9 oh sorry bulimia distressed heated waiver to understand how to understand when the third decree would go into effect para comprender in que momento SSL decreto Eva come Eva in trendy God so they can understand when the end of the 2300 years old a II a see even in tender in cave momento Sivan terminar los dos mil tres en tus onions so new year 457 an annual cuatro siento cincuenta CSS and the AC AC antes de Cristo as run from a 7 9 a stress interested in weather is going to leave Babylon but salir de Babylonia with the 3rd decree from our Xerxes collector set a crater the other artists edges on the first aid assessment is going to arrive in Jerusalem and el primer the Dead premiere mez Baazigar a huge rain and on the tenth day of the seventh month you know yes model Septimus the 3rd decree will go into effect instead a crater in track entering the world and at the end of the 2300 Yassin de las dos mil azeotropes we see the same prophetic pattern there was a mismo patron that on the first day of the first month que en el primer the primer myth which is the 19th of April 1844 here is the inevitable music want a cuatro we have the first disappointment in the middle right history demos a dream el tráfico in late autumn Lolita and they realize after this point II despues de este momento LOC dan cuenta that it's not till the end of the year in the autumn that the decree would on no fact kr that the decree that the 2300 years would end k follow en el fin de gallo who do Jose Antonio Eva even terminal owes me to the center Daniels and we saw that on the first day of the specimen if you must ki premeditate infamous same as snow arises the extra key meaning J gossamer is no a la a campus today Exeter on the 15th August 15 and it came to their roster and he's going to give the midnight cry message e by that I mean sake they clamor de medianoche and on the tenth day of the seventh month in a yes m'dear the happy moment which is the 22nd of October killer dented of birth to birth the 2300 years will end sitter minim loss loss material Santa's onions and then we identified in lieu ever identify camels that we can pinpoint the midnight cry a little bit more precisely que podemos mark are a clamor de medianoche Tomas Alma professor that it was action on the fifth day of the fourth month k Angela de Luca vo na came to dia de cuarto met which is the 21st of July que es el veintiuno de Julio and over the last week we've been showing how this structure durante la semana pasada amosmoss prado como este structurae is paralleling or ism prophetically still is preferably portraying our history esta el Ostrander prophetic Amenti and nuestra story now that 911 911 k n2 v embryo the second angel arrives Yaga is Segundo uncle - L ll ya ll yeah the second angel arrived jiggle cylinder anchor marking the fall of Babylon second angels message Babylon responds on my communicator the Babylonia kiss ko kayo Babylonia and it's a good omen Sokka this is to provide by the Miller eyes leaving Babylon on the first day of the first month es esta marcado con las maletas en el premio de primer mess los Miller Rita's saliendo the Babylonian which was the with them coming out of the Protestant churches KS the LS they can go and a fig lettuce Protestant and on the first day the first month in the time of Ezra Ezra leaves Babylon with the third occurrence en el primero de primer met estrus Sal a day Babylonia Cana today cretin tomorrow's the first day of the fourth month is marking midnight Quinto dia del cuarto mess mark la medianoche where all the Virgin's wake up bonded for the last mission is disputants from the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 if the bill has got a parabola the las diez bitchiness they might tell mohammed el bente singko and they find out whether they have oil or they don't e the scuba density nana say - oh no based upon the preparation that they made before but the other in is prepared okay and heo antes in the midnight cry is to find the midnight ride the Exeter camp meaning a club or de medianoche typical mo de medianoche in in the campus of the exeter and october 22nd is cheaper filed by the Sunday law Aventador del cobre is typical for a lolly Dominican or when the third decree is being fulfilled or cuando el secreto fait accompli and that's a really brief overview ESO es una revisión resuming bread another thing we've seen the roller coaster came of visco is that from 9/11 to the Sunday law is Kade si on to the septiembre hasta la ley Dominica it is showing us the time period of Adventism testing vamos para is tiempo in Kiev NT small s parallel and then thereafter the world will be tested EK luego a mundo Sara prevail but we looked at the fact that the seventh-day Adventist Church pero hemos morado I ll show Kayla eaglet Adventist septum obeah can be divided into two groups supposedly we did in those classes and these groups are based upon the time period in which they receive the message or common contact with the message ESS Clausius ad finem de la manera que dependiendo cuando ellos receive an amen soccer first and imbed lessly the business coach terminological ela terminologia Biblica para esto is from sanctuary is the Santuario the three groups of people that work in the sanctuary make up all the world so no today's grupo que trabajan exemplary o que de que su campaña todo el mundo you have the priest Levite in the National I love cetera daughters los Levitas illa flattened net in health and what we want to focus on in the priests and the Levites make up a seventh-day Adventist Church yellow cetera dr. sealove Levitas component as we report bellows Adventist a septum obeah and the ad in the Nationals make up the world yellow cleanse Nippon ELLs representer al mundo now we're going to focus on the free notice one was for cannot allow settled ot the reason we're going to focus on the three in a result for que nos vamos for Carlos Petra dopest is because all of us are represented by that group of people is porque nosotros todos somos represent our policy group or because we're here in message now before midnight porque estamos escuchando nosotros immense aquí ahora en antes de la medianoche in midnight immediate not chief is the time when our took our probational clothes is a tempo in que nuestro tiempo de Gracia Sierra and we'll find out whether or not we made the preparation during this time Donna vamos descubrir say hemos hecho el de vida prepare o or not and what we've done is we'll connected the experiences midnight Aloka Boetticher is a most connected or like speedy NT de medianoche with these prophetic visions that these pastor having cannot visions prophetic a scalar K los profetas subieron with little experience with the Lord their own when experiencia con el señor que todos ellos tuvieran and we're gonna look at our last our last person we want to add the list y vamos ahora my dad ana ultima persona que queremos a crescent our is Alisa and this is Pierre yes a Pharaoh so let's read on the bottom of page a internal memos in Cinderella pack Naruto and if I just the first area donde se la noche eres una Co tiempo favorable para pescar conrado's en las Clara's aguas de la voz después de trabajar toda la noche sin exit row pareció una empresa des esperada HR Lisette deadia para que sus a da da de la orden el amor de su Asuma estro imbue a lost I suppose our decel juntos Simoni su hermano de Sharan que Ella red Allenton traffic arla era tan grande a la cantidad de peces kan sazabi km peso from per se cv Aaron habla God owes a Gemara Santiago is one en su ayuda cuando bein a seguir adelante ska Amber's barkos Esteban tan car God owes que corriente legal de indecent okay this first paragraph is just given a component in the story that we're looking at st mary powerful knows de sola men to context o parent and a que estamos Miren rock equally story we're dealing with the with the time that crime is going to overload the boat with fish estamos viendo el momento in key 3 scuba fabric argh our loss barkos come pescado sauce incineration lame-o's continue mutinous siente página pero pero ya know pensaba en los barkos en su carga st Milagro más que cualquier otro qo b SI presencia doe era para el la una manifest acción de poder de vino y que sus vo a que que tenía su jetta table a natural esse bajo sudo me neo la presentación delle Devine dad rebel ah de su propia say today Santa dad Levin C eran el amor Asuma estro Nyberg when supports approached a incredible Adad la gratitude por la condesa den SIA de cristo affair a todo el sentimiento es su empresa frente a la Perez a infinita mientras sus compañeros estaba en garde ando el contenido Ledet Pedro que yo a los pierced a salad or esque Lomond Oh apart atella Missy or porque soy hombre TECA door so you Missy feel a key demo zotero when I insist a smear Zohar cuando el de este mila gray mallero de Dios de de cristo he's going see a human he's going the contrast amend I went a Benedict way Christ a poner encontraste Summa adapt alidev in Davina dot de Cristo and this is the same experience soas go inside l2 d experienced na ni de y la romana white ba connect our SAS pre NLCS Prensa day si es e Danielle and we dem arrow red yesterday he say who still say recuerden K Moseley is we saw that when I they will be holding the vision of Christ in Diego or in Isaiah per se aah BMO's visto cuando la aldea UNS davis cuando Isaiah's estará teniendo su su vision a nice ayah says that see sweaty scratches a many sensation of the divine how orca KLR Manovich lo describe a con una una manifestation de poder de vino de Dios so here we see Peter UNMC smear Kogi recognized a manifestation of divine power de la misma Madera Pedro aqui a presence ers seminar Doe is Rico no so esto como una manifestation de poder de vino y hemos a pro's no Perazzo era la misma presencia de la santé dot Davina lochia do a choke il Profeta Dani a como muerte Villante delante de Dios el dijo dysplasia say Metro Cohen des Mayo singe a tenor big or alguno aceton bien cuando Isaiah's contemp lo la gloried si no es clamo a demi chase Alberto Casey endo hombre mundo de la Rio's yeah botando Melo Pueblo que tiene la dos in mando's a Mis Mis ojos a j hovah de los de chartres sito's la manna dad consider bella dotty picado say a yabba in contrast a con la perfection Derrida V naught yes NTAs completamente de ce c NT y fault o de santa dad ah si les a suceeded o a Sparrow's a que ellos a quiénes few auteur god o un adición de la grande esse Imagi stat videos superga see hockey vemos otra vez we see the weldability el frog unconsciously humanity humanity shrinks away from akiba most outré des que cuando la humanidad es puesto encontraste con la Divina dad now woman did that Desa Paris's and for Desmond Ouya and again we see that were connecting Daniel yo produced a superior experience er yo Travis demos que se puede connect a la experiencia de Daniel E Y Saez is our experience a repair okay let's read one more para la amo smashing paragraph Oh Pedro Eskimo apart a definition or Portus el hombre TECA door sim embargo se hace Java a las diez DeJesus sin T endo que no podía cetera del a salad or contest oh no temes desta ora take Aras tes Cara's hombres few despues que si es you go contemplate hola Santi dot ay dios y su protein Dignidad cuando ella fue el cuñado en seguida vino despues que Pedro fuera in dosey doe ana Garcia sí mismo yah confía en el poder de me no fue cuando se Lozano a trabajar para Cristo so here we see after after Peter in Isaiah receive their experience of the Lord Akiba mascara if I yes I Pedro the first key to be able to experience Akana seniors this ready dancing given message to another group of people who stole is the para para Don Valley to menchaca an auto group O so after the pre have an experience with the Lord have this experience of the Lord or say the first key yourself about estuvieron FSP reenter Kuna senior they'll then be ready to give a message to the large group of um Eva tanto Sturm preparados para dar un mensaje i a los Lolita and so that's good okay so what we're seeing with all these different visions that were looking at it comes down to one simple point welcome ever supposed to be decertified in this city Suman Allen Funt oh there's probably more a lot more to it wrong I mean what about lament I mucho Mata ki decision so brethren I want to point out one specific I want to highlight one point the real key Roberta car un Punto that at this point at midnight can s the moment in a meteorologist because people have a Disick's perience with him capability of tendrá if they experience second is that would that is so that is so strong that is so shocking keep an intense okay Stan Cho camp that it will that is being prophetically symbolized as dying k prophetic Amenti is symbol asado como moon simmer again Samadhi endo or that is prophetically symbolized as seeing the Lord face to face or prophetic amenities symbol estado con viendo adios Caracara and what it's all about is our current generation located is the KT trata todo esto es sobre nuestra prepare o era are we ready to receive are we ready to go through this experience estamos listos para pasar police experiencia because as we saw in Daniel chapter 10 yesterday for just three como no tragedy hemos visto in the narak capital of years is that there were two classes is Kabir in a false vision both classes cuando Daniel to go to vision Daniel saw vision denier Bureau submission because the major preparation porque el sabor pero todo su awaken pero aquellos que estar con el dosti sedation in a wrong way no en la misión y Salenko Gendo they are losing the salvation ellos en su Sebastian so let's let's go to page I'm going to skip some of our notes for the sixth time pour tiempo Ramos cartel in Atlanta no self nota but let's first go to page pero antes vamos a la begin to pack enough well I'm gonna pack not bossy and I want to define the binding off I want to define the midnight craft or the mill yeah midnight Prado lo que quiere que trata de hacer es que lo Destiny's Ella también toe o el amor de medianoche so Fiona dr. Sarah pagina Doce premier para o fo FM edema your importancia SI mensaje de ser ser anchor ka-bar que los mensajes de el primero o el segundo Angela's todos Delvin entender la verdad a zkn tanida's en esos mensajes yo most ramos en la vida de aria porque esto es ciencia / porque esto es SLC a para la Sebastian tendremos que estudiar conserver econ oracion last afin de comprender SS grandes bird a daze yo estra poder para a prey aprender e comprender sara is for Sado a sell extremo so Situationist and tweet the theme of a point from importance from inserter in method hermana white NOS dicen que el tema de mayor importancia is a means a cadet resurrection an embraces the first humans EK abarca a los mensajes de primero de Tribune DOE and were required to demonstrate advantageous messages in our lives Posadas de santo part of a co y que debemos todos de mostrar esos mensajes de nuestra vida de area porque es ncra's para nuestra Sebastian so when we when were the first tomb when was the first and that means messages given cuando cuando los primeros both manaka-san callie callie's 1840 a 640 first angels message mucho sense cuarenta a premier mensajes I was one as one would na ma ma so with the first angels message the most a premier Manchac Angelica when we have the second equally cuando el segundo Mensa Angelica when we see the 73 my mother for the 43 when a dead prez it's close cetera but it's in spiritual eyes the end of 40 but as I seen the current address it's the end of 43 in the beginning of 44 a fin de cuenta trettel comienzo de cuenta cuatro it's when the Miller as the first disappointment is cuando la los milliliters from Sharkey ADO's pas la primera vez and then finally we have the third in his message a leg of personal tenemos SSMS our Angelica again October 27 1844 distress mentiroso to GRA muchos en cuenta Quattro so these messages in total estas men sockets condor were given in to or them and we saw on this week Guillermo business of semana that the first angels message technically arrived in 1798 que technical meant a primary mensajes Yaga immunity siento cemented show that isn't hard in 1840 with with the prophecy of the silence illegal JCB poder a multitude cuenta con a prophecy a Quesada Pro Julius Lich then with the rival the second angel Louie Vega is Segundo men sake then it's thereafter in Tower amitaba Segundo uncle evil book receiver poder at the midnight cry any clamor de medianoche and finally the third angels message arise the finalmente a the firmament second silica Yaga um but the third angels message has been hasn't been empowered and been powered yet in the time of 1944 pero en el tiempo de mucho en cuenta Quattro it's a sermon sahih bukhari no idea jessebella poder todavía so the third angels message and from their settlement second helices accompanied by the first in the second que viene hunt O'Connor the Damaris Segundo begin to Joseph district seducer Raja for life Toria and it's looking to the time where indeed Howard E - Sara momento in Cape Elizabeth for leche and when is the first place that it wants to get empowered be cuando as Google tries to empower the Sirleaf cuándo es la primera vez que se yo quiero dar poder SMS ah hey cinnamon no eigen Fabrice experience mucho tiempo chant urato why he for Timothy Ocho ciento siete ocho what happened in each media KOCO yo neo 2 theta sin torture Minneapolis national with the General Conference I will not compare enter general in Minneapolis fo y KD c hermana y sobre esta confrontation era what is Jordan Wagner had okay John T Wagner tin to be Aaron who message their message in which message was a crime and sake ellos vinieron justification by justification efficient patient situation arises in dolare Raymond juste education policy ear Manawatu described como el mensaje de la lluvia tardy and the latter rain begins to sprinkle here yaki mgesa a que es la lluvia warrants we see a scenario came at vemos emoji o centro center Ocho in turn disaster in business in relational tell cement Angelica what almost happens in a community cake Kathy that's right Oh closure in your certain dokin-chan taught you Sunday law and decrepit America there's almost a son-in-law has in the United States Congress catfish is pasado de una ley de una ley de minik dominique are in a congress or de los Estados Unidos an AC Jones and others e8e Jones lladros stand before Congress in given defense of the same ellos en san jamar dos parent a friend el congreso Eden testimonio de su de su SE and this was the Blair there what is the Blair Blair no it's the name of the Bell his name was Ella era they created the Blair the bill is named after the sender who proposes a stop reported a decree tofu recibió nombre de la persona que la proboscis Blair and the decree the bill is structured inside a patent y a current vote on doe in contra de esta propuesta de béxar 800 what was assessed on Ella pero esto era la del Dominica's the organ 14 are you Nikita de ellos even for SAR a los Estados Unidos in Paros ah Gwadar a Domingo an agent another sense valium against a spell against the cream it is John to approach is an IE valiente's in contra la in this system this Adventism accept the message of Georgia Rania righteousness by faith yes Sarah Kay Lowell our ventus's acceptance ah hey de la Justicia she own policy the wagon hi John no she completely rejected no let's just amp or completo insist away talked all about it in in her writing he let mana writes loves most Qantas always parentheses cripple about how the conference the general conference stood in the way of God in people by rejecting is not nominated como una conferencia general estaba in tremolo dos y el pueblo in pidiendo kk j gaza s mm socket and at stennis descendant people in Adventism rejected completely in the system incredibly he deals a funeral notice even mm soccer he went in for it's a support complete a semicircle and what message is just miss my face he came in soccer is like aesthetic estoppel effect in terms of the three images in relation a loss treatment especially khalid the third it's the third angels message in the sermon second kill occur it's the message that is going to prepare God's people to stand in the green day of judgment essa mensaje que eva preparado para el roble de Dios para por para ponerse PA na Grandia de Huy Co now what happens I don't wanna Georgians manga que pasa con Jonesy Wagoner Judas tell strong faith raus raus para ellos preparation practice in suface para el resto de su vida no no they very quickly point will happen rappy romantic kind in apostasy it wasn't that the general conference refused the message that Ocelot arranged be rejected annoyed a que la conferencia Jenner a su su su ke ko si fuera cha-cha de la serda Torreya the at the leadership always reject messes porque ella derrick rose siempre de Chasseur I'm in tacky what caused the Lorraine stop for no key imperio kike Ursula you better be a and for the ceiling time to be for long y que el tiempo de se jamendo sweaty prolong God Oh with that the messengers Johnson Wagner Eric los meta heroes John T Wagner Dylan live the truth television no estaba muy bien de la verdad que ellos estaban pre Ricardo the Lord no longer has messengers to the organization or Gianna to mr. Karos para dairyman socket if so the timer for long yes es tiempo where prolong God the Lord wanted to come back in that time pair in that hundred if in your career will bear in este tiempo necessarily the temple he wanted to empower his he wanted this message the third angels message be empowered a kiss of for Teresa de 37 second a chemical what it was pero Akebono so it continues to go on the history yes he continually historian and what we've showed this week he came up the most Rado ssa mana is that the next place arrives scaled from a momento in KJ gamos is nana la que la vega is in onto the september is what we showed you came of mass prado with that this with the point where the fourth angel comes down and empowers this message arranger is quando chega equal to uncle than the product is a sermon Angelica this is a film of Revelation 18 one superest racer complimented apocalypsis DC or choked una pres sister white 7 life sketches in a skater ybc in neighborhood life sketches that when the great buildings in New York come down the 14th of the fourth angel arrived in Revelation 18 1 2 3 will be success cuando los grandes recetas de nova y RK chiasm and kill anchored of colitas the future Eva descended even completely at apocalypse es hecho una tres so from the time period so from 9/11 in terms of a partir de on to the septiembre we're living in the time period of the latter rain once again otra vez estamos viendo in a tiempo de la Joubert idea where the Lord wants to do what he was trying to do an engineering Donna Senor Kyra said lo que el intento a third a mucho tiempo gentle Joe so we're living in a parallel history services Jose estamos viendo una historia para Laila in was leading in title 13 method estamos viendo in a tiempo de tes Erdman seconds a silicon we need to be live in the third a nomad necesitamos vb r SI es el mensaje helical and what system is the paragraph which is breath mo karamaneh wise dicen que para você acaba Mozilla the theme of greatest importance is the turning of knowledge espera de Mayo importancia SMN sagittarius eraqus that is embraces the first enzyme messages Kayaba Carlos men faculty primero is a single Angeles they combine the Atlanta LOC convener is from Quintero's so when this angel wind enduring arrived in France quando chega el tercer alkyl innocent our econ do receive a super death and 9/11 by the sport angel Anant o de septiembre a travesty quatrain K which is the rapid a second angel terseness repetition the sri lankan end of the first angels the combination ebay premarin que una comida co the three angels messages will be repeated la presse mensajes angelic Alice Serengeti pillows from the Pattillo so our experience oh say Nostra experiencia will be a repetition of the three angels messages found in the malaria industry será una experiencia de los tres mensajes Angela calles del estado Villa Rita just like the Miller eyes we will have to go through the first second in third angel the igual como malaria's necesitamos pasar por la experiencia de de los mensajes Angela calles de los tres mentor Angelica knows so once we begin in 911 once this message is empower women SK empezamos in also the septiembre cuando and Ausmus actress even poet the Lord repeats the first second in 1327 Teresa bipolar a senior and repeated in El Segundo at the sermon sake Angelica and it takes us to reach that Nigeria Akara Paso and sees how we will demonstrate our character will accept necessary gender he based the Common Era not comport amo see as a Thomas order this estimate mm socket a my plane stain of the you put the Portillo devoted esto is I want to show us SK yo quiero mas track that we're living in the repetition of these three messages que nosotros estamos viendo Bakula repetition days at resonant circuits that you can just accept the third angels message did not produce simplemente a sitar or solamente ITSM SRM helical because the third angel doesn't stand apart from first insignia porque si sermon fake Angelica no nor spa say puñado de primer EDA Segundo uncle they're connected in combining entries or message le some collectibles E koonta connect RZ combinators in Astoria so women and they have to come in there order it can accommodate into urban first you have to be your be confronted with your sin primera meant a tense complaint are a to picado then you have to accept the righteousness of Christ nuevo tienes que esta tarde a la Justicia de cristo and live a sanctified life if you didn't wanna be the sanctity cara then you will be judged with the message of judgment based upon your performance in these two tests in Louisville Sara's cos God Oh II yesterday a quad o conquerer + b bd'o to vida and in front is with government sockets and as we okay so let's read our next pope Willian continuous the end oh well we we are here it's different it could be it says our shown that the message should be preached out with new power is it I might have cut off okay out of it and oh yes got it okay okay the reason the holy for me the whole segment semaine de carro que el mensaje de Tierra say political cuando la ciudad de este de los Estados Unidos el muchas veces EDA cidades lessman socket a primer on GD d Segundo who Aaron anunciar owes - Dante movimiento de meiosis n square de cuatro a meso tres como service videos she knows achensee odd Oh Eman Saha Delta sir angel en el cual Col Mena la hora de los Presidente's para prepper are un pueblo para la de needed la debemos really todos los disfraces kata Ramos para hacer conocer la verdad aquellos que estén despues toes arena y muchos nice cuchara em pelegrin cidades do sta Armas in Sara's desi roses de saber lo que es la verdad Sona 30 Jose is their thermal shock Angelica is the Bahamas eres el mensaje de at amento is the message that prepared that is to prepare people prepare people for the coming of the que es el mensaje que trae para el pueblo para la Bonita JJ now the third angels message just a second okay the binding of message is not contained here really that's only reason for that oh yeah hermanos que Presta Mucha atención por que la production as veces NORTHCOM Oh less baramos ak3 hacer un punto con este carajo y justo la palabra que aquí de cómo está aquí y Baudelaire avoid introducing la palabra que aqui esta fault ando okay let a eco sent upon - Cinco estamos el mensaje Atami ento dos AC Segundo parada fo dis a a nosotros como si usted es que nos darken fiato el mensaje de ser Angela in Lodi say el mensaje del at amento hi continúa en el cual Coleman Allah over de los Presidente's para preparado para la Villa de ver a okay okay hey el mensaje de ser ser a hey ESA mensaje at amento can you write just for running and on third angels message equal signing off message so let's go to Matthew 13 Brahmas a brain conscious Maxima tail presses they move to find this filing off message eben a special needs estimate sake the Atome n toe heel is a concession que c'est la mattina chin up another kisser saltando yeah donde ella SE and cinah athenian al told him to write it down hello some appeal crazy 13 also 13 333 tresses venti Quattro at Renta more elongated herald winner vamos layers la parabola the trio a black sea sea Sonia 24 to 30 range distance a motel stress a venti Quattro less Rosario otra parabola diciendo AJ no de los way de los cielos SME shantou semi Shanta un hombre que sembra Buono see media en su Campo Rome en trois door me a los hombres Vince when amigos SM bro sin see Sonya entry trigo SFU y cuando Sally o la hierba I do fruit Oh entonces aparicio tambien NASA Sonia vinieron entonces los lobos del padre de la familia de familia led sharon senior boss and Rosco bueno si media en tu Campo de donde puede NC C Sonia LS dijo un el amigo que esto esto y los cielos lady Sharon quiere spores cable ahmo's a in a rank a MOS LSD ho no no chal Aaron Carla's insomnia a donkey's también con Elliott rego de hoc racer junta meant a Luo no el otro salah sega yell tiempo de la sigue yo diría los segadores Lesko head primero Alison Sonia Europe at la mano COEs para que Marla Pell Rico get a tree go Amiga marrow okay so this is the hole in the findin is the main thing okay so here we see a keeper boss in the parable of the we in there in that parameter related irritability Sonya that the people are divided the whole world is divided in the week hair kill a movement arrow is divided in three go it's a Sonya the Jesus Christ is saying last them into the crystal let them into the expert on up in a message is give human fossils double that separates these two thousand keep it para is a wave ripples and what it says is going to bind that it okay these are key crystal is bad at art in Morocco's when the we image hairs are separating quando a three-wheeler percent loss is sannyasin separado they're both bound under strong italo's the ball completed amber from completos so when the third angels message is given entonces cuando el tercer mensajes de lo it is the message that will separate the weak from the hair sa mensaje que vas sepharad a trigger de la Castagna and it's going to find su casa y ba si ellos los grupos when I have a Peter roll si yo tengo una parada cuerda and I want you and I want to tie it off your kid oh sorry I will bind it I guess I'll tie it off and cut up particular examples like the end canoe feather loose and if I have a loose tank your Tengu not quite back from model condo steals middle sweat books then I take that you say you graduated if there is the female equivalent and I'm buying it warming it not yeah removal or say you look after and I'm done with it yeah si esta el finito star a color I'm no longer going into at that point of binding nor of nodding no pasa day a que nous no pasa day no continued attend oh it is the final work it is tiempo banana sod or if I'm sewing or stitching sister II am so windows sister coaster Ando I'm making this elaborate cloth estoy estudiando una una hero elaborado the last thing I do is I'm going to bind that last little bit of fabric Lancel distress Athena's determinar SI te voya Matar e terminar la costura announced in lc3 acaba it's completed its completion so the 30 angel yeah CH a sermon second helices message that completes the work in annual a sermon faculty completa la hora in coruña and demonstrates whether or not you are we or your turn e demostrar que eres trigo CSS Anya so I see when we look at the time period of the 3 cuando me Ramos a tiempo a period champion so far about this from 9/11 to the midnight crime the death also de septiembre a fake la mola medianoches the point with who's given @midnight el momento in Kielce Sarang co-anchor mensajes de Sergei's dado Anna medianoche is where the wheelchair or separated if quando is preview data sanyasis appearing in the parable of the ten virgins in a parabola de las diez business at midnight a lobelia notches the widens versions are shown who they are or may a diamond tester character last business service elephants and satyrs manifest and soo character it's dancing who has oil in game you ever faber cantina cf-18 document this is the point with the we in the tears or the wiseness water separated illustrated momento que se para + Salyersville O's insensitive and it's represented by the third angels message rewinding Ozma's yes represented oh poor mensaje del del Sur uncle o el mensaje Dell at amento with the world in simply don't miss it completely Laura okay so we're going to stop here Akiba mattandsarah and when we continue euro cuando continued continued aramis we're going to skip servo page vamos a estar Barrios Pereira foes for time for time for motivate a tempo and we will pick up on page 14 vamos continue our alkene de la pagina catarse that's right vamos do you have any father can you ever bother to this yet we thank you for this amazing service that you've given us today famous place there at a mall so Sal Vulcano says Vado we thank you for the time that we've had to worship freely there are famous for this temple keep the windows para and that the north near lamenting free of persecution and free expression never the testicle see unlivable creases we pray that we would use the time accessible he when I was carried the Ramos Assad is a temple this former Affectiva so that we can prepare character will be ready for this I'm impressed para que podamos prepare a masseuse characters para el tiempo de la crisis we pray that you would forgive us of our sins the de menos que perdona a gnostic aloes and then you will help us to fully submit ourselves to you he can use a you desire submit submit Dennis a complete amenity we thank you for terra firma senior pour out your spirit upon the rameters Peter Zampa sobre nosotros against the companionship names uranos la compañía de angeles in order here foof amen