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Padre nuestro escena de esta tarde y esta semana estamos Feliz porque just Ayano to Santos sabado Y estamos feliz porque estamos viennese entry hermanos near tamazaki to DNA to palabra e queremos a probe achar AC tiempo Preciosa Cena's Terra Samos que estamos aqui in Buenos it consensus consolute a CT pedimos que los bendiga este momento que estás con mi hermano Tyler Y conmigo tambien para que podemos para que podamos turn into 2 pelada con con Clary that's near a cetera Samos nombre Jesus I mean I don't know what pages where we would love cutting what way back we went forward but we're with a h10 there's about them we have 10 you where you were over here somewhere physical it's almost in a Paki not unsee it starts this vision was given his EQ at the time I don't know if we actually got there yeah did we actually read the detailed morning profit I think we start right there okay determined that passionate owns in in a club to paragraph Odom this Ezekiel is Profeta okay so let's make a brief summary what we did yesterday vamos hacer umbrella resuming de que vemos a year so we identified that midnight is the first day of the fourth month identity combos que medianoche they came to the other cuarto mess and this is where the midnight midnight cries first given y eso es el momento cuando estado por la primera vez de la moda million algae in the difference between midnight true midnight and midnight cry in a different entry lab in Nevada better therapy the not Chile clavo de medianoche is an increase of power is all meant to the fuerza Samuel snow gives the same presentation at each each location first at the Boston Tabernacle standards no valid Mitzvah presentation in in the los lugares the mirror maintained in the tabernacle of the Boston on July 21st 1844 and they been Tiana B Julio a new to think with the cuatro and he gives 25 days later he been teasing Kody at this place he gives the same presentation at Exeter in New Hampshire Bellavia chronic misrepresentation in campus today Exeter and what takes place at accident in okay a Contessa in Exeter is that this message is going to begin to spread rapidly around the United States from accident if gas payment sucker ESR call their portfolio advice for a three thousand meals when he first gave the presentation on July 21st a Boston cuando yo Paula primera vez to up to presentation in Boston it started taking hold with different groups but yeah it started taking all the different groups by this group people's until the Aaron estimate sorry but they were all these groups were disconnected it'll cause this is go people 2,000 disconnected but after a lecturer this place in exited this message begins to unify everyone s Thaman sake only a todos is Drupal and all of these separate groups who have received the midnight cry y todos estos group Ito's say parados caribbean recibido clamor de medianoche come together say women and they begin to spread this message rapidly to yummy expanding the proclaim honesty mensaje rapid Amenti and this is how this is how Joseph based and loftware described the event he has a sycamore Loughborough a Joseph base describing it is Aventis and we we began looking at the fifth day of the fourth month at the symbol the emotion pasado Mira I came to the del cuarto mess como simbolo like the first day of the first month is a symbol or the first day of the first month after como el pyramid is a premiere met a limited a kingdom a stone symbol O's so we can take this symbol and plug it into the Bible as people they must who started this symbol or a applicable alibi BIA and where it takes us the Adhan the eternal Java is the Z to11 if they kill you know uno Ezekiel's going to have this is easy on chapter one if the killing capital uno is going to have the wheels within wheels Vision Canada busy on the road a spin to the river and this vision yes tradition is going to humble him leva Amiga and if we can go to Ezekiel chapter one quickly vamos a pelear juntos hermanos a is a key capital uno and if you read verses 1 into 1 2 3 action sí quiero uno a concessionaire an EO treinta in Hermes cuarto a los cinco de hace más que están de yo en medio de los cult Evo's hunter rio k-bar los cielos a brie Aaron Evie visions videos in akin to an order a deportation DJ who are keen a las cinco dias de mess ok so here we're seeing the 4th 5th day of the fourth month are keep the name of sake into Dia de quoi Thomas and he's going to have this vision the DNS to be film now from there on is going to give him the description of this vision and we looked at this little bit yesterday day in adelante is inconsistency vision II described will see only a year me Ramos is tampoco but if we go to the last verse pero si vamos al ultima bursts occur on after he gives the description of all these things the quest de da toda la descripcion de Chivo he's gonna get what he what happens to him because desde Genesis Eva explicar lo que pasa con el después de added visto las Misiones la vision and even read the last verse 128 wantoniy se que el uno been th o como para el arco iris que esta en las nubes LD achieve a Sierra Aparecida desk land or a dreaded or esta polavision que la CIMA Hansa de la gloria de agua y cuando yo la vie Nepos stress Aubrey my rostro he will avoid the you know kiala lava okay so here we see when he sees the glorious Lord he falls upon his face that would actually save fall in I fell upon my face okay in II left McLaren difficut KO sobre su rose as CB Misaki lo que paso cuando 2 goes to vision k y sobre su Roscoe Commonwealth and all of this is going to become a symbol for us it todo esto SE se well with symbol of para nosotros so I'm using the same line that brother Marco is using mr. Tillison and I miss my linear como hermano Markkula so we have 1989 tenemos mucho 10% and when the time of the end is tiempo del fin 1996 the formalization of the message universal cement essays lab formalization dementia and we have on the first day of the first month which would be nine eleven we have the angel of Revelation 18 thus ending the premiere vie la première messed or cambium also the septiembre dosmo Oh No today most anchors up colleges VCOs okay this ended and this begins the turning time and the time of testing yesterday initialize tiempo de tardanza de también el tiempo de prueba so and I think for daniel has been covering the Levites the priests and the Levites in the Nationals yo creo que hermano Daniela blow a circuit below such a daughter's de los Leviticus ado no slipping netting arrows so at nine eleven in Dante's I on to the state's Cambrian the testing for the priests begins in psi la parola para las autoridades in the preach the word priests in la palabra suffered ot is just a biblical way of saying is simplest men tuna manera Biblica DD say this he said those who first hear the message in the time period of nine eleven decir que son esto los primeros que escucha el mensaje they onto the septiembre they're the first group to receive the message so mostly America just even elementary and it was discussed that Adventism is broken up in the earth sorry it was discussed that first the message is going to go to adventism your most commented okay it meant talk about the merriment I had been tea-smoked from 9/11 to the Sunday law they'll on to the September a son Allah didn't lead America then it's going to go to the rest of the world in luego ba I addressed the mundo but Adventism is broken up into two groups pero la have been teefed us CBD dividend in those classes you have the priest in u.s. a Levite I lost a daughter sido Savita and I want to just deal with the priest yo quiero tratar con las autoridades so at 9/11 in onto the septiembre this this group begins to start this group begins to receive the message a still open psi just a bit Amen sack and what they do we made the FM is there going to begin being tested is K in psi una prueba para ages and this is paralleled with the baptism of Christ in 27 ad yesterday in parallel O'Connor about this moody Cristo in main TC SM Sikri despues de Cristo or the circumcision of noses or también la cancion de Moises and all right well here's the other circumcision of the Sun is that the consumers the equally Moises and it begins this time of testing in PS our own tiempo de prueba now how many messages what are we casted by King in Cancun Cecil Opera what's the simple way of say of what's the simple definition of what everyone is tested by QCD una definition simplest key is la prueba para nosotros what message came in fact and in Revelation 14 how is word message is testing them in apocalyptic a port a caiman fait que es la prueba para para para nosotros the mark of the beast three angels messages the three angels messages are what everyone is tested by los Pressman science and kilocalories some la parada para cada uno everyone throughout history has always been tested by the three angels messages durante todo the life story of cada uno acid tests are the pull of tradesmen psychics and helicanus now these messages may have taken a different form in each history SS men sokka's a present our own de manera diferente durante la historia but it's always the same everlasting gospel that just judge people pero siempre es el mismo evangelist there no que Pereira I prove the videos so the priests are going to be tested by the same three tests or these three angels messages osya los sábados van tests estados Prados for las mismas trayvis last resonant circuits actually calles and this always the first angel always begins at the time of testing yet America is tmpa Silesia in a tiempo de prueba and it's a message of your sin using assuming sake so that to picado then there's the message of righteousness in luego and Mintaka de la Justicia I've told you about your sin in the first message yota advert Isola - picado in a premium in Turkey now you have to accept the righteousness of Christ ahora es que hace para la Justicia de cristo and then finally a lure group dinner for tonight you have the third angel which is the message of judgment tenemos ATS said and Kirk is immense actor who is you how did you perform in these two tests como como files perfect the commode the pro-russian FL Red River did you accept the righteousness of Christ those prophets I said that Allah la Justicia de cristo did you deal with your sin as Lozado come to take a lo because first you have to accept the first angels message I have to recognize my sin first for the Primera maintenance a subsided the divine Linehan kellicotti nskz conocer to pick a low then I accept the righteousness of Christ in a row I guess a para la Justicia de cristo and then I'm judged by this I'm judged by my exception or exact rejection of that message not the first to luego a Hui zo is a Cho de acuerdo see your assess a low register at the middle Schlossman sockets another way of saying this ultra manera de decir so is the first you're justified in the Primera and it is gusta picado to be justified is to have your sin dealt with sin who's to see have ardently fika and jcbeep perdón por tus picados and now I'm justified I am I am perfect before the Lord I order estoy perfecto they landed a senior and what does he do UK after Haley he gives me the righteousness of Christ this is sanctification ma de la Justicia de cristo is a Santa costume and now I have to live a life of obedience a sanctified life Europe tengo que be beer una vida pantech de cada and this will end in glorification yes dr. manera in our glorification and glorification Igor's calcium is the cross as la Cruz it's where you're lifted up on the cross in front of everyone to sing is going to eras are ghido Levantado then antedate todos para que todos vanity but they're not going to see you there's no one aware are RT when they see you they're going to be seen Christ quando million ad p ba Nevada Cristo because by God's grace porque median Telegraph today your you will perfectly reflect reflect the righteousness of Christ safely kiss perfectamente la Justicia de cristo and this is yeah so this is the same this is the simple formula for a flat formula simplest this is the formula of salvation la fórmula de de la Sebastian it's always the same siempre egg while the formula is always the same in a formula no cambia februar but like any formula the five five a plus B equals C that's my formula little como con cork a formula to Tengger qiyamah a must be say my numbers can change with numerous ways and come yet one plus two equals three una mas dos impressed two two plus three equals five not threatened Cinco you know the numbers can change that the formula is always the same from Umarov welcome yard pero la fórmula a fibula minima so the situation where the numbers change can be ax or the circumstance Canyon Candela circumstance via will change but the formula will always be the same para la fórmula siempre es la misma so this is what you and I are being tested on right now - yo somos privado Stinnett momento for SS trespassers this is our time of testing if with a throat tiempo de pleura in midnight in medianoche is representing our close of probation representa nuestro sierra de la puerta del agraphia our time tests are our time of judgment we're through tiempo de who issue and we read yesterday that this was the time that characters revealed a yearly most que esto es el tiempo de severe - correct we're addressing Christ object lessons a Sulha was in palabras del gran maestro that at midnight a la medianoche when the cry is given Don this value clamor it's at the time of the close of probation is in a tiempo Don this is cierra la Gracia so the priest being the first one to receive this message most of Herodotus son of primero schedules even estimates are here are going to be the first ones to be judged by X y luego son los primeros kiss on whose goddess at the West 8mm socket so the fifth day of the fourth month Afiya Quinto dia del cuarto miss as we've seen so far como hemos visto Ora is midnight s medianoche and this is where Ezekiel is going to have this wheels within wheels vision EFS momento donde if the key aliens who BC own death rather than to the river where he is going to be humbled donde is Omaha doe and as we go forward II I advanced our Mo's we're going to see that this humbling vamos bit key is that omission is due to the time of testing that is energy crisis is the video i'll a la carrera que pasa and like creases que esta pasando and we begin looking at this quote from five from testimonies volume 5 owner knows he estado mostly Ndola sita de libro testimonies para la iglesia tomo cinco and we were reading we just read about read about Isaiah Jakob Ramos Elias Aubry say yes and we're talking about how Isaiah sister white is is talking about Isaiah and Isaiah chapter 6 Ramanna white habla cerca de say yes it's a year capital o faith and she was saying that this vision of this vision of God in Isaiah chapter 6 yaeh dish okay nabis is disability oh say yes faith is same that as ikkyo has nice visual Chaplin is marquee if he hears tiene in Ezekiel you know so what's looking our nose bubbles way de nuestras notice and we're on the fourth paragraph it's almost only required to paragraph oh and let's begin from the página own say inquired to Pereira for does anyone have any questions before we start reading I'm too scared segi most teeny I give preguntas I even know está Claro okay okay let's begin lame-o sentences SE ki ll Profeta TX illallah Lehmann la mente Sione's en el zesty arrow en la tierra de los que ellos recibió una visión que le NT no la misma elección de se en el poder hace dos de ser mientras estaba aurelius Desio Kailas UN Toba Gino Perseus or here del Norte una gran nube con un fuego en Bowl veinte Y end arrow suyo UN responders y en medio de fuego una cosa que para sia como de amber numero seis rheda's de estrella a / NC a-- que siempre core tobon una ultras la Movida sport Quattro says vim ents muy / NC mode muy por encima Dez's de todas estas de la Segura de un tro noche para sia te pierdes a cero in sobre las figure del stroma idea una escena Hansa de los animales super a ser de Acho neighs incendios discordia enter los animales y el fuego reskin Dacia y AF juego Salian relampago z-- y de bajo de sus allah's asus cuatro lado tenían manos de brain one relationship in continual x2 a beer Rada's dentro de las vidas en una reg Lotan complicado que la primera vista de la de parasya se quiere que era todo confuso pero cuando se mobian Eric on air mosa precision imperfecta Harmonia los seres LST a lazy estaba muy bien doughy SS vedas a poor encima de todo sobre el Glorioso trone el desafío estaba el eterno mientras que rody abba s trono lr qui DS emblem ah de gracia yah Mose Abreu mado por la terribly Gloria de la cena es a kike yo sobre su rostro cuando una voz Leo de noche say levantarse yo y si a la palabra deci nose entonces c'est le dio un mensaje de add a Mon estación para is rare esta be seein few da de si quiere UN tiempo en que su mente estaba Gina de pree sentimientos labrie goes via la tierra de sus padres de sanada la ciudad que había estado llena de a baton tase ya know loss tenía la voz de la alegría y el canto de alabanza no se en más en sus murrow's a Profeta his MO era forastero en un país extraño donde been a Bonsu premise las la adición limitada yah crew dot Abajo lo que Vai ouya acerca de la Pira Nia ooh mama yaimai Angus T habla suena Yabba amarga meant a DI noche pero no simbolo sat mirabals present arroz delante del lado del G okay bar level ro UN poder predominant a que era mess poderoso que el de los govern antes tera na lays sobre los minar Kasuga Losos accruals they are CDE babylonia since only Sabra just the mid-city Cordia Eber dad what is how does the next one begin phase-two complicated wheel I was wondering okay so you just read this or did you just read I read part artists vision was given to Ezekiel and in time wait oh what I saw okay well that I think what it what is what it's done in the Spanish is its reverse this okay yeah because this is the vision was given to Ezekiel in time of his mind was filled with gloomy forebodings and then the one before that for me is okay should read this one yeah okay sorry Iona Paris Keaton dirty rock en espanol no problema cig emos las complicado Vedas que a prophetic a Parisian invoice a confusion Esteban bajo la dirección de un una mano infinita el espíritu de dios chase Agulhas revelation mo bi Y del Aguila Estes ruas acaba Harmonia dela confusion determiner a que todo el mundo está debajo sudo Mineo myriad ASDA Sara's glorificus estaba en listos para predominance or den contra el poder la política del de los hombres malos reporter beneficio associate talked about how the key of allah saysö know this was before it says that god has everything under his control Oh that's where okay it's not it's not example of them says it was before yeah this is there were there were wheels within wheels in a manner hooker and then he falls upon his face then this vision was given to Ezekiel and then they complicated we of the game does it did it is there okay okay yeah it's a little bit mixed up that's fine okay so I want to read one more thing about these wheels quickly Kodomo slid mats una cosa a pediment is to be destroyed okay and this is not in your notes useful nor starting to smoker's but this is from educated the book education video if they Lee blue educación education 170 parable 178 yeah yeah boy everyone el libro Sugiyama la educatio l'éducation piscinas siento assente uno punto dos dis a si SE como la disposition complicado de las vidas estaba bajo la dirección de la mano quesadilla debajo de la Salle's de los quiero beanies yo speedy hey el complicado manejo de los acontecimientos de Manos amedeo de la lucha el2 molto de las Naciones a que que se sienta por encima de los quiero venus toda vida de los asuntos darren Alice okay so she's saying that she describes what these waterwheels are Elia described a locust son las vidas the de complicated play human events d SE que son la disposition complicado sona's a man ezio de los acontecimientos ooh Manos complicado man hecho de los acontecimientos umano each way of representing a different humanism cada Vida represent Ando a uni bento specific invent amano and as Ezekiel ceaseless II I ver esto SE que me Rhonda and I so it looks like it's in our confusion the per se como una complete our conclusion that it just makes no sense to him nor layer to mingle Tantillo but then he sees that God's in control of all the vero vero vero stack in control de todo ESO and once he realizes that you wanna risk it too dark when today so these wheels are in perfect harmony SS Redis is that the best sector Harmonia so I want to suggest what these wheels are yo quiero subir it locates on accelerator I'd like to suggest that all these wheels this wheels odin wheels lo que quiero superior que todos then today the Raiders are all the different lines of truth are processing so todas las líneas de propecia cada una so if we have the time of Christ to tanam sake is tiempo de Cristo can you just write Christ the time of Moses and skimpily Moises the Miller writes you know milliliters all of these different histories told us is that if not a different this all these different lines those linear differences are complicated places human events son commodity are kissed on a manager complicado de los acontecimientos - Manos the time of Christ is complicated in tiempo de Cristo is complicado the time of Moses the Millerites all of these things are humans interacting with humans tiempo de vocês loss Miller Dita's todo ESO son son hombres interact cuando Columbus come personas con personas in each one of these is representing a wheel in kelowna this lineage representa on el rey de a will in the history of the world would not rather in life's korea de mundo and each one of these wheels each cada una de saturator when you look at them all together it was so said they are tortoises red as hunters looks like they're in confusion but as the case is done in confusion when you first show someone the reformed lines the West Rosario Impala primera where's las líneas de de forma it's very complicated it seems very complicated but it's a muy complicado because when you start saying something like little porque cuando está diciendo I go coma for example the cross que la Cruz it's the same time that the midnight angel is the mismo momento in que antes de la medianoche Slade the child Mata reduce primo chemical is the same thing as 1844 October 22nd is Ole Miss mocha more venti dos de octubre muchos it quintet cuatro is the same thing as the Sunday law case Louise will come with La Laguna Kyle is the same thing as artaxerxes giving 330 crane que lo mismo como atta here he's done with dead secreto or or the flood or a line of NOAA where they Lube you in little boy says that's confusing it is complicado composer why because that first thought when you hear that por que por que cuando escucha sisupala primera vez it challenges us if the most data fear it challenges our understanding this f en nuestro the star comprehension how are you going to tell me that all of those things are saying the same thing como to Marisa decir que todas las cosas so na sono mismo how are you going to tell me that all of those things are happening in perfect unison commonality this chk taught courses system are consistent and perfecter Harmonia but they do better a CS it's all the same story it's total I miss my story and every story there's a first second and third test and total as historians I'm primero Tsugumi curser Briella there's always it always begins with an angel coming down simply empty a second anchor the siendo in in doing some sort of beginning the testing at the end or I wouldn't I wanna whoever dun duuun up forever and it always ends with the time of judgment if you impressed in theatre canadian for the justicia dez de donde there with you the dogs descended for christ the dog came down for in the time of Christ this divine symbol came down this in your La Paloma in el tiempo de Cristo a symbol Divino in the time of Moses the angel descended to challenge Moses about the circumcision of its own and el tiempo de Moises bajo uncle paradises dattara Moises por que no había hecho la circumcision in su hijo in the time of the Millerites in a temple of malaria that the angel of revelation can descended to the earth Baco this enjoy anchor the apocalypse yes in the time of in the time in our time in the metro tiempo we have a part we have revelation 18 1 2 3 this angel descending the name of al Qaeda apocalypse is this your show ooh not this key like the skin lightening the whole earth with his glory he Lumina Pelletier Arkansas Gloria and all of these began a time of testing it todos ellos in piazza un tiempo de prover in the time of Christ in a temple decree so um the he's going to begin giving his testimony for this one week is comienzan vasu testimony o de una semana and is going to test the Jews yes tebah provide a local deals Moses is tested by the circumcision of his son Moises s privado otra vez de la circumcision de su hijo the Millerites are tested by whether or not they'll accept the little book in the Angels hand normally reticent estado C acceptable o le dijo que son na mano de than acid and we are tested by the light of Revelation 18 Montesinos otro so most estado somos privado 's a travis de la luz que salir del ankle apocalypsis vicio cho and all of this ends with a time of judgment he total since theatrical tiempo de who issue the jews were judged at the cross those Julio's who F wearin whose God owes in la Cruz Egypt was judged when the angel hands by at midnight a heaped up with whose God Oh cuando passed away uncle in a la medianoche the Millerites were judged on October 22nd 1844 los milita's pueden buscar dose cuando paso la fecha de menos de octubre nuisance cuenta quarter when Christ went into the most holy place to begin the work of investigative judgment cuando Drakh a suicide attempt is mo para empezar trabajo de with your immigrant investigative Adventist miss judge at the Sunday law I've been teased what when this Morris who's God o Allah may Dominica and then thereafter the world in Vega and mundo it's always the same siempre lo mismo but this is the complicated play of human events esos on a man ezio complicado de los Vientos de manos in at first glance at first sight yeah Ana primera Narada they look like it looks like confusion but it's a confusion confusion but what it really is very low-key is embedded up is perfect harmony is Armonia perfect you can't make up this pattern no I como amend our own patron como esta divinity sis about a tall lad I mean that is Dennis su su marca in Toledo in his hand is in all of this if su mano is time todo esto this is the wheels within wheels yes so so Nevada spin to the word this is the complicated play of human event SOS a manager complete Carlos event Rosa Munoz and this is the the vision that we have to see yes el avión penises demos wish that the Lord is speaking us through speaking to us through these histories heõs habla and most authors at reversely is that if Astoria if you want to know the history if you want to know the future look to the past to get us a better food total media a pasado so when Ezekiel has seen this on the sea kale is that viendo esto he's representing us at the end of the world's age representation of otros a fin del mundo sauce continually continuum of now we're going to bring John into the story same in like manner yes our event Rock Juana la historia de Guerre manera kwon do do de estar affordable our Amado who and I store a deli glissade durante los chicos futuros de rebel all interests el cuidado de sábado por supuesto most rondelay unos SE Mahanta issued a hombre que and abba enter los candle candle arrows que symbolize a bond a las TT glaces mientras silly most Robin a who an las últimas grandes luchas de la glace de la iglesia con las potentia 7 Allah's tambien Selim permit a o con Templar la victoria finals la liberté she owned a los feliz do la iglesia in conflict Oh Morty cero Cana bestia e su imagine a ladder acción de si bestia impressed Abajo la Penna de muerte pero me Rondo mess AHA de humo ILS trend o de la batalla con templo Lana West a sobre el monte de chien con el cordero cervando invest in a market la bestia el nombre de su padre Padres escrito en sus trenches tambien vo a los que habían a cansado la victoria de la bestia I'd assume ahem y su signal Y del numero de su nombre estar sobre el mark the video teniendo Lazare past videos he can handle another Moises Adele Cordero so this this person begins a service is a powerful comenta with the words in like manner the single de Guerre manera she's paralleling everything she said before with what she's going to say now Elia coloca in parallel a total of this issue and this con lo que body cede our so she's just Terrell of the history of Ezekiel in Isaiah with John le acaba de poner in parallel all escorted Ezekiel con historia is a es connoisseur day one so Ezekiel has his vision on the fifth day of the fourth month if he quieres en su misión I came to the other cuatro mess which is midnight in the millerite history que es la medianoche in its court below's milliliter which means it's midnight now history que significa que nuestra Estrada tambien is la medianoche and then as we're looking at this vision of Ezekiel chapter 1 e Miranda and I storia della vision is we can sing a uno sister white connects us with Isaiah and John if hermana white lost connect second is a es e one so now I want to add some more names to our list of people a prophet who are having the same experience era yo quiero a crescent más no más de profetas que tienen la misma experiencer como es prophet Isaiah tenemos re so if you can remember a few days ago so you still see requires an ague nos dias atrás I said that I wanted to start on page 10 or yeah page 10 y dijo que sería in Pasadena packing up yes and I wanted to work backwards to our nose here cigarettes are a world where in her office so let's go to page nine or it might be my fifty good yeah page 10 sorry the third was my partner on Sierra bubbles were there upon ideas and with this one I but mostly on diseases Danielle hope if the es Pablo Moises sister y hermana white is going to bring five different people by intrusive as cinco personal differences in tell us that they're all having the same experience he knows body seat que todos tienen la misma experiencia so las verduras vamos less as Nadia's this acid los que experiment los que experiment anus anticipation decay available la biblia manifest Raman espíritu de una dad komomo says contemplando terrible maha status de la santé dad si dan cuenta de su propia in Dignidad in contrast a con la presa Y Alta perfection de Dios in finito a profit on a few ahem bloater delibird de bez Adara sense takashi own yo no soon argh a vida de nova servicio chae-rin do assume estro erin hombre muy Amado en el cielo sin embargo en lugar de Treville SS de super SAE Santa dad este Profeta Taman rod o de Dios C identificar con los mejores picadors de jure cuando intercede yo cerca de Dios in favors de su cuello no des ah ma Mo's nuestros huevos ante to rostro a causa de nuestras justicia y noah causa de tus grandes compassion s Emo's picado mo sobre bin kiaa mint al declara implemented l declara yo estaba hablando yo Rondo y confess on DOMA picado EPPICard mi pueblo y cuando más tarde el hijo de dios Aparicio para instru ale a Danielle dijo Milou San melosa Mia semi de modo Impala Destin Huerta's yo ray - Jeff where's alguna cuando hope o yo la voz de seigneur de entrada Gino Eskimo via Buress co y mira reppin Aaron P entró en el polvo y las Anissa Canisius contemp Lola gloried señor yo yo a los que Rubina's chief llama lon Santos Santos on toe Yvonne dosa hair Tito's dijo a broom AA doe-eyed any case Umberto después de ver sido Arriba Tod Oh si si si el oh yeah derp Widow cosa que no less que no less dad al hombre stress our San Pablo hablo des amis mo como es más pequeño de todos los Santos yell Amado Hwang aka via des cansado en el pecho DeJesus I contemplate Oh soo Gloria who a kike yo como muerto a los PS tell angel sorry not five six people perdón no synciq must face a forgotten and Jonathan Vitara who won a key Athena okay so let's go through what we just read vamos Jay Payton okay akka vamos lá the first thing she says is that Moses has a terrible view has a an awful a view of the awful majesty of the whole of holiness of the word holiness no kid Cromie enter a kid hablando sobre Moses que contemp Lola terrible maha stop della Santi that way Moses have this experience cuando Moises two-day experience here hello at the burning bush at the burning bush yes yes but there's a more there's a more perfect example of when he sees God see Pharaoh I UNICAMP Lomas perfecto cuando el de abuse what is Moses a Scott Key pregunta Moises adios more drama to Gloria show me thy glory Merstham it to glory and what is the Lord sang he killed respond de Dios he says I will show you my my hunger parts and can we open this maybe I don't um remember this I don't remember exactly word well we don't need to use that word Yas responder demostrar a mere spider it was his backside and and he was going to pass by in front of him bebop Assad infidel today and he would only let him see a little bit of himself he solemnly body had bed Paquito dead so it wouldn't be destroyed but I cannot say this freedom and Moses was humbled amorous a square imagine this is the only time that Moses saw God in his saw God face to face like that in winter with kid Moises vo adios the esta manera faster path then she takes us to Daniel in luego no giba a Danielle and she brings us to Daniel chapter 10 he must've specific word and yet yet and she tells us that Daniel is a man who is greatly beloved Daniel 1011 yo se que el hombre muy Amado than mere dias on sir but when he sees the vision of Daniel chapter 10 pero cuando Bela busy on day Danielle yes he says my comeliness was turned in me into corruption and I retain no strength the very last sentence disaster melosa Mead semi de modo Impala dez de muerte no ray tube we're sorry buna and this is all from the vision of Daniel chapter 10 it todo el sol de la bassoon did any ideas what is Daniel seen Daniel chapter 10 Kinski de neri in the media Daniel sees Christ the near be accurate Moses saw Christ Moises Beauty stone then she brings us to job in we're gonna Jeeva hope and Joe when he hears the voice come from the world win a cuando hope escucha el are both the entrails herbage II know he says I abhorred myself it is it mayor boris Coe he too was humbled when he had this experience this face-to-face experience with the Lord hey también po o Machado el polvo cuando tenía su experiencia con Dios my encuentra con Dios Isaiah who we've already looked at si es que j'ai i'm of morado quoting from Isaiah chapter 6 like she was before the tundra kiddin if i es face como ja ma vie hemos visto she's identifying that Isaiah is having the same experiences these others area d 6r y es una de near la misma experiential chromatography so close paw paolo the possible apostle Oh Pablo when he's brought up when he's caught up to heaven invasion kondal is Roberta Dora's Cielo in vision and he has this vision of heaven in Oh God eaten alive is she on the CLE de Dios his humble a zoo mashhad oh and he describes himself as the list of all the same el algorithm is mo kamo a mistake in the total of Santos John once again one on a red mass in Revelation chapter one one one in apocalyptic apple uno when he's having this experience with the Lord cuando tenía su experiencia con el señor falls as one dead guy como muerto and he sees Christ if de cristo every all six of the people plus Ezekiel 7 cada uno basis says individuals math is a key a key from theatres are all having the same experience with Christ todos en ella misma experience a concrete oh and what finds these all together yellow key hasta los mundo is that they're seen Christ is que ellos van a crystal and they're all being humble it todo salumi job it's a point of humbling it's momento de inmigración when divinity comes in contrast with humanity cuando la giving that the opponent in contrast Akane Amanda humanity humanity can't stand and its momentum with money that no puede ver Magnusson APA and all of these if todos estos connect to Ezekiel the stem connected Rosa is the case on the first day of the fourth line and it came to the other cuatro miss do we see how these are all connecting to Ezekiel who still is been converse tanto disconnected sighs again by experience and by the fact that sister white is connecting them all together for to experiencia if what is what hok is hermana white los los pone en el mismo context books in the first pair in the first paragraphs we read and o primeiro paragraph of Kelly knows she equates Isaiah Ezekiel and John Elia Povey in parallel o or the manatee was si yes who won es a kid and then in this paragraph is a paragraph oh she quits Daniel Jo Isaiah Paul and John earlier Moses in John Ilia II grana than the Eric hope is a es Pablo moist as equal and if she is equating if Isaiah in John or among these these names that are listed is all having the same experience is a year see who I'm is done in a stylistic eco motive in the la misma experiencia we know that Isaiah and John have the same experiences equal because I've read it demos k-kids tiene la misma experience community care for que hemos lado so they're all having the same experience oh say a todos tienen la misma experience here and Ezekiel Ezekiel is the key in La Habra that allows us to place when this experience is taking place he knows parameter localities are in que momento Estero chorus so let's let's go back again let's go for demos math and let's look at Isaiah Imam of me that is a year back in and where are we following so far any questions todos están siendo a surah i wanna pregunta if it's not clear please let me know then or diagonally kiddo Claro por for a visa knows the relation of the experience with God is very clear como Sevilla so my how do you relate this with the with the experience of famous no of seminal ok but is a symbol of apart from the symbol between apart from the symbol how did that we can relate a feminist experience with the experience of these certain individuals besides of the of the date beside okay besides the day the midnight cry a clamor de medianoche if we were reading the great controversy the liaison was a conflict ability law when the midnight cry is given cuando está de la moda bananas everyone everyone who hears the message cada uno Kiku chairman Tsai is humbled by that message is Ummah Giada put its amendment if we read in the great controversy she says they all began afflicting their souls tenemos una gran conflict OD say que cada uno es ax as we hit a su Alma in preparation for in preparation for October 22nd in preparation para Betty Doster kubrow and so I think the connection is outside of the symbols yo creo que la conexión sweater and the party little symbol O's though I don't think you can disconnect the symbols from from a from a UNT yo creo que no I como disconnector no Simbu los de la experience a television is that the midnight cry with revelations of God if K is club modem Illinois eligibility on the Rivoli a revelation of God videos available in that revelation is a revelation caused the Millerites cow saw miss cow solos millilitre to do one of two things they are said una de dos cause either they would afflict their souls in preparation or even at a flea hisses IMS in preparation or they would denounce the truth oh and be an opposer of truth who even add anunciar la verdad e open f la villa this message manifested the character of both classes is the main sake manifesto I corrected the las dos de armas classes because as Samuel snow sells for Alice's the Bible and Pioneer site qumola be blameless pure of vision at midnight and a medianoche when this midnight Christ given cuándo es da de la mode de medianoche it was found who had made preparation or hudan SE quedó claro en a BIA a chose to prepare o Aquino and those who made the preparation los que el viaje preparado have this experience of Ezekiel and John Isaiah Daniel Hananiah speedy until they say yes they secured the quani dam here here's a really good example of this a qiyam winnerchamp with it let's go to John chapter 10 our does sorry Daniel chapter 10 vamos a tener capital D and then we'll close econ estábamos in serie so at midnight a la medianoche okay first let me say this primero en todas again do we all agree that midnight is where character is revealed based upon the the Bible in the spirit of prophecy yes Pam todos de acuerdo que la medianoche is rubella a character rig una disputa prophecy a lobelia amen amen amen okay because at midnight for Kayla million or chip when the virgins wake up cuando las beautiness despierta five were wise and five were foolish wrinkled subsidies if cinco some instance happens i have oil inside do not see in code given assay this thing could not Yemen and we read yesterday that sister white causes the crisis yeah year navels key hermana white JAMA esto like creases so to to enter a brothers question para respond Ella pregunta de los hermanos as we've read como hemos Lido and as he is assented to yes e como él está Sentret Sentret agreed - yeah si como está de acuerdo it's very clear that they're all having the same similar experience to God is all the okay todos tienen la misma expedient iya iya contrasts akan you so if we look at Daniel one of the people list one of the names listen Sid Manama Sara incomes a Danielle es uno que se encuentran está lista he gives a really good representation of of this experience a knows di una buena representation this experience so for Daniel chapter one are generally after ten Danny a capital o this and if we begin in verse four he simply some was in a particular Quattro okay verse four and let's yeah let's just start in verse four I guess yeah dia Bentley Quattro the myth sorry so let me just say just remind us in connect something definite this little cylinder but our connector algo go back here notes well Venus was notice and go to the portion where it listed the six six different people he bourbon a lot parted pack in a yes on the donors tenemos associated personas when it's talking about Daniel in the second paragraph Don the elderly Danielle in this mundo paragraph oh it's recording this a prep for profit owh emblem it's quoting from the energy Africa is pacifist and oh and then yell yes so I just wanted to see the connection quiero que ustedes been now connection so she's describing the experience the Danish after time affair Elia described la experiencia he does the near TN in the nerdiest so if we actually would start in verse one vamos interested in the knee ideas uno if you want to just read one through four one two one two five ona a neuter ser de cero reddit SEO well rebel ah de palabra Danielle's Llamados best vases are la palabra era verdad era el conflict o grande pero el comprende o la palabra e 2 ventilations en la misión en aquellos Diaz yo Danielle estuve a Affleck he dope or espacio de tres amana's in Oconee man's are Delicato mint Roni Boca carne de vino de Mayo he Koenig went o hasta que hace cumplir on distress amana's yo da been t cuatro del nest Romero estaba yo a lager Elia de gran Rios he daycare yell semies ojos Amira yaki Oberon vestido Delino if the needle suits normals the order they offer so in verse two in particular both Daniel says that he mourned for three four three four weeks this icky Daniel is to go Ashley he dope or especially tres a manner that is 21 days so some been T on the earth it's a no just done ok sister that or it's three weeks from tres de Manos Oh baby ideas he and yeah okay there's the same it's just the same the same way of saying it's the two different ways to say the same thing that if the manners meant to be as a lo mismo of my mother differences is Prasad so he has this experience 1803 experiencia and what is he waiting for e LS a spear and okay why why is Daniel morning porque él está allá he doe does anyone know against Sabbath because the seventy years were about to be to end what a bad friend well that that is in so notice when in verse one Fijians aqui estamos aqui in that circular you know when the were in the third year of Cyrus estamos de hacer annual de 0 so yes you're right the seventy years are ending in 536 si esta bien los setenta annual Steadman on in kinian to see print essays which is the year that this is happening in KSA annual in que esto cool um so yes he is he is morning because the seventy years is about em si él está a flea he dope or glass lost a tent a new system for terminus but also what he's mourning for pero también Estella hero is because he doesn't understand the visions is puttin no comprende las Misiones he's had visions from God from Daniel chapter 7 a 9 - we'll be honest videos in denier siete ocho and 9 in Word and in all of these and all these visions he doesn't fully grasp what's happening yet he no comprende completamente lo que esta context en nuestra vision in Daniel de he's given the vision of the 2300 years Daniel also li na do a la la be fielded as those mr. Santos and a nucleus and he doesn't fully understand it in all or not a comprendo completamente in Daniel chapter 9 in Capitola where he wants understanding of this vision it carry comfort in their service illness and so again he's asking the Lord for to reveal the truth to him por eso una vez mas SP de se not kill isabella is significance as vision and what is the lord give him you know a key occasionally de the 70 weeks must attend the Samana and now we're in general chapter 10 your estamos in 10 years years and he still doesn't quite understand all of it yet you understand parts of it but not the whole thing todavía no comprendo todo comprende parte pero no todos in Daniel chapter 10 11 and 12 or the final vision that he's given in the news the news yes on three doses or not ultimately the film spindle is created so my point in saying lo que me Punto s Daniel is waiting Daniel is that Esperanto and what's not he's waiting for the truth to be revealed else esperados para que fazer bella la verdad what's another word for safer for waiting que otra palabra para s / - hysteria esta tarde and oh he's caring for the truth to be revealed am tired and Oh para que la salida Vela SS their daddies just like the Millerites si como la la señorita from the first day of the first month de su primer día de primer males are waiting is Sam Esperanto in there go away yes theorems till midnight hasta la medianoche which is the fifth day of the fourth month K they came to the other class to miss now a brother's question la pregunta de nurse tu hermano so we don't lose focus of it so no para no will be dermis is how does the experience of these of these individuals relate to the experience of Samuel snow in the Miller is kamala experience at the estos individuals the de la Serna Kona experience at the summer is no Ellis Meredith so in daniel has seen Daniel we're seeing he is carrying or waiting for the truth just like the Miller enviamos que el esta tarde on bro para jessebella verdad si como of Melissa and now he gets to this point where the vision is going to be revealed to him yo Roger guide momento donde JCB de la compra nian acerca de la vision and let's go to verse let's go to five through should we stop we're fairly over time and just continue after were just finished now can you shoot toward okay yeah okay that's probably better I'm sorry I'm over me bananas go parties are mo pasado el tiempo I'll finish this and then we'll close vamos a terminar si pensamiento y luego vamos para so we continue from verse four see continue was affected a vesicular cuatro and the media's sister why it says this hermana white that the vision is about have is of Christ caleb is en que estaba this after near isla de sol de cristo and if you compare this vision if we to comparison service use the characteristics of the individual last characteristic as they the individual it's the it's almost identical to the description of Christ in Revelation chapter one is Cathy identical a la descripcion que tenemos de Cristo in up calluses you know so they're having the same they're seeing the same appearance of Christ those both been la misma apparently de Cristo and that's another connection between these visions esto es ultra connection entries as but let's continue that have continued aramis and if you want to read from verse 5 to this Betances Cinco de Mayo yes Cinco seis y si Mis ojos Emira yeah cube are invested orally no Cindy dos uh slo-moes day or day ofes su cuerpo era como de murillo y su rostro policia un relampago y sus ojos como an torches de fuego y sus Brazos a sus PS como de couleur des Bronte bruni dou y el sonido de sus palabras como es trend o de una multitude so what I'm suggesting lo que yo soy su horrendo is that after three four weeks were symbolically at midnight the first a specimen as jenna's estamos symbolic Amenti in la medianoche that daniel has been tearing Danielle is Google Toronto that the Millers have been carrying those milliliters is 2/3 and oh and they've been waiting for a revelation of Christ revelation of truth subir intentando is an Esperanto una revelation me Chris and ours were symbolically of course prophetically @midnight you're a symbolic Amenti prophetic event estamos in media noche and now here I think is one of the strongest examples that this is midnight y ahora aquí uno de los alimentos a serious mass Huertas que esto es Mediano G let's read verse 6 verse 7 verse our Leggo's a vesicular siete y sólo yo Danielle vehicle edition Enola Gay los hombres que están conmigo sino que si a poder de ellos un grande more urine is this condom so when this revelation of Christ is given cuando está BC on de Cristo s bada which I'm suggesting is parallel in midnight Kroenke yo estoy jugando is in para el o allah i club or Dominion Archer Daniel it standing by a river Danielle is the juntao view and you have Daniel his penis aqui w and you have those other people who are with him it can have lock them up any other people who are with him de los otros are going to feel a shaking vignetting tip will bend blood and prophetically shaking a prophetic immediate a morph is a crisis asthma creases so what they're going to do lo que lo que van a ser is they're going to fling it's given our wheels they're going to run away Vanna cold air Sally corriendo and Daniel E Danielle will be left alone so that the shadow so low and can you draw a little angel and Daniel loan ews solo as the verse says Attica movie theaters piccolo is going to see this vision Bobby rest a bassoon only those Millerites solo Achilles millilitre who are wise k-source obvious have the experience with Christ in go into the marriage he analyzed within the concrete row in tremendous bodice Daniel when this vision takes place cuando está BC on Akua two classes are separated they say pattern those classes when Samuel snow gives the midnight cry message under that somewhere slow that immense acadec l'amour de medianoche two classes are separated some say parados goes classes and I believe this answers of brothers question about how can we see the same experience as Samuel snow with these individuals yo creo cuesta respond a la pregunta de nuestra mano Cibola experiencia de sam with no esta a % r la misma experiencia de esposa libido is there as everyone follow to the figure on that make sense at the same speed Oh amen amen is it not clear is anyone not clear nor stomach La Roux again secure again if they you have any questions please ask is given free will does porfavor pregunta maybe after yeah yeah not not in this moment when we have question and answers Therese Noor al Rita pero para la hora de las preguntas to judge cuesta okay when we were going to take a break now vamos a theorem that salsa and when we return we will continue looking at our notes Y midnight volviendo vamos continue our in nuestra notice program area not you okay let's press what mo I should not have again one limpio sabado we still have about an hour right okay do you have my father kitty the policy Lucy our Lord we thank you for this day submit their algorithm of Twitter's to the year we thank you for the fellowship and the messages from your word there are famous portal a communion allotment sacristy to palabra we thank you for the service that is quickly approaching there the same exported Saba Lucas it started coming rapid M&T we pray that we would prepare our hearts and our minds to receive your blessing we're almost que podamos for the parameters quota so disparage attributed to bindis humans in the same way that we have to prepare our hearts and our minds before the final crisis de la misma manera como tenemos que preparado es us corazones in on Sarah's mentes para la última crisis we thank you lord eres mo senior forgive us our sins and have mercy upon us perdon Agosto so staccato C Tenga miss le cadeau de nosotros goddess to a true and false appearance video Dinos una in para a better experience acanti go senior pour out your spirit upon us the rahmatu to spirit to sobre nosotros pour the latter rain on us plus you get our dear and may we have the companionship of angels EK podamos teller compañía de angelis in Jesus name mo nombre es off our names