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dear father with that penultimate 
presentation of this seminar we have 
reached a point of being able to cover 
many topics study quite a lot here with 
Lord please bless us also for 
that we can come to a conclusion and 
mention the things that are still 
important in that study to direct us 
so that all of that works for our 
well and we speak according to your will directs 
and anoint my words 
and so also this with each one of 
we in these exceptions 
intellectual and with the heart 
so be it 
so we ask you the name of 
jesus christ amen or not brothers brothers very 
welcome here in this last 
presentation in this series 
they can open their brochures on the page 
30 38 
so we are giving their stories 
those stories now are tests for the 
investigative judgment 
and all those that mark the beginning 
since the history of gideón 
what we have been able to show, I believe 
that there is a loud cry in love 
after the Sunday law we know that 
that is placed 
there is the midnight clamor the event of 
midnight also described but the 
army the army 
meets before 
with the trumpet 
what I am saying is that that 
trumpet represents the seventh 
andy apocalypse 8 to 11 
this then marks in this story on 11 
there begins to be joined the army of 
God does it already here here is already 
gathering his soldiers for that battle 
now I want to add a second story 
which is found in that yes 37 
they open their Bibles in 1737 
in 37 we see a succession of events 
It is very interesting 
and we have used a lot that text one of 
the very important texts in our 
how he achieves his start is interesting as 
that vision is very 
the hand of jehovah came upon me and I 
led in the spirit of jehovah put me 
in the middle of a valley that was full of 
and he made me pass by them all 
the director and here was a lot about 
the face of the field and by the way dry in 
great way that is is this situation is 
interesting because you have a bar and 
and God takes Ezekiel to the edge 
of it is worth 
to observe 
and they are full of bones 
that is 
the remains the bones of the people 
who died 
skulls all kinds of bones I imagine 
that one should draw it in a little more 
something like that 
or smaller is still huge what 
see here is tremendous 10 
horrible and the bible says they are dry 
in a big way or very dry and that 
does that because it means that a bone 
dry means that it does not have water water is 
the spirit that is already out of your 
bone and for a bone to know what it has 
have been there a long time without 
not true water sometimes we see the 
corpses in the street of an animal and 
lasts for months, months, until the 
bones really dry up 
ok then they have been like this without the 
spirit of god for a very long time 
verse 3 and he told me son of man 
they will live in their bones and I said Mr. 
jehovah you know 
then cute waite in your comment 
says those bones represent the world 
that is dead that does not have the word 
the lord who lives walks in his ways 
but God sees it as a bone dance 
dry is the world but she also says 
represents the Alavés our church 
that's our church that's how it is 
fucking badge of god is very dead already 
nothing is left, it does not work, it does not have 
life because he has rejected the 
holy spirit not act them and 
it is very dry and just bones 
4 told me then and that now 
interesting what it says prophesies about 
those bones and tell them dry bones or I saw 
words of jehovah so I said that goes 
from the Lord to those bones and here I do 
enter the spirit in you and 
you will live and I will put tendons on 
you and I will make climb over you 
meat and I will cover you with skin and put in 
you spirit and you will live and you will know 
that I am jehovah 
Now what God says should be very 
important to us our church 
does many things to revive the 
spirit of the brothers makes many 
things does seminar seminars 
for couples makes camps for 
young people do all kinds of evangelization 
makes 40-week programs makes books 
special to revive the spirit of 
the brothers do a lot but the 
situation does not change the 
situation is getting worse year after year 
then the methods that the company uses 
to achieve this 
and you can hear the president 
of the South American Union the use is 
son's text a similar text that says 
we need 
the greatest need 
of us is a world 
revival already 
is the revival if we want to revive 
we want the brothers and sisters 
wake up but wake up 
how do we get it after all those 
ideas that we have methods camps 
books projects and so on and it does not work 
and we are not talking now just 
this year we are talking decades of 
decades do not work 
then why does not it work because it 
discards the notice that I give you so that 
run the performance god gives a 
advice gives an order and that says 
prophesy about those bones here wants 
say that 
the only thing that will cause 
that those bones rise and they reach 
living again is through a 
message that has to impart the 
God's messenger and this message is 
city teacher 
is what God says that is not what I 
I invented myself we do not make a 
seed of prophecy because so much we 
We like it a lot, but because we 
like because we understand we have met 
which is the method that God wants 
we use at that time we are not 
hobbyists and that's our area and for 
we talk about this only because others 
brothers who speak only of the 
justification by faith and others that 
they speak only health reform others 
they speak only of the sanctuary and we 
only prophecy is not this dear 
brothers is that here we have a mandate 
for the lord and prophesy 
What can I do but I, sir? 
I think that here we need 
another thing 
we need to fulfill the mandate that the 
Lord gives us and says it several times as 
let's see prophesy about those bones 
and dry bones with words from 
that is, the prophecy 
now progressing is a method through 
of which the brother in the church of the 
sister church wakes up and will hear 
the whole word of jehovah 
the prophecy to rector to the word of 
jehovah not only texts that speak the 
future is not true that this the word 
of jehovah 
and then the promise that we have read and 
verse 7 prophesies then and now 
begins a process prophesies then 
As I was sent and there was a noise 
while I continue to prophesy 
and here is a tremor 
in English the tremor translates a bit 
different is a shake 
I shook hard 
in the first prophecy now the first 
prophetic message produces a jolt 
dear brothers, that is what happens 
if I say 
if I say to you things as they have 
listened to this week for many that's 
something very new and many times we 
challenge in what we are already 
understanding why we have accepted his 
sister what you believe that case and 
it really is a fake message 
not only that what should be 
talk or that's not no that's not the 
message for him that today and so on 
they are things that shake us and those 
messages that we are sharing from 
fact they have shaken a lot 
have shaken in such a way that the 
churches are closing their doors for 
these prophetic messages because they are 
messages that in so that the one that wants 
a life 
unchanged one who wants to continue with 
your dream that message is a message 
unpleasant because it shakes them or that 
Shake the brothers then is what 
happens here while I prophesied 
here a shake or a tremor and the 
bones joined each bone with its 
bone then here already begins a 
process this process is in several stages 
in the first the prophetic message the 
bones already come together and it is already a being 
human again 
the first message already fulfills something already 
it has an effect what we believe 
is that this message that message of 
daniela 11 40 45 
he produced that 
or started producing that in the town of 
God that is our conviction the first 
message that they opened at the time of 
end is of generation that is that it begins 
this process of lifting those bones 
8 and look here tendons on them and the 
meat went up and the skin covered over 
of them but there was no spirit in them 
that is, the process is clearly not 
complete the spirit is missing 
the spilling of the spirit is lacking 
are now able to receive it 
they are already put in a position where 
now the spirit can enter and can 
reanimate the but has not yet arrived 
they were not in condition now they are 
verse 9 and he said prophesy to the 
spirit prophesies ideal son of man 
spirit to 100 and I danced lord spirit 
come from the four winds and blow on 
those dead and they will live 
as it happened 
now the spirit 
from the four winds 
now what is that that the brothers that is 
the spirit of the four winds that 
spirit has to enter them and 
he has to fulfill that work 
now the spirit of the four winds 
it should not be something strange for 
us because we believe that many 
times we have read apocalypse 7 and 
we opened apocalypse 7 
to remind 
what relationship is there is not found 
here with that 37 
verse 9 
apocalypse 7 verse 1 says after 
of this there were four angels standing 
about the four corners of the earth and 
that stopped the four winds 
from the earth so that no wind blows 
some on the earth or on the sea 
nor on any tree 
and also to another angel verse 2 that 
went up from where the sun rises 
and he had the seal of a living god and he cried out to 
great voice to the four angels to whom 
they had been given the power to harm 
to the land and the sea saying do not do 
damage to land or sea or 
trees until we've sealed in their 
fronts to the servants of our god 
the four winds 
in ezequiel 
4 r know that 37 is the four winds 
of apocalypse 7 
and the four winds of apocalypse 7 
they are related to the process because 
the sealing 
now when is that 
and our notes in those texts page 
38 we have a comment 
that you find messages 
select ones took three page to 467 under that 
says the following 
37 page 38 
angels are holding the four 
and represented as an angry horse 
I have made a collection here according to 
English in Spanish is plural but 
in English is not plural is singular 
represented as an angry horse 
who tries to break free to run on 
the face of the whole earth sowing 
destruction and death in its wake 
then elena white comments to the 
four winds of public 17 but where 
not you in public 67 find in the 
he tells him the four angels hold 
the four winds represented as a 
irate horse where the horse is 
irak one in apocalypse 7 
there is no horse wounded apocalypse 7 
but she says that those four winds 
they are like a horse 
a horse in iraq 1 
what does that combination do for you here 
because it does not do that anymore 
interpretation of the meaning 
winds can involve many things 
it is not true a problem 
destruction yes but specifically in 
that case elena white wants to make us 
understand hatreds through inspiration 
understand that these four winds of 
apocalypse 7 are represented by a 
angry horse 
a ferocious horse and with his brothers 
we know the horse because 
here comes the diagram 
here in the diagrams or here you see 
the angry horse 
the wrathful horse in the bible in the 
biblical prophecy is a symbol the 
symbol of Islam 
what we are saying and of course 
we should study all the implication 
of Islam in prophecy the role of 
Islam in the prophecy we have already done 
presentations about that they needed 
a little more study but what I am 
saying here is the spirits the four 
winds in this that will have seven the 
spirits are the four winds of 
1.17 which in turn are an iraq horse 
one that in turn represents Islam in 
Bible prophecy there is no doubt in that 
because then what is that is the 
intervention of Islam in the history of 
our land and the intervention of 
Islam in history society comes to 
through the seventh trumpet 
it started playing on September 11 , 
through that lifting of that 
Havoc that the world began to cause 
islamic and is continuing to do it 
until now until now it was going to be 
following it by doing it until 
following him doing towards the Sunday law 
continuing to do so up to the law 
Sunday ok is a logic here 
'We have during this week 
surely you have seen it remember such 
once a detail or another demonstrated or 
tried to prove that September 11 
that moment when the 
and this in the vision of Ezekiel causes 
that the bones are no longer dry but that 
come together is the spirit that can now 
enter them 
and that's in that is part of the process 
this first step here 
1989 understanding will of course be the 
11 40 and 45 the second step 
September 11, 2001 the role of Islam 
just like our minerman the role of 
Islam to awaken the people and to 
start a trial 
verse 10 
and prophesy as he had commanded me and 
I enter spirit in them 
and they lived and were on their feet 
a that a large army in the extreme and 
that's the same with these giron 
God is joining an army a 
big army here and now the 
lifting that army 
the same as we saw in the story of 
Gideon who knows plays the trumpet 
board begins to gather the army 
but that army 
Gideon does not remain as they are true 
has to enter now with a process of 
and the same here only here does not 
We have the selection process here 
we have simply the fact that here 
at that moment the army gathers 
verse 11 told me then son of 
man all those bones are the house of 
israel here is the explanation 
all those bones are the house of israel 
it is the people of God to his people 
Adventist is the people of Israel 
behold they say our bones are 
dried up and perished is not hope and 
we are all destroyed 
it's interesting is not true what 
I do not know if you have a sensitivity 
for that or if they like this I have 
my reservations but sometimes I think not 
you have to deny you can not deny 
this second step is from verse 9 
until 11 
with September 11 in English 
inscribe in the good arn I do not think no 
I think it's true and it's the second step that 
we understand that they have to do with the 
history September 11 are the 
verses 9 to 11 I believe that God has 
wanted to do so on purpose verse 
12 therefore prophesy and tell them so 
said the Lord I am here I open your 
My people's graves and I will do your good 
of your graves and I will bring you to the 
land of israel and you know that I am 
jehovah when he opens your graves and 
take them out of your village subcultures 
mine and I will put my spirit in us and 
you will live and I will make you rest on your 
land and you will know that I jehovah speak and 
I did it says jehovah 
then that is the third step here in 
that story 
there is a third step that complements that 
my focus is on that here I do not 
I focused this is the second step because 
the theme of our central of my series 
is the trial of the trial 
researcher and what I want 
demonstrate that in that second step when 
the town is raised as an army 
this means 
for me at that time the trial begins 
of the living the judgment the living is not 
another thing that the Lord putting together his 
true people and preparing it and 
taking it through a process of 
tests why we should put together the 
histories of gideón and of that that 37 in 
that case and all his stories that 
we know and we have already mentioned 
another story not even chapter 9 
ezequiel 9 
let's read the first verses 
I cry in my ears with a loud voice saying 
the executioners of the city have arrived and 
each one brings his instrument in his hand 
to destroy 
and here that six males 
that six males 
they came from the path of the top door 
that looks north and each one brought 
in his hand his instrument to destroy 
and among them was a man dressed in 
linen and which one he wore at his waist 
an inkwell of scribe and entered 
they stopped by the bronze altar and the 
glory of god israel rose from above 
of the cherub on whom he had been 
to the threshold of the house and called jehovah to 
linen city man who had his 
waist in writing case and 
says jehovah goes through the middle of the 
city ​​by means of jerusalem and you put 
a sign on the forehead to the men who 
they moan and they cry 
because of all the abominations that 
they are made in the middle of it 
this little group that true remnant or 
that those are the 144,000 those are the 
who moan and cry 
and the others said hearing he heard it happen 
through the city ​​after him and killed not 
forgive your eye, do not have 
kill old young and virgin children 
and women until there is none left 
but anyone 
upon which there would be no signal 
approach and we will begin with my 
sanctuary began then from the 
elderly males who were in front of the 
temple then here we have another 
parallel story because we've seen that 
in apocalypse 7 the angel comes to 
place the stamp 
over the 144,000 
the celia for the god begins the process 
to judge those who live and will enter 
to the Lord's army although that's what 
that is ac angel and here is described the 
the same situation comes the angel of jehova 
Jesus comes and places exile over 
some and the others will be judged to 
put here some texts that we emos 
I have put 
page 38 below the title of if you want 
says like this of testimonies for the church 
Volume 3 295 
the true people of God who takes 
chest the spirit of the work of this 
Lord and the salvation of souls will be 
to sin in its true character 
sinful will always be on the side of 
those who clearly denounce sins 
how easily they amounted to would be to 
the children of god especially in the 
final work that is done in favor of the 
church in the time of celia ment of 
the 144 and a thousand 
if you want 9 
apocalypse 7 that have to subsist without 
defect in front of the throne of God 
will feel the irons very deeply 
that those who profess to be children of God 
this is exposed with a lot of vigor 
with much vigor the illustration that 
presents the prophet about the last 
work under the figure of men who 
they had paths 
in weapons or needed to introduce 
certain weapons I also think I do not know 
Shredders in the hands 
or their destructive weapons in their hands 
among them there was a dress of one 
decided of linen that he had in his hand a 
and I told jehovah to see the 
city and we have already lived this ok 
so if that interpretation is not 
a private institution but elena white 
and I know that this moment of sealing describes 
here that scene is not the scene where 
I'm sorry you find four thousand are 
ciliated that's that story is that 
history but how is that story 
then we have to put in bar 
bunker apocalypse 7 where it is said that 
those four winds that are released and 
meanwhile celia does not represent 
an angry horse 
and even more says that that angry horse 
it brings destruction and death on its way 
good if you would continue to study not 
would you see that support 
who is the king of the Muslims 
the guy for the king the Muslims he 
call then destruction 
apocalypse 9 
verse 11 again subject a 
9 the circle 11 
Napoleon means the destroyer 
it is not he is the sultan or the king of the 
and that horse root destruction 
is a symbol of Islam is the symbol of 
what is described later 
what is the essence or characteristic of 
this town in function in a function 
specific in the history of the 
next text the living testimony the 
work of the holy spirit this convince 
to the world of sin of justice and of 
the world can only be warned by watching 
to those who believe in the truth 
sanctified by the truth that 's very 
the world here comes to a situation 
where the calamities 
and political events are going to 
shake so much that they are willing to 
look for the truth 
but there are so many options in the world there 
so many religions there are so many 
Christian denominations and in each 
Christian denomination there are so many branches 
in the same front town there are so many 
branches between the groups of the truth 
present that clamor preaches what to see 
to the present there are so many little groups again 
So who do I follow whom I 
who placed my trust for 
about living that time 
that will be the search for those who 
they seek the truth and they want to leave 
well then how do I do it then 
God tells us here an important thing 
that the only thing that the world can 
can help the world and this is 
the world can only be warned and 
seeing those who believe in the truth 
sanctified by the truth that is I believe 
the truth but it's one thing I think the 
and be sanctified by the truth 
that the difference I can say I think 
a certain thing already 
I believe that you can live without sin 
I believe that the saw says it and shows it 
all the texts of the bible says so 
but yes 
I have sins in my life 
and then one says good already believes the 
true but not sanctified by the truth 
the truth has no effect on your life 
works maybe maybe it's a lie 
tevez is a false teaching there is a 
discord between talking and doing 
when I say that I should not eat 
meat for certain reasons but I eat 
meat then that message is there is a 
discord is not true then no I do not 
I believe a truth I think meat makes 
bad health but is not certified 
because the truth has no impact on me 
life because I keep eating is not true 
that's it and the world but you need then 
just that men and women who 
really not only profess to create 
something but this faith that they explain and 
so clearly can you defend that faith 
it has to have an effect and work in 
their lives have to be sanctified 
for the truth 
and in every aspect we are talking now 
in every detail in every detail 
is that army that is already 
preparing here through the process of 
the three angelic messages those are 
he counts them and 4000 those are the bones 
who came to the Lord's army select 
these are they have to live this and 
I need them because it's the only 
way as the world has warned 
the brothers we are not called 
to simply save our skin to 
sky that's not the function the function is 
participate in one last play here but 
for that now he has to comply with 
those requirements 
acting on high principles and 
everything we do has to be 
on high and holy principles 
demonstrating in a high and elevated sense 
the demarcation line between those who 
keep the commandments of God and 
those who trample them under their feet 
without wanting to produce a strong 
distinction between those who 
follow the Lord in all that sense and 
those who do not follow unintentionally is 
automatic good what do I mean there's 
one there is a separation more and more 
obvious and one does not want to offend the other 
for being different is not this but 
automatically one changes the talk 
thinking the behavior with one is 
sleep with him he is sent what one 
eat as one dresses and all this the 
thing that buys the how it invests the 
money and so on and so forth everything 
it's not true it's different because he lives 
in a high and high sense on the line 
those requirements that god 
the sanctification of the spirit indicates the 
difference between those who have the 
seal of God and those who keep the 
spurious rest days when the 
proof clearly demonstrated that it is the 
mark of the beast is to square on Sunday 
by see training school 
first of December 1903 
so this here is what God 
is meeting or trying to meet in 
this army this is the purpose of 
all this process that's because the 
judgment of the living have to start 
long before the moment it closes 
the door many do not have to think 
because the town is like the story 
giron prepared prepared for 
prepare this purpose 
next page 
it is testimonies for the church volume 2 
317 we believe without a doubt that Christ 
will come soon 
this is not a fable for us is 
a reality 
we have no doubt nor have 
had for years that doctrines 
that we hold are the present truth and 
that we are approaching the trial 
we are preparing to find 
he who 
will appear will appear in the clouds of 
skies escorted by a host of 
holy angels to give to the faithful and 
just the final touch of immortality 
when he comes 
will not do it to cleanse us of our 
sins take away the defects of 
character or heal us of the riches of 
our temperament and disposition 
If you have to perform 
us this work will be done before 
that time although that is that all the 
time we are 
We are saying no 
before the time and I have not taken 
because the posture I have not done the 
distinction between the groups that you 
they have learned acquaintance from the others 
presenters for the priests here 
for the Levites here for etcetera 
that's just I'm talking more general 
This process 
the judgment of the living is a process 
have to start before that time 
with the door if it closes when the 
sir those who are saints would follow 
being holy those who have kept their 
body and spirit in purity 
sanctification and honor will receive the touch 
end of immortality but those that 
they are unjust, unclean and unsanctified 
will remain like this forever will not be done 
in his favor no work that eliminates his 
defects and give them a holy character the 
refiner is not focused then for 
continue your refining work and remove 
your sins and your corruption this all 
this must be done in the hours of 
Grace time 
is when that work must be done in 
then that idea 
Christ here it is just 
and here with 
I discovered it side him 
clean up 
it's a very comfortable idea it 's true I 
I can live my life as I want but 
while in the mind I believe this I 
I want this the Lord with the argument 
clean me up ok not like that it's not like that no no 
comes for as we have read here not 
comes to clean us up here he 
he wants to clean now he wants 
actively participate with will 
participate in this process that just 
only come to receive us as we already 
we are ready 
for life and for this work 
malachi 31 
3 1 of 3 
behold I send my messenger which 
will prepare the way in front of me and 
the lord will come suddenly to his temple 
whom we seek is the angel of 
Covenant to whom you wish 
and here comes said jehovah of the 
and who can stand the time of his 
or who will be able to stand when he 
manifest because he is like fire 
purifier and laundry soap 
and will sit down to refine and clean the 
silver because clean the children of the ibi 
will refine them like gold and with silver and 
they will bring an offering in justice to the jehovah 
then when jehovah comes 
Christ comes here 
symbolized by the angel 
of apocalypse 18 
to begin that work in us the 
to do that work 
and when the through that process has 
done that then let's be the offering 
the offering that may appear in front of 
and that's why that process here I send my 
messenger which will prepare the way 
in front of me 
the messenger in the history of 
Jesus Christ was John the Baptist who 
prepared the way for the life of Christ 
the messenger and william miller that 
prepared the way for the life of the Lord 
the messenger for our story I 
I would say is a group of people but for 
true belongs the weapon group no 
piten yorke that started that work for 
that generation bringing that message that 
is the probative message for our 
then god uses people 
that impart a message through 
which is purified the people 
next text conflict the 481th centuries 
when the trial work goes on tour 
researcher will also decide the 
luck of all for life or death 
the time of grace will end shortly before 
that the Lord appears in the clouds 
from the sky admire towards that time 
Christ declares in the apocalypse that 
it is unfair to be unjust even the dirty one 
is associated with a and that is just adjusted 
to a saints be a saint behold 
I come quickly and my award is 
with me to give the reward to each 
one according to his work remember the 
beginning we started with logic 
of the pioneers Christ already comes with his 
the reward already comes with the reward 
he does not come to start a work of 
purification he comes to carry his 
when christ descends here 
come to take the children 
to heaven 
then there is time of grace has to 
must begin and end before 
we have shown a bit logic because 
ends before and for who ends up in 
What a moment 
an example is here that the ceilings 
here we have noted carlos fitz died 
18 d 
October 1844 
Carlos Fitz the parallel story would be 
This here 
October 22 carlos and died here four 
days before 
carlos date was that 
maybe who is the diagram he died 
because he died a little before is not true 
and as we know that he will be in the 
heaven because in early writings elena 
white in vision sees it in the sky sees it 
under a tree 
sitting with brother stop men 
here the hairs are not there literally 
is not in heaven now but it is a 
vision and he knows there will 
to be there 
the text that comes next with the 
480 centuries when he wants to conclude the 
investigator trial time will remain 
he also decides everyone's sources for 
life or death 
the time of grace will end shortly before 
that the Lord appears in the clouds 
from heaven 
when looking at that time he did 
declares that text in the apocalypse 
we have read 
the righteous and the wicked will continue 
living on earth in your state 
the men kept singing and 
building eating and drinking 
unconscious all of them that the 
final and irrevocable decision has been 
pronounced in the heavenly sanctuary 
before the flood after there was no 
entered the ark God locked them in 
she leaving out the wicked but for 
space of seven days the town does not 
knowing that his luck was decided 
he continued in his indifference 
indifferent pursuit of pleasures and it 
mocked the warnings of the trial that 
they threatened her like that, says the savior will be 
also the life of the son of man 
unnoticed as a thief at midnight 
the decisive hour that sets the 
destiny of each will know retired 
definitely the offer of the 
grace they will address will direct the 
guilty then 
observing the world does not help us ok 
seeing that everything follows that everything works 
that's not not an indicator we need 
understand the prophetic clock we need 
of what happens in heaven in what 
point we are actually this is what 
We need to know where to find us 
because the door closes here 
and life continues 
and it seems that nothing happens 
did not notice for another group of 
Adventists can be here 
and life continues the states exist 
things get worse but a human being 
always grabs the last segment 
continues continues but there may already be 
Finishing one probation 
they are dear things brothers of life and 
in the rest of the texts I'm not going to 
enter this 
If you only want to set a 
from page 41 we have some 
stories the history of books 
and then on page 44 
something very similar is with some texts 
that describe the steps 
of the investigative judgment and that's more than 
other than the steps that God takes 
decide who is with him and who does not 
is with him and how to prepare his people 
through a process those processes 
we can find in different texts 
biblical in different stories all 
teaches us how he does it leads us to 
through a process that purifies us 
but very easy I think it's those two 
stories where they prepare a 
army and that army is already called 
since September 11 from that 
moment here the four winds that are 
like a horse or here this moment 
they know the trumpet those are the 
moments in which god already began that 
I hope this study serves you 
I wish you a great blessing thick 
hands I hope that you include your 
order sentences so that the lord 
helps them find time to 
study all this 
time is that many times we lack 
less and less time we are going to have 
you have to study you have to review those 
things and if you find 
true in this of course they have it 
to share and at the moment that one 
you share with your neighbor you understand 
if you really understood it to the 
logical ok 
then that I bless you all has 
been a pleasure a joy to meet you 
most of us did not know each other before 
and if God wants we see each other again very 
well let's finish with a sentence 
then like 
and that's why yes yes of course 
if it is the self and the signs are the same 
I would say no 
to those signs a zeal in this case this 
signal is a zeal 
signal as for example does so between the 
front or does so concert is that signal 
in this case happened 
but the signs here at that time did not 
they are the seal 
and tsimin and clamor 
ok this time we can quickly enter 
again and if you want 37 
there is the description where they are 
they only give it again 
and with my words give an explanation 
as I understand it 
37 verses which 
so 37 no apology 39 
vehicle 4 
he says and told him jehovah goes through in the middle 
from the city and through jerusalem and 
ponle is a sign on the forehead to the 
men who moan and who cry out because 
of the abominations 
that are made in the middle of it then 
there is a town that is conscious 
of the wine of Babylon 
what is causing havoc in the church in the 
Adventist church in the town of God 
and they are aware of what they see and 
they understand what that means 
so that's why and they moan because they know 
that his brothers are about to fall 
and receive the mark the mark of the beast 
promptly yes no 
clear one has to apply to one 
same in destination the process of the 
liberation of sin begins in 
recognize that sin exists in me 
one that a face like that 
that 's the important thing 
or this way 
already as christ says no if one has this 
and he does not have this if one had prophecy 
but he has no love in now he serves not that 
is one I do not think I do not know if you can 
reduce to one word no more not true 
that is as if Christ were reflected 
Christ I will not only be merciful 
he had many other characters all 
this has to be done in us 
it's late 
and there you go you say that one is tested to 
basis of the truth that one has or can 
to have 
as at that time God did not open to 
them the understanding of the Saturday then 
will not be judged based on that truth 
as in all cyber-readers there are 
Christians there are sincere people and not 
they have seven light but based on that 
what they have when they are judged 
simply carlos station had the light 
based on salt on Saturday then not 
is going to be searched based on that already 
saving the first day of the week 
keeping Sunday perfectly 
base safe because I did not know better anymore 
but you said not being 4,000 account 
you do not have to see the knowing when 
of 4,000 among the righteous will be 
knowing 44 thousand is one is one is something 
of our history the 104 4000 will 
are adjusting now is not true 
it is not is not it is not correct to say that 
being when four teachers a number 
of just people of all time 
where God is going to gather and will help 
some now or at the end time 
yes yes it is a subject that we like a lot 
always the dentists 
well then dear sir 
at the end of my series here of topics in 
that seminar I want to thank you for the 
strength and health that you have given me and 
participation interest on behalf of my 
dear brothers here also for 
those who will later see 
representations form digital by 
please be the companion of each 
student and so for the lives of each 
one that is here that they have been with 
we ask 
have patience but also 
insistence on waking up and guiding us 
by the name of Jesus Christ many 
thank you mister amen