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para nuestro otra vez otra vez de invitados en este momento para nós a studio Ben DC knows por favor danos loose para que podamos entender to palabra Nestico nosotros esta hora para que podemos intend Ella's mera villas de to prophesy se para que tenemos commissary fairness troop tiempo hace TBD most nursery nobody knows rehearsals I mean okay we left off on the top of page 11a morado in lap in the party the seam of the pack in our own sin and what we're talking about is the fourth day of the fifth month or the fifth day of the fourth month he's terrible and oh they came to the other quarter miss Ezekiel is having this vision on the fifth day of the fourth month it's achaeans to be shown in a quad kin to the a required to miss Ezekiel 1 1 & 2 Easter if - as it's a que uno uno dos and we're reading sister White's comments he stopped with Lai en de los comentarios and ate manna white and she's going to tie the vision of Ezekiel Isaiah and John together yay Leah bah - or hunt our last mission says it is a yes one hunt us and what we want to show is that the fifth day the fourth month vamos the monster I'll kill him - the other quarter Thomas is representing a humbling experience where you come face-to-face with God represent our own experience Yahoo magenta don't they I won't say in Contra in Farsi a fasiq con Dios okay so if you wanna continue where exactly we stop we read two paragraphs ethnic we're never yeah that sounds good estamos en el segundo paragraph Adela partner answer in future stop after each one another you continue or not Luca antes abbien Amir comprende tu si es la grande zdorov'e or superfecta Santa de la policía que debido a su Fraschilla dad II in degree dad amana's the VA para ser una queja presencia de vino' i demi exclaim Oh que soy Berto Casey Ando hombre mundo de la dos y a botando a meadow de pueblos que tienen la la vie mundos a miss miss ojos are a human the Rose ejército z-- he say yes says dress is single pero se acerca UN Seraphin con el fin de hacer la da yo para su grammy co n carbon ardiente darryl Tartu kosis lagos mientras ser de Regina's palabras de aquí que es esto tacos tostadas yes Keitel to Cuba olimpio to picado cuando se yo la voz de Dios que decía que NVRA Aquino Syrah Assayas respond do complain akan fianza MAA ki mbm a Amira next winter Kim poor Taba Kayla's potential stage analysis Tobias in display errors contra Hooda okay and su misión is a used to be a CK a surf friend and our position is resistencia a BIA bestow la señora de los ojos itõs a be a widow a canto de los sarafina's toda la tierra de Janeiro Gloria yay Profeta via sido for tele sido para la hora que tenia delante de ce y lo consigue otra vez de Tolosa larga y our do a means our domicile is a cuarto de esta be seein you just read what more earthly powers yes okay so what's really interesting about this paragraph ok smooth there is something circa desperado for is the last sentence it's la última for a salute to my sentence or the last two sentences honor you Tomas dose so this vision is to be shown that as a is having que sí es DNA is going to nerve him for his work Lida forces para su trabajo this memory the memory of this vision was carried with him throughout his long and arduous nation vivo con ciguatera best a toda su Largay Abdul emission age acuerdo de esta BC own what is this reminder sir the que Esther knows acid recuerda there's a quote from sister why I'm not seated am Rama hermana white which is describing the midnight cry experience don't the area describe la experiencia de Claremore dem inna de la medianoche and she describes the saints of the minarets le describe a Los Santos Oh Alice milliliters on a road cómo están de una in una caja una Camino and above the earth sobre la tierra and there are neurons paths Yellowstone can mean and on is the Camino and they're going forwards to heaven II ban in direction a yellow and she describes that there was a bright light behind them Healy described Akio una luz be int the trustee issues in this bright light yester loose brilliant gave them light for the rest of the path this your loose para para toda Camino she describes this bright light LED screen is to come ESS a loose as the midnight cry como el clamor de la medianoche so this midnight cry experienced strengthened and gave light to the Millerites as they went forward from 1844 it's a loose list yo this is Clarice yo el camino the midnight cry light la luz de la moda medianoche was what strengthened and gave them guidance through their long mission era local is fertile a co-equal SGO durante todo su narugami see on the experience of 1844 nice perience a de mucho since quality Quattro was there was there light that led them throughout the rest of their lives era su loose Kilis yo durante todo su vida sister white describes this as the most exciting time of life or the time where she's the most happy la hermana white describe a superior da covilhã APD okay must feel is the su vida now I want to read one more paragraph get a lame-ass un para from us it's CQ so now she's gonna bring a zekiel into this uh aura alia bar introduced it it's a kid and before we read it the aunt is killing a moose so now she's going to connect Ezekiel as having the same experience with Isaiah how order le arise because como is a guillotine la misma experiencer come we say yes she said she said Isaiah had this vision this aqui si est Deus would be sure and she describes the vision in the circumstance the scribbler vision is to suit who stands yes and now she's going to relay Ezekiel to - Isaiah's experience in the war about whom table my experience they see kill and is the experience here and we've identified the most identificado that Ezekiel is having his vision on the first day of the fifth day of the fourth month it didn't Geronimo significant okay see Kia tiene su misión and I King Thomas came to the other car Thomas which is the middle mark between the beginning of the tearing time in the end of the Terran time case like sucked emitted into a comienzo he fill the tiempo de ter Danza it's midnight where the midnight cry is first given its exactamente in la medianoche donde es dado a clamor de la medianoche and she say in the vision that Ezekiel that Ezekiel and Isaiah are having you know this Aquila busy on K Ezekiel is a EST enim is going to strengthen them for their long and arduous mission es lo que les fort Eliseo para su misión larga e du de hardwa and this is the same words this is the same example s 2 s very small la misma descripción la misma is mismo tiempo that she gives for the Millerites for the midnight cry kailia this secretary smelly Rita's es la moda million ah-choo do we see that connection we'll still this band is a connection amen see I mean is anyone confused by Circulo come fundido see just now no see technically this it see confuse okay why we confused porque with startled sorry vamos a tratar de solution eraser which part aren't we understanding quite party know until named esto can try to keep the hermana Watanabe Xian it's a tiara he led the UN Camino for Sima de la tierra y aquí kameena los santos ok estan aqui todos coming on the Camino yeah trust the edges in a loose word in a DC s a loose alumina camino esta su fin hasta que hagan el cielo para los santos ill identification loose he anna dcs toluse s el clima de la medianoche okay and what book do we find his description if you give I believe it's early writings so we remain tears in premarital script was the first lady now is her first vision and slap primera vez un Kelly - and she gives it in early writings as well over the first chapters now in contra Mohsen primera distritos bien el comienzo se los que los que abandon and kind i mundo impious you scooter is it division where Jesus calls him come come and and but they draw back not sure no I don't I don't believe so no creo que otra so she's describing in this vision in a discriminative is your okay he's referring to that early writing there's a description of a light at the end in a smaller light at the beginning but he's not sure if maybe this is a different vision maybe we should open that vision okay vamos a pelear condos sa vision para que su récord catters Magna Couture say the Timaeus Critias the ammos canto avid vamos a consumer okay it's early writings 14 one pagina catarse de premios discrete O's enf un Reda's Wawa's aquaris pregnant female altar boy lair sassy mientras estaba or ando ant l8r de la familia el espíritu Santo de cerdo sobre me ma pareció que Mele Baba mess Emma's muy por encima de tenebrous o mundo mira sia la tierra para buscar a Pueblo event ISTA pero no lo j en parte alguna entonces una voz me dijo vuelve mira un poco más Arriba SI los ojos de un Sendero recto young goes on goes a ghost o tratado muy poor encima del mundo el pueblo dentista and abba por SI Sendero indirection a la ciudad que se vaya en su último extreme o en el comienzo de Sendero detrás de los que yo and an ambien a brilliant ellos que segunda came a case a gun medicine ankle era el amor de medianoche Estel osprey dhaba a todo lo largo de Sendero yell um Brava los PS de los caminos es para que no topes siren so they're on their way to heaven is stunning camino al cielo and it's this midnight cry that's giving them the path the light all along the path all the way to heaven yes o'clock modem here JK Illumina todo is in there oh it's what prepares them for the rest of their history the rest of the path is low-key let's play para para just until a total soon our will be la rubia here and then by God's grace they're going to make it to the city a corner gracias a diós Jager on to destino las you that gloriosa so let's read the description from Isaiah once more vamos Slayer una vez mas la descripcion they say yes so they say yes and if you just wanna read the last sentence where exactly one to read I don't know where it is here what did it matter yeah I think it's right here it strengthened him for the time head or something oh yeah and this kid que iba we the lord come to de los sarafina's toda la tierra este general su Gloria L Profeta via sido for tele sido para now or brackety near delante de ce g vocal see go a travesty todo su larga Artemisium recuerdo de esta be seein so do we see the similarity between the midnight cry vision and what's happening to us a been useless summations into a nice experience there are media noche de campo de mayo de lo que si es aqui describe a lemon estamos and a pagina on c'est bien Arriba donde in Piazza key import Abba killers pretentious - al de este paragraph oh do you see the connection between those two paragraphs Ben ustedes la conducción en tray es su those paragraphs that showing the same experience the most relevance my experiencia amen I mean are we following están siendo or we still confused a little berry and confuse come from Delos see senado repeat emos my problemo what'd they say they're in darkness they didn't eat light she's saying they're they're not clearly seeing it I guess okay let me walk through it again them vamos whenever is mass dispersed Ito okay and stop me he seeking no entiendo the second you have a question made Waylon Clement have some money the Taranaki or from the point it doesn't make sense or a party the moment okay no yeah no I see sentido para ustedes okay a visa knows stuff yeah okay with you so the midnight said the tearing time a tiempo de tardanza it's from the first day of the first month to the tenth day of the seventh month a man in piazza de première di prime ms e ba as they've been IDs Modi a deceptive OMS I mean hey man okay this chair in time is described as an evening esta es el tiempo de terre dancer is discrete to como una tarde we read this when we were looking at Loughborough yes to a Mosley do Contostavlos Leanne do the Loughborough and midnight is the middle point of the evening in la medianoche is a la meet at de la tarde amen amen okay midnight is the fifth day of the fourth month when you look at it on the calendar that when you overlay the Jewish calendar on the Gregorian since there's been a key in SU calendario donde estan los dos los who do see a Gregorian o medianoche will see a la meet that guy exactamente Quinto dia de cuarto miss it's 93 days from the first day of the first month it's 93 days from the tenth day of the seventh month moment a tres dias de aquila Mita innovator tres dias a selfie it's right in the middle is the justo in the media amen amen okay and it's the fifth day of the fourth month yes Eric into the year to mess and this becomes a prophetic symbol for us at the end of the world he possesses a wave a symbol o prophetic Oh para nosotros and el fin del mundo heaven I mean we saw that the first day of the first month hemos visto que de première the other premiere miss was was prophetically depicting estaba blue strand o prophetic Amenti the waters drying up last aguas is a condo we saw this from Genesis in the book of Genesis with Noah is where most beasts - in Genesis come no way that on the first day the first month the waters were dried okay primer the other premium s see who God knows I was we saw that on the first day of the first month Ezra and those with him separate from strange wives hemos visto que premier the premium s estrous aquellos que estaban kinases separado de las mujeres Esther Harris so these are symbols yes so some symbols do we remember do you remember going through this yesterday say recuerda okay I get hemos hecho SS to you I must pass out the por ESO amen I mean okay so we're following up into this point Yanis IE entonces todo bien yeah amen I mean okay so the fifth day of the fourth month is a symbol for us in terms of state came to be required to miss its own symbol of Parana soul and we can take this symbol before demos was sad as a symbol oh and we can plug it into the Bible in local demos they got a rock rocky maivia and the place that we find the fifth day of the fourth month yeah lugar donde nosotros in contrary most a kin to the del cuarto mess described in the Bible discrete wannabe leah is is in Ezekiel 1 verse warning to it if they kill you know only those and when we looked at this as this equalness otros mira vamos esto we saw that Ezekiel was having this experience with God the most security nears experiencia con Dios and and it was a humbling experience for him he is to Felina experiencia uma gentil parade and what we're doing in the in the notes you know que estamos haciendo aqui NOS notice as we're looking at sister White's description of Ezekiel chapter 1 es que estamos me Rondo laddus descripción de como hermana wettest crib esta busy on the day secure for what's taking place on the fifth day of the fourth month okay oh good and they came to the other cuarto mess amen amen okay and she describes this the first thing she does is she tells us about isaiah e la forma como le describes Kelly described in primer lugar likes perience the Esaias and as she's describing us Eko describing Isaiah's experience he described en nuestra experience this is a yes she takes us to ezekiel chat as a chapter sex even though sheba is a yeeess says capital o sales and as a chapter sex is is capital o says is where Isaiah is having a vision of God just like Ezekiel is donde es ist non-abelian con Dios se como si que Ella - they're both can have very similar visions lost toast tienen busy honest movie see my huntys Isaiah has his vision si es tiene su misión and he is humbled he is avocado and he says woe is me for I am undone yes this either me queso muerto and sister white describes this as him seeing his unworthiness as a human in a whiteness escribe su propia comes to this in imperial si gracias and in Ezekiel insecure one one Versailles chapter one verse verse twenty a capital o uno versicolor banty Ocho uno been Teochew yep y para say our coup de chillon okay stainless nubes el dia kill web TV MA SE a purse a dress plane door as added or esta fuel-efficient de la silla hamza de la gloria the yoga in luego Chula Vista Chi sobre me rostro yo e both the uno key abba-abba-abba okay so he's gonna have this experiencing he's gonna fall upon his face it's the Quixote news if the experiencia eat chi sobre su roster he's gonna fall as one dead guy como una muerto isaiah gets humbled yes I yes is omigod oh because he seen the glory of the Lord for KBO and a Gloria the senior Isaiah I mean Ezekiel's humbled because he seen the glory of the Lord is Achilles Omaha deportivo la gloria the senior so are we following so far as ty e todo bien hey man Siegen I mean okay and as we're reading this in sister White's experience in sister White's description of this e leyendo is that this description the the in a manner white she describes that the vision and Isaiah says Allah described Aquila busy on que si yes they strengthens him for his mission for his journey the Fortaleza para todo todo su Largo beocca and what we read from early writings he locally he was the Ramirezes Kratos is that this is the same experience or the same description she gives for the midnight cry is key elders describe the la misma Munira sobre la moda million ah-choo so Isaiah in Ezekiel si yes es aqui l are prophetically having a vision on the fifth day of the fourth month but our faith we commented in a submission and they came to the other craft Oh miss Ezekiel is the one who has the vision on the fifth day the fourth month as a kid is a kid continues to be shown into the other quarter miss but sister white is saying Ezekiel's vision is the same vision as Isaiah para maana white this Aquila be shown as he hears la misma como la misión de you say yes so even though the Bible doesn't tell us Isaiah's having his vision on the fifth day of the fourth month mismo que la biblia no nose in bukkake is a years tiene su misión in Eric into the other quertermous prophetically prophetic amending as a symbol como Simba no it's this it's at the same place because sister white is tying them together or currently mismo lugar por que era mana weight loss Kunta aqui so Isaiah and Ezekiel are having this vision on the fifth day of the fourth month si es you see here los dos students to be shown I came and they came to the other quad to miss and what we see in Aqaba Mo's is that she's using the same description it's for Isaiah s Kayla who's a la misma description como para sa yes that she does for the midnight cry como describe it and en la experiencia de la de la moda de la medianoche and what this shows us in okay esto NOS muestra is that Isaiah es que si es is having the midnight cry experience tiene su experiencia de Claremore the media not you not only because it's connected to Ezekiel who's having his vision on the fifth day of the fourth month no sólo porque esta conectado ICT a kitten so busy on and akin to the other cuarto mess but also because it's the same it's the same experience pero también por que tiene la misma experiencia early writings 14 paragraph 1 or whatever since Caritas quatorze it that I refer know what is it is it the same France okay it's the same experience its la misma experiencia as testimonies volume 5 701 paragraph 1 la misma experiencia como testimonies para leg lazy a Tomas Cinco CT cientos you know a key impact Nancy where to write this I can stop in a key so early writings tomatoes is gritos he P 14 paragraph 1 yes is the midnight cry equals the midnight cry Ramirez excreta scatters upon - no si como de medianoche she says this light in his light s Toulouse was what prepared and gave them like all along the way to heaven Errol okay let's prepare our el estaba luz en todo su camino al cielo ezekiel is a cure now as a asari he say yes better though what's i say yes i yes oh i just over there Isaiah's vision of in Chapter six I miss you only say yes in capital o says is described in testimonies volume 5 cincuenta discrete and testimonies paralegal a support amo Cinco which is what is that 5 10 5 TI 5 CI 1101 7 1.1 yeah one is the midnight cry tambien a nice appearance I yest ambien is a glam of the media not you it's the same experience that's taking place in early writings Islam is my experience Akio Kuja in primero since Critias Isaiah has an experience it's a year since two experiencia with the Lord from the senior he sees the glory a Bella Gloria and this strengthens him for his mission he is Sola Fortaleza para su misión the Millerites los Miller ITA's in early writings 14 paragraph one in America's cutest cat Orson have the midnight cry experience tiene su experiencia de amor de medianoche and strengthens a man gives light all the way throughout the rest of their mission in journey he lives Fortaleza this you know Mina told and told su Camino ourself in a men are we following I'm in Siegen so we see the connection now who still is our event la conexión okay yes no see no yeah see the vision of the early writings refers to the Miller right Suzanne yes amen see I mean it's referring to the history from from of 1844 city area and I study the MU so since contact one they have the experience here of the midnight cry in this history tiene su experiencia are key in a clamor de medianoche and as they journey along the path the rest of this time EBR handle to heaven in direction as CLO this experience that happens here nice PDSA ke Akua aha that begins on the on the fifth day of the fourth month in the midnight Chronicle me and said they came to their quarter mess a clamor de medianoche gives them the light along this path please Dan loose para todo su Camino amen amen any questions guna pregunta any thoughts I wouldn't comment on I want everyone to understand it important taquitos in ten in tiene I think I understand the information a little bit yo yo creo que yo comprendo lion from ASEAN and I don't want to go faster or slower this isn't for me no quiero I don't want to go faster sorry I want everyone to understand yo quiero kick those Indian them because it's important what is important and I want everyone to see the connections as we go forward yo quiero que cada uno Bayless connects illness I have an thermos because I'm not saying it for my benefit porque yo no D go todo esto aqui para mi propio beneficios though there is a blessing always in giving the truth see I would have been the assumed perranoski compatible dad but I want all of us to understand this video yo quiero que todos nosotros tenemos because these are the building blocks for the esos son los novios for us to realize para que in 10 damos that our probation is this close to closing que nuestra Gracia is that tan cerca de NCRC we are so close is the most answer Co can tan cerca to the Sunday law crisis and proximal alike creases they laid on the kite and the only thing that's going to prepare us ill only cocaine Oh speedy rapidash is to have an experience with the Lord is the net una experiencia con el Senor and that experience yes experiencia comes to the reading in the study of his word vienna otra vez de la lectura de la experiencia con la palabra de Jason York it's from testing improving the Word of God that we were prepared and strengthened for this crisis East estando probando la palabra de dios como no si encontramos for tele sa-do's para esta crisis in all of this all of identifying to be able to identify all of those things he said capacity identificar todo esto Success courses begins here comienza a key maybe it doesn't seem like much at this point that waste knowledge parece mucho en este momento but these are the these are the building blocks to a much more fundamental and profound truth pero ESO son los you do not realize those block is the fundamental para ver Dallas mucho Morales and what this is you know K s to s is this is the Lord showing us his character is que si Senor lost most Randall su character in the history of Ezra 79 in late storia the estrous see it and whether the Lord sent events in order boo so is Senor Aventis in SU urban so Ezra would have six months of an experience in the year 457 in a new team en tus equal intensity estrous Aeneas ace misses all the experience of the sails messes in the Millerites 2300 years later he lost milliliters those military Santos años después are going to have the exact same experience tienen la exactamente la misma experiencia only divinity can do that solamente said the bee no puede hacer esto in only divinity is so lamented I would be no to inspiration in the spirit of prophecy in cell Divino otra vez de la the inspiration the SP to the prophecy I can connect early writings consiga connect our primero siscri toast with five testimonies volume 5 contest wounds per egg less a volume is cinco the history of Isaiah in the history of the Millerites Tomas ink on ly story say yes con a story la Villa Rita's and give them the same description in the same experience but Daniel is la misma description you know de la misma experiencia and then show us that Ezekiel who's having the same experience he luego knows the monster and okay Ezekiel Katina Esther miss my experience here is placed at midnight esta would be kado in la medianoche because he's having his vision on the fifth day the fourth Marquis a security and Submission I came to the de cuarto mess and what we're gonna see you okay baramos is that all of the prophets it's good todos los profetas or having the same experience tienen la misma experience here this is the experience that we as God's people need to have yes Estel experience akeno's otros como pueblos the Auslan system of the net' it's the experience being humbled before God is like speedy NC a-- they say sir Omaha dos the Palais de Lancie de Dios it's the it's the it's the cup of trembling so to speak it's como una it's the it's the cup that Christ ranking at some Gethsemane its como Basso his sous Toma in Gethsemane team Londo and these in this experience of midnight yesterday experiencia de medianoche is marking the close of our probation system our condo a sierra de nuestra the drew tiempo de Gracia now I haven't proven that yet but that's what we're going today we are no no pro-v pero is I eat on the estamos coming on and what's gonna happen at midnight you okay pass Sara in medianoche is that and again this is a this is from the study of Daniel 11 yo Travis estudio de Daniel answer the United States is going to get defeated by Russia is kilos Estados Unidos serum dear atados world Russa and you prove this soundly from Daniel 11 years on upwards for a word Clara meant they didn't hear ciated and it happens at midnight Daniel 11 that said Daniel unzip Ellen yes to okura a la medianoche this is going to mark when our probation closes estaba mark our cuando el tiempo de gracias para nosotros service era and we're seeing the conflict between the United States and Russia rapidly approached in those otros memos a conflict to entry Russia Alice Estados Unidos rappy demente say a third candle the tension has never been higher since the Cold War last la tensión nunca nunca who would turn grande they stay like Gareth reah and my point in telling saying all of this he a multi-port ago todo esto as I want us to understand how important these foundational truths are is key yo quiero que ustedes in thin Intendant Quan importante son estas where that is fundamentalist I would rather sit here and answer every single question the Sierra center marquise is responder a cada una pregunta and get through one page II haven't said una página solamente but if we all understood that page perfectly or as much as we could pero se si lo Tripodi Remos comprende esto una página de la mejor manera it would have been worth the time we spent Syria valid Oh a tiempo que que hemos estado so I want us to be engaged and tone says yo quiero que is 10 in in Corrales see and I want us to ask questions it's Cherokee practice sipping a que ustedes preguntan because and I don't want this information to go past us well kill your monkey over our heads Yo no quiero que esta inform us some possible Sima de nosotros the second you don't understand something ask ask whoever is presenting a momento que ustedes que no está Claro you still seek aid and con do de ser canary okonkwo que otro preguntan that's the most important part is that we understand these things is not part the most important ik you know lot of company demos he would like you to explain what does the midnight represent we have a new brother among us he say he's not familiar with these things and he wants you to explain better what is what is it ok so I want I want to read a paragraph from sister Wang quiero leer cool stills photographer there mano y and this is farther in our notes yes esta aqui no Astrid notice so let me find it poco más adelante I was in contra it's great it's Chris object lessons for them are for 12 and Pandavas in Grand Villa their grandma a stroke como se llaman so for me it is it's ok it's passed it is church triumphant where did we did we see that somewhere oh sorry it's this way I bet what does that say okay church - and then and soon after that this is the first one from cry subject lessons though it is it is in a crisis yeah okay yes okay so this is on page 19 notice the most are gonna our in la pasion ideas in the way we didn't with trust not us yes in the waiver and this is the most succinct society sorry transit imagine is the most to the point understand is the most succinct definition that I can give for midnight its Astana description mass so center mass exact turkey Widow that a sacred enemy do not you I don't think you get it gets clearer than this one quote no creo que si puedes besar before my mass Clara okay como esta Sita okay so let's read this it's um it's under the title midnight in the close of probation estamos aqui parking at this in the web it don't need is the media not she is Sierra del tiempo de Gracia I finale okay so I'm gonna read will go over sentences only DC if in like 2 DC's controls this is how begins si como mpesa it is in a crisis that characters revealed is in like Greece in squall Sevilla it character you're never going to damage you're never going to develop character in a crisis Hamas bus at this involve air character is necrosis you're only ever going to demonstrate it solamente bizarre demons rebel are to character if brother Gabriel see in a model Gabrielle turns and hits me in the face little gold in rostro one of two things is going to happen bandpass are those causes una de those causes and in both of them it will be a demonstration of my character IRA's dos serum demo stress rebel ASEAN they sue character and these are the only two things that are gonna happen yeah I solo those opciones either I'm going to run away or your core-drobe and flee from the conflict Boyer escapar deconflict Oh or I'm going to fight him Oh Leroy ah the author of gold those are the two options some SMS know so be honest so in a crisis this crisis that we're having in this at Cadiz these give tenemos my character will be demonstrated I'm not going that we're not going to talk about it and develop that character see the monster I write the immediate door so corrected no one was parody vamos disco de lo que como no podemos this one more witness mr. character I'm not going to sit here and say I wonder what I should do no Bob is that I deep are deep inside a Verity boy acid because character work a character what is character yes character character is your habits character songs whose Alito's characters is how you have developed as a person corrected as Camuto is is thus a volu IDO in a coma persona and it's always in our most difficult moments in our life you see embrace unless students must difficile is the nuestra vida that we see who we really are que nosotros vamos pianist somos nothing shows you yourself in your defects or your strengths Seon somos na na da or nada the most return Clara meant a tooth the efectos tooth tooth forces to scary Alice then some sort of conflict or struggle como el gouna momento de creases or the problema so this is the mindset esta es la a pensamiento that sister white begins this quote whether this paragraph konkey hermana white in psi is the paragraph or so let's continue vamos continue at when the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him and the sleeping virgins were roused from their slumber it was seen who had made preparation for the event Juan de la voz de beber OSA proclaim Oh a media noche y aquí el espacio bein a salad addressable yes busyness kid or Mayan fueron despertar --is de su sueño savioke Qian a BIA a chola preparation para el acontecimiento midnight is the crisis point in your life million Archer said I a Punto decreases in su vida midnight is the crisis point in the world media noches era a put to decreases para el mundo every single person on humanity calorie on the earth cada persona in la tierra will demonstrate their character during the crisis the monster ala rebel era su character bulan taste a crisis in this crisis is the Sunday law crisis the esta Croesus is like this is the decree toda la ley Dominica it is designed to reveal who you are is actual is the hecho para demostrar perishable are he an heiress do you trust God or don't you confuse indoors or no and it's put in the context of Matthew 25 in the parable of the ten virgins he is questo in context o the mattel venti cuatro y la parabola de las Diez various I've been teasing Cooper dome and what were they missing what what was the what was the object that some of them have in some don't Chili's Futaba que era la cosa que algunos tinea y otros no it's the oil it's a las 8 in what is oil the key is a Satan the oil is character el aceite is corrected it's the Holy Spirit is a son to espírito Santo that works an experience or a a character changing experience in us it is sp2 Santo que que assume cambio de the character in also nosotros and you're not going to Dell you're not going to develop this oil or this character in a crisis you know bus at this evolved it is the character or is the acid durante una Christian midnight is that crisis immediate not mr. Creasy it will be seen whom have who has made the preparation Sarah Sarah Sarah Nara be Sibley quien es Oh sous-sous prep eros midnight is your close of probation we they are not just the Sierra soo Gracia it's the emergency emergency ax so let's continue continue a Ramos both parties were taken unaware but one was prepared for the emergency in the other was found without preparation Amba's classes fueron tomorrow's d'esprit Benitez pero una estaba de preparado para el emergency ax y la otra a Gerasim preparation I don't know when the Sunday lawyers yoga say cuando viene la ley Dominic Ali but by God's grace pero medium telegraphy videos I can develop a character whether this involve it in character in an experience with him Yuna experiencia con el and with the Holy Spirit you con el espíritu Santo that will prepare me for that emergency Kimmi para para para esta emergency and this is only done to the study of God's Word in through submission and obedience estos son is possibly a Travis to do de la palabra is submission Hey so now don't the surura a sudden and unlock for calamity something that brings the soul face-to-face with death will show whether there is any real promises in the prom any real faith in the promise of God promises of God a sin tambien oi India una calamy dad reppin Tina in esperada algo que poner el alma cara cara con la muerte de most Rara see you know Tina bedded Arif a Ennis promises videos the Sunday law crisis like Chrissy's de la ley Dominic I will bring in face to face with that de Barra fasciae face econom where T in fact our economy and it's going show e e de Valera whether the habit the habit you've created see a veto to keep to created through an experience with the Lord after a base to experience upon the senior or a lack of experience with the Lord will fight at a speed in circulation Europe is to get on your knees and pray see Tsubasa - Judy diaspora and humbly trust him he is simply cemented a comfy R confusing him or it's you're going to find whose sake that you've been relying on yourself this whole time okay durante todo su tiempo a star as confirmed relative in Timmy's mo that you didn't actually have an experience with the Lord he noted es una verdadera experience icon a signal that the Lord tried to have an experience with you chasing your see intent para tener una relación contigo but you wouldn't let him better - no no no they have us this is what is going to happen at midnight esto okura Oh could you write in medianoche it will show whether the soul is sustained by grace most Raziel i'ma is so silly need a poor lagrasta is the grace of God living in your heart is lagrasta de Dios K be given to su corazón y tu corazon and that means a lot more than praying and studying every day yes this mucho mas que hora hora de is - su di Khalid year the Pharisees in such acid prayed and studied all de los verdes sales a Lucido sales or a van cat idea but that didn't save them it is not a sidewall okay so it's not it's not about the work that we're doing no sobre las orbitals care Samos it's about the work so yeah it's about the work it's sobre las horas that's mixed with faith in love miss Gladys confit yeah what James James says tiago diesel show me your faith westrom etouffee let's let's go there let's go to James vamos ability Santiago James 2:18 Santiago dos dis yo Joe yeh man may say thou has faith and I have works show me thy faith with without thy works and I will show you show thee my faith by my works - eating Santiago dos de Acho pero algunos de de tu tienes faith is your tango obras westrom a - faith sin to service your the most rare a buffet for miss obras now believe is that there is a God that will do as well the devil's also believe in travel to Greece que Dios es uno en asus también los demonios scream EDM lon but will doubt no a vain man that faith without works is dead masky recibir hombre bono kill effacing obras is Muerta was not Abraham our Father justified by works when he had when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar no justification as obras Abram nuestro Padre cuando usted se or a su hijo exact sobre el tad sister how faith wrought with his works and by in by works was faith made perfect Novus killer Pharaoh broken loose obras Aquila faith through a perfect upon us over us and the scripture was fulfilled which saith abraham believed God and it was imputed unto him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God if you comply delays rhetoric EDC Abram creo adios LF you impose father in who still a justicia if you G Amado amigo de Dios you see then how that by works a man is justified not by faith only vosotros base whiskey embrace who stiff akkad upon us over us in no solamente policy likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works when she had received the messengers and had sent them out another way sí mismo tambien Rahab la la mera no Fuu who's FICA deport obras cuando ellos Meza heroes it was a show where a de por otro camino for as the body without the Spirit is dead so faith without works is dead also porque como el cuerpo sin espíritu esta muerto asset ambien la face in obras is Huerta it's the faith that it's the faith that works love in us and creates works es la fait que Oubre obras in nosotros which works it's the interface that works that work that will work it's the faith in love that will work in us and it will outwardly display as works es la fa la la la la mujer que over and enter the nose is a demonstrator in forma de obras but it's not the works of the pharisees and sadducees it also las horas de los feliz a little solutions they didn't have faith noted en faith they had works Indianola solo it's the faith of abraham it's la fille de Abraham so now in tone see Sarah if we go back to our quote they will be most are nuestra Sita when we get to this crisis cuando te amo says decreases this crisis will show whether there's any real faith in the promises of God it will show whether the soul is sustained by grace it's a crease is the most erotic to gem entity NSB rivera Phineas like creases k revaruraa to character this is the faith that Abraham had is la fere T Abraham - he did the hardest thing he ever had to do a Israel of course I must officially Hamas - okay I said but if he didn't have an experience with the Lord beforehand it is said North to be si una experiencia con Senor and this if he hadn't spent a hundred and twenty years believing in God say no to VSA pasado CNT been t años que en de Dios he would never have been prepared for this work Hamas included a yeah preparado para esto abre so likewise de la misma forma manera if you and I see - yo aren't prepared for the crisis no estamos preparados para la crisis we're going to demonstrate the wrong character at midnight the most levels a character in correcto para necrosis and let's read the last sentence lame-o's la UT must sentencer the great final test comes at the close of probation when it will be too late for the souls need to be supplied Legrand puro a boffin ibn a Ana termination del tiempo de Gracia cuando Sara demasiado tarde para que la necesidad de la mesilla suply de midnight is the close of probation media noche says Cierre la puerta de rirs it's where you demonstrate whether or not you had faith a cuando tu vas a demo started to ten years faith oh no it's whereby a circumstance and by miracle even the Sara don't the poor circumstances a poor Milligan Milagro every hidden thing will be revealed cara de cosas escondida sarajevan ah de you will stand exposed to the world and God they encounter Aras expressed oh they'll auntie de dios del mundo and you will give account for what a sinner basudev cuenta the day lo que se Berra nak momento in your in your salvation depends on what is revealed it to Sebastian de piel de de lo que se Vera the locust a rebel era in brothers and sisters in a man of the hermanos did you read from somewhere no el estaba hablando de ballet estamos llegando Archy park in addition webbing accuracy dl r LD LD midnight is the next event at Romano see Romano's million Aceh is a peroxy mo event oh and his brother Daniel has been describing yes si como hermano than the a nose is Beco the priest of the first to be judged losses Herodotus sona's Primera's Caban said who's goddess then the Levites luego las bebidas then the Netherlands in Louisville us Latinos first the twelve disciples premiere a los dos discípulos then the seventy disciples luego los dos discípulos then the Gentiles ology the Greeks in entonces los emptiness all those great gravis this is the midnight is right upon us medianoche stop is that they landed a nosotros don't worry Erica you are here estamos aqui and we're almost there the kasi emoji Gardocki so what I want to show us over the next two days three days unlucky Kiril most rarely sinestro somos dos tres dias is that midnight EST la medianoche is our close of probation is CH de la puerta de gracia para nosotros and the experience of midnight Gillespie reenter de medianoche is found all over the Bible cincuenta and toda la biblia in in every illustration we will find a catalyst razón que vamos the most rat you have to have made the preparation vas a tener care of it H Allah a prepare o if you don't make the preparations you know SSA prepare oh you're going to lose your salvation bus as ver de Deus out to service you amen amen let's pray our demos dear Heavenly Father Kira do pilot Celestia forgive us Lord peridot no no signore forgive us of our shortcomings in our sin we're Domino's poor little pickles in distress paratus forgive us for the way that self has gotten in the way of a true experience with you the return of this communist ro jaw is ciccolo call in Kamino and through my experience a contigo forgive us for the wickedness of our hearts perdona knows Nuestra in Piedad de nuestros corazones we pray that you would convict and convert each and every one of us rom escape with us convinced air a combat era cada uno pour out your spirit upon us keep with us the Jamar to Santo Spirito so we're on so truce fill us with your truth quino's GN is come to bear that and may we make preparation for the crisis but akeno's prepare a most perilous crisis we're sorry Lord estamos lemon Thomas senior and we just pray that you would guide us Lord your Ramos skin nose gear Senor hear the cries of our heart Lord good is a crisis in Nostra Corazon Junior we pray in the name of Jesus Christ this could shake lamb or DiNozzo chorus on senior day you save us be preparing us molecular most ribose Jesus name and ID number hisses mmm