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very good, good morning, everyone 
now in this hour we are going to continue with 
the presentation of the reform line 
what gabriel had started and today I'm going 
to present the second part of the line 
missing some things 
and we started with a 
a small correction yesterday when I 
I talked 
from August 11, 1840 
the fulfillment of the prophecy of the 
300 91 years and 15 days 
I said that that prophecy began 1499 
but it was in 1449 
until 1840 are 3 391 years and then if 
we have the days we take the 10 50 15 
days exactly 
this is the theme that I have the theme 
of the role or importance of the meaning 
of the children of the east in the prophecy 
biblical or of Islam in prophecy 
biblical I also have material about that 
in my web page booklet booklet point or 
heretic you will be able to find more 
material about them if they want to start 
to study these subjects those tales of 
a small correction that we want 
leave here also recorded 
very well in the repetition of those lines 
It has a form 
we have seen that the mining study is 
a line of reform like the 
other lines also lines of reform 
maybe we have 
forgot to say yesterday that of course 
just like in the time of bassinet when 
the village was in slavery in egypt 
there was a darkness 
in the time of Christ 
with a town was in a darkness 
tremendous in several ways but also 
the town was in captivity 
the country belonged to the Romans 
so also in the surah minerist god 
he had to liberate his village that came from 
a darkness of darkness the darkness 
of the 1200 60 years of papal government 
on earth 
in which 
many things were destroyed 
it almost destroyed the existence and the 
bible almost the existence of 
a town of god - with persecution 
many aspects of the faith were 
destroyed and from that darkness god 
he raises his people and gathers his people 
again beginning this process in 
1798 then this aspect we have in 
all the two stories 
we said that god raised william 
miller as the reformer for this 
time and the same was conducted by a 
knowledge increase in 1833 the 
message was formalized because he was 
public with this message 
and receiving your credentials in this 
year we have a picture there that also 
I want 
show because in November of 1.133 
the stars also fell according to the 
prophecy of san mateo 24 and my brother 
yesterday notice that there is a 
on a plate of an American state that 
remember that event 
they do not have 
that 's down the events of the 
mining history the second is if what 
you put or the license plate of the cars 
state of alabama and up the 10 and it 
cheated alabama 
the stars fell on alabama and 
they have the stars falling 
that was this event 
He has his memory there until today 
on the super interesting plate that was a 
fact 1833 something supernatural something 
and then we arrived 
to the year 1840 in that year one was fulfilled 
prophecy is prophecy gave strength 
the first angelic message that prophecy 
was the fulfillment of 
something that we find a 
apocalypse 9 and that prophecy is also 
you can call or we call you the 
compliance with the second ay 
with the restriction of the second one there is 
is the second there is the second there are the 
Mohammedans that god said 
run torturing and punishing the earth 
the Ottomans that were here endorsed 
1840 through the history that we have yesterday 
briefly related this is a fact that 
happened here this fact proved the 
veracity of the day-by-year principle of 
the mileuristas were convinced of 
them that works that principle that is 
can apply and here was a fact 
confirmed during everyone's eyes and 
the movement took force 
but at that time also 
we have said descend a celestial being and 
the celestial being that descends here 
we find in apocalypse 10 
now it was the book of apocalypse 10 
I will not know 
is another door a gate that we have to 
we would have to explain many things we are going to 
see where we say let's stay 
a while with that chapter apocalypse 10 
of this chapter we have heard the 
introductory verses this morning 
says so 
circle 1 I saw descend from heaven to 
another strong angel wrapped in a cloud 
is this angel that came down on the 11th 
August 1840 
with the rainbow on his head and his 
His face was like the sun and his feet were like 
columns of fire who is that angel 
the following text here 
the mighty angel instructed John was 
nothing less than Christ if you read 
the context he already speaks here of 
10,000 apocalypse in Hawaiian says that 
this angel was nothing less than Christ 
Christ descended at that time 
you do not have to imagine that in 1840 that 
I am descended to the earth it was made 
present I speak with people not but 
Christ descended that means he 
entered history to do a work 
specific at that time and descending 
of Christ 
it was not a visible descent that one 
can see Christ but he entered here in 
the story doing a special job 
through his chosen ones 
of cycle 2 he had in his hand he had 
In his hand 
a little book and that is special in this 
moment with that booklet a booklet 
the booklet can be closed or it can 
be open when closed 
means that it is sealed or that it is 
closed in that understanding when it's 
open means that we understand it what 
we can read that is what happens here 
that's a little book here 
with that angel 
what does it mean that the book is open 
no it is not that text that we have placed 
had in his hand an open little book and 
put his right foot on the sea and the 
left on the earth and is what he 
explain here now in triumphant christ 
page 346 when he placed how he places his 
right foot in the sea and his left foot 
on earth to read from here 
shows the part that plays in the 
final scenes of the great conflict with 
this position denotes its supreme power and 
authority over the whole earth the 
conflict has intensified and 
sharpened from one era to another and will continue 
intensifying to the scenes 
final as the masterpiece of the 
powers of darkness will come to the 
maximum christ at that time descends 
to reclaim his town 1260 years almost 
satan has managed to devour 
undo killing the people of god- 
now christ descends and says no this is 
my people I will fight for him I will 
make a special work and here I claim 
the land that is mine the town that is 
mine and place your right foot 
I want about the sea and the land about 
all the earth and this fact that could 
do that had to do with a 
fulfillment of the prophecy of the second 
year when the fall of the 
Ottoman Empire the message of mileurista 
that it was a small group of us went to all 
the world 
and yesterday I hear a brother with whom 
we also work to explain that 
the message here free really came to 
millions of people 
to millions of people and went to 
different sides in the whole world when 
this was fulfilled here the message went to 
South America was Australia washing clothes 
I was for everyone because why 
there were some people 
that took advantage of the ships that went out 
it was understood new light they printed 
material produced pamphlets the 
they put the boats in the fast night 
so that when it comes out to the others 
places of the world already have them there 
and in that way it quickly expanded 
the message especially with 
fulfillment here of this event now 
the world opened my eyes and I participate 
this Christ was now placing his 
standing over the entire city on the sea 
in the field 
of the earth that is what happens here 
but he has the little book open and 
because the booklet is open 
elena white also explains that the 
booklet is a portion of the bible that 
specific portion of the bible was the 
little book 
the prophecies of Daniel's book 
the prophecies of the book Daniel are a 
part of that book and that part now was 
because I had studied it 
by the beginning day by year and 
understood the prophecies 
understood the 2300 years understood the 
different events that were there 
explicitly explained that way 
the book was open they did not understand 
for centuries human beings had never 
understood this 
had no understanding and notice what 
says here in daniel 12 
danielle 12 
let's go back immediately 
apocalypse but 
we put here also daniel 12 because 
this is the booklet of which we are 
verse 4 
but you danielle and earl to the words and 
celia the book until the time of the end 
I had to do Daniel with the 
little book 
maybe before it was a roll 
and if you have to place a celio here 
what will that book be 
It was sealed until when I was 
Affiliate says here 
until the time of the end when it was the 
end time 
1798 define time means that a 
from this moment 
he started to open that book 
that is, life is not explained 
and that was a process that started with the 
Glen Miller studies and then the 
others who entered little by little opened the 
book and the book was open to everything 
the world when the prophecy is fulfilled 
of the second air 
a year now it was fine now 
that's why the bible explains it that's why 
we associate this hangar and 
apocalypse 10 with this event with this 
moment in history 
going back to apocalypse days 
circle 3 and he cried out loudly as 
red a lion 
when he had claimed 73 they did not get 
their voices 
now this here requires more explanation 
I to the introduction of the seminar 
said that I will explain the training 
those are the seven shifts here but 
maybe I can not keep that promise 
because let's see maybe tomorrow we're going 
to see if we can encompass the meaning 
the titles because they are here in 
we just have to identify it 
this is the story and the titles and that 
we can just see we go to the 
last please to the last pages 
here for point 
in the chapter the seven turns 
the first appointment says well 
the light is that this biblical commentary 
Adventist took seven pages 91 982 
biblical commentary tome 7 of page 982 
the special light that was given to Juan 
expressed expressed in the seven thunders 
it was an outline of events 
that should occur under the messages of 
the first and second angels 
that were the thunder was 
events that should occur under 
these events here 
under first angel that came here and the 
second angel who came here this 
here is the story and the thunder 
to see again that they are the seven owners 
that are the seven thunders seven thunders 
what is that for us is something 
Abstract elena several sting the site 
it was an outline of events it was like a 
Event events plan 
that should occur under the messages of 
the first and second angels that is are 
the events are the things that 
happened here in that story from 
first angela second 
those are the seven turns 
because that encourages us the seven thunders and 
because they are called thunder 
Well, we still can not explain why 
lack of time already 
but these are the 73 this story here 
life he calls the seven trains there 
seven specific events that we are going to 
highlight here if you give us this time 
circle 4 with the 73 did not go up 
emit their voices I was going to write 
and a voice from heaven that said celia 
the things that history has told us 
and do not write them 
so now what happens again 
daniel sanjuán the now of the seven 
terms those events 
and he wants to write it in the book 
and what the angel says 
do not write those things celia the 
then here again 
the angel says you have to put a zeal here 
the mountains 
because you think that you and I 
Our church does not know what the 73 are 
investigate 50 materials the seven 
shifts are an enigma for our 
because they have been sealed 
after Christ opened them for that 
again he gave time for 
last generations 
but because then they are sealed and I 
I am here and I say that I know that they are the 
internal as it may be that they are sealed 
and I now explained to them that they are I do not know is 
a little contradictory 
they are following me from 
see then chapter apocalypse 
I think it's 20 
chapter 22 of apocalypse last 
verse 10 
apocalypse 22 10 and he told me do not read is 
the words of the prophecy of this 
book because the time is near 
who is unjust and unjust still and the 
that without worlds the world still the one 
it is fair to practice justice still and 
whoever is sanctified is still given 
then at the end of the bible comes a 
mandate of the Lord that the things that 
they were sealed they should not be 
do not get the words and the prophecy of 
this book apocalypse 10 is this book 
I was affiliated but now the angel says 
do not give them things or come a 
and the bible and it does it in connection with the 
end of the time of grace when he who 
It is fair is fair for all that 
he is the righteous one who was unjust forever 
when there is no possibility of changing 
the sides at this moment we are 
approaching those events of my cry 
Midnight and the Sunday Law 
do not tell them things or that is the end of 
Jealousy is again going to be removed 
the little book again 
is going to open 
and will see a generation that again 
will understand these things 
but if you ask your leaders 
to the experts 
probably have no idea what the 
seven thunders if they have not participated in 
that work that Christ is carrying out 
to open them again 
then they say chapter 10 they continue not 
verse 5 and the angel that I saw standing 
over the sea and over land that does not 
was another person that Christ himself as 
we already read he raised his hand to heaven and 
He swore by the one who lives for centuries 
the centuries that created heaven and things 
that are in him and the earth and things 
that are in it and the sea and things 
that are in which time would not be 
more this expression is extremely 
important to us that time 
it would not be more than that means that no longer 
there is time 
I look at the clock and here if there is 
what it means that time would not be more 
the land of the Lord help and she explains 
us good never will there ever be a 
prophecy of time after 1844 the 22 
of dates prophecy of time means 
a prophecy that tells us a time 
specific that tells us a date 
from minute 54 never again god 
work with elements of time in 
terms that will predict us some year 
some data some date when something goes to 
that's why we do not have the 
possibility of predicting the Sunday law 
with a date 
of course we can say it's going to be soon going to 
being far is going to be in our generation 
but that's not setting times 
we can not predict the coming of Christ 
we can not ask for those things in terms 
to place dates as specific as 
the mileuristas had 
on October 22 more accurate 
or on August 11 could be those 
things because God worked with that 
element elements of time now says 
the angel time would not be more from 
from here there are no longer prophecies of time 
and prophecies but not time prophecies 
for days that indicate a date and this 
you have to take very very 
present because it is very common 
that appear brothers who say we 
they mean dates I've heard 
brothers who thought that 2014 the world 
is going to end and show it with the 
bible but that is impossible is possible 
that the world ends but it is impossible 
that we can know the date and predict 
those dates and all the dates that we have 
listened have left 
it's not an element and that's what the 
angel says here the time would not be more 
then this is that angel here the angel 
that descended to illuminate the earth and 
open the little book 
Daniel's profession that now stops 
that generation were understandable and this 
angel is a repetition of the pigeon 
here in the story of Christ and Jesus 
same that descended to brake to moses 
At this moment, a being always descends 
celestial we see in those stories 
we can advance a little faster 
because we have covered 
parts of the story in the other in the 
another line of presentations that we have 
given 1842 
the message is expressed here in the 
is what we say the placement 
of a foundation or the formalization of 
the formation of the apologetic message was 
it was here that was the foundation is 
placed this there is the foundation 
the diagram is the foundation of our 
faith because because that diagram 
everything that the little book has opened all 
what the miners had understood 
everything that Christ had explained to them 
everything they preached 
here it is 
this is what abacuc had said 
write the vision and declare the 
tablets all that is here if you 
they want to know what was the message of the 
Miners need nothing more in that 
diagram to everything 
to that story of jaime white when 
I think he's about 20 and a few years old 
and was continued by the message of 
william miller 
and then he at one time had the 
opportunity to preach and explain the 
mileurist message 
but the people who listened to him stayed 
well, how boring 
they did not like the presentation, not what 
they understood what he was saying 
and apparently he was not a good speaker 
but what we want what jaime bayly 
he did he took that diagram and he found out 
a week at home and I study that 
diagram from top to bottom below 
up and left to right 
and vice versa until understanding every detail 
and when he knew every detail came out and he 
he became one of the leaders in 
our church one of the great 
exhibitors of our faith 
basing your understanding on a one 
perfect understanding of the details 
and look here 
again above where they say the 
that the history of my list 
I have placed a text 
and prophecy 
in 1800 
before after the plate 
the year 1842 
23 more he says I've seen 
those first writings page 74 
I've seen that the diagram of 1,153 this 
it's that diagram 
a brief comment from the nabai about whether 
diagram I've seen that the diagram 
Subway 53 was run by the hand of the 
we have seen that carlos date had 
designed this diagram 
but here it says it was run by the hand 
of the Lord and who should not be altered 
because it should not be altered 
you know something else that god 
He directed that it should not be altered 
the law 
you can not renew the word is not 
God tells us in the Bible itself that he does not 
should be removed or add a comma 
a warm that book 
and now here it says of that diagram 
I have seen that the diagram was directed 
by the hand of the Lord and that should not be 
altered because it should not be altered 
that the figures were like I wanted them 
that his hand covered and hid a 
mistake in some of the figures 
so that nobody could see it until 
the hand of god ' depart 
this diagram should not be altered 
because it is perfectly correct 
everything is correct, there were only a few 
and mistakes 
mistake or mistake 
but it says here the expression and drama of 
an error that appears in some 
what does that mean 
that a single error appears several times 
what today many say is the 
diagram has many errors by clint 
to why is has no errors will we 
says he has mistakes says he has a 
error in some of the figures that 
it means that it is the same mistake 
and that error appears several times where 
there is the error 
how many times does 1,053 appear as it appears 
several times 
you see twice and those two leds of 
derivations is false should not 53 yes 
you should not be 44 is this is the 
only mistake 
and that's why the miners were made 
1850 and Nahuatl had a dream that 
they had to do another diagram is the 
same diagram only now says 1844 
and the numbers that you have above 
now they have placed here below 
you have to get closer to see this now 
they have understanding of the sanctuary 
that's why they also have the sanctuary 
now they understood that all that 
story was while the three angels 
that's why they have placed him here now 
three angels but basically it's the 
same diagram the only date they have 
1844 is no longer a thousand 253 
an error in some of the figures 
and see what the quote says again 
his hand covered and concealed a mistake 
in some of the figures so that nobody 
I could see it 
because they did not want anyone to see her 
because nobody sees that error 
Well, in this week we have tried 
the error here produced 
the disappointment 
the error of the date produces a disappointment 
it produced the separation 
the truth of movement in two groups 
the virgins and fools came out 
this was a mistake that God put to 
he wanted them to have that number 
false there so that's why it 
produced a disappointment in the movement and 
that would make a purification of movement 
and that goes quite against our 
conviction of harmony in the church 
that we all have to stay together and 
that there should be no separation and that 
Although a brother commits obvious sin 
it's about doing nothing against him to 
that the unit wants that is our 
so that the church is not smaller 
that still explore in the country as Europe 
there are brothers who live in open sin 
and the church does not and will not do 
nothing against them and says there's no 
speak there you have to give it time and 
that time they give you are years of years and 
years because of the fear of if they commit them 
pulls a brother out of the church because he 
live in fornication for example what 
good the church is going to decrease 
or tithes 
- tithes 
then there goes the hand and that's the 
problem but Christ does not work like this for 
Christ there is not that option 
the god produced that separation purpose 
and that was not to get people out, that's not 
simply to defend the truth and 
to make clear what is the in his 
character does not allow mixing with it 
no this church is there is a good way 
in those times we are now with the 
problem of 
of sexual orientation 
that topic is a topic that has entered into 
our church and it's really going 
will not stop the truth in the us the 
law allows one to live according to his desire 
in your sexual orientation is not the 
nature that determines what you are 
it's your wish if you want to be a woman 
although you are a man then that is your 
decision and the law allows it and they have you 
to call as a woman then if you 
You can change the name is three etc 
ok our church has problems 
because she has to be in harmony 
with the law of the state and increasingly 
is opening up to those possibilities does 
two months 
in October a division of the USA says 
that will allow homosexuals in 
leadership functions in the church 
and now they are saying that they are also going to 
allow pastors that can be 
homosexuals because the church says 
they do not have to be practitioners 
only in orientation yes that in the 
orientation you have to accept it but not 
they have practice or I do not know how 
it works I do not know how it works that's not 
well we need to enter here many 
metals the other topic is a professional subject 
because the bible speaks of 
and our church does not have to stop 
because at the time he has not placed the 
position correctly 
and that issue we have already predicted that makes a 
time that is going to allow is 
well it's going to be on the right track 
open the doors to everything the world 
he also wishes very well or very badly but 
we advance we are then here with the 
foundation placement for that 
generation that is the foundation of yes 
we would take time we could 
prove to go in water and says that 
It's the rock 
that diagram is like rock and has the 
Christ is the rock and Christ is the rock and 
is the cornerstone is the foundation of 
our faith is the diagram gathers all 
the fundamental prophecies we 
we have simply touched 
a little bit we talked about the 
2,300 years and the others that are here 
we have talked about the 395 years and 15 days 
that have to do with this one 
but almost we have not touched anything would have 
that much study much more that 's 
part of the book's work that was 
this is now then we come to the 
event of the second angelic message that 
comes to the story comes through the 
I disappoint when April 19 as 
we said we have presented is 
produces the first disappointment this produces 
second angelic message and for 
understand it let's open apocalypse 14 
and keep in mind that it is the second 
angelic message 
an apocalypse 14 verse 8 
another angel and kept saying has fallen has 
fallen Babylon the great city because he has 
made all the nations drink of 
it came from the fury of his fornication 
good remember the date we have 
placed the parallel date here in 79 
the day of that month 
of first month this is the date 
equivalent to April 19 that happened in 
the first day of the first month in our 
the town separated from the women 
the women who had brought 
Babylon and here the second message 
Angelic says Babylonia Babylonia has 
is when the town separates then 
one is Babylonian and is no longer a town of 
god- street and the other is chosen the 
separate and is different from that group with 
which was mixed Babylon 
Babylon the second message fell 
angelic here this occurs because of that 
we put the second message here 
angelic a relationship with this event 
but he arrives and receives power because the 
clamor is midnight really does it 
evident with the two groups visibly 
they separate because some do not have 
oil and others have oil 
a few days follow the message and the others 
they no longer follow the message is the cry 
and midnight that we have explained in the 
another presentation remember with the 
word of distinctions this here 
takes place 
the mileuristas then entered 
in that time of delay 
or delay time 
when I got there I moved half 
night they give another name to that 
time is the movement of the seventh month 
because the movement in the seventh month 
because they understood that Christ 
comes the tenth day 
of the seventh month 
they called him we need now the 
movement of the seventh month 
and they proclaimed now with a force 
how not 
It is a conviction like never before 
christ if he's coming soon 
time specifically on the 22nd of 
October 44 
that we have already covered and that is 
the third message 
and we read the third angelic message in 
the apocalypse of 14 
and the third angel kept saying to 
great voice if anyone now adores the beast 
and in his image and receives the mark in his 
front or in your hand you should also 
came from the wrath of God that has been 
pure emptying in the chalice of your life and 
be tormented with fire and brimstone 
in front of the holy angels and the 
Lamb and smoke from his torment goes up 
the centuries of the centuries and has not 
rest day or night those who love 
the beast and its image or anyone who 
receive the brand of your name 
well that happened here 
in October 22 
said 54 
as you maybe now you have 
present the three angelic messages 
appear several times in history, 
three angelic messages are a method 
as god separates his people from the 
darkness here are the three messages 
angelic the history of Moses here 
are the three angelic messages in 
the history of Christ and here we are 
seeing the three union messages in 
our minerists but not to any of 
that story are the perfect application 
of what the bible describes 
in the future we are waiting 
that once again one last time these 
messages will be 
fulfilled perfectly then 
that here what here describes little 
ellipsis partially applies to those 
stories but perfectly applies 
in the latest application in the future 
near future 
because nobody is going to stay in that 
nobody receives that judgment as here what 
says yes 
those who remained in Babylon receive the 
brand of birds at that time 
and they will receive that in the future 
judgment literally but still that's 
as here things are fulfilled then 
here we have said comes the 
and one group worships god and another player a 
at that moment 
a group that was worshiping God and another 
group that talking to whom 
that's what he describes here is not true 
some and if any lasts the beast and its 
image receives the mark on his forehead in 
your hand there is a group that wants to worship 
the beast 
and receives a mark on the brand in the 
front is what one thinks of what 
one believes the brand in the hand is what 
one does 
these 5 happens here but it's going to have 
one last application in the future 
then the third step marks 
always the trial and that third message 
angelica here that story comes now 
the number seven that appears in those 
stories here we see it too 
until this moment the miners had 
out of the Protestants 
well separated the Protestants 
But not yet 
they were not completely 
of everything they had brought from them 
with him 
one of the things that I had to give you 
the true Sabbath 
all Protestants here all the 
elena mineristas white and all of them 
they worshiped on Sunday they left that day 
simply because they had no light on 
but in the year 1846 they understand that 
have to play Saturday on Saturday is 
the true day 
of rest and that's the seventh day and this 
it's number seven here in that story 
that goes in connection with the third message 
is that little group that understands this 
and that incorporates that conviction 
so far this movement of frontage 
now it becomes a movement to 22 
Seventh day 
it seemed 1846 that happened 
something interesting in the same year elena 
white marries with jaime white 
then we have two important events 
here Saturday is restored 
and we see the marriage 
of the sierra del señor elena white 
and receives from this account and receives 4l 
in the year 44 l receives his first vision 
in public 
what happens that girl she when the 
miners studied in a group and 
they came to texts that did not understand 
and they struggled to understand by aaron 
they stayed all night but there were 
occasions where they just do not 
they could understand certain things 
and there in 1054 happens the following I was 
started using that young woman and gave me visions 
and the since he was not very smart and the 
that he did not understand the things they 
they said several times that he was already studying 
with them but the least less 
I understood 
she did not know how to explain anything and suddenly 
the room and explains the meaning of 
and they saw her they did not see her when she 
came into vision several things happened 
between some things he has stopped 
and in that time they did several tests 
in the following years because there was 
people who did not believe that the god that was 
a demon that there were many things that 
they happened to bring or doctors for example and 
doctors took the pulse and there was no 
and that was not for a minute they were for 
several some floors that were easily 
half an hour or more 
put to give them impulse without breathing 
and then she kind of woke up and everything 
all right and I could relate things 
they had a vision 
it's a thing happened several times with 
another famous story where he already took a 
bible in the hand 
when entering visits and arms like this 
well that bible is not very heavy 
but she had that family life 
know great granotes great videos 
in the big life and they hurt a girl 
skinny and take that life and have it 
well I think that open no no I do not remember 
and he's left with that bible to see 
see how long you could 
keep your arm like that with that video 
little girl here 
it seems light but 15 minutes 
one can no longer half an hour but if 
remove it can not have it over my hand 
simply the physics does not allow me is to 
the force is missing and she had that life 
big and heavy had I do not know how much 
time was something like half an hour or 
maximum I had and you how can that be is 
impossible that bible still exists is 
today it has a vault in a 
bookstore in california and they have done 
experiments with a bodybuilder from 
that time of the 50s believe I took 
a bodybuilder a man like that has 
taken and it's a little minutes said 
things like that happened I started to 
work on that woman and gave her visions 
54 in 
and the and walk that is something that happens and 
when God establishes the covenant with his 
body with his with his church then 
he restored the gifts that the church 
should have 
you know that life he describes 
that his people have several gifts 
to speak languages that one does not know how to speak 
normally the gift of healing 
where several are several gifts and those 
are and that happens here in that time 
the gift of healing is reestablished 
because it disappeared again but 
there was a time when that group had it 
And the saturday 
from when there is Saturday 
since the creation 
since when there is marriage 
since creation those are the two 
institutions that god gave to the 
humanity in creation 
that I first the marriage Saturday 
when they were carolina adam and eva 
then first the marriage after 
on Saturday as institutions given to the 
ok before there was no humanity 
and those two institutions come to the 
humanity and in that time forgotten or 
1798 France begins to attack with its 
laws in marriage and says I go to 
marriage is already a thing that one does not 
you need a marriage you can live 
as he wants and so today people 
live if you do not want to get married or do not get married 
there is no problem in this 
and if one to carry is without any 
problem that was that were things that 
before they did not exist but they enter the 
laws of the states since these years and 
here we see the marriage of those two 
as a symbol restore the 
restoration marriage and Saturday 
as a symbol they understand the 
Saturday these two institutions from the 
creation are re established in 1864 
now what comes next the 
repetition of the fourth message 
and of the previous events 
then this already brings us to our 
this here the fourth while angelic 
it's our story 
and it can be placed as a diagram a 
line down here and Gabriel is going to do it 
in his presentation then for this I 
did not place events here because this 
is not 
this is a line that down here we are going to 
something to add to this line I think that 
we have 
you think you can see here the 
repetition of events 
possibly they will have to study 
again and they are going to have to be taken 
but what is clear in that line is 
that I had a mixed town 
and in that process God separates his people 
of the protestants elena white loris de 
several times clearly we have 
been separated from the Protestants 
and our church once again that 's a 
problematic issue 
I was born in the church or I come from the 
authentic church in germany in 
the most famous germany was the 
reform of martín lutero 
and the Adventist church is already 
to make people understand the world 
that we Adventists are the 
continuation of the reform we 
we are today's Lutherans 
and they deny that story basically 
this story is not talked about 
we want to find our 
background in Luther and we do not want 
find our background in the 
for shame 
for the shame of those men with their 
ideas and then nothing happened two 
times and we deny is a reality 
let's say this story here 
well it's not completely false that 
We are the continuation of Martin Luther 
but guillermo miller was a reformer 
much larger 
that Martin Luther 
Guillermo Mira is in the Bible 
the man of avacu who is the one who led 
out seven shifts 
this movement here is predicted in the 
bible martín lutero 
I do not want that 
give less value 
has his role in history god used him 
he did a significant work 
very important but not the same 
way as god speaks and god presents to 
the function 
and we read mila was much beyond 
Now watching our story wanting 
make the link with the Lutherans with the 
reform movement in the 16th century is 
really belittle and destroy that 
magnificent work that God did at the beginning 
of our church 
well then up to here our 
presentation and then the line of 
reform will continue gabriel we do 
a sentence to finish 
of your beloved father our god 
we are trying here to close some 
thoughts that we have prepared in this 
week understand the line of reform that 
He started moving in our church 
there are certainly many things that never 
we have heard at least many of 
Sometimes it 's a challenge to understand why 
everything is so important that only you 
you can cause in our heart 
in our understanding and I want 
please invite you to be patient and 
persistence with us in it 
In the name of Jesus, amen