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and announces the end of the periods 
prophetic the disappointment of those who 
they expected to see the Lord in 44 was very 
etcetera etcetera ok there are several texts 
where it says 
in our generation of ocean work 
with prophetic times and works with 
events that's right there are many things 
that we have to understand and study 
but we can not connect that with dates 
in advance ok 
I can not here say the Sunday law 
be Danish year with this year that does not 
can you know I can not say either 
when Christ comes then 
although it seems logical because but I should not 
the angel warns of doing that 
but who knows if next week will not 
comes someone and has light 
ok I understand your point but 
we're going to have to see how we understand 
that what Sister White says there is no 
more time here in that story gave his 
only time 
in that story later Christ is coming 
the agents began to put new 
dates all the time and white always 
he rebukes them and says no brothers do not arm 
those false those false ones we do not have anymore 
time we do not have more time now that 
is the same as what happened today if here in 
46 or 49 today we put a date 
for the second coming is the same thing 
we can not do it but good 
What we can do is find 
2001 we nobody nobody saw that 
in the year 2000 and just in the same 
very moment some understood 
what is that that was not a prediction if 
well the Sunday law we know we do not know 
the hour we do not know what we do not know what not 
I know that but on the day that he arrives here 
bolivia you and I must say oh today is 
on 14 d 
February 2000 so much is a date that 
I can put the Sunday law but 
just on that same day is true and that 
it is not to place dates to place dates is 
anticipate beforehand say in 
that year the whole month day comes this 
or that then we say 2001 
look here nobody has put date 
clamor at midnight Sunday law not 
has dates we do not know but as already 
we are in 2017 we can talk about 2001 
something that happened just like that back 
looking we put that date 
well then if she says no one knows 
when will they judge the living 
it's clear nobody knows when 
It's their turn and I do not know when that is 
at the time 
before that happened once and I went 
I have to understand that I need to see 
it can not be that the Dominican law of passage 
and gave I did not realize if I did not realize 
then something is wrong with me yo yo 
is sleeping if I love you midnight 
happened and I did not realize then something 
it's wrong if that first test in step and 
I did not realize something is wrong 
it's true and I need to know that I need 
understand that but before 
you do not know 
or that the text under here the image 36 a 
Special man 
what they live on earth when the 
intercession of Christ in the sanctuary 
celestial should be standing in the 
presence of the holy god without mediator 
his clothes must be without macular 
his purified characters of all 
sin by the blood of his sprinkling by 
the fat of god and his own and 
diligent efforts should be 
victors in the struggle with evil what 
it means that living a sinless life 
this is that his message is brother 
our church is denying but this 
is what we know we can do 
and it must be reached 
but the bible is a lie 
and that has to be done now 
it has to be done in that generation 
by the grace of god and his own and 
diligent efforts should be 
victors in the struggle with evil 
while the trial continues 
researcher in heaven while 
during that time we are now in the 
me while that happens while the 
sins of the growing believers 
repentants are removed from the sanctuary 
a special work must be carried out 
of purification of liberation from sin 
between God's people on earth 
now if at once in the last time 
we now have that opportunity in 
our lives is to free those 
that we have left that we have denied and that 
we have overlooked that we are 
that has to be achieved now and it 
can achieve 
this work is presented with greater 
clarity in the message of chapter 14 
of apocalypse the three messages 
page 37 above 
the work of the investigative judgment we are 
speaking now we are reading texts 
who talk about that work about that 
trial after having seen 
where where it starts 
the work of investigative judgment and the act 
of devouring sins must be realized 
before the second advent of the Lord 
clear it has to be before in view of 
that the dead are to be judged 
according to the things written in the books 
it is impossible that the sins of the 
men are erased before the end of 
judgment in which their lives have to be 
examined but apostle pedro says 
strictly that the sins of the 
believers will be erased 
when the refreshment times will come 
in the presence of the Lord and will send to 
Jesus Christ when the investigative judgment 
have concluded Christ will come with his 
reward to give to each according to 
his work 
it is not true then as we already understand 
that the door closes for polop in 
chalk here the investigative judgment so 
saying it ends for the people here in 
this moment 
I do not know if with the brother trailer they have already 
seen the scene manu have already seen the 
judgment with the clamor and minutes and have 
talked about that not yet not 
then surely it will still arrive 
Here are some details that we are 
overlooking in that introduction to 
this theme that has to be here already 
sins have to be erased 
up to this point 
and that is done through a process in 
which I his prepares the three messages 
angelic that's press those messages 
of proof that a designer is judged 
dear brothers welcome we are 
giannessi time that must be a truth 
glorious for us is terror already gives 
scared but at the same time 
amazing that I'm not that amazing 
embrace that thought that we 
touch this privilege that they have wanted 
see the angels and the prophets in all 
the generations to the amia thought that 
that was going to happen in his time and to 
we touch that weak race 
of so many thousands of years of sin that race 
that town now that we are here 
the odyssey knowing neither to us 
touch this is tremendous 
we are invited with all 
our weaknesses and faults and failures and 
problems of participating in this call 
here and to perform 
be a witness during a universe of the 
work of christo 
and God has a lot of work 
for us ok 
here is not about those brothers do not know 
try to rescue my own skin be 
as it is not about that I got caught 
of the hair and I mime as I get into 
the paradise that being no more is not about 
that god has a tremendous job here 
for us from there 
he needs an army and that army 
You have a lot to do 
dear brothers wait for us here 
a lot of work as we can not 
a lot of work 
God wants your intelligence your wisdom 
your example 
your methodology your language he wants to 
that time 
in that time comes the loud cry 
exactly but here he needs you 
you are ready an example a testimony 
I live for the world a living testimony 
for the world 
perfectly prepared forming part 
in that way of origin if you glasses 
written by hand this work does not end the 
Sunday law just starts here 
but for that now we have a little time 
to prepare a preparation but as 
we never would have imagined 
in every way completely clean of 
you do not have to waste your time you can not 
that's why we've done that 
effort to open a school in Brazil 
and tomorrow my brother is going to talk a little 
of that project and these things we're going to 
talk about that for what 
only a piece in all that plan of 
the things that one can do is not 
September 11th here next text in 
page 37 
the angel that unites his voice to the 
proclamation of the third angel will light 
to the whole earth with his glory and 
you have already heard that angel is 
of the angel and apocalypse 18 
the angel that unites his voice to the 
proclamation of the third angel enlighten 
all the fig tree with its glory like this 
predicts a work of universal extension 
and of extraordinary power 
and that what he and nahuel always do 
she in the combines those stories and 
now and he's wearing it that's ok 
we are talking about today but he 
then compare it puts it in a line 
with the mileurist story 
the movement of ascentis is 1,140 
44 was a glorious manifestation of 
divine power 
the first angel's message was brought 
to all the mission stations of the 
land and in some countries he distinguished himself 
for the greater religious interest that 
have seen in any country since 
the time of reform of the century 
but all this will be overcome 
welcome brother all that will be 
overcome by the powerful movement that 
has to develop under the proclamation 
of the last warning of the third 
angel of that we are talking here this 
time exceeds all other reforms 
all the other messages all others 
labors of poor god on earth in 
the history of the earth 
this work will be similar to the one 
performed on the day of Pentecost as the 
early rain was given at that time 
of the outpouring of the holy spirit upon 
principle of the evangelical ministry for 
make the precious seed grow like that 
late rain will be given at the end of 
said ministry to mature the 
harvest the great work of evangelization 
will not end with less manifestation of 
divine power that the ego's the beginning 
He pointed it at the beginning of the 
prophecies that were fulfilled in time of 
the outpouring of early aid to 
Principle of the Evangelical Ministry 
must be met again in time of the 
late help at the end of that ministry 
those are the times of refreshment in 
what the Apostle Peter thought when he said 
so sorry and converted for 
that your sins be erased 
that the refreshment times will come in 
the presse of the presence of the Lord and him 
will send Jesus Christ not as we saw in 
another text when they will be erased 
sins in the time of refreshment 
I hope we could see a little bit 
here in that in this week 
the rain began to fall and here the drip 
as we call it from the latter rain and 
started is why in this time already 
the investigative trial of the 
alive already started we are already in the middle of 
the rain has already begun to fall 
they began to be erased the sins 
in front of the presence of the Lord he is 
in this work is a present work 
there are many things now that maybe we have 
heard in his days 
there are many logical texts that 
we have to understand to see this 
but I think if you take time it's going to 
understand well is going to understand well 
now I have put here the texts that already 
they listened to the previous hour about new 
here they have it do not cause biographical 
after testimony for the church he took 
9 page / 12 that these 
events that elena white saw happen 
that our generation has seen 
events in September 11 
the descending the angel epoch 18 
is there is combined with those events 
elena white says she has seen it 
and we can read last text in this 
you will receive power page 2 in the 97 
the latter rain has to fall on the 
People of God a mighty angel 
will descend from heaven and all lands 
will be illuminated with his glory we are 
ready to take part in the glorious 
work of the third angel are our 
glasses ready to receive the dew 
it is not true when the angel descends 
mighty of apocalypse 18 then 
celestial dew street begins to fall the 
late rain that begins to fall 
we have to be ready to 
this we have already seen you do not learn what 
they have not seen that what they are with 
those divided with the videos 
look at the other presentations that leave 
that combination that explain why 
2001 is that 
2001 was when the angel descended 
optical and the 18 if one has a faith of 
a child the thing is simple the thing is 
simple because they read walt disney obvious 
I saw the clones new york buildings 
they fell 
and when they fell he descended from acne 18 
is what he says 
with the faith of a child we have seen that 
tremendous event in history and that not 
It has not been like a small thing 
because there are many towers in the world that 
they fall there are bombs there are tremendous things but 
this event as we saw we have lived yesterday 
it was a point 
of inflection 
for the world and for the church 
and when those points those crises and they 
lee will not get light will be given 
and there he just descended to the angel to 
illuminate the earth with his glory 
that is the combination that we are 
understanding that is what it is mint is 
to that event here is not any event 
it's not like other events one more 
I read an Adventist journal ago 
some years the readers ask the question 
the ministry created that ministry this 
magazine that happened 2001 something happened that what 
means that and a theologian answered yes 
brother that is simply a signal 
of time as many as a tsunami of 
when it was 2000 
8 I do not know when it was 2004 
2006 since then if you do not have a 
deeper understanding of the meaning 
prophetic for you is more a thing of 
so many things but we have tried 
to show that it is not only that is 
much more than that 
is a milestone in our line of reform 
in our time in the process of 
message the three angels page 38 
now let's jump a little in the 
way of our study and I want that 
talk to me judges chapter 6 
the history of girón 
judges chapter 6 
this I will try to show some 
stories in the bible that explain the 
beginning of the trial of the living 
this we can see in judges 6 in the 
first story that I want to study with 
let's read 
judges chapter 6 
I'm thinking a bit where I'm going to 
start because it 's the length of the chapter 
and we know the history the town of 
God- had been threatened by three 
peoples is not true that you can 
see in the circle 3 poster 
judges stress because it happened that when 
israel had planted rose the 
Midianites and Amalekites take away and 
children of the east against them mañanitas 
Amalekites sons east are three 
the people of God in the time of the end 
he also has three enemies 
We were going to draw a line here now 
what are the three enemies of the people 
of them today 
today equal 
the people of God have three enemies 
the false prophet 
The USA 
the beast 
and the dragon 
the united nations ' 
in peace you have a series is not 
in the lime and 14 in calacoto is the series 
of linked transactions to return 
it is also present everywhere 
is to that triple union is the enemy to 
the people of god for the time in the 
so judges also have a 
situation in God's people is 
oppressed below those enemies and if 
wants to free them then choose 
Gideon and Gideon asks for signs and God 
gives him some signals is not true 
remember this then he chooses some 
men who go with him to fight 
against enemies 
and let's go to the verse jump to the verse 
33 of judges chapter 6 
then all 
marianita yes amalecitas and those of the 
east they got together and going on 
they camped in the valley of Jezreel that 
means that they joined a is that 
they made an alliance 
those three enemies here from Paul them 
they are also making an alliance now 
A US alliance is entering with the 
dad and the united nations those three 
in the valley of gdl then the spirit 
of jehovah came upon giron and when it is 
he touched the horn with churches and with 
he trumpet the feet héritage he 
they met with him 
so what he does here 
in 634 plays the trumpet 
and when he plays the trumpet that goes by he 
is arming the army 
at this moment 
the army of Gideon is joined ok 
here it says what are they called 
the injured feet met with him and 
he sent messengers throughout Manasseh and 
they also got together with him and 
He also sent messengers to do 
zabulón ya neftalí which came out 
to find him is arming himself here 
army let lion to fight against 
triple alliance whose brothers that's a 
symbology for our time I know 
is arming you choose the 144,000 for 
fight against the triple alliance at last 
of the times not true that's that is 
the work that what happens now he 
is now gathering that army 
and I'm saying that the call here 
already reached that generation he is in the 
process of joining that army 
we continue 
cycle 35 and sent we have already seen 
messengers those different places 
that army is gathering 
36 and Gideon said goodbye yes to save 
Israel by my hand as you said I 
here I will put a trillion wool there and 
ask for that test again is from the 
second test 
we can discard that and continue with the 
chapter 7 
rising then tomorrow geobal who 
was stealing 
genius does not say here which is genius 
he received a different name now and that 
it's earlier in chapter 6 
and receives another name 
32 32 
that region was called hair oval 
this is contention goes against him by 
how much you derived your altar remember the before 
before leaving to fight in the 
night with some companions the fire and 
collapsed an altar 
and some wanted to kill him for this and 
then his dad defended him and not what 
they killed but that received a name 
I do not know if they learned this week 
what does it mean when someone 
that when God changes your name what 
It means that 
when it was meant that God changed 
the name abraham 
it's because he made a pact with the pse 
what does it mean when Christ changed the 
name of paulo de saulo 
he chose him he made a pact with him 
you can show that in many 
places in the bible in changes of 
name is a symbol of covenant 
jacob sl etcetera then here we see 
at the time of receiving the call s 
armies god enters into a covenant 
name change 
with his people 
those are the details are that is 
study prophecy online about line 
we are not that is a logic that we have 
in other books and we are applying it 
now here he spoke to us we learn from 
open we learn this was from saulo de 
jacob & cetera etcetera and now we see it 
here also then why we 
we feel to whom an impact occurs 
Covenant symbol we continue 
getting up 71 tomorrow morning oval 
which is gerion and all the people 
who was with the camped next to the 
source of art and had the camp of 
the mañanitas north beyond the 
Col del Moré Mor in the valley 
where is the enemy 
where is the camp of the same 
those brothers that we have seen yesterday 
who is the king of the north 
the papacy is not true 
that is the same enemy here in that 
history is a story 
parallel is a story that tells us 
these final events here 
gideon the same story he fights against 
the enemy of the north the king of the north 
we continue the cycle two verses if 
jehovah said to genius in the village that 
is with you is a lot so that I 
hand the little ones in his hand not 
be praised Israel against me 
saying my hand has saved me 
that is, they were so many soldiers that I do 
good if they win if they are going to win 
against the enemy then they say 
we have won because we 
we are so powerful God wanted me not to 
that's because I knew that was the 
problematic of the town this is the 
problem of the people the audience is not 
true that he believes so much in himself that 
he thinks he's strong clean rich but he does not 
is and that town is big and there are many 
in that town that if you ask if I know 
if we go we are there and 
let's fight 
we are ready we are ready we 
we show we are moving to the field 
many things we have begun to study 
elena white 
many things brothers in that world 
Atlanticist are preparing many 
they believe that Christ is coming but he is very 
great armies and with the spirit the 
audience no god does not accept does not accept 
that army the same if you chose a 
because he looks at the heart too many are 
says and how many were 
this army came to take a number 
how are we going to see right now in the 
verses that come from 32 thousand soldiers 
verse 3 you can now preach in 
ears of the people saying who they fear and 
it shakes early morning mix and returns 
for the mount of galar and if they returned 
of those of the town 22 thousand and they were 
then there were 32 thousand because now 22 is 
they return look tremendous the number 
he came back and there were ten thousand 
we continue a verse 
when this happens 
now before continuing when it happens 
what is that in reference to the 
army here we have a great army 
but something happens they reduce the number 
what does that mean with the god you do 
it is a purification god cleans its 
we are like this here using all the 
theme of words are not terms that the 
life employs and linda waite employs the 
God's army purification 
but you can also say the 
From the temple 
how many purification is the temple and its 
2 then that's the first 
purification of the temple 
he thinks to clean his temple he knows 22 thousand 
the house does not serve me in the army 
we continue 
4 and he's told Gideon it's still a lot 
town take them to the waters and there you 
to try 
I will try and the one I tell you go to this one 
with me was with you 
more than anyone I tell you this does not 
go with you he will not go 
now and take it to the waters that they 
brothers each verse each word 
it has so much meaning here is 
the waters 
the second purification in the waters 
now in the history miller and sta 
to the place they were instead of the 
waters I do not know if you have already studied that in 
that week with someone from the others 
speakers the midnight clamor where 
it happened 
in the place is called xstrata a place of 
us and this means 
the waters or next to the waters 
about the waters 
then in this place 
that represents this point here love 
this purification in the waters is what 
same as happened here in that story there 
it takes the army they have to be 
purified even more I do not know if they remember 
but tyler salt proving that the 
first purification will be here 
at midnight 
I do not know if he is already there with you and the 
second here in the midnight clamor 
they are two different events minimally 
different but the story tells me what 
clearly distinguish 
I leave them to explain this and 
notice now how it happens verse 5 
then he led the people to the waters and 
jehovah said geryon whatever the 
look at the waters with your tongue as you lick 
the dog that you will put aside also to 
anyone who will bend over their 
knees to drink and was the number of 
those who saw her carrying the water with 
the hand to his mouth three hundred men 
and all the rest of the people doubled 
over its rivers to drink the waters 
then 7th century jehovah said girón 
with these 300 men who saw her on 
water or I will save and deliver to 
Midianitas in your hands and go all 
the other people each to his place 
now we really have a good number 
that two brothers and number 300 is not a 
you just in case you know how many 
preachers there were in that story 
if you do not know you can guess 
300 were exactly 300 as we know 
that the minerists produced 300 of 
those diagrams for the 300 preachers 
I was the minerista 
we have a symbology that a parallel 
and that's the second purification here 
From the temple 
and in the words that Daniel has been 
explaining we have the purification of 
the priests after we have come the 
purification of the 
of the other groups it is not true that 
limited and the mitineros 
and we continue 
we're going to be a little bit because our 
time is almost exhausted is not true 
I will also make it a point and a minute 
more if possible 
the circle 3 
it's very important let's jump some 
things here to get to the points 
cycles keys 16 let's see if the 
16 and the 7 
and distributing the 300 men in three 
squads me to all the trumpets in 
his hands and empty pitchers with teas 
burning within the pitchers how many 
three brothers groups 
because in three groups because the army 
of God now has only three 
what are these three groups 
the priests 
the limits 
and the means that form them is the 
God's army are three groups 
interesting is not true the story of 
Gideon that his brothers are counting 
our history 
who would not have thought that as a 
child I liked that story 
but I would never have thought that he talks about 
myself from our time both the 
symbols here in their perfect succession 
that's why we are like this we are in 
that phrase that expression of the normal with 
the beginning of all the prophets spoke 
less for your time 
and for ours so that their 
prophecies are several for us this 
prophecy who would not have thought that 
that is for us even more than for 
here is there so you have heard 
that week I think that sister Anna 
He said that the whole biblical story 
all that the biblical now of us or 
all this the video is going to find the 
plan with events throughout the bible to 
find old this message from the 
three angels this does not relate this 
generation to the latest generation 
ok verse 16 again he divided them into 
three squads 17 and told them look at me 
me and do as I do and here when I 
I got to the end of the camp 
you as I do then what 
It means that 
and if it goes there the town goes there 
if he goes there everyone goes with him to 
there is a perfect harmony in that 
17 and those 3 accent those 300 do everything 
As the 
sometimes you have seen those 
filming of the fish in the sea 
it's like a group moves like a big 
as if it were a big fish a fish 
goes there but they are millions and all go 
well and everyone moves or the birds you 
come do these things is true does a 
perfection in the movements in a 
harmony in those three groups those 
three hundred those three groups are like 
one here rules a perfect harmony in the 
army of god and this is based on that 
based on our convictions 
conditions understand our faith 
we believe the same we understand the same thing 
we preach the same message of God 
He came in his village to have only one voice 
and that is demonstrated here all do 
like me and everyone does like him 
unit verse 18 and playing the trumpet 
I will play the trumpet and all that 
they will be with me and you will touch jce 
then the trumpets around everything 
the camp and you will say by jehovah 
in English a little bit says it's a little 
different says the sword of god and of 
the sword of 
God let me wave 
so how is that 
what does that mean if the sword is the 
sword of god and they said what we have 
here is another is a unity the sword of 
genre is the sword of god and the 
spaces digested it not 
God joins with man is a union 
another other union that we see here those 300 
of those three groups are like the script 
but his script is like the sword of god 
here the army of god reached a 
perfect union and what does it mean that he 
he exercised gods as god is thus a 
perfect representative of Jesus Christ 
those are the 144,000 that represent 
Jesus in harmony the world in them can 
to jesus 
represented reflecting jesus 
ok that's that is the goal of gods to that 
army he is now arming and 
raising he is working for 
form this group here that is like your 
sword we can also say the 
incarnation not true or the mystery of 
God is Christ in us 
and in apocalypse days says this is 
will reach below the seventh the last 
that is here that is already happening 
since 2001 
next verse 
19 geniuses arrived and the 100 
men that he took with him to the extreme 
from the camp 
at the beginning of the guard when 
midnight and midnight when they finish 
to renew the sentinels 
and they played the trumpet and broke the 
pitchers that they carried in their hands 
up here maybe 
such is one more but the cycle twenty and 
the three squadrons touched the 
trumpets and breaking the pitchers 
they took in their left hands the teas and 
right that played trumpets 
and they cried and shouted s 
what clamor is this 
now we're through midnight and now 
comes the loud cry this is 
the loud cry 
and the Dominican law 
we are now in this story that is 
a one parallel to that story 
through which God raises his 
army and takes it to fight against 
the triple enemy and overcomes him and overcomes him 
at that moment 
is shocked in the Sunday law with the 
enemy and defeat him 
clear in our experience 
it's going to be it does not look like that 
for the persecution to have death 
martyrdom okey escape hiding not having 
money access 
humiliation and all that but that in the 
God's eyes will be a base victory 
in a reader already 
and that's what happened and what this 
now serves us to finish our 
study dear brothers I think here 
we have been able to show that the army 
God already rises before love 
of midnight before the Sunday law 
here the process has already started and we are 
seeing that this is at this time and if 
when the army is already up here 
then the people of god are being 
tested to know if you are part 
army or not then the trial of the 
alive investigative already started because 
that's what the trial does yes or no 
part of the town yes or no that's a 
process that already begins in advance 
to the Sunday law to loud cry all 
that here is not one day to another are 
many but through the process of 
three union messages from that group 
it becomes small but 
so strong that the bible describes how 
in union as the sword of jehovah 
yes that's the next text I have 
here in my notes but we are already a 
little about the time 
so 37 we're going to have to remember and 
let's go with the help to god tomorrow 
touch also to give a close to 
this topic 37 if you have come 
those notes here good then we were 
at that time with a prayer 
dear father, things are very big 
that you have planned for 
we can not really imagine 
our mouths express what they say 
describe but what does this mean sir 
you still have to train in our 
understanding and in our hearts that 
gave father but a little we understand and that 
little we find glorious and tremendous 
if you do not want to have in your army 
sir have a little patience yet 
with us help us understand 
awaken us in the name of Jesus 
we ask this 
and especially today that we arrived in the 
Sabbath rest this is what 
we long to enter into rest with you in 
harmony with you in unity with you 
Jesus Christ we thank you and we praise you 
because your plans are so big for 
with us amen