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para nuestro genesis odd Todd decree most continual con esos estudios Y K comma damos para estar presentin este momento resent a con to centro espirita yo Santos Angela Senora terror Samos por el tiempo que que un tenemos por suerte cons otro soonest momento para que podamos entender to spell a bratty estate amico mere monetary conmigo para que podemos Frances Eden men Sasha kaun kaun confirmed to volume captain you're a satirist emotional missus you have any of these quotes or do we know I don't think so okay I've no idea it's not here no no I forgot to add this I guess okay so what I want to do now look again quiero is a fabrica mysterious is I want to look at a midnight if you kill me that a median or chicken until now we have been identifying the midnight cry the mostest as we didn't see candle Emilia l'amour de medianoche on the fifth day the fourth month although the first day of the fifth month or any premiere dyrdek intimate when Samuel snow arrives to Exeter cuando summer is snow jig and exited and gives his gives his presentation Donna sue present a co but this actually isn't midnight they don't really that is to know if medianoche how does the Bible to find midnight como la vida de fin de la medianoche it's the the midpoint of the evening is la a Punto let me pass the lap started it is a half of the tearing time is let me start a tiempo de tardanza so once you read from Jane Lara you create generally room text to con usted de l'Opera no standard the notice I'm North Bergen another so we're going to read about four four paragraphs vamos lid mas o menos cuarto para rifles that are not in your notes the North Stand ensues notice in the first one y la primera and these these are in English we send in English 1905 great second Advent movement if the liberal am / - yes is the Nepean arrow laughter Oh a grand momento Advent ista agra momento de segunda been amento adventist panel cientos de center dos Ponto Uno's okay so Fiona chose red de otro IGAs dicen cuanto tiempo ta'ala tiempo de tardanza meadow a mio como usted saben por que senior DJ a la medianoche en cuanto la esposa tarde Abba puesto la misión era para dos mil tres en toes tardes Amon Yanis odias una tarde anoche s mitad de uno de esos be a prophetic OHS y por ESO equivalent asses messes entonces el período entero de esto es el torito entero de la de tiempo de tardanza a clamor suerte presente de tiempo comenzó más o menos en la mitad de julio July Angela evening mornings in the morning morning okay oh yeah so the vision of Daniel Daniel 8:14 labissiere Daniel or sohcahtoa is described as the vision of evening and morning is this clear to Kamala BC over 2300 evening more las dos y tres en dos tarde esta mañana or four days se D as in Tarot and one day equals a prophetic year Mbit ballet on dir1 practical one prophetic day equals record a year on the appropriate or equivalent annual de terre so for one house what's onions and os no and oh oh oh and then you happy a little fell on me on the ass and LM okay I'm you're on your way one year okay okay one year une année oh is broken up into the evening so de vie de la tarde erro no check in the morning y la mañana evening tarde en morning y mañana then again evening in morning Travis starred in manana so this represents three prophetic years aqui tenemos UN dos três anos profit equals and what Walter was saying in the revolver literal literally this annually pyramid what lost were was saying in this quote lo que dice de la croix in estrus theta is one literal 2300 one year of the 2300 es que un año de los dos meses en sus annual is broken up into an evening in the morning is the dividend tab de mañana the tearing time la pared answer is is described as being during the evening time to describe como pasando a durante la tarde but midnight pero medianoche is right in the middle cincuenta in let me start MN yes the media noche is right in the middle of one of these evenings is justo and let me touch the owner the SS tardes so this is six six months of fair six months six months right six months six months oh sorry sorry oh I did that wrong I did this I put in the wrong place on right here big day here midnight so I put midnight in the wrong spot and you have to six months periods media noche tenemos los videos with face misses oh no no no I was right a middle of the night but it C is a clumsy I was right sorry she can survive salad bien para lo says missus then three months three months and then Midnight's right in here in the middle okay hour at sea and speller today's meters tres meses please mrs. e la medianoche en la mitad de la terrasse - are we understood - I understand this is vegan comprehend so7 see okay so what he's saying in the squirrel loci listen it's a theta is that they understand that the tearing time is the evening SK la danza is ocarina in la tarde and this equals six months Keystone phase methods and half of six months in a metathesis method is obviously three months of Amenti some tres meses now he says dish dis commenced about the middle of July e ABC key is to impair so master menaces in medallas de Julio so we have our chart this tunnel corner diorama we're going to refer to this for a moment vamos would decide a state diagram Oporto momento from the first day of the first month they say premiere D added premiere made to the ten thousand seventh month after he s moody as a septa moment is a hundred in eighty seven days so on CN to your chant I'd says yet ideas to receive I am getting up from to stay this last week Adam and the arrow that goes from the first day the first one to the tenth day of the seventh month aqui estamos in this a signal in Adana D sir she entered authenticate ideas this is primarily premise as the yes model sétimo mess siento a tent SES or authenticated so half of this llama today so half of this would be now I know this is disproportional your sake it's that's where the proportion but half of it would be I'll make it proportional down here just practice one easier what that's correct with yes yes who do over here here will be midnight yep where we first day August I always get this next 12 August 15th okay the first day of the fifth month here and this is more proportional or it's a must in proportion if you radiate a kingdom ethic you so right in the middle of this and something that meets that would be midnight tenemos la medianoche it has to be at the midpoint they make you sit exactamente limited so this is 93 days ninety three and a half days so noventa SBS email you seventy three and a half so now we have to do a little nap ARA tenemos que tiempo de Mathematica so the easiest way to do de la manera mascots is there a fellow is to subtract if the rest are 118 days CNTV SEO should be yes from this 93 like the bristle right 108 or Darwin - yeah subtract yes I came to DC or - yeah I could just start noventa to this window Cinco so we're going to take off it we're going to take this time period from from here to here vamos entonces from the first days first month of iris de las 8 premiere dia de première mess up set pre-made a Kymco mess which is 118 days on CN to do two Bs and we're going to subtract 93 from it you've almost the start of noventa tres to dos Cinco to find out how many days the first day of the first month is from midnight from this middle point para descubrir cuantos psi into the medianoche it will let me touch hasta la fecha and this comes out to twenty five and a half y esto mcdonald bente singko amedeo so twenty five and a half days bent I think we made you we're going to say 25 just because it's easier make you think oh that's happy 24 you think 25 will do the math I have calculated - when we say 25.5 1935 when 1893 - 93.5 Oh twenty four point five C twenty four point five okay cool that's because it's 25 days but if you can it depends how you count so I make you see Cody if it'll be end of comodo cuentas if you're including midnight or if you're including the midnight cry for accounting inclusively or exclusively the Pentateuch cuentas including no or the form an inclusive erased receiver but what is what you're going to end up with the redundant Yaga if we counted on our if we tell honor about the bathtub juices from Taranaki is we will end up with the fifth day this fifth day of the fourth month Shigure mosaic into the earthquake was the myth which lands in July 21st here is time Julio veintiuno de Julio so now let's read from Leroy Ephraim prophetic face of our fathers but mostly the near Oak Room la Paix prophetic ax investors Paris Commune I so learn English okay okay and if you just wanna read the end here so this is this is talking about Samuel snow a Kia Vedas Samuel snow be sassy snotra gaba en acadia en el gran Tabernacle OD Boston sobre el texto salad a disability spa so in the guest Budhia let's at the moment salad are incomparable and if you want to read the first line of the next one actually up in the open de here you see the siendo esto es Oh a despertar algunos de su sueño de lui despues en la gran campestre en Exeter en a de dosa de set de agosto LD o tres discourses importantes que luego say Gemara Matt attention Jose and one more una mas read from the beginning - assented parada de sassy Allah may Allah medianoche cuidado clamor el espacio este bonito salad a encontrar entonces esto de las páginas xi r --n e apparence us lamp Aras acid eases a reg'lar ensues Lanta yeah a Mo's most rod o que es tiempo de tardanza para el esposo por la speedos preferred prophet egos son says messes inta Sandow a dis Rev debris Occidental dosto to promote sin when de cuatro la medianoche de este tiempo oscuro e aqui dis estupido Syria acerca de vente de Julio Samuel snow do el bared elk la moda mariachi in a tabernacle OD Boston in a que tiempo okay so here we're seeing that the midnight cry aqui dicen que el amor de medianoche which given when Samuel snow went to the Boston tavern Apple on July 21st for a dado cuando same with snow do sous-sous predication in a tavern Arkell tabernacle eau de Boston an inventive uno de Julio so this is our true midnight crime f2s metro verdadero clamor de medianoche now what is the relationship between original stuff what is the relationship between midnight in the midnight crack que es la jealousy own entry media noche Eclair modem energy the midnight cry la media a clamor de medianoche is the empowerment or the is the is the empowerment of the midnight cry message is cuando el min sake a clam alderman Hodges condiments a kadai declamatory a note addressed receivable death these are both this is all just the midnight cry from here to here there Kiyosaki todo esto es el amor de medianoche but the midnight cry video clam Odom a anoche is going to arrive here Jigga aqui what's that now yeah they do can do something like that pneumonia SEM right OCR sorry um yeah exam ovarian oj Yaga it's going to arrive and then it's going to be empowered in luego you see before this PC ok and this is the point yes they say Punto where it's going to spread like wildfire what a wildfire so all the United States donde is pro kleh mado e komo CDs to spread to expand the Como Incendia gracias the power or is situate the Pioneers describe it's going to go like a tidal wave or linemen are white ellos peony rose lilo describing como una andhe and the tidal wave dem are a miraculous a tidal wave tidal wave away the la Luna a trial agua de puesta sweater Lamarr a con owner on the demo then Mary sha de gracias that's how sister white describes it in the great controversy escamole mana right loads described in a conflicted lilo CEO and and so this is the way the way the Pioneers describe these two events la manera cumulus peel nails this creepiness is daughter eventos is that at night a skin a major nurture this cries given s dado ethic la mode but it's only accepted by small groups up which are disconnected from each other pero solamente algunos group of separado acceptance dementia but at the exeter camp meeting pero na in LA and they can better the exit when samuel snow gives the midnight cry again at exeter cuando ever meant the summer is no dahhh a clamor they are not just all of these groups are going to come together the all sisters group would say hold them but the important thing to know is that it's all the same message the realer importantes que todos son a nice moment a key but it's received with different power they don't receive it for there's this manera differences it is arrived with a little bit of strength but then it increases in power until the point where it's reaching this tidal waves jeguk eekum bokum a rocky augmenta is receiving multiple days on the tiene cosas como una andhe and that's going to continue all the way to the tentative see continua as a demodulators happy moments so join an increased power loss Muerta on augmented a versa now this opens up a very interesting Avenue for us esto abrir una a Bonita interesante para nosotros at this point in a este momento we've identified the prophetic symbology of the first day of the first month elmo's identificado or some of it but there are they'll assume symbol o here they immediately remember there's a disappointment I'm a bad dancer they're separating from strange wives I'm not separate Sunday both were headed east rancheras leaving Babylon Stern saliendo day Babylonia the waters are drying up in hue las aguas all these things are taking place on the first day the first month it told this as quotas or coolant in a premier be a detriment but these are all again prophetic symbols because when I was not some symbol of prophetic leaving Babylon we're not we do have to physically leave the cities to live the Babylonia see if Sally did ask you that is but it really what it really means is leaving the ideology of Babylon okay German Takeda's she knows is the heart para tres la easy Lohia de Babylonia it's a symbol assumed symbol oh we looked at the first I Daniel this morning was talking about the first day of the fifth month nine years it's a man Anna of Laura cerca de media there Kim comments he describes the change in change in leadership he this described Yola they cambio de de de de Roscoe Moses dies and is replaced by Joshua's were Moises E Josue hello Jane Plaza Aaron dies and he's replaced by his son Eleazar our own where he can assume a su hijo le Assad and eleazar means Lazarus Elliot at significa Lazaro and Lazarus is the crowning act of Christ of the triumphal entrance el estado is a melago choral na de la hora de Cristo it was the last miracle he would perform or the last sign of his divinity it's a little more saying yeah this ooh Libby needed or his most impressive miracle was so malaga and mass infinite romantic that he was going to give all of Jerusalem kid you're a total hero Salim and what we understand about the tenth day of the seventh month in lo que nosotros and same demo Sturbridge Guillermo Diaz happy moment is that this is where the door is shutting its cuando la puerta see Sierra this is the door of mercy and La Puerta de Gracia it's the door from the holy place to the most holy place la puerta Gare de santo else at San Juan at Santissima and those who remained on the wrong side of the door you look you take it out on a line in a ladder is rather de de la puerta and who didn't go into the marriage with christ came no enterin matrimonio kalisto who didn't enter into the Day of Atonement service Kim no inter Adam I said VCO day XPS film were were shut on on the wrong side of the door kadar on in frente de la puerta Sarada pero Renaud o equivocado and they were left praying the same e ellos que dharam a door and Ratana and this includes the Protestants is the glorious Protestant and all of those who left the movement y todos aquellos que eran el momento and only a small group enters into the marriage with Christ if solamente guru boom muy pequeño and run off borders comparable but now if when we identify midnight pero ahora cuando identificar Muslim area no joke or true midnight when I bid that they have been amateur we're going to see we're going to see another symbol and that's the fifth day of the fourth month the demos ultra symbol okay take into the la cuarta mates so let's turn to Ezekiel chapter 1 vamos a is the key a capital una cancion redress Juanito se que uno uno Eidos if you a key a loss Trent años en el más cuatro cinco de más estando yo en medio de los transported owes canto do de el que ver los cielos a brie Aaron EBV Sione's de Dios a los cinco de más que fue en el Quinto a neo Terra transmigration del J who are chin so on the fifth day of the fourth month I came to the other cuarto mess is a huge going to have a vision if aka the Civic vision in this vision in a vision is represented as the heavens opening up its trajectories and tire combo los cielos see abriendo now how many of us are familiar generally with Ezekiel chapter 1 quantitative series some familiarity ADO's the form a generic on Ezekiel you know do we notice about Sam indicates a trapa yes no see no okay a couple people are cup of your awareness it was not so let's just pick them a couple verses in chatting at the context of the chapter vamos Mira I wounds particulars para and record a rickety trapper okay if you'll read verse trying to pick the best verses here let's read three two three two four three and four Leah Mullis three to five sorry tres y trece Cinco who a palabra de Yoga se quiere hacer dot M Y ho Debussy la tierra de los cardio's punto al rio de que vas few AG sobre el la mano de Diez de agua y ver a Yaqui un bien two tempos tempest - oh so Vinnie Adele alkalyn una gran Dube con un fuego en ville dente en read le doors su y OU un respond or y en medio del fuego una cosa que pareció como de am bad y meadow deja de guerre de cuatro anomalous yes there a super-racer a be an aid of summation today ombre okay so he's seeing four living creatures a big cuatro a creatorís and Biba and you just read verse five yeah and if you read verse 6 he says this a a cada uno de cuatro rostros equator Alice so they all have four phases and they all have four wings if todos ellos tienen cuatro rostro de cuatro Alice now if we skip down to verse 15 so today's Satanist a vesicular kids and we read from verse 15 to 19 Alejo mozdok in sedition webinar Tony accidente que están de Yami Rondo los animales que una vida en la en la tierra canto a los animales a sous cuatro Cara's yes Paris Etheridge Reda's y su Oubre same ashab al de foto Tapatio las cuatro tenían una miss messini honza sua / n tae-soo bruh como en medio de Rueda cuando an Dobbins mobian sobre sus cuatro casados no se vuelven cuando and even a zoo circo's Aaron Altos espantoso x' y' gens de ojos de de da de las cuatro y cuando los animales and arvin las vidas and Aban hon - adios y cuando los animales in levanta bond de la tierra las ratas Cinnabon tehran shiaa donde DiSpirito error k & obeisance and abba hacia donde eres para to cuando be a senseless reddest ambiental event even Frisell jose porque de espíritu de los animales estaba in Las Vegas okay so they're seen he seen these four living creatures and trances a bay is that cuatro crea tourists beavers and he sees this will this this wheel within wheels he is bigger than we SS r where does the entered el rey de and can you can you text - I lift the wheels bottom wheels it's like the most complex I know the heart Asian which is basically I guess and a smoothie teacher in Australia so in Italian so I'm putting you on the spot hi rusty ok so we've seen wheels within wheels motor where most read us then to the rhythm and around this wheel there's four living creatures he in where today's test this has four angels that has read at I Quattro and it'll be the seat Quattro Angeles okay thank you so he's seen this vision a bay esta be CEO and sister way is going to scribe to describe these wheels alarum analyzes describe it says Reuters she says they're the complicated play of human events le Adisa que si Guerra's son la manera son el desarrollo complicado de los eventos duralumon money dad and at first he primera meant a they all looking confusion todos para sin una confusion but he's going to see that in actuality it's in perfect harmony better in Ella Bache in jelly that total it's time they affect Armonia and we're going to read about this in a moment e then to the Paco vamos layer so base if we go to page 10 of our notes say vamos Abdullah Pat lap action at VSD letras notice we're going to read some of these similar situation tears vamos Li are wound of comentarios that Amanda white now what we're going to do is we're going to start on page 10 lo que vamos hacer vomiting Poseidon a fact not yes we're going to read to page 11 vamos latest la pagina on things and we're going to work backwards to irnos y vamos volviendo as a base in letters notice to until we get to page 8 hasta que te amo la pagina awesome okay so let me be very clear about what I plan to show with this paragraph is the over the next two presentations voy hacer en Claro lo que quiero demostrar a con ese Texas de todo in in las próximas a presentation I want to show you your kid at most rallies that the fifth day the fourth month cake into the LA cuatro May it's ridiculous going to have a vision is a momento in case we hear tiene su vision and that vision becomes a prophetic symbol he is so busy on swerve a symbol of prophetic oh just like the first day of the first month the first day of the first month in the tenth day of the seventh month de la misma manera que Ezra media daydream Hermes a dreamy da Quinto mess a DSM oh dear septum Oh mess some symbol of prophetic oh and all of this fits in our time period it todo ESO cabbie in nuestro que tiempo and I'm not just going to show you is easy oh no solamente Liz warrior Messiah is a kid I'm going to show you about six or seven of the Bible characters Leroy emotional says that he netted personas de lobelia who are all having the same experience as a CEO que todos tienen la misma experiencer como se en and sister white is going to show this for us if she's going to prove this fact e la manna white bathrobe ad esto para nosotros is the Fastow so the first one we're seeing is radicchio a premier Kibum o que estamos bien darkies it's a quien SE cayó here yeah it's just like ash Ezekiel is our first one if the keel is literally made Ezekiel is our anchor it's Lystra comes to anchor Ankara Ankara and the reason he is our anchor yet again la razón porqué less Ankara is because he's having his vision on the fifth day of the 1440 18 is to be filmed in a kin to dia de cuatro myth and once we understand that it's going to open up several other experiences from these different prophets universe contained almost as though it's most ably possibly that is para para entender measure lo demás so we're going to see in this first paragraph we're going to see Ezekiel vamos when is the premiere part


it's enjoy si es e John 1 and she's going to identify they're all having the same experience ele I did deepika que todos tienen la misma experience here and what I want us to realize that this experience is the Loki kirik in finland case princess is that all of them are going to see God's glory get todos alias and Baron like Gloria did eels and all of them are going to be humbled in the dust if todos ellos of Omaha dos polvo they're going to come face to face with divinity Elias saying same contra damn fast they are fasiqun divvied up and they're going to realize their own insufficiency is save another cuenta de su propia FISA and their humanity is going to shrink is - ooh money that divinity in contrast with divinity in contrast in contrast the Allah Divini that Aladdin de vida de vida de so let's begin reading from the bottom of page 10 entonces empezamos leyendo I fin de la parte not yet and we won't get through all of these paragraphs in almost completely todo there are key under this is a est-ce que le one but will read will read what we can in the next couple minutes and then we'll come back to it after the Bravo sled Lorca conseguimos less depressed Volvo damos okay passionate es todo se Rubicon decisive when circumstances difíciles a desolate Edoras cuando Isaiah's a un koban fuge Amado an emission process prophetic ax a disaster a Amina Saba a soup ice pour a veteran's trance credi de la ley de Dios los a baton tased a CUDA a DM perdidos todo derecho de su protección en las fuerzas a serious esteban poor so beer contrary no des jeux de pero el peligro de sus enemigos no era la mayor de scooted era la perverse adapt a Pueblo lo que su Mia acerbo des des des in your en MS profundo Dessel aliento por su apostasy a rebellion dicho Pueblo estaba at Rolando so Brazil Oh squeezes videos a Hoeven Profeta a DAC toge Amado add an un mensaje de as Mon estación ISA dia que encontrar una resistencia op sanada temblor I'll consider a nasty mismo y pense abba de da gen on Sierra's messy own desk chorus senado de Shara is rare impasse in sweida latria a Bria a bien de Jane are la tierra los Dioses the mini be a disaster are a dos de Cielo the first fruits para chin with the sake - whoa so stop the Odalys éramos pensamientos casey add a vowel pollen en su mente mientras estaba debajo de portico del santo templo de repente a la puerta de bello interior del templo para ser 'no sr say Oh c'est tres y le permit EO madad adentro and Santissima donde Missy quiere los PS de Profeta podían penetrate CSO delante de una decisión de yoga sentados Sobran trono al to excite Oddo mientras que su sekito janaba s templo a cada lado etro no say fermion de los sarafina's cable Amon condos Alice mientras que con otras dos de narbon sudo Stroh en ad ratio Y cannot Rizzo Scoob rien sus Pierce esos minestrone Angelico's haben su voz insulin invocation Santos Santos Santos yoga de los de hair Tito's toda la tierra está lleno de su Gloria hasta que los pastas Alaska Lunas las puertas de cerdo Parisienne temblor a la casa Silesian janaba de souza libanswers okay so where's the CEO I mean where's Isaiah having the station in the Bible those day is a ESPN a submission in Olivia this is Isaiah chapter 6 SI es capital o sale so let's go as Isaiah chapter 6 bummer sentences is a yes capital says and welcome back to the notes in a moment in we go vamos world air and West red notice so we begin in Isaiah 6:1 and more read verse 8 if estamos con vesicle uno al otro si es s uno al otro en el año que murió el j uu CS b yo SEO Sentaro so braun trono IA sublime a useful set incheon el templo en Sima de el estor and sarafina's cada uno tenía says Anna's condos Cobre ensues rostros econ in condos Kobrin sus PS y cuando Scala bond yell uno al otro divorces diciendo Santos Santos Santos Eva de los de hair Tito's tour de la tierra esta Gina de su Lauria euros kissy alleys darris puerta say stream hicieron con la voz de aqui klimova a la casa say insurer de MO and conscious de ID any case all muerto Casey endo hombre y mundo de la voz a botando a meadow de pueblos que tiene la dos mundos am bestow Mis ojos LJ hyoga de los machete toes Ebola a CA me uno de los serafina's teniendo en su mano in carbon in sin Dido tome and a Tamar delight our con unas penas o e tocando con a sobre my boca dijo y aquí que esto taco sous la goes yes Tatara tu culpa olimpio to picado después de la voz de senior que decía a Kenan VRA a quien knows era entonces responded yo anarchy MDMA a me so Isaiah is having this vision if the yes ENS to be shown and his humble e l is omigod oh he's going to see his own humanity in contrast with the divinity of God it will be su propia Oh Molly that in Constructicons us living that and he's going to say wait what with me he is DC ID me watch me for I am undone keep sewing were toe and what we're going to see is that all of these these prophets are going to have the same vision at the same time prophetically lo que vemos en otro baramos es que todo Profeta que van a tener su vision en el mismo momento en eso es siempre es when they come face to face with God cuando se encuentran faster faster con Dios so let's let's take break vamos hacer una causa key and we'll come back to this after a break he lured the lipolycide vamos a bogan amen amen dear Heavenly Father give you the balance it is tre Lord we thank you for your word signore there in a famous port to palabra we thank you for the prophetic dealings of your people there is famous for a with that prophetic oh come to Pueblo we pray that you would help us to see the truth of your word Lord and the truth of the history the pidemo skills mistress not bear that into palabra aware that in Astoria help us to see these things line upon line I hear the runner little bit let us cross Linea sobre Linea a key in poker yes un poco we ask that you would sanctify us to that truth Lord the demos care is not scientific is a travesty to palabra senior we pray that you would humble us or the most quino's emelius and that you would forgive us of our sins Lord if their donation or through picado Senora we thank you Lord and we ask that you'd pour out your spirit upon us to stay there is a most epidemic a dilemma to spiritual sovereign of Assyria in Jesus name and other issues amen