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the prayer 
dear sir 
in the last presentation today 
we want to invite you to help us 
understand this story the events sr 
that were designed by you 
what form what is the gospel 
the three angelic messages we have 
heard many things but it's time that 
put everything together and we see the picture more 
Christ asks for your blessing 
listeners and the address in my words 
we have talked enough about 
events is not true 
we talked about what happened here and what 
happened here 
what consequences did these things have that 
they happened 
but I want to make a matter very clear 
we have no option to understand 
this or not understand it if we want to continue 
to christ 
this we have read in the in the morning not 
It is true 
blessed are those who read and understand 
these things that are written in this 
we had no choice to say no 
that does not matter that seems very 
I do not like numbers I do not understand 
none of this why 
I do not understand any of this makes 
few years ago nothing but less than 
you would say me when I the first 
once in 2005 they heard similar 
they talked about the three messages 
angelic and I had no idea what 
that was even though I was an Adventist though 
I had studied something in a faculty 
of theology I did not know it was 
and all the other things for me were 
completely new 
but you have to start and when one 
start step by step one comes to 
understand all this here 
a text that helps us find for 
what is all this 
at this moment here we have put a 
door closed 
this is part of that story is a 
process that I took out here 
at some point the process ends 
a generation and what he has is a 
remnant and that remnant receives a zeal 
in that moment God grants the seal to 
and elena white say events of the 
last days 
there is placed a text that 
originally it is the biblical commentary 
page 186 
sixth paragraph 
as soon as God's people are 
sealed on his forehead 
It is not a seal or brand that is 
can see or is it not a seal here that 
it gets electronic or whatever 
but an entrenchment in the truth 
both intellectually and spiritually 
so that celia two are 
unshakable as soon as it has 
taught and prepared for the shaking 
this will come this one will certainly come already 
has begun that it is the god's century 
an entrenchment in the truth as much 
intellectual as 
spiritual again that is the hallmark of 
god a strengthening in what 
in truth both intellectually and 
What does that mean? 
my intellect needs to understand 
It's not a thing, only I have love 
for gray that's a part no more I 
I need to understand what Christ 
teach I need to understand the 
truths that he is opening me 
God does not want one only for 
feelings and still god does not 
wants one only by intellect 
it follows has to be combined a 
strengthening in truth both 
intellectual as well as spiritual why 
so that the seals are 
the intellectual strengthening and 
spiritual makes you yes you allow 
that you are the one you are 
unshakable satan can do what 
you want your no longer going to get out of the way 
and that's what happened here in this 
moment and that is what will happen 
in the parallel moment in this story 
that tomorrow we will start to open what 
they mean those events 
then all that process here is not 
let them deceive are not things simply 
they have to open numbers and events 
of dates 
we have to learn what this means 
what happened is a process through the 
which I live your town to be 
unshakeable spiritual and 
the people receive is the me and I design you 
that story to take the people to that 
I had to go through the disappointment 
there are many already those who did not 
they were truly part of the town of 
later it became more serious 
next test 
and when this moment came here the 
second disappointment there was evidenced 
finally who is the side of god and 
who is not on God's side 
so while you study this 
you are going to have an experience 
is not this just a thing of 
understand here to grasp do not think that 
I only believe 
they have to memorize data and events 
for me I always liked history 
that's why I liked understanding that story 
I always had a problem with numbers 
but with these studies I started 
including reminding me of dates and before 
this was always very difficult for me 
all this caused something in my life when 
I started studying is automatically 
without realizing my life changed 
I did not feel like doing things that I 
before I did I started to treat myself 
friends that before 
of my 
wishes ideas of the time that I used 
in vain things over time that 
automatically what happens if your 
focuses on the things of Christ you 
interest departs from things that do not 
They are from Christ 
this is what happens here all that 
we have put the board that we have 
filled yesterday 
these diagrams you can not learn from a 
moment to the other 
and the flavor of the afternoon is not enough 
once a week to understand that 
and you're going to need 100 years to 
understand it even 
if you think that this we are 
listening here has true west 
automatically you will want to understand the 
true but to want to understand the 
you really need 
need to give time to God because he 
He is the one who teaches you and if you give them away 
god time you'll realize that not 
you have time to give him then 
You have to make decisions where he got 
ok time I will stop playing soccer 
Every day I'm not starting a 
little do more this I will work less 
I will change my work I will study 
I do not know every life is different 
in my case I worked independently 
work for advertising myself 
I just received more I did not refuse 
do not accept a lot of work so you have 
more time 
less work less money but I was 
good for me though 
so I had more time for the god and 
later I moved to another country to 
losing customers sounds a little 
nowadays it is not true because the 
process of the reverse 10 1 wants to receive 
it's more money to expand your xperia your 
portfolio expose their work to have more 
influence one day has a company 
employee not at that time when I 
I understood that I wanted to go back with my 
work lose clients less work 
less income is what I did and from 
germany I moved to Spain and Spain 
I moved to the last corner of Europe 
Portugal is where nothing happens 
and there I lost many clients some 
good customers called me still I 
they sent email had a little work 
and finally she says on Saturday to 
South America is basically for all 
clients that I have had 
and that's what the world does not want but 
that was the plan and it worked in my life and 
at that time my god gave me a job 
for his flock 
I was receiving another job at that time 
God took care of what I had to 
do with my time not everyone has to 
work that way but that's a 
example to see it and the truth today 
in day I have fewer worries what 
refers to finance tax money 
things that I have had 
because if you enter the system of 
world then you are you have to give 
to the world what corresponds to the world and 
is a system that gets you tangled up and that 
It makes you dependent and it is very difficult 
get out of that system but while 
when you put your foot inside 
it takes you inside this whirlpool and it's 
difficult to leave but if you leave the 
God system 
he takes care is a is a system where 
your mind has peace 
a bit abstract all but that what 
I wanted to make clear also study those 
things takes you an experience with 
Christ leads you to change your life 
it is automatically a parallel process 
no longer feel like things the 
little by little you go away is a 
process because the celestial things that 
they fill your mind 
they push the other things out 
and you feel that there is something that no longer 
fit that has no place in your life 
which is a strange object 
music there is Christian music and there's 
Christian music 
many times we listen to music 
that has a battery that has a little 
electronic in many of us not 
they hear that they do not see it wrong with time 
my ears began to hear their things 
and I'm offended and they do not sound like it's not from God 
and that is going to happen with everyone who starts 
to follow Christ in his process 
they are fine things that they can adjust 
in your perception in your heart with the 
we need time but while 
our mind is left 
focused and concerned with the things of 
God as the hand said the other day frame 
how can we get the sin out of our 
giving christ 
sounds very abstract sounds simple but 
that's an example here that's the work of 
is what Christ does is what they 
teach if your mind 
in those things 
and it takes place in those things and it takes 
space and time with those things the 
other things are going to be left out little by little 
it is already a process that he does if you 
they are interested in their things 
Yes now 
I want to do another and I want to make a 
jump and let's take here 
the blackboard here in my brother started 
that's the story of Moses the line of 
reform of bassinet we have studied that 
week here there are many steps and I want 
highlight some steps the time of the end 
when the first angelic message arrives 
still human beings do not 
but through a process 
he teaches his people or rather he teaches 
to a group or a person who is the 
message for that generation 
but a story comes up when 
receives power and the people of God- 
understands that it is that 
then a time passes and the second 
angelic message comes to the story 
also this message that receives power 
and then the third message comes to the 
story and the third message is 
why we have here a door that 
is closing 
in the third step , the 
here in the flowers of moses the door 
it closed for the world 
for god and for the Egyptians he locked himself 
those who were the ones directed 
former presidents those who were the seed 
of the woman they want the town of 
God could leave Egypt and receive a 
New Earth 
in the history of Christ the same thing comes 
a first message comes the time of 
the prophecy is fulfilled the prophecy is 
he met here also and the message receives 
always receives power 
by a celestial being that descends 
besides girls we only 
we are reducing some lines 
main to explain that concept 
God then works in his village with 
the first message the first message 
place the foundation the foundation here 
moses will be the foundation on Saturday 
the time of Christ was the 
the second message arrives with the people 
is ready when it was decided that I 
I'm going to listen to Juan's message 
if you are going to listen it is a message from 
god I go there I listen 
it does not matter what the Pharisees say that is 
of God 
it seems interesting to me it seems logical 
I want to hear what it says 
is the first step many in this step already 
they close and they say no, I do not know who is 
that who speaks there 
you know him I do not know who is that 
it's what you say you've heard that number 
I did not hear I've never read that 
the church says 
that you do not have to form separate groups 
outside the church we will not go there 
many in this first step and it does 
science in your heart and do not want 
listen to what's coming 
the first step seems easy but for 
many there is already finished and if you do not 
you receive the second message 
who did not hear Juan's message 
I was going to receive the message of Christ 
so simple is the thing because Juan 
prepared the road was well designed by 
god so was the idea john one of his by 
one of them prepared the way opened 
and then it will be easier to accept 
that's then the second step here in 
that story 
for those who accepted the 1st 
and also here god shows that he is 
in that movement through clamoring 
midnight through the plagues that 
always shown is the second step and 
the Jews who brought Christ in the 
cross in the already closed ports for 
well judas it is not true that until the 
moment of being able to repent says elena 
and remember that 
when judas closed the door to himself 
the sale was a not true process but 
at the time of the holy dinner 
when Christ one last time offers 
the possibility of repentance and he 
turns around and marches out there 6-0 the 
door for him 
it was hours before the cross and when 
cristóbal the cross he had already hung 
in a tree with certain 
ok now let's put the line of the 
we are advancing a little what gabriel 
It's gonna present 
but talking about the time we have 
we have decided that I continue with the 
line in the mileuristas 
and tomorrow is going to be the line of 
us today 
in the line of the miners we 
we have seen some things 
and let's see if together maybe we can 
fill that scheme up a bit here 
remember when it was the time of the end 
for the miners 
someone remembers 
we have not said everything here of salt and here 
many things we have not spoken yet 
some things just in case I ask them 
no that's here at the end 
the time of the end for them was 1700 
the bible calls this the time of the end 
look at daniel 11 verse 40 a 
example it seems the life of the flame so 
daniel's books chapter 11 
verse 40 
40 but at the end of time and that 
expression after time you can 
resolutely as the time of the end or 
at the end of time 
the king of the south that we can not now 
explain well who is who was but is 
well we can explain it but not 
we can defend for lack of time the 
king of south was france right now 
will contend with the north network the 
relay north here that papacy in time 
France fought against the papacy is only 
this is what happened my service 98 
what happened 1792 
Yesterday someone put the wound on 
what happened 
exactly the papacy 
in the medieval age it proved that it was not 
only one church but it was a 
worldly power a power among 
other powers the father was a king and he 
I wanted to be the king of all kings 
interests and political interests 
of dad 
at that time he was pope the sixth 
clashed with the interests of the king of 
France who was Napoleon 
and with time Napoleon I got the 
it bothered a lot of those political advances 
of dad and he sent his general general from 
to occupy the Vatican and take it from 
to place the ball a city in 
the south facing a jail where he died 
and they conquered the Vatican 
because the Vatican disappeared for a 
time because he was conquered by the 
and there was no dad 
the catholic church after a year 
place a dad but he is I believe in milan or 
is here out there lasts good time until 
that the Vatican recovers them 
the normality of the operations in 
his church 
that happens here 
and that is was prophesied 
as here and here the prophecy is fulfilled 
of the life of Christ is fulfilled here the 
prophecy of the end of captivity 
here the prophecy of the thousand was fulfilled 
260 years 
papal supremacy on earth 
these things I did not explain with much 
time why because there is so much material 
about it 
this is you are this can you read in the 
conflict the nabai centuries explains it 
to other books about it there are many 
completed prophecies of prophecies about 
here is that date also in 
apocalypse 12-6 is talked about 
1260 years 
and here it is 
also the date 1798 the dad taken to 
this is the beginning of that line 
here is also that papacy when it takes 
the power or the power in the clothes and that 
be the end of his power 
here also has it more good diagram 
that that 's something I think it's going to be 
easy to find more information if not 
they already know 
well this starts the store 
miner how old were we 
look we said 
Napoleon Napoleon was already a young man of 16 
years and he is 16 years old here 
imagine yourself like him 
a skinny young man I imagine and I'm going 
there he was and what they say about him aguilar 
I liked reading 
he was poor a poor family and not 
they could buy books then he 
he lent books he made friends with 
people with more money in their town they 
Book lent him books he recorded 
I liked reading 
I wanted to know things 
he is 16 years old and in this year also 
they give him his first match 
for what is the agreement we have said 
to study the Bible correctly 
the concordances that are incorporated 
in our phones they make it easy 
but also in books that are only 
concordance without anything else very well 
we do not know that this was the concordance 
which then will be and will be so 
important in your life 
but here we have this as a 
information now elena white in 
early writings describes that god 
farmer to prepare him and 
through the continuous visit of angels 
work in the mind of William Miller 
this is the process that in all 
stories we have seen here god prepares 
a man 
through an increase of knowledge 
guillermo miller is from that man the 
chosen for that generation that was 
I was preparing to prepare it as it was to prepare 
a miliary dilemma 
there is a god's point of view and a point 
of sight of human being 
of the human being william miller made a 
mistake and he made a decision where he came in 
in the group of the lists 
which are lists 
are people is a conviction that believes 
that there is a supreme being 
here sometimes I like to give an example 
it's not so good but it works because 
many of us have seen the movie the 
matrix some of the films of 
matrix and remember that in that movie 
I think he is in search of a being 
supreme remember that at some point 
He is found by a man with a white beard 
dressed in white with a white room and 
what is that man called 
the great architect 
the one who built the good matrix this is 
same because the lists believe that there is a 
god that is there that has created a 
and it's called the great architect or it's called 
God calls you mahoma or as you want 
but we do not have any 
relationship with him as well as that movie 
I do not know anything to do with the earth 
earth works he has left the 
abandoned and god is here and we 
we're here 
that's tourism and why get to that 
conclusion because the lists believe 
and that book has many faults 
there are so many mistakes here that it can not 
be god 
there are so many mistakes in each script 
sacred that the world thinks it is 
it pleases that god simply did not show 
is not shown on earth there is so much 
shame and so much 
so many problems that it is evident that 
god is not that are the conclusions of 
and Guillermo Vilas becomes one of 
view by 
then he comes out of that movement 
and it is converted to Baptist 
a Protestant he is Baptist 
and what happens then your friends comes 
and Guillermo says what's wrong with you 
if you know well that the bible is 
full of mistakes now you become the 
Christian is half funny but to see 
how do you explain to me now your faith then 
william miller 
for him this was a challenge 
and he started the son if the bible is of 
God, I'm going to prove to you that each of 
his accusations are false and that everything 
that the bible says is correct and 
he began to study life from scratch 
the first verse until the last 
verse and he started studying the 
bible with that methodology that already 
we said if he did not understand something 
I was looking for a Bible how can you 
explain this 
If I do not know what the lion is, then he looked for 
other books that is the lion and can 
draw the conclusions 
and so it was moving from mobile 
and in that process he first discovered the 
prophecy of 2,520 in him 
Moses later discovers the 2,300 years 
that both prophecies ended in 1943 
as you thought first and that's how your 
and finally that happened in the years when 
years later it happened that we have already said 
in those years he says he retired in his 
and x I did not do anything else that studies the 
and from time to time I bought a newspaper 
to be a little aware of what 
I was in the world 
that's the increase of knowledge in the 
William's life my side 
but what happens here 
what's going on in these stories, God is not 
It will always give you more knowledge and more 
knowledge plus knowledge of a 
exclusive person that person in some 
moment has to take the 
and here gabriela written form 
formalization the message that moses 
learned finally is reduced even to 
a mission 
is formalized 
that message that Juan received receives a 
is formulated 
here in the life of christ is not true 
maybe the verb is the what 
is the essence he is all that with the 
Baptist had learned he had prepared 
is the verb now 
there they have it visible in the form in a 
human being a human being who was going to put 
all in practice what he had 
since after showing with his life with 
your words and so on that also happens 
in life and milan 
in the year 
the formalization of the message 
the thousand 733 condition that happened in that year 
one thing you have to know here william 
miller study at home 
and he never wanted to speak to the public 
I never imagined being here ahead 
to talk to people I do not want I do not like 
do not think I like to do that no 
I like it now I like the 7 
perspective because I understand that it is a 
now do that and it 's an honor if I know 
employs that way that way but 
I would like to stay in my room 
work things over there be at home 
quiet in those verses of being human 
so we also want to look 
I did not want to be three people but he 
he understood and I worked years in his 
mind in your heart 
you have to talk this to the others not 
You can have your only consciousness in 
your heart has 
the world 
He speaks that way 
and he promised one day to god that he was going to 
speak to the world 
on the next day what happens 
you have to knock the door was next 
day right now I do not remember 
a child that was his 
the whole power neighbor says william 
my dad sends me in our church the 
next Sunday there is no pastor you can 
speak you 
says he closes the door has left with 
God and the child was there was not understood 
what happened and he went into the room and scolded 
something god no but that was not what I 
I was saying 
because now he knows that I do not like 
talk to people but god work with 
he and then I think several hours 
Guillermo will return it to the people 
child was sitting patiently outside 
and that is right I will speak 
in the year 1833 
of the Church the credentials for 
speak officially as well as a factor 
and in the same year God produces a 
miracle in the heavens that happened in 
November 1933 
the fall of the stars 
this was to confirm 
in this event 
remember that Christ predicts that in 
matteo 24 
the heavens will be moved 
in November of 1603 in the same year that 
thousands receives the credentials and goes 
the public with his message falls into 
stars and that was not a star that 
it fell is not true they were not ten stars 
that fell 
the fall of the stars you can 
find in dictionaries is a 
historical event that can not be 
explain scientifically 
all night especially in the north 
the united states and canada that day the 
fall as a shower of stars in the 
night all night they fell and fell ica 
miguel falling rain rain rain 
stars was for hours and there are so many 
witnesses in time that no 
Many people have seen it thousands of 
people have seen it 
at that time it was not possible to put it 
in video or in photography was not possible 
that's why there's no 
I did not know the state where it mostly 
send this was black in usa 
in the north and they have the plate 
of the cars in usa every state has 
a plate with a specific symbol 
of the state 
arkansas is a diamond in california 
I do not know what is going 
after another one in Atlanta I do not know how 
llama is states are 
they are a fruit 
it's like something like a 
that is, each state has its symbol and 
Colorado has the crashing 
I did not know that's a historical fact 
there are many witnesses who have written 
about it is not explained because it is not the 
moment when normally the 
there are times in the year where we know that 
you can see many stars that 
they fall but here they just fell 
inexplicably the stars 
I confirm you 
the election of his servant 
I confirm the formalization of the message 
formalization of the message was that miller 
took the message to the world 
and they are ending 
prophecies and the 2300 
and 2500 and 20 years 
in the year 1843 Christ was going to come 
it was fulfilled danielle 814 that was the 
message for that generation and that was 
that love explained to me with the bible 
with the prophecies with text and text and 
that convinced that good generation 
now what is the next step here 
first message strengthened first 
strengthened message how the 
first message in the generation and the 
very special in this story 
what represented me was what 
the girl fiorella showed us the other day 
the beginning day 
miller use at that price he does not 
I use it to that principle until the last 
until the last consequence this 
principle said that Christ had to 
come here 
but these while you feel 13 ways 
here I had 
That's why the beginning 
but that principle is a principle is 
a theory 
now goodbye 
to fame it was not red that alabama 
that principle God had to confirm 
had to strengthen the message of the 
coming of Christ 
the first message here 
more receive 
that story is very special to see if 
we have 
they can warm up to see him 
I think we have placed the text there 
look at this diagram we have something in 
those diagrams here on the right side 
in this diagram of 1842 
in that big diagram that is a bit more 
new 1850 
something that we have here on the side 
what are these 
horses is not true horses with 
riders and that says here 
Ottoman supremacy 
or mental 
here also magnetism here also 
these figures are a symbol of 
Revelation Chapter 9 
Before reading the text I invite you to 
they open their bibles in apocalypse 9 
miller had study prophecy 
and now many people with him started 
to study prophecy 
Look rediscovered a text other 
they found other texts and one of those 
men was leeds beans 
that in 1838 
and will discover something 
he will discover the meaning of 
apocalypse 9 
read with me apocalypse 9 verse 15 
and the four angels were unleashed 
that were prepared for the day time 
month and year and end in order to kill the 
third of men and the number 
of the armies 
of the riders was 200 million and today is 
a number and blessing the horses already 
his riders 
which had coats of fire of 
sapphire and there was sulfur and the heads of 
the horses were like lion heads 
and out of his mouth came fire, smoke and brimstone 
Well look here is the horse 
this is what Juan 
possibly seen in vision 
a horse and on that horse a rider 
who used a firearm 
and while shooting it looks like it comes out 
fire from the horse's mouth because it's 
before it was never used 
the Muslims were one of the first 
in history they used weapons of 
fire in your army 
he was one of the first in history and 
that was one of the 
of their advantages because they 
they conquered large parts of the world 
why use our weapons ok 
and this is what he saw but here 
we have a prophecy that seems very 
I miss how many days they are going to do 
what it says here 
from the 15th century and the 
four angels who were prepared 
for how much 
one hour 
the beginning to understand prophecy of 
time was the beginning day by year 
so we need to see 
how many days are those to get a 
conclusion how many years the bible 
present here 
we started down the easiest one year 
when the days have 
in the Hebrew calendar we have to 
always count 360 
then a month when the days have 
30 in the Hebrew calendar has 30 
one day has how many days 
one day is a 
one hour when the days have 
one hour is the 20th and a quarter of a 
but one day is a year then you have 
what to do 
for 24 
this prophecy teaches us 
that those angels will be unleashed 
30 are 390 1 391 year 
have never heard this prophecy 
it is a prophecy that the minerists to 
discovered and defended and the 
nabai talks about it let's see this to 
see where we are 
I'm going to look here where we have that 
text in the presentation 
they have to go later after 
the mining store in that chapter 
and the chapter that is called 
the events do not 
the events of the mining history 
before that 
now if the following text 
the year 1640 this is about conflicts the 
centuries page 
page 382 
with fitur the centuries page 382 
we let the spirit of prophecy speak 
in 1840 another remarkable fulfillment of the 
prophecy and aroused general interest 
two years before here we have put one thousand 838 
two years before Josh Lidge one of the 
leading ministers who preached in 
the second advent published a 
explanation of the ninth chapter of the 
apocalypse we have read chapter 9 of 
that predicted the fall of the empire 
Ottoman because that was the conclusion 
milk beans understood that in that 
chapter predicted the fall of 
Ottoman Empire that was the empire 
what would be the period taking today 
this country turkey 
I do not know very far from here 
the Turks a country today before was 
in the center of the Ottoman Empire the 
Ottoman Empire was a caliphate 
with a sultan on his head was a 
Muslim empire 
you have heard of the movement and 
sure you have heard what that is called and 
if it's called 
no Islamic state have not heard of 
that because of the attacks on Syrian jensen 
radical groups attacks in france 
in Paris another day the group is coming 
of the Islamic state 
they want again to make an empire 
they want again to build a 
Islamic state the Ottoman Empire was 
before an Islamic state and ruled 
Turkey across northern Africa which 
today is Egyptian or Libyan 
Morocco etcetera governed Spain 
it governed totally portugal and on the other 
side governed what was once the 
oriental ruled bulgaria hungary 
in Eastern Europe that is to say it was an empire 
great and here comes a man and says 
that empire is going to fall in two years 
very funny was that at that time 
amazing what that man dared 
say two years before beans read one of 
the main ministers who preached 
the second advent published a 
explanation of the ninth chapter of the 
apocalypse that predicted the fall of 
Ottoman Empire according to its calculations this 
power would be brought down in the year 1840 
of Jesus Christ 
during the month of August 
and a few days before its fulfillment 
he described admitting that the first 
150 year period fulfilled 
exactly before you kick in 
ascend the throne with permission of the 
Turks and that the 390 one year and 15 days 
they will start at the end of the first 
period will end on August 11 , 
1840 day when it can be anticipated that the 
Ottoman power in Constantinople will be 
broken and this is what I think is going 
to be confirmed 
what Joshua Lidge was saying 
while he says 
Shulman the Ottoman Empire is going to fall 
now we do not have time to explain the 
logic here 
Bible of 
a Muslim is a separate issue but he 
understood that 
he understood this prophecy 
I know it's a bit unpleasant if one 
it leaves you half 
but when one studies prophecy 
what I have to do all the time 
I have to open a new door 
I have to open the door on the subject 
of the Muslims if you have not 
entered through that door 
I have to leave there another day I'm going to 
come back if god wants and we're going to go 
there and we are going to study that I have to 
open the doors of the sanctuary theme 
maybe you already know more about it 
then it 's fine 
there is another issue that I have I am opening 
opening many doors here so is a 
little unpleasant sometimes but one can 
handle it while understanding that 
beginning the prophecy of extension 
there is usually one year and fifteen days 
simply explained 
and 499 
in that day 
to things 
rises to the throne in Constantinople by the 
permission of the Turks the Ottomans 
390 one year and 15 days later 
street exactly on August 11 
140 this is the date that we are 
speaking here 
and that date was predicted that they have to 
understand this man leeds beans one of 
the preachers milanistas based on 
a logic extremely completely 
independent of extra biblical sources 
with the beginning of the day per year 
speaks a prophecy to the world and says in 
two years the Ottoman empire cowboys what 
they are going to see 
it's as if I was saying today in 
day to you brothers I am going to tell you 
something 2017 the state of canada is going to 
you are going to say that inducements of 
man and canada 2000 no 
first of April I'm going to tell you the 
first of august 2017 canada is going to 
but what if the first of August 
2017 Canada bankrupt as state that 
think of me 
it is not true 
where does he know this 
Well yes that's what happened in that 
movement the world was making fun of Josiah 
those mileuristas and perhaps of policy 
now they say the Ottomans of empire 
huge we could not understand this if not 
we have studied those stories a 
and not just for a few years that 
power existed from 1.299 
the ruin has a lot to do with the 
ruin of the USA today 
come back that power ok 
1,299 up to 1,240 how old is that 
power was ruling in the world 
controlled the entire military sea no longer 
he controlled all that area that used to be 
the center of history 
that in middle east 
very well and now those men come 
miners and because they think they understand 
a beginning day by year they can predict 
the fall of the empire on August 11 
while the 40 is that and the newspapers 
they started attacking making fun 
among his men 
we read how the 
explanation of elena white 
says the yang 
on the same date 
that had been pre-specified turkey 
accept or through the ambassadors the 
protection of the allied powers of 
Europe and was thus placed under the tutelage of 
the Christian nations 
the event exactly fulfilled the 
prediction when this came to be known 
crowds were convinced that the 
principles of prophetic interpretation 
adopted by miller and his companions 
they were correct 
with what received a boost 
wonderful of the Adventist movement 
men of learning and social position 
they joined miller to disclose their 
ideas and from 1,840 to 1,854 the work is 
spread quickly 
the first angelic message had 
received power 
by fulfilling that prophecy 
what happened on August 11 
Turkey submitted to its enemies 
to the European powers 
the Christians who for centuries were their 
he submitted to them 
specifically we are talking about 
Prussia that would be Germany today from Austria 
that was once a power 
russia and england four powers 
4 is the special number in the bible 
it also means global because they are the 
four directions of the wind 
is a condition on the same day on 11 
Turkey was in a situation because 
a part of your own country of your by 
live the Egyptians rebelled against 
Turks were going to fall at the hands of 
Egyptians who were also Muslims 
and they did not have any help outside of their 
own empire despite the Europeans 
and on August 11 
Europeans present you with a text in a 
ship in the middle sea the ambassadors 
from Turkey sign these documents and they 
to Europeans 
so today 
who understands a little of what happened 
nowadays the Turks although they are 
Muslims work with Europeans 
NATO has its aircraft in Turkey 
to attack countries in arabia that's 
very weird but that is consistent with this 
many Arab countries see Turkey a bit 
say as traitors 
because they work with the infidels 
they work with the christies 
our now I believe 
and you have seen I have tried to 
feed here that line parallel to the 
lines that opens the handsome I'm not me not 
I've taken as much time as he 
defend the steps with the texts already 
but as we said we are going to 
leave and also will be in our 
website on the internet the pdf where 
are all the texts that you then 
after studying and checking those 
data that information 
very well we leave that study here manual 
and we're going to fill in what was the second 
angelic message what was this is 
Midnight love and know the 
parallels that we also know in this 
and you can see you that does not seem 
is a line of reform is a law of 
and I always work 
well we wait with a prayer 
of your beloved father 
thanks to the texts that you have left us 
we can recover and understand how 
you worked beautifully 
with the parents of our faith 
dear sir 
we continue asking for your help so that 
work those hearts and minds 
to be able to store 
I wanted to go correctly all those 
let's go back by the good circumstances 
and for those precious young people who 
are joining here 
study and listen to your word in the 
name of Christ