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dear god we really need your 
we are advancing with history but 
sir, there is still a lot of things to apply and 
understand what it will mean to us 
Please guide us and help us lord 
understand this and embrace these truths 
these events of this prophecy 
the name of jesus amen 
very well 
in the last hour then what we have 
fact was to take the established dates 
in the book extras 
and find your corresponding event in 
I eliminate them and this one thing I have to 
to make clear 
in athletics 
and nobody until today had 
discovered what 
first day of the first month corresponded 
really to April 19 in history 
in athletics nobody had given 
account that the first day of the fifth month 
corresponded exactly to the day when 
there was the clamor of a night in the blue 
emmy of sight 
that no more here we knew what 
tenth day of the seventh month corresponded 
to October 22, 1844 those things that 
I'm sharing here hard 
you are going to ask can you ask 
to a theologian or a pastor or someone who 
you know that is understood in 
Bible studies because they are very 
new are absolutely new things 
that I am opening for a group in 
those times a village group 
Adventist who is understanding those 
details but as you have seen and 
as you will see if you investigate more 
this everything is completely correct ok 
in other words this here is new light 
these are things are details that affirm 
the perfection of the state of my nose 
and they also contribute by giving us 
deeper understanding about those 
events what I want to do 
in this afternoon is to add the others 
events and then apply all 
events on the line that Gabriela had 
already placed of moses and jesus to 
that we see the correspondence of their 
events I am not moving forward 
messily but we are moving forward 
with another logic a little other logic 
because he did not post the messages here 
angelic although they are here in 
but I have not mentioned them ok but for 
that we see as the two lines 
correspond I'll do next another 
application of the events but first 
we want to know that story and what happened 
in that story 
so these seven nine is something 
absolutely new and be able to apply that 
our time and apply my book 
Horitas is amazing is amazing now 
one thing that we can not do in that 
the method as it would be the bible works 
A) Yes 
you have a symbol 
and it can be the pigeon 
I draw the pigeon a little different 
for example to dove and you want to know 
that the pigeon 
what does the pigeon mean? 
then what you do you seek with 
the help of a match 
and this today is very easy if 
you use a smartphone a 
computer and applications that have 
incorporated the concordances you 
simply place the text pigeon 
and then your application is going to give you 
every time when the the pigeon 
appears in the new ancient bible 
then what you have to do and that is 
the methodology read all the texts of 
the bible where they talk about pigeon 
and from there he draws a conclusion 
what the pigeon means 
and a Bible study works according 
how the mileuristas have worked 
like him and nabai from studied like this we should 
do the same with those dates if I 
I want to understand what the 
first day of the first month they have to 
look in the bible and times where 
appears the first and first month and are 
several times 
if you want to know the meaning 
first and fifth month open their 
lives and look where that text appears and 
all those all the times where it appears 
the first and fifth month will talk about 
that event here 
different stories but it's the same 
every time he talks about the first and 
the first month talk about this 
event always just an example les 
I want to give because that's a study that 
it would take us a few hours for 
course an example in the live in the 
same book of extras 
we open the same strass book 
chapter 10 
they have to look for the verse 
we started the first verse these 10 
while he prayed extras and made confession 
crying and prostrating in front of the 
house of god is next to him a great very 
large crowd of israel 'men 
women and children and the village cried 
then he replied neighborhoods said of him 
of his children to me and said these 
we have sinned against our 
God, we take foreign women from 
the peoples of the earth more in spite of 
this to a hope for israel 
what was the problem 
of marrying foreign women what 
It was the problem 
what margin 
her beliefs because but the woman is going 
to accept my belief or not 
remember the experience of Solomon 
how many women has he taken foreign 
and in the end they end up changing their faith 
the problem is god forbids the people 
marry a couple from another 
goddess her people has never allowed 
marry the couple of another faith 
that is a principle and now the people 
I knew this but it has been brought 
women of Babylon with different 
beliefs that carried their 
God your ideas your religions 
your idols 
then in front of that situation and the 
they see that they have a brake on their 
spiritual experience they could not 
advance they were there or in 
Jerusalem but the situation was bad 
his spiritual life was wrong god not 
I could bless and they knew well 
they were mixed and what is that this 
as we call that the mixture 
apostasy that's the mix between 
church and state 
what more example 
and of course that's that but other examples 
of mixtures or separations 
to see what I want to say is 
there are many examples 5 virgins 
5 virgins 
that is also a mixture that Christ 
I had to separate when I did it here 
the midnight cry stopped the 
truth of falsehood 
keep your finger on these and open mateo 
10 with me 
san mateo chapter 10 
this principle is found in the 
old and in the new testament by 
verse 34 
san mateo 10 34 
do not think 
who speaks here Jesus is speaking no 
think that I have come to bring peace to 
the earth 
What do you think? Christ has come 
to bring peace 
to the earth 
it seemed but that says do not think no 
think that I have come to bring peace to 
the earth 
I have not come to bring peace but 
sword what does that mean that I have 
come to bring sword 
for the sword makes the division between 
these groups that mix 
and they should not be mixed 
this is the work of the eternal gospel that 
separates the seed of the woman from the 
of the snake this here this story 
what we are looking at is the history of 
eternal gospel in action 
everything that causes crisis in that history 
leads to the separation of his pure church 
and true of the rest 
in the end that we have turned out we have not 
bound still to the end 
this is what I lower and continue 
here in verse 36 of san mateo 10 
35 because I've come to put in 
dissent to man against his father to the 
daughter against her mother and daughter-in-law against 
his mother-in-law and the enemies of man 
it will be those of your house who love father 
or mother more than me is not worthy of me 
He who loves son or daughter more than me does not 
he is worthy of me and he who does not take his cross 
and follow after me is not worthy of me 
he who finds his life will lose it and he who 
loses his life because of me the 
will find 
that does not mean that you have 
to be in enmity with their parents 
obviously not 
the fourth and the third commandment 
commands us to be in harmony there is no 
the fifth commandment manga be us 
harmony with those parents 
that is christ does not contradict what 
does this mean here is that there is a 
principle and that principle is 
and things thanks or like in me 
to see how the word 
I will be like 
and my priority to me 
and 100% orientation follows Christ 
if my parents are in harmony and with 
Perfect perfect Christ could not be but 
if my parents get in the way 
so I have to follow Christ 
it does not always mean that I'm going to try 
lack of respect to my parents none of this 
Christ does not mean this but he puts 
here a beginning 
the relationship that Christ claims is a 
pure relationship do not mix to one can not 
be with one foot a little there and another 
standing with him is one hundred percent or nothing and 
that the work that there is cause 
we go back to the book of extras and those the 
ether gospel dear brothers and you 
they gave gospel is something that over the years 
passed in our church in the 
decades we have understood a little badly wrong 
balanced for us 
the gospel 
and we put a balance here 
it is simply the cross 
the redeeming work of Christ is gospel 
he does not know he cleans us in rescues he 
intervenes for us these parts of 
gospel but it's not the whole gospel 
the other part is missing here that the bible 
I mentioned the separation of the 
truth of the lie 
that is part of the eternal gospel so what 
says the bible from the beginning so 
affirms Christ and that is what we see in 
all those stories 
chris because you could throw your cloak and 
it's all good we go all together to the 
This is not how work works 
and this here is the result of a story 
at another time maybe we could talk 
of this but in the year 1911 
to the conference 
let me check that quickly 
I'm thinking of a critical moment in 
Adventist history 
there was a conference and I remember well 
and he in water no longer lived was just 
after your 
your death 
and in this conference a man spoke 
and that man was called prescott 
and now I have it here is already my 
cool was he 
It has several functions of anger like 
vice president of the church for a 
he and the one in charge of 
work of friendship 
church education 
in 1919 
there was a conference 
in this conference this prescott man 
is the max the only speaker actually 
and what he does 
he presents a new theology 
this new theology then summarized in 
a book that was called 
the doctrine of Christ 
sounds good 
what he presents is a doctrine or a 
Christ theology centers and data 
what does that mean 
in everything that we have Christ is the center 
Christocentric is the Christocentrism is 
a Christocentric theology 
that yes we say it so it does not sound bad 
because those who establish trolls and grass 
It is Christ who is descent of each 
prophecy is Christ but he wants 
say it's a little different 
which means that basically what 
only we need to understand the work 
of Christ his redeeming work 
what happens with that book is theology 
is that since then 
the church makes a division between 
what we call gospel today 
before we always understood what own and 
gospel is totally united that's the 
gospel that I have presented to you that 
it is prophecy at the same time it is 
interconnected but what he does is 
a separation and says we do not need 
so much prophecy do we need gospel 
that is Christocentrism for him means 
we talk about Christ no more we do not talk about 
a little hard the trial we do not have to 
intimidating people we will not talk 
of the trial we are not going to talk so much about 
ugly who come before us do not 
We are going to put a lot of emphasis on 
times of persecution in the 
tribulation in the 
in the trial we are going to talk about Christ 
christ saves us christ is good christ 
is love christ is love and if you do not 
you know still christ is love and it's love 
ok ss is that new trilogy and what 
does the balance is no longer 
balanced the gospel has love 
of Christ can not be left out 
obviously but take it out one goes for a 
side and that's what happens in that we're 
nowadays that's why the lesson always 
we speak of Christ in the preaching 
knows love and christ and nobody already wants 
talk about the final events of the 
serious things that are about to happen 
our spiritual condition as a people 
of god of the name judgment we're going 
to lose if not us if we do not make a big 
change of the militant church of the 
triumphant church that's things that 
we are hiding yes yes yes brothers 
that's also why the form is not part of 
of the gospel and that comes from this 
it's a little book that I've done a lot 
a lot of damage but that book was then 
taken to educational institutions 
of our church and the futures 
pastors learned those theologies and 
that's why today we have the same 
theology throughout the Adventist world 
I just wanted 
make a parenthesis here to what 
we found in the book of extras 
then we go back to extras 
chapter 10 
verse 3 of chapter 3 
Now let's make a pact with our 
our god that we will fire everyone 
women and those born of them according to 
the advice of my lord and those who 
they fear the commandment of our god and 
be done according to the law 
get up because this is your 
obligation and we will be with you 
strive and by manu to the work then 
rose strass and oath to the 
princes of the priests and of the 
Levites and all Israel that would do 
according to this and they swore 
then they were going to separate 
of light and they will let it enter the 
and purify the village clean the people 
we advance a little bit more here because 
now it's going to be interesting when they 
they think about doing this 
verse 16 
So did the children of captivity and 
they were separated from priests back and 
certain male heads of parental houses 
according to their paternal homes all of them by 
their names were seated the first day 
of the tenth month to inquire about the 
then the first day of the tenth month 
they come together to decide now 
when are you going to do this 
verse 17 
and they finished the trial of all those 
that they had taken women 
foreign when the first day of the month 
there they start and it takes two months 
of the first month they do in that 
when was that 
at the departure of Babylon d in the 
relationship in the departure of Babylon the 
people do that 
on the first day of the first month the 
village comes out the Babylon bowl that does 
is separated from Babylon now after 
they have realized that they have actually 
born people of Babylon has 
mixed with them and again they repeat 
the first and the first month the separation 
of Babylon the first and the first month 
is a symbol of that separation of 
and that I said they take all the 
places of the bible and they will find 
simply facts that support 
exactly this event 
because we talked about this 
because I said what really 
we would need to do 
take those dates take those dates and 
check and look in the bible that we 
tell life about your dates because 
there is more information to find just 
we are skimming the surface of those 
truths here 
but you have to start somewhere 
moment is not true can not be done 
all at the same time and here we give a 
I'm already glad for the interest of 
then we get here 
to the next event we have still taken 
simply three events of history 
of strass 
the tenth day of the seventh month 
the third decree 
it becomes 
and one of the things we've seen them 
on that day they must first place 
judges on his people 
because the Jews wore Christ 
they could not take him to death 
the Jews at the time of Jesus were 
submitted to rome 
and the empire the power 
that governs one thing is never going to let 
the subjugate do by himself is to speak 
because that 's one thing 
the ruler will always have to 
have in your hands 
so that's why the Jews have to 
bring christ to Pilato had nothing to 
see with that but that was the situation 
when then shortcuts allows the 
people have their judges again that 
it means that they are independent 
really and again they are established 
as a people 
ok that happens on that day 
now another text to stimulate the 
seventh month we open our Bibles in 
the bético 
chapter 16 
the magnitude of the meaning of this 
event we can not 
we can not explain in these hours here 
that's actually it would be a seminar 
apart as many of our themes 
here but we want to leave the information 
basic says well 
leviticus 16 29 and this you will have for 
perpetual statute in the seventh month to 
the ten days of the month afflict 'aces' 
your in addition without any work you will do 
neither the native nor the foreigner who dwells 
among you because on that day it will be 
atonement for you and you will be clean 
of all your sins in front of 
jehovah ten of rest is for you 
and to afflict e willingly I also hope 
is your perpetual for the atonement the 
priest who were anointed and consecrated 
for that priest instead of his father 
and will dress in linen garments 
the sacred vestments and will do the 
expiation for the holy sanctuary and the 
meeting tabernacle will also 
atonement for the altar and for the 
priests and for 
the people of consecration and that 
You will have how your perpetual status is 
to make explosion once a year by 
all the sins of the isde israel and 
Moses did it as Jehovah sent him 
then on this date of the tenth day 
the seventh month concludes the century of 
the forgiveness of sins 
It is completed and ends the purified 
temple is purified from the village it 
purify the priests of course that was a 
but that tells us what happens in that 
day we now want to understand what 
It happened on 22 October 22 
October 44 fell exactly in the 
distribute the seventh month 
then the miners 
at the beginning we are still with the most 
advanced they had understood the stretch 
it was the last light and with that light they 
they arrive on that day 
but that light simply told them that 
the expected event 
the end of the 
2300 days 
and incidentally one thing that we have not touched 
until now and we do not have time in this 
seminar to do it is that not that not 
it was the only prophecy 
if there was not a second prophecy of 2500 
and 20 years that ended like here 
notice what the first one says above 
prophecy 2,520 below 2,300 years are 
2 prophecies that two thousand wounds have 
had in their hands and have defended and 
have believed that those two prophecies 
they end both on that day 
had time and I do not think we have 
time at the seminar to explain the self 
but they have to listen to it at least 
then they waited and that was what 
last we had understood that 
these prophetic dates 
they ended here 
that was right was not right 
that was perfectly correct 
nevertheless they loaded in their 
conviction an error because they 
they thought that this does not mean that 
Christ has to come here 
that was the date of the slope for the 
interpretation of the event was not the 
that they had not yet understood had 
still a great test before himself not 
they knew they did not know 
he who accepted the light of the cry of 
the one who walked in essalud was going to be 
prepared for that test here 
the light of clamor and midnight as we have 
seen in the vision of elena white 
ensured the arrival of the town to 
with that light they were fortified and 
we can say celia 
with that light they walked and those who 
they had that light in their lives they did not 
were going to fail this test the test is 
of October 22 a repeat of the 
April 19 test 
what happened is that nothing happened 
I Christ did not come the second time 
miners had put all their 
confidence in a date proclaiming to 
world selling their homes their land 
not buying more food leaving your 
I work to give everything everything they had 
to the appropriation of this message 
and there were people who sat in the 
roof of their homes wanting to wait for 
coming of Christ 
then does this mean here a moment 
significant deep and extreme in the 
experience of the mineworkers because 
when nothing happened 
a second time now if they were 
really eaten 
that's the second I disappoint the great disappointment 
occurs at that time because the 
eyes did not see what happened at this time 
your expectation I do not know was not answered 
Christ did not come 
it was a day like anything nothing happened 
and then we had a group here 
is the remnant that in this case was the 
group of only 50 people 
50 persons 
very very little seems here in the 
movement I believe that in its maxims 
moments of maximum reach were almost 
about 250 thousand people and a fourth 
million people so that time 
it was much more than for today 
the cities were everything much more less 
great that today there is a group 
of 50 people that despite this 
second tremendous disappointment they keep their 
conviction and their trust and they say 
we do not know what happened - now we know what 
He passed 
we are without words we are 
disappointed but we still believe that 
the bible is right 
and that God has guided us to this point and 
there has to be some explanation 
but we do not know what it is 
they have lived an experience 
here they have gone through different 
experiences have seen things happen 
they have made of them 
a group of people completely 
convinced in the prophetic words 
and now this did not come true 
they waited but that did not let break and 
destroy your trust goodbye 
same william miller 
that later I had problems accepting 
the truths reference to it 
I kept wanting all this was 
I did not know how to explain what happened but 
he did not say his faith 
the next day 
the 23rd 
the group completely stuck 
and in some way, like the 
separated disciples ones here and others 
there was 
having an extraordinary experience 
a man 
of this movement called poetry 
he walks with some companions for the 
but more salt while crossing from 
Marshall in the middle more to him he has a 
view others do not do not see what looks like 
as Daniel with his companions 
he only hears a thunder but the 
Daniel the only one of the vision he sees the 
vision and what he sees is that the sky 
opens and babies holy place place 
holy of him in heaven 
he understands that everything they 
they thought that it had to happen in the 
earth actually the condition in the 
everything they had understood was 
perfectly correct except that no 
it took place on earth but in 
heaven yes christ entered the place 
most holy on that day if he made the 
purification of his temple he decided if he 
began the trial a trial on that day 
but all that took place in heaven 
now from this moment dear ones 
friends our church has a faith and 
a conviction that nobody in the world 
Christian shares with us 
we are the only ones who believe that 
there is a heavenly sanctuary and Hebrews what 
it says so but we are the only ones 
We are not the only ones who believe that here 
Something happened in heaven 
the world does not believe it for the world is 
ridicule that idea to them to look for a 
excuse nothing happened on earth all 
they say that everything happens in heaven 
it's a shame if someone makes fun of it 
but that was the reality 
very well 
now I want to read a text of you 
elena to explain what happened on that day 
first writings repeat the 10 
on page 54 
and 55 
it's called the end of 2300 days 
I'm going to read that text if someone has the 
book by hand 
page 55 
first writings 
that has the elena white 55 application 
it's not much is a short story 
I saw the father rise from the throne and in a 
call cart entered the place 
so what d' elia 
here there is holy place 
and here is the most holy place 
with double s 
Monday 12 
and the father to the father claim was thundered 
and never where does it call center in the place 
holy to the inside revealed and sat down 
elements of what to take from here 
then jesus rose from the throne and the 
Most of those who were prostrate were 
raised with him 
before the spike there was a group 
here of people in front of the throne 
then Jesus also goes here 
and of these the majority also goes to 
Holy place 
men and women 
I did not see a single ray of light go by Jesus 
to the indifferent crowd after him 
he got up and that crowd 
it was left in perfect darkness 
then now here 
a crowd that does not get up and it 
it is there 
only a few have come here 
and Christ emits light to them but here 
no ray arrives 
that crowd was left in perfect 
those who got up when he got up 
Jesus had his eyes fixed on him 
while he was moving away from the throne and 
he was driving a stretch then he raised his 
right arm and we saw his voice beautiful voice 
say wait here I go to my father to 
receive the kingdom keep your 
immaculate vestments if soon 
I will return from the wedding and I will welcome you to me 
after that a cloud chariot whose 
wheels were like flames of fire came 
surrounded by angels where Jesus was 
he entered the car and was taken to 
holy place where the father was 
sitting then he explains exactly 
what happens here 
in one was in a car with flame this 
fire he goes to the most holy place where 
there was the father because because the tenth 
on October 22 or we can say the 
tenth day of the seventh month to conditions 
Christ is going to stop because he now has a 
special function to do there in the 
Holy place 
is not 
he entered the car and was taken to 
holy place where the father was 
sitting there I contemplated jesus the great 
high priest standing on the TV for 
see in the border of his vestment there was a 
bell and a grenade then another bell 
and another grenade those who rose up with 
Jesus and they gave their faith to him in the 
Holy place and they prayed my father 
give us your spirit then Jesus will blow 
over them the holy spirit in that 
breath there was light power and a lot of love 
joy and peace then that little group here 
receives the holy spirit 
and now here of the others 
who were those here 
those who 
of the miners understood 
and on October 22 they did not fall by the 
disappointment if they kept their faith and 
they were that way together with christ to 
Holy place and the honest ones want 
Holy Spirit 
but the others that at this moment 
separated completely and definitely 
This movement disappointment 
the mockery they received for shame 
they were in perfect darkness 
and that was a big crowd says lina 
and notice how terrible she sees now 
I turned around to look at the company that 
he was prostrate before the throne what 
do they here 
What are they doing 
they adore who 
good to christ thinks is not true to 
God thinks we have a group here 
who still direct their prayers to 
Holy place 
that means all 
Christians in the world that do not 
they understood that Christ went to the place 
most holy on that day they are doing this 
here still 
I turned around to look at the company that 
He continued prostrating before the throne and not 
he knew that jesus had left him satan 
it seemed to be next to the throne 
what is that 
up to the throne of God 
and now it seems that here is satan 
it seems that is not on the throne 
but it seems 
satan seemed to be next to the throne 
to try to carry out the work of 
he says look how interesting here now 
I have a crowd of people who pray 
but I no longer answer it 
then who can answer those 
here I am said 
I saw the company raise their eyes towards 
the throne and see the father give us your 
satan was blowing 
then over it an unholy influence 
there was light and a lot of power 
but nothing sweet love joy or peace the 
satan's object was to keep it 
tricked to drag her back and 
seduce the children of god 
this is a judgment this is not a trial 
loved at that time 
the town receives its judges the tenth 
day in the seventh month 
I was a miner 
the trial came 
Protestant churches 
that was in God's people - until that 
but they stopped being for God's and 
here they are called 
the apostate Protestantism 
that has its function in prophecy 
and because they are apostates because they did not want 
follow neither to God nor has he said to the place 
the god and took care 
and they are successful 
they grow they have a blessing if 
it seems that yes but it only seems that 
yes because we understand that that 
he gives those things like elena white 
He says 
or that there is someone who answers their 
there are results there is growth there 
tremendous churches there is money there 
donations cars campaigns wine 
some buildings 
and the other one is like that 
on October 22 for the protector himself 
his trial came and stopped being the town 
of God but the Lord knew how to work with 
and convince and have at your side a 
remnant and that remnant between them 
They were 
It was a white elena was in white and 
we can not names anymore but there is a 
small group here that now will continue the 
work and will start with what today in 
day is the artist church seventh day 
very well then we make a break 
then we will continue to relate those 
events there is more to add 
and we finish with a prayer 
our father who dwells in the heavens 
see my is always fascinating 
and look back 
at the beginning of the work what 
place yourself in that land in history 
of the miners a designed story 
for you 
perfectly carried out 
sir, it costs us a lot of work 
recover to understand these events but 
Sir, because you have patience with 
us and love 
we are able to at least start 
the importance of those events 
I ask once more that you bless each one 
that has an interest in the truth that you are looking for 
the truth in the name of Jesus Amen