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merciful father dear sir 
We really need a lot of your help 
it's a lot of materials are many things and 
maybe very new we need your help 
to continue studying 
we need help for you to support 
our mental capacity 
dear sir be by our side by 
please bless us in that hour and everything 
that we are here to be an hour 
after which we can thank and 
Beni true sir by the name of Jesus 
because we 
we need that date that the brothers 
what does it have to do with our study 
about the time of the investigative trial 
open with me a parable that 
find in lucas 21 
the parable of the fig tree 
lucas 21 
the verse 29 Luke 21 29 
he also told them a parable look at the 
fig tree and all the trees when 
they sprout watching you know for yourselves 
same as summer is near there 
who celebrated the bible 
the end of the world because summer is the 
end of the world 
for the harvest the summer in the 
agriculture or in the 
from Israel it 's time to harvest the 
harvest is a symbol of the trial symbol 
the fruit has to mature until that 
moment and be good 
and if it is not good, this fruit is discarded 
it burns 
when they already sprout 
again 29 I also told them a word 
look at the fig tree and all the trees 
when they already sprout watching you know then 
yourselves that summer is there 
now it is sprouting from the plant 
- here a segment 
and let's say we have here the outbreak 
of a fig tree ok good eyes if 
You read a different but same here 
it's sprouting then because it gushes 
because it springs causing the plant to 
sprout in the plant 
The rain 
which the rain causes to sprout from the 
then that is here that indicates that the 
that is starting to fall in produces 
that you and me through the early rain 
and late that street we are prepared 
for the end for the trial 
Isaiah 55 verses 10 
55 10 
because as it descends from heaven 
rain and snow and does not come back to jazz 
but it waters the earth and makes it 
germinate and produce and decide to assimilate 
what sow and bread you have to eat 
not true that's what causes the 
rain makes the plant grow 
bread food the word of god 
so that's what Jesus tells us 
every word has a meaning is not 
true verse 31 
so will you when you see that 
these things happen and he was 
talking about the weather signals of 
order when these things happen to know that 
It is close to the kingdom of God 
those signs here of falling rain 
sprout from the plant that tells us that the 
harvest is near the trial is near 
the kingdom of god is near 
and the mileuristas saw those things 
happen in their history and they put here 
the eternal kingdom of God for us 
for them, viruses would come where it counts 
three at that height they did that 
and they saw us the signs saw the 
brutal saw the rain 
and now interesting what Jesus 
continue saying true I tell you 
that this generation will not pass until 
all this happens 
now the generation that sees this does not happen 
until the trial arrives 
that process process of a 
here we put 
for example 
a knife to cut the fruit 
as a symbol of judgment 
because that's how that works with the 
jesus time of Tripoli jesus he says 
to the disciples that that generation did not 
happens but where are the disciples already 
they died as it is that that will not happen 
generation until everything is happening 
for the disciples have also seen 
the disciples also saw the law 
Sunday but symbolized in the 
of 70 after christ ok generation 
of the disciples lasted until more or less 
the year 100 
when it is understood that the last died 
of that generation that asks chris and 
his things that generation did not happen until 
see the time of the end 
end time 
that reaches the end and the 
it's a generation dear brothers the 
history of the mileuristas 
hard of 1798 and the trial was 1844 
those are 46 years 
miller is representative 
born 82 and died 49 
he was fully participating in 
that generation that was going to have the rain 
to sprout and the trial 
that's an example those other witnesses of 
the same truth 
what does that mean 
now what we can not do what we do not 
we can do is go to wikipedia 
and take the calculation how long a 
generation for a generation nowadays 
it lasts about 27 years 
already today 
so be 
then in the bible to a generation of 40 
years and more before a generation was of 
100 years 
but that is not what we can do 
we can and today if you look at the 
dictionary how much is a generation 
this according to the country roughly 23 25 27 
but we can not do that 
we can do that do not talk about this here 
the bible we can not do that 
literal application of taking a 
scientific generation but 
we can do it at the same time we have to 
do it yes what does this mean a 
generation we do not know exactly how much 
is but here has been a generation in 
the time of the Jews of the apostles 
a generation of men the apostles 
that were at the beginning 
they were witnesses of the end because he 
describes the events there of the 
conquest of jerusalem 
this here 2000 and it will be a generation 
miller young age here 16 years and here 
he arrived at the end of his days but he was 
present was a generation and because that 
it has to be a generation 
because what God does in that time he 
builds your spiritual temple and does it 
in you and he does it in me and he wants to do it 
in us and to do it in you 
he needs to work with you 
because he prepares you from here for the 
and it can not be that the process does not end 
in your life 
it just ends in the life of the grandchildren 
of you that does not work because step 1 
2 and 3 what is that process 
three steps as you have seen in 
other presentations the eternal gospel 
it's in a person it has to be that 
the third step that is the final step is 
based on the second and that on the 
first it can not be that that's a 
person and that's your son and that's your 
grandson is not like that the preparation of a 
town does not work through several 
generations the preparation of the host 
of end that god is going to raise then 
in the mere logic we understand 
that is a process that has 
happen in a person's life 
in this parable says that it is a 
generation in this story we see that it is 
a generation in several other stories 
we see that is a generation always 
when a god makes that reform and carries 
that town reformed to the judgment 
what I mean by this 
if we have arrived 
be witnesses of the end time 
of this generation will not happen 100 
ok years are not going to spend a hundred years is this 
today's generation that is going to be 
witness of the trial 
that generation has to be 
the brothers who were here 
involved in understanding those things 
those brothers today have about 60 
years something like that 
we do not know exactly how to place the 
generation we can not say that 
generation has to finish 2000 both 
and you can not do that you should not do 
that but if we can have a certainty 
those brothers that in this generation 
will happen 
and this generation is probably not the 
young daniel 
that generation we are rather those that 
we have around 50 60 out there years 
ok that gives us a margin of can be the 
next year it can be 10 years because it is 
five years but that generation that sees 
those things 
and there are other indications of course 
they help us understand that this is more 
well closer than further in that 
margin that there is in theory 
and why do we need this because if this 
it is here the logic and if it is generation 
began seeing the time of the end 
this generation dear brothers have 
to start the trial of the living 
here would be what 
those who were alive what they were 
participating what the child was not 
account is not true 
soil is consciously participating 
my heart those who are here 
participating in this and those who were 
participating in this here from the 
to receive the fall of the rain the 
beginning of wanting to carry them today in 
day they are 60 years old that I am saying already 
we are advanced in that generation in 
that last generation and if this is the 
last generation in which we 
we participate in this latest generation 
at some point you have to start the 
judgment of the living because because then 
are these 
these who are chosen to be part 
of the 144,000 
or are these who make the decision in 
against and that they will receive the brand of 
the beast 
and the brothers have to be these 
the judgment of the living is a moment 
as we have read sometimes that 
begins with the trial of the dead 
and at some point the living of the 
which live has to happen to those 
who live in the time of the end 
they have to be that god this 
generation the last generation is 
here dear brothers have to be 
who are investigated while 
and we can now make weapons a bit that 
time dear brothers the law 
Sunday is the end of the time of grace 
for the god then the judgment and 
the videos have to start before 
it has to start before the law 
what we are doing is 
we are approaching 
in order to understand when the 
judgment of the living 
and I am trying to communicate to 
you that we can see when it is more or 
least of course we can not see it 
before time 
because there will be no more time for your 
generation there is no more time 
prophetic says the water we can no longer 
predict dates 
ok but if we have to see clearly it's 
absolutely logical that you have to 
happen in that last generation 
because the end time has already begun 
that's a framework behind those generations 
from some time from now on 
it has to start and it has to start 
some time before this 
already the judgment of the living righteous has 
to start after the end time 
and it has to start before the law 
that makes sense to you 
or at least they follow that logic 
It has to be like that 
would happen after the book fits me does not make 
meaning if here the poet saw 
as God knows who is inside of his 
town if you have not investigated it before 
he has to be a researched syrian 
it starts before it can not be 
he can not investigate a town that 
he does not know what happens that he can not do 
that for his mercy needs first 
tell your people 
You need to start preparing your 
and once you start it then you can 
can you call that town to judgment and there 
let's let's now continue with those 
notes and see some things why 
what we are saying in the 
several presentations that the preparation 
of God's people is always a process 
of three three-step messages 3 
angelic messages 
that eternal gospel that message of the 
three angels 
this process is to prepare the town 
of God 
that's what god wants to do that 
wants to win everyone call everyone 
enlisting all to be within 
his flock in his wisdom mercy 
he invented this process and he did several 
times in the history of that land 
through three steps have your 
people those are the three messages 
angelic that are for us that is 
the fourth angel is important if four 
angels is important is extremely 
but the 4 angel 
it does not mean that there are four messages 
angelic in that line is a process 
of three already the fourth angel 
repeat again this here the others 
as well 
now we go to the texts here to for 
to see more clearly than this here already 
we have seen that we have already shown that 
this here is a trial progress 
maybe better of tests 
this process here that has to be 
started here because it's the time of 
in God's time so start with your 
town because it 's the last time that the 
village has begins to prepare its 
and according to Daniel 11 40 is the time of 
end began already in 1989 
we are not going to go to our texts here in 
page 34 below 
you also already know that text what 
have heard in another presentation of the 
magazine for the eco 
There are 2010 and 1989 and 2001 
there are periods that are inflection points 
in the history of nations and the 
there are periods that are inflection points 
in the history of nations and the 
in God's providence when they arrive 
these crises different the light for that 
time is given 
to give a moment here because we want 
apply that to our 
to our date 
a point 
of inflection in the history of 
nations yes or no 
what is a turning point 
with one goes in the car here at that point 
one can return 
turning point 
or return 
curvature change 
inflection not true 
there where the road changes where it changes 
the course no longer goes here changes here 
this here is the turning point has 
been 1989 in the history of the earth a 
turning point 
but of course it continues after 
the second war there was no other point 
what happened in 1900 189 changed the 
politics of this land 
on the other hand but culture religion 
I change so many things the fall of 
socialism of the socialist nations 
in this land change change but everything 
how can we not say that many things 
should be told how the 
fall of communism to the history of that 
there is no other thing like 
since the Second World War in that 
in the nations now says but not 
only in the nations but in the 
church like this has changed the course 
of the church 
Well, what we are 
saying 1989 is the beginning of time 
dear brothers the time of the end for 
the church is the point 
there the church everything changes for the 
church here at that time god 
the flock is left the remnant the flock 
true the remnant of the rest now 
the point is the truth for the church is 
a point of inflection this point 
we have been waiting since 
at the moment when God 
announce that the latest generation now 
he lives on earth and he in that 
generation is going to prepare a town for 
be a big army and it will come and go 
to show in that town is a point of 
inflection now says 
there are periods that are inflection points 
in the history of nations and the 
church both is correct both is 
correct for 1909 in the providence of 
god when those different ones arrive 
now not just from a point of 
inflection but it's also a crisis 
it was in 1989 a crisis 
yes or no yes and for some countries still 
is a crisis to this day for Cuba 
that's a crisis yet 
socialism died 
they have to do with that a country that deals 
to still defend and maintain 
Real crises are visible 
experienced by the people this here 
it has been a tremendous crisis and it is a 
crisis for the church yes or no 
yes brothers 
the church is sleeping the church 
is sleeping the odyssey is not 
spiritually prepared theologically 
no way is the church a crisis 
most of the church is going to 
disappear in this crisis 
we continue the appointment 
when this happens the crisis the point 
of inflection in the history of 
nations and the church the light for that 
time stay 
ok here we have the promise of the Lord that 
when they arrive at the moment it is not 
that we are going to be blind 
we are going to understand him because God in his 
mercy gives light 
and the light is always through his 
dear brothers the understanding of this 
it has to do with the understanding of 
daniel ponce 
40 45 
those verses that for athletics 
They have been together forever inima 
as I said I found in several 
books of different theologians 
Adventists when they reach 11 of 
daniela that they say we do not 
we know what god means in some day 
what is going to reveal ok there are several books that 
they wrote that 
but now came the time right in that 
that book that you have there that is 
that brother who wrote that book 
and began to understand the 1989 in that 
same year and wrote the 1995 book 
that is the light given to understand that 
crisis for the church and for 
and as he understood this 1 week that's not 
it was nothing difficult simply he applied 
the miliary weather rules 
nothing else 
the rules of guillermo miller like 
understand a biblical verse what 
we could have done a long time ago 
but agents is nowadays does not use the 
milan rules he uses the method 
historical-critical or the historical method 
the biblical research center 
descends historical in method 
historico-critical they call it the method 
historical grammar 
those are the ones that are more 
fundamentalists still the liberals 
they defend another method with those methods 
you can not find the truth 
you can is impossible are Greek methods 
methods invented by the devil 
impossible to understand why we did not understand 
never in 11 it was not possible but that 
brother without much wisdom in his 
humility utility simply used the 
rules of looking and understood these 
verses with the same bible 
Nowadays it seems easy is not true 
but God in his providence has caused 
that the light for that time arrived 
we finish that verse or that paragraph 
satan is attentive to snatch all 
impression that could lead to 
men on the path of salvation 
so what is this here is the way 
of salvation and the time of anguish 
you will not find them ready 
no no I'm not in another for the fire 
if it is received 
to spiritual progress if it is rejected 
continues in decline writer and shipwreck 
those many brothers ask me 
why prophecy prophecy is so difficult 
that two brothers need 
gospel the gospel 
and other things 
some that focus on the sanctuary 
nothing else others focus on reform 
pro health dress reforms 
just this the message of 1988 
basically only that that is necessary is 
fundamental for us but here she 
says if we reject this light that was given 
in relation to understanding those crises if 
this light is rejected that goes down 
spiritual and shipwreck 
then in other words this is already 
a test 
I brother that is already a test for you 
you who are here studying with 
we have to start studying 
that and make decisions 
it is ok is wrong is correct is false 
if it is correct it is necessary 
there is nothing that God gives us that is not 
but here says if you reject that there's 
spiritual descent and shipwreck that is 
shipwreck the ship is flooded 
and that is what will happen with the 
church with the structure of that church 
that's what's going to happen because in the 
moment of the Sunday law is not 
they find ready and they are going to break 
this boat 
as a result of that in a light that 
it comes that he came to that generation 
I have not tried to prove that logic 
you have it that you have to 
chew that have to 
they have to see they have to study that 
have to see if it's true maybe 
they are only 
my good words that sound 
intelligent that sound logical have 
to see if it's my word or if that's 
really word of God 
is now in your hands to study this 
and it may be all false or it may be all 
right we are here because 
we believe that it is the truth we are 
preaching I'm not against the 
health message I'm not against 
of the sanctuary message of the message of 
the justification by faith are things 
we need that we need to understand and 
live this but I understand that 
we have come to a time where 
God gave us more light 
through the prophetic word those 
things are essential and because I've 
put here 2001 
1989 all this what he says was 
fully applicable to that date 
Of course many things happened in the 
since then in our history but 
the next thing that 
at the level of the events here is what 
it happened on September 11, 2001 
there is nothing else in history that 
has the same level between those events 
here there are tremendous things that happened without 
no doubt there are wars 
formation of pact unions but what 
what happened 2001 
is the only thing in that story that 
has the same level 
dear brothers can you maybe 
begin to think that events in 
this time they happened to have that 
bringing being a turning point 
with the direction of the world was for another 
and where there was also a crisis and 
this all in the church and in the 
nations and then you also have to 
have light at this time to be able 
God are several various characteristics 
that God explains to us for those points 
because that point that next point that 
we need to understand 2001 11 of 
September and it is much beyond those 
brothers that some planes that there 
They touched on the tip of no towers 
we are talking about that we are not 
talking about conspiracy theories 
that the illuminati the bilderberg to the 
the freemasons to the Jesuits we are not 
Speaking of the brothers no 
We need no Youtube video 
we do not need any texts from 
conspiracy to understand what happened 
here this here does not have to do with this 
that's another thing here we have a 
sacred story something happened here and we're going 
get to this I'm just 
starting to put that date because the 
we are going to need the other brothers 
you have already heard and they used this 
date we're going to get to defend this and 
what does it have to do with this study here 
god those points nothing else at that time 
there was a crisis here for the 
we do not need to explain that is not true 
especially if you live in a country 
more unwrapped you see the tremendous ones 
the tremendous consequences that we 
brought that 
only because there was this in the usa 
the laws have been totally changed in 
the world almost every country in the 
world are developing or have already put 
in its place laws with the government to 
protect yourself to protect you 
supposedly from terrorism 
has completely the freedom of 
investigate and read and look at everything that you 
you can watch your conversations by 
email for communication programs 
as whatsapp 
does not have the full right to open 
your bank account to see how much you have 
comes in tells you that you can not get out that much 
money as you want you can not change 
as much money as you want I'm sorry no 
You could get your account money 
you want and many more things those are 
laws for supposedly 
control the movement in terrorism 
from here those laws came 
restrictions control of the company 
through governments that's things that 
here they started changed completely and 
they brought us today that world 
to things that used to be visions of 
a very dark future states 
totalitarian but they are reality are 
actually now here in that country still 
things are a little more 
nice are not all so tight 
wanted to 
of course also bolivia each country 
in that land will fall under those 
of that problem and those laws do not 
true and the consequences are seen here 
they are not as strong as Argentina is 
strongest in Brazil 
It is very difficult in Europe, even more so in 
usa is the culmination of this 
are consequences of a crisis for the 
nations now turning point by 
course there are no laws everything went 
for another side I'm here 
inflexion point without any crisis 
no doubt here there was also the crisis 
economic as a result of that 
the banking economic crisis 
real estate all that happened here to base 
of what happened here 
in water it says in the nations and the 
church where is the 2001 crisis in the 
and maybe a point that is more remarkable 
here it is 
in September 
the Seventh-day Adventist Church 
had one 
look for me is a meeting 
to determine 
the education system of the pastors 
and biblical workers 
the current president teddy wilson 
was the vice president of that committee the 
church does that from time to time 
to determine what are the subjects 
that you have to study in the 
what are the subjects that have to do 
the teachers the students of the 
life et cetera 
and in that in that that assembly in that 
event the church introduced a new 
and that matter 
is called 
since September 2001 in the same 
date is not true not that church in 
all Adventist universities the 
all world 
in cochabamba as well as andrés in eeuu 
they all have to introduce that stuff 
spiritual formation and not only the 
universities to train pastors 
you know that the pastors have 
to attend education is once 
per year different seven do not have to 
to go is not like that here is also how they have 
that go are forced they do not have like 
say no and in these education is 
Training is also pastors 
teach those techniques now that is 
spiritual formation dear brothers 
spiritual formation is something terrible 
this word comes 
from aebu that a man was invented that 
called ignacio what 
ignacio de loyola invented the training 
spiritual is your concept 
he invented that 
the invention is the basis of things that he 
learned from Eastern religions 
and those techniques we are 
teaching today in our churches 
pastors all I know first 
hand to study in theology that I have 
said that there are the classes that have 
studied what they had to 
now those things is a whole subject 
big and very interesting we can go 
many things about the lion we already have 
so much time but that is that it 
introduced to our church is terrible 
we are teaching techniques 
diabolic completely devilish to 
our future pastors and all the 
pastors as he kissed in the 
churches because those are things like that is 
spiritual formation the idea as the 
church defends it is that we 
we have much theoretical knowledge but 
We have little experience with Jesus 
ok practice then we have to teach 
that practical experience and there are techniques 
how to start communicating with jesus 
communicating with a spiritual mentor is 
more I could say many things here but 
actually what happens here that you 
you need a mentor 
and that mentor guides your mind 
so that your mind your mind finds 
and there are different prayer techniques 
contemplative 17 meditation of course 
and in those in the most extreme ways in 
the in the 
in the most extreme or final manifestation 
of spiritual formation that not all 
come to this you get to see 
you get to really find 
really with jesus 
that is you in a vision you find Jesus 
is what is taught is what happens 
but they believe that those jesus 
it is not Jesus the shepherds the great 
leaders in this church who have done 
that they have had that experience 
they talk if they want they talk with 
Jesus directly face to face I 'm not here 
speaking in parables that's like that 
which is taught face to face you find 
Jesus if you do and you learn how to do 
spiritual formation of course you 
you have to turn your mind over to a mentor 
who has more experience than you 
helps transform your brain and you 
you enter an experience and you can see 
an Adventist pastor said I was before 
a Hindu Hindu Hindu in Hinduism ok 
and before I have seen like this with this technique 
I found chivas I think with a 
another god and today I'm a pastor 
Adventist and we are doing the same 
things I can not believe and the same thing we 
co and supposedly I have to 
find Jesus but it is not Jesus 
appears like Jesus but not Jesus or 
this is not going to tell you so 
possibly they do not know but you 
can read Adventist pastors 
speaking explaining this because in the 
churches simply do things like 
if they were all eyes brothers and were 
his eyes I will tell you a story in 
the cult do those things 
then they tell stories and you have 
to walk through the forest of encounters 
with your grandfather who is already dead and you 
grandpa tells you things like that are done is not 
true for pastors are other things 
that they do that the brothers a 
turning point a crisis in the 
nations and in the church on 11 
September in the nations in September 
I do not know what date it was for the church 
and from now on we have that to 
sometimes it is not called spiritual formation 
the university of andrews wrote a 
article because they have given it to another 
name because it caused a lot of controversy and 
it's no longer called that, it's called finding it 
jesus or things like that in brasi my brother 
our brochures like this meetings for 
spiritual experience constitute it in 
other names is no longer always called 
spiritual formation but that's the 
that is in the magazine that got it out what 
I have what can I show you can 
read is written there white black on 
ok we are already reaching the end of our 
hour that the brothers have about 
minutitos more to see if we can still 
one or the other text 
what I wanted to show here 
now at this moment is that this what 
happens in this period those three messages 
angelic are tests and we are going to read 
some texts with elena white says that 
the following text of first writings 
to generate 232 at the bottom of page 34 
I saw that God was in the proclamation 
of time in 1843 was his purpose 
wake up people and put them in a 
test point 
where it is decided in favor or against 
the truth 
very clear god placed his people here at 
start or here let's say when the 
Atlanticist message we could say no 
true here remember the date 
1840 with the first message receives power 
and he gets to that town he put it in a 
test was a test point those 
brothers he tells them here 
proclamation of that message of one thousand 853 
when the proclamation began 
started in 1833 
1840 begins the moment when the 
little book was opened and that message goes to 
It says it was a test point where 
it was decided pro or against the 
and that the life of Christ was preached in 
that generation that we are preaching 
the photos now 
the life of Christ in that generation 
those messages are test points 
next text 
that's also first page writings 
260 page 35 many look with horror at the 
behavior followed by the Jews to 
reject Christ and crucify him and 
when he reads in the story of the deal 
embarrassing that he received think that 
they love and that they would not have denied him as 
how they loren as Peter denied him or 
they would have crucified as the 
Jews but God who reads in the heart 
of all tasted that love until Jesus 
who professed to have all heaven 
observed with the deepest interest the 
reception granted to the message of the first 
what he in water does here I hope that 
you can see the compare 
place lines on line the history of 
jesus and the line of the miners in 
programming of the first angel was a 
proof of the people's love as they were 
to receive 
and they will be happy to hear that Christ 
that generation is coming or they were going to 
make up excuses so that that can not 
the whole sky observed with the most 
deep interest the reception granted 
to the first angel's message but many 
who professed to love Jesus and who 
shed tears as she read the story 
of the cross they mocked the good 
new of his coming 
instead of receiving the message with joy 
they declared that it was a hoax 
they appeared to those 
who loved their appearance and expelled them 
of the churches 
those who rejected the first message and 
today and so on who preaches 
that Christ is already in that generation 
sau of the church who I really like 
the prophecy can not speak in the 
church and when you hold meetings you are 
they prohibit private meetings that 
we have seen several times ask here 
those who are from Brazil have 
prohibited to hold meetings in private with 
those issues 
that's what the church said goes a long way 
can go there we have religious freedom 
defended by the states still but 
the church do you do not hear it 
then they delete you ready ok 
they appeared to those who loved their 
appearance and he was expelled from 
churches that rejected the first 
message could not receive benefit 
of the second 
neither could the clamor of 
midnight that he had to prepare them for 
enter with Jesus by faith in the place 
Most holy of the sanctuary place 
celestial or to pass the last 
test is not true 
this way yes 
your decision in the first message 
opens the door for the second or the 
Saw depends on your decision then 
that is a test that is a test 
and for having rejected the two messages 
before, they were in such a way 
their understanding that they can not see the 
light in the third angel's message that 
shows the road that leads to the place 
or those who rejected the 
message from john the Baptist 
there were some who accepted message from 
no dear brothers there are those who rejected 
the message of John the Baptist either 
accepted the message of christ this is the 
same thing here the same story 
next text 
in English no more 
I think the book is life sketches 
There is in Spanish 
it's called says more or less like that those 
who embraced 
the first angel 's message sees 
apocalypse 14 6 and 7 through fear 
or because of fear 
the wrath of God's judgments not because 
he loved the truth or wanted 
the inheritance in the kingdom of heaven 
now he appeared in the true light 
those who were among the first 
to ridicule 
those who passed through the disappointment that 
sincerely they wanted and loved the 
Jesus' appearance 
this test so deep 
that God revealed in which God revealed 
the true characters of those 
etcetera etcetera 
that is the first angelic message there 
says here was a test 
those brother messages are tests and if 
we managed to prove to you 
that messages first second third 
are reaching that generation from 
1989 you can take the conclusion 
and see that this here is a time of 
proof here we are already in the time of 
proof we are already 
now that I did not hear any of that 
so far the situation does not change us 
the odyssey 
and if I'm in a group that seeks the 
true present that is also not a 
excuse because 
as the odyssey says they think they are 
it's true they think that's the situation 
it only checks what lives it 
one more text and we are going to close 
also in English that that series here the 
released manuscripts are the 17 is a 
very beautiful series of 21 books that do not 
they were translated 
21 books so I have it in English are 
many books some other little things 
appear in some other books 
compilations but they are 21 books ever 
translated nothing else that's why it's worth 
study English I say this this time in 
seriously dear brothers seriously 
the true the true workers 
of Jesus Christ have to cooperate with 
his brothers who have had the 
work experience from the 
beginning of the first third message 
those who followed him step by step 
they received light and truth as they advanced 
now says here that is important 
supporting one test after another 
because that process of receiving the 
angelic messages was a test 
after another 
This is what she says here 
and the last sentence where they are bold 
from the voices of their voices are their 
words and their 
pencils there is no what they write 
Jesus of his testimony let's say written or 
spoken the truth was 
nice warm rays to all the 
parts of the world 
and what was for them a truth 
probatory testing is a truth that 
I tested 
as was 
brought by the delegated messengers by 
the lord is also a truth 
probatory to all that to all who 
to whom this message is proclaimed its 
brothers the messages 1 2 and 3 
angelic are all tests for 
us and as we have seen if you 
reject the first one do not participate in the 
second and third 
even less though all that concept of 
truth here all that 
maybe they seem difficult brothers but 
it's difficult just because we are already 
in 2017 and since 1989 the lord and has 
open those things we are coming 
late but not too late 
and if we do not have the capacity we think 
let us ask that to the man who has promised 
what can you give us 
understanding and understanding of all 
those things that are true brothers 
then here we are going to leave and we are going to 
have to read some more texts 
interesting that prove that we are in 
a testing phase 
in the day tomorrow tomorrow god let's go 
to pray 
It is not your dear sir 
in my understanding more than a study 
from your word the most astonished one 
dear sir the prophetic word is 
a really safer word we can 
however we have to investigate and 
prove things has been this 
mandate help helps us all 
sir to the brothers who want 
find the truth of how are the 
things really thanks for that 
nice day by the good 
circumstances for that study that we have 
could have the name of Jesus Amen