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pardon us tro una vez mas team atomos este momento para estar con nosotros queremos seguir estudiando to palabra na prophecy ax y estamos a gracias por que tenemos a key este tiempo tan favorable senior mr. también con le monetary para que pueda tonight sweetie to palabra con con clairrese i see the agra desk number hisses I mean okay so I want we want to look at how the first day and the first one first day at this month in the tenth day of the seventh month our kippa fire in the Miller history or in the Bible sorry nosotros queremos hora madad como el primer día de primer mez ultramel da de Quinto mez y Diez mo de receta MoMA's s santificado sea via so the first I saw Scott you is Ezra can a pre-med text okay vamos a ver it is s that's ds4 16 and 17 no particular keen CDC says and stern line at ten fifteen sixteen right would star actually let's start in verse 14 and 10 14 to 16 okay estrus Diez catarse DSS's s10 ahora no estos principals los de toda la congregation Ito's aquellos en que en nuestras you doll subieron tomado mujeres Estrella Harris vengan a tiempos applause ADO's a con ellos lo tanzy anos de cada ciudad y los quests diaz hasta aqui apart hemos de nuez de nosotros nephew rodella illidan west rodeo sobrino sobre esto who Aaron puedes puesto sobre este negocio Connaughton issued a hace es y ha CEA's issued a tickler a mess illan e sabbatai Levitas debt I owed our oh yes que se Aaron estilo de Jose de la transmission yeah part ADO's que fueron luego estrous hacer doce y los burros Cabezas de familias en la casa de sus padres todos ellos por sus hombres centaur insell primer dia del mess decimo para interior negocio okay resulted ten months since our international nose fixing resources EDC siete y con clear Encanto dos a que los que habían pommade mujeres Estridge eres el primer dia de mess primero so no first aid person entonces primero de la première mess Ezra's going to separate from Ezra in those with him are going to separate from the strange wash estrous y todos aquellos que estaban con el even say ah be inseparable de las mujeres district era strange one separation but I was the most mujer de strand here so how would the Miller right on the first day of the first month separate from strained voice what would that mean como las maletas t separado el premio de primera más de mujeres de strand harris que esto significa what strange wife as a separate entrance de que mujeres de trans heroes Estridge eres la loc separado the people the people amen keep we're gross so when people get a quiver the pagan the pagans now how is the pagans represent themselves in the sister Kamala Pagano see the represent our own in sa storia the Pioneers describe Catholicism most pure metals describe discriminatory see smoke and baptized paganism como Pagani's mo ba pasado so at this point in Dalton este momento we understand that on the first day of the first month April 19th Norgren tenemos que I premiere dia de première myth or definite abrir the first danger our side the second angel a Segundo uncle is going to come down descended what is it hey just an L and L boy okay Jay Casablanca is going to rise and it's going to mark what message EJ got a market came in sake what's the second interest mushy si este mundo Mexican tequila Kyle what's the second angels message to energy is segunda moussaka Angelica who steady Savin a ke do Babylonia Veblen has fallen Babylon is fallen is fallen Bob but Ocado Ocado Babylonia and what is the command God's people he is a man Demento para hablar de Dios come out of her my people salad the Asia Pueblo meal separate from the strange wife that is the Babylonian churches say parent de las mujeres East rancheras que sona's Iglesias que de vino prefer a clean yo sabemos que prophetic Ament a a woman in the church una mujer es una iglesia and the strange woman unum ahead it's Nikita is a corruptor it's una iglesia karuta and now they're going to separate from Protestant churches who have accepted the Babylonian one y ahora ellos even separate the last egg layer ts Qaeda's protest antes que en esta todo el vino de Babylonia that's really this is a really easy one I think to see if it is simply there they build the internet and the next place I want to go to here próxima lugar que quiero oir con ustedes Ezekiel 29 it's a secure Baynton web will see another first day of the first month ie I auto tremor the other pre-med now if we go to 29 inverse him but we need to be a little more the outside verse 17 17 to 21 vamos layer is fake EA Benton you a Weber Seco no DC siete a venti uno y accont SEO nay an you been tcha en el más primero el primer el primero de más que fue mi palabra de heyo body siendo issued el hombre na boku no sore red lava leona ESO a su ejército pressed our grants servicio contra tiro toda cabeza say n kb n calve SEO y ellos todo home bro in e para el y para su ejército u bo paga de tiro por el servicio que press tokens Rella poor tanto hacia dicho a C or Java que aquí que yo doana buco Knossos ready babylonia la tierra de hito yell Tamara's su multitude yo her otto's disposed yada Bottari sopressa yeah bruh paga para su hair Tito por su trabajo con que Sergio contra la Li da de la tierra de hito por que trabajar on poor me say Senor yoga en aquel tiempo Adri river de Serre elk we're no a la casa de l ET de Apertura de boca y medio de ellos it's a bronchial SOI Kiowa now this example si heme group is a little bit more complicated unless one is imported complicado kill Ultimo it takes a little bit more explaining but tomorrow poco más para is the Colombian and I'm not going to explain all of it in no way a speaker todo for time for motility tiempo but I will give us a little bit of the of this understanding pero quiero comprar un poco the the located put in today so Nebuchadnezzar the king of the north now wickedness or a ley del Norte doesn't work against iris hace un trabajo contra tiro and but next Nebuchadnezzar would never received payment for the war dead ahead pero na boku no so nunca recibió Pargo pour de trabajo que eso and what the Lord is going to do in terms of case in your math it is he is going to give Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar as the trophy Escobar away entregar hito communit ro fair como como Pavo so on the first month first day of the first month Babylon receives payment entonces el primer día del primer mace Babylonia receive a tsutago for the king of the north or a Raider North receive a super oh now the king of the north is rey del Norte is the papacy the end of the world I fin del mundo represented Popolo so the papacy is going to get a payment ocl apado receive a un pero el fin del mundo on the first day of the first month i premier de la première May now what payment was given on April 19 kid parvo cuidado I a palpable a definite ability was the payment based upon the Bible's Egypt help Argos sehun lobelia is a hip Co now Egypt through Egypt to Egypt is representing and this is the point where I can explain all of it aquí está a Punto kid no puede entrar todo they heap to representa but I will I will say you were a min sooner is that Egypt represents the United States Egypt o represent a lot establish who knew and this could be seen from the line of Pharaoh is vaporware de la línea de Pharaoh Pharaoh being the ruler vision for como a go Bernardo de very hippo is emphasizing the role of the United States at the end of the world in fattest Angela a royal de los Estados Unidos I fin del mundo now on the first day the first month Egypt to the United States is going to get given to Babylon the king of the north entonces el premio de primer mez Egypt oh oh Estados Unidos son Darrow's ah i papa DoCoMo Pavo so she knew from babylon equals catholic church and then do egypt equals united states okay now how is the United States given to Babylon at this point como los de selva news from dados a Babylonian at the momento now the United States is broken up into two powers no tostado middle c de vida en los padres if we go to if we hold our fingers here ustedes montana sued edwin esta página and we go to Revelation 13 yob Remos apocalypse addressed revelation 13:11 traced a particular anzio neridah después de otra bestia que su día de la tierra y tener dou square no semi Honda's a los de un Cordero mess hablaba common dragon these two horns this lamp s dou square nosed el cordero NY an extended SB s di una destined not rose intend emos que esta bestia solos Estados Unidos dis you want represent a power de nadie es s dos Cordero's representin a los padres y poder de los Estados Unidos ancestor which describes these two horns el hermano white describ SS those queermos as Protestantism in republicanism como protest antes mo you can go back de república republican is mo Canady presentation structure one this is the strength of the United States esto es la fuerza a poder de los Estados Unidos now I'm not sure if someone has talked about this yet or not no guru k-ci again jab luis obispo I believe not about 9/11 very little very little okay nothing actually so I assume someone will talk about this in more detail as we go forward parity guru kiem ba a blast o breeze sobre su avant Armos so I'm just going to reference it so say your solamente puerta diferencia I'm not going to prove it hopefully someone else will be doing a no voy a pro bar pero seguramente en ba hacer este trabajo so we have the Miller right line I can't and then we'll not linear de loja molarity so we have the Miller line on top of familiar with this Jeff Thomas VN community of camisa de nada love milliliter and this is no this is our life yaki arauco is Westra Linea 911 is the first day of the first month is also the TMB it is a premiere theatre premiere mess the midnight cry in our history in the first date assessment just like the Miller a clamor de medianoche in Northwest area Sharon a paramedic intimate as the commander Tour de l'avenir itza and the son de la la la ley Dominica I will be using is the is October 22nd 1844 or the tenth day of the seventh month in la ley Dominical s temporary low con el es muy Dulce to MoMA's ocl been teed oto pobre muchos in context cuatro and I'm pretty sure someone will be doing this line over the next day or so estoy seguro que no próximos Diez vamos a estudiar ESO canary game so proof is the spark if para para ver esto es el punto but on the first day the first month of horn is given pero en el primero de primer met estado un cuarto in this history in national memory and SS hora de las maletas the Coronel is given on first a department elk where no que se entrega en el tema de de de trimmer med s Protestantism is a protest antes mo Egypt is the wage for Babylon Egypt Oh si pero para Babylonia and Egypt being assembled the United States Egypt or como single o de los Estados Unidos has to be broken up into two earth the energy DVDs in those parties the two parts of the United States loss loss loss part this is de los Estados Unidos and this is this is also illustrated because we have to first day of the first month ESO tambien side Estrada por que temos dos veces a premier Premier dia de première met the first day of the first month in the Milan history in the first day of the first month in our history a promedio de primer mais en la historia de los Miller rita's es promedio del primer mais en nuestra story o the holders conquered or given a queer no que es conquistador given to the baton for lado I Papa DOE and the Miller a time period in a story builds milady that is products in tourism if is Protestantism or the second angels message is the human second silica which will rise on the first first day of the first month kgn a dreamer dia del premier made identifies the fall Babylon identica la caída de Babylonia now the Catholic Church has always been fallen so he'll be describing the Catholic Church like Letta católica siempre espera que de nos multiple refereed a la la iglesia católica nest momento the Catholic Church isn't going to fall again baba ki otra vez they've always been fun jessalyn ke dos but what is going to fall well okay back is is the protestant churches from the Galatia protestant they're going to drink the wine of Babylon in reject the truth vana Bieber na el vino de Babylonia Ivana wretches are labelled odd n when au de y hace el oso when the current ones Avalon cuando Bevan el vino de Babylonia they become the daughters of Babylon yellow suburban las hijas the babylonian and at that point they are now conquered by the culture is not modern babylon invest momento Edo's some conch Estados por la iglesia católica so the arrival of the second angels message in Consuela llegada de segunda menchaca Angelica the message of Babylon bonus bonus given es cuando estado immense ocka ocka ocka do babylonia now when we go over 911 e quando notice its Adamo's estudiante de septiembre was seeded to read the second angels message is repeated at this point otro vamos ver que se repeat Segundo men second Kelly Callen este momento and this is marked by the arrival of the fourth angel ESS Tamar kodoku na ji gathered a quiet one here that's going to empower the third angle give up that for there a low-stress Angeles sister why talks about it angel India Letterman a white habla proof in collab profundidad sobre esta aqui and she says in a DC that when the towers in New York or what she says when the great buildings of New York fall in a difficult one dollar not love grandest defeats of the Nova York is a kind that revelation 18 133 will be fulfilled kiss a complaint at the momento apocalypsis de Acho uno a tres leches talent life sketches used to say in Quentin a libro life sketches is also is possible Givaudan of saying por tu es el see it okay not reproduce easily know for them so she identifies that the angel of Revelation 18 will arise in history Elya identify queque jigger and headed up Khalifa DC Ocho and a story at 9/11 the great buildings of New York fell and also the 50 M Binet lost Granite City pieces in a very arty Karam and this is marking the arrival of the fourth angel yes Tamar College a gala the cuatro uncle which is a repetition K soon a repetition of the second in the first angel the Segundo either pre-made Anika there's their cut the exporting of the combination of the two a quiet one here is a combination de los Los Angeles and I hope somebody will be going through the sister in that despair okay I can't accommodate tiempo para s recast when a mass dattaji I would think either Ana or Daniel would be going to the sister seguramente la hermana Anna o el hermano de near Bonnie's liquor esta historia in order to prove these things are a master tally van approve a Dez's cosas que yo estoy diciendo a key on 9/11 the first day of the first month is also the safety embrance elimedia the premiere mess can you just draw me to one or two one los cuernos actor we see the second horn we encounter watches prohibitionism knows a con el segundo BMO's s Segundo quano comp estado que si republicanism now how is this accomplished como esta cancion plio well on 9/11 and they also detect the evidence or soon after 9/11 rather whoever this posted onto the septiembre the Patriot Act is passed in thrombi God is act to Patriota in the Patriot Act is the first of its kind is Arco Patriota it premiered the two people and then it completely removes the freedoms of the individual que por complete o remove a a la la libertad de cada individual I'm no longer a an innocent civilian yeah no soy un ciudadano innocent I'm treated as guilty met rotten komoku apado until I prove that I'm innocent hasta que yo puede probar he saw innocent innocent this is the switching from English law to Roman law it was un cambio de ley english' la romana and at this point in Estepona punto i can be arrested indefinitely for no reason based upon terrorism charges Moop wearin detonate in Kaluga Aquacade momento mu puede la cosa de turismo and if you look at the definition of terrorism based upon the reading of the Patriot Act if you fellas Lin como esta definitely a rule is more NSA octo Patriota it's a very broad definition is una definition bastante ampulla so the system of government that protected a sistema de gobierno k-pro tahir that protected the citizen keep repay here a seadoo adano represented by Republican law Kiera represent a loophole a republicana as a system of law worthy with the individual so I where the government received its power from the individual if a gobierno de vivienda recipe no soup for their desi da da no gets turned around is cambiado and now the government hour ago beer no it's no longer protecting the rights of this individual yeah no plot say allah el derecho they say they'll individual instead of being the servant to the individual ambassador is Sierra body in individual it becomes the ruler of the individual saved where day a go burn adore death individual and this begins a many years 911 the Patriot wins many years of unconstitutional terrorism laws he is toda initial our annual delay Presley in contrary rule is mo and what's going to happen in okay bow career is all of the privacy in all of the freedom the freedom of the United States is Kate totally worth that y todos los privilegio de los Estados Unidos will be removed the son remove IDO and only a shadow of what it once was the in the freedom and say that ah only a I am shadow Adam shadows of what appearance is to be performance is FEA lo que quieras apenas una una Sombra de lo que Antion Antigua mente era una vez America's not replaced want is to be noticed at SUNY Luciano's son s lugar de Libertad como era by all definitions in Port au dessus definition at least a es un estado policia they sacrificed freedom Socratic era la libertad for extensive security una sensación de seguridad they gave up the republican government system into the garden el gobierno republican ista so this is the point that was conquered on 9/11 esto es el cuento k2 a conk estado and it also they set the embryo now I'm not sure if anyone understands it's from is that familiar with the United States you're not the quanto still system familiar the third kalos Estados Unidos but 9/11 from American Pharoah also de septiembre para los Americanos is a turning point its own punto the turning point in punto de Sharada it's the point where everything changed in in the United States everything is important que todo cambio NOS estados unidos the west all the way politics was done la manera como es hecho la política the west military with ron la manera como ii deucey le share Tito the behavior in responder is of the CLE la manera como actual los los policías la la policia and many others other things in muchas otras cosas cambiado the United States today is not the United States it was the year before 9/11 notices Unidos oi ya know so notices mills como Aaron una no antes de la fecha and this is all symbolized in the conquering of the Republican horn y ESO todo esta symbol estado con el acuerdo republicano conquistador in this was this will culminate yes or a photograph to community on a Sunday law and a ladle nickel because the Sunday law for canal a donee cast as sister-wife describes at accumulator mana white lotus grievous if the point what is the point when united states este momento donde los Estados Unidos will repudiate the Constitution with period and our water arm they will reject reject repo dr8 momento a donde los Estados one repo dr la constitución and constitution and this is a progressive six this is a progressive history of progressive conference y esto es una conquista es un proceso progressive o the patriot act was the first of many is octo Patriota era primero de muchos and it continued even this day to get worse and worse and worse he continued ax asteroid cannabis BR fair until the point where they will completely repudiate the constitution or take it away or as day momento que Vanna Napoleon or them over for complete all our constitution in favor of this new system in favor is the nuevo sistema incants in the constitution in la constitución the Constitution is a Protestant document the Constitution is on documento Protestant a its material is much as it is a Republican document at accommo también es un documento republicano mo bikinis amazed you know KSA's republicanism oh this is the system a son sistema where the individual is represented donde is represented is individual it's not a democracy no era true democracy no so nabela Dara democracia it's the symbol of representation its own symbol the representation in this during this history from 9/11 forward in durante la storia apart evil on to the septiembre in Adel intent that system gets overturned it's sistema s cambiado is the word so let's go to let's look at another symbol vamos mid cuatro symbol and let's go to Genesis 18 vamos a ver Genesis de Acho our sorry Genesis 313 astronomy the you can see straight Betty Oh Jo Jo Jo I said wrong again otra vez make you okay Genesis 813 Genesis also arrested I promise this is the right one SFC is local director Jen it is also threatened asou CDO Jenner anos a siento que uno de no a en el más primero el primer el primero de mess las aguas cen jugar o de sobre la ta de aqui todo a la cubierta del r k-- a-- y-- mero Yaqui que la fast a la tierra estaba en hooter show on the first day of the first month el primer día de primer más de Juarez Rio Seco la tierra its recoil agua can sa to earth right up sure what you say water trial okay that says the earth rhythm okay water always stays wet right yeah i guess my next one and we're here yeah think you can hear right ever you want whatever makes the current of air was o63 Khosla theater no now this pizza is not giba two numbers chapter 9 and moo meadows capital oh no a bit where we can get some definition on this water that I would see a cougar on okay that's already done day tenemos una definition the agua 9:15 through a ar1 is masculine and Hispaniola okay we corrected see las aguas okay don't already know ank-ooo a hula ayah porque aquí de se te sekolah tierra y en whoo oh no comedy Chaka nu Garen that's a great a jugar Oh numbers numbers 9mo starship numerous movie of sorry I jumped I jumped last night so I acted this axis 17 pair of H X odo diecisiete exid o gz theatre sorry for before we go to Exodus 17 17 let's go to Jeremiah 16 map yeah vamos a ver EXO load associated pero antes here in yes probably a sec ok X just an exercise right and in the book of the Bible it was a test I don't approve anima today Jeremiah Jeremiah 15 you sure pollination survived 1518 premieres Keane said that you're taking the drug say operation 16 Kinsey Jesus says here in here team C dioceses and this is a new note here's the science of notice if I just read the note we were penpals Acacio says eternal companion las notas pagina siete Y Ramirez Kim PD CEO Cho compare vamos a empezar piquante so Jeremiah 1500 starburst 16 Jeremy Atkinson Jesus a al-harazi toes palabras in yo Losco me y2 palabra who a poor go so I pull Alegria de mi corazon por que tu nombre sin boku sobre me oh hey hero bodyõs blows ejército z-- 16 Regina Virginia know me sente in compañía de Borla Dora's knee me angry a causa de tu propecia sent na sólo porque million a stay des des abre mentos porque su a perfetto middle or Amiri dad esse a su a DES equip Ameri de dez a sua you see ah de dez OC ah de gracias por que fue pipette o middle or Miri de dez Aussie ah de no admit a okura Sarah's para mi como cosas Alou Soria como agua que nos on established Marco talked about this a little bit hidden but yeah okay so in birth first 16 and vertical DSA's this is the same experience as revelation 10 a la misma experience a como apocalypsis yet the angel comes down with the little book in his hand the same day uncle Khan a liberal in su mano and he has got people to eat this book he laid aside perdidos para que common delivery to insist away identifies that this takes place on August 11th 1840 til hermana white identificar que esto el correo Oh Cory onl also de agosto mucho sense cuarenta and what happens when he eats this book in revelation has he keeps okura que pasa cuando el como esta liberated apocalyptic years how does it taste in his mouth como if it's aboard in su Boca sweet sweet as honey do sukima lemierre's it's a good unpleasant experience es una experiencia agradable II see for the Millerites para nós malaria that after the fulfillment of jus silages prophecy the question despues que si a be a complete la tradición de Josiah Lich in Revelation 9 in apocalyptic movie this is the time of sweet or the message with sweetened amount it means a casaba Lewis in su smokers the message grows rapidly during these couple years here in n sake this for years cases appear Amenti durante Samuel and but the come the time pero jiggle tempo and in Revelation 10 si como in apocalyptic years without message is going to be better in their stomach cuando éste men sake say will be a Margo para tu vientre as they're eating a good sweet cuándo es tan comiendo cuando Stan Marciano is news at first primera meant but it's going to produce a better experience pero produce era una experiencia amarga so in verse 16 entonces a key in particular DSS say Jeremiah is eating the word that God gives him Kyra Mira como la palabra que yo slim traiga he's eating a little book coma a libretto and it was do it would be the joy and rejoicing of his heart with sweet experience y era Bravo a poor Alegria de su corazón era una una experiencia grade oddly but verse 17 in 1812 a completely different experience pero a particular disease yet a year de Acho Alain de una experiencia completamente diferente now our and Aventine in particular dissociative it says I said not in the Assembly of the marker this is Norma sente in compañía de Bourgh ladoris nor rejoiced me me angry I start alone because of my hand then came a solo pour kimi e enacted a dis abram en toe for thou has filled me with indignation porque centimeter por qué máquina de Dez de dez Abram en toe so the indignation so this is disappointment are sorry this this disappointment of Jeremiah is the indignation day here Amir is caused by the by God's hand it's called sada por la mano videos what is the Lord do to this chart que eso do scone is the diagram he hit a mistake on it with his hand el is condor una roar con su mano sister White says that the Lord covered a mistake in this chart hermana white-nosed e SE que Dios Cabrillo own age or en este diagram with his hand con su mano and she talked about this in the great controversy yella habla sobre esto en la in a conflict conflict with the law signals so Jeremiah in don't adhere amia it's filled with indignation because of the Lord's hand not sure if the hand appears here in Spanish Senor explainer Sunday where's that verse 17 I said alone because of my hand okay un problema today traducción akka s Inglis lo que DC literalmente in Jeremiah's quinta de sensei's es que me sent a solo por causa de tu mano porque tu median hasta con indignation no sé como esta en sus vidas mi Vela genival era me no sense mood a fight a la mano okay perros importante que l'on Ignacio bien de por la mano videos so Jeremiah's indignation is caused by his hand by the Lord hair line eunuch in dignity on the hidden ear is Casa de por la mano video and the indignation of the Millerites was caused by the Lord hiding mistake with his hand la indeed indeed nación de las maletas Eric Osada pours por la mano de Dios kübra nunca Brendan Farr and it says it is why is my pain perpetual and my wounding curable which refuses refuses to be healed this is an aching yeah wrong captain sir porque who a queer Peto middle or Amira dad death as a asada no admit Sakura this oh yeah this Aussie ah de fallar complicado para me Weatherby all together into me a liar in this water dr. Sarah para mi como cosas Alou Soria como agua que no son establish when is this experience taking place cuando is experiencia oh cool this is the disappointment the disappointment of April 19th on the first day of the personal essay is a else ask o Kyoko's energy through debris mutual siento Cuarenta Claude when the millerite expect the Lord's return by a dozen cuando las maletas esteban esperano la puerta de senior pero no pasa nada the disappointed is some jasiel this sweet experience that they had before that point affecting the world return si experience that dual circuit in Ihram ant estuvieron antes its baron de la la puerta de senior it's going to turn bitter when he doesn't return the gravy and Margo porque no jiggle Senor and it's described as water that fell he a kiss I descriptive como aguas key notes on establish what is waters that fell keeps on AdWords cannot on establish the wall its water that's not there I work you know viene its water that Strider agua keeps it in Google let's go to exit 17 vamos our ex ago this is here in level teen right yep come on close to this point econet Oh most terminada verse 17 verse 2 or third chapter 17 verse 2 Ecuador this is he at a particular dose verse 2 on one inch si vamos commences esto comenzó capital Odessa siete Exodus in siete y toda la congregation de los hijos de gel party Oh del desierto de sin por sus core nadas amanda en todas yoga yeah centaur del campo en lipedema yo obeah agua para que el pueblo de da y el turquoi pueblo como es s de harem dados agua que de damos MOS s les dijo okay i perk eyes conmigo pour kitten Taizo he OVA up to and read first race was on hace que el pueblo to ve set de agua y more Morro contra Moses y dijo so Tino's deceased su vida hito paramita knows de set a los otros en nuestros hijos en nuestros granado's so we're seeing here okay BMO sake is that in the middle right time period en la storia della milliliters they their experiences described as Jeremias 15 the discreet is to experience a como ingenious king fish as well as FL como agua que no some constant this is also symbolized by the first day the first man in suit and en esta symbol asado con el premio de primer mate where the water dries up donde se a few ganas and WA and now we're seeing here in Exodus Yaakov a rotten egg follow the same water being dried up last myth Mossad versus a condo and what does it produce he is to keep reducing it reduces the traverse here producer on our control verse here the people are going to be in controversy with God la gente se ponen controversy con Dios they're going to test the Lord it is 10:00 tonight in yacht and this is the same controversy that's taking place here on the first day of the first month to the Miller ends es la misma controversy k Kaioken TCO en este momento cone of Madeira cos it's going to begin at I'm testing in PS a-- in imperial the forever and during this time you do not taste it period on the wise and the foolish are going to manifest their character loss loss fabulous it was insensitive manifested ensue character moses trusted in the Lord Moises compute in a tenure the people did not ever blow no confuse you have two classes that on both classes being tested by the waters China those classes kiss on this Sabbath for last I was kisses Academy and what is the water he is there WA what is water to it is for Tarawa in in term of profit equals people and a multitude that seems okay yes that's correct revelation study app ability to the theater where glory Moochie Damaris the war in revelation 17 is the water is the people see an Appaloosa dissociated a son of pueblo but how does Christ what is Christ day when when he said when Christ asked the question I have quando Cristo pregunta at the supra Gunda or he doesn't ask the question he says it this way quando BCPL Manifesta what is he going to do for those who hunger and thirst after righteousness k a vast esta por aquellos que tienen set y am brady Justicia he's going to fill that this by jihad with what water with what conky agua conky comida what water is this what food is the keep people the agua que tipo de comida ISM the Word of God the word God is la palabra video Christ says I am the bread of life it is to be say yo soy la palabra videos and we're supposed to eat with him because he is the word in all of the demos c'mere the airport Els lapa nada and he tells us en ofthis that the water kill alwah is the water of life it's an agua de la Vida and when this water equal to SS s de agua on the first day of the first month trans not say CEQA en el premio de première miss it shows the time period where where the word of the Lord is scarce los Muertos un período donde la palabra de Dios if it's casa es como si si s Kappa s Kappa is IPOP no fault an empanada on the first day the first month in a pre media the premiere miss April 19 and it is inevitably when when the Lord doesn't return cuando Senor no way with the people the Miller I love Millie Rita's last last rented are thirsting after the word of the Lord because they they run Shona tienen fête de la palabra de dos por que están Seguros em miss casa es como para para and it demonstrates two classes worship we demo at those classes they adore adore those who will patiently wait during the tearing time aquellos que esperan competencia durante period eight are Danza and those who will not wait and who will mock and turn away from the message the aquellos que mas param emps on our board lobster is stationed immense active in exodus 17 in Exodus is here when this water dries up cuando se 2nd SS Iowa you have the two classes Moses in the people the NS North class the name of those classes moist s el pueblo so on the first day of the first month we see a time of testing entonces a premier dia del primer met Marco tiempo de prueba amen amen okay tomorrow mañana we will begin looking at the first day of the person on the first day of the fifth month one more simple start me Dad I pity me daddy day Kim to mess and then we're going to look more closely at the midnight cry in luego vamos Mira the master key is clamor de la medianoche and we'll start getting into the second part of our are studying vamos enter our a segunda parte de nuestras to estudio okay let's pray vamos do you have any father give you the power to Phyllis dear Lord we thank you again for this day in your onerous master assimilated to dia we thank you for the fellowship there are famous pour la compañía we thank you that we could all come here Lord in study or work Tara semo's por que hemos tenemos la oportunidad de Uyuni Ramos aqui y de suda2 palabra open our heart and our mind ably no - square-ass honesty Nostra mentis that we could cover anything para que podamos comprende day Tascosa and that we could be filled with your truth lord epode on occasion ADO's kanessa come to palabra canyon may this be a knowledge that changes us Lord and changes our experience Casey s taken a cement oun kanessa men Toki cambia nuestra experiencia forgive us of our shortcomings Jared Onan of nuestros nuestras vidas and guide us to a correct experience y en hacer una I'm a speedy enter collector we thank you for your love and your mercy there's mo sport - Molly - method accordion in Jesus name ma nobody hisses I mean