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over the previous presentations we've developed a logic a working model of how we should approach Bible study because we want to understand how to put together the events that we've seen in the world with the passages from the Bible and spirit of prophecy that we all know of reconcile those two things together and we've seen that it's the methodology that we're supposed to use is what we often call proof text in it comes under different names and the biblical name you'd find from Isaiah 28 verses 10 and 13 but it will appear if this lineup online methodology the thing we want to understand is that this warning message because that's what this line upon line methodology is primarily is rejected by the church when I say the church I'm not just talking about the church at the end of the world whatever generation you go back to you see the same problem over and over again whether it's Jeremiah whether it's John in Jesus whether it's William Miller you see this recurring theme so we come to the end of the world we need to have implicit faith in the Bible by using this methodology and what we can't do is just take those moral stories and expect to understand morality at that at the end of the world as a way of escape from the destruction that's about to happen following those introductory studies we've now begun to look at how God sorts this problem out and we looked at this from the perspective of the Miller right history so this model that we've begun to develop although we've done it with respect to the Miller right history you can get the same template the same model and you can overlay it into the history of Christ and you'll see the same sequence you can take this into the history of Jeremiah and you'll see these same sequence of events occurring you go back to the story of Moses and you'll see the same thing some of these stories don't have all the same details but they say have the same overall structure so we are reading these spirit prophecy quotes we're about 60% of the way through and we've used these quotes to go back into this history and develop the structure that's on the board so just have a quick review we began to see that there was a quote that spoke about darkness Joe she was in apostasy if you weren't here yesterday you can come after the study and look I'll give you all the spirit of prophecy quotes or we can email them to you they're all during Spanish so we saw that there was this period of Darkness and they're following the darkness we saw that it was God's will that the church would have a Reformation and this Reformation was typifies in two stories the story of Elijah and Elijah and also the story of John the Baptist so already what you can do you can begin to see that this is not a unique story it was typifies in the history of Elijah and also John the Baptist and we know that John the Baptist was not on his own the two prophets in the history of John the Baptist and Jesus so you can see how we can develop a history and this is just a basic overview and already just from a seemingly casual statement from L&Y and I'm saying it's not a casual statement every word has its bearing every word he's deliberately placed so when she speaks of he lied you and Elijah and I John the Baptist she's directing us to what concept to line up online she's comparing their history of the Millerites with the history of Elijah and the history of John the Baptist saw Jesus so you can see we've got three histories those three histories accurately traced our own history though we should already know this on a basic superficial level because we all know the we are commissioned to give the first second and third angels messages to the world we know that the Millerites did this and we know we're required to do this but when we go into the detail of these histories that's where we can learn more about not only our problems but the solution to our problems and our church is in problem and the point I wanted is to see that I mentioned a number of times now he's not only do we need to focus on the seventh day there's our Lord's judgment that they have the Lord's vengeance the Sunday law but we also need to focus on the day before the preparation day and we all know in our own experience has an Adventist the Friday the preparation day is the day of tests in fact if you go into a dictionary and see what probation means it means someone who's being tested to check or to verify whether their behavior is good or bad and so during these testing period Friday preparation day you had up to sunset to get your house in order of course that's the theory but you know 60 seconds before sunset you're not going to be able to get much food ready you already needs to begin a good while before in fact we should have all of our things sorted out a good while before sunset once we get to the seventh day it's then everyone knows whether you've passed or failed everyone being the unit of heaven in yourself and that principle is something that we've lost sight of when we come to endtime prophecy while it has its place to talk about the papacy the mark of the beast and all those related truths not only do we need to focus on the preparation before that but there's another important to state that Adventists make think about this Adventists will tell you that you need to be ready every single day and we've already spoken about this and hopefully I've shown you the fallacy of that argument I mean there's no way you're gonna cook Sabbath lunch on the Sunday before and that is sitting around a week it's just not how life works so to think that you're going to be ready for the Sunday law every single day of your life is really not based upon reality it's based upon a misunderstanding of prophecy now I fully understand that each of us may die and then when he comes to our personal salvation of course we need to have everything right with God but our purpose here on earth is more than our own personal welfare we were commissioned we were created to do a job the problem is if you fail to do the job that you were given it actually impacts and affects your personal salvation the two cannot be separated and each of us is required to live in a fashion that we're not gonna die tonight the we will be alive when Jesus returns which means we need to live outside of our own personal needs desires and wishes so when you understand that then you realize you need to know what day Friday is because you're not gonna die before Sabbath so you need to prepare for Sabbath Sabbath is the Sunday law issue so the question you need to ask yourself question you need to ask the church question you need to ask God is how do you know is Friday what information do you have to mark the day of preparation and he has to be something that you don't have your own little private interpretation about God is very generous to us he realizes our weakness and our frailty why we so frail and weak it's not just our humanity know if you there's been a systematic attack could you say by Satan to destroy each and every one of us the destruction of the human being is not that straightforward or that easy Satan is not just given free rein to destroy our lives but he is certainly given access to us and that access even though measured limited God uses that you know to test our fidelity now when we come to Friday in a prophetic sense now God is getting ready to prepare us for the Sunday law and the problem is the group of people that he's going to use he finds us not fit for purpose we're just not good why what's the problem with us brew intelligent some of us have got degrees we're young many of us we have a measure of health what's the problem the problem is the Satan doesn't work like we work we really think about things in the short term Satan learned a plan from God he's extremely patient and he has long term plans so his scheme which brother Marco has been talking about and I began to allude to yesterday when with God's this evil here is he already has begun long before every single one of us was born to begin to plan to bring this church down and he did this systematically and you've seen how he prosecuted that work how he put he will go forward through the study that brother Marcos doing we can mark specific dates where we can see very clearly not a degeneration in our morality degeneration in these churches prophetic understanding when we talk about prophetic understanding we must remember we're talking about the gospel revelation 14 verse 6 talked about the everlasting gospel now in each generation in each story that God was it's the same gospel use these different words so the words that are used in the story of Elijah are different to the words that are used in the history of Christ are different than the words that are used in the story of Miller are different for the words that are used when the gospel was first introduced to humanity genesis 3:15 but I contend and I think it's verifiable in the scriptures the principle the idea behind this gospel is identical in whatever story you go through because the gospel is indeed everlasting only been one gospel now the gospel I is really a tool it's a plan it's a means by which God saves a person takes you from someone who is lost in trespasses and sins because who is your father because who was your father Adam so you were rated you were born in this condition now the purpose of the gospel is to take you for one family family of Adam to another family and they all Adam so go to first Corinthians 15 and it will talk about this because there are two atoms there's the original atom that we all know in Christ is also called Adam and this concept of being in these two families is built around the most famous Bible verse John 3:16 the God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son now when he gave His only begotten Son what did he give him for for what purpose so that he would be our Father just like Adam was our Father and if he was our Father and we are his children then how do we become the children of the Son of God he tells you in that chapter when Christ speaks the Nicodemus he says what to him you must be born again now if you try selling that to a Gentile someone is not Christian yeah they quite likely to believe you because they see themselves in an honest and real fashion if you try selling that to Nicodemus what would he say it's craziness because I'm already a Christian Jesus says whoa you're not a Christian you're a proud Pharisee the problem is crowd paris's think they look like Christians in fact other people think they look like Christians because they look good on the outside but on the inside therefore the rottenness the bones of dead men's but Nicodemus us we don't realize this we don't realize our condition so when God says open your mouth and take your medicine we say to him we're not even sick and he says you don't really understand your true condition Revelation chapter 3 verse 14 and onwards we lay the seeing and our primary problem is that we're blind which means we don't even see our conditions good asked a question by one so coming back to us reform like there's a references that we need to go through and it's the first angels message revelation 14 verse T six and seven that will bring about this Reformation following the Reformation the second angels message comes and the second angel helps us to arise or arouse arousal means to live to stand up and to live so it's the work of the second angel to bring this revival yes the reason why it says revival just by hope or just lie because it has this prefix in front of it these pre specs of read in the English it can be real or read I know it's not like Dinah Spanish but I think the principle is the same and this means to go back there yeah so it means to go back now the Greek and Hebrew language you're very rich and we'll be starting out this concept of going back it can also have this idea of repeat or doing a game so we'll put do again so has this connotation of going back or doing things again and when you do things again it has this connotation of repeat which is not a very good way of defining something because you can't define the prefix read with the word repeat it's a self circular argument go back or to do again as if you see me quicker and then you have the third angels message though there you message the message of judgment we could go to John chapter 16 verse eight we'll read that as we're turning there I'll give some background John Jesus is about to leave he's preparing for the crucifixion and he's trying to prepare his disciples Jesus is the comforter he's the one that's brought comfort to his disciples before he leaves he tells them he brings them comfort it says don't worry when I go I'm going to send someone else in my place another comforter this other comes through is the Holy Spirit and he's going to explain the work of the comforter the Holy Spirit explains that in verse eight now if we were to read the Pauline versus what we're not going to the verses that come after eight he then goes and explains in a bit more detail he's actually verses 9 to 11 the details of the work of the Holy Spirit while one is the sea I'll put it here John we read John chapter 16 verse they is a summary and verse 9 through 11 explains the work of the Holy Spirit the three steps by the way we know this is the third angels message third a your message if you've read the verses is dealing with not receiving the mark of the beast and if you do there's this the veer warning of judgment that will come to you I've already connected each iconic these subjects with the Sabbath on it so by the seventh day we you've seen us do that now if you were to look at the Sabbath and you were to go through Bible words you'd normally go to the book of Exodus and you go to Exodus chapter 20 now in Exodus chapter 20 when it comes to the fourth commandment like it does in John chapter 16 introduces the subject in verse 8 says remember and then the next verse tells you what to remember and how to remember and so you'll see that the Sabbath commandment begins in verse 9 and ends in verse 11 so you'll see there's no coincidence if you're gonna follow through with this principle of line upon line words repeating concepts and ideas repeating stories repeating you know we're not all the same we're not all the same some of us when we were born were born with five talents some were only born with one talent as we've grown up some people have developed their talent five talents okay and some have only be able to develop one talent these talents are gifts from God whether they have been given to us after we were born or whether we receive them when we were born they're all gifts from now if you go and do a study on these talents you can see that they symbolize different things but one of the things that they symbolize these are intellectual capability to put it bluntly some people are more studious than others more capable of studying not everyone is capable of going to university to express it in a crass fashion not correctly in a rude way some people are cleverer than others some people just never catch up you know in the story of the talents one is five one his - the one with two talents can he ever catch up No he has a hundred percent success rate you could say he doubles his knowledge which means he only has for one with five he will just as hard and he doubled and now he's got ten so they're never going to catch up they're never going to come onto parity it's just God's will it's God's will the humanity should be like this so when it comes to Bible study not all of us are able to understand things in the same way or to the same day or explain things in the same way or all to the same day I would suggest this basic overview every one of you can see you can understand and explain if we were to go into more detail more dates more connecting links some of us would struggle some of us it would take some time to get to grasp with some of these things God is good he makes things as easy as he can one of the things that he's done he embedded into the Bible particularly when the King James Version was created not only the choice of words which white sometimes difficult to study in Spanish don't get me wrong 80 90 percent of the time it's fine it's only these few circumstances that you get problems but is let's close her Russell through the scriptures he's let clues in all the numbers that he gives us God is the person if we can say this why he invented mathematics the loved one might even go that might be might be God I don't even know what way to talk about mathematics he's the one that controls numbers all the Bible prophecies that we had you can say many many numbers here some of the calculations that give you time spans based upon dates you can see there's a whole column here of days my beliefs my faith isn't these days we're specifically given to us by God now don't if you know this principle God has got different jobs at one moment he does this job in another moment he does this job so he could come and wipe your tears away he could come and smack you he could come and kiss you like a lover or he could be your best friend and you could tell him all your secrets sometimes God speaks about himself in the singular sometimes in the plural in Genesis he says let us make man now when God starts talking about numbers he has a name in fact for all of these roles he has a name if you have a man you can call him father brother my husband friend of your master my the same person but you give him different names what the different names for to describe his role in that particular circumstance God is no different when God starts talking about numbers he has a special name and that name is found in Daniel chapter 8 verse 13 the problem is when you read the words his name's not there because when he got translated it just said one person spoke to another person unpressurized the same in Spanish when he got translated I don't know why well I've got a hunch because God didn't want us to say that but the name of Jesus in that verse wasn't translated into our language but is there in the original and his name is pal Mona says once I spoke to another same Jesus he speaking to Gabriel and Jesus has got a name in that verse it's called palimony I don't know how you do in Spanish it is pretty so his name is Paulo Roy in Palermo name means the wonderful number of the one who controls numbers I'm suggesting many people notice it would not agree this when God controls those numbers it's not just these dates the pagination of the Bible and I would suggest it's not a coincidence that all of these verses have this 911 relationship I didn't you know anything about American history I'm sure you do but when America was being settled it was done by Europeans and the main two languages but they were going to use to write those official government documents was German or English ended up being in English which changed history forever earlier just think about the Second World War yeah United States was a german-speaking country you know in Le Monde now when they chose English the Americans didn't like the English and they did many things to oppose them they spelt was differently they developed their own little cliché phrases one thing they also did they change the way they wrote their dates from what the Europeans did the British and they swapped it round so I'm not sure what you do here but in most of Europe in the UK you have the day first and then you have the month but the Americans do it the other way round what's interesting is that the King James Bible were written by European english-speaking people English wrote this book I think in Malaysia but the Americans who are the central focus of endtime prophecy they say when they did their dates I did it the wrong way round when they broke their dates they wrote it the other way around so hold that thought in your mind I've been a member so we spoke about John 16 it says talks about fear God give him glory for the hour of his judgment has come three steps and we saw it's a trick bus we went there because we saw the judging was the third step go to Acts chapter 24 we'll read verses 24 and 25 think with all degree the Paul was a man of God he was a man that was raised up for his own generation and he was led by the Holy Spirit so when he preached the gospel acts 24 24 they taught me to be quiet when he preached the gospel he was led by the Holy Spirit and so he would use the same methodology that the Holy Spirit would use now when he's preaching to this person you see the uses the same methodology these three steps so I'm just focusing on the last part spokes about righteousness temperance and judgement yeah I do very 24 and 25 and 20 24 and 25 two verses we should have read two verses so we see that when he speaks to Felix he wants him to be converted to become a Christian he's gonna deliver the gospel it's in these three steps and it ends with judgment always ends with judgment so when this judgment happens I think I got this then we see that there's disappointment there's a disappointment not to the third angel comes and we read what their disappointment was I preconceived ideas having gone through that disappointment there's a work of restoration and what got restored or began to be restored the Sabbath because he's connected with the third angel and what else the image of God so one is to remember this third angels message is connected with the restoration of the image of God second 33rd minute now the restoration of the image of God was that one level is a creative process it's also a work of maturity or growth studies we did during the day we went through this in some detail so what I want is to see that when the third angel does its work there's gonna be this work there's going to be this experience of disappointment and restoration afterwards evil begins to creep into the church they forget the work that they're supposed to do and they begin to backslide and many people heal their faith and then we read there's this other angel some Adventists call it the fourth angel is not the fourth and we see when this angel comes down revelation 18 verses 1 to 3 what does he say he says the same words of the second name so you know this other angel is we change your second angel so what is the keep that in the back of our minds and we read he comes down at the right time just when this third angel is beginning to do its work with power all the way we ready for my local demos it says it came in just the right moment when the third angels message swells to allow cry so you knew one thing I want is to see hopefully you can already see it these work of restoration and then evil creep scene so there's this very danger that's doing its work and there's this time period where evil occurs bah this other angel comes down and when it comes down if this is the third angel it comes just at the right moment it joins with the third angel at the same time that the third angels message begins to swell or grow there's a confluence of events these two angels join together at the right time here now it's the third angel here is beginning is gonna begin to swell to a loud cry then what do you know you know that this evil has come and gone so the time period the evil has already passed away now in this passage it doesn't tell you when that happens so the evil came in here and I'm saying the evil must have passed before in Ola for the third a new beginning to begin to swell to allow cry winner comment southern German dancing I'm gonna put hair power the third angels message is now given with power or Lao cry and here it was not able to do that because of this apostasy so we know after Miller write history and what day is this if we're going to use this Miller right history 1844 October 22nd from October 22nd - when this third angel joins this other angel sorry when this other I do joins the third angel that this period of apostasy must have occurred and finished this period of apostasy or evil is the history that brother Marco is dealing with I think you hope hopefully you'll remember he took you from the year 742 to 723 to 677 to 1798 1844 those two days of these two dates and then he took you to the year 1863 and the reason he did that or the methodology behind that is what we might call a mirror or a reflection now all of you did this in elementary school take a piece of paper fold it in half open it get a paintbrush and make a mark here and make a mark here then what do you do see we all know what to do you fold it in half and you open it and what you get you get a mirroring or a reflection so this is elementary mathematics but it's also a principle or a rule in Bible study and is called a chiasm they're right it's almost right if it's not right it's almost there you'll know what we're talking about so this chiasm yes is a well-established rule of biblical interpretation many people use this so all of these these prophecy that you show is exactly that it's a mirroring and I'm not going to go through the days because he already did this for you it was a timeline if you remember and you remember hopefully how these things connect together and how you get from this event to this event to this event so the reason why this day 1863 is important is because it brings you here where they go in the church begins and then what we can do we could trace the the tracks of evil as it gets progressively worse in our church so there's gonna come a time when that evil stores and what we're gonna see when we've got these three angels which is the everlasting gospel and then you get this fourth angel we're gonna see that this history here is nothing more than a repeat of this history back here once you come out of this evil now we call it evil here but I want to call it evil here if we call it evil here and this was darkness the we could call this darkness and even though we didn't read this proxy quite they show that we can so once you can see that the evil has all the same characteristics as this evil you can begin to see how this is going to work because this angel is saying whoa babylon is fallen we understand that why angel is that second angel it's the walk before the second angel the first angel when the first angel come at the end of the darkness can we see how the pattern is already beginning to develop these are the range oh here is the second angel I put in parentheses because it's the work of the second angel in our history the period of darkness or even has come to an end just when the third angel is going to begin to give this loud cry let me rephrase that just before the third angels message begins to swell to a loud cry this is the same message before that what needs to happen before the second you need the first and if that's the first you can begin to see how this history is now repeating and all of this you can see how it was done it was done by taking spirit of prophecy quotes many of them proxy quotes that we're familiar with particularly the ones from early writings and the great controversy and we get those quotes and what did we do we hook them onto these lines so you just hook them in the right place once you do that you can begin to see how history repeats so I'm just going to review that before we move on so I want to show you this is not some kind of trickery we got them in the right history and for most of us Miller right history ends here in 1844 but it really does not it carries on for a time period afterwards I'm pretty sure if I saw the board work correctly if I saw the board correct the brother marker gave us a date of 1850 and the reason why we put 1850 is because we have these two charts and this chart was produced in 1850 that char if we were to put a title to it it just says visions of Daniel and John if I were to put my title on it I would call it the char for public evangelism this char was created for the message of Adventism to go to the world they taken the information on this char corrected one mistake the year 1843 goes to 1844 and then they added two pieces of information though dangers message the Sabbath and a clarification of what the sanctuary was sooner and that's all the information that's here you can see the third angel's message and you can see the sanctuary so that's what that chart was used for so you come to 1850 and now people begin to backslide the church begins to go into a later scene condition and then by 1863 we are fully into apostasy and this history now is repeating all the events of 7:42 are now been repeated in 1863 we go into darkness and now we repeating this history again we're gonna have the first angel second angel and then the third angel in our history and is our purpose it's all need to understand this history carefully we need to understand when this day occurs and when this day occurs that's what we're required to do I'm saying this here is the sixth day the day of the Lord's preparation and this is the seventh day so this is the sunday sabbath issue and this is the preparation for that period and if you don't know when this event is happening you're not going to know when this angel comes down by the way this angel that comes down is it a real angel literal it's not it's a symbol of us is it symbolizing us today no no why not you know because we're not prepared it's not Sun say how do we know because we need to see external events we need to see a Sunday Lord problem is when that Sunday law comes I think you said that they were already Sunday laws here in your own country across the world the sunny laws that you have here already many countries have got the same laws but they're not enforced and they're going to be enforced more laws will be added and the week leader become more stringent sometimes we think that we're going to wake up one day check the news and we'll read that there was a Sunday law passed in America today last night when you were sleeping and there we wake up wheezing we better get ready do something panic it's not gonna be like that we're going to slip into that Sunday law we're going to slip into it slide and many of us won't be aware of it because there's going to be an escalation a tightening up of Sunday law restrictions and when they begin to attack the Sabbath first it will be very gentle and you'll miss it so if we're not seeing what this day is what this day is I'm just saying generally if we don't say or this day then when the time for this adieu to come down for us to begin to do this world we won't be able to do it we read this was early writings 277 paragraph 1 it says the work of this angel comes in at the right time I'm saying each of us is required to know when the Sunday those gonna happen so that we can begin to give this cry is predicated on the facts but you know these two-way marks ghani's good when you go back into this history here he doesn't just give you these two he gives you other way marks so that you're able to track your way through this history so even though I've just given you a singular way mark there are more way marks than that so here I've got at least four now before you get to this history we've already given you this one 1863 we're any of you alive in 1863 No so you know 1863 which was the beginning of this darkness is a different generation to the end when did this darkness begin this is 1798 this is the 1260 538 you remember this brother Marco game if you check the time span from here to here and you have it exactly halfway I'll redraw it up here 723 1798 its two thousand five hundred twenty years if you have that you get twelve hundred sixty another way of saying this same calculation we know that 1,260 is three and a half x + 7 x divided by two is three and a half twelve sixteen twelve sixty three and a half times and three and a half times and this date therefore is 538 if you check the mathematics if you go from 723 BC to 538 ad it's exactly 1260 years so what I'm saying is this history here which is this history here is half of this period here in this period is the punishment or the evil the gods people that's going to come upon God's people because of their previous sins and in this history God's people's prophetic understanding goes from bad to worse just think about this when it first began 723 every one of God's people understood what the Sabbath was by time you get halfway some people understand what the Sabbath is by the time you get to the end no one understands about the Sabbath so you see this progressive degeneration by the way is the Sabbath of moral issue or apathetic primarily it's a prophetic issue marriage the prophetic subject that's clothed in morality so I'm saying over these two and a half thousand years two and a half thousand years the Gauss people lost the understanding of the Sabbath their understanding of prophecy got destroyed the way my describes this in fact the way Daniel describes it in chapter 12 is the book gets sealed or closed so no one can understand and then this book is going to be opened or unsealed at the time of the end the unsealing of the book is an increase of information or light on what subject understanding to the judgment all we could say on the subject of the Sabbath this this anonymous concepts so it took two and a half thousand years to destroy the Sabbath and then it's going to take 46 years to re-establish it wasn't just the Sabbath that was destroyed there were many more prophetic truths and one of them was about the state of the Dead because the Jews understood about the state of the Dead by the time you get to here every Christian Protestant or Catholic thinks when you die you go straight to heaven and worse than that they've got eternally burning hell and they've got a place called purgatory you all concepts made by man to instill fear into the people so they could demand obedience and control the masses so this degeneration isn't just about the Sabbath God's people have gone into spiritualism the spiritualism is so bad in this history William Miller has to fight against this because he's gonna preach a literal second Advent and he's gonna fight against spiritualism because they exclaiming is going to be a spiritual Advent I don't if you know but it's in this history here the subject of spiritualism gets sorted out before the Sabbath so if you take that concept and bring it into our history we've got spiritualism in our church you might have called spiritualism for a simple way of understanding spiritualism is you place your word your authority over god's word and his authority so your life isn't controlled by the Bible it's controlled by your own thoughts and feelings in this history it was addressed when these people were resurrected when they were revived before the Sabbath so when we come to this darkness here it's a multiple the Daffy's are the multiple levels you might ask yourself the question we still keep the Sabbath and my response is you keep on thinking this is a moral issue this is the prophetic issue the Sabbath is not only a moral concept when you do it every seven days just like a neutral marriages when you commit a dull adultery that's a moral issue but marriage is a parable it's an inactive relationship between two human beings can we do that we already did this here's the woman a literal woman she's married to a man what does this mean it means that you with your male or female you are the bride and who you marrying Jesus so we know marriage is an enacted parable about a prophetic reality so when we come to this history the Sabbath has been destroyed what I mean it's not our every seventh-day Sabbath keeping that we do yesterday I saw everybody was looking at their watches looking for sunset we'll do the same later on today it's not a moral attack the Sabbath it's now has been destroyed and what I mean by that our church is lost his direction it's lost his bearings on this issue of the Sunday law issue we certainly have gone into spiritualism even if you don't consider spiritual formation the fact that there are so many wings of doctrine in the church so we different perspectives he's teaching us the everyman he's doing what's right in his own eyes and we no longer have unity so spiritualism is certainly rife in the church and we could go on and on so when this angel comes down it occurs off the first angel has done its work and we need to know when that event is and I contend that the way church our church understands and teaches endtime prophecy we have no visibility of how to trace when this event occurs and so what we teach is when the event occurs in which sure has happened then we're going to run around come to prayer meetings seek for help and have some vain attempt of getting ready early writings page 207 77 paragraph 2 it's the next paragraph what we're gonna see in this yeah there's an event occurs which is called the midnight cry this term midnight cry comes from Matthew 25 power the ten virgins so L my is gonna take a knee bend here to another history district out near sea ice potential that participate also check out the yellow Yoshi a $4 sometimes it can instruct a policy as a complement to ascertain exactly within the idea come on now we're gonna see here our car this is gonna parallel this midnight cry with the loud cry that's here and so this passage is just a continuation of the paragraph that we read before we want to pick up a number of things he says angels were sent to the a to aid the mighty angel from heaven they pretend they are today and there were voices that sounded everywhere come out of her my people he says this message was in addition to the third message and he joined it as the midnight cry during the second angels message in 1844 energy immediately Quattro since the glory of God rested upon the people and without fear they gave the last warning talking about the punishment or the fall of Babylon are you doing and telling people God's people to come out of Babylon the reason why this is an important passage go back to the first sentence the first half of the sentence he says angels were sent to help the mighty angel this is the mighty angel here so I'll put it here this is the mighty angel and then what does he say he says other angels came to join this came to hell so what we want to see is that this angel when it comes it's been going to be joined or held and she's gonna parallel this history with this history so the reason why this passage is important it's because when we talk about the 1st 2nd and 3rd messages it now introduces the concept that in each history it already speaks about the second in this context the when the second angel message does it has its history it's in two steps there's the arrival of the second and then there's the empowerment of the second the second ager comes in these two steps it says this message seemed to be in addition to the third message joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angels message in 1844 energy senia in video chat once a quarter I mean second it's a Goomba so we see that there are angels here at the midnight cry which is that concept taken from Matthew 25 which helped this angel when it came here and I'm calling it the arrival in the empowerment Uganda and we can see a similar concept here so that'll the point I want is to bring forth from that that it's from this passage when we develop our skies will see murderer history you have the arrival in the impoundment of the first as well next passage 29 it's gonna say this the second job in both histories is a cleansing message second selected messages page 118 paragraph 2 focuses comments saw so many theory or Puako the appear in the templo de super afanasiy on psychedelia umbrella so she was a special meaning failure few rather significant yes in russia mouse Alice realistic it is a Carioca a joinha yes we are we know this we wrote a super mega C on a core value sister sea urchin in a proclamation and Anantha was basically the sample the ocean awoke initiated a leadership well camino para gonna say participate because near sea right purpose laughs cookies because angela is Sierra you said what are some fun dice value C cut researcher quite reasonable so she talks about Jesus is cleaning the tempo no he says he does this twice and she compares this compared to the last work for the warning of the world con la última over there for another and when she does this she says there are two distinct calls the first call was here in millerite history and the second call would be here in our history the first call says come out of Babylon my people first cleansing second call come out of Babylon my people the second cleanse and she connects revelation 14 verse 8 then connects that with Revelation 18 verses 4 and 5 and when she makes that connection she calls it the loud cry of the third angel John each other Shama what everyone so this loud cry here it is revelation these are for analysis 18 4 & 5 researcher what I see now when we spoke here in 2nd selected messages will see that these two messages we have are the church given the message to the world it says those people who are in the world they need to come out of that system and join the church those people are in the world they need to lead that system and join the church now we're gonna read another connected statement number 30 testimonies to the church volume 9 in page 228 Betina similar to the guatrau your summer actually literally Memorial Veneto incorrect LOL a social era sólo permitted as athletes unica's relation esthercita for a lot of our security she's going to take the history of Christ cleaning the temple twice temple cleansing so she's gonna take these temple cleansing but the Monica because in an attempt though and she's going to use this twice once in mineral history once in our own history and she connects this with revelation 14 and Revelation 18 and these two passages through these two histories remember this his second selected messages page 118 number 29 this was the cord that the church gives to those who are in the world remember the church he's not Babylon no never has been never will be but she's gonna take that same history to Temple and she's going to apply it once for the world and the second time for whom for the church can take the same story to play two different ways and this is what we teach in our message into the world we first have to take ourselves in the world we believe that we're dead go to Romans chapter 3 verse 9 and here you'll see Paul's commentary on the condition of the church in his day and age from history 9 when he makes his commentary if the church is here where my brother is this is the church where is Paul is he standing with this brother with the church or is he standing outside and commented on the church he's on the outside not on the inside with the church and now he's commenting on the condition of the church remember we read Hebrews chapter 8 verse 13 813 my brother the church he's ready to vanish away to be destroyed Paul is going to go from strength to strength Romans 3 9 it says it begins by saying he's already proven the point that he wants to make now is the summary position so you reach up to 1 chapter 2 in the first part of chapter 3 and he's already proven why he's about to say and this is what he's gonna say the church is in the same condition as the world it says they're all under sin all condemned Oh lost no difference this is why Paul resisted those people who are forcing the Talz to be circumcised when they came Christians because when that New Testament church is created if you get circumcised physically it's a sign of death not life so signed of bondage not freedom because you're in the flesh you're not in the spirit the whole of the New Testament is built upon this paradigm the church and the Gentiles are in the same condition lost and then they're going to be this new movement Ephesus and who's a part of Ephesus the Jews and the Gentiles who's part of the lost group the Jews and the Gentiles you've got two factions two groups who are antagonistic towards one another one of them is the Jews and the Gentiles what's the other one the Jews and the Gentiles the same with these two groups of fighting against each other we could spend a long time looking at this but the point I want us to see is when we go to this idea of purifying the world prefigured or symbolized by the cleansing of the sanctuary in the time of Christ happens twice she's going to use the same symbology to show us that the church needs to be purified too and we all know hopefully according to Peter when cleansing when cleansing or judgment comes did I say call into Peter I meant Daniel according to Daniel judgment comes to whom first first the church then the world and which Bible verse is that in the Book of Daniel Daniel chapter 8 verse 13 but it doesn't say that so don't look you have to construct a you need to go to Daniel 9 25 26 and 27 we'll do it quickly the 2300 days we have three key dates 457 1844 and 34 ID 490 years 1810 years great controversy and the white confirms this this is a history of what subject I want to post theme here we'll go to Isaiah 28 17 and we read what will you he later the line judgment wizard so this is a story about judgment who gets judged first the church then who gets judged the world so judgment first comes to the church then the world of course Peter that says the same Peter says judgment must first come to the house of God and then he says something interesting he says hardly anything the church is gonna be saved how bad is it gonna be when the world is judged hardly anybody in the church will be saved when the judgment comes we already understand God he says what do you think is gonna be like with these people you don't even know God so we understand the principle first the church then the world you can go to Matthew chapter ten verses five and six same principle Jesus commands his disciples not to go to the world first you have to go to the church in 1844 when the Millerites understood who they were from 44 to 50 they did no evangelism first they understood the message for themselves they understood who they were what their role was before they went to the world if you don't return to Matthew 10 5 and 6 it said go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel not to the Gentiles or the Samaritans come anytime coming back to test mr. Church folding knowing it talks about the purifying of the tempo no and she says he will purify his church even as he purified the temple Alyssia a sycamore quality at the beginning and the close of his ministry so the purification of the temple here in these two histories one is for the world of the church in these two histories the first one is pointing to the Tinch provocation of the world and the second one to the church I first of all it talks about the world in the church and will do in the order that it happens first of church then the world there's another principle that I want us to see we've gone from millerite history to our history to temple cleansing first the church then the world that's what we're going to see in our history before the world can get dealt with we need to understand and accept the gospel for ourselves we understand hopefully you were beginning to understand about line upon line we can get this concept remember the whole history of Christ is our own history I'll draw that out for you history of Christ the purification of the Church of the temple happens twice in the history of Christ not only can you apply it to millerite history in our history you can also apply it to our own history when it comes to the church this church is going to be purified twice to groups and where do we see this principle in the story of whom remember the story of Noah the man and the clean animals both symbols of the church so you see this concept of two temple cleansing the church gets cleaned up twice we're currently in the first step of cleansing equipment and there's going to be a second step following you before we get to the world and we're going to drink one more before we close number 31 review and Herald August 19th 1890 paragraph 3 remember we said this midnight cry where did that symbol come from this evil Matthew 25 she's gonna tell us that the parable of the ten virgins there was fulfilled in this history is gonna be repeated in our history so that's what we're going to get from this passage my yourself in a city open police say William a Wednesday April - there is an SEO company no no Alana a maneuver member caroleparaguay even a behemoth Cinco de Corazon answer yes the sequence and sagas kappa Raoul de estilo ysera cumplir al la lettre shigeki Nona application Michelle Perez de tiempo y se one man second person can say are going please say that's another present between the campus so I think the passage is relatively straightforward so the power was fulfilled in this history you can be fulfilled in our history I want to add one more point other White's writings are not as straightforward as we think I'm gonna draw this again this is Miller right history and this is our history so in between here is all of this all of this that we spoke about she says this was the first temple cleansing this is the second temple cleansing so she spanned this history like this she says the power of the ten virgins was fulfilled and will be fulfilled we then saw that we can do a temple cleansing here in our history I wait to see how we're using this line upon line over and over again this is where it can become confusing Matthew 25 once Matthew 25 twice and what she just did in this passage you read carefully she also said Matthew 25 which is a third way of understanding game she says he began here and carries on all through this history but it was fulfilled completely here and it'll be fulfilled completely in our history but she also spans these two histories when you're confronted with these information for the first time I know it's difficult to understand but if you don't see these concepts when you start talking about revelation 18 you begin to make big mistakes and that's what we have done as a people and he's using this methodology the begins to correct and clarify these issues I did it like I remember I say otherwise I'll try to remember I said so when we approach problem about the second angel if we don't use a correct methodology which is this line upon line methodology we will make mistakes in this application so that's the essence of what I wanted to say and you can see it here and I know this is not easy to understand of how you can get 1/2 being applied three times the one that's the hardest to see is because what we do we take Miller right history which is Matthew 25 we take our history which is Matthew 25 and we bring this underneath like a parable and we say they're parallel histories but other why he's not gonna do it that way she's gonna say Matthew 25 began here and ends here and in the same breath you say it was all fulfilled here and it's this issue that brings confusion to people especially when it comes to this angel and that's why we call it the fourth angel we have made a grave mistake because it makes you blind makes it extremely difficult to understand what's being taught because this is not another angel in the next presentation we'll discuss this further let's pray Heavenly Father we ask him pray for a blessing we offer you guidance direct our thoughts that we might have a clear understanding of your word and receive the blessing that we need we know that these things are not easy not only to understand but remember we ask for the Holy Spirit to be sent to guide us and to encourage us help us not to be surprised you already warned us that we need to have an intellectual understanding of these things we've been told that we need to strain every fiber of our minds as much energy if not more that we spend in our secular studies help us in Jesus's name