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let's show 
dear sir 
bless us with your presence in that hour 
as well 
we want to ask for that in the name of Jesus 
OK thanks 
and wife we ​​have here a 
another help to understand the subject of 
the different calendars notice here 
above is the Hebrew calendar 
the year begins with the month of Nisan 
it has months and they are twelve months like 
our calendar 
if they go tamouz up to be 
martín is van kislev tibet sabbath to give 
ok are 12 months 
but as you can see the 
correspondence with our calendar 
it's very different 
what for them is the first month of 
year in us was about April 
April May June if we are 
talking about July they are in the 
fourth month but for us July 
seventh month then that's the 
there is no equality let's say in there is no 
at the beginning of the end of the months and the 
neither year for them the year with 
ends here and a new year begins and 
for us the year finishes here 
in December that for them it would be the month 
of tibet does not correspond 
now if you want to find that day 
in that calendar is not the end of the year 
for them and for us not 
and from there we arrive at those dates that the 
first day of the new year for us 
it's spring in the middle of the year 
ok on April 19 
then if we 
here we are still talking about 1843 
and now in January we entered 1,154 
for them still this year let's say 43 
the end of 43 the end of the 2,300 afternoons 
tomorrow is just here and for us 
it's already 44 
I think that is also better understood 
that we had said the last thing 
elena white explains 
there was a prophetic fulfillment in baku 
predicted that they had that today they were going to 
produce a diagram write the vision and 
declares the in tablets that vision then 
the vision of the coming of Christ in 44 
that vision they wrote to those who 
the diagram 
and it's a prophetic diagram god wanted 
the figures as well as there were the inah 
white says that also in early 
written pages of 374 
we can continue with the events 
We are on the first day of the first month 
produces the first click disappointed 
and the virgins begin to nod 
then we are going into the 
delay time the next big 
event was going to be the first day of the 
fifth month in the Hebrew calendar and the 
arrival in jerusalem east 
this date corresponds exactly to 
another event in the mining industry and that 
Was the day 
and august 
34th fifth month and corresponds August 
and the first of 
of apps would be exactly for us 
on August 15 
this year 
every year is different in 2015 not 
is going to be different because they 
they do not have 365 days and so many hours and 
they have 360 ​​days 
and then once in a while they place 
another month here 
to achieve more or less 
that's why the thing gets a little complicated 
already but on August 15 in our 
exactly corresponded to the 
first day of the end of the fifth month the 
arrival in jerusalem which was the league of 
jerusalem in mixed stars as 
they were not 
or were on the way to somewhere if 
they were on their way 
to the promised city 
and on that day that happened on August 15 
that same day there was a camp like that 
like this one but only in tents in 
a city that was called xstrata 
except the usa 
in that city of that comes your 
from the 12 
until August 17 , one thousand 800 
now in this camp 
there were those who wanted Christ 
come but they were still sleeping 
or they did not understand that there was 
passed some sad discouraged but 
with the hope that the word of God 
is going to meet 
and in this camp 
movement leader was preaching his 
name was weitz 
I was a sailor 
He was a person who could lead in 
difficult times he preached and during 
his preaching comes a young man on a 
horse and the name of that young man was 
What does snow mean? 
snow and samuel snow 
actually his name of samuel 
let's put your name right 
samuel or 
that's why when it opened in the 
literature his name gets sss 
Young silverstone arrive his horse and 
arrives at the camp of the brothers of 
the sisters a little interest decide 
discouraged and he says look I discovered 
one thing 
and I discovered how it works that there was 
I can explain what the error was 
I can explain why Christ did not come 
here as we had all thought 
and his sister listening to that gets up 
in the presentation and says brother bites 
what you say we already know 
it's nothing new does not help us because we 
please stop talking to my brother he 
It has new 
good news 
at least times he said come young then 
you take the pulpit and began to 
explain and on August 15 the camp 
had started from 12 
is presented in a sermon on August 15 
what we later call and 
we understood that it was the clamor 
and I'll explain why that was the 
Midnight love 
in that message that he had 
he explained what we have tried yesterday 
to explain 
that you have to take into account the year 
complete if the decree comes out in the fall 
It has to end in autumn 
the decree did not come out the first 
of 457 first day of first if we 
He left late in the year and because he entered 
late one year enters our calendar 
to the year 1844 
specifically the tenth day of the 
seventh month 
this was the discovery and the 
explanation and the message of being news 
when the miners understood that, 
it produced a revival in the 
let's read here some quotes like 
elena white explains why do not forget 
she was witness of those events 
she lived participated in this 
Look please 
I'll explain a few things before 
before reading the text 
in August 15 corresponding to the 
test tube of the first day of the fifth 
a group of miners that still 
they were hopeful that Christ was going 
to come and that all the prophecies that I 
he had explained it and they were all 
who the diagram had not were not 
false they receive that message and that 
message explains the error of them 
he explains them because supposedly 
had taken the husband and that in 
reality had not taken but them 
had misunderstood the events and that 
Christ had to come here 
notice how long it was that was 15 
of August and this here on the tenth day 7 a 
month was October 22 how many months 
very little time we are talking about almost 
only two months August to October 10 
and 15 22 ago here was now missing little that 
we had lived in abacus wait in the 
wait in the vision 
although I will take what would happen to her 
it was fulfilled but as it explains how it 
You will either meet again 
verse 3 is very interesting what 
says the verse here although the vision 
it will still take for a while longer it 
hurry towards the end 
here since April the vision had 
it took a little while four months but 
to finish two months just hurried 
for those who understood two months ago 
we have Christ time comes 
and the vision hastened toward the end 
because it is the midnight cry 
when it is midnight 
at 2 and at 0 in the middle of the 
night is not true if you count 
the days here 
and from here to here you would say that 
that was exactly half the night 
specifically half of the movement 
Summers not really had given you the 
message a little before on July 21 the 
I had already preached the change of 
midnight somewhere else 
he had preached the message but the 
people had not understood it had not 
understood yet 
some and most not just on 15 
August the movement accepted that logic 
was the message on July 21 when 
firstly what 
he preached in the tabernacle of boston is 
exactly half between 19 of 
April and October 22 and if I 
I remember well they are here 95 days and here 95 
it can be 94 days or something 
they take out the calculation 
it's exactly half this event is 
the midnight cry is midnight 
half in the middle of the road 
and then you can see that pretty much 
they are more or less three months or so 
three months here at this time in the 
they understand is they have come to 
midnight and at that time they 
they understand the error but 
what about those who had already 
delayed here the message that goes on with 
angels who had not had patience 
what's wrong with them that did not accept 
messages is a water 
they come to be revealed as the virgins 
the midnight cry divides the group 
of the mileuristas among the virgins 
that from the beginning was foolish 
but now they are evident already occurs 
the division at that time 
and there we want to read a text and I said 
let me find 
look for the text that starts with 
so much in this parable 
there is this is a text 
of conflict the centuries page 444 
in Spanish if I do not come there 
two versions of the centuries one more 
old 1954 and a more modern 
you can generally trust much more 
in the older versions although there are 
also things not so well translated 
but that is the one of the old version 
both in that parable and in that of 
matteo 24 two classes of 
both had taken their lamps 
he is talking here about the two club 
the two groups of the ten virgins 
the bible had taken their lamps the 
bible web discipline and its light 
they went out to receive the husband but 
while the foolish when 
they took their lamps they did not take oil 
I get that they did not take it with them 
they did not cling to the bible I had read 
something and they left but leave one 
bible back and then trust your 
own explanations and logic and 
while the foolish when 
they took their lamps they did not take oil 
I get the wise ones took oil in 
their vessels together with their lamps 
the latter have received 
must have been received the grace of 
God the regenerating and illuminating power 
the holy spirit that made his 
word in a torch 
for the feet of the holy spirit 
then symbol of the oil that illuminates 
the bible made them understand the bible and 
so they had a torch to find 
the way 
a torch for the feet and a light to 
the path in order to know the truth 
they had studied the scriptures in the 
fear of god and had sought with 
ardor that there was purity in his heart and 
in their life they had personal experience 
faith in God and in his word and this does not 
they could erase it this could not erase it 
the disappointment and procrastination 
as for the other virgins when 
they took their lamps they did not take oil 
with him 
next page 
they had driven their fears on impulse 
they had been awakened by the solemn 
message but they had relied on the faith 
of your sisters satisfied with the light 
hesitant of good emotions without 
thoroughly understand the truth and without 
the grace would have truly worked 
in their hearts 
they had gone out to receive the husband full 
of hope in the perspective of a 
immediate reward but they were not 
prepared for the delay or for the 
mishap or tests did not come 
his faith wavered and his lights dimmed 
then what is the difference between 
two groups of virgins 
how were the wise virgins 
prepared as they were prepared 
they had with them first what 
the Bible but they let work in their 
lives to whom 
to the holy spirit that he makes in the life of 
one if one takes the bible and lets the 
Holy spirit works in one that makes 
with you 
prepare transform your character 
the other foolish virgins who 
they had in their hand 
the Bible 
they thought that Christ and to come if 
they were happy for that information 
they were willing to go through 
but what they lacked 
that they were missing 
the holy spirit they would not like 
they made the next step was a 
information and even in feliciano to that 
nothing else I need, I believe but I 
I believe the whole heart Christ comes 
but nothing else there was not a deep 
change in their lives 
only this 
many of us do not want to study 
many prophecy almost always with it 
I present well in personalized but 
because prophecy is right says but not 
For all of us it is not that complicated 
She says is already well what you say christ 
it comes is what I need I believe nothing 
more so I need all the details 
these things I did not invent that is in the 
bible and the bible leaves us those things and 
for entertaining we have a message 
deep has a lesson 
and if one takes that then one lets that 
the holy spirit works in those lives the 
understanding of that has consequences 
For our lives 
let us cheat that is not for 
stimulate the intellect that not only 
interesting information those are things 
that will change our being 
if we really accept this 
and that's the this was the result that 
it was the experience of the virgins 
continuing to study the bible says 
elena banz others do not study that they have 
done we trusted who 
the other foolish ones relied on 
who in her friends says 
maybe second that you trust me 
watch out 
fixed with that I am a human being and 
what the bible says about beings 
humans do not have to trust beings 
humans can err are finite 
then what you have to do 
what I say has to verify 
they have to look if it 's right they have 
that living the texts have to ask 
the appointments have to check 
so I do not say what 
I'm telling you lies is telling us 
saying that I am according to my understanding 
speaking as best as possible 
but nevertheless life teaches us that 
he does not trust himself but more blindly in 
taking into account the calendar 
then yes if you are not willing to 
make an effort to study the word 
although you find it difficult and then do 
changes in your life although they seem 
unnecessary because they are unpleasant in 
your perception as a human being and others 
automatically stay on that side 
because if Christ I come immediately 
there is no problem but christ allowed the 
allowed the delay time and in the 
delay time those who did not have a 
character ready for that difficulty the 
they did not have security with the word 
they ran out of arguments 
and the neighbors 
kristen new skill that where 
now it is here says the bible of this 
they would not be the others if they knew the 
bible says although it does not come though 
I'll take a little wait and then go to 
come if it's coming 
then that's the small difference 
difference with great results that's 
now what happens here at that moment the 
division between the two groups 
let's go back to this tomorrow or Saturday 
explain a little more because the motto of 
our seminar is called 
the time to tie in bunches 
we have not yet explained what 
is that 
in the tara bundles is something that happens 
right here 
but we need information to be able 
explain in this is not true 
if we know it or we do not know if the 
we are or are not we 
we are about to experiment in 
our generation the time to be 
hand tied eyes and love and 
midnight for our generation 
this I try to try to prepare the 
ground for us to see this that 
we are here in the repetition of this 
in our history we are not 
already here we are not here either 
we are here we are here 
very close to the midnight clamor for 
our generation 
the next event then we passed not 
let's read the other text you can go back 
this is a vision that is the first 
vision that young elena white had 
and account while I was praying before the 
altar of the family the holy spirit I 
I think he was not him anymore and na wai 
not yet 
the afternoon the family of the holy spirit 
it came down on me and it seemed to me 
it rose more and more far above the 
dark world 
in the vision he already had experience that 
I was flying upwards 
up from the sky to the sphere and so on 
look to the earth beneath the earth 
to look for the Adventist people but not 
what in there somewhere then what 
she sees now here 
in that vision she sees the earth 
and he looks for Adventists where 
they walked and he does not find them in that vision 
but not there in my part whatsoever and 
then a voice told me look again 
a little higher 
in the eyes and I saw a straight path and 
narrow drawn well above the world 
then l now see up here a 
and straight but very narrow 
there was no room for 10 people 
walking side by side maybe for two 
It was very narrow 
in the direction of the town to the centrist 
I was walking down that path towards the 
city that looked at its last extreme 
which city was at the very end 
the holy jerusalem 
they were on their way to the holy 
jerusalem the road to heaven is a whole 
symbol what she sees in the beginning 
of the path behind those who were already 
there was a bright light 
and then I saw a bright light in the 
trail start 
that an angel told me was 
the midnight clamor 
the clamor and midnight was a light to the 
beginning of the road that was to lead the 
town or what's 
from jerusalem 
you have that light 
illuminating his way 
if we do not know what the clamor is 
at midnight how can we have that light 
we are in a situation it is also a 
little dangerous 
spiritually spoken dear ones 
brothers and nabai does not explain that the 
light that illuminates the way back 
forward was the midnight master 
but if we do not have love 
midnight in our lives and not 
we do not even know what 
I see here a big problem 
continue this light shone at everything 
along the path and illuminated the feet 
of the walkers so they would not stumble 
will then stumble that light here was 
tell me is too strong 
that light 
the force the logic the conviction the 
information that the people needed 
nowadays they need to be able to reach 
the Jerusalem to the new earth 
that's what he says 
you also understand it well 
and we do not know today 
even what is love and midnight 
in what election is studied that the 
you can find where you are 
explain which movements 
we have several obstacles in our 
I love you midnight the Bible explains 
linda waite explains in English there is more 
material of course that's why always 
there comes a time in each camp 
that I do outside of the USA in which 
I have to say the best thing that 
you can do especially if 
they are studying or if they are working 
is to learn English 
I know that many of you do not 
like this information but it is one of 
the best things they can do 
to learn English in this year the church 
Adventist celebrated he remembered the 
anniversary of how many years of death 
elena white 
150 years 
250 years anniversary because she died 
in 1900 
and what happened 
in as part of the festivities 
the bite center did something that was that 
We were waiting for us as 
cared for a long time she released 
to public access a tremendous part of 
matter of the inah white that so far 
it was hidden in the vaults 
we have no idea how much material 
some comments that I heard is 
more material that was released now that 
I was already released 
you know in English there are but so many 
virus of a white 
but more than that I was still 
hidden only accessible in case you 
you are a theologian studying with permission 
special you could look for a little bit 
here there 
between the texts that were saved 
in the vault but now if they released it 
and they are accessible on the internet 
of course not in Spanish 
and of course they will never translate it 
in Spanish because until now they have not 
translated everything yet how are they going to 
translate this material that is much more 
of what already exists 
therefore my good advice 
and especially if they do not know what to do 
study in English they will have access to 
a tremendous treasure 
let's continue that next vision 
in front of them was Jesus 
go ahead then let's get a little 
in front of that group here that was walking and 
download your 
guiding them towards the city and if not 
they looked away from him they were safe 
but it did not take some here to fall 
in getting tired 
saying that the city was still 
far away 
and that they expected to have arrived more 
soon to her 
well I met a brother in my church 
when I was a child 
in the last days of his life he says 
that he no longer believes 
and Christ is coming because 
he was sure that in his life he would come 
and he sees no sign that Christ gives life 
and the last moments in his life he 
leave that very sad conviction very 
and that happens with many of us 
when you think that Christ is coming 
I would not like to put any date 
but I know one thing that is our 
I do not dare to say that it is going 
to be in 30 50 70 100 years 
it's going to be a regeneration that we can 
try but can not put dates ok 
Our church does not have that condition 
on the way 
in our president a while ago 
He had explained that this comes and 
we believe that Christ is coming soon but not 
we know if it is in 35 20 50 years not 
we have a conviction of the avenue 
imminent of Christ 
that's what happens in addiction here 
if our generation is going to happen 
Lucas 21 explains this but let's go 
get to that still then we end up 
reading that here 
then jesus encouraged them 
raising his glorious right arm the 
which emanated a light that waved over 
the defended ues exclaimed alleluia 
others recklessly denied the light that 
shone after the god 
what light did they deny 
that it was the light that shone behind 
and here she sees in the vision that there is 
Adventists who denied the light after the 
what does it mean that it denies light 
or to think that it was false or that it is not 
important what do you think 
ok that's another complication that 
you are entering the first message 
comes here we have not explained the first 
message still 
that is the second message 
I fear tell me last night second message this is 
a more advanced group that already has the 
conviction that has gone up there and 
reject that too 
that would be according to a message 
we have several challenges to explain that 
history because there are so many things that 
we have to explain the lines of the 
three angelic messages I have not touched 
I 'm still doing the same 
comparison with first day of the first 
first month and the fifth month tenth day 
of the seventh month and the events 
then we finish what it says here 
others recklessly denied the light that 
shone behind them saying it was not 
who had guided them there but 
then the light was extinguished for them 
who was behind and said his feet in 
darkness so he opted they thought and 
losing sight of white and jesus 
they fell off the path down into the 
gloomy and perverse world 
this is 
that I do not want to happen to anyone 
but it would be that straight path 
go out that way and fall to the world will return 
to the world to join again with Babylon 
I do not want anyone not pass 
us but that is according to elena white 
that gives security on that path 
which is that it was security 
the clamor of my night back 
and follow Jesus forward but who gave 
the stretch of the night about who was 
he cried, tell me last night whose avenue 
the husband who is the husband in his 
then Jesus was back and forth 
he is that organizes all that the one 
illuminates the one that explains all that the one 
ensures that his people are on a straight path 
and that it's going well and that it's not going to fall 
but if we do not understand their things 
According to Elina Gual we have no option 
they like prophecy or do not like them 
it seems difficult does not seem easy 
notice how Christ expresses it in 
apocalypse 1 and let's finish with that 
apocalypse 1 1 to 3 the revelation of 
Jesus Christ that God gave him to 
manifest to his servants the things that 
They must happen soon 
and he declared it by sending it through his 
angel to his servant john who testifies 
of the word of God and of the testimony 
origin jesus christ and of all things 
that has seen well risky the one that reads 
and those who hear the words are 
prophecy equals things in them 
written because the time is near 
Now you think you can say no 
thank you jesus this bliss is not 
I need for myself it's enough that 
you died on the cross 
Blessed is he who reads the words 
of this produced the guards also the 
things that are not written that 
It means that you have to study it. 
understand that is part of the plan of 
salvation of Christ 
then here we will be 
that part and we're going to kneel for 
and his dear god 
we are just now approaching the 
most precious information of that 
past history that we have seen that 
let's repeat 
we are meaning what is re 
building what is the foundation for 
our people by understanding 
of the different events we have arrived 
to hear something about the clamor of 
midnight dear sir help us to 
have a broad understanding because a 
thing that was true we have seen that 
it is the light that assures us a way 
sure towards the new jerusalem that 
Christ has placed in his place that he must 
illuminate our path dear father 
thank you you have so much patience with 
us to see these things in the 
name of your beloved son