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Publish Date: 8/27/2016
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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fast bond is a 
We have worked for Juan's death. 
when I returned and we are now seeing in 
death of lazaro 1 to 14 
We have reports about the love of God in the 
disciples think he is sleeping 
in a certain to that it united and they did not 
there was no reason why 
taking the time jesus because in the bar 
directly cure your friend and we have here 
the whole purpose render 487 
national feared 
It's with this delay the list goes here. 
delay in beni will be born jesus 
would have a purpose of mercy 
to me who had not 
received was delayed so that there 
would give rise to national access 
previous to the signed and unbelieving other 
evidence that was to see 
Life selections like to give up 
to all hope with our spector 
poet of the poor and reckless knew 
of the house from esso in penance of 
break the heart of the south ms and remember 
worries power could draw 
Announcement of life in life and 
immortality of being evidence that 
the priests could not affect me more 
It takes time and nothing will bethania 
We told you where they were born or bia. 
of power and dose of God on 
his work and his pretentious her dignity 
you are the purified way in the temple that 
were present had clearly seen 
that it was a child's power to install 
this time in enem as the messiah is 
once again confirming the south as 
said here to eliminate the culmination of a 
evidence that priests do not 
could try more gives another chance to 
that the message was posted and so 
play show next point to say 
according to the message is that the 
strengthened in the triumphal entry 
jesus enters jerusalem 
let's advance at the most said so taught 
and in the moses and in the prophets neither 
cp your iran if some get up 
great goals 
these words prove to be true in 
history of the nation was born in the 
last and matching similar of christ 
was assaulted where he was born in 
Bethany after he had been dead 
for four days if he chooses 
and got the curious this 
wonderful experience of the dignity of 
savior for turkey born or raised 
the dead and presentou andejo south 
testimony peru hardened his 
heart against surfaced this clearly and 
hit tried to stay in life 
hardened his heart that he knew best 
hardened your heart 
in this story that here was a 
manifestation in power 
the plague days 
You know they'll do the knowing. 
knowing it was God acts on the scoreboard and 
your heart the very cause of which is 
miracle of the resurrection of lazaro 
red too 
and it is interesting to know that here in 
trail entrance triumph 
I think the Germans are a knot there 
leads this movement 
this movement who is ahead 
first this thing 
Jesus, let's do the coach said 
is in bold is according to the text 
526 had never before seen him world 
and cinema of triumph in the crops that 
he had discarded of power is 
alabá gave goodbye well release of the 
of the seedlings in the coffers of the 
governments reminded us of their 
they approached the gay lazaron glory 
kuyt the body had become corrupted right? 
suppo crohn chrono what time i liked 
him the strength of one of a glorious 
guyanese virility bestian on the fourth 
will this shit is now presenting 
jesus as said here we are cautious 
not as an emperor who entered the 
city as a way is the one that brings new 
slaves of war is not here 
to present cheeses that had 
He was released from sin and you are 
national front 
advance we see contour in case 
lucas said in the event 
verse 30 in the cast said so 
lucas 1939 
entonces transpired some of 
company and I left you more tron gebrim 
disciples acts was responding from the 
11o what if this might be in the stones 
Volume 5 of Testimonies for the Church 
said so in gentlemen able to 
raise real customers among 
that never in the noble wilson do not think 
themselves within the other same Abraham 
we have as priest why bind them that god 
can lift brawns 
a month from the stones and they know that 
we'll go to the rest abla the 
time women 's time is important 
understand that these words are for 
we others that nothing is being 
artist is guaranteed to deal with 
a privilege we have 
a treasure we are sitting on a 
treasure of many generations in sheraton 
because in others we have more 
responsibility that we who lived 
before because we have and ice cream of a 
in the inertia sector and in the 
history of our church of christ and 
many other ladies but we have 
this is an example I did not think of if 
in the other we have abrantes 
Imported because they neither what God could 
stand up whose arms even these 
other themes stones in responsibility 
very large 
and if so is a spirit of prophecy 
took page 50 and prophets who 
really presented in the capacity 
to raise cheeses that 
would occupy the place and would become 
Niches more dignified but worthy of Abraham 
they clearly say that he gave the name 
did not depend on desires to fulfill their 
purposes because it could provide 
BIA is independent from the medium 
to carry out his great work which 
connection and the purity and 
attitude 2010 
we hit here the third step that this 
love of jesus and believe that the beginning 
sure we will know that for us who to 
He finishes time for free is a little 
before and now with me 
lucas decides web 41 no to 42 if he says 
And how did you get around living in the city? 
he vowed to say whether or 
chrono ashes year - in institute the day 
when it comes to peace but now it is 
undercover games 
However, the grace of Jesus had 
ended early minutes promised 
will they be gone already? 
Let's read this journey here about what 
is little since if so when the 
procession arrived to buy the hill 
was against defending the city that 
happened the tube and all in that college 
shots and slow in all its glory if 
received up to jyuan based on the use of 
opponent territory 
he tried to admired the dollar exchange 
that disappeared in enchanted scene 
on tour we all will not you will me 
green the game in the evaluation that they 
same as having lost the place of sto 
he notes number of tourists and censuses 
and blame common or seized are 
Survived and disappointed to know us 
savior scenes of cream and tears 
if this happens as listening to the cd here 
for already like water before the storm 
and between the shy and anguish 
been studied fearfully as if it had been 
heart hunger game 
it is not because of his cruel death that 
booked now and team calls for 
spirit and cinac neither russia nor 
through the heart of your 
better that has the ability can 
to trace to her mother that there 
it was lifted in the amateur that 
so often he had obeyed the sphere 
of the cia da silva condemned to elektro 
broken statements of pain and love 
jealousy it is also possible that 
I need a day in the back and it stays 
unfit for peace 
yet the autonomy diverts 
Japanese or yet the bride 
it's over 
let's move on and read the next 
verses in the web casino 43 and 44 
because in gran days upon you that 
enemies surround the pomp in art 
and then a large enclosure and all 
parts of the stress and 
paranatinga already renato video within 
ti and did not leave on what was 
overflying the game on a site 
fm little of everything said cassiano is took 
4 125 Spaniards as published 
so if Jerusalem can be repeated if 
one was not 
while the last rays of sunlight that 
may be between the years of the temple 
catholic - already among the minarets was 
girl and the secular since the APB 
adam to the prophets that andré already knows the 
Scoliosis that day of mercy of the 
mercy stood out terminator me 
among the reporters were brought 
In fact, in the leaders that Jesus was 
surrounding the date together with a group of 
characters in fear they can 
find in hoping that could 
dispense to disperse the multitude 
is a trapeze of his own as long as the 
teacher was stop reading the 
monsters the book is this the name 
address and so I wanted to tenerife 
they asked that the cause of mycosis 
all this uproar and say 'you floor' 
so they with great authority the jeep 
Do you have your question, who is this? 
we have two purification of the temple 
let's know landmarks just before your 
other publication men's milestones 
milestones will be 15 17 gdm 
you are treated and you are treated 
nintendo has started to stay out in the 
selling and buying time and both 
shirts tables and on the sntqb islands 
of ampoules and we will have another 10 serve 
matthewman uncle no 14 to 15 marks 11 
said today that still between these 
of the second purification of the temple, which 
jesus already nissan 
we can jump but dani and message 
this item we will not mention in myself 
another turkey studio I want to mention here 
to be fair and say it in conflict 
the message is here that children 
was not well benefit both 
subject of the argument of who is 
seeing the women here next to the test 
scriptures was clear and 
determining and go accompanied by die 
who moved and used the hard economy 
discussions as the heat of triumphal entry 
of Christ's shots and nor to replace what 
had detonated to 3d country to 
celebrate the party was entered by the music 
books and unite with love of everything 
accompanying what happened with the 
getjar was the demon inscription 
then contributed more 
provides the acclamation of said team 
even lived in Greek not 
I forgot the water was in the meeting the 
PT in the city other engines 
so many in the paradigm of the cure of 
miccoli salads hundred and power 
persuade to accompany with 
the messages 
this is where I drank or wife and so 
that we mark here too 
and Renê complained about midnight 
one day we'll finish 
it is therefore the flesh of the world maciel 
then I walk so here come from 
there the story is knowing that here 
we have in the line of moses with this 
easter prospect fixed the same 
here at the death of jesus 
We have any Easter party ends. 
They want to confirm let's open the street in twelve 
31 and 32 said so you have been to 
Easter in the Pedro range confirms that 
the hour is time to rui 
silva initiated the year of 71 is not the 
time this resource of this aura world and 
prince of this world - will be closed 
out and bone was raised on the ground already 
everybody train even in the hour I see it myself 
that arrived 
We opened when he said of Eden. 
verse 14 and was expected from the 
Easter and like in the hour of Friday in all 
I am here for hours. 
came here being fetched fixed 
everyone knows that this is the moment of it 
here we can respond in the 
forum and very disappointed expected 
another thing is to understand the other framework 
that we have here at the moment in the 
Moses custody 
we got here on the number plate if until 
was exclusively from chips that had 
three clear and then two a cet was the 
last plate that fell at this time 
will have seven other that we have era of ways 
by the panels in the 'hands' and 
almost 60 we have here is in line with 
Jesus Christ, that's it. 
we have a ct we can advance in all 
There will be guardian Christ already put the wanted one 
in class always one day we have here 
another time or another what we have here 
I believe all that about 
that which is crucified crucified ct 
win said so there it would have on stage 
savior is pressed to north namibia 
weekly energy from a palace to a 
two months and months after the 
here for 42 months here are numbers that 
we have here in avaí 
the applicable time itself here 
principle was great the school that everyone 
already know the galley 1844 day 22 said 
so 'the extra disappointment is not so 
as the side of the disciples here in the 
another text also compares 
disappointment of my disciples 
exceptional features that 
waiting in 1844 bitter disappoints that 
God, it's just that in here there are those who 
we have here four message is one that 
You know 
victory and so here be pithan one 
Little tempó is three steps. 
maybe we're clear to everyone 
in sequence at least for me not 
it was a look I have to study a 
little baby and get to the concert 
sequence the events into other things 
of the cross after resurrecting to find 
Here is Maria and she says Maria is the 
see with me said 
the manager that his sentence told him 
jesus do not touch me because the UN and 
will rise a priest but give the mis hermanos 
peas swami priest and august priest 
and show here all the 
Jesus is and soon after the curve is 
signed with me did not 
said everyone initial and if jesus 
and denied receiving homage from the south and 
even in the assurance that the sacrifice 
It was hit by lit for the Atros 
heaven and god even eye 
security action with his team 
the sins of the shadow knew was the 
again to meet up with Iraq 
the next step of jack and 
they the 14 year old tells what happens 
between the constitution if it is so 
difficult as will be completed in the 
days of Pentecost was all 
fundaments and 
suddenly bino a stranger this year as 
a outdoors in the same environment jô 
in the house where they were sitting and 
they appeared match languages 
as of fire that has crashed on each 
one of them - said in this holy spirit 
in the industry and just before I come and 
spend another school last time 
the last step became monthly 
always with this as it ends here in 
the old guard was already in the answer 
almost end to generate old as 
the fight with me edsons between the 
chapters would have 
verse 54 and sad renato about 
which system the sertao said ye goiano 
these things gene already gained from its 
hearts and crochet teeth against 
he is but being spirit genius 
holy because I'm not known viola 
glory of God and the Jesus who was there 
extra days of god and john are here 
beautiful open skies that has been around for days 
is giving great deals if they have stopped 
and Sandro Silva and tissues will 
their dresses a week what 
called the saved and stoned was 
sullenly she walked was that we did not 
use this spirit worm here in tones and 
connects to losing revenue from this 
theme at the door of grace to elect 
ancient is here at most we will have 
on here 
to silence we thank you once 
more for this what we have here this 
week and we have these with each other 
when he began in the holy spirit 
I'll sue late so we can 
learn the story and that each one 
learn and understand that applies in life 
to sephop the number jesus amen