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Akeno I meant a ton of time proportion pero esta hablando de segunda a chronic event in UAV in connection Cunha Harris it anyway KD cerca de noviembre a mother man no cheese or chew even more they make many kinds of fortunately but I'm saying that from 9/11 to midnight is seven days and that this history between midnight and midnight cry is eight but I'm saying that this is the history where a first fruit offering is made and this history here is the harvest I understand there's two distinctions in this harvest and I'm not dealing with those but in the ceremony of the temple you could not make you could not take in the harvest until after the first root offering was offered that's in the spring feasts and the spring feast you have offerings that consist of grains and in the fall feast you have offerings that are called the vintage but they're not grains I mean it's the olive oil in the grapes so we're talking about the first root offering in the spring feasts which Christ fulfilled to the very letter on the very day you name it ammonia on the feast of firstfruits is resurrected identifying himself as the first root offering and if you can see me I know that prophetically at some lines you would put the cross right there at midnight you can put across in 2014 put in put across at 9/11 let me know so if you can put it across at those three-way marks you can put across at every way mark and a reformed line such as this I see Casey - that is not what I'm addressing this line in terms of the harvest that the barley is cut down at a single point in time Deaconess a probation closes for the priests at a single point in time then a wave sheaf is offered which is the first root offering 49 days after that Pentecost there's another first root offering than the AO but it's not it's not the barley but again it's the wheat in agreement with the fact that this probationary time for the Levites closes progressively in order to make the first route offering here of the wheat but there is a process there is no process over here cut that team chief down and you lift it up as a first root offering on example that's the barley but the wheat the first fruit of the wheat has to be taken turned into grain with lemon and water or turned into flour mixed with lemon and flour lemon and water formed into two loafs baked in an oven and then lifted up as a first fruit offering here at this number which in second chronicles 29 would be 16 just reap recapping everything everyone follow me okay so now I want to do with what some people would call a contradiction in God's Word I spend a lot of time when I'm dealing with this subject identifying that we as priests are not only priests but we are the offering just as Christ was the priest that was the offering I'm saying that the priest is connected with the temple you can't have the temple can't function without the priest being these thoughts about the priest have to do with establishing the church but in the same history Christ is restoring his political authority within his church so also with the story of the priests in this history which is the temple you have the story of the throne of David the throne of David representing the political authority of God's church I don't believe there's contradictions in the Bible but I want to show you that the Bible teaches that David symbol of the political authority of the Lord he rules in Hebron for either seven or seven and a half years they know that's the throne I'm arguing that all Bible prophecy is structured on the story of church and state the very beginning of the great controversy they say we're told in Isaiah the great controversy Ferg wanted to be seated upon God's throne the verses and also upon the sides of the north the sides of the north and scriptures is his church wants to rule both God's political authority his throne and his religious authority his church from the very rebellion in heaven all the way through prophetically it's about church and state so we're going to show you the David begins to reign in Hebron for seven years I'm gonna put David here and this is talking about political authority and what we were been showing the past day or so this is seven days and it takes us to day eight date as much is the same size as the first seven days this isn't you know perfectly balanced number eight from here to here but the Bible also says that David reigned in Hebron for seven and a half years I'm gonna put a little mark here say in seven years but he reigns all the way to here because this is I mean he knows here 25 follow the basic math right give me mathematical mastica that's state we're going to show you that Solomon took Church seven years to build the temple but the Bible also teaches that he took seven point five years so when it comes to church and state I sympathize but own of David and the Temple of Solomon Beleza the Bible talks about seven years or seven and a half I'm saying the half takes us right to the middle of the number eight now if I can step out of this just for a second and remind you of something this is based upon Ezra 79 right Cesar leaves Babylon in the first day of the first month and he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month and we saw that there was a hundred and twenty days in here and to the tenth day of the seventh month how many days did we recognize one of the from here to here seventy right okay so in this history in this history I'm identifying sevens but I'm saying that we already know over here that there's a seventy much of this is based upon the story of the joining of the two sticks and the first place that that were certain of that the story of the two sticks is marked is in the story of Joseph everyone familiar with this if you don't understand why Joseph is an illustration of the two sticks raise your hand okay then we're all familiar with that I didn't see any hands when I ask you to raise your hands you've got to raise your hands hi I'm not going to teach the two sticks in the story of Joseph I'm just going to tell you do you know about the northern and southern kingdom being the two sticks that are broken those that raised your hands if you know about that raise your hand you know that when Jeroboam separated from Rhea Boehm the twelve tribes of Israel became the two tribes of Israel the southern and northern kingdom ten in the north the south and then in Ezekiel 37 Ezekiel's told to stand before God's people as a kid and take two sticks symbolizing these two lines and take these two sticks infront of God's people this is the northern kingdom this is the southern kingdom and join them together and when you do that God's people are gonna say what do you mean by that and Ezekiel supposed to tell God's people that these two nations the northern and southern kingdom that have been break broken apart back in the time of Jeroboam they're going to come a time when they're joined back together as two sticks that sin Ezekiel 37 so we've understood that for quite some time and then we came to understand that this same story is found in Joseph and if you remember the story of Joseph his ten brothers they they they leave to do their agricultural farming business worried about him so he sends Joseph to find them nobody likes Joseph at this point because he's had a dream that says all his brothers and even his mom and dad are going to bow down in worship did he have a dream no he had two dreams he had two dreams what does that mean it was established his brothers and his mom and dad were going to bow down and worship Him so when he finally finds his 10 brothers they sell him into bondage into Egypt and then he's in prison remember that story and how many dreams were in prison to dreams Baker in the butler then he gets out of prison how many dreams does Pharaoh have to dream Joseph is about to dreams three witnesses but Joseph became becomes the ruler of Egypt essentially correct his dreams coming true and Jacob because of the famine sends ten brothers into Egypt to get some food and Joseph he knows what's going on now he's seen the dream fulfilled he sends nine brothers back to Jacob you're not you're not going to see your brother unless you bring back my baby brother so you got 10 brothers that are sending him into bondage 10 brothers that reconnect with him 10 brothers that have to come back the second time in this period of time Joseph has had how many sons to Manasseh and Ephraim right so he's turned into 2 here but when this is all said and done his father and all his family is going to come into Egypt and so what I'm saying is this in the context of the joining of the two sticks we have several witnesses that from the midnight cry to the Sunday law this is a history of parallel Kingdom not just for the two sticks but this is the where the six thing sixth Kingdom the United States is going down well the seventh Kingdom the United Nations is going up equally you have parallel kingdoms in here this word parallel kingdoms comes from Daniel 11 this is where the two sticks are being joined one-level these two sticks represent these 10 tribes that are going to join with two tribes in this history this is the history of the joining of the two sticks and the first place that that we've recognized that these the joining of these two sticks is found you know is in the story of Joseph when Jacob finally comes when Jacob and his whole family finally comes and joins Joseph in Egypt the two sticks that had been broken back here when he was sold into bondage they're brought back together in the writings of Moses there is two times where it says that 70 Souls came with Jacob to join with Joseph in DC into Egypt and I'm saying that this history here is emphasizing the joining together of the two sticks are you with me but Stephen Fadel in the book of Acts when he's giving his final sermon how many people does he say came out of Palestine to join with Joseph in Egypt because he contradicts Moses he says 75 I'm saying I don't know how I justify saying this that this 75 is 7.5 and this 70 this point 5 takes you to here and it's saying that at this point here when the in sign is lifted up that will draw all men unto himself that the issue that awakens the 10 tribes the 70 the other stick takes place right here and this 75 that Stephen mentions isn't speaking about the church and the state it's speaking about the joining of the two sticks so this 7.5 goes this way and this 7.5 goes this way but this 17.5 goes this way okay so now I want to try to show you those in Scripture first Kings 6 37 and 38 no no cuarto supposed to fundamental to see you in one who deathtome a zebu yeah on misery table se acabó esta casa con closeness was dependent because - tequila convenience so how long did it take to build a temple my sister says seven years how many agree with her say man if you agree with her don't let her stand alone do you agree with her isn't that what the Bible says in that last sentence so was it seven years no it wasn't seven years okay what does it say what did we just read in the fourth year I'm speaking about verse 37 in the month of zip and in the eleventh year in the month of bull which is the eighth month so it's giving us months so it's the fourth year but it's the month of zip which is the second month and it's finished in the eleventh year in the month of ball which is the eighth month so if you just look at the years it equals seven years but if it started in the second month of the fourth year and it ended in the eighth month of the eleventh year that is seven years and six months so the Bible saying directly it was seven years at the very same time it's saying to be seven and a half years okay so what I'm saying is when all the temple illustrations in the scriptures are talking to the temple that's being built in our history Jesus is illustrating the end of the world with all those stories Solomon's Temple was built in seven years but in another level it goes another half year right it goes halfway into the number eight what does zip mean become a chief breed you means flowers partner breed your brightness brightness brightness yeah yeah the earth is going to be lightened with his glory that's that's a nice point but it also means flowers what did the flowers proceed ok what is bull mean or rain but it also means I mean if you produce here's the budding out here's the budding out here's the collator in the months and you can see several things in the meaning of those months in here if you're willing to see ok go to second Samuel to verse 11 you can read that when you're there yes ivy hey knowing a bronze sobre how did you die second semi to verse 11 says that the time that david was king in hebrew was seven years and six months and David begins to rain rain and Hebron right here how many years total does David reign do you know it we haven't read it but do you know it 40 years how many years this Saul rain 40 years how many years does Solomon rain 40 years 40 40 40 but when it comes to David the first seven years he rains in Hebron and then he's going to rain for 33 years and we're using them okay so where do we put your rusev right here right one level you got seven years and then 33 years it's not proportionate but we're looking at the story of David in I thought I don't know minigun the history of the priest as I define the history of the priest David's going to begin to reign here for seven years Navi and a half but we're not done but you see here in verse 11 that it's seven and a half years go to chapter 5 verse 5 same story now we know about Jerusalem 1st chronicles 1st chronicles how long did he reign in Hebron seven years seven and a half years seven years that could be called the contradiction if God's Word if you want to think that God could contradict himself who was David he's like Tyler what was Tyler Tyler was the baby of his family was it David the baby of his family am I wrong okay I think what do you have three sisters there's four and he's the baby but what about David he was the baby but what how many brothers did he have David was the eighth ok David was the eighth ok so the eighth the throne of David segui is the throne of 8ne it's taking us right to the center of number eight I'm a little bit sorry my brother I could have used myself go to Genesis 46:27 how many people came out of Palestine into Egypt with Jacob what's it say 70 as a student of prophecy even if you really didn't have any extra information where would you place that if you got 70 associated with Jacob coming out of Palestine into Egypt you're gonna put in here right right - or 79 but you know this is the history of the joining of the two sticks so when Jacobs coming out of Palestine into Egypt what is he doing he's joining with Joseph right now we all know about the joining of the two sticks in Ezekiel 37 typically but because we're not so familiar with the story of Joseph sometimes we don't see something in ezekiel 37 if you return there is iike 37 where Ezekiel is going to take the two sticks and join them together beginning in verse verse 15 let's read verse 15 and 16 what's that once the second stick for it's for Joseph it's connecting this story with what we're speaking about Judah that's northern in southern kingdom that we're familiar with that gets separated in the time of Jeroboam have been illustrated in the separation of Joseph and his brethren and when they come back together the joining of the two sticks as illustrated here in Ezekiel 37 one of those sticks is associated with Joseph in this story with where we're at you see that go to Deuteronomy 1022 so how many people came with Jacob out of Palestine into Egypt upon two witnesses it's 70 go to ad 714 you know sometimes almost it's all times when a human being speaking they just speaking but there are times when certain persons in history when they speak they're speaking under the direct inspiration of God you know what I mean right you know and Elijah looks at Israel and says choose this day whom you shall serve the Lord selecting those where Jess Elijah talkin so what about Stephen in his sermon as he's about to become the first Christian martyr he's speaking under inspiration right even if he wasn't it's recorded in the Bible so it's inspired so it's doubly inspire so what's verse 14 say what Stephen say in verse 14 Stephen says it was seventy-five people that came with Jacob out of Palestine into is that a contradiction there's something there that is important for us to recognize Jessica if you see something in God's word that appears to be a contradiction how do you resolve it how do you resolve it line upon line that's only way you can resolve is bring the lines together so when I bring the lines together in this story I see 70 here two witnesses but I also see 75 and I using some type of prophetic Authority I turned the 75 into a 7.5 now I have the problem do i project the five this way or that way line upon line tells me that right here a first fruit offering has been lifted up and Christ when he put this in place at the cross said if I be lifted up I will draw all men out of Palestine into Jake into Egypt with me it's this event line upon line that begins to awaken the Levites that they need to get out of the lair the see in church and get into the ephesian church immediately okay so I hope you see the logic of seven point five and I get I understand that if there was a weak part of the link of this chain because it's right here where I turn 75 into 7.5 and if you want to say to yourself I can't buy that what I want to say to you is then what does that 75 mean because it stands opposed to the two witnesses in the Old Testament of 70 you have a responsibility to resolve that discrepancy and you have to do it I believe by using line upon line and to me line upon line makes it pretty clear what this is all about okay that's the seven and a half I'm done okay so what I'm saying here this is the development of the church triumphant in a very narrow way through the years if I would say anything about the church triumphant 15 years ago I would say the church triumphant is the church that is free of any tears it's just the wheat and I had spirit of prophecy quotes to pull back but I had no reason to be looking any deeply at that wasn't a big issue then we began to understand that the Lord was going to rebuild the temple and reestablish the church triumphant thinking and then we begin to understand that as the temple was being built just as Noah's Ark was built that there's a period of time when there are wise and foolish that are participating in the work so what I'm saying about this history here from 9/11 when the foundational work begins until midnight this is part of the history of the church triumphant in the history of the church triumphant begins over here in 1989 this is the Church of Ephesus and there's a church up here called Laodicea right here 1989 in agreement with the reformed lines because this is the time of the end and at the birth of Christ the leadership of the Hebrew church should have recognized that event they didn't and sister White says they were passed by at that point so the church triumphant its history begins here there's a work of building the temple here in consecrating the temple reestablishing the authority of David the political authority in the throne and in this history there are still wise and foolish builders but right here the separation of those two classes is finalized and from this point on this church is tear free gonna be a lot of people to come and stand in this church but they don't bring any sin in with them okay so right here is the beginning of the church triumphant but it's really marked in history at the midnight cry I mean that's where it's gonna be lifted up above all the other mountains this is what's gonna take place in this history it's going to begin to finalize the decisions that are made by the Levites and therefore they're after the nether have a lot of a lot of wheels moving in here if you know what I mean by a lot of wheels wheels within wheels okay so that being said I'm gonna switch gears a little bit and begin to look at the number 81 someone that has a a computer someone like Tyler find me you Zayas rebellion when you when to offer yeah but go to Hebrews 8:1 I'm switching gears now brothers and sisters I'm switching to the symbol of 81 no I went in the Bible yeah but I don't oh you know this verse - okay all right now with trust your intuition but let's read Hebrews 8:1 first I would suggest to you that the book of Hebrews is exclusively for seventh-day Adventists I remember when we first noticed this and we began to teach it and there was an Advent Adventist theologian that wrote a book shortly thereafter it was funny how many things it was a real short book but it was funny how many things within that book were in opposition to what we were teaching we talked about revelation 10 now you didn't believe that we talked about Daniel 8:14 he didn't believe that whatever reason there's a part in there where he argues against the idea that the book of Hebrews was written for seventh-day Adventist and my point is there isn't any Christian organization on planet earth that focuses on Christ's work in the heavenly sanctuary is our high priest this book is just for us you can't understand this book correctly if you're not a seventh-day Adventist I don't care what the seventh-day adventist theologian of the key elements of the symbol of 81 is characteristic of Christ being the high priest when the Lord opened up our error that we had thought that the King of the South was the Soviet Union and the Lord opened up that know you were wrong the King of the South is Russia and one of the proof text for this is the rebellion of Uzziah the priest and this is a second witness to the Battle of raffia and the Battle of raffia is midnight and in second chronicles 26 in verse 16 but when he was strong his heart was lifted up this King's heart being lifted up it's part of the connection with the story of the Battle of raffia in Daniel 11 News ayahs heart was lifted up he's going to trespass against the Lord by going into the temple and want to do an offering and we've understood this to be right here at the Battle of raffia midnight so when this transgression takes place there's going to be a priesthood that stands up against him and what does the next verse say but it says Azariah the priest uzi that's the high priest the high priest and 80 priests are marked at the Battle of raffia I'm saying that a symbol of this history is 81 that's one of the reasons that we put 1909 as midnight sister White was 81 years old in that last General Conference session that she attended so I'm wanting you to see 81 as a symbol I see KCK we're intelligent that you don't see below kind of warm this morning but it's a good time go to revelation 8 and what verse do you think we want to go to Revelation 8 verse 1 now brothers and sisters we began teaching the seals know someone who's several years ago we upheld the Pioneer position of the seals we understood certain things about the seals that we needed to understand and the things that we were understanding about the seals initially we couldn't recognize the importance of the conclusions that we would draw later on but I just want to tell you here that I have used from the very beginning a quote from James white where James white compares the unsealing of the Book of Daniel in Daniel chapter 12 with the line of the tribe of Judah opening the seven seals in the book of Revelation okay James white compares unsealing of the Book of Daniel with the opening of the seven seals by the line of the tribe of Judah in Revelation long before we got to this point much in our understanding I would teach it this way and by the way this has got changed some of the little symbols of these reformed lines that get changed along the way nowadays you have a teacher up here and they'll put away mark there and they go I okay in English I don't know what they do in Portuguese but what's that mean increase of knowledge they mark the increase of knowledge when did they mark the increase of knowledge 91-92 so yes yes my wife's going really because she's so engrained in how we've did it through the years she's she's so familiar with how I've did it through the years that she never recognized the change and I don't care about the change I understand the change but I'm making a point about the seals from the beginning the way we mark the increase of knowledge was like this it was knowledge that continued to grow and we would take James White's quote where he says the unsealing of the Book of Daniel right here is an increase of knowledge but it was parallel to Christ opening the seven seals so we would go one two three four both of those illustrations we would emphasize a advancing light so I want you to understand that from the very beginning when we spoke about removing the seal the illustration I would use was if you had a band-aid on your hand and you'd start to take it off and you have to cut hair so you got to take it up slow it's not just a singular point in time but the reach is the point in time where you finally just go boom now I'm saying that because of this there is a teaching in this movement that as far as I understand is correct they're going to teach that at in 2014 the seventh seal was removed I'm saying the seventh seal is removed right here but I don't have a problem understanding that the band-aid began to come off back here in 2014 because that's how I've always understood it repeated amendment in the SCC embrace and that's how the Pioneers understood it when the Pioneers defined the seals they never identify a singular historical point in time it's a history so any of you have been taught that the Seventh Seal is removed in 2014 and it makes you go like this because I'm gonna tell you it comes off at midnight right here and the Seventh Seal is removed in Revelation 7 verse 1 8 100 ok 81 so what does verse 2 say who are the angels with the seven trumpets I'm not over time yet am i okay who are the angels with the seventh trumpet that's revelation eight nine is it not so the seventh seal is being removed and as the seventh seal is removed there's seven angels with seven trumpets and what I want you to understand is that those angels did their work in response to a Sunday law do you know what I mean what would that mean is that in Chapter eight there's going to be four trumpets that come into history and they punish Rome for what for this event right here what took place in three two one the first Sunday law by Constantine and in response to that Sunday law in the Roman Empire these seven trumpets began to bring judgment on Rome but in 538 the papacy is going to put a Sunday law in place then you have the fifth and the sixth trumpet is Lomb and the Pioneers say that Islam is raised up to chastise an apostate Church but this is a Sunday law and this is a Sunday law so these trumpet angels represent God's judgment because of Sunday laws brothers and sisters if you take the seven trumpet angels and then in the parallel column you take the seven last plagues you will find they are identical the angels that pour out the seven vials of God's wrath are the same angels that blow the trumpet in that history so what I want you to see is when the Seventh Seal is open in this history seven trumpet angels are here they're standing right there ready to do their work and what is their work their work is to bring judgment upon men that past Sunday laws when is the first Sunday law not a prophetic sandy huh not the 2014 and not even the Battle of raffia Sunday law when is the first Sunday law that you can actually say is a Sunday law it's right there so as the Lord is opening the seventh seal in verse two he's letting you know that the judgments of God are right they're getting ready to happen I mean you follow me I'm appointing you if you have the notes you'll find something that we've had in the public record for a long time under the subtitle of silence in heaven because when he opens the seventh seal there's silence and set in heaven and I want you to see here upon several witnesses whenever there is a major salvation Alyss turi whenever there is a major salvation all history all heaven stops to watch you know in our church services the reality of it is that the person that's up here speaking and even the person that's translating they represent the voice of God and when we're in church we sometimes don't remember that but could you imagine if in reality if it wasn't my brother Wesley and myself here real if it was actually Jesus standing here speaking do you think any of us would be talking to our wives or to our children or to each other would we be looking at our smartphones that's my point at every major salvation all history all of God's creation stops to watch it this is too important to be doing anything else so we have a quote in here from the spirit of prophecy volume 1 page 42 says the news of man's fall spread through heaven every heart was was the fall of Adam and Eve a major salvation Oh history silence next quote desire pages 693 Christ on the cross it says there was silence in heaven was the cross a major salvation all history great Connery's great controversy 641 second coming of Christ the angel song is hushed and there is a period of awful silence is the second coming of Christ a major salvation all history Ministry of healing 437 speaking of the Day of Atonement when the high priest went into the most holy place silence sets in and in in those references that's one two three four four references that we get in every major salvation history look one there's silence in heaven and what does revelation 8 verse 1 say and when he opened the Seventh Seal There was silence in heaven for how long half an hour half an hour what's half an hour what's an hour we know an hour month date a year from from Josiah Lich's calculation right what an hour's 15 days what's a half an hour see the punto cinco 7.5 there's silence in heaven this is a major salvation 'el history the church triumphant has now been purified the offering has been prepared no fundació preparado humanity has combined with divinity among the priests the priesthood has been prepared to serve the throne of David is about to be established on planet Earth first fruit offering is going to be lifted up that begins to call in the Levites and their silence in heaven for a half an hour as the seven last plague angels get ready to strike planet Earth in judgment for the Sunday law crisis that's about to begin you see the logic verse three if a water ones with poison what's being marked dear brothers and sisters prayer hears Solomon's prayer and when Solomon finishes his prayer what happens to the offering fire comes down out of heaven on the offering and the next verse begins to tell us about these angels bring in the judgments eeny Meeny anoche I mean did you follow the logic if you follow the logic just raise your hand I have a point to make you followed the logic because you could see it laid out in Moses's Tabernacle in Solomon's Temple you followed the logic because it was derived from the pattern how the priests were consecrated and when they began to work you followed it all because it's the pattern of the scriptures concerning the temple and its services