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so that you dwell in the heavens thank you for 
that day and after 
at that time about two presentations we have 
had lady the day started well with 
interesting material important help us 
to be able to focus on concentrating 
for the following studies direct my 
words and thoughts please like 
so also and especially to all 
listeners the name of Jesus Christ 
we need and ask for the support of that 
that guides us to the whole truth 
also helps in the technique so that 
everything goes well in the recordings by 
jesus christ amen 
we are on page 34 you have our 
we are still in the process of approaching 
to understand the investigative judgment of the 
I have shown the issues of judgment have been 
of the dead and now we are in 
process of understanding this judgment of the 
as it is marked in the prophetic line 
good on the page of 34 emos 
arrival where it says the events starting 
of 1989 and I'll start over there we're going to 
enter a small studio of daniel 
again we are going to read 
that text of the conflict of the centuries 
page 594 
the events in relation to the 
end of the time of grace and the work of 
preparation for the time of anguish 
they have been presented clearly 
but crowds have so little 
understanding of those important 
truths as if they had never been 
rebellious satan is attentive to 
snatch any impression that could 
take men down the path of the 
salvation and the time of anguish not the 
find views 
and that started yesterday 
and we are going to stay a little 
on that topic that morning 
we have marked that the moment with the 
if it was all Christ's intervention as 
priest for humanity 
is in danger 
chapter 12 verse 1 that moment 
in which 
he wake up 
this time marks him 
of small time of anguish 
the beginning of the 
great anguish 
the Sunday law is here 
before it 
then here the scam was made 
grace as elena white says but says 
the events in relation to the 
end of times of grace have 
presented clearly 
there's the question there we did the 
ask how they have presented 
clearly in our experience as 
problem is that we do not know much about it 
or almost nothing there is no material of that we 
teach about this 
I already told you some stories 
anecdote more than I experienced some 
years ago he was invited to give a 
seminar on daniel 11 
in sao paulo in a very large church 
and at the end of the seminar the pastor came 
go ahead to give a testimony we have 
studied daniel 11 
40 to 45 that was the seminar there in 
and the pastor in the church at the end came 
go ahead and wanted to give a testimony and 
chose dear brothers when I 
I studied theology in the faculty of 
Adventist theology is not your professor of 
danielle apocalypse took us during 
the quarter by all the chapters of the 
book daniel but when the 
we just got to chapter 10 nothing 
and he told us the beloved students 
students is now your task in the 
rest of your life discover what 
means the rest 
then this pastor and if everything in me 
life me and I tried to understand what 
mean these last verses but 
I have not found there is no material 
and that for me that teacher was very 
cunning ok it was not very well was not well what 
that he did a teacher know how much 
time he has he has to plan 
its time to put all the material 
well it is not true because there is no other 
until I know what I saw in the 
faculty at the university of indices of 
silver in argentina only one 
quarter and danielle a quarter of 
apocalypse is very very little 
those are about 20 hours or so that 
you have to study the whole book but 
good is the teacher as he did not know 
danilo 11 such as I understand 
purpose he said it as well as chance 
that we got to touch the chapter 
right there and then and I did not so 
I did not say no, it does not seem very 
honest this 
but it's reality and that's why the 
Innova says but those great truths 
they are important truth is as if you never 
would have revealed 
to that title is not in vain in the 
bible and let's go into the 
brother study lends me that book 
yellow one second only 
so we must show what we are going to 
study is all here here with more 
Times can be studied and read but 
that's the fundamental study is that 
revealed he brought our generation the 
understanding of this chapter of those 
last verses of 2011 
now we open then daniel 11 
I want to give you an introduction to this 
and they through Saturday we are going to 
come back and let's play that again 
now let's look only at the end 
we read from the beginning 
says verse 1 daniel 11 verse 
1 and myself in the first year of Darius 
in the middle I was to encourage him and 
strengthen it 
here is the angel gabriel talking 
and now he says gabriel and now I 
I will show the truth, behold, there will still be 
three kings in persia 
and the fourth will be made of great riches 
more than all of them and him and by becoming 
strong with your riches will raise a 
all lands of Greece and 
will raise a king and then a brave king 
which will dominate with great power and will 
his will 
here in this diagram you see that 
story just like daniel 2 same as 
17 just like 8 chapter 11 touches that 
but with earth begins that story 
also as chapter 8 omits the 
Babylonian story and so he said what 
enough now it starts again for 
give more light about medo persia and he 
says there will still be three kings and then 
a king who is richer than the four kings 
touches us speaks of the end of the 
history of disparagement and then says and 
there will be then a brave king will rise 
has to be brave that comes after 
I saw Persia 'Alejandro Magno' here the 
history of greece this is in the eleven 
and now what happens next is going to occupy 
enough space in that book a 
verse 4 but when it has 
lifted up his kingdom will be broken and 
distributed to the four winds that 
is that 
is that story here 
it's that story when it comes to the end 
the four to the four heads of 
four heads or here the four horns 
it is not true the empire of 
alejandro magnno in four 
and we call historians history 
they call the structure of the history of 
Day 2 
those are the generals that you 
will know 
to sandro 
and logical because those are the 4 
the division but that's still history 
greece toy story greece and now the 
bible in this book is going to go into 
many details of that story is not 
he spoke nothing of he read in chapter 8 nor 
in the 72 program will enter into many 
and those kings in the history of their kings 
you can see one thing that happens 
a little lower 
verse 5 says and will be strong 
the king of the south plus one of his princes 
will be stronger than him and it will be 
powerful his domain will be great 
6 at the end of years will make an alliance and the 
engineering South will come to king 
north to make peace 
we did not enter into that story there 
smith explain that story and shores 
Smith explains that story of what 
happens in the history of those four those 
basically they are not very important 
those two until they disappear as 
throughout history and those two are left 
it is located is located in the north 
that's why it's called the king of the north 
Ptolemy are located in the south and 
that's south rd 
but here is a there is an important thing 
what is surf 
what is south of bolivia 
the Ville 
now for colombia bolivia is in the south 
in the north 
for Colombians, we are the 
we are in southern colombia up 
you are below 
if we are super Colombians 
we inform called south america what 
true is the southern continent of 
America then what I want to say 
and for Argentines to treat daughters of the 
south north 
not for Argentines tarija from the 
then only what I want to say 
is that depends on the point of view perhaps 
in argentina- tarija is from the north if 
does in peace tarija is the south then 
is to that denomination here how can we 
know that all the less the south is 
illogical was telling us that depends so much 
where are you from and just that 
rule the center of the bible of 
God's people are here 
and more or less if you imagine the map 
here was egypt 
and this was where all logical apologizing 
mine had its empire 
It was located in Egypt 
he was the king of egypt no longer no longer well 
the pharaohs from before today are no longer 
they governed at that time Egypt was 
ruled by the Greeks for that 
general Ptolemy and his dynasty ok and here 
up more or less here in Babylon 
that everything here 
it's simple up here here and here 
until coming to india 
here back that they were however of is the echo 
and cassandra and mishima cost here in 
those areas that is greece and still today 
it's greece the islands here 
well now jerusalem is the center of 
jerusalem you have to look 
in that phase literally 
you have to determine what is the north 
it's like putting that rose of wind 
not here 
the north the south the east the west 
then in verse 14 for 
continue a little with that short brief 
introduction to that in 11 
comes a new power 
says dress 14 in those times 
many will rise against the king of 
and turbulent men 
of your people will rise to fulfill 
the vision but they will drop those men 
turbulent the pioneers have shown 
we can prove it with several 
verses and with the story were the 
those turbulent men or English say 
the thieves of your people 
those are the Romans the thieves of your 
there is a good reason because they are called 
the thieves the drones of your people 
they are the Romans they start here 
the bible to tell the story of rome 
with much more detail like in money 8 
another thousand 782 ok verse 14 in 
ahead is rome 
to talk about Caesar is going to talk about 
August Caesar is going to talk about Tiberius 
sedesa and will also talk about tito ok 
here life covers many details of 
this was to gather Roman history 
then you can jump to the 
verse 30 
in the vehicle 30 again a 
because it will come to contract in tiki birds 
team and he will contrast and he will come back and 
will anger against the holy covenant and will 
according to his will and he will return then and 
will understand with those who leave the saint 
Covenant and they will rise from their homeland 
troops that desecrated the sanctuary and the 
strength and will remove the continuum 
sacrifice and they will put the abomination 
desolate those are verses very 
here we have some complications that 
it's worth studying very interesting 
which is the continuous elena white says that 
is the continuous does not contain a 
sacrifice there is no sacrifice word 
in the original and continuous text that is 
that and that is the move now here that 
moving that is given 
remove from the continuum and place in your 
place the abomination of desolation the 
Desolation abomination is the papacy 
begins here the papacy hours of that 
verse and I continue that paganism as 
the pioneers left well written down here 
in these two diagrams after 
that pagan power continues through 
the Babylonian religion 
pagan religion of fear persists the 
pagan religion of greece religion 
pagan of rumba rome imperial roma now 
here we have the change in the verse 
30 and 31 the transition from imperial Rome to 
roma pagana the papal clothes 
apparent ok of 31 
but some things I have not told you 
only half has the crown of the king of 
and then they have the crown of the kingdom of 
king of the north 
now what's up 
What's up 
what if the Romans 
well in that story and they conquer 
makes logical 
who has the crown the king of the north 
and then he has the crown on the king of 
north the Romans conquer yes logical 
who has the northern crown 
the Romans the new king of the north 
it was the Romans now it comes from dad 
takes the place of the Romans who have 
the crown of king of the north of papa 
and nowadays the father is the king 
from North 
for the story with this is a little 
different because 
everything mine was conquered by the 
he too was to see the north and 
conquered the others then I do not know 
becomes king or south because of this 
but he has him crushed to the option and 
conquer it 
is that power here makes a 
now through history 
and that crown receives a power that 
we find in apocalypse 11 
and we are going to roll apocalypse 11 
let's go back to Daniel 11 after but 
we can look a while apocalypse 11 
in the verse you have gone in 
conflict the centuries the chapter where 
linda waite explains that chapter here 
called the French revolution 
in this chapter the in Hawaiian explains 
the verse by verse of the 
meaning of apocalypse 11 
then they will remember the story and 
the two witnesses have the two witnesses 
the bible the old and the new 
testament what happened to them 
how bad they were burned 
in what squares is that square 
in france but where in france 
in paris the naval says so in the 
history in that story the council the 
assembly of the revolutionary government of 
France and the decision is made by 
law declare that there is no god 
those are the atheist laws of the government 
Revolutionary France never ever 
someone has done such a thing in the 
history of mankind 
they kill the bible so to speak 
and they also literally burn it 
jesus paris is a conscience and 
that's why the bible calls him now in the 
and the corpses of his two witnesses the 
old and new testament will be in the 
plaza of the big city ​​that in sense 
spiritual is called his taming and egypt 
where also our Lord was 
now here in that story the title of 
see the surf 
was brought by egypt but because 
Egypt was south re and there he in water and 
it also helps us understand that 
situation which is which is the 
similarity between egypt 
and france 
because there, innovation leads us to exodus 
Chapter 5 
that everything is in conflict the centuries the 
chapter on the French Revolution 
Chapter 5 
verse 1 we are going to read 
exodus 51 and later moses and Aaron 
they entered the presence of Pharaoh and 
they said jehovah of god says he says so 
let my people go to celebrate my party 
in the desert 
and Pharaoh answered who is jehovah for 
that I hear his voice and I will leave Israel and not 
know jehová nor will I let go 
if a person says this the pharaoh does not 
I knew about that jehovah god 
and what the mother says about what it is 
this deny 
to that god 
to yourself from the exclamatory interior that 
is yourself 
then activity behavior 
Of Egipt 
with a representation of atheism 
to yourself 
now in france in the revolution 
French was very clear 
that France adopted again that 
I kill until today the French 
many French are proudly 
you have read a chapter 
centuries you have seen the reform 
Germany in the Scandinavian countries 
it is true that men remember 
heroes but that speaks to him of france 
there was another man but they have to 
flee and there was no reform 
basically in france atheist country that 
he expelled that he did not want to adapt the the 
the movement of Protestantism 
and France because of this we have already said this 
represents was historically the 
power that the father placed on his throne 
although he finished that work of placing the 
paper his throne Rome began France 
and lent his troops of was the first king 
that was baptized to the Catholicism of those 
kings the first were all had their 
pagan gods but the first one is the 
visual Catholicism 
Of course that was at that time it was a 
barter the truth was not like that really 
Catholic by name 
I became a Catholic and my father gave him 
that gave him certain benefits ok and so 
is in a barter interest for interest in 
his wife is the Catholic yes 
the baptism in year 479 
after Christ 
because he is the one he is also the first 
King of France the first king of the 
France nation of the Franks great 
very successful king 
the game is very important that king that 
history here of that nation that nation 
that represents atheism that nation 
then take the south radio crown 
and let's see how the bible is now going to 
talk about france 
now from verse 30 we go another 
time in 11 
verse 30 
31 onwards the bible speaks of the 
Catholic Church 
a very easy verse to perceive 
this was decided 33 
and the wise people of the town will instruct 
many and for some days will fall 
by sword and fire in captivity and 
at what time the wise people of the village 
they fell by sword and by fire 
what is this called here 
where they tied a Christian here 
and they set fire 
in the middle age there 
I do not know what this is called 
we have seen now in 
in Italy in the valleys of the Waldensians 
those things there is that maroon and that's the 
history by is for the persecution 
so called holy inquisition of age 
this is that is that verse here is the 
way as king of north daddy work 
and after 34 and in their fall they will fall 
helped by small relief and many 
will join them with flattery 
in that time of middle age in those 
days that here say those few days by 
how many days 
for 1260 days this happened 
in that time I had a little help 
that was the small relief 
that the people of God had in during 
the means in the sixty days 
I almost did not have help, it's not true 
they were all against them all clothes were 
and papism stood next to the papacy 
and pursued the little help me in 
who came to us through the reform 
the moment of reform where in some 
countries specifically the countries of the 
and they could take refuge a little in 
some places at a time just 
in the 16th century the people of God 
but then comes the counter reform and 
the wars etc etc 
ok that's then the story of the 
papacy here in daniel 11 we are 
seeing in broad strokes of this 
would have 
roughly we have seen that vilo 
11 starts with half persia continued 
with alejandro magnno of greece going to 
talk a lot about dialogues about 
the four kings of alejandro 
after alejandro later speaks 
quite from pagan Rome and after 
pretty much the rest of the capi the rest 
of the chapter speaks of Papal Rome but 
when saying comes to the 40th century something 
important we have to notice 
we have already said in the vehicle 30 
34 33 said 
and for a few days the sword will fall 
some days for how many days 1260 days 
that's the time given to dad 
10 and 538 to this christ 
1798 those are the some days 
given to the king of the north that's his 
and those days have to end right 
and when we finish our days as we 
call the time in which it is over 
the end 
from anger to anger from anger but 
the end of anger is used refers to 
another prophecy is not here 
Yes Yes Yes 
ok brother to maybe reference to the s 
produce the 2500 and 20 days 
the wrath of god ends here the thousands in 
the 60 days were not God's wrath but 
agree at the same time here the 
end of the means in descending days are 
the time 
the end 
the end of that of the missions 60 days 
we maybe have a concept 
normally that the time of the end is the 
end of the world 
but finally the end time to the 
time can be many times 
prophetic period when it comes to an end 
it is the time of the end of this prophecy 
now the thousands n 60 days has a 
definite time we know that in 1798 it was 
the time of the end and we know it very well 
let's go into circle 40 where 
we read this 
but after the time in English says 
in the time of the end 
in the same thing after the time 
end time do not have the time 
in the end the return will contend with the 
who with whom fight here in the south 
the king of the day exactly here we have 
a true fight the king of the north 
and now again it comes to the story 
the king of the south 
and that's the fight between them when 
I was fighting in 1798 
we know there was a war a fight 
a contest between the south of 1798 
of course if the king of south 
representing france 
and the king of the north the great dad 
a collision of political interests in 
that time 
my selection at 98 in france there is a 
government of the revolution 
there is a young general who was called 
that just emerged victorious in the 
war against italy the conquered italy 
cunningly quickly 
With surprise 
and that general must 
he took prisoner to the father and he does not 
then the French government sends 
to the general see what 
Napoleon's right hand by far 
a lot of time and he entered the Vatican in 
1798 and the pope is taken prisoner the sixth and 
it takes it to the south of france 
a beautiful city ​​that was called and 
call still balance ok then that 
is in that verse when he says 
here but after the time in 1798 the 
atheist king of south france 
will contend with the king of the north that is 
history dear brothers we know of 
this story very well 
and we are not going to take much now 
time to defend that the time of the end 
it's a thousand 628 we know that 
we know that inah white talks about that 
in order the end of the thousand 160 days 
the end 
the beginning of the mining movement 
and prepare a town in 46 years until 
now in this time here the devil 
he managed to almost exterminate the people of God 
almost managed to make the action disappear 
Word of God 
but God did not allow it is not true 
lets finish the chase a bit 
before and here 
dethron from one day to the next 
a tremendous surprise from one day to the next 
no for that he ruled 
for a thousand years more than a thousand years the earth and 
his government was really a government 
true politician and one day to the other not 
there were more potatoes and for many decades 
there was not going to be there was not going to be more 
dad sitting in rome 
the dads later were in Milan or in 
other places 
and no no no, they have already lost their governments 
they asked for their control of the states 
Vatican and all they had 
controlled in their hands 
that's an incredible moment in the 
story but god does that and that power 
street and still not got up yet 
He's getting up but his wound is still 
has not healed 
It has not healed because if it had healed 
I would be ruling time as in 
those times would be ruling the 
world as in those times is not 
concert has pretensions was 
doing many things from behind but 
still not there where he was a 
once your life is almost healed but 
he is not yet or is not a man then 
aguirre of north of that speaks the 
article 40 that meets the 
return is pink is shocked is dethroned 
the return crushes him 
and it's down tight crushed the king 
from north fell 
but the verse continues 
we have to pay attention to the 
expression here of the words 
it says the following says semicolon that 
means semicolon in our language 
what is a semicolon 
it is not a point nor is it as true a point 
it means that something ends a coma 
means is a second part of something and 
point and eat something in between 
something new starts but also delivers 
continue the above 
then here the story continues 
although at the same time it's over it's over 
a chapter 
He ran out of closed chapter 
study of the papacy by that story 
keep going 
He continues as the king of the north continues 
will rise against him 
now clear that the dad was not going to stay 
there crushed 
now in history here two brothers 
that's clear that that's the dad where 
is Babylon today not 
spiritually literally where 
was vilonia is that power of Babylon 
there is no 
it fell and it never got up where it is half 
Persia there are no holes Iran Iraq are countries 
there is no greece nor is there 
what greece was the greek empire not 
there is an action called greece or 
there is but nothing can be compared 
with what it was 
there is no greece in europe 
now that this vital already from Rome here 
there is 
Italy those are the countries interesting 
they are countries 
those countries here today that were the 
glory that ruled the earth were the 
countries that represented the power of 
devil on earth those countries today are 
countries of crisis 
economically stable 
politically bankrupt those countries do not 
there are no longer in that sense and no no 
they play no role 
they are not among the big nations of 
that land 
not to mention the big nation of this 
ok but this nation land here Dad 
what's up with the the bible tells us that 
will rise is the only power in that 
line of pagan powers that 
will raise whose 
mortal wound will be healed and that's why here 
says and rd north will rise can not 
speak of no other power than of 
Dad is the only one who gets up 
he gets up with courage because he wants to 
again again wants to have that power 
what he had and what he wants to do better and worse 
from a perspective like it did before and 
north radio will rise and that's a 
long process now gets up 
immediately the year after 
to snatch dad 
again proclaim another dad 
uncle after a year I die in the 
captivity and then rises again 
but of course now it is very difficult 
get up, it's going to cost 
many many years many decades 
and the rookie will rise up against who 
against him against whom 
against south radio because he got it down 
course and so that it stands up against him 
revenge not to take revenge 
now he stands up against him he will rise 
against him like a tempest wow 
or is terribly very strong 
like a storm that makes a 
destroys sweeps everything does not leave anything like that 
with cars and horse people if you 
it's a Bible study cars and people from 
horse represents strength in war 
military force the cars and the people of 
Pharaoh's horse military force and with 
you burn and many ships that are ships in 
the Bible 
economic power can be other things 
good but a meaning 
remember the merchants 
of the seas that cry in 
apocalypse 18 when Babylon falls 
it's not true then they represent 
economy and it comes here with military power 
and economic power against the king of the south 
to avenge 
and then they say and manage to enter by the 
lands and will flood the lands and it will happen 
for the lands 
now my question 
if france is atheism and of course 
represents the king of the south because he came down 
from the throne to the king of the north when in the 
story the dad got up against 
france and the neighborhoods 
and crushed him 
perhaps he did 
or they will do it like they have ever done 
or france today a nation one of 
the important nations on this earth 
it has its crises but they are together 
germany force in europe 
ok it 's still there 
dad never attacked him 
then that that prophecy the future or 
what happens here 
now a question because france is the 
South clock because France is racism but 
today as is france 
we have to see that those nations that 
represent something France represented the 
atheism on earth as I am 
France is the same as any 
another country is a republic you can 
have any religion that you want there 
many Muslims there are very many 
atheists there are many Christians and very many 
Catholics there is no longer France is no longer 
French atheism is no longer South rd 
but that my brothers and france is not the 
king of the south who in history in the 
land after france represented the 
as they say 
the little horn who is with the 
france atheism the papacy atheism 
do not 
the religion of pope is Catholicism not 
I know the crisis 
socialisms and dear brother for 
supposedly religion or anti religion 
of atheism in that land 
I'm going to put together the sentence again 
ideology that represents atheism in 
the last decades on that land has 
been the and communism socialism 
for which supposedly religion 
it's like opium for the people 
in socialism the Christian churches 
they had a very very difficult position in 
socialist governments 
the churches have a difficult position 
it is not true 
it's not like that we know it is not 
so easy the socialist governments do not 
they have a very open position for 
and sometimes they are completely against 
the religions then in history 
we can see that the southern radio crown 
it did not stay with France but it happened 
who then who represented the atheism 
on earth after france the 
socialism in communism 
I put here russia 
because russia I do not put in the union 
because in the Soviet Union Russia is the 
true nucleus there is the government there 
was the government is the government of 
russia managed to amplify 
amplify that power of nations 
socialists and created the Soviet Union 
with belorussia with ukraine 
uzbekistan kazakhstan etcetera ok 
and then I raise it 
extended with poland with bulgaria with 
Angola as xavi with Cuba Etcetera 
the block of socialism 
russia in history took that crown and 
was or is the king of the south 
now how did the socialism of 
France to Russia 
or the Jesuits to historical evidence that 
the Jesuits with activity 
planned they carried the same scheme of 
the French revolution to Russia and you 
you know the French revolution made of 
france an atheist nation the revolution 
French how the story of 
atheist russia with a revolution the 
Bolshevik revolution or the revolution 
October with air or 1900 
17 17 
yes no 17 
then since 1917 Russia was 
southern ferrero 
because the government got up there 
socialist in Russia adopting ideas from 
those German philosophers 
unfortunately I have to say that there 
there are many German men who have 
a very negative influence on 
history we've already heard there 
with the historical-critical method that 
comes from the heads of some theologians 
German socialism comes out of 
head of them and here in russia what 
adopts and since then he is the king of 
that's history 
we're fine with that we follow it in that 
yes that return but what happened to Russia and 
you all who are here almost all 
there have been some back there that are so 
young who do not remember those 
events but you who are here the 
Most people remember what happened to Russia 
in 1989 what happened to socialism 
the berlin wall fell as a symbol of 
the fall of socialism today to 
dear brothers today we can see 
socialism fell fell completely 
it fell because 
and now is the interesting thing fell russia 
I represent 
socialism until 1989 
with that here 
here my selection and 98 the king of the south 
with maybe king of the north here in 1989 the 
king of the north with wanted r the south 
because I say that the north conquered 
the evidence historical history is like this 
russia did not fall just like that there are many 
theories how fell 
but the catholic church knows very well 
that he has already conquered Russia 
it's a long story we're not going to go 
in all those details here 
but to make Russia fall 
Juan Pablo 
the second along with the president 
ronald reagan 
he made an alliance 
we have to know also that before 
that there was no alliance that way between 
his two nations recently with a shame on 
the US sends ambassador to the Vatican 
they were always supposedly president 
because they are from zahora we have a 
president who makes an alliance because 
ronald reagan thought dad was that 
russia was the antichrist 
a lack a Protestant conception a 
false conception of prophecy 
he did not know who the antichrist was and for 
fight against the antichrist he did 
alliance with the antichrist did not occur 
that alliance and they two achieve through 
economic efforts embargos is not 
an economic struggle against Russia the 
Russian and military economy 
that was military the famous cold war 
the cold war was a war wanted 
brothers and they gave a war because what 
the US spent armed for propaganda 
they had a satellite system for 
defend the rockets remember that of the 
star war of the stars 
they said no 
and for that it means that if Russia sent 
a rocket to ruth to the united states 
there are those from space Americans 
they were going to go down 
so they had to fight in the 
in the technological against those those 
innovations that was totally 
propaganda did not exist but Russians 
they issued money and money and money 
too much money and they caused a 
imbalance a nation extremely 
armed with great innovation in the 
war technology and then a town 
that he suffered for that and that caused a 
economic breakdown break one 
social instability and those are the 
causes but they were generated by those 
two they met they made 
plans and then the story is very 
interesting and we do not have time to 
this is because it is not our subject but in 
that book you are going to find ok the 
end time as the dad managed 
now there is a book that tells it too 
that is not a book that the piano say 
if they are lucky and find it this 
Martin a Jesuit 
and explains how dad has made a 
alliance with the Americans and that has 
done and it's called the keys 
of this blood 
that book was printed mexico and with the 
arrival of markets disappeared from 
Immediately market loves 
Mexicans told me that Catholics 
they bought us they destroyed us all there is no 
but a hand gave me a book I have 
a book of those city councils in 
there is a pdf that is not very good 
but that book tells that story already 
other books to another book that also 
there is in Spanish that is called 
is a book written by two authors 
and Italian American political framework 
and that book is simply called juan 
Pablo second 
or the life of Juan Pablo Segundo is a 
Your Holiness 
that should get no longer printed but 
you must get 
bernstein n 
those are secular books that explain 
What happened that I made of dad want 
the political movements to open a 
bar to russia 
now if we go back to the text here danielle 
notice again we are going to again 
relate here that verse 
but after the time 1798 
the king of southern France will contend with him 
with the king of the north with dad 
and the king of the north the father will rise 
against atheism against the king of the south 
against russia 
like a storm 
with military force with cars and people 
on horseback the military strength of the 
united states and many ships and the 
economic strength of the us and the others 
associated nations 
and it will enter through the lands and flood and 
will now pass here where we are told that 
Russia was conquered 
and today you see that russia is not 
conquered but the lands of russia 
A) Yes 
the lands of russia like this 
what about poland what happens with 
Romania that happens with hungary now 
belongs to the union europe union 
European is not true those countries have 
what about Uzbekistan 
stands up against russia is doing what 
what will he do against russia 
those lands were conquered the 
Russian lands their lands have been 
conquered the catholic church it 
established there in those countries but 
russia is a little something else russia did not fall 
and today you are listening to the 
voice of russia 
Russia also wants to get up not 
forgotten that story so it was 
cheated was collapsed and if you want 
lift up 
and that's why that voice rises russia 
raise that closed voice of surfing is there 
it was still lifting it was topple 
he received a tremendous disappointment a wound 
if I was going to still play a role in the 
something that we are now seeing more than 
today donald trump announced warned to 
russia and says that russia is doing 
things to make the relationship with the 
the united states is doing maneuvers 
trump yesterday announced that they were going to 
support poland militarily to 
defend against the threats of russia 
now because Poland by some borders 
because Poland is a border country between 
and king of the south is not there those are the 
countries where there is the collision where 
first they understood and there in the 
border there are the united states now 
they allowed that they are going to support they go to 
help we have not seen the end yet 
of that story but dear brothers 
here we are and we will need to 
our study that date I have taken 
some time for 
defend that this 1989 date for 
we are an important date because 
according to the bible something happened there and what 
I want to say is this 
when he says verse 40 but afterwards 
of time but at the time of the end in a 
verse pass two things 
this happens and this happens 
then that is the time of the end 
for the 
and this dear brothers is also the 
end time 
for the 144 thousand years 
since 1989 we are in the last 
end time that earth will see 
let's make a prayer 
dear father solemn events have 
happened on that earth in that land 
dear parents, we are witnesses 
of those events is our generation 
who has seen all this verse 
sir it was opened to our generation 
we have seen on television 
we can have personal experiences 
with this story we have been there 
dear sir, it's not for nothing that you 
you leave this town at this time to that 
generation understand those things if that 's 
true sir and that's my complete 
conviction establishes those truths in 
the hearts of all who seek 
a truth in the name of Jesus Christ 
we ask the amen amen