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dear sir 
we want to live what 
be with your presence here in our 
study group bless at that time of 
presentation both on the side d 
my own 
I had my words and thoughts as 
on the side of the listeners in the 
receipt of the message 
that you help that everything goes well and that one 
in the technique tele we go for that cute 
new day the name of jesus amen 
now we have an hour and a half 
I have decided that we are going to try to do 
two 40-minute presentations 
ok and also for the leaders 
two 40-minute presentations I have 
an hour and a half but do an hour and 
medium is a lot for the video a small 
small break in the middle already seems good 
to try to do that 
very well yesterday we have 
we have introduced 
three dates 
you remember the dates that 
we have found in the book of 
extras chapter 7 verse 9 
to see and who remembers a date 
the first day of the first month very well 
there was a book 
the first day of the first month 
this date comes here and today I want 
the meaning of their dates in the 
mining history 
what other date have we found yesterday 
of these 79 
the first day of the fifth month correct 
this date is coming here and we are going to 
explain why 
and there was a third date that we have 
mentioned yesterday 
the tenth day of the seventh month to come 
what I have set out to do now 
in that presentation 
explains the parable of the ten virgins 
compare it with the events of these 
seven nine and that way watching 
event by event in history 
minerista let's explain the 1840s 
42 44 and everything that happens little by little 
one after another ok 
for those who were not yesterday please 
they open their bibles all open their videos 
please in the extras book 
chapter 7 verse 9 
you are 79 after you chronicle 
find extra book 
let's read again what he said there 
verse 9 says so because the day 
first of the first month was the beginning 
of the departure of Babylon and the first 
of the fifth month came to Jerusalem while 
with him the good hand of god and then 
we have seen who in the 
chapter explains the third decree and in 
verse 25 tells us that he has to 
put judges and rulers on their 
village the third decree becomes 
effective and this was the tenth day of 
seventh month 
so what happened the first day of the 
first month 
from Babylon 
that was the first and the fifth month 
to jerusalem 
and the tenth day of the seventh month the 3rd 
the decree 
taken as if it says link efe as if 
with a law enters into 
in force enters into force 
in a congress there is a congress when 
laws are decided but only for the 
next year they are going to say in that that 
law begins to be effective enters into 
validity enter into force because then 
that law here the third decree was 
decided before the Babylon series 
by king artaxerxes but the tenth day 
a month ago that law came into force 
now we have not said yet we do not know 
what those dates have to do with the 
words and ten virgins and less still 
that has to do with history 
miner then we go to 
open again san mateo 
chapter 24 chapter 25 discusses 
striking 25 today we are going to do again 
the word of ten virgins 
because we've read already I think twice 
the word tens dirigenes represents 
also what story 
the experience of Adventists the 
mining history 
the word of the ten virgins is the 
history of mileurista 
they started verse 1 then he reigned 
in the east the heavens will be similar to 
10 virgins who taking their lamps 
they went out to receive the husband 
This here 
on the blackboard 
they are the 10 virgins 
you want to come forward what can 
count are 10 
and they have taken their lamps because they have 
taken his lamps 
to light the way so that where 
were going 
to the husband's wedding because they were going to 
the husband's wedding 
they were invited and they knew that he was going 
to see what he's going to see is that wedding and 
they expected the husband the arrival of 
husband then this here not any 
wait for the husband not anyone is 
then they symbolize a group of 
people who are preparing 
they get they make themselves cute they take a shower 
they prepare they put on nice clothes is not 
true and they get going and they go to the 
not wedding with everyday clothes is something 
special that event not everyone does this 
they rethought a group that they expect and 
who are convinced that the husband 
who is the husband in that story 
Jesus Christ then jazz represents 
a group of people in history 
miner and that was a group of 
who believed that Christ was going to come 
a group of people who were 
convinced that Christ was going to come and 
as they were convinced they 
they began to prepare for the coming of 
Christ ok 
Protestants from different churches 
to see which one is more in Methodist 
different Baptist Baptists there are already 
many more groups different churches 
Protestants who started here 
get ready but because those Protestants 
because those 10 virgins thought that 
Christ comes 
where they had that conviction 
we have seen one thing 
1816 18 what happened 
who studied the message we read 
and humiliate arabia study the bible and 
then to what conclusion 
yesterday we have lived here a great diagram 
where that is explained 
that Christ would come in 1844 and he preached 
that message and there were people who listened 
and that he believed this and they came to the 
conclusion that is true that Christ 
it really comes now 
let's see later that here is the year 
we are not there yet 
then those Protestants were people 
who heard the message of william 
miller in the word of six virgins 
they listened to the message of william 
miller heard that he is a man 
preached is what is in that diagram 
that first preached that Christ comes 
in 1843 
those are the 10 virgins we continue 
five of them verse two were 
prudent and five foolish now these 
five were divided into two groups that 
still did not look here in the beginning 
because everyone seemed ready all 
they had prepared 
prepared everything does the state good 
you did not see the distinction 
of the third century the foolish taking 
his lamps did not take oil with him 
then we are going to read a verse where he 
in avant explain what this means 
more the wise took oil in their 
vessels together with their lamps 
taking the husband, they all nodded and 
they fell asleep 
here I have put 
sleeping happy 
because she sleeps filis she is one of 
the virgins a symbol for all 
everyone had that because they 
it took the husband 
it took the husband did not come why 
it took the husband and this now we are going to 
explain that first day of the 1st 
why it took the husband took the 
husband really does not 
the thing was what we saw yesterday and 
we have explained this 
they found the prophecy of the 
2300 years 
and taking out your calculator or pulling 
the calculation they came to the 
conclusion that Christ was going to come in 
end of the year December 31 53 
because if you get the mathematical calculation 
two thousand three hundred years after 457 
before Christ - you get to that date 
but nothing happened 
in those then they continued to investigate 
a little bit more and they noticed a 
thing this calendar here what's it called 
in China it is used in Gregorian calendar 
do not 
where else other calendars 
the Hebrews use Gregorian incarnate 
have another calendar they are in the 
I do not know in what years in the year 6000 something 
we the west uses the calendar 
there are so many so many Gregorians 
calendars in this world but we 
that we come from European culture 
we use that calendar and they 
they realized that they using that 
calendar one they use a calendar that the 
bible did not know 
and the prophecy of another 1200 years not 
had nothing to do with that calendar 
this is the end of the year 2000 in 1843 
the logic is that that does not work with that 
prophecy because you need to find 
the end of the year 
the end of the Hebrew year the equivalent 
Now the first day of the first month is the 
first day of the new year let's say 
the year 1844 
of the Jews 
and now here comes the complication of 
all this history 
in the year 1843 on the Jewish calendar 
as explained by the calendar 
Jewish let's say it ends here 
while with our year ends here 
and when the new year begins 
for the Jews in spring 
in our calendar it is already autumn 
I am correct with that not 
when the year ends 
the Hebrew calendar for us is 
here just that date 
is entangling here because the thing a 
little complicated 
another attempt 
the Hebrew year ends what in our 
calendar would be April 
this for us here 
is the year 1843 and we say the 
prophecy ends here 
for us it would end there but for 
the Hebrews the prophecy ends here 
this for them is 43 goes a little more 
and the end of year 43 for us already 
The new year is already 1844 
then the last day of the calendar 
Hebrew 43 for us and is 18 
April 44 
the 18th and the next day the first day 
of the new year which is the first day of 
first month for us is 19th 
April 44 
this here is 18 Apr. 19 
I do not know if you explain me well 
if you look if you use the calendar and 
you want to know the end of the year 
you have to use in a worker's career 
because the bible is 
is directed moves in the calendar 
If you want to know what the end of 
year in our Gregorian calendar there 
you can use our calendar just like that 
you have to look at the parallel date 
corresponding to the Hebrew calendar and 
find what is the date in our 
calendar and it's not the end of is not of 
December if there is not that life and for 
then that is what the mileuristas 
they found they realized the 
true end of the 2300 then it has 
what to be 
April 18 
and there was 
he disappointed the first disappointment of 19 
April the first day of the first month 
the first day of the new year the next 
day the next morning 
have seen that Christ has not come 
but according to the looks 
I have an impression that this was not 
clear for nothing 
what do you say 
a little complicated not some if some 
you do not know what also in math 
they do not have the other problem first 
It is a bit tangled someone 
or what another attempt 
the prophecy of the 2300 again 
It has to end 
end of the year 
end of the year 1843 
so that year 
End of the year Hebrew year-end 
now the end of the Hebrew year is not 
corresponds with the end of the year of 
our calendar for us end 
of the year is here December 
December 1 but for the Hebrews the 
end of the year 
is that for us it would be the 18th day 
did break in our calendar the 
April 27 
in our calendar 
what for them is the end of the year for 
us April 18 
what days 
do not 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday and that you say no 
this is equal only the number and the 
month are different 
to see has nothing to do the days the 
days has nothing to do 
stop looking for a little information 
now ok to help a little here 
the last month of the Hebrew calendar yes 
I see it well it's called to give 
the first month of the new year is called 
that equals more or less nissan equals 
about April 
no no street perfectly because it is 
totally another calendar but it's equivalent 
more or less April 
March April and March April more or less 
now this time we have to start a 
shortly before how our 
calendar according to that we set 
the two months 
according to looking at what 
the sun quique 
the sunset not so suns of the day 
the night of the day 
to see who can explain that 
what is the light 
to see to see yes no 
if that's the sun 
here is the land I do not know who the turn 
To who 
if you had said that in the age 
medieval correct but we were 
living in the 20th century 21 we have already 
understood that the sun does not turn the 
land even if the earth turns around 
how much time does the earth need to give 
back to the sun 
then this establishes the year is not 
and that sets the month 
to the moon turning 
the moon back to earth ok and all 
those go together and that's the month 
the earth 
and this is the year 
ok that's where we get the data and the 
but with 80 return to whom 
it is not true there is no explanation 
astronomical for the week 
that's why that does not affect the days in 
your question 
the days are always the same for everyone 
the calendars Monday is Monday in 
any calendar just the names 
vary and Sunday Sunday Saturday has not 
changed that ever because that's 
independent of the sun of the turns 
minor or the moon's twists that 
has nothing to do with that ok now 
we use then that is the 
observation of how much time you need and 
it's not 365 days actually 
perfectly eat 
with seven points and that's why you have to 
adjust it now and then now the 
Jews did not do that 
for the Jews 
the year was not dependent on the sun but 
that the year was dependent 
in Jerusalem the priest had to see 
when the barley was ready to be 
harvested and 
at the same time it would have to correspond 
with the new moon 
now when the day that the harvest 
I was already ready to be 
harvested and there was already a new one then 
he declares speaks of this jerusalem a 
new year the first day 
then it is a calendar 
the lunar notwithstanding every 23 years they 
they knew that it was far from the 
solar calendar and they meddled 
an extra month 
that they did every two houses every three 
months that had two altars m1 and m2 
to make everything a bit more complicated 
I am 
for that reason the Hebrew calendars and 
Gregorian calendar are very different 
and it is not possible to say this month 
corresponds to this month because they 
they had 30 no 
complicating the Jews a bit more 
they have several calendars 
they had the biblical calendar 
and that calendar has 30 days each month 
but they also had the calendar of the 
and that calendar was a little different 
I had 30 or 31 days 
and it is difficult to calibrate the 
exactly calendars 
what happened in time and the 
miners and something else and the Jews have 
introduced another calendar in time 
of Christ they adapted their calendar 
to the Roman calendar 
Julian calendar then today 
the Jews have a calendar that 
it really has nothing to do with the 
bible since luciano observe 
the harvest no longer observe the moon no longer 
has nothing to do with this except a 
group that is called the group of 
is a group 
of the Jews who have proposed 
come back and keep the true 
biblical calendar 
and the minerists discovered that group 
and they discovered their logic and they used 
the helios calendar to link to 
all the conclusions here 
if you ask a Jewish rabbi if the 
tenth day was the seventh month it was 22 
October this is going to say no because in 
the Hebrew calendar is 22 
October but on the correct calendar 
according to the Caritas Bible and that 22 of 
it is understood 
maybe I'm expecting a lot that I 
understand really but for 
understand you need to take the 
calendars and I can try to provide 
that material have the calendars and 
look at the dates really 
they are not completely and I already told you 
Jews live in the year six thousand 
eight hundred or something and I do not remember 
well we live in the year 2000 
because we make an account of this the 
supposed birth of Christ 
Calendars are not very different 
has nothing to do Muslims in 
other calendars your calendar starts 
with the mahoma he came out of my tub and came back 
to resume 
another calendar do not correspond but not 
matter that does not matter 
those are only names for days 
it's fine we continue then the 
problem you here maybe 
they can remember is they gave themselves 
account that his end of year 43 was not the 
true end of biblical year 43 already the 
40 because the end of the 2,300 years fell in 
our calendar on April 18 and 
therefore the first disappointment 
the first says pge disappointment on 19 
April the first day of the first month in 
our calendar is April 19 
and that 's in the extras book but 
what happened on that day 
the departure from Babylon 
because the miners came out of 
Babylon on that day 
on the first day of the first month 
the mining movement began to 
break away 
because many saw that Christ did not come 
that day and why he did not come 
they were clicking and they 
they moved away from the movement and returned to 
its Protestant churches 
the minerists understood that Babylon 
I was who 
they were the Protestants 
wants chazaro in the message of Christ 
for that generation 
in this in this line 
jesus babylon 
and all those who did not want to leave 
to meet the husband because they thought 
that no longer comes they stayed in 
Babylon and they did not come out of 
but the five prudent virgins they 
they continued their journey and left the 
first and the first month of Babylon 
but as the husband did not come 
they started sleeping 
and that we have seen yesterday also and can 
open again to backup chapter 2 
we are skipping chapters now that 
we have seen a few times 
but for you are my son they 
placed in the logic of events 
let's read them 
several times 
to the q2 
verse 1 
on my guard I will be and on the 
strength affirm the foot and I will dance for 
see what they will tell me and what to answer 
when they turn me on 
remember that 
who this the miners 
who preached that Christ is coming 
and jehovah answered me and said write the 
vision and declares the in tables so that 
run the one that read in her although the 
vision will still try for a while longer it 
hurry towards the end and not lie 
although I will take it, wait for it because without a doubt 
will come soon 
then this is what happens here 
miners the virgins enter the 
delay time 
but as you can see the delay 
it was not because Christ did not come 
the delay was a delay was perceived 
as late but it was a mistake in the 
Calculation of them 
elena white says to be unpunctual 
it's a sin 
Christ can not come late 
and do not sin 
then that delay was a delay 
perceived but it was not the error of Christ 
here of not arriving on time ok I do not know 
he understood they had not understood what 
It has to come just here 
very good then that's the time the 
late that's why they're sleeping from 
that moment because they did not know what to do 
Christ did not come could not explain what 
here supposedly had to come and not 
and they did not know what to explain they did not know what 
do and many left the movement and 
others stayed but those who stayed 
they slept because there was no 
new light on the events 
we want to read some texts here we go 
to apply amplify the information 
you can skip the following text 22 
texts after 
very well 
1842 this here on 18 April 19 is 1844 
of the year 44 
I want to add some information that 
It comes before 
let's join more things but that 
first we are going to add that it is 
says so 
the prophecies that they had applied 
at the time of the second advent they were going 
accompanied by instructions 
corresponded especially with their 
state of uncertainty and indecision 
and that encouraged them to wait 
in the firm belief that those who 
then it seemed obscure to his 
intelligences would be clarified to its due 
a little here we already think a 
little dark all that I'm 
we do not understand everything very well it will be 
I want to see so I have to study I do not know 
I do not understand worse for them and to them 
they were in the movement they had that 
serious consequences if you and your family 
they were convinced that Christ comes and 
they have told your neighbors and your 
friends to your uncles and christ did not come in 
that day 
it was not funny at all 
the others had a lot to make fun of 
you and worse 
you are a fanatic your ideas to see 
explain to me now where is Christ I do not see 
nothing and in the drawings they made in the 
newspaper press mocked 
they and if in drawings that 
mileuristas flew things like that to heaven 
with angels clothes and yes where is 
Christ where they are flying was pretty 
serious at that time was not easy 
nothing easy but here we have read what 
the prophecies that had applied them to 
time of the second advent were going to 
accompany the instructions 
that corresponded especially with his 
state of uncertainty then this does not 
it was an accident 
that contributes to the formation of 
because when now Christ did not come in 
that day but supposedly it was all 
right then your patience and your faith 
they were built 
or tested 
I believe because I see or I believe because I 
I follow a principle 
because the bible says because it says 
I do not understand, although I do not see, I think 
that was here that happened with the virgins 
was part of the training was part of 
the test in the first test walls 
the first was a test for them 
we continue among these prophecies are 
I found that of avacu 2194 that 
we just read 
I will put myself on my watchtower 
I will place over the fortress and I will be 
looking to see what will say goodbye and what 
that I have to answer about me 
complaint to which he replied I go said 
write the division and sculpt the in 
tablets tablets so that you can read 
currently next page 
because the vision will still take until 
the term indicated this vision 
I was still going to take it here 
they did not know that yet 
well that is rushing towards the end and not 
cheat hope though I'll try to 
keep it because for sure it will come not 
it will take but here the shadowed soft 
hand is straight in the right corner for its 
I needed faith Faith gave you life 
during that time without faith 
you were going to leave the movement was going to 
be part of the virgins 
and now interesting what he explains already 
by the year 1842 the order given in that 
prophecy writes the vision and sculpts the 
about is bibles so you can 
reading regularly had suggested to 
Carlos Fitch writing a poster 
prophetic with which to illustrate the visions 
of Daniel and apocalypse the 
publication of that poster was 
considered as compliance with the 
order given by abacuc 
where was that sign here in that room 
this is the poster that Carlos fitz 
he suggested producing 
in 1800 
it's called the 1943 diagram 
by the date of the coming of Christ 
1,053 that diagram was compliance 
only one knows this 
that diagram was producing the 
fulfillment of what prophecy 
again I am going to read already by the year 42 the 
order given in that prophecy write the 
vision and sculpts the on tabs you 
had suggested to Carlos fitz the 
writing a prophetic poster 
that diagram was the fulfillment of the 
prophecy in abacus 
when God commanded 
the prophet habacuc write those things 
he already knew that carlos bitch 
thousand years later more finished after 
I was going to write the diagram 
is the diagram those brothers is a 
prophetic fulfillment 
the publication of that poster was 
considered as compliance with the 
order given by avacu next page 
nobody however noticed then that the 
same prophecy mentioned mentions a 
evident delay in compliance with 
the vision 
a delay time 
ok here on down says although the vision 
will wait for them when it arrived 
This weather 
did not remember that detail not 
they perceived that detail very well we have 
said that we are going to do two 
40 minute presentations instead of 
make one of an hour and a half 
then suggest a brief pause very 
well where everyone can get up 
go to the bathroom to get fresh air and come back 
in two minutes very well