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the phrase line upon line is derived from 
of a text in Isaiah 
indicates the idea include the idea of 
teach wisdom to the human being 
we are going to open the bibles in Isaiah 28 a 
from the 19th century 
from 9 to 13 says the following to whom 
will teach science or to whom it will be done 
understand doctrine to the weaned to the 
torn from the breasts and here a 
parentheses that I want to explain that in 
English there are no interrogatives that's not 
a question that's a response to the 
previous question those that are of 
accepted those that are plucked from the 
breasts they will be able to understand doctrine 
because commandments after commandments 
mandates on row mandate after 
row line on line a little bit 
there another little bit there because the language 
of stutterers and in strange language 
will speak to this people to whom 
he chose this is the repose of rest 
reached and this is the refreshment no more 
they wanted to hear the word because you jehovah 
it will be a commandment after a commandment 
mandate on row after train 
long line on line a little bit there 
another little bit until they go and fall 
on their backs and have been broken in 
and prisoners 
only those who are awakened and 
torn from the breasts of ccoo 
isaiahs are apt to obtain the 
wisdom of God 
to subscribe 
then here clearly indicates the 
of how to get wisdom 
especially cycles 10 and 11 we read 
again because commandments after 
commandments mandates on mandate 
line back I have lines on line 
a little there and a little bit there 
because the language of stutterers and in 
strange language will speak to this people 
we mix 
Yes Yes 
more although here it is promised rest and 
refreshment to the double god if they would use that 
method they reject that methodology 
make your ears 
then that group of people applies 
from verse 13 that says the word 
for from Jehovah it will be a commandment 
plot et cetera until they go and fall 
on their backs and they have broken in the 
rooms and prisoners 
it should be our humble prayer of 
not belong to that group 
to which the word of God is the stone 
of stumbling 
if we should not also pray that 
We want to participate in that group that 
receives refreshment and rest through 
the word 
then with this in mind we go 
starting his study to see how it is 
gets this recognition that 
wisdom of the word of God 
of the 14 miller climate rules 
it seems our study applies the 
or if 
no no 
says rule 4 to understand doctrine 
gather all the writings on the subject 
that you want to know then allow that 
each word has its life influence 
and if you can form your theory without a 
contradiction can not be in error 
per tenth 
and as one of the tests that he places 
under that rule he appointment and 628 
the sea 
clearly miller brother is shown 
in that rule as he understood line 
on line 
or sneers 
it means for him to have doctrine one 
has to gather together everything that 
bible says about this subject 
and elena white also defends that rule 
or that methodology in a text of 
rinehart where it says the following 
then it says the following those that 
are involved in the proclamation 
of the third angelic message are 
studying the scriptures through the 
same method or plan adopted by the father 
Of course, that methodology is 
supported by our pioneers and also 
by the white lineage 
The purpose of this study is ours 
first that the people of God leave the 
word speak for itself 
and second that our minds are 
directed at the time to the understanding of 
the present truth through that 
methodology that is placed on the 
solid foundation that is established 
by Christ through the pioneers of 
you will see 
to another power page 29 the nava says that 
we are only infants in regards to 
the understanding of the truth in all its 
we should never contend with a 
wisdom a superficial knowledge of 
the word of god 
however, or rather, we should 
strive extra hard so that 
understand and clearly define what 
the great teacher has given us through the 
heavens his prophets 
and I finish the tradition especially in 
what Juan revealed on the island of Patmos 
let's read isaiah 21 8 times 9 
says to whom science is taught or 
whoever now understands doctrine to the 
ten cited the ones torn from the 
then be ripped off from the breasts and 
untied means to study seriously 
the word of god 
but more specifically deepen the 
study and below the surface to 
find him 
this process of awakening is extremely 
essential to advance on the path of 
my friend 
because I tell you that when he says aunts 
that only those who are 
discarded they can then move on 
the light 
then pablo expand on that that 
information when he wrote to the 
Hebrews we can open free Hebrew 
Hebrews 5 Hebrews Chapter 5 Verse 
12 and up to 14 
because owing and the being calls estros 
Hebrew 5 12 after so long 
you need to be returned to 
teach which are the first 
rudiments of the words of God and 
you have become such that you have 
need for milk and not food 
solid and everyone who participates in the 
milk is inexperienced in the word of 
justice because he is a child but food 
solid is for those who have reached 
maturity for those who by use have 
the senses exercised in the 
discernment of good and evil 
we have then verses 2 or a 
very clear definition of the meaning of 
the first principles of 
as it says in Spanish 
if the rudiments of the word of 
the first rudiments of the words 
of God in English says of the oracle of 
God or the mystery of God 
they are my 
then in contrast and I the 
the solid food can be 
compared to the most 
complicated or more difficult of our 
those are equivalent to precious stones 
who are more deeply 
hidden below the surface 
then that solid food only 
is obtained by an effort of 
finish it 
comparing scripture with scripture the 
beginning with a beginning story with 
let's go to 1 Corinthians two verses 13 
to our only 
which we also speak not with words 
taught by human wisdom but with 
which teaches the spirit accommodating what 
spiritual as 
and spiritual 
right the spiritual to the spiritual 
of entity 
other words we are 
comparing different delineations in 
the story of the of the bible in 
different moments of reader 
although then a quote that exposes 
about how God deals with his people at 
long history 
it is found in the centuries pages 343 
and in a very mental way 
the work of God on earth presents 
century after century surprising analogy 
in every great reform movement 
religious the principles that govern the 
God's deal with men are 
always the same movements 
important of home agree with the 
of ataño and the experience of the church 
in times that were in sierra that 
they were holds great value lessons 
for our 
it is not true that that paragraph gives an echo to 
the words of isaiah 
shows us a beautiful confirmation of 
concept that at the beginning we have 
settled down 
this is that every reform movement 
is how the movement says here 
religious is similar to the other 
and that also include a parallel for 
my daughter is 
and how I am in charge of history 
we can expect him to continue using 
those same principles that you have always 
used until the end of the story 
the multimedia has always been and is 
turn sinners into people who 
perfectly reflect the character of 
unfortunately, as the past shows 
most Indian children reject 
this purpose is to that divine plan 
they also reject the lessons of 
past times that would be of great value 
for our times 
if we do washington 
then it should be the purpose 
to understand and learn those lessons 
solemn before the 
Grace time 
and those lessons will only be learned 
by line-on-line technique 
and in web guadix 
comparing how God acted with his 
village in the past and how it is 
doing in our time 
the issue of isaiah is that term is 
can summarize in that term line and 
we let spears and prophecy define it 
to that word 
this is found in education page 
190 second paragraph 
where he already says the following that the 
student of prophecy should 
understand designed but in English that 
is the word to draw 
not so much to understand but to trace 
and here you have to correct a bit the 
translation that are not at the foot of the 
Spanish lyrics the nature of the 
principles that fight for supremacy 
supremacy through the doctrines of 
History and prophecy 
to our 
in magazine 88 he already said that we have 
than having a knowledge of 
scriptures so that we draw the lines 
of prophecy and understand the 
given specifications 
in both appointments where the inah life uses the 
term or explain what it means 
she connects it with the theme of 
and as she also says with the prophecy 
trace of course means to delineate 
a sequence of events that they have taken 
place or that have yet to happen 
remember webster shareholder of the year 
1828 that is with the meaning of 
words in my linen time byte the 
trace word is defined from the following 
the first definition says to mark 
draw or delineate with marks 
frames no 
how to trace a figure with a pencil 
trace the line d 
of one thing 
then they take that definition trace the 
electors events means to draw or 
draw just to delineate the 
events that there is found in that 
and therefore the word line 
of views such as prophecy 
he wants he was using that term is 
synonymous with a 
with a historical sequence of faith 
or simple fact the landmarks are these 
marks along the line 
Those are the 
events that were fulfilled history 
that one has to 
study diligently and save with 
watch out 
so if we find the 
characteristics of those events in their 
let's make it capable or better 
we can have better as God has 
guided in the past and as it will in the 
I presented 
the word may already be used in the 
chapter 28 the word line of agreement 
to the exhaustive concordance of strings 
it is defined as a rope that connects 
especially something to measure to take 
you guess 
the words the stories have to 
be compared in the bible in the 
biblical prophecy to measure 
to make measurements according to the 
word of God and the principles that you 
let's get wisdom from them 
only if we compare a line 
we draw one line and then the other 
line and the other line 
then they will ask what is the purpose 
of that wisdom for what 
they took me to nobody 
July 31, 1888 so that we will not be 
ignorant but able to see that the 
day is getting closer so that 
Let's increase zeal and effort so that we 
let's bother faithfulness, piety and sanctity 
then the purpose is that we are not 
ignorant and unaware of what 
is coming 
is interned 
then we want to substantiate a bit of 
that all 
the past stories are a type of 
time we live in today we are going to 
read another inah white text 
and that's it 
that text is in 
Selected messages I take two pages 110 
first paragraph were presented before the 
people the historical events that 
showed the direct fulfillment of the 
prophecy and it was seen that the prophecies 
they constituted a symbolic alignment in 
English and is figurative of the 
events that lead to the end of 
earthly history 
what on the surface is telling you 
is that prophecy is an alignment of 
figures events 
another word the lines in the bible are 
by figures or symbols 
and if we want them correctly or if the 
we interpret correctly then we 
indicates they lead us to recognition of 
historical events 
in this 
she also says in select messages 
it took three pages 386 for one each 
of the ancient prophets spoke less 
for his own time that for the 
ours so that their prophecies are 
valid for us and these things 
they happened as an example and they are 
written to admonish us to us 
there are those who have reached the ends of 
the 1st Corinthians 10 11 
but no 
A) Yes 
then life also speaks 
about it this principle that the 
history can be repeating 
to me 
he says in ecclesiastes that asking 
verses 9 and 10 
what was the same what will be 
what has been done the same as 
it will be done and there is nothing new under the sun 
there's something you can say here 
this is new it was already in the centuries that 
they have preceded us 
same book Camilo 315 says what 
it was already and what it has to be was 
already and god restores what happened or in 
English says and God requires what happened 
of course inah white agrees with 
what Solomon wrote no cysts 
Selected messages I take three pages 387 
point 1 the bible has accumulated and gathered 
your treasures for this latest generation 
all the great events and the solemn ones 
transactions of the history of the ancient 
testament have been repeated and are being 
repeating in the church of these 
last days 
remember malachi 36 god does not change 
and says I am him 
sir I do not change 
then what happened in the past 
again it will happen and it is already 
then history repeats itself of the 
The best way to understand it is to understand 
what happened in the past 
look nation 
per se 
biographical notes on pages 216 point 3 
it says the following we do not have anything that 
fear the future unless we forget the 
way the Lord has led us 
and what he has taught us in our 
past history 
Thank you 
more than 100 
we have reason to fear what has to 
come if we are not 
if we do not understand how God has 
worked with his people in the past 
because that line-by-line method is 
the only way to understand what has 
to come 
then what that ancient prophet 
he wrote having us in mind was 
just understand what is to come 
through the prophecy 
so if the purpose was to guide us to 
the understanding of prophecy also 
was the idea of ​​staying in the studio 
the history 
then Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians 
10 11 that all those things happened 
as examples for 
what does he mean by this that he wanted 
say with this 
all right 
so what I wanted to say is that 
all the things that happened were 
examples for future generations 
maybe the question the next what 
what happens to them is that it means examples 
in Spanish it is already translated directly into 
The word here also proposes 
Greek dictionary a model or a 
is that you do not have 
this can also be understood as a 
they take that information reasoning then 
we can read 1 Corinthians 10 11 of this 
way and these things knew him as 
and I think I did not translate something 
and those things happened as guys who 
you will find your advance 
in the last days during type is the 
compliance of type 
like again to isaiah who poured 28 and 
read the 12th century 
to which the son this is the rest 
of rest reached and that is the 
refreshment they did not want to hear 
then the methodology that we have been 
studying here this is what will 
to rest and snack referral 
it was horrible 
but here a strong proof in that text 
as in the past like this in the future or 
present the people of god do not listen 
has repeated this throughout the 
sacred history 
It is the same in the days of Christ 
the Jews claimed they were 
they waited for the messiah's life but they 
were the ones that just when it arrived 
they denied 
as it was back then it is also in 
the present 
they say testimonies for the ministers 
to win 507 paragraph 3 unless 
we are advancing daily in the 
exemplification of the virtues 
active Christians will not recognize the 
manifestations of the blood spirit 
help day 
iure goals 
scott and may already be spilling in 
the hearts of those around 
of us but we do not perceive it or what 
we will receive 
that is , rest and refreshment I did not do 
is 28 represents late free and so 
they say we desist from the ministers that 
we have read 
that may spill in all 
hearts around us but 
we do not perceive it or what 
we will receive 
that is a very alarming thought 
Esperantist has been and is praying for 
the spilling of the late juve but 
they do not understand that it has already been spilled or 
began to spill 
since September 11 , 2001 when 
descended the mighty angel that illuminates 
the earth with his glory by 
christie's and 8 to join the 
angel of apocalypse that went to the third 
angelic message that rain has been 
falling down 
obviously obviously only about 
those who diligently am in the 
and additionally it comes to those who 
they ask for him 
A) Yes 
says in zacarías 
although 10 verse 1 
I'm really looking for it here 
10 1 
Lost jehovah rain at the station 
late will bring lightning and another rain 
abundant and green grass in the field to 
unfortunately many do not understand the 
work of the spirit that is being 
taking place just now 
of dollars 
but how is it 
he has life 
but how to prove that the help is 10 
also the methodology of how to study 
so we can see clearly 
we can show an increase of 
Knowledge connected with a method 
specific biblical study 
the fall of the juve of the spill of 
the late help as promised in 
the word of god 
let's let the bible speak for itself 
and 655 10 and 11 
the bar 
because as he defends from the heavens the 
rain and snow and it does not come back if not 
wants to water the earth and makes it 
germinate and produce and seed that 
sow and bread to the one who eats like that will be my 
word that comes out of my mouth will not come back to 
my empty but will give what I want 
and will be prospered in that I so that 
I sent it 
then it says what the rain is like or how 
rain falls so will the 
word of God 
says in proverbs 1 verse 23 123 
we return to my rebuke I am here of 
the mother my spirit upon you and you 
I will make my words known 
his spirit is certainly his word 
in called the throne boyfriend 
32 22 
do not 
it says in dripping as the rain my 
teaching or my doctrine as it says in 
English distill to like the dew my 
reasoning like the drizzle on the 
grass and like the drops on the grass 
then the doctrines of god are the 
and we're also going to add the text of 
Juan 663 
663 the spirit is what gives life to the 
meat for nothing takes advantage of the words 
that I have spoken to you are spirit and are 
then from what we have gone is 
very clear that the latter rain are 
messages that God has given or is giving 
it is a message only they are given or they 
get are understood by a 
diligent study 
as long as a method is used 
specific that I have indicated 
as yes yes 
and of course the spirit of the help of 
three days is received is understood by 
those who obviously study the 
by the way or method x god indicates 
lines about libya 
we can see also facts 319 
talk about the refreshment that we have 
read in Isaiah 28 
facts 319 so sorry and 
converted to be erased 
your sins so that they come from the 
presence of the Lord times of 
I want more 
also Jeremiah talks about it 
Jeremiah 616 the text that gives the motto to 
our series 
So said Jehovah standing on the roads 
and look and ask about the paths 
old which is the good road and walk 
for him and you will find rest for yours 
more soul they said we will not walk 
in pods 
then the word god invites us to 
receive help day but once again here 
indicates that there is a group that 
the times are terrible in which 
we live we live but they are also 
magnificent is not true 
do not 
the gentleman is about to return and has declared 
to the children what they need to know to 
be saved 
then studying our history 
past and history 
by doing that we are trained 
to see and buy the signals of the 
we need to grab them hold on to the 
of the safest prophetic word for 
have a protection in the times of 
the difficult difficult times 
we have a job 
preparation of the soul and also of 
as the language told them we have to 
prepare the way for him 
well not in that part in 
preparing people for that great day 
but if we ourselves are not 
prepared then how will the effect be 
about the others that should be 
prepared by us 
second Corinthians says n that pilote 13 
verse 5 examined yourselves 
if you are in the faith proven to you 
wang more 
then we have to ask that question 
extremely important that I do 
to be saved and what should I do 
according to it 
summarizing what we have said in that 
line upon line is the divine method and 
inspired by how you should raise the 
was used by the pioneers who 
strictly leave it let the 
define herself 
this line meters on line 
contains in the text the method of 
test text that was used on 
miller problem 
is used to teach those who are 
It can also be combined as a line 
prophetic on prophetic line 
is the method or way of how the people 
of God can discern 
as a guide in history 
it is also rest 
To which 
the day help that was promised to power 
I hope this little study that 
we did will help you in your 
studies let's do it with a prayer 
our Lord we praise you thank you for 
Thank you 
what have you left 
to us if one would study 
clearly what we should do to 
prepare is not 
look at things 
what happens in the world and add 
these ideas 
emotions perceptions if there is not a 
a more sure prophetic word there is a 
how to yield it there is a 
established methodology the word bella 
of which we can be fit 
for messages that are linked to 
that generation in the name of Jesus 
we praise and ask that we can all 
incorporate what we just studied 
the method that we use for 
agree your bible