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Publish Date: 8/23/2016
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love us 
Good morning, brothers. 
then he is thoughtless boy there he 
studies on the shape line of 
excited about the autistic and s2 
messenger and that the family formalized 
in message and here 
baptism of christ 
where it is manifested here in the form of a 
She said ill as we went out and climbed the mountain. 
seen the final and everything that is 
this demanding message outlined in the 
Let's continue here and wanted to add the 
in cosan is here it is about that 
eternal right in that eternal all 
interests of the morning to 
memorize a square in the backcountry 
who already know delay in defining 
on that eternal planet 
the yen 
this work of Christ to manifest 
groups that whose three 
and briefly mentioned that here 
and groups are manifesting themselves 
I want to make this very clear to play 
please me matthew chapter good 
3 to sit in which only in these 
two groups hit well from 3 verse 
the mattel bent 3 29 to 32 of this is so 
haide of the other scribes and Pharisees 
hypocritical because he stays in the 
prophets and adonai on the monuments of 
cost of these was formed in the days of noah 
the priests in the bale their companions and the 
so you simon the other same 
which killed the prophets other 
also in title the measure demonstrates the 
priests killed the prophets in a certain 
that said 
if we go in the days of noah 
the priests are not their companions and 
descendants of those who had killed 
the prophets 
here the priests they are the risks are 
bugs that in a word about the 
killers in a certain 
irene what different 
another group that well 
options bédié chapter 3 verse 
even the 25 of them is like this for 
circle yes if it is that the 3 25 knots 
the other eight on the rivers of the prophets and 
of tact that God repaired with the 
other priests this year the brahman and 
will be bandits all 
Earth families already have the sound and games 
of the team in which as said there are 55 
this first group ellison in the malicious 
there, tile 
different from you, the opposite 
one of the band if the backwoods 
and these groups 
we have alarm mt this whole story 
unfortunately this group that here in the 
exchange is beginning to struggle 
against the message of form against Christ 
and so his plans to kill him which 
It's the next step. 
you need here is the foundation 
not a certain time of Moses had been 
of Saturday that had already been 
that this 
in the line of christ 
aham with me and I left the bt option 
support and came out well option 
I see it on day 6 so I said 
You said so, this is where you 
in the background sion in stone stone 
price corner fortress of 
stabler and creer cement and not the 
pressure that requires cornerstone 
Christ did not hit 
we will not confirm with first 
corinthians 3 11 
said so in the first Corinthians 3 
because in the lipor and power other ground 
that the one that is in place and almost 
I forget Christ that we agree 
that it is fundamental that this 
story is sixth with that even the 
interesting message to see that Christ is 
intense his work here proved by 
3 times 
know do not want can open in cac40 
I think everyone knows that it's tested 
three months are three tests that have 
that pass from in the ego 
and let's say then you here 
the next point that would be the next 
step we need to establish in this 
line as second message before here 
which is to separate the man when he said 
that the increase in workload you 
here we always have an enemy who 
manifest in the activity enemies in this 
In case we found it on the street two of the 13 says 
that's how it was and it was about Easter 
Jews and Jesus went up to jerusalem 
This was the chance of pigeons and the 
fits and aches and pains of one 
ropes games all have all of the temple 
the temple here we find in a state 
lamentable profanity in a certain 
with me this ceiling of zero of the whole 
people said so said it was a 
time that right time was right and 
fiesta at Easter do not know they drank 
delight of all countries and areas 
city ​​around girl to dry on 
Easter and if everyone who worked on the ii 
to take advantage in any way and 
exchange of money gives the opportunity to 
road will expose sion and had 
transformed and not a member 
trafficking was a source of income for 
priests and businessmen to ask 
loans people by animals 
selling and sharing their 
with the ruling priests 
providing that if broaden the 
exemptions of pueblo leza can 
it reads all the time because it 's very massive 
For example, if you understand that 
new to all boys 
everyone bought the animals lito already 
here opened a trading partner and 
jesus who have arisen around himself 
It's a temple as we've learned. 
jesus same example a certain logo 
is this sorry state is 
under pressure and we will then 
Now if it arrives in the second message, let's go 
read about the first purification of 
temple and ruan san when the 37 17 days and 
Jesus went up to Jerusalem from the temple and 
called the first camboriu hairs of 
disorder at the tables 
but I see that here is the de mi padre home 
market house 
so if you wake up in your 
disciples that is written by the 
Education started with me, we left 69 
we go out and rye and verse in the 
event and if this is how I see the 
consumed the teaching of education and 
it has been shown us that you vitor stone 
vitupera van fell on me you are 
repeatedly the three abel guard that the 
treatment is what had been said 
here in this case we will open malachias 
also last malachi books 
319 if it is so here and unb 
messenger that same month to geron 
as Jesus will not be with Baptists with 
Bautista in right will prepare and 
ego's admission path 
in arm temple is lady here in two 
others are looking for benefits that 
understand to understand this this story 
because I knew very well from memory 
I knew in these books and it 's very 
interesting how is this story 
what a bini koné is another boy thing 
words are expressed through 
any human being who has god 
is manifesting running out 
Let's open the capital right now. 
we read is deliciously onu in moscow 
It expires at the end of the week. 
announce why our with what authority 
access and so we can respond 
they told me that this year the 
I am answered by Jesus and tell them 
destroy this temple and in three days the 
government to get up and move 
casters in 46 years with this time he 
to stay in three days. 
will raise abrava from his temple 
years body seized that 46 and moved 
for there to build the temple in the right 
established here but refers to the 
when he said that his words in the three 
days when it is completed with three days 
in the tomb and resuscita mentioned another 
application on the small rope that 
in these three days also three days in 
prophecy is how many news three years 
we will not only complete 
here while grounding that the best 
Let's support Christ because he hit a 
is here 
the desecration of the temple 
and second messages there 
of the temple 
and here I ask this question in a certain 
three days of the year to raise 
happens that this time his wife you 
are years copies 
are three friends of attacking attack 
and that it is to be a Christian in those three 
friends up there in weight because and 
Glícia in the industry as I said here - other 
time in 46 years said jesus destroy 
this temple in three days 
raise and who distributes to the temple 
here is now looked on 
if you are the one who destroyed the temple in the 
seemed to destroy this temple in three 
days and raised and had not even 
three years raises another application of 
this prophecy that this is to move a 
little by little after a while they had 
partially dominated and panic 
knew from the fair prices 
expressed resolve shadow of the works of 
What is this concluded? 
the prophecies concerning the energies and 
at that moment that the moment that 
cleanses the temple withstands 
but anyone and messiah is a sin of the 
Temple desecration 
largely to priests 
because there is foul play and the atrium had been 
transformed into a market in the hot era 
comparatively innocent 
mainly on the remaining nodes 
governing priests should be 
jesus seen in a kilo of lord 
because in recent years we were in 
sacred games that described submission 
and knew that the purification of the temple 
was a manifestation of a more powerful 
what human 
as much as it is to sign new jesus 
The record is free from thought that 
could be a prophet sent by God 
so that the manager the sanctity of the temple 
with a different one if the one born in this 
they were afraid to ask what 
to show that I am 
the Bolivian will advance and the 
that said and felt 
so we will not do everything because we already 
we just saw if what is written 
There's another glass here and it's fair 
Here you appear and announce your 
own death 
Destroy this time you're talking 
of spiritual temple 
then of yourself because you have already 
he knows the Nuba killing within 
your body 
In the clubs the machine was already west 
when the priests and rulers 
government would propose to kill 
release to disrupt the enemy already 
are planting in the death of 
let's move forward 
we will do all that is said 
said an explanation in the 
ice fight mathura mind award 
she chose her result and superficial 
and unbelief had entered the path 
kibaiana to be constantly at this 
They led like a lamb and Matadeiro and 
here only to state if this is so 
Christ's work of SITO that bautista 
I had received with so much 
the authorities of the 
influence jerusalem like hot 
abandon and go 
it is here that appeared UN that would have a 
power to attract more people to 
those who were not willing to 
give up when you grow up to end 
that here it is first to think that 
he had been proclaimed because Baptist 
in the center 
is to proclaim a message that reveals 
repentance in the industry and 
from there to Jesus the Christ of the 
message by rating 
The fight with me mattel de r 35 
day 34 from liddell said here jesus no 
Benido think that to get pass nati 
You're no longer welcome to enter pass. 
no sword like to have them feel in this 
text does not seem a little hard for me to 
seal says to cut it apart in a certain 
which is separate here is what works 
and that this if the eternal Christ seaton of 
separate into two groups 
Here he clearly said that this work 
to separate her, she's welcome to put 
repairs in the backcountry 
let's move forward 
the offer for him here 
Our coming here is then confirmed. 
again this is if this haze 
there were people already know the message of 
Christ and seek his death therefore 
that comes up for all help wants to use 
by the priests of the temple and we 
religious leaders of the 
had been instructed by law and 
directed the other class to proclaim 
his message that will gather those who 
should announce and there the one in the 
Let's get to the moment in history. 
Here we will do the gelato history 
from ruan 
the man of 47 
said so happen 47 in this 40 and 53 
in all the pontiffs if we resemble 
with council and told that Decian 
semus because shadows and many cnhs 
if we let everyone believe for a year and a half 
to sell my newspaper for years and 
in its place and national and that one year ago 
from the supreme pontiff of the 
better since show others do not know 
nothing monthly that we match that name 
coin was what all advertisers 
and loss but this in the garbage of oneself 
who, as he was the highest pontiff of 
that teacher ring that he knew of 
die for the national not only for 
that one was born but also for 
counted on one of the rivers of God 
who was called as soon as 
that day they consulted sets of 
kill there and we'll go to a little about whose 
It referred to the death of Walt's 
Let's do these stories told. 
looking a little with 3 27 years said 
so answered the bug can not man 
I received alpin was not given to him from heaven 
the others even the best sites that 
I said and I am not the Christ but that 
only send his brilliant and he had 
to expel this effort but to be 
friend of this well that is in you and 
this business I combined to grow and 
be back - street and grows Christ 
Let's read 4 verse from the municipalities 
so that for a time greater than that of 
its rulers priests the prince 
evidence that the power to Biarritz know 
constantly this magnificent time 
which gives popularity popularity to 
driving the day brings down the 
crowds that he played in his 
disciples increased 
many benyam to be baptized and one 
that Christ even in the blow knows 
sanctioned in the administration and 
for your disciples if you are 
about to mention this forerunner 
Do you think this affirms and 
The combat is still there 
let's open milestones chapter 6 heal with 
the chapters 
six of these tiêts 
this story of the death of herods and 
fighting in the backcountry and looking at the 
the sco am west and ne-yo goal and 
resurrected from the dead because he 
better know sent and learned to coan and 
nor had he pressed the jail 
the days pants starving person 
but did not know about women and 
themes like the end of history 
live with Baptist and let's read the 
chapters later on 14 to 14 12 
us 40 
Forgiveness is no other mateus book 
in it will be milestone 6 in the lp sun 
landmarks sbt never dies s 
and looking on his disciples for money 
and they took his body and put 
tomb of the Apostle to be reckoned 
performed with what they told 
that the net net that had taught 
from the beginning I will treat the match in the 
place of heaven and has bare a little 
because he was very much a fan of mma, not even a 
Time is place to eat 
we know that it is very sad when 
this news is not the tone of the 
disciples of his first strip of it 
in that parking jesus limitation 
beautiful part I already have a little 
disciples abyan burton the genius of 
business holds future as prisoners 
from where he or when the club was 
news of the death of autistic 
when the news of the death of a coup 
holy amaro 
put on bitter sadness and of 100 won 
who only knew that to let that Baptist 
woman in the house had undergone a 
harsh proof of the disciples' faith 
compassionate tenderness contemplating their 
sad faces and surrounded by 
with tears in business from the bnp 
the others in the place of that éton e 
A little while we'll finish here in 
A few minutes, let's continue. 
for the teacher we want to thank for 
for this Marian how long that 
we have followed 
We have these hours to study the 
that we ask you to continue with the 
the rest of that day and accompany us to 
how holy angels and the spirit 
so we ask in the name of Jesus Amen