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Publish Date: 12/7/2018
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on the night of our informal meeting 
will also have 2 
I mentioned like now looking back 
in this sacred story 
with our mind 
attentive to time 
We recognized that it is an incredible way 
but nothing to see 
2 camp 
International meetings in Italy 2000 
and in those meetings 
and in those meetings they had many 
historical references 
the midnight clamor 
the sisters who will perform the 
meetings and they wanted to do the meetings 
in the base of alliances 
the history of it 
will finally find the place where 
they could gather 
if you saw pp emeritense button the life 
and at this moment he has many things 
posters had been placed 
when we begin to understand 
effectively midnight love 
we knew that the triumph of Christ in 
jerusalem meant the cry of 
midnight you will see today living from 'no 
way back I bit for half that 
we begin to understand the point more 
willis de jess writes 
Youtube meetings of triumph between 
also that in the same way 
Christ already 
I have entered an ass to Jerusalem 
he also went on horseback the country 
Of course it 's late 
and a time in which a sister of 
He recognized that the story of Martin 
it was an illustration of our history 
the world diet was the threshold 
Midnight for the uterus 
on a mule 
we understood that the cry of 
cells also sagnier arriving light 
and sound and works one of the signs 
is the messenger arriving late in a 
type of equine 
Christian and when we get to this 
little city 
she was staying in this place 
we were, I'm sure 
with this particular story 
speak in a villa of hers 
rented a horse to get there 
she comments and this was one of the most 
slow in which they had occurred 
it's a message the title was from here in 
the husband 
what he said 
says that for the protestant reform 
the cry at midnight for the thousand 
these truths that we can find 
passage where truth subjects are the rock 
of cities with a capital letter 
before midnight it is written in 
it's a night for the history of the 
then in both trips and workshop 
we took a day and made a little 
rotated and we went to one of the chains 
where he was hiding 
then part 
but we also went to college 
where two of the young people will be taught 
one more contraction allow it to be 
so the main room was 
probably a third of this place and 
in the center of that room there was a table 
primitive to say it in a way 
more or less of that round size of 
solid stone 
and that was the table where they 
they wrote pamphlets that have been for 
and that was the rock on which that message 
his written message of midnight for 
europe typifying this rock where the 
mining history was written 
the median as a mosque 
so I was really telling myself if it 
find out well then it's accountant 
just a few months ago to understand 
what is happening 
for one of the first things that 
I perceived in those meetings by none 
had shared that from 1900 to 
the truth is that they had been placed 
in the public record 
in the public domain 
the stones used to build the 
Temple after the period 
and I understood the logic never before 
seen the logic but when that is the 
first encounter 
In Italy, I immediately went to 
france to have three meetings 
between italy and get to france that 
they passed such 
on my computer and I started to see it 
the truth is the one we taught in 
the street 
and more or less from there until today 
the conviction was coming that 
that 's what I'm supposed to have 
so I wrote my life active effort 
of güines music love or without men one 
the first wind is messi 
because in reality I just keep 
thinking about my wife 
maybe a person only 34 people who 
are in the message at that time and that 
they are still 
but no 
who have been here 
do not 
so come the conviction that 
I should share those truths because 
It was me who shared them and nobody in the 
they did not know anymore that they were the best 
there are people who enter the 
movement because they are excited 
with the 2,120 after entering this 
message and in jealous for this message 
I had no idea that in the past 
six verses in the eleven 
then we had recognized but the 
people to Friday were entering 
this movement without knowing their own 
these are the foundations of history 
but the foundation of our history 
message of 1,089 
says that the fundamentals are going to be 
it is quite difficult to defend against a 
attack if you do not even know 
then I looked again at their 
fundamentals and 
he was stunned and in truth he had 
that story they were good they were good 
but when you come back understanding what she 
in 2016 now 
now according to those truths were 20 times 
It's free 
I will easily recognize things from 
men that at that time I had seen 
when we get to the second center in 
Italy was still in that mode 
to share that ancient history and 
when I was fired that the 
self-sustaining ministry is 
I worked 
I told the man that I did not want to do more 
I wanted to go back to my secular employment 
which it is that I have to give me this 
invitations and you have to pay for that 
and from that moment the 
invitations and money started to 
to arrive constantly we were invited 
I will sit down and try to count how many 
Sometimes we count and the countries will be 
only here in South America 
during a period of 5 or 6 years that 
I was in Venezuela at least three 
but to insert more 
peru bolivia chile when there are times 
Colombia many many times so many 
times in my wife said because it continues 
every time you go there there is something very 
dangerous that happens 
in short, very dangerous things 
walking in the most modern city of 
a city built by Pablo Escobar 
call Medellin 
and we are walking in the city to go 
to change a little money 
one and a half blocks 
suddenly bullets start to appear and 
all around us and Mauritius but 
both on the walls and all that 
we could do was hide back in 
the cars 
and there were many many where they go with 
the TV and in the movies but that's 
the first time I was testimony of 
a steal of side 
and banks in colombia always have 
always have team guards and with weapons 
these these men and then I 
the thieves came to steal the bank and 
then a battle of bullets was generated 
and shootings 
of that kind of thing we saw every time 
we went to Colombia because this is my 
possibly he kept saying why 
continues to be Colombia is very free 
jairo i'm with andean heart 
I know part of this bar 
for the public record there is closer 
but I'm counting on the last time 
I went to Colombia 
I was kidnapped 
I did not go back then in that story 
when we were when we went to visit 
the Latin American sisters 
we become familiar with the fanaticisms 
that started in the united states in 
against autism 
but they were really established in the 
South America 
the usa do not go very far 
We take to know different parts of 
South America 
return to dinner 
we call him as the center of 
chris paul keating and we know that if 
outside for went to and you have to read 
with these false 
teachings in this part the odense is the 
another part with these other fouls of 
teachings and last night the 101 
Marco was sharing that he just 
to go to this country I did not tell him anything 
He said he had good meetings there 
but he said we were fans 
then I visited several places that 
I visited in enough places of 
South America to know the different 
Adventist cultures of the various 
countries with the exception of brazil because 
you do not speak spanish although that 
when it comes 
there is a fanatic way of marking time 
and is based on three quotes from the spirit of 
prophecy taken out of their context in the 
us when someone tries to teach it 
people in the USA have their own 
free from the spirit of perfection 
then they can read the situation 
in your context and say no to these 
people are not doing it is not 
reading correctly 
but it's not like that in South America 
as an example where 
once in Bolivia at that time in 
about 7% 
80% of the population is unemployed 
but for those who work 
but such as the entrance but beautiful 
but $ 30 per month 
yesterday is from fernando 
at that time a bookstore 
in batista peace and a book of 
spirit of perfection will cost the same 
that in the USA 
then to buy a book from 
spirit of prophecy had to spend the 
half of your salary if you had even 
a job 
because he was telling people 
about this history of the fundamentals 
and then I told him that it had reached 
the conviction of giving material to these 
more Latino areas so that they can 
defend from the prophecies of the 
dialing dial times then I said 
that they have those three dates that 
they use for evil to misapply those of 
then I had put together about 20 
dating pages that spoke against 
to mark time 
everything I'm doing now is what 
what we are doing was share 
history was not planned I shared this 
next to the shelf to sell 
he had no intention of talking about 
mark time the up and the stage are 
the words every word from its 
profile action 
but I had already come to the conviction of 
that should mark time could be a 
real thing now 
and he says 
I do not care that many if you have 20 
leaves talking about that we can not apply 
time and began to explain why he 
he believed that we can use surfaces of 
time for the end of the world 
maybe there were about 100 people in that 
place I do not know if anyone knows the number of 
correction school 110 half of 200 
that is people 
and I'm well aware that those 
people knew well what I know 
and they also understood what for mendez 
had said 
10 minutes 
then everyone was listening with 
a lot of attention 
because we had two shelves then 
that were major that were 
opposite in apparent contradiction 
and probably it was not recorded 
although it was not that when 
Mendaro finished his presentation there 
in the audience 
but equal 
intervenes between beni 
pear trees have also behaved very 
well it was amazing 
I knew what he said and that he was 
in complete agreement and that he did not have 
no problem with that 
and I did not do it to try to be a 
apparently peaceful but that's because 
I really understood the logic 
but this movement has been trying 
with the office to mark times 
then before going back to the study that 
I was doing these are just some 
that are coming to light is true 
from scratch 
but in the middle 
and learn 
this is not all but as you imagine 
verse rally contact me so that 
you will find and see 
so I have a lot of information 
about how we should apply time and 
since I'm just going to show some things 
that are not really connected with 
the things that can be shown 
but I purposely planning to do more 
of one thing here for some time we have 
understood that each of these dates 
that I know you probably can not see 
in the background all are sounds 
established thousand 773 are 25 years earlier 
of the time of the end 
jesus and they make reference to this milestone 1 
Jesus says except those days are 
connect 25 days with that moment 
25 years before a thousand 798 2007 73 
It is very easy known 
and then we arrive at guillermo million 
understanding your message 
25 years old 
to the fulfillment of that prophecy of 1,335 
in which this prophecy ends the 
last day of thousand 843 that means that 
that brings us to the last 
disappointment of the mileuristas that's why 
pretty nice twenty years later that 
brings us to thousand 863 many many things 
happened at that time 
by air 
but that is 
88 most artists understand 
that thousand 888 
if we talk about apostasy 
if they knew anything about the 
possession usually they believe it is 
john harvey 
I do not understand that it is a variety one 
series of problems for example a 
double-double prescott or your understanding 
about the valència attack continues 
about the continuum the pantheism of john 
hardy that the demonstrations 
Spiritual of soul kings 
so we mark 1808 as the alpha of 
the apostasies and since December 2016 
we have understood that in 1908 thousand years 
the water was 80 years old 
81 she was his last conference 
general and god 10.6 armed the 
content of the trees contribute to 
the characteristics of media 
then we have understood and taught more 
or less things than in 1908 midnight 
then we can see in this story of 
25 20 20 23 25 20 
at midnight 
now in the recent past 
I have been identifying that when 
you are 
presents his message that is just one 
part of the message 
because danger 1144 summarize our 
message there is news 
from the east and from the north 
Mass weight presentations makes the 
message of the king 
but when you were doing your 
is present 
and I saw some things on 
I know that the Lord used as 
as a transition for 
presentations of this man and we arrived 
to understand that presentations of 
Theodore does not identify the same message 
only from the approach of Islam 
and then you are presenting the 
the rumors of the north and the second 
witness who confirmed his message 
horn ag ingredient 
but a third truth that came and 
it had to do with presidents and 
presidents of the united states and the 
general conference 
he was the first doctor 
there is a fact I started with the first 
message in Jericho and in Genesis 15 and I 
I made sure to ask them 
about genesis 15 
with the test doors close 
how many are judged in the prophecy of 
but there are three there is a trial in the village 
of God 
that says it's going to be the land where 
they were captive egypt would be 
play also 
and the third entity I want to do 
favorite players representing the 
find out 
our history 
comes to the glorious land and so 
both when the people of God judged 
at the end of the world if dad 
the United States typified 
identifies by egypt are also going to be 
all this is going to happen in the period 
where the world represented too 
it reaches the close of grace and it's there 
where are we today 
so when we see the relationship between 
the people of god and egypt 
Adventists and the United States 
then we can see that 1963 
It would be good if we could elaborate a 
little more but we will not do 
in 1863 we have the first president of 
the general conference 
but in our history we have the 
president number 20 
here we have our first president 
but who is the first president 
and here we have the last president 
Please note in 2019 what to say 
there is a lot to say about it 
but these lines about presidents 
they are also being understood 
when we begin to understand 
that trump series video president these 
we had already understood the seven shifts 
it was easy enough to look at seven 
last presidents 
and the reason why we were 
considering even the presidents 
it was in the eleven 
10 and 7 years old 
where the time say 
end of working for all 
the fourth king 
it will be much richer than all then 
we use that to identify that the 
last network 
that the rich king that is something that 
interesting is here is not that line 
this is the last 67 rising that 
we associate with the seven trains 
and what I want us to represent here 
is that every four years we have some 
reflections and because the 
Presidents are now a matter of prophecy 
in these presidential elections 
if you can set two or three as 
milestones then all pretty thousand 888 is 
the time of time everyone knows 
in 1988 but 
nadal do not try vigués 
because we have the presidents in this 
up here we have 
for November of thousand 888 it would go to be 
but the presidents who are being 
which are elected 1,088 any date of 
here does not come back the president is 
officially until January from the start 
and then when george bush 
the president here on January 20 , 
these elections allow you to see two 
presidents who were presidents 
during 1980 
he was president during the first 
19 days from 1,089 
which is the time of the end with which 
you are all comfortable and then the 
president then this election 
presidential what I am saying here 
it is definitely a milestone 
1996 it is seen that that is a myth if this is 
the formalization of the message had 
elections 96 minutes 
already showed more then shown 
elections without vomiting then passes the 
testimony of two or three truths 
established maybe you're not aware 
but probably yes 
in the elections of 2020 
of 2000 but it 's essentially a draw 
and so it is 
so they had to recount 
the votes are cooled 
and it took two weeks to find out who 
had won here is in the part of the 
you probably are not aware of 
twice two weeks in dreams not 
you could turn on the TV to read a newspaper 
to a magazine 
the constitution was not being discussed 
from the USA 
the constitution of the us since it is a 
prophetic symbol absolutely water 
says that the constitution is the glory of 
The USA 
we call the slate valuable station 
it's because of the constitution 
when we come in a Sunday law 
says that everyone 
every inmate of that constitution 
what happens in this study 
and what we recognized the story is not 
we only teach good 
and what was about to play usa 
is about to play usa 
because of its character and its character 
he says I will not punish playing the usa 
because of the rejection of the constitution 
until I can explain the 
constitution will give them light 
constitution that his former parents 
but that the American people already or 
they have forgotten their ancients 
and before that Mr. FUNDIT 
they are played 
he gave them an intensive course of paths 
what happened the following year on 11 
the late rain begins to fall 
and one of the characteristics of 11 of 
September is the patriot act 
where the constitution is essentially 
collapsed arrives because the 
constitution is based on English law 
two types of law laws of the world the 
the call the english says that's 
guilty until they are proven then it is 
innocent this guilty proof in the bequest 
Roman says that's guilty up 
be proven innocent 
the high patriot is Roman law 
entering here well at this moment this 
2012 our story will be on 9 
November 2016 is a is nice 
the trump elections therefore if 
all these elections of the last 7 
president of the us is a milestone 
will be that the 2020 election should be 
a milestone 
now I'm going beyond some 
things will take a little time to 
finish this here but already placed everything 
in certain things in that place to be able 
move faster 
and I want 
in the afternoon breakfast when we look 
the recipe presidents of the us and 
of the general conference we could 
see them to the presidents of the 
perspectives and showcases and that's going to stop 
impressed but we are not doing 
that here is simply a review 
the president 19 of the usa 
the president number 20 of the 
general conference both elections 
happen on 20 
then he does not die in anything of the 
style then both are going to be in 
November 9 , 2019 is midnight 
then these presidents who are here 
Queen now are those two presidents who 
will be imprisoned at midnight and the 
midnight is 1909 
and for me 
81 years last in gral conferences 
then you negotiate structure of 25 20 
25 25 20 art directors 
and we go to midnight in 1909 this 
standard atlas for and unless we take 
the last two presidents that are going to 
be governing during and we place them 
This would be the extent of this here me 
what we have understood for some years 
in the context of the four 
nominations of 8 when we arrived 
we found 25 men 
when the sun 
and they are the leader of the church 
and the leader of the Adventist church or 
until the end 
is the president number 20 
I hope you see anything h 
from night 20 and this is the law 
Sunday this pattern reaches the 
final is not the president of the us is 
contemporary with that of the us in this 
history the president number 19 of the 
united states this transition has been 
a transition from the sixth kingdom of the 
biblical prophecy to the seventh when 
we arrived at this landmark the ice cream speaks 
about the decree of america the technique 
from the USA 
Protestants are going to reach his hand 
to over the ocean to grab the 
hand of the papacy all the hand and also to 
through the abyss 
the hand of the spirit 
and here this place of memory is triple 
union these seconds second of six 
licenses here is where the papacy is 
placed on top of the triple union 
comes from the clearest passages more 
classic structures 
concerning ramón's father and all 
the prophecies speaking of the end of the world 
and says that the name of sin is going to 
sit in the temple of God becoming 
go through god 
here the same 
triple union and he sits in the temple 
of god and what number the temple symbolizes 
about the testimony of several and here 
will be the temple until the closing of the 
test where the city ​​is like this 
when it comes to plastic history 
of the myths 
742 19 years later it takes us to 723 46 
years later it grew to 677 this is 
reverts in military history 
but it is a story 
but it's these three numbers that 
represent the classical structure of 
this then 
the impact on 
2,120 conclude then with lil jon 
president of the us and the 
general conference 
here and we have to be selective and everything 
this in 12 years 
then in 2004 in three years 
2004 2014 where the basics are 
placed are 10 years 
2014 21 7 years 
if we multiply everyone by three good 
10 for 72 1520 
and that tells us year of 2000 
what you'll find here based on the 
fact that each of these 
elections successes 
these are the last seven president 
from the USA 
so if I can show that two or 
three of these milestones are landmarks then 
it means that they are all milestones and 
so I'm saying that you're 
presidential elections in 2002 and 
who is elected in 20 
he will take on January 20 
it's a trip here 
the mind of 2021 
it's talking about the inauguration of 
the 2000 elections 2021 
I'm putting here some things that 
they are called that go beyond 
this is the structure of the 220 with the 
that we should be familiar with 
these probably not the time because 
you are far from water 
years later 
723 and 46 
73 the kingdom of the sup the north is that 
let's say like this is not the time of 
order when I asked them 50 mind 
ends arrived at the time of the end for 
the 620 77 we have a projection up 
84 I will place this also as a 
in thousand 844 I'm going to just place 
such is the foundation of autism 1844 
and then we back one thousand 863 
beautiful recreation for this on if 
there are several ways to articulate these 
things but this is 1856 you know what it is 
1856 two thousand 856 turns mind is written 
a series of articles and he says I think 
that is wrong 
guillermo miller used about 1,520 in 
against the civil kingdom and I think he 
have to use them against him never 
finish those items 
seven years after all the 220 are 
left aside 
when these articles by hiram & sons 
they are discovered in our history 
I was the first person who presented 
this and I did not understand the implications 
of this at that time 
but I had not read what turns me 
He said 
and I had understood it but I was not 
willing to say what I did was 
wrong of miller that we turn to this 
towards the true miller and place well 
that the first one is that it was presented in 
I believe that the 225 20 as in the box 
how are we correct 
they give us the ability to understand 
20 minutes in its people in context 
when they are finally discovered in the 
end of evil 
two thousand 863 
the dentist church gets rid of the 
and the recreation begins 
and 126 years later 
it takes us the time of the end 
as well as that recreation here after 
of 19 years did not carry to 1,088 which is the 
end time these 45 years here 26 
represent 25 years here 
where there is a recreation the church 
santista rejects 
the bible the spirit of prophecy 
the chosen messengers 
the holy spirit 126 years later 
takes us to a fundamental milestone of 
our history 
and therefore these 46 years would be 25 
years here 
as the 25 years correspond with 46 and 
the 7 with the 19 what has to come 
here is a 7 because this structure 
classic has to do with the 220 is 
and this ends in 2021 that's why 
it's hard to see but if we get more 
We believe that the testimony of two or three 
more established 1818 things is a milestone 
established miller with understands his 
message the general conference of 
1919 miller's message is completely 
if thousand 818 is a milestone and 1919 requested 
then 2020 based on the testimonials 
It is also a milestone 
if you prefer class 
we see logic one thousand two hundred twenty 
years lead to 18 October 2019 
2018 the news of the North East 
15 midnight claims 
in connection with the light on the 
comes to light and it is to that message 
restaurant the message of the clamor 
I'm skipping a thing the message about 
the king of the north of the south formalized in 
22 years later nobody goes to 2018 
we have a period of 120 118 and 122 
they carry 2018 
in December and in paris 
yolanda from December 16 , 2016 
pain the lord removed his hand from a 
error in our understanding 
as well as past in the history of the 
thousands of things that we recognized that he is 
one with the Soviet Union in its sense 
corporate but it was russia 22 years 
after months 
with 22 months brings us to October 2018 
where the king's light discovered the 
North is refined in presentations 
of teas 
equal to the benefit 
give them between the king of the south and in the north 
done to perfection 
thanks for the 25 minutes we wait