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that dear sir praised you 
once again, sir, are you from us 
give us understanding strength concentration 
to take advantage of those studies 
we want to deliver 
all of that in your hand so that you 
guides so that they had my words 
so that you ten kisses of his 
understanding our understanding 
and so far in the name of Jesus Christ 
we also want to ask for the brothers 
They have set out on their journey to gather 
do with us or are undecided or 
they want and later for the devil 
can not interfere in those plans 
good ones 
thank you dear parents amen 
very good we are all good on page 34 
we have just started with that first 
verse is the story of apocalypse 
10 where we have seen 
eating the book 
eating the book and the descent of the angel 
here with the book was opened 
elena white says that when the angel 
he has his feet on the sea ​​and the other 
above the earth that symbolizes that the 
message goes around the world 
and the mining history that happened 
here at that moment here the message gave 
Around the World 
came to all nations there are stories 
like the brothers wanted friends 
brothers who wanted to bring that message to 
and with him they reach chile and even balear 
that message they already knew 
because by boats some did 
pamphlets and they sent it fast 
then that is that story ezekiel 2 
1 a parallel text we will also read 
we've heard some of those texts already and 
we are always going to listen to several things 
other presentations but the repetition 
here I think it's of benefit that if 
wants chapter 2 
He told me son of man, put yourself on your 
feet and I'll talk to you and then he talked to me 
the spirit entered into me and I affirm 
on my feet and today the one who spoke to me and 
He told me son of man and I send you 
the sons of israel rebellious agents who 
they rebelled against me and their 
parents have rebelled against me until 
That same day I send you to them 
hard face and partridge or in 
lost heart and you will tell them like that has said 
of jehovah the lord 
maybe they listen but if not 
they will listen because they are a rebel house 
they will always know that there was a prophet 
well that's also of course 
our history these are the 
Adventists is also true is a 
rebel house the house of the odyssey but 
they have prophet among them prophet 
talked to them that's impossible to 
deny or forget 
6 and your son of man do not fear them nor 
be afraid of his words even though you 
alias among brambles and thorns and blackberries with 
scorpions do not be afraid of their 
Words neither have in front of ned ni 
issues in front of them because they are home 
of rebel 
you will speak to them so my words listen 
or stop listening because they are very 
rebels the 8th century plus your son's 
man hey what I'm going I 'm talking to you 
be rebellious as the house of the rebel 
open your mouth and eat what I give you what 
is what you have to eat 
the word of God the book the book 
the roll 
and look and look and here's a hand 
extended to me and there was a 
book roll I extended and what 
spread out in front of me and it was written 
in front and behind and there was 
written on it on right and 
lamentations and that's where that is the 
book that I know him week 
where that book is from in that 
is the bible where we know it 
the same as in apocalypse 4 and 5 there 
also 17 there is a book a written scroll 
for the advance back is sealed and 
nobody to open it but the lamb is not 
true and it's sealed with seven seals 
that same book here in the same book 
15 brothers that prophet 
have the same vision as later 
the prophet was going to have 
my shirt experience 
and vehicle 3 then 3 
notice that here there are lamentations and 
ayes we just understand the story 
of the woes that are part of that 
experience of that town here 
have to eat they have to understand the 
prophetic meaning of the ayes 
he told me son of man three title one 
eat what you eat roll and go and 
speak to the house of israel 
once understood as the inah said 
bait the understanding of the truth the 
happy message reception 
that is presented by eating the little book 
then understand the truth for this 
it is mandatory to then be able to teach 
that truth to whom to the house of israel 
that's what they did here 
they understood this message and made them 
happy and with joy they preached to their 
brothers the other Protestants 
and here in that story the same thing happens 
in the time of your skin and that's a 
prophecy in reference to us 
and I opened my mouth and he made me eat that 
roll and told me son of man feeds 
your belly and fill your bowels with that 
roll that I give you and I ate it and it was my 
sweet mouth like honey 
the same experience of sweet john like 
fear then he told me son of man see 
and go into the house of israel and speak to 
them with my words after eating the 
book the mandate of the Lord is enter the 
house of israel to my people and there what 
he has to share what God tells him 
5 because you are not sent to towns of 
speak deep or difficult language but 
but to the house of israel you do not have to 
go to other towns that speak other 
language another language you do not have to go to 
another has to go to your town you have to 
go to the protestants 
nowadays you have to go to the 
Adventists after Christ descends 
with the little book 
and notice us 
yesterday brother play us and a testimony of 
the difficulty of doing missionary work 
with other other peoples 
but although it is difficult 
I think the experience 
of many of us is if you share 
many prophecy outside the church 
he has a lot of interest 
and it is easier to capture the 
we have a barrier we have 
customs and traditions in our 
church that make us difficult to accept 
the prophecies unfortunately is a 
reality today others do not have that 
I think it's not a coincidence that 
God says he is going to work with 
young in the final time 
I'm so seen here several speakers 
young boys 
because that is so 
they have to wonder why that is 
well there's something here the youth has a 
advantage and we're not talking advantage 
our most free or have more 
ease in understanding things maybe it 's 
part of that but a lot of what 
that I see here the advantage is a young 
it does not have so many barriers 
mental by customs and things that is 
more willing to open the mind and have 
of I'm going to hear that maybe in your 
collectors to see no matter who I 
he says we want to know what I 
I know what the truth is despite the 
customs and traditions that we have 
although accumulated in our mind in 
our hearts 
good miller was the truth was not 
he was younger than me with he started to 
preach that here not 
quite younger than me 
it is true he who gave the love of 
midnight is not dead pits was not the 
young I also do not remember that it was 
relevant of the 20 years if I remember it 
all right 
they were young 
very interesting good 
what happened to 18 years 
not exactly guillermo miller receives 
its agreement in the miller dilemma is born 
in 1782 then here I had 
16 years here and get your first 
agreement but still not interested 
much good in a Christian family like 
the whole world of Christian but 
just here after the participation 
in the war the war of liberation in 
The USA 
of some very private experiences 
deep the here comes with his wife and 
accompanies her to the church and 1816 does not 
it was had the here 
it comes fast 
3. 4 
34 years there he started studying to study 
for two years 
he retired in his farm from the field his 
farm and he retired to study two years 
with 34 years old and preach here 
I had it 
that's the truth that I had with him started 
go to the public 
good but start all pretty young 
the crucial phases is here 34 the aic and 
he has the prophecies here he has the 
2,300 years 
but good 
we return here to our text 
3 verse 
7 plus the house of israel do not want to hear you 
because I do not want to go to me because all 
the house of israel is hard in front and 
obstinate of heart here is the 
bitter experience of eating the roll 
It was sweet as honey competition 
prophecies but now now preach it and 
They do not want to hear you, they do not want you 
believe do not believe that your message of god 
this is now a bitter experience 
we have the same as in John us 
we have the sweet experience and after 
they study bitter 
8 Behold, I have made your face strong 
against their faces and your forehead 
strong against your foreheads is one thing 
what happens here we do not have a we have 
have a solidity 
in our mind convictions based 
on a solid and strong foundation if 
we do not have that let's hesitate 
because they are going to ask us questions 
smart and they are going to make us fall 
but if we have a solid foundation 
then that does not happen and our offering 
it's tougher hard than theirs ' 
the opponents of the truth the 9th century 
as a diamond stronger than flint I have 
done your forehead do not the issues or have 
fear in front of them because they are houses 
that was the text that brothers Daniel 
also used to 
to check is one of the texts that 
We can use to check that our 
work today is to give a message 
Exclusive to the people of God 
we are saying that we should have a 
these heights share the message 
prophetic to our church 
that's the message go home 
distract even if they do not want to hear it 
you have to admonish you have to do 
some will listen 
and do not go to the others yet until 
come Sunday law with the message to 
the others and only them 
and the third parallel text 
if you see here you have at hand if 
are you come here something else more than me that 
I want to try because I'm reading those 
texts because I want to prove that here 
at the moment you eat the little book 
here is the booklet is not true 
and here I'm going to draw it like this 
you have to eat 
that minute 
at this moment in which you have to 
eating that little book has the experience 
of understanding the truth for that 
time at that moment begins a 
testing process 
with the first message 
begins a testing process because 
that's what we see here in history 
of the mineristas if you did not accept that 
if I come here from the coming of Christ you 
you were not going to participate in the field 
midnight but to participate until 
dying midnight you're not even 
among the virgins 
that if you're not two virgins you're not going to 
being admitted to the wedding is not a process 
of evidence now in the history of 
ezekiel in the book comes has to 
eat it and it arrives is a message the book 
ok are angelic messages are studies 
prophetic is the word of God 
yes that message now that he leads the 
church to the village and about the house of 
Israel becomes a test 
that's why he says here that rebels are 
rebellion is manifesting the character of 
satan is not a test is the book you 
liberates from the character satan is released from 
that of that of that Babylonian mind that 
the church has 
it purifies it from it but if you do not 
eat if the church does not receive it 
then that becomes a test 
and the messages are not received because the 
messages are given little by little 
that what we are here 
sharing with you 
and arrived it started to open since 1989 
those things that we are studying is 
already many years decades here in the 
and some brothers have been in Bolivia 
especially in the 2000s more or 
least I think that 2004 2006 2000 out there 
this height 
have been in Bolivia have laps 
several places talking about this same 
message that we are preaching today but 
I do not know what happened where he stayed 
it went away the knowledge of 
so then now we are where 2017 
it is not true 
if I share these things here if 
someone is new at that is a lot 
but God has been teaching us since 
1989 ok a little bit has opened us 
is the book here a little bit has 
given lots 
if you know how to eat something fruit after 
you're going to eat something harder is a process 
of learning then the process of not 
we are in the process but if we arrive 
more later to that clear it is accumulates 
that message and there are many things that one 
he has to learn in a short time 
good jeremías 15 
the third parallel story 
to the experience of eating the book the 
little book 
15 verses 16 
Jeremiah 15-16 
you know it or jehovah remember remember 
from me and visit me and come and give me 
enemies do not reproach me in the 
prolongation of your anger you know that by 
love I gave you love of you I suffer affront 
your words were allied and I the 
I ate the same thing again the same 
experience of that prophet 
Jeremiah 15-16 and your word was for me 
joy and joy of my heart 
who has said elena bites the understanding 
really the happy reception of the message 
is represented by eating the little book that 
it's the same thing that ends up ingesting and 
is ate the same book called 
the same book 
it's not there 
your words were found 
Yes now 
what verse 16 they were allied again 
your words and I ate them and your word 
it was for joy and for the joy of my 
heart because your name was invoked on 
me or jehovah god of armies a lot 
thing here the bible says the name of 
god summoned over someone that's something 
very special but no no we are not going to 
divert at this time I did not sit on 
mockery company or me in gray to 
cause of your prophecy 
I sat down it's just because it fills me 
now what does that mean sitting alone 
that's what happened in that story 
miller sat alone 
he was a broken instant but he sat 
he separated from the mockers because the 
other Protestants what they did very 
fast when they realized that I did not 
they could give explanations 
well founded against their theories 
company does not make fun of attacking him 
that is what the bible describes 
write about miller and he 's here I do not 
I sat in the company of mockers start 
a seperation 
and what is that dear brothers in other 
words a separation from the town of 
god what is that a group here another group 
there is here is that 
is the action of the eternal gospel and is a 
The time is a trial 
judgment these are allies missing silos 
those are fine that fruit is ripe that 
fruit missing should be ripe is 
judgment the separation a basket other 
basket that does not want to show here that 
process of eating the booklet starts a 
testing process 
one separates now it goes away it moves away from 
the scoffers 
move away from those who take light to 
the word of god 
because 18 because my pain was perpetual and 
my injury from a estrada did not admit 
it's not true like the book and then the 
experience is like 
the brand 
happens with everyone is nice you have 
joy first after the experience 
you will be for me as an illusion as 
waters that are not stable because that 
question he has followed who 
they seem the question 
with a hard you will not be you god for me 
like waters that are not that do not run 
provided they are not stable 
because he asks that question because in the 
mileurist story 
and they got here 
the 19 
to open 44 to a disappointment at the first disappointment 
it will be correct that the prophecy of the 
2,300 years and from the 2500 and 20 years will be 
what is correct will be that the Lord comes 
here is that is that little doubt by the 
first disappointed and as we have already said 
the town enters a phase 
elena white calls it an open stage 
We used to have a silly phase 
they did not know well they clung to 
faithful they waited for the word and I what 
I believe it I do not know I do not understand what happens but 
it is correct it has to be correct 
and thus makes that question here and 19 
So much did he say jehovah if you became 
and I will restore you and in front of me 
you will be and if between drying is precious 
of the mobile 
you will be like my mouth become them to 
you and you become them and you do not 
convert to them 
very important that also here what 
jehovah says he has to do 
in English it 's a little different says no 
it agrees not do not return you do not return to 
they have to go where 
It has to go to you but you have no 
you have to go to them 
Now that's another proof of what we've 
been saying the people of God have 
to separate from 
the Protestants in that story and not 
has to go once the separation no longer 
have to go to them 
that we are here now in this phase 
of the disappointment the message was for the 
protestants but once separated from 
they no longer go to them they do 
join that town but they no longer 
they should go to them and that's what it's worth 
for us today we should go to 
them and that in English is very clear in 
Spanish is not so clear you do not 
come back to them 
that they have already been summoned is not 
now the time to return to the 
Protestants to preach to them 
because now is a moment in which you 
you have to talk to your town to the house 
From Israel 
in Spanish and become stamps to you 
in English and they become active 
come to you and you do not go to them 
or do not go back to them and I'll put you in this 
village by fortified wall of bronze and 
They will fight against you but they will not defeat you 
because I am with you 
to aguad art and to defend yourself says 
jehovah and I will deliver you from the hand of the 
bad and redeem by the hand of the 
in other words with other aspects 
here the same experience experience 
to eat the little book what does that mean 
what happens at the time and also here 
as the other texts we have seen we have 
seen that that's the beginning of a 
it's a trial because here the 
separation separation is judgment 
because for the separation to which a 
those who know agriculture know that very 
all right 
the plants grow together but when 
a plant is not in its time then 
it is not a good plant it did not grow well not 
it 's worth it you can not sell this 
ok then those texts here dear 
brothers are fundamental texts for 
understand this 
if there is interest from you 
they have to investigate that story here 
that wait because here happens a lot is 
very clear what happens here and I thank 
those questions when they ask for pure 
read that and I 've already told you that's the 
non- zero dilemma in Spanish and many others 
languages ​​there is not little material there is little 
we have recorded videos 
that we have done in materials we 
but if you want more output there is 
little stories books 
our church has done a job for 
that history is forgotten 
and that's why there's not much unfortunately and 
if there is English, that's why I said 
study English easier to access 
much easier to find 
ok we have half an hour we go to our 
next text here up page 34 
when they start 
we are talking about the beginning of that 
testing process 
and what does it have to do with a trial of 
in 1844 our great high priest 
He entered the most holy place of 
celestial sanctuary to begin the 
work of the investigative judgment here is 
impossible not to understand this well 
clearly expressed have been being 
examined in front of God the cases of 
the just dead 
when that work is completed it 
will pronounce judgments on the living 
we have already seen that but we have that 
now here in the words of the prophet 
at this moment we are now 
in our text and hereafter 
here the trial began 
and first about the righteous 
who are the righteous who is the 
first fair dead 
abel or from the beginning of the earth 
those are the cases that are investigated 
all the all 
the following text is after 7 
for you have already begun to know 
Strass book 
I've heard that in presentations 
of course, and of course, and 
danielle is studying that book 
you already know him a little 
more maybe as they knew it before 
I want to go to verse 25 and they smelled 
verse 25 I think maybe I do not 
have still read in the other 
verse 25 and 26 
and your extras according to the wisdom that 
you have of your god with judges and 
governors who govern all the 
village that is on the other side of the river 
everyone who knows the laws of your 
God, since you do not know them, you will teach them 
and anyone who did not comply with the law of 
your god and the law of king be judged 
promptly be to death to exile to 
penalty of fine or imprisonment 
who speaks here to extras 
until series 
and that text here is the third 
decree of ata jerjes 
and even jerjes gives that decree and a 
key in that decree is the time in the 
which one 
and can put judges 
that according to the law 
of god israel are going to judge now when 
the third decree begins 
the seventh and the tenth day of the seventh 
month here dear brothers in the 
history of strass the tenth day of the 
seventh month of the year 457 before Christ 
at this time comes to take effect 
third decree then the decree part 
of them says by judges 
then the bible also in our 
brand is the moment who studies mining 
we understand and understand 
the beginning of placing judgment in court 
researcher on the dead just 
another parallel 
because the tenth and the seventh month was the 
October 22 44 
of the 2,500 and 20 years and 2300 years 
of those biblical prophecies is that 
parallel we have here marked in these 
as well 
next text again of the words 
of the great teacher's life page 179 
third paragraph 
john in the apocalypse predicts the 
proclamation of the evangelical message 
just before the second coming 
of Christ 
and contemplate 
an angel fly through the middle of the sky 
that he had the eternal gospel to 
preach it to all who dwell in the 
land and every nation tribe and language and 
people saying loudly you meta god 
give it now and give dadle because the 
time of his judgment is vanity 
in prophecy this admonition 
regarding the trial with the messages that 
with them they relate is followed by 
the ability of the son of man in the 
clouds of the heavens the proclamation of the 
judgment is an announcement that the second 
appearance of the savior is by 'the 
fall to kaiser 
and this and this proclamation is called 
the eternal gospel this proclamation is 
the eternal gospel calls the 
eternal gospel is not what in that 
church is said only Christ 
on the cross and what he did to 
we are a portion of the gospel 
eternal but it's not only this is a 
limitation that is eternal gospel without 
the one in water says here clearly this is 
this proclamation is called the 
eternal gospel so you see that the 
preaching of the second coming of 
Christ the announcement of his closeness is a 
essential part of the evangelical message 
a parenthesis in our history of 
our church we have a 
study we have made videos called 
and destruction of jerusalem 
the desolation of jerusalem 
and this study shows how the church 
Adventist people for their decisions and 
conferences and congresses and books 
not only became the odyssey 
but he put himself in opposition to the truth 
and a point in that story is the 
General of the year 1919 
and in that general conference there is a 
main speaker the brother 
william william golding rescue 
and that brother based on his 
presentations urge you to write a 
book and that book is called 
the doctrine of Christ 
from tucson price 
now is the book that is so tiny 
as well as first writings a book does not 
so not so big 
that little book is one thing 
well as I say it is a very 
dark that happens in history in 
our church because in that book is 
promotes an idea the idea of the 
Christos in Trinidad 
our message has to be 
that is, Christ has to be in the 
center of everything 
Christ is at the center of everything is 
correct of course in all 
messages that Christ is in the center and 
as elena white says is the gospel 
prophecy imagenio is one thing 
but what he means by this is 
something else 
He means 
to gospel 
and there is prophecy 
we have to preach the 
and not so much prophecy 
what they do it and those who 
support and what athletics does in that 
moment is one is to divide something that is not 
can divide 
you can not separate the gospel from the 
own but the theologians do it is the 
theologian does 
and since then you listen to today 
in day brother we have to preach the 
gospel have not heard that brother 
we believe the gospel that is our 
message we do not preach so much so we 
let's scare the little brothers we're not going 
to preach prophecy like this 
softer and that's a story that 
comes from here the brothers come from here 
elena white speaks against that man 
she asks to get out of their positions 
in the general conference and it says is 
man can not be the leader of the 
nerd radio magazine and they download it was vice 
president has to come down 
does his own work he continues doing 
his work 
is with his own magazine where 
promotes his ideas killing a white no 
he wanted to be promoted in the church 
then this man here 
pioneer of the second generation ok 
his father has seen the fall of 
this man 
maybe principal is responsible for 
introduce that idea that today is 
normal of our church let's preach 
Well, brothers the gospel and that 
means gospels without prophecy without the 
Second coming of Christ as elena 
white says it 's a sad story that's 
read in parentheses 
we continue 
then it is the same message of the three 
angels starts not true so the time of 
judgment has come is the closed door 
here in this process 
and we are in the process of understanding 
that not only here is a door 
closed without all that is part of the 
process is not that one day suddenly pum 
the door closes you're in the 
God's mercy because he does not want 
that you want outside is not true he 
It makes every effort for many years 
raise is a process of being able to enter 
and gives you messages 
cute that are sweet as honey 
but if your heart for not wanting to 
rebellion so it will be by necessity 
close then those messages are eaten 
a test for you and you are not 
ready to receive the messages 
that come and go and come 
because the light of the Lord is very beautiful and 
very big and it's a lot of thing and being 
Human you can not see just like that 
in its condition of roads to impossible 
next text 
with phyto the 594th centuries the events to 
from 1989 
the events in relation to the 
end of the time of grace and the work of 
preparation for the time of anguish 
have been presented clearly but in 
crowds have so little understanding 
of these important truths as if 
they would never have been revealed 
satan is attentive to snatch all 
impression that could lead to 
men on the path of salvation and 
the time of anguish you will not find 
ready what does that have to do with 1939 
she refers here a text tells you 
the events in relation to the 
end of the time of grace when where the 
austere life is the end of the 
Grace time 
one verse or there are several but one that 
it is so key for us 
danielle 12 exactly in that I was 
thinking also Daniel 12 verse 1 
which says Daniel 21 at that time 
will raise the great prince miguel 
is on behalf of the children of your people 
and it will be time of anguish which was never 
since there were people until then but 
at that time your people will be freed 
all that have been written in the 
that is the end of the time of grace 
because Miguel gets up another day and already 
we had put that here in the 
we try to understand the logic of that 
text of chapters centuries 
I put here at some point 
who gets up 
from now on 
anguish time 
but what he says already events 
in relation to the end of time of 
and the work of preparation for him for the 
anguish time when is the 
Preparation before or after 
the events before the end of the time of 
grace have been clearly presented 
brothers where 
that is what comes before here 
this according to the inah white has been 
presented clearly 
and then it continues but crowds have 
so little understanding of these 
important truths as if that never 
I would have revealed 
that's how his brothers wrote that's the way it is 
the world in all places where I've 
could talk about this 
ignorance of this subject and myself 
it was also always complete 
ignorance of those important federal 
as if they had never rebelled 
satan is attentive to snatch all 
impression that men could wear 
on the path of salvation 
those cities here 
of the preparation for the time of 
Anguish for preparation for the end 
of the time of grace not to fall here 
in the time of anguish 
satan has worked so that he does not 
overcome none of that so that we do not 
let's find out so that the brothers in the 
church the brothers of the truth of the 
present piety the brothers who did 
have gone through difficulties have been 
thrown out of the churches because he believes in 
the way of prosalud so that those 
brothers do not understand satan has been 
very very interested so that they do not 
understand so that none of us 
understand those important truths 
Now if you give this is here Daniel 12 
and this here that comes before 
has been presented clearly but no longer 
you know nothing about where you are in sun 
where can we find it 
a logic would be simply in the 
verses before 
It is true 
which comes before daniel 11 
dear brothers, you have studied 
daniel 11 
you have done gone to seminars are 
essentials of balance mineralization 
they recommend me about 2011 
the books that we have end up in 
Daniel Díaz 
the great books of absenteeism that 
there are about Daniel apocalypse end 
danielle 10 
a book that maybe many know is 
Maxwell's hand 
Revelation and danielle and 11 that 
it says well a short chapter says that are 
truths that we do not understand that in the 
future god will reveal us 
but dear brothers welcome to 
We are already in those times 
we are already in time in the 
which these verses have been revealed 
we should know what they mean 
because here this verse 1 do 
verse 45 are revealed the 
truths that would help us prepare 
for the time of anguish 
they have been clearly revealed she says 
but at the same time they are as well as if you never 
would have revealed 
this I believe brothers is our situation 
that's why we are the odyssey we do not know 
nothing of this 
but let's try to recover a little 
of that information we have about 10 
it's worth it although maybe we're a 
little tired start and then what 
we repeat with Daniel's book 11 
in the eleven is a special chapter 
very special 
an enigma for athletics 
sometimes I take some diagrams to a 
printing press here in santa cruz is the 
printing press is called the verb is a brother 
I think that it tells me that brother who are 
those things there are prophecies 
Adventists do not 
and you are the people of the prophecies 
of people and prophecies is not true 
some brothers from other churches know 
that town has as a center as a 
treasure the knowledge of prophecies 
and if I ask you understand you 
give the 1 if we understand 
danielle 2 clear yes the statue and 
Daniel 3 is of course as a child 
and we will make the books daniel 3 the 
stories is not true 
danielle 4 
the dream is a bit thick 
danielle 50 to think we know those 
things children's books 
there are there little drawings there are many many 
things about we know this is also 
not to depth as how could it be 
but we have a certain certain 
understanding of those things 
danielle 6 
what is daniel 6 
the cave of the lions 
we know and we know an application 
prophetic yes yes I think we can do 
that would not be so difficult for us and 
for the other brothers we know in 
those churches Daniel 7 the chapters 
prophetic keys that are here 
danielle 8 of course we know 
this and we would not be Adventists if we did not 
let's understand danny a 9 
you can not understand the prophecy and 859 
concert in 10 is an extension 
we understand danielle 10 your prayer 
and we listen and there are materials and I ask 
bring me books they will find others 
books is not that difficult about that they're going to 
find videos are finding and two 
for children 
of that but why is there so 
little or almost nothing about 11 after 
again from the 12th there are many things 
but as we did not understand 12 to 11 
we are an area 
I think a lot of fanaticism that I think many 
very dangerous in our church 
meaning of the twelve hundred 
ninety thousand two hundred thousand three hundred 
thirty five years etc 
weird theories are here in our 
church there are a multitude of theories 
but also 11 what happens with followed 
brothers as this portion you 
can see was sealed 
danielle 11 we read danielle 12 we can 
a verse 
but you danielle if it was the words and 
celia the book until the time of the end 
many will run from here to there and the 
science will be increased 
danielle wanted to write those things but 
the angel forbids him 
that is, there is a zeal here that was 
opened and they were sealed again 
Christ opened those prophecies for that 
end time 
here this time so he opened 
it was set prophecies and after 
the celia again 
and you know it is not god that celia 
Now if it's not like that, it's not true that 
celia the word of god 
the customs and traditions that 
we embrace this is what they would be 
our hearts zeljana the word of 
God is us that is sealed 
the understanding of the word then 
those words are ciliated again by 
that we do not understand 
but it says that in the time of the end 
so to take is here in the time of the end 
it will be understood again and I would like 
demonstrate and let's start at the 
next hour with that the time of 
end for our generation can be 
clearly mark in 1989 when the 
that's part of eleven having eleven what 
and here we are 15 brothers we are in the 
film time how many years already almost 
twenty years or certain we are already in that 
time almost thirty years means 
thirty years and in that time of the end 
almost thirty years and that end time 
comes to an end soon because that 
work that God does to raise of 
wake up and prepare and carry through 
of tests to a town always happens in 
a generation only because it does not 
sense that the test begins with your 
and with you continue and with your son ends 
it does not make sense because it can not what 
the preparation for your father does not serve you 
to you 
it serves but it's not your preparation it's your 
preparation has to know a 
generation and christ says so too 
for those brothers without anything else here 
then we were our second hour of 
today and we thank this gentleman who has 
open those things 
dear father 
your town 
even though 
very bad in their conditions has 
perceived that something happens in this 
believe that you come soon 
understands that strange things are 
in most of us we feed on news 
political events 
we listen to the voice a little 
of the beast 
and that's not enough sir 
because you speak through your word 
we understand that we are in times 
and possibly very close to the end but 
we lack understanding of the details 
dear father 
you have spoken to us in that 
generation you want to wake up your 
town is urgent is necessary 
dear sir your word is strong is 
and it does not fail 
please do sir a work to whom 
of your brothers among all those who 
they seek the truth with all their heart 
the name of Jesus Christ we ask this