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Lord our God this afternoon we want 
continue with our studies 
again we ask you to be present in 
this moment I have to be with each 
one of the brothers here so I'm 
using spirit so we can 
understand your word be with us 
we ask you sir with brother is law 
with me so we can pass on the 
message clearly sir too 
we continue with the technical problem we are 
without energy without electricity we ask you 
help us 
we give you praise for this on behalf of 
and then we have stopped placing in 
parallel those two stories these salts 
from Babylon 
and start with a delay by the river 
and all that happens on the first day of 
first month 
and the end of the 2300 
we have we have the 1000 wounds in the 
first day of the first month same day 
taking for the cause of the first disappointment 
and time is passing 
and we also see that they come out of 
Babylon in the sense of is coming out 
of the fallen fallen churches that is the 
daughters of Babylon 
We are reading from our notes in 
page 4 
we are here at the bottom of page 4 
what led from about the prodigy 
where it says what led to this 
movement a little before the end 
will find 
what led to this movement was the 
have realized that the decree of 
artaxerxes in favor of the restoration of 
jerusalem which formed the point of 
departure of the 2300 day period 
It began to rule in the autumn of the year 457 
before Christ and not at the beginning of 
year as previously believed 
counting from being autumn of 457 the 2300 
years ended in the autumn of 1844 
the arguments based on the symbols 
of the old testament they also started 
Autumn also indicated autumn as 
the time when the event 
represented by the purification of 
sanctuary should be verified this turned out 
very clear when the attention was fixed on 
the way in which the symbols relating to 
first advent of christ had been 
the simulation of the lamb pascal 3 
It contained the death of Christ Saint Paul 
says our Passover that is Christ was 
sacrificed for us 
the sheaf of the first fruits of the wheat 
which was customary to do before the lord 
in peace time of the easter was figure 
typical of the resurrection of Christ 
william a 
and san pablo says talking about the 
resurrection of the Lord and all his 
Christ people the firstfruits then the 
that are Christ's coming as the 
sheaf of the offering I decide wants 
the first fruits or the first grains 
ripe picked before harvest 
so also Christ is premass of 
that immortal harvest of rescued 
that in the future resurrection they will be 
collected in God's barn those 
symbols were fulfilled not only insofar as 
to the event but also insofar as 
to time 
the 14th day of the first month of the Jews 
the same day and the same month that 15 
long cycles centuries before 
before the paschal lamb had been 
immolated christ after having eaten 
the passover with the disciples established 
the instruction that he lived he had to 
commemorate his own death as a lamb 
of God that takes away the sin of the world in 
That same night was learned by 
clean hands to be sacrificed and 
immolated and as a preview of the sheaf 
cradled our Lord was raised 
between the dead on the third day 
first fruits of those who slept which 
example of all the righteous who have to 
resuscitate whose uvi vile body 
will transform and was similar to his body 
also the symbols that refer to the 
second advent must be fulfilled in 
the time indicated by the ritual 
under the mosaic regime the purification 
of the sanctuary or the great day of the 
expiation fell on the tenth day of the 
seventh Jewish month when the sumo 
priest having made atonement for 
all Israel and having thus removed their 
sins of the sanctuary came out to bless 
to the town like that it was believed that Christ 
our high priest 
would appear would appear to purify the 
land through the destruction of 
sin and sinners and for 
grant immortality to his people that 
the tenth day of the seventh was waiting for him 
month the great day of atonement the 
time of purification of the sanctuary 
which in the year 1844 fell on the 22nd 
October was considered as the day of 
the coming of the Lord this was in 
Consistent with the evidence 
already presented proofs that the 2300 
days would end in the fall and the 
conclusion seemed irrefutable 
here the white sister she is 
establishing that the conclusion about 22 
the sanctuary system 
typical sanctuary system that is the 
type of sanctuary 
and if we go back to the first paragraph 
of this appointment 
and tells them that this message was the 
message from here the husband is coming 
shalit to receive you 
we read more once this is the first 
paragraph on page 4 below 
He says thus delaying the husband 
all nodded and fell asleep to the 
At midnight the cry was heard. 
the shalit husband comes to receive him 
then all those virgins that you 
elevate that rose and spiced up 
his lamps in the summer of 1844 to 
mid- middle ages of the time understood 
between the time it had been assumed 
first that the 2300 days would end and 
the autumn of the same year to where 
discovered they discovered after that they 
they spread the message was proclaimed in 
all in the very terms of the 
writing, here is the husband 
and here we see that in the middle of 
dates of April 19 and 20 
this 10 October 22 
at midnight 
the message will be given 
the husband comes out to meet him 
and this was very snow in the field 
from etcetera 
arrives until then not to the campaign the 
and he's going to give his talk his presentation 
about the cry of midnight 
on the day of August 15 night 54 
thus marking the clamor of midnight 
and that awakens the virgins in the 
and they start to prepare for this 
proclaim the message 
with you 
I want to read 
a text of 
we want to read a text of the book 
which is translated as origin and history of 
Seventh-day Adventists of Artur 
weeds website spalding 
and I'm going to read the first paragraph where 
says country in etcetera all 
found page 5 
the movement of the seventh month reached its 
first peak at the country meeting 
in virgin etcetera be from 12 to 17 of 
August men and families had come 
of all the new england of maine 
massachusetts and from new york and 
canada there was an anticipation of the of 
what great things would be revealed 
etcetera and all the town was at 
jon spaihts coming from in the train of 
new bedford massachusetts felt that his 
mind was impressed with the message 
you are going to receive new light here something that 
will give a new impulse to the work but 
shortly before site anticipated in what way 
dramatic light would come to him 
smoking and time warner 
and here we see that it is marked 
the exact time of the country in 
etcetera which is between 12 and 17 15 here 
in the text that follows will give us more 
information about the experience that 
they had with their clients 
les corts 
then in 2030 
this month not then it comes and I am 
let's continue reading 
it says as well as how was one of the 
ministers from the movement 
he was given the pulpit in the 
third day of the meeting by holding on 
devotion to what in later years 
I would celebrate as hope 
blessed he was still confused 
and baffled by the disappointment of the 
spring however tried to meet 
with his duty to his people 
presenting evidence evidences of 
the imminent coming of the Lord 
and the expectation that they can soon 
see in the clouds of heaven for its 
background of sea captain I represent 
the church as a boat looking for 
a port possibly a little deviated 
in the captain's estimate 
or lost in the mist notwithstanding 
near the port however 
the argument and the export drag 
I was not feeling life in his message 
half-consciously noticed a rider we must 
of riding dismount a panting horse 
outside entering and sitting next to a 
man and his wife in the audience 
greeting you with few words 
whispered the newcomer was 
interrupting the speaker declared 
it's too late brother you see it's too late 
to use our time 
reviewing these truths with which 
we are familiar with this emptying 
late siblings to spend time 
precious as we have done since 
the country meeting began the time 
is short the Lord has servants here that 
have the food to go on time for 
their house they speak and the town the 
listen here the husband comes out 
received the Vitz was not offended the 
meekness of the saints manifested 
in it also he was ready to be 
revealed and elevated 
come up brothers we do not talk to him I invite him 
below is it did not maintain a service 
brief of questions and answers and 
arranged that the next morning 
will present the topic more thoroughly 
he did so in a powerful sermon on 
the midnight cry that I followed 
follow up with presentations every 10 
remaining was supported by all 
solidarity speakers the elderly ism in 
karts and hits with solemn power the 
message spread through the camp 
les corts 
he then gives this speech here comes 
the husband in civilian 
he gives the midnight cry 
and that all happened during the country 
exeter between 10 and 12 to August 17 
he arrives then not to give that message 
it arrives with that israel 
and it comes with the information about the 
third angel and you come with the 
information on October 22 
which will be the arrival of the third angel 
the third angel of envelope arrives 
and then comes with this information 
about what was going to happen on the 22nd 
and it comes with the information about when 
this event was going to happen 
so in the time of these extras comes 
in jerusalem 
and what you are doing has to be the 
third decree 
10 was the f was between delivered the 
third third decree of the first of 
first month when it arrives then with 
this decree and start a time of 
and what he is going to do are several things 
one of the things that he is going to be 
what he's going to do is reintroduce the 
Jewish government 
but also the Jewish economy 
because it brings with it netty of the 
Levites and priests 
they're going to do their job and they're going to 
place in its place again is that 
also going to reintroduce 
the Jewish government 
and if you open in extras chapter 8 
verse 36 
see you some some things here 
extras 836 
and they gave the offices of king to their 
governors and captains from the other side 
of the river which favored 
town and the house of God 
surrenders type and infuses already 
of type pressure in the hikes you want 
because then the here 
they favored the town says here and to the 
House of God 
what you are going to do is put in place 
the government 
and also goes 
place in its place also the economy 
Judaic religious holidays in the 
yesterday you know if we open these 7 
and if we read from 11 until the end of 
and it says in guarne saga number 
and it is not said then that what follows 
from now on it is as part of the decree 
n footballers and if we read this 
catpeople we could see the aspects 
specific here 
the decree causes in his people 
let's read just some verses 
to see what happens between the first 
day of the fifth month and ten very well the 
seventh is the work of prepared before 
that the decree enters into force 
the first thing in verse 12 hours 
here it identifies agencies and it 
to such jerjes king of the kings to extra 
priest write perfect of the law of 
god of heaven health and so on by me 
been more commandments than any 
that I would like in my grain of the town of 
she and her priests and Levites and the 
with you alge to jerusalem go 
here means that he's going to let that 
Go to whoever you want to go back to 
tell him 
in wii 
we do not wear fur in fine and if we skip 
to verse 24 24 and 25 
these 7 
and we let you know 
that all the priests and limits 
singers goalkeepers net and neos and ministers 
from the house of god none can 
impose tribute or chest orients and you 
you are according to the wisdom of your god 
that you have judges with judges and 
governors with coki rule everything 
the town that is on the other side of the river 
to all who have news of the 
tutti laws of your god and there's no 
they had it had I will teach you jce and 
anyone who does not acquire the law of your 
God and the law of the king will quickly be 
judged or death or development is 
saint uprooting or penalty of the hacienda 
or to prison 
even if your investment tells the verse 
25 suicidal 
we see that he allows those 
who are involved in the service 
From the temple 
to be tax free 
in verse 25 and 26 
asking for king 
gives extras the ability and the right 
of placing judges and governors 
and they will have all the authority of 
do everything that is here in verse 
this is the work that I know 
that takes place in this period of 
two months and ten days 
reintroduce a government and go to 
restore the sanctuary system and 
all that takes time and I am willing 
you need to do this first to 
restore jerusalem to its previous state 
then that is the work that 
Start here 
and again it arrives in jerusalem 
and start your preparation for this event 
is where the third decree comes in 
and on the day that the third decree enters 
in force 
on the same day the tithe of the seventh 
month 2300 days years later 
the third angel will arrive 
that is, the third decree typifies the 
third angel of stress 
then we go back a bit comparing the 
first day of the fifth month in both 
When you are there, you arrive at cleaning 
Serious preparation work is not like me 
it's gonna ride gentlemen not he gets to the 
country of etcetera 
watson must say that it has 
information about law what will happen 
will happen here on that day 
as well as extras arrives and has 
information about what goes in here 
and that is not going to be the message 
and what what happens between the first 
day of the fifth month to 10 in the 
seventh month of October 
is that this message 
cordes throughout the united states 
and everyone leaves they are going to be preparing 
for the time of arrival of 
Jesus Christ 
you see the similarity 
it's no coincidence that all those things 
occur on the same dates is a 
divinity symbol 
it is a work of a divine work 
that the same events happen 
the same days 
2300 years later 
these salts of Babylon and it takes 
in 2000 wounds come out of Babylon and 
they take for the subject time of delay in 
the exact same day 
the origin is after arriving in jerusalem 
He begins his work of prepared sir 
Samuel does not arrive in a country exempt 
he starts his work of prepared 
these have information about the 
third decree that comes into force here 
let's be new reports and freedom 
during the wintour months yesterday this 
month has no information about the 
third angel that was going to get here 
just to be sure that nobody gets 
confuse gentlemen you do not know did not know 
that the third angel was going to arrive 
ding ding 
but the third angel is marked here 
and marks the moment Christ passes 
of the holy holy place 
I am different when I go deeper in time 
sherman indecent form of the 
those two events on October 22, 1844 and 
the 10th day in the seventh month in 457 are 
parallel events 
the measures are going to have the same 
experience as extras 
we will be in front 
if you see these parallels amen 
to continue 
and now let's look closer at 22 
and let's look at the logic that he used to 
same to get to this date 
this is the book the prophetic faith of 
our parents in the translated title 
on page 6 where it says book and edwin 
from the midnight clamor 
the evidence presented of course 
based on the types became the factor 
sanz snow pointed out four points his 
correction of an error in the calculation that 
previously recognized had provoked 
the change from 1843 to 1844 second the 
70 weeks of years both began and 
they finished in the autumn third the types 
of tabernacle mosaic 
indicate that the second coming will have 
place in the autumn not in the spring 
but on the day of atonement or the 
tenth day of the seventh month as well as 
the death of the paschal lamb pointed to 
the death of Christ on the 14th day of 
first month 
and 44 
just like 
just like easter crucifixion the 
sheaf my life resurrection 
and the time allotted for Pentecost 
all happened on the exact days 
teachers prophesized in the same way not 
he continued he believed that the day of 
expiration expiration 
ante typical forgiveness occurs in the 
exact day specified then our 
great high priest christ jesus will come out 
of the heavenly holy place where he 
has been administering to bless his 
expectant people 
that will also be the second advent 
will appear for the second time unrelated 
with sin to save those who 
are waiting 
the conclusive logic of the presentation 
it made a deep impression and 
practically everyone in the camp 
they accepted it 
the next day he repeated his presentation 
upon request with greater clarity and detail 
for example since Christ was 
crucified in the spring of the year 31 
after Christ in the middle of the 
prophetic week of seven years three years 
and a half from the spring 30 
of the 31 undoubtedly leads to the buttons of 
34 therefore the 1800 and 10 are 
remaining years of the 2300 calculated to 
from the car in 34 must conclude the 
autumn of 1844 and in this year the 
specific tenth day of the seventh month 
matches according to the expensive method and 
he is Jewish 
of time calculation with 22 of 
October of the Gregorian calendar 
and I want 
here the logic of that month not 
and we will not have time to do it 
everything this afternoon but I hope so 
least we can start 
we are a nation 
this month he did not understand 
he understood that when Christ was in 
the earth 
all the spring parties had 
what is the first party we see 
in the Jewish economy 
the first thing the easter 
and when is the easter 
On the 14th day of the first month, the former 
do not 
I know that not everything I 'm going to mention 
now they are technically speaking parties 
I am using the word fiesta 
because it is more convenient 
maybe the one better way to 
Express myself 
would it be that the work of Christ of 
Christ was fulfilling all the 
Jewish economy some are parties 
others not and that after the Easter that 
we have first fruits 
louise ivers plus before the scoop 
of the unleavened bread 
and when are the unleavened bread 
next day 
we make with recipe or with 11 
then this 
that 15th day of the first month how will you be like 
christ meets the easter 
his death the cross of the cross with the 
death the cross is the fulfillment of the 
how do you think he complied with the loaves 
unleavened as they were fulfilled 
what Christ was doing during the 
10th fifth day 
and I was resting 
says the sister who was resting 
in the tomb 
man version 
Yes Yes 
what is the next party 
freshfields scoops 
in first version of sexting and the 
Firstfruits happen on the 16th 
first fruits 
as he explained how Christ meets 
with the first fruits 
we read twitter 
wants the fulfillment of the first fruits 
the resurrection of traction and is here 
is rising from the grave 
and after that party we have 
and starting from that of the first fruits 
when that pentecost 
50 days after the first fruits 
how it was fulfilled in the time of Christ 
and the holy spirit was poured out in the 
day of pentecost 
50 days after Christ was resurrected 
and this rain 
symbolizes there are holy spirits being 
of spring fish these are the festivals of 
the spring Christ fulfilled all 
so let's look at tomorrow she 
it's like during the autumn holidays 
of springfield wolf a city 
and the spring festivities all are 
fulfilled as soon as Christ was in the 
shortly before his second coming 
again the all the autumn parties 
will be fulfilled in that we will try to 
show tomorrow 
someone has questions about what 
we have explained so far 
then we will end here because 
then we have the questions and answers 
let's have a short break and 
we will be back 
we will see 
dear to the heavenly 
once again we thank you for your 
mercy for I know 
we ask you to bless us this afternoon on 
end of the afternoon 
that guides us during 
the rest of this afternoon 
we will make him spill his holy spirit 
for the moment of that school 
we apologize for our 
of those false concepts and shows 
our sin 
and now we can we will 
have a full experience with you 
now let's leave us deeply 
impressed with your brief with your very 
fast coming sr 
and help us take the preparations 
thank you sir and we love you name 
jesus amen