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the three presentations are done so far have hopefully laid a foundation because I was trying to discuss the methodology behind the message that we teach on endtime prophecy I'm hoping that given enough examples obviously not for you to be fully established but for at least for you to have a taste in Bible verses and stories though you were all familiar with you saw all eg that all that ventus used is nothing strange or new and up to this moment people might argue what are you saying that's new and up to this moment I'm saying nothing really although you can see in those stories they're pregnant with thought ready to give birth two thoughts and ideas that maybe you haven't thought about before so what I want is to understand that these are not things that I've made are not only device fables this is just taking stories that you're familiar with and then doing what the Bible tells us to do line these stories up as we would any parable so that we can make conclusions about what's going to happen at the end of the world and you remember one of the main premises that we have discussed is that if we think about history and this is the close of probation that there's a time of preparation beforehand and it's this time of preparation that's equally important if not more important then the catastrophe that follows it and we saw that there were two symbols that were brought to view in the story of Noah do you remember what they were the two negative things since they were eating and drinking and they were given in marriage both of those things are happening here the food and the marriage and those two things become symbols of this history we're required to eat the Word of God and we're required to enter into a unity with him the human and the divine so we require to eat the Bible and become one flesh with God and we're required to do that in the day of the Lord's preparation not in the day of the Lord because the day of the Lord preparation is which day Friday the sixth day and this is the day of test this day of test we call the day of preparation and once this day is complete then the Lord will begin to investigate whether or not you have passed those tests this is in bill into the psyche of an adventist into the thinking because God wanted us to be sure that we would understand the dynamics of the end of what happens at the end of the world but somewhere along the line we have really lost our direction and our bearings this is nothing new it's not an indictment against Adventism it's not an accusation we're just fulfilling the history of our forefathers so when we read spirit of prophecy quote to you we're gonna read a number of spirit prophecy quotes this evening first ones taken from selected messages book three page 338 it says that each of the ancient prophets spoke less for their own time than for ours so that they're prophesying would be enforced for us the same pastor she goes on to say that the Bible has accumulated treasures these treasures they're hidden and these treasures are waiting to be found by the last or the final generation and I'm saying those treasures that are waiting to be discovered by God's people at the end of the world and not moral treasures generation after generation has understood the morality that the Bible teaches we have nothing new to offer the world when it comes to the doctrine of morality but what we do have to offer he's a deep insight on last day events or what we would call the prophetic events at the end of the world and it's these treasures that are hidden to the world hidden to the casual reader that are waiting to be discovered by people like ourselves even if you can't prove we know not only in the church but also in the world there's an awareness there's something in the atmosphere the weakened sensed something major or important is about to happen we know that because when you go back into previous histories you see the same thing when Noah began to build the ark the hearts of men were evil continually and they knew it when Moses was about to be born there's something does awaken in the people they know the prophecy of Abraham's about to be fulfilled but it's not just the Israelites that know that we understand why fair I was to kill the firstborn don't we all those boys because he's targeting whom targeting Moses he wants to kill all the children they're gonna be born in a certain time period and even though they don't fully understand what's going on he's been driven by things he doesn't fully understand Moses his mother is also driven she understands her son is special and therefore she will risk her life to protect him she the same thing in a time of Christ many people are studying the Book of Daniel and they're coming to an awareness that something is about to happen even people in the world those philosophers from the east they will study in the Holy Scriptures before Christ was born because there's an awareness that something's about to happen so we live in a time period where even if you can't prove it all of us know something's about to happen and we've seen the harbingers already we've seen the events that have already occurred which are telling us shouting us warning us the things far worse are about to happen when we read another passage to you it's very similar to the one we've just read taken from signs of the times January 13 1898 paragraph 8 I don't believe this is in the Spanish says the prophets of God spoke less for their own time than for the ages to come will draw that here's a prophet he says she speaks less to his time then for the time to come in the future she then says especially for the generation that would live amiss the last things of this Earth's history so she says that these prophets spoke about their own history the history that was going to come in the future and our history and we know this to be so because Jesus in many New Testament writers would quote Old Testament prophecies that only be fulfilled here and said there was another fulfillment of that same prophecy here and we should understand that those prophecies that were fulfilled in this generation and this generation she says were especially written for us upon whom the ends of the world have come it says that the prophets and apostles so this would be the prophets and this would be the Apostles the time of Christ it says that they meet together and they unite their testimony when they speak about the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow afterwards it says the Apostles and the prophets spoke about the history of Christ and then the Apostles and the prophets speak about the glory that should come afterwards the chlorine is going to come in our generation the wonderful events of the history of Israel are not to be lost on the surface or to be ignored just because they happen thousands of years ago remember we spoke about these treasures that are hidden remember what I suggested they were their hidden treasures our prophetic understanding of the word of God the surface treasures that anybody and everybody can see this is a moral understanding of the Bible she speaks about especially for the last generation there's something that this person in this person said especially for us says they testimonies meet in the life of Christ and the glory that comes afterwards she then says this they are jewels I are not to be lost sight of or ignored and that they have been placed in a force setting so I'm saying based upon what we just read the the testimony of the prophets and the apostles jewels that have been misplaced if you misplace a jewel what happens to it are you able to see it no it's hidden to your eyesight and these jewels to be dug are in our generation now these jewels there have been lost sight of they've been hidden this was not by mistake it was an accidental I'm not saying they were malicious men who were wicked or evil directed men who were not focused upon the Word of God did not remain loyal to the principles of Scripture and they took God's people into darkness now who am I talking about I'm talking about the history here this darkness so always so this period of darkness here was created because God's people went into idolatry an idolatry is following your own understanding and not gods before the time of Christ where his people in darkness we know they were desire of Ages the first two or three chapters on the white tells you this we know at the end of the world based upon the testimony of two as we've seen how these histories prefigure our own gods people have been led into a period of darkness and this period of darkness is the subject of the study the brother Marco is doing these four generations a progressive degeneration of our theological understanding of truth so these hidden treasures there have been misplaced now need to be dug up and they're gonna be dug up in this history and where are they they're in the testimony of the Apostles and the prophets the Apostles are a code word a code a symbol of Wow they give it's not just the Gospels but the New Testament and the prophets you can already guess they're a symbol of what the Old Testament we could show this through clear Bible passages that would teach this same thing if you've read the great controversy and you remember I'll give you the prompt our prompt you I'll give you the clue revelation 11 there are two witnesses there are prophesying in the 1260 years who does otherwise say those two witnesses are so you'll remember the older New Testament the Dark Ages is this history here it says that they've been preaching in obscurity very few people understood what they were talking about those same two witnesses begin to prophesy after they were killed they begin to prophesy here because what happened to those two witnesses they resurrect who killed them tradition the enemies of the truth sometimes by mistake sometimes proactively but after their Testament is being destroyed they're gonna resurrect and give their testimony again in a stronger fashion the next phase whoever makes war against them what's going to happen to them they will be destroyed let me ask you a question when you come to the Old Testament who's the eminent prophet that covers the Old Testament the preeminent prophet the most important one the one that was faithful in his household the wonder is drawn out of the world since they Moses and who's the greatest prophet in the New Testament John the Baptist that one's easy isn't it John the Baptist we spoke about this yesterday actually isn't that famous it's not that famous he's not allowed to even use his own name to do his ministry yes to borrow someone's name which is why Elijah do we know that the premier prophet is Moses in the Old Testament and Elijah in the New Testament do you know when you go to revelation 11 he speaks about these two witnesses gives a description of the characteristics or their powers it says one of them one of these witnesses can turn water into blood who could do that Moses says it can also bring plagues Moses says the other one the other witness control the skies to stop rain and it will stop rain the same witness can tell fire to come down from heaven and kill people who is that kind of power lied yeah so you know that it's not just the older New Testament here the Word of God is personified by people Moses and Elijah and he says they're gonna be killed and they're gonna resurrect they're gonna resurrect and they're going to begin to do a ministry in this history so you're gonna see Elijah and Moses know in real life but in symbols men are gonna raise our and they're gonna quote from these people's histories and they're gonna give a message that's what these passages are teaching and people are gonna make war against these men and what will happen to those men according to the story of Noah they're going to be destroyed by a flood scary thoughts we know in the time of Christ how many prophets did you have yeah John and Jesus John is Elijah who do you think Christ was symbolized by you go back to the book of Hebrews Paul tells you he compares Moses to whom to Jesus because Moses was faithful in his house and Jesus is the one who built the house so it compares Jesus with Moses so you see Elijah and Moses here we know we're going to see Moses and Elijah here at the end of the world this is how we esposa study our Bibles in the passages that we've just read and the white quotes from a Bible verse and I didn't read the Bible verse to you it's first Corinthians chapter 10 verse 11 so we want to read that now I'm going to pre warn you this is not meant to be an insult in the Spanish it doesn't translate it very well some people are spoiling because they already know first Corinthians chapter 10 verse 11 now it says the word example now in the English which was based upon the Greek they chose to use a different word now if we went to Hebrews chapter eight verse after verse should say the same word example so they're gonna use the word figure and in the English that word is example example an example means an imitation or a copy so it means an imitation now if you go back to 1st Corinthians chapter 10 verse 11 when he uses that word example what that word actually means in the original it means a hammer blow see if you shuffle so if I do a little picture of that we have a piece of clay and we have a stand and then we have a hammer wherever stamped on that whatever picture is on that stand it will make a direct copy on to the clay and it's identical in every characteristic and in the Greek that concept is different to example or figure or type no often we talk about typology but the Bible says these are identical stamps with no variation and as you read the verse it says all of these things not just in the New Testament but in the Old Testament they happened to be identical stamps for us upon whom the ends of the world are come who's written this book Paul the end of the world is Paul's world he says everything that the prophets wrote were exact identical stamps of what's happening today today is here the end of the world at the end of the Jewish world because in a 36 year time space that nation is going to be destroyed and Paul knows this that's why says it's the end of the world we take Paul's writings and we apply it here so this stamp and this fan is an identical copy of what's gonna happen at the end of the world these things are not just similar they're identical copies just like the word Sabbath in the Old Testament and Sabbath in the New Testament is the identical word so when we speak about line upon line precept upon precept what we're saying is here a little and there a little and they meet together here in our generation whether it's a word whether it is a word in the original language or in a translated language whether it's a sentence whether it's a history of 20 or 30 years where this the history of a whole generation the principle is the same we take line here with this line and bring it to the end I want us to be sure of this whether it's one word a sentence or our history of a whole generation like the history of Moses it all works the same way that's why they're 28 verse ten and thirteen teach and we read think we're eight I forget the study done in verse twelve the people say we won't listen check his first well it's Bristol yeah make sure first well they won't listen and what they're not listening to is the rest and refreshing and when these truths whether it's the word a sentence or a whole lifetime you brought here to the end of the world this idea this principle this concept is the latter rain now I want to tell you the latter rain is not some spiritual experience that you can pray for you're not gonna get some warm feeling or some tingling in your fingers verse 12 clearly tells you since this was the rest of refreshing but they would not here which means wherever the rest of refreshing is as a message it's words we know what words they are we know what words they are what words are they did the words that come out of the mouth of whom did the words that come out of whose mouth we read it yesterday I'm pretty sure from the Watchmen doing Roy's name was Elijah no Elijah Ezekiel is equal to Z key chapter to remember that let's go to the story of Moses Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 18 so we saw Ezekiel has these words of God which is the latter rain message people says we won't listen those words are the words of God he ate and then he spoke Deuteronomy 18 18 it's not about Ezekiel the treat so he says God's gonna raise up a prophet like Moses and what's God gonna do it's gonna put his words into the prophet's mouth how do you do that you make the Prophet eat the Word of God then what will he do he shall speak to them everything that God commands so that's applying to Moses because he's a prophet like Moses and it's going to apply to another prophet who did the people think that prophet is going to be they asked John the Baptist is that you he says it's not me who'da stay crisp Acts chapter 3 from verses 20 to 22 I think in a quote this passage what's interesting in verse 19 it says if you don't listen to these words the words of warning of the watchman and by the way the people don't the vast majority of God's people will not hear the last part of the verse says I will require it of you what is the eighth and it doesn't say it what is required of these people if they don't listen I would say their lives if you go to Acts chapter 3 tells you that their lives are going to be required their lives now if you die to Christ he takes your place his blood for your blood but if you decide not to listen what do you say his blood be upon us and our children unto the fourth generation which is the history with huge living if you're not willing to listen to the prophet and they him bear your blood bear your sins you'll have to bear them yourself so we have spoken extensively now about the methodology that we're using I've shown you Bible verses for prophecy quotes we discussed the story of Noah at some length what we want to begin to do now you're getting more comments that I said is we want to begin to lay out in some detail the sequence of events that are going to happen at the end of the world now the way we're gonna do that is we're going to follow our own methodology that were discussed we're going to go back to a previous history and we're going to show how that previous history was laid out and then we're going to see that that history was an ident identical spam to our history so this history here if you looked at the underside of that stamp it was a line with marks on it and these marks which was this history the in-sample is a direct copy of our own history so the way we need to understand our own history to go back into these histories and to understand what they teach us now I just want to add a one or two more points first now you might be saying to me or to yourself we don't need to do all of this because we've got the great controversy and we know what the great controversy teaches we're ready I'm saying there are things in the great controversy that we have misread misunderstood and missed placed and this subject is not as straightforward as you may think we see this history here I want to show this history in a slightly different way there's a wall a wall you know and it's a block that's now to the wall and he has hooks on it it's a cow hook so it's for hooking on your coats clothes we all have them at home it's the same thing now what we're gonna do is not hang our clothes on here are we of course we are of course we're gonna hang our clothes on here hopefully I'll show you that in a moment so this is my bad picture of a jacket your clothes are hung on so what we're going to do what would be required to do is carefully read the spirit of prophecy now many people have done this before they've made compilations the book Maranatha the book last day events yeah both books so men ever tempted to do this before and also we have the original box we have early writings we have spiritual gifts spare porous spiritual gifts and the great controversy but what I'm saying is that what we need to do to get things correct if you get a spirit prophecy quote or a Bible verse and you get that package and you need to hook it on the right hook because often we're putting those pieces of information on the wrong hooks and putting things out of context give you an example of how of how we do this do you all know about the former rain and the latter rain God's people about a misconception of those two rains and their purpose and they're not really sure when those rains fall so we need to accurately be able to place the falling of those rains and though the purpose of those rains now it's really easy if you go back to the original stories but if you don't you have problems so what's supposed to happen under the form of rain what its purpose germinate the seed and the answered back there nobody so people have quite rightly gone back to the literal example so we've got the former rain and the latter rain I'm gonna put closer probation here close the probation is the harvest because we're talking about this national cycle we're going to make a spiritual application what's the purpose of the former rain so what now I'm not talking about the spiritual application not the literal story now I'm jumping what's the purpose of the latter rain okay we're still giving me the literal examples let me go to the story of Christ on Resurrection Day Sunday what does Jesus do he breathes upon the disciples he says receive war the Holy Ghost we know that goes sorry the the rain in the spirit of a symbol of the Holy Ghost of spirit so when Jesus says breathe so when Jesus breathes upon them this is the former rain what happens 50 days later fire we're not breathing this is Pentecost that was a 63rd the first month what they're gonna do now once they receive this fire they leave the room and they're gonna baptize 3,000 people so what they going to do here evangelism what were they doing ten days before prayin coming to unity what they're doing doing 40 days before there's 10 and there's 40 for 40 days what's Jesus doing teaching them what prophecy this is the breathing of the spirit the former rain they coming to unity one mind one spirit which means they put away their different their sins what's the purpose of the former rain to perfect holiness what's the purpose of the latter rain see vandalism God's people awaiting you may have experienced this we're waiting for the latter rain to get our lives in order because our lives are dysfunctional so this is an example that's real in Adventism today Alawite challenged this repeatedly in her ministry and we're still making the same mistake here is carried to perfection character perfection is before the close of probation not at the close of probation and many of us are waiting for this latter rain to sort our messed-up lives and we're waiting in vain because there's enough grace what is Grace power there's enough power to help us overcome our defects here in this experience it's not available here so that's an example of how we should be taking these quotes and putting them on the correct hooks let's talk about these clothes Isaiah 28 verse 17 I'm going to talk about two things in this verse it's going to be talking about a line horizontal and it's going to be talking about a vertical line in the English it's called a plummet so this is a cord that's used for measuring how vertical the wall is and when he talked about this line and he talks about this would this plummy it's going to associate some spiritual characteristics to them let's read what's associated with the line judgment I was associated with the plumbing righteousness so we have righteousness to the plummet and judgment to the line is that is translated correctly yes good so we have righteousness here every time you see this line we have righteousness that's what this verse teaches what's the symbol in the Bible of righteousness if you want to see a person who's righteous we did this yesterday Matthew 23 we spoke about in the sepal occurs what's the symbol of righteousness the color sorry the color white but if you go to Revelation 19 verse 8 gonna tell you Revelation 19 verse 8 you go to the verse before you'll cease talking about the wife the wife has made itself ready would it brighten um be wear a white dress in verse 8 it says it's fine linen the linen is the righteousness of the saints it's a garment so these three way marks I like these hooks on this co hook and what you're going to hang on them you're righteous garments so what I want us to see when we talk about the end of the world and we think about the preparation time before we get to the very end of judgment what do you see from the very beginning and righteousness of this you're right that is righteousness that's what you may sorry if you go to the story of know before he builds what has God say to him I've looked at all the world and I see that you're war righteous he's righteous at the very beginning and he's righteous all the way through the Bible was to teach us these plain truths and when we read things that you might think are deceptively simple like the great controversy I want to suggest you need to read really carefully and make sure you put in those passages on the right hole in the right sequence because many of us are not the subject here rub the out about the former and latter ray so as to give an example of that so we're going to close but I wanna just lay out the framework that we're going to see when we go through this line of history I want you see this is a basic overview it would just be a basic overview we're going to see three angels messages we're gonna see a period of darkness we're going to see that the period of darkness comes to an end when it comes to an end it's gonna mark the beginning of this history and this is the history of the last generation or the end of the world and so we mark this as the time of the end we're going to see at the time of the end there's going to be raised up these two prophets we mentioned Moses and Elijah the new and Old Testament and they're going to be doing a work upon the hearts of God's people there's going to be an increase of knowledge there's gonna be a perfection of character then there's going to be the giving of a Gospel message and it's going to end with the close of probation and that close the probation will initiate a history there is such a time of trouble a calamity that we've never seen before and in that history God will protect and save his people so we're gonna see all of these remarks and a few more and we're going to develop a template and this template will serve us both in historical examples and our own history and once we establish our own history carefully it helps us to understand the times in which we live in and how to make adequate preparation let's pray