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let's have a first mind today 
happy, give them all 
we're going to have about two hours today 
more each presenter and in the afternoon we're going 
to have more space for questions and 
I already told you at the beginning that if 
they have questions for placing them in a 
piece of paper and they hand him 
It would be good until lunchtime 
so that there the speakers can 
prepare how to answer what texts 
use and so on 
well yesterday we have then game of 
and we have seen in the chain of events 
83 84 
where the doubts appear 
in the first one in spirit for mexía in the 
bible through 'sms' and through 
racing president this now we have not 
arrived at this yesterday it ends in 1888 
now in 1888 there was a conference 
general in minneapolis the most famous such 
once in Adventist history and 
generally we usually remember there 
the controversy between two young people 
Guiana and Jones and the general conference 
but on the wagon side to jones too 
There was the inah white 
the light that I was trying to impart 
the awakening I wanted to cause 
and the understanding of the third message 
angelic he wanted 
at this moment underline and support and 
expand could not enter no no no it was 
accepted and in light of those events 
we think we can understand this 
very well the church had placed itself in 
the years before in a position of 
reject or criticize the spirit 
prophecy and neither have full confidence 
in the Bible and that the Bible 
church had taken that position when 
this came here they did not have the 
weapons in their hands to defend the 
true they were already in his mind 
ready to reject spirit progressed and 
when elena white advised and supported 
to the young and to that message then 
they were willing to make him 
and the message that brought them there 
anthony explanation of the bible they 
they also could not understand then that 
is what I say is the first insect 
the first destructive work in the 
history of our church rejection 
spirits overcame rejection of the bible or 
in criticize doubt about it and this 
then cause them not to see 
and when one can not receive the truth 
the sound doctrine then one said 
automatically for a false doctrine 
and the church here starts to hold on 
wrong doctrines 
that's the first process now that's what 
what happens in that conference 
well let's continue I'm going to like 
we have two hours nothing more to cover 
a story from that time until today 
in day I will try to focus on the 
most important events there are many things 
what happens 
but I'm going to grab some rules 
great or important events 1891 that 
makes the church with prophecy spirit 
what do you do with the inah white 
sends it to where 
Of course the church puts it in words 
that they needed her allies needed 
that she is working in europe in 
australia and they send her and water 
wins jones 
to europe and then the and australia 
at that time that meant 
Get rid of her 
because australia was basically the 
most distant and remote place in the USA 
or he could no longer influence 
as I had while I was in the 
America were going to cut off the influence of it 
they in fact here get rid of 
prophecy spirit and I want to read a little 
how she describes it 
reflects on that later 
and it says the following 
I escaped the document to see 
well she says the following that's from 
well maybe a comment here for 
as I had thought about 88 
that's the materials 
88 injection materials 
pages 1576 
and 70 to 78 and it tells you the following 
when the old man today and the president 
here at this time it was last 
when the last elder 
I connect with these men 
and perversion 
his spiritual sight and he began to see 
things in a strange light and I knew that 
they were resisting the spirit of 
god but he thought that useful using 
I could convert them the result was 
contrary to this 
in a great way they converted to him 
your clear / correct discernment and 
false was 
since the beginning of his work as 
president of the general conference on 
old man 
the old man's policy or if he has been a 
so what he was guayaquil is 
stresses that the leader or the 
president of the church was associated with 
a group also what was not right 
that group taught and wanted 
influence that group but rather the 
group influenced him so that he 
I could no longer distinguish between truth and 
that really is a tremendous problem 
that's what happened here because of what happened 
before we have here in that phase a 
situation where the elderly leader does not 
could distinguish between what is false and 
those that correct and from the beginning everything 
what he did was false he said and his 
now unless you use like 18 
the link to mike comments on australia 
and it says the following I do not have light 
special that I have to leave america 
to this continent so far nonetheless 
if this would be the voice of God I would say 
but I can not understand this matter 
some who have responsibilities in 
America seem to be very insistent that 
my special work should make way 
to europe and australia 
then the Yankee knows he should not go 
God did not tell him and he was never going to say 
but the liberation from the church insisted 
and they visited him she visited him 
they repeatedly spoke well and that has 
that go and explain it pushed me to 
that the fence 
and finally I went to europe and 
I would work in the new fields 
with all the power and influence of 
God that had given me and my house 
and my goods in america were scattered 
and me 
I got a lot of loss in that aspect 
I offered my house for sale and the sinn 
doctor that what bought the price 
that I received and needed was very 
little bit too small 
I had acquired the double 
etcetera then it is a situation 
quite sad for her she has to 
leave and he is known is going to go for nine 
years then he was not doing he could not 
retain what he had at home the 
had to sell and because he had 15 
rappel I had to sell it at a price 
very low and had a little money and help 
to contribute to the financial situation 
difficult of her 
here we see that there is no 
a strong support of the church for 
sustain the prophet I had to 
fix it had to see how to do it 
and he has to sell his house and lost everything 
keep going 
That is 
again in 1888 materials 
page 1582 
for photos the sacredness of the 
God's cause is no longer realized in the 
center of work 
that is 
let's pay attention what she is 
saying the sacredness of the cause 
of God is no longer performed in the center 
of the work she is saying 
that the general conference 
the alliance and it no longer works in a way 
sacred that is when this comes here 
we are in 91 
we are still relatively close to 
the beginnings of that work she already declares 
that the president does not know how to distinguish 
between good and evil that this president 
here he wrote something that should never 
have written and that gave many to the 
death and that here the church no longer has 
a sacred character or the leader in 
what she does and decides the you 
I'll put in the center of the church in 
then what 
the authority has been considered 
in giving advice on how to work as 
work should be done is no longer the 
voice of god 
then it is the voice of who 
she does not answer but we 
we understand what that means, that's very 
serious today we see many 
things in the church and we criticized but the 
i na wai 
here 91 already said that the voice of petric was 
whose voice 
then if not if God whose is 
we do not even want to tell you the truth 
where does it come from 
and where in your vital power 
the things that are maintained by men 
is the issue or circumstances that 
are maintained by men who by far 
already should have been 
disconnected from their work these 
men quote 
they have no scruples to quote the word 
of God as his authority but God 
the god who leads them is a false god 
those words are strong but in the 
Adventist history 
historians begin to interpret 
them the words and says liliana whites 
you have to understand it was a woman 
her husband died 
they sent it until the end of the world 
you have to understand it 
a little weak he also got angry was his 
psychological reaction has to 
channel your reaction this is how the 
church today handles those matters 
here psychoanalysis of the words good 
they are strong words and they can 
do an analysis says at that time 
which was in australia specifically 
He used very strong words and they try to 
down to a level of a psychoanalysis 
of course you have to understand it was not a little 
his anger is with that situation because the 
we do not understand jazz and 
we understand that he speaks the word of 
god and what she says lord 
understands about the cause that's how 
the lord of circumstances here she 
is completely disappointed but not 
at a personal level is already at the 
and we have at that height to open the 
door to doubt about the veracity of 
the bibliography and the bible we have here 
a situation and a situation where 
satan manages to direct the minds of the 
leaders in the church in the central in 
the center of the church says tomo día 
that what she says 
and has more words makes the are 
We are not going to read everything 
well then 1,900 she comes back from 
had been nine years in australia and 
everything in that time he already rejected 
participate in general conferences the 
church had imitated him several times 
participate in a general conference 
but I said no not going to exist is not going to 
exist ernesto some 
and only in the following year 
1901 raises participate after 10 years 
ten years absence of spirit prophecy in 
a general conference of our 
church and here he will participate and when 
she comes here she comes with a lot with 
a lot of strength 
she takes the floor and basically what 
what he says we are doing 
everything wrong in our church we have 
we need a reform we need to 
undo everything and put us through 
on the basics and then start 
she was referring to many things between 
other things the organization of the 
if one were that in detail the 
fundamentals are here what he says no 
are we should go back to 1844 up 
1850 and from there again start all of 
now the reorganization the 
restructuring of the reform of the 
church here has effect 
what was in the hands of few men 
they decided everything in the world 
now if they are a base it was placed in a 
much wider base and for me it was very 
interesting this because what they 
they decide they are going to have a 
representative of each union of oxy 
they call or union of the world and that 
representative or the president the union and 
is part of the general conference more or 
less well if I remember well and also 
they decided to incorporate by the 
first time the leaders of those of the 
medical institutions 
then they started making a 
combination between different areas of 
work of the church 
and in that combination now they choose 
a committee of men 
and commit men who choose us arrives 
to get a very interesting number 
There are 25 members 
I had general conference 
the committee or as the headquarters 
now yesterday brother now I made a 
the vice 
it's not like that those four insects 
they have something to do with the four 
rooms of ezequiel 8 who knows 
the four nations of 10 and that the 8 
ok going back in time and not in the 108 
prophet of four abominations 
I think we have to go there quickly 
to make the connection now with this 
is to open your bibles please ezequiel 8 
for him 
says so 
in the sixth year in the sixth month at 
five days of the month it happened that I was 
I sat in my house and the elders of 
Judah were sitting in front of me and 
there the hand of the jehovah rested on me 
the lord then that 's a vision 
that this happens in front of the 
Elders of the house to play 
the elders in the house of Judas are the 
leaders of the people of God 
then he says and look and here a 
figure that looked like man of his 
loins up fire and from their loins 
up, the glow seemed 
bronze aspect refulgent since the 
figure reached out his hand and I take pola 
why I left my head and the 
spirit lifted me up between heaven and 
land and took me in goodbye visions to 
jerusalem at the entrance to the door of 
inside that looks north where 
was the room the image of the 
zeal that causes it to jealousy 
then that mission is to follow and 
jerusalem those visions towards the people 
of God 
that vision about us in the 
Seventh-day Adventist church and they have 
what to see especially here is a message 
to the leaders of the church or grays to 
the elderly and the first thing he sees 
is that he sees an image of the zeal that was 
the remnant had placed one 
picture a god in the temple of god in 
jerusalem or that was the image of 
zeal that he saw in the temple of God 
but the application that we do 
the image of zeal is what the church 
in 1863 the diagram of 63 that's the 
image that God had given to his people 
but they made one against the image 
the image of heaven 
well we will not be able to study everything 
this here you can simply look 
three centuries seven to see the structure 
a little bit and took me to the entrance of 
atrium and look and here on the wall a 
hole and told me son of man digs 
now on the wall and it falls on the wall and 
here a door and told me go in and see the 
evil abominations that are that 
they do there in the temple 
that's the second and the third is 
14 and 14 and he took me to the entrance of the 
door of the house of jehovah that is at 
north and here women who were there 
sitting in tossing and throwing Camus 
third abomination let's unleash that 
also and let's look at nothing else the 
the next verse 
and took me to the atrium inside the 
house of jehovah and here is the 
entrance of the temple of jehová between the 
entrance and the altar as many men 
25 males 
his back turned to the temple of jehovah 
and their faces to the east and 
they worshiped the sun prostrating themselves 
then we have the temple here 
and you know that the entrance 
to the temple it was from the east 
and those men were here prostrate 
worshiping the sun 
because the sun rises in the east is not 
now what does that mean spiritually 
when the leaders of the church 
elders of jerusalem 
they turn their backs on the temple and they 
prostrate for the sun time what is that 
those cults or homage to the sun and that 
it means spiritually cult homage 
to the day of the sun or to the sun god 
when the Sunday law comes they're going to 
be the leaders of the church 
instead of 
go to the temple and ministering here they 
rather they are going to turn around and go to 
accept the Sunday law 
now this seems almost impossible but 
that's what the prophecy says we have 
a 1 2 3 4 abominations and what I'm 
saying is that the last abomination the 
fourth comes until the Sunday law 
when I disconnect at that moment 
of the leaders and the door of 
grace to cure dentist and that we can 
demonstrate very very well here in this 
next 17 god responds and says and I 
said you have not seen son of man 
it's a light thing for the house and helps 
do the abominations that they do here 
after they have filled the evil of 
evil the earth turned to me to 
avoid me here that applies in the field to 
their noses well I will proceed 
With fury I will not spare my eye nor will I have 
mercy and they will scream to my ears with 
great voice and I'm not from 
then after doing such a thing 
in the 4 domination 
God says that afterwards they will scream and go 
to ask for forgiveness but God is not going to 
listen more 
it's just like the men who touched the 
door of the ark that had been closed and 
the angel was not going to open it anymore 
point here marks the end of time for 
grace for the Adventist church when 
at that moment they decide against 
the law of god and worship the sun 
this is here divided into four stages 
There are four illuminations and that 
exactly what we are saying in 
this study and what I think 
incredible that the bible informs us that 
there were 25 elders who did this and the 
general conference 
at that time he decided 
that they have to be 25 men and they exist 
the documents I have read I have to 
you can see that number they say 25 such 
which and they explain it because they are 25 
that's more another help to understand 
that this story here of ancient israel 
it is a symbol a type of our 
history is our story 
Israel is what happened to us 
that then speaks of us is 
our experience they choose 25 
shoulders and does one more thing 
they get rid of the president 
there was no more church president 
after oli that I never knew I never 
had read that we our church 
for a short time because of the impact of 
elena go here to induce here a 
reform of our church they arrive 
to the conclusion that the president 
represents the king and we do not want 
and they then come to the 
story that we had lived yesterday in 1st 
samuel when the people cry and want 
a king 
Elena Guayas says there is a power 
monarchy between us and through I have 
the text here by hand 
and told the following of the light that I 
I have 
there was a road is narrow a road 
and on this narrow road there was a 
power similar to a king 
a power that ruled like a king got 
God wants to say it when he does not when 
God says 
I want a change here is really what 
then that's what the nabai 
is here at that moment marks in this 
conference she does not attack so 
personally to the president but those who 
they were there they prevented what 
referred and they decide to get rid of 
president invest presidents has a 
spokesperson for the general conference 
25 men who represent all the 
church and that are 25 of pig is 
that was good to divide the 
responsibility among several 
and I had a spokesperson and I did not have a 
now what happened next because we have 
president today again 
because in 1903 
they again place the president 
another conference 
few years later 
and we have some words like that enough 
strong of jones against that 
he said in 1901 the monarchy had been 
completely swept 
and the conference itself in itself 
it became transformed into a new one and it 
he made a new constitution 
but at the general conference of 
1903 the usurpers of the position 
monarchy and the authority them 
they came with a new one with a 
constitution that 
to his ideas of maintaining his occupation and 
they happened to get it but how 
no one from the village had ever asked for a 
new constitution then what he 
says here that here they had made a 
change of constitution 
and that that change was made in a way 
half secret or in one between two 
while everyone came out for a 
then they started the next session 
very fast possibly very punctual 
while everyone was still 
outside talking and the men who knew 
of this plan they started the session 
and they voted and placed in a new 
modify the constitution as well as in 
politics is also done is not true 
then with this trick and legally 
they got a change of the constitution 
again two years later and they placed 
the same president who had here had 
left as president another decides 
now all that history is a little no 
there is a lot of information about this 
we have that letter that maybe it's a bit 
extreme or very emotional of jones but the 
story he says it really was like that 
and he says two of you back then 
and he talks about the president and 
vice president of the brother of angels and 
prescott you two had both 
to be president and vice president 
as they would have had the right to be 
President Vice President of Timbuktu 
he really has a lot of anger here 
we continue the history 1907 
a little before they have to place a 
thing here 
I forgot one thing 
a man appears 
his name age with radio 
I 've already heard from him 
is a German ludwig chat with gaby and 
he was an ambitious young man and with many 
talents he accompanied elena white in his 
to europe translated 
and then he was going to be the leader of the church 
the president of the Adventist church 
in Germany 
it was very has a lot of influence and raised 
that year he wrote a book 
about daniel analysis snow book in 
that book for the first time placed a 
new interpretation of the continuum 
and the introduces that is known as the 
new interpretation of the new continuum 
and says 
because the study the German theologians 
protestants he says that the continuous 
in the 12 
the work of Christ in the sanctuary 
now this was new because miller had 
had come to the conclusion that the 
continuous is paganism 
those are how you can see 
10 meters positions 
the mileuristas believed and defended and 
have those two diagrams that you continue 
but now conrad and says no is not what 
opposite is not paganism is christ in 
the sanctuary 
and today we believe this the 
church believes this 
and he introduces this here 
now in 1907 is the problem starts to 
be well come to the united states here 
in German no one understands German by 
course there is not much disclosure of your 
material but conrad and start 
connect with important men 
with wagon with three scouts agreements and the 
talk to them and explain their idea 
sell your idea and those men all those 
let's do a little order here 
conrad and 
but guardiola that we know 
of 1878 
cool of which we will not talk 
still and danny is the president those 
men are placed they contribute that 
that idea has tremendous 
consequences let's talk about that more 
and enter here a false theology is 
totally false is opposite to what 
they taught before 
well let's see why it is so serious 
but this here now comes to the 
church enters is one of the first 
doctrines that the church now changes 
between the leader anza 
and there are some that are pretty 
aware of that 
and elsewhere we have men and 
and they are opposed to this oppose says 
how can they think this is what 
we believe but the problem here and 
that's that is the context of our 
conrad and he has an education let's say 
of erudition he came from university 
of the world and the day a lot more sense in 
the interpretation of this problem here 
in the writings of the German theologians 
in position miller 
because the position of Milan was text of 
test and it really is not like this very 
convincing for someone for a theologian 
because it says if those seats have to 
be roasted and with the deductions and use 
some words that are not even 
exactly the same and it comes to that 
the continuum is paganism 
now he says no that does not convince me and he 
and the theologians and says that yes more the 
sense because the use Hebrew 
they use 
another methodology then here we have 
this and that 's that is the subject is what 
I say it 's the strange wine 
fermented that enters the lee feeds 
of fermented wine and you introduce it into the 
church and here 
years later the leaders had already 
taken too and they liked it 
they found it more logical 
now it's a bit difficult in that study 
talk about many things that maybe not 
we have studied yet I touch 
problems or issues like the continuous as 
the 2,520 and many other things and each theme 
It should be studied in detail 
especially theme of the continuum is a 
word only but that word has 
a huge impact 
it has an impact for you if you know 
that has to do with 1,054 
with many more things 
but for the time we could not do that 
at this moment 
of those we're going to try to keep the 
thread here of our study 
ok but what was the problem and I'm going to 
read a book that 
I recommend those books by this author 
in Spanish and Gilberto is not true 
it's a historian history and 
he is on the side of the 
of the scholars of the 
but he did what he does a lot of history 
I do not believe in your analysis no no no 
accept your conclusions but it's very 
interesting the information that we 
provides he wrote a book about 
forgotten giant of the athletics of the 
second degeneration so says the 
title and he wrote another book that 
the fight 
prophetic habitats 
the fight for him 
prophetic heritage and wrote another 
book about the relationship and the ship and the 
They are highly recommended books 
when you understand your position the 
story is very interesting and in that 
The book explains a bit about the problem of 
and the problem the following 
for many artists of the 21st century that is 
the term and the complicated arguments 
they are turning around 
the length of the continuum everything that has 
that see that very complicated issue very that 
happens has a connotation 
a strange show appears on a show 
is happening there to the periphery 
it seems esoteric in a sense that 
they are highly technical vital 
and that gets involved in the discussion that 
one can not even understand or is he 
says us in the 21st century is the subject 
is a good subject for the 
theologians up there who use their 
words and that does not make sense and does not 
still not understand what 
importance has 
but some say 
some have argued that in fact not 
has reveal relevance of revelation 
It is very remote and it does not have it very far 
of the important issues of the life of 
a frontist and an Adventist Christian 
but in truth the controversy of the 
main protagonists focused 
some some vital understandings 
theological that we have to understand and 
he explains the problem here was the 
Elena White's relationship to 
interpretation of the scripture or be one 
do not think but the problem here was the 
the inspiration 
elena de white 
and the relationship of the texts of read the 
then here is a problem that 
here it had already arisen because 
because elena white did 
says that continuous is this here the 
and now what are you doing 
because what she says does not make sense 
for the theologians she did not know the 
Hebrew she does not have the complications 
with you are the theologian you use this here is 
the solution but he tells you this 
so for this the subject on the continuum 
is an example of that controversy 
we believe in what the prophet says 
we blindly believe how we can defend 
what the prophet says because it is not 
correct what he says or if it is correct 
but it is correct what this means 
for this then this here is a 
tremendous problem for the part of 
athletics in this in this one word 
in that concept a great 
conflict that conflict is like you 
seen have seen nothing new here but in 
some points now that conflict is 
and this is the theme here with the continuum 
really you have to study 
is the subject of the continuum you have to do 
some have to find over again 
we can power again and we go 
to study this topic that's very 
important is a subject that simply 
necessary last us central and in 
reality of our presentations but 
it is a subject that must be understood 
you have to understand this 
ok let's move on then a little and 
let's jump because time is 
advancing too much in 1915 the prophet 
go dead 
the death of lina white this now opens 
another sad chapter in our history 
because when elena white dies the 
allergy into debt 
some debts that today would be more 
they are more or less like this they take out the valence of 
the conclusion of debts of 
4.8 million 
of dollars very much how can there be 
past that 
elena waldir and so they are with both a 
would buy a ticket houses here and 
there was how it was only flying first 
because I had so many debts because the 
debts that the engineer 
they started with the australia clinic 
your house has to come and when they went 
australia how he funded the work 
there she financed it herself with her 
money and he financed the work in 
australia and to open schools and for 
open the church of the borrowed money 
he was lending him money from brothers 
all that money that she here 
they lived individuals basically was it was a 
money that had used him optimal for 
she obviously but for the church 
for the cause 
over elena white became very sick 
in australia got sick as not 
and sometimes neither had the money to 
buy food then she was going to 
stores and I borrowed it and the the 
they noticed and at some point he was going to 
return the money to so serious was the 
situation of the prophet and that does not give us 
light of how the church treated it already 
ok then with the and the woman has 
I had doubts and those debts were now a 
that she had solved by in her 
testament because because it has many 
books in the videos were sold and she 
I knew when I entered and the article 
I just watched and calculated how much 
money the videos then generated their 
testament had been explained that 
some books were left for the 
church so that those books are generated 
the money here and with the oats of the 
books in some years you could buy 
it was covered to cover the debt he had 
calculated that very well 
that was about seven books maybe 
something out there now the reason in the 
books and you know they are much more 
and the articles and all that remained with 
their children 
he had to establish his patrimony white 
that today still exists and he chose 
the people but she secured here in 
that moment that the heritage bits of 
No way could it be part of the 
church had yes or yes be a 
independent institution a heritage 
now the president of the church 
it was part of everyone's heritage 
she wanted this her son et cetera but 
I did not want it to be part of the church 
of the warm reason a reason to do 
do it now with her died here the 
church I made 
that a big problem we have many 
we will pay the debts 
They said their children do not worry 
we pay the debts 
sounds good is not true but it was not 
they paid the debts to the 
individuals and they said but now 
we have to return and 
we do not know how to how 
we can then return the church 
I said we stayed with the house 
with all that is of her and the books 
that she gave to you are going to be like 
now they will be transferred to us 
the son of course the children do not 
they wanted the son did not want that but I do not know 
he knows well what happened 
depends on access 
and they changed the testament to them 
I made an agreement so that it is not done 
well as the one in water had already left 
you can read the story here in 
that tarragon book the fight for the 
He explained in the prophetic heritage 
detail what happened he sees it positive but 
I think we should see that as a 
tremendous thing that was done now the thing 
it's for a long story it's a long 
history that story at some point 
the years pass and the debt is not paid 
to the point that the church again 
to the 
heirs no 
and it says the books that we now 
we have not enough is not enough 
we need more books to cover the 
debt then to such a point reaches 
that controversy that the white family 
finally deliver all the books 
all the newspapers you read the letters 
everything all everything is not officially to the 
church to cover the debt 
like two years later 
suddenly and we are already talking about the year 
1930 it comes out that the goddess is already 
I had paid 
but that the church had not said it and 
although the debt was already pays 
church said is not paid yet and 
for that reason and they were delivered 
books the everything that has what 
was missing 
time of day is said there was an error in 
the accounting 
and for that mistake in the accounting not 
we realized that the debt was already 
pay a few years ago 
it's fine so for everyone better and the s 
white family and their trial against 
church but nothing could be done 
they could recover and that's why 
maneuver the church today has 
all the books and they are from the church 
you can read trainings of 
nabai she never wanted that 
happen that happened here now because the 
church wanted the books of inah white 
because in this time with her she died 
me in two things there was the conference 
and there was the white center 
it was like a mini a library like a 
a house in water and has many 
employees will be a mini company not 
company in the sense of generating money 
but to work and that made the center 
white with elena white still living 
they answered questions that was 
biggest question questions from around the world 
of the brothers what does that mean that 
we live with it ok you ask me and the 
center by responded and lina white 
they made a work of them 
they structured all the stuff of him already 
categorized it they made copies and what 
they made subjects so that easy can be 
find the answers in things 
that she had once said 
already answered then that was center of 
super active information 
now when he died 
continued that everyone wanted 
answers here and the church said no 
it may be that there are two centers 
everyone has to 
ask us are we the 
answers and it's not the center that seems 
as well as go to another institution within 
of the independent church means 
here but independent ministry 
and some gave their tithe here 
well the church fought against that and the 
only way to fight against that was 
make that maneuver then the church 
closes the center bait closes it not 
really because they leave that mini 
company they leave with a man 
the son of wine dancing what they were I think 
About twenty men before people 
secretaries and people 
I do not have all this work and 
when he wants to continue doing this 
and send here all the brothers to the 
prevent it says churches can not do 
that you have to send your answer to 
we have to approve it and 
then you can send it be like 
official response and sometimes they are 
it took years to pass that process 
then that was tremendous 
controversy here a tremendous problem 
that arises in that time there is a struggle 
inside the church the patrimony white 
the voice of the prophet and the church that does not 
I did not want that that becomes 
some important center of the church and 
well in this tremendous maneuver to 
get control 
and then they are going to do something that 
spectacular in that time around the world 
has seen movies of robberies 
from a money transport bank what 
true at that time the church 
entrusted two trucks 
if they were two trucks that were armored 
so that to transport the texts of the 
inah white 
from there they were in california if I remember 
well to washington maryland where are 
today because they moved the center by and 
they made us as well as really like 
they did something like that to fool the 
alleged attacks or from someone who was going to 
steal that one truck was out there another 
went there to camouflage where is the 
load and that's one thing was spectacular 
and they took all the heritage all the 
two texts has been way as a 
spy movie to take her to the 
new center and be a new center 
Etcetera etcetera is already a great thing 
that is another chapter that we can not either 
teaching now is very interesting but it is 
happens at that time 
and for that trickery maneuver 
the white patrimony in the church today in 
day has all the texts and as 
you know the church does not the 
just two years ago the church was 
forced to release the texts that still 
I had not freed them because a man 
hacking the account of the church is true 
a man who was not at the front 
he called himself creator of themes 
religious men and that man 
who was living in that time I think that in 
Albania but it was a Scandinavia 
hacking the center bill white the 
I stole some texts and started them 
to post 
unpublished texts never seen texts read 
water and the church then started to 
to make a trial and it was all a mini-scandal 
but the problem is that the rights and 
the laws of the us say that a text of 
an author after 70 years of the 
death of the author becomes patrimony 
of humanity 
then you can protect a text and 
publish it and so on for 70 years if 
you are the owner of the text but after 
70 years the text becomes everyone's 
any of you can take it 
intentionally reduced there is no 
rights over those texts there is no 
the rights are over 
good and the church have problem with 
that's because it was obvious that he could not 
inflaming is putting the texts is not 
true and that's why in 2015 they released 
all texts 
good that 's if you see a little 
magnitude of the problem and you 
come here that this here what I am 
counting is not me I do not want to land 
about the church that's a story 
real is a real conflict is a 
conflict is very I know that we two 
years ago three years ago there was that 
situation that is a story that is coming 
here from here the fight that has and 
can interpret the bible who should 
interpret life and who has the 
authority and how to do that that shows 
through all these events here 
dear brothers and I want 
nothing else to arrive now there are no more left 
finished until the next phase and we're going to 
start that in the next hour 
in the afternoon 
and we're going to end that in the afternoon 
We will do everything possible to 
close that study in a good way 
now there is another conference in general 
now the church in all its history 
he has only had four conferences 
biblical are so-called conferences 
biblical this has been that if you are the 
first and that was the second conference 
biblical story in Argentina had 
there are two more to this day in the years 
fifty in the eighties and I think 
something out there 
in that biblical conference 
the church 
and will have a man 
prescott of which we talked before 
and he was already in that conference 
officially let's say in a discussion 
touch the theme of inspiration 
and they're going to start asking questions and 
answers of how we relate 
conspire prophecy 
and everything she wrote is correct 
in your questions if they give us data 
are correct in their data 
historical if she can do 
changes in the texts of her and those 
questions were to be touched here and the 
they would go towards the conclusions and with 
those conclusions we will continue in 
the next hour 
we are still here I invite you for a