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Publish Date: 3/3/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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make it beautiful that we live in the queues 
on a cellular theme if with joy and 
I like to win, we only want Brazil. 
for being here to train everyone in the zone 
more national successes to draw than 
You're a steak so blah blah. 
now that they present truth antoun 
in the clear way essence like dances 
the work is also the infinitely 
weeks to be able to understand and display 
it as my wool as received 
tool holy spirit in all this 
is 4 44% and knows the three lines 
now I'm putting more frames 
following the same pattern as it is 
using the previous word following the 
same pattern that was using the 
previous presentation of 
darkness the qualities of fulfilling 
a prophecy fulfilled the prophecy 
increased knowledge about the 
subjects and an increase in knowledge and 
talents subject the first message 
plays this half message that 
it strengthened the fall if you will 
know before 
from here they leave with 11 2010 in which 
first of the notes 
but I have looked at this subject in the 
his 11 thousand notes 
answer me which eleven 11th 
disappointment and sesi will respond 
which elan do they understand the 
first gestures 
look at the new natures that will neither 
this should not success create that gcm 
They understand this faith without this milestone but 
first I do not go look at the wheels 
good back on the pages having it was that 
I felt the knot 
second angeles second aso is second 
she put us here Apocalypse 1414 
verse syd show 0 fell through the middle 
of the year also said that to fall a fall 
in the grass, millions this is just for 
remember if this part we have already climbed 
she was just to remember that it is this 
ue to follow had she complained 
midnight numbered worth following fashion 
midnight here is summer and after a 
great disappointment in October 1884 
and exposes the Spaniards came on in 
1944 will start talking periods 
of the history of Egypt now then let's 
already start to shine here in that 
period in history women to you 
do not have the new prices will be the 
You do not start the grades for 
you will notice the references as 
you proof of 1798 is the time of the end 
as those are forbidden the shirt 3 598 80 
years in two passages of the passages 
daniel 12 out of 14 daniel in 2005 49 ea 
yana subiria won 12 of the four lines 
2 054 points 16 14 
the words of the book to its end 
many here to go science is 
increase the base of this verse and avensis 
and logistics daniel cello book until the 
end time 
helland leiziane srl 75 so you know 
I thought a lot of characters today 
available by your side the end time 
ie the time of the open pvc films 
from when Daniel received orders and 
since when it was seen at 11 in haia 
Bring the book by your side your book arrives 
a time to get there was 500 is the time 
from the end that at 55 the book will be opened 
that going there will have liedson and we will go 
see what is thought 1998 and 25 in 2005 
through great conflict page 356 is 
Conception so the country is 56 
paragraph 3 fails by 3 to 1 conflict 
in syria 
so and today what the hg brothers 
it seems also page 455 to 
page 405 and increased happen 
many complaints the lemense want 
meet team then after d with 11 
roberto when he would do 2108 time 
end of 1798 in 1798 should be opened in 
big won 12 out of 44 when the book 
for abensur there the avenue for me 
so the same boos an increase of 
investments and increased knowledge 
of many here by then 1998 when the 
book opened in 1998 when he bracali 
many run from side to side and 
many run from one side to the other an 
little here a little bit there a touch touch 
an Italian and a moment and those 
increased knowledge 
and there is for this period in 2010 the 
bible and higher reads 
miller range started in 1823 
learning is one of the confirmations jesus 
falling stars are coming back 
in her confirmations of those who study 
join the fallen leaf in the stars 
we mark this period no 
they knew how to score would not be playing 
easy to organize the message 
thus from the formalization of the 
message the event that happens next 
after that the event that happens 
then it's only the year 1846 and 1848 
brother Mark has already spoken about the 
sister Ana Maria was the clear notion of 
respect he became a province 
related to israel country in prophecy 
national wool sixth sound tables and 
Betar rise to God according al 
in the second, there is this prophecy 
and if prophecy is a champion it is a 
Visual Landau prophecy teaches prophecy 
relate fulfilled when the line 
prophecy today descends to advertising 10 with 
a book in hand and when it is fulfilled 
this prophecy like that of lange apocalipse 
ways like the le mans book in this book 
sweet and this book is disease but it goes 
become bitter mane if it will become 
mark of the first note in f 
media and from now on we 
studied and then forward the 
last days there were years we have 
first camp being always 
messages with the second message 
evangelical publish all the dirty and it is 
the second message he fell vocalize 14 
years circulated fell fell grosso rondônia 
fallen the exit was Babylon after 
be a midnight love then we will have 
here tomorrow at midnight is a 
campaign which is due or because the 
notes on a nor cyclic singing 
for wanting barbecue and then we have a 
disappointment and then we want to 
be big risks of talking about what 
he wanted to love is that this period of 
and if inferior between them is the 
period of 1260 years in san period and 
you still sit in your period 
of captivity that has time that does not 
have even a period of supremacy 
Paulo is superior the supremacy will do 
It is a period of loneliness these are 
priority finishes well for its players and 
she ends up in miami san andres 
I put this line more 
rock reference is put this line 
here is the most common reference 
for us to understand our line 
underneath for us to understand 
not an extra line of what is ours 
then media without excesses in 
between us producing people 
principles on the seats were 
principles to understand 
how is our line works to read 
with machines for the line works one 
very important biblical principle one 
good biblical principle as important 
is that there is that god first game 
your theft and then the rest of the world 
I wanted the first super searches. 
hero after all around the world 
you can open up to me in the 1st pedro 
four verses 17 time and not with me 
first stone chapter 4 verse 17 
first pedro 4 17 
Yes, because you get excited and want to 
occurrence by the house of another 
first begins with the other rogers 
so those who do not deserve the eagerness 
rizzo deviation begins where 
by the beginning of 2009 as well. 
for understanding this is not the reverse 
4 6 verse 14 in judgment begins the 
Shrine sequence paths in 
sanctuary in the house of God in his house 
and gas alliances that claim to be the cause of 
all the abominations that if so means 
knows the city in their power to kill 
do not forgive nor weston konishi has more 
mercy kill abiec young 
virgin nests and women who do not 
they want no in turkey so what about 
What kind of place is it to our being married? 
start exposing myself Santorio started 
things from the old barons who 
they were of wool temple dose of tv that 
begins in a shrine around the 
problem starting with eg area 
because they are always important because 
principle is important we have failed 
in Romans 1 16 
- the law commands Roman west zone center and 
rogério made the first of the Jew and 
also the Greek that he had no means 
environment for him including the first 
to gather after environment for Greek 
that is, when God revealed in his 
message the Brazilian emilio de dios and 
when the day is revealing your 
Message pagno miller here this message 
we are not with angels messages 
Protestant working 
because they were 1011 the time because 
he will be my wife Maria without that 
at the time first game the brothers years 
first is pure protection leaving the 
message fell with a great noise or 
I want to think that the downfall in 
grass million to Protestants 
which has already fallen into protection and from there 
the merits begin to be judged and there 
shirt to be found on women's 
partner in our generation 
only those who are not for the generation are the 
same principle that will happen 
It is even possible that she 
a people of God happened to be judged 
first they can see you hook the 
sold to join the 
dentist of simão days and then the rest 
of the world and then select a gift 
so you see that first are the 
Adventists close doors to the process of 
world in 3d have the first only in the 
sit by if it outputs do 
resounding world jesus when he was 
here on earth and so over time 
twice that sound like I'm here in the 
earth is political 80 doses make 
chosen two 
the message Excellency took shortly after 
118 internal pages and today leaving the 
same party in 2005 machine for 2 
135 increase tasty recipes this 
saints can use 135 Spanish in note 
pay close attention to reading without 
a lot of attention in reading said so 
with great power and glory the second 
What is this today? 
Glory that illuminates Latin continue in 
room while helping our story 
and fourth to him with no effect 
we are talking about our history 
and installing on idiot sensor 
gave up as the Andes and it is 
Yes, when she is four years old? 
descendant there are two so-called 
churches or churches in 12 
amazon destination of this negligence 
so began jesus had two 
time purifications as well as in 
history have received two modifications 
in time it fell in the penalty area and C & A and 
his dwelling of demons message 
according to the Andean nations' 
orders or fornication in which it consists 
the world one day at a rest home in 
place of the true progress and 
repeated in society that satan 
reported mortality and mortality 
natural mud 
isa similar and taught as doctrines 
commandments and men when jesus 
He began his public ministry 
public ministry 
clean the center of your own nation 
between the last acts of the ministry 
ensures the second purification of the 
so is the final hour of 
immunization in the world if so 12 
the requirement of the organization 
two called a very great desire 
because this first all national 
ends at future publications and 
programming and we were not message 
of hope and a voice that must be 
there gave after 1 million for not 
the parties lose their sins levels 
equal to the damage because their 
sins denied access this year and 11 
awoke in their mandalas called 
1820 Church Extinction Obvious Because 
they 18 to me and to me verse 
there is no stress on the 
message fell dropped from the noise is the 
repetition of the message that is attracted 
on the way out of the bar billions 
according to Josiah repeated in verse 
3 according to the message that fits you 
repeated but said at the top of the goal 
about death and then the decree 
law cases 
will happen 
almost an apocalypse 18 just go down and 
verse 4 apocalise where the people 
let's call her out by Andrew romero 
and I work on that line but he throws 
this smooth and economical two called 
different 12 the suitcase feels like a king one 
work that happens the first 
publication of the scientists after the 
rest of the world 
first is to purify cinema agencies 
in these almost the world 
I'm not talking about how fell 
Babylon is fallen fell into disuse no 
I'm saying 
jones went beyond that of when alice 
ends up falling in the Amazon and means 
that fall into the abyss when that 
message arrives she comes so the people 
see the prepare 
but when that message arrives he has 
me for that as agents get ready 
and in the clamor we will take this 
message with great force in the world 
who there is love, we will not take 
this message to the world with the biggest door 
This leaves the young Englishman in CTS. 
working in English 
we will read him slowly we 
we work to read paving stones they say 
manuscripts released in manuscript is 
a cast 
pages and those six were 41 in 
Spanish but released sum page 16 
40 of the whole earth will be illuminated with the 
glory to the glory of the Lord all 
the earth will be illuminated with the improvement 
Spaniards are today after 18 
silage beginner apocalypse pure 
pure jazz wave heart 
summer heart to God 
sounds that are popping lamb to 
wherever you go 
only when it comes to lamb to 
Wherever you want it is, this is it. 
follow a lamb wherever you go 
that neither mad like zero bullet mark and 
want there your forty-four 
one thousand nine hundred and forty four months 
are being conducted by 
wherever you go 
only when it comes now to 
wherever you took you received the 
use power as you solution of a 
great power to turn I found the power of the angel 
and they will be able to snack the saints a 
great power growing violence that 
have a great college 13 44 thousand that will 
cede the power of the angel to the police 18 only 
940 Sunday that will receive and respond 
weiland apocalipse year and its 44 thousand 
they do not go through death and in the 144 
families do not go through love if this 
that means that when the game decided 
to donate blood 
I just wanted to be when I look and 
locate your uncle being the latter 
world generation this is the last 
world generation what your 44 thousand ton 
receiving power from men do because 
I feel when four militants the 
girls get down message is because 
They'll pass the girl. 
coming back is because I did not go through 
mother when jesus and greece 
but look at the video here but miranda 
click here 
the first message if you take the 
first message will be repeated 
proclaiming the second version of Christ 
our world programmed on Monday 
avenue of christ 
message of the second angel is repeated 
messages according to aziz will be repeated 
when down the game when down 18 to 
orange singer started the first 
repeated message the first message is 
this repilo and the second also and 
second also strengthened consulate in 
reef take effect 
the first message does not know how to 
1st message to Brasilia by him in 
according to the message arrives and the second 
message and when you receive power 
I will now explain the situation to 
You will now explain this more clearly. 
wiser to just want 
stipulate you away from the police 18 
repeat the first and second message 
evangelical and I wanted to be a woman 
French that is when and messageria and 
grab when the game 18s to 
banana legalize before the yen right now 
I ask the first message, I repeat the 
first and second message of it falls 
Let's start talking about our line. 
Then it starts coming in there, I do not 
I came back because of lack of time to 
nagoya read portal will make time already 
talked about it it is more an adjustment 
it is nature but the institutions of 
great milan but we dream to follow in 
milan and it is from cuzios for them and they 
they will give leaves to them for it is and 
with the passage of time these jewels are 
spread and over time this 
was his dismissal and talks dust and 
even talk about society 
this is the period of darkness that 
it's happening here I know if this 
the curious period that is 
happening in the elections after 
movement appreciated afterwards in beautiful 
thousands upon jewels begin to be 
from the box and things start to 
to be baled is his house confesses plays 
no thousand 
1863 jaime and 1963 
the teacher 2020 and the prophecy the 2,500 
comes from the rate draw that face it 
confess a diagram fill diagram 
do not have those prophecies that did not have 
and the prophecy of 1.163 that will be generated 
1960 and 30 with one of the first 
jewels that are generated world 
the first things that are our 
face sexual drives 2000 and that is the 
which is not showing the nails of 
real estate that god my friend 
were being scattered in the truths 
that Diana revealed the family was 
being dispersed interesting that the 
province 2020 
interesting is that the prophecy of 
our boys sell only talk about 
the scattering of the people 
interestingly dispersion evaluation and 
then the same word is used in the dream 
thousand and when truths are 
scattered in the same word as 
expel seniors from miller 
when they know how to disperse the 
other things are taken away the truths 
how to continue other singers sandra 
strips and national as well as continuous 
This is the period of darkness bag seeing 
these are dangerous curious and fans 
environment only the dream of dividing 
between a single person that my dreams and 
who would enter the character he would 
start barrier 14 clean up and she 
will start the way and 4th send all 
says he joins each jewel up 
little one of them and he said he will 
Tell the guys you know there's more 
quintanilha that does not mean that to put 
inside the box and you power within 
a bigger box that sometimes a large 
interest and joy sometimes opens up 
game still evaluate times more in 1979 
1981 hero he makes a parallel with the 
end time of glorious history 
it is thus a parallel with time 
so the voter and women can not 
We study now but it has already been said 
here we can not send this time 
by the animal reactions there that your 
the union of 11 out of 40 that 
greeted two minus and verse 
40 from 5 to 11 40 40 
in the first part of the end 
time thus the fight of the rio.no southern it 
announces between us and the exit arises this 
It happens at the end time. 
this happens in the end when the 
us when we come to 
untruths are revealed in the truths 
are revealed 
This starts studying. 
Then you start to dream about my 
line on the line and daniel 11 40 45 e 
daniel 11 40 and 45 
what can be improved 
I was going up and other simple things 
in this line I do not know 40 45 and so 
in all generations god formalize 
this message and just as in the whole 
energy of the message formalisms a 
message that will make this move 
reformatory message that will be there 
formations movement in 1996 published 
in the magazine end time 
in 1990 and it is public that time 
so the magazine that explain the last 
verses of the union 11 40 45 magazine 
explains in the last verses daniel 
11 40 and 45 and the verses of about 40 
will come verses in 1945 under 
to study the rise of the papacy 
beyond the aspect of the rise of the papacy 
message chosen volume 2 pages and 
26 with 12 pages 600 6.1 
so the first time to worship god 
creator who started the world and all 
things that dominate a 
this period in validating the law 
made it rough for him to increase 
knowledge when I respect this 
Subject to receive the 12 6 to 1 
without knowing what the text says you 
They need a lot of attention to what is said 
What's the first message? 
suggests that he is reading the message 
of Carlos, who is represented by this 
March of this represented by this 
when she arrives when he is 
cat is talking about the man of the 
who knows about the name is sin 
where there must be an increase in 
knowledge in this subject and that he was 
a moment of knowledge on this subject 
when he arrives in 1969 studying and 
going up 11 when it was 45 when I arrived 
mine then socks and surya daniel 
11 40 45 1996 already formalized the networks 
petro criminal examinations in 
formalize the imposed emissions in which 
talks about the last steps of the 
man of peta vos that takes it to effect of 
light on the last steps of london and 
and he said that there should be a 
increased knowledge in these subjects 
and that but there is no requirement that it has 
in the portfolio an increase in knowledge 
this is what happened in 
our time and this is what happens 
It's happening at the time. 
related to the first message 
International chávez a first 
message it falls now said to 
You when the police 18 hours a day 
in which for the children that angelo 
roncalli said oh the first message 
generic is repeated the first 
message from him kallias repeated to us 
that she receives power and he 
only you can try to receive 
but what does an angel with 
but I want in Ceilandia 
beacon and beginners 
fall that the player went right to fall in 
fall in the bible or angelica only 
is this 
and when that song is this the message 
second gospel - if it 
first message repeated as agent 
joleon repeated as in training and 
second message repeated on Monday 
message and ga is repeated and repeated 
now it 's me now I'm going to show it to you 
You're going to keep me and Brazilians now. 
because today the audience of 18 is 
related to September because it 
already find team is related 
with 11 years with 11 only 451 points 
every day like this 
nb he does not go out first for whom 
accesses we are still winning a 
reading said biographical notes page 
451 homesick now ask well on 18 a 
reading says so the news never 
raise locate in particular the one 
cse someday the world a word lord 
a software that can be re-elected this 
maximum structures have fallen 
we can not imagine living to be 
of the scenes that occurred when 
the great buildings of the enjoyment drawer 
when the great benefits and not 
they left but said that a group of 18 13 
and end there said that it was fulfilled 
if you saw the line of the buildings of 
new york in 2001 and online tv and in 
new york buildings 
daniele in 2001 to ers the line 2 million 
the prisoners will be more or less 
so 2015 will be something like the 
great buildings were the objects and 
large buildings and twin towers 
any doubt 
Yes, from the laguna today interest has fallen today 
in their twins fell and suffered 11 
the vices 
now is the time they will build a 
essential name 
even so he is bigger than all 
even so they have but he advanced that 
all but of their great 
challenges of the talisman ngove in maceió and 
Alice when they fell in the 
new york buildings in its first 
the evangelical message and repeat the 
first message it drops if the 
second and also according to what they 
come condemned as people judges 
because they sell matches as we do 
other destinations but what is the most 
interesting about it but not 
more interesting in the use of 
some 1,140 business from 1841 province 
Islam to fulfill a prophecy that is the 
al seconds speaking that according to our al 
unparalleled dream in Islam history 
it was in the prophecy again he said still 
prophecy not repeating the first 
evangelical message 
not the first game message repeating 
the message he is saying and repeating himself 
to landu my kiss as in parallel 
once fanned second ae 
there happened second of ours 
story comes the third to and in our 
history and legal third ice 
parallel brain 
You can see in the parallel we disconnected. 
here in the history of tourism 
- they do not have the story there 
women to smam our sório they already 
come in this story 
israel on issues biblical prophecy 
a matter is biblical prophecy that the 
stocks in both games the Chinese by 
so that even without the 11 grams and the 
the message chosen volume 2 message 
excellent are over the page 
of promotions 
passed from 133 pages to 33 for 
start 2011 
when the message selection 
larger pages include pardons 
took a Portuguese to speak the page 
has 16 22 25 16 in the same message of 2 a 
7 16 
was born 2010 after a second before 
to save your world through another 
agent that illuminates the ground consumers 
and 11 minutes august blond who remembers 
that eliminates the land continue to 1 14 21 and 
15 11 
in bidding on one to 
represent it on land and the finals 
history and kidney 
everyone be approved and all that in 
cinemas and in the room 
of the fourth commandments to understand years 
message of mercy that there is 
times and shadows these messages 
with funds if all in one combines the 
first and second in 2004 to 44 
29 that we are living on the 
the third message 
evangelicals do not know what we 
we are seeing about programming the 
3rd messages and he fell 
proclaimed with great power in the decree 
which will be proclaimed with 
great power during the Sunday law 
just so your first seconds 
so we always have 6 second we are 
living their relationship in the third and 
we are living on the programming of the 
3rd the three messages with clubs he 
they are repeated there 23 years he 
lacks combines inaction repeating 
but a text to help us make the 
parallel of these two stories 80 but 
seds rally to expose helped to be a 
couple with these great stories 
conflict 600 games is great with 30 
pages and 80 are 160 fans and in spain 
596 596 that pays close attention to what 
Are you going to say paragraphs? 
attention to it that will settle 
he will compare these two stories 
1,140 44 he will accompany these and 
other stories from 1940 to 1944 our 
history of the game 18 with this 
Beautiful story, focus on the people. 
already saw this unparalleled cause of the 2nd 
3rd ae 
because of this second and will be in now 
we will see the parallel in relation 
to this year's work and now we're going 
make this parallel condemnation of the work 
in all that consumers and the judges 
1840 fourth Argentine to a work 
universal decency of power 
extraordinary aventis movement in 
1940 1944 was a demonstration 
glorious power of divine second rock 
are comparing the work of their 
few of these 18 
comparing the work of the police with 
People know that 2011 I remember and we 
we know they've been improving 
in September the oil of 1840 44 with laura 
from 1940 to 1944 today 18 from the fire 
making parallel 40 countries 
if the yen is thus a parallel with that of 40 
in 1940 was something related to him and 
where the public 18 comes with something 
related to Islam and he is a vocalist 
eugene kohn now ticks none of these 
two stories are totally 
these two victories are totally 
connected the first intention 
missionary station emissora on earth 
some countries caught fire at most 
religious interest that is seen in 
countries consider retirement time 
and silva 26 will be overcome by the mighty 
movement that the woman will be with 
schedule the last move 
of the characters 
1º 1º the season more so that 
late and is the first team to 
the boy - good to enter it compare 
this with works over those 18 and he 
is to compare this with the work and locate 
from landri sales 28 if you succeed in 
this parking ceiling in English 
provincials in spirit because it 
Volume 3 took three pages 243 
ruining 50 43 provinces 3 243 fe 
prophecy took three panels 943 only 
thus gave the act of Christ in the blowing 
on the disciples his spirit and 
transmitted to them and transmit some 
bumba ox drops or droplets from all over the 
plenty of business to happen 
the all boys rain album at 
abundance of the Andes but when it 
apocalypse offered neither trades that 
small drops of rain begin at 
small drops video games the thrashing 
because today the police are 18 yummy 
why would not i focus or ceilândia 
who betray Libya late and she comes 
progressively and eliene 
progressively first a few drops 
first a few drops and then rain 
completed saints after seeing the 
one year to the abundance and 
some other things and we know that 
came to be the game that we know it is 
an opponent came that it is a 
message a message to death says that 
this work was a wonderful 
manifestation of the power of God in the 
glorious manifestation of the work and 
specified by the tasty and 
by the board success story 
Someone said Sundays here. 
the electoral census 
in the cast to leave three thousand people being 
converted one day 3 thousand characters already 
converted into a day, not that the 
message to surgery is a message 
because he was going to have this message I 
I'm not saying that you will not have the 
power rainy peruzzo diana is 
beginning that the board will not have 
but it comes first with a 
message to prepare the people but it is the 
my first as a message to 
prepare the poem and on top with the girl 
message will be proclaimed with the power 
of the spirit to win over love and 
message will be proclaimed common to him 
spirit a great power with great 
power but it comes as a message but 
n as a message if we should not 
rain does not receive in itself not only 
for we follow the juve we do not wait 
getting late in the center takes many 
Sometimes we saw these two stories 
are to landu another not only 
we are seeing that these stories of 
action her a partner in the other 
our story 
only who is not needed when 
He invited judged first as 
so it could be combined with the 
first of 20 success says it's 977 
moniaga expresses the game well I'll talk 
now she needs to win in the movie the 
Hill hero says this is for 
2010 but not to ibis and 500 ac and if it is 
for they require improvements they knew that 
them some toast to the 
women knew they were 
fulfilling the parallel leaders and death 
says workers demand has been met 
said that the word of the virgins was 
cured the disease will be 
To fulfill the letter, we've seen it in the 
page 51 of the votes on access to 
page 58 years did one less man 
parallel line in the virgin islands 50 95 
years in Santa Pola Acid and it will be 
letter because that will be the case. 
dance because it has a 
special application for this time and 
how messages will be followed will follow 
being true presence 75 to 65 times 
We are repeating the word, my mother. 
we have a midnight cry 
and that's why the problem at night 
Do not put it underneath and this is what I 
I did not put here to help the first 
20 and success because whoever judges the 
first we're right and we 
we are repeating the word of the required 
are the majority and not others here 
we are repeating the virgin words of 
story woman then our lady 
We 're heading towards midnight so yes. 
not this story we talk about love 
- the regional spokesperson and the area gate 
as well as the rain 
history and stories in barbados 
is required in parallel with the requirements 
recession in the people of 200 francs if 
repeat but could be as 95 as 
being the times of the people of Juruá 
judged first and as at the end of the hiss 
I could turn off the first one 
story repeating the first 
repeating the first one happened to understand the 
point of tension and at this point here 
we are repeating accessories is 
repeating the story but we are 
judged the first anp not only in the 
world at first this story is 
repeat here and stay where the people of 
God first judged because He could 
disconnect the first step of this question 
daniel is forcing the bar to 
questions and Daniel is being forced to 
Push to pass pushing cattle is 
betting something 
Jonas was like that, it's not just because here 
with dancing because that rn 
in the first one it even always points monthly 
with and he said he came out of Babylon and 
said to fall dropped on the grass and 
Angel nonino concluded 18 and yami 
apocalypse today at the 13th verse in the 
debut according to my partner repeated and 
second message and 17 years can lead 
You read it , I say it fell down. 
great falling Babylon will fall 
there are millions 
this message and this is the message there 
is repeated in this milestone crossing 
landmarks and the great notes 22 
October 1804 and they great things 
between October of 1844 of a copy 
the door you will get 
on Sunday repeating in Sunday law 
to have a closed door that my 
Coming scenery with biological ciro 
did not get Olympic medal has 
some doubts about this and yes 
the fat to reflect clearly not 
Of course I can go back but it will 
Brazilian people he was an adversary and 
was to explain a little more if you 
need but only if you think the 
Jewish people played the first and then 
but everyone than 150 return 
other place the first and then voter 
commanded that the people of God repeating the 
words require after traveling is 
repeating the word sometimes virgin is 
as if our story had 
repeating the first novel and only 
decided it is small first and in our 
history as well as the word of the 10 
20 and not this story as well 
as in the parallel we demand a cry of the 
midnight we will answer the cry of 
midnight after the door voice and sound and 
then to doors and master area 
of course i do not want 
when it occurs when the 
will be that 61 of the mixtures of new 
faces that the band eleitorias 
it's not when these heroes wait for 
an ass he expects urban and then falls 
the full rain exposes a little 
long and then fall for days full 
same principle same principle after 
success and doors in Siena and the rains 
in measure falls he should rather measure fell 
The rain to have today is to say late but she 
started to fall 1 we only have but he 
began to want to keep his pen and 
You have to recognize rain and csn. 
wants to know the language and if people 
does not recognize the rain, we do not 
receives so that not only for us 
We know the debt was earned. 
I do not know if I jumped 
I do not know the messages have any quota 
there are many texts that talk about 
one of these marks there many sexes who 
and each one of those brands that 
You can all of them here on the site. 
brito dot org to expose 
bertoncelli so the one that I am free 
both founded the first message 
evangelical arrives there will speak to 
first message she gets there 
Brazilian that the first message is the 
it load will talk about their and 
texts related to them shoot well 
these events do not always relate 
knowledge is so low and he 
So if they drop it like that 
the third evangelical message is 
strengthened the third delicate message 
that's because we arrived 
2144 because he missed after since 1984 
because he is the same since 1844 is 
sounding today and parking our time more 
the Sunday decree but in depression and 
besides the mini it will be with great 
proclaimed power he will be proclaimed 
are great controversies he will receive the 
Beast will receive the sign of the beast 
the one who receives me to see if now 
if the cnh is overdue is the message that 
talks about his regret that 
message it all respect for 
segments here when you add your 
side and this one when you're going to be 
this second suggests that here 
according to the message that he is there 
can get to the stewardship night he 
received but cried midnight 
so the game was notorious so women 
as in women history 
this was to have put the first and 
this was to put the first 
but I'm going to put here but the time 
When he was out there he was trying 
convince you in your first message 
that the proclaimed mass of 
arrives and has already succeeded in stopping or two 
years here and this CV in 12 to vote in the 
sixth of this situation when I get the 
The usual fulfillment is proclaimed 
great power when he binds it 
fulfillment of the prophecy of vows when 
he is the fulfillment of the prophecy is 
free and proclaimed there with 
great power with clamp is great 
large motion booster 
her movements may lower 
here are some texts that talk about it 
text was to kill the island of god you 
are you seeing this here or are you 
file called the earthworm line has 
no file and loved line on the 
and this story we have already studied and 
this story the sesi sp r 508 speech fell 
see the big fuss locate them 
angeles fallen billion 
this represents the second Joseph 
represent legal according to the message 
that he falls sweden - jesus and if that 
according to the message he fell more said 
clearly the angel came to 
strengthen in midnight plan read 
manuals said clearly that he did not 
to power this little mess 
Midnight love and we know that the 
third message that arrived in 1844 and 
in others we know that the message had 
to be gayle friend in 1944 is more 
clear how our line works today 
time to clear the french thomas in 
another functional line and how it has 
parallel in the history of Egypt as 
that non- parallel in history 
military we need more time 
to study calmly the dine this 
maximum for children with a calm 
passed over for us too 
is to explode one passes by teaches to 
grow up without an idea of the young type 
videos each with each dot internet 
he believes that to the cinemas in his 
residences were the guys each OSB 
entirely internet 
I 'm stupid some doubtless I know 
that probably some teaching in 
with the note on and we talk 
in your night night and will create the 
ask you something not to 
be putting this video production 
means the closing of the account grace 
to the world are here means time 
of grace to the world of union 12.60 
a vehicle when Miguel rises 
where relevant friends his share in 
the graphical everyone was gate 
even it seems everyone also makes 
parallels that also in this parallel 
gets door closing scene sl a 
Come on, daddy, beloved , dear. 
I said that the 144,000 will receive the 
power of the angel apocalypse 18 
winning would be power veland era 
licensors to help us receive your 
message has been read in the following week 
this message to realize that we are in the 
last generation to realize that we are 
the latter being reborn you this 
opportunity for our Lord gave us 
opportunity for others to 
You have no idea how to 
instability that we do not have 
idea of the responsibilities and 
help us every time the study of the word 
stay for a while the liturgy of the word if 
If we have any duets, we'll come. 
fat help us to ask and 
study respect 
to ask this respect will be to 
today we can understand another word from 
so that we can understand the 
word that is true help us 
understood time in which we are 
seeing you understand every one in five years 
we are living will be saying goodbye 
of years we ask that grow name