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and good 
for our thanks for the Saturday that 
we could 
and enjoy thanks for that special day 
we are now 
in the late hours of that day and 
we want to finish with more a study 
and end here understanding what events 
that line happened 
are the events that take place for 
free your people from the slavery of the 
There's a lot of teaching for us 
Please filled along those 
minutes that we will have 
protect us and help us talk and 
understand only the truth the name 
of Jesus 
the story of jesus of course has 
many details 
there are more things that we could place here 
but I think the benefit of seeing the 
main line and see the parallels 
main we are going to keep this 
study a little simpler 
but there is now an incident here now 
in this story that is a very story 
important and today is the story that 
It has to do with Lazarus 
lazaro the friend of christ dies 
and what Christ does when I die that 
is the reaction of Christ what is it that 
makes christ 
and wait because he waits three days 
that is the question that the disciples do not 
they understand they think it's cold 
Christos cold your heart is cold no 
understand why it does not go immediately and 
resurrected uploaded to his friend or heals him 
his friend leaves him for three days a decision 
5 not understood by his disciples here 
in that time but it has a purpose 
and that is what is going to take us to the 
second message receiving power here 
the message arrives here the message according to 
message comes with looking at a snake 
but with the ten plagues ten miracles 
to say so 
that message receives power in the time of 
Christ also here his miracle 
has that cause that event in the temple 
but Christ, despite that, will carry 
in still his looks to a culmination 
and here I want to read some texts with 
juan 11 let's read some things in 
juan chapter 11 
verse 6 
when I was sick because 
he stayed two more days in the place where 
was then after this said the 
disciples to the disciples we are going to 
Judea again 
the verse 17 fine because Jesus and the I 
I had been lazaring for four days 
I was in the grave 
had spent a considerable time and 
Lazarus was 
well dead clearly dead there was no 
doubt here that's exactly what 
Christ wanted like 
then it has started began the 
decomposition there was no doubt no 
it was not a coma it was nothing was already all 
They saw that this man was undoubtedly 
that's what christ expected he needed 
that happens 
we continue 
in this verse here 
417 Jesus came and something that was already 
four days that the steel was in the 
Bethany's grave was near 
jerusalem like 15 stadiums and many of 
the Jews had come to marta and 
yellow to comfort them for their brother 
then marta when he heard that jesus 
someone came out to meet him but 
Maria stayed home and Mars said 
jesus sir if you had been here my 
brother would not have died 
more I also know now that everything 
Ask God and God will give it to you 
and his led his brother will resurrect 
mother told him I know he will be resurrected in the 
resurrection in the last day 
he said jesus I am the resurrection and 
life who believes in me even if 
dead will live and everyone who lives and 
believe in me you will not die eternally you think 
this said yes sir 
I have believed that you are the Christ the 
son of god you have come to the world and 
what Christ does now 
let's go a little further here to be the 
culmination of all the miracles of 
28th century having said this was and called 
to Mary his sister telling him in secret 
the teacher is here and he calls you 
she then heard him got up quickly 
and he came to him 
Jesus had not yet entered the 
village but it was in the place where 
Marta had found him then the 
Jews who were at home with her and the 
consoled when they saw that mariah was 
They had got up in a hurry and had left 
they followed her saying go to the grave 
will help Maria there when she got to where 
Jesus was seeing him he prostrated himself 
feet telling you sir if you had been 
here there would be no more of my brother 
then jesus to see her crying and the 
Jews who accompanied her also 
crying he shuddered in spirit and he 
in was moved and said where did you put him 
they told him Mr. de nive jesús cried 
they said then the Jews look like 
I called him and some of them said no 
could this one that opened the eyes of the blind 
have also done that the steel does not 
Jesus deeply touched again 
came to the grave it was a cave and had 
a stone placed on top said Jesus 
remove the stone marta his sister 
he had died he said sir and it was already 
because it's four days Jesus told him 
I have not told you that if you believe you will see the 
glory of god 
then they removed the stone from where 
he had been put to death Jesus 
Looking up, said father 
thanks I give you for having heard me I knew 
you always hear me but I said it for 
cause of the crowd that is around 
so they believe that you sent me 
and having said this, I cry out to the great boss 
Lazarus come outside and the one who had died 
He came out bound hand and foot with 
bandages and the face wrapped in a 
Shroud Jesus told them about that tablet and 
I said flickr 
good this miracle dear brothers is 
the culmination in the in the in the work of 
in that land in that miracle he shows 
now without a doubt that he was the 
Lord of life 
and what he does here is it seems extreme 
first but then one 
understands that the purpose was to erase 
all kinds of possible possible doubts in 
that miracle in that work 
so it was also for Pharaoh it was not not 
a plague was not a miracle it was a 
association and we know that the first 
first for pests the magicians 
they could repeat but after the no longer 
you can repeat that God did the right thing and 
here the town is only had one 
evidence but so strong one that 
in front of many people he resurrects 
someone who was dead to his many 
he resurrected him 
ok I have here some comments from the 
sister white and tells him the miracle 
rowling crowning already 
the crown miracle since Christ was the 
lifting of steel the pure 
and followed the determination of the 
to liberate the world from jesus he got bundled 
until the act really ended 
they were determined to kill him now 
already in this month 
of accepting global 
in the repetition of Pharaoh's heart 
that when from thing more and more 0 its 
heart and I did not want no objection and so 
the priests in the in the miracle the 
act the coronation of his miracles 
by resuscitation of steel 
the death of Lazarus was allowed to 
so that through the resurrection the 
latest evidence crown you from 
it would be given to the Jews that Jesus 
he was the son of god 
or what then here is the purpose 
those works here those messages those steps 
of those milestones have a purpose and the 
purpose is to have a town that 
follow Christ preparing for God 
but the purpose is also to separate 
because they were mixed here 
the mix that is the problem that causes 
that darkness and the work of God of 
christ is to separate let's read this how 
it is described in san mateo chapter 10 
san mateo 10 
of the 34th century 
do not think that I have come to bring peace 
to the good land who says sun and I speak 
or who you say 
Jesus says do not think that I came 
to bring peace to the earth I have not come 
to bring peace but sword because it says 
the this because the work of christo is 
separate the light from the darkness the sin 
of the truth satan the children of 
satan of the children of light and this is 
nothing more and nothing less than the work of 
and there we have to read the first the 
first mention of the gospel in the 
bible we go to genesis 
chapter 3 
verse 15 
genesis chapter 3 well at the beginning the 
first mention of the eternal gospel in 
the Bible 
and says so 
Genesis 315 
and I will put enmity between you and the woman 
between your seed and his seed 
be injured in the head and you 
injuries in the calcaneus 
sometimes we do not understand that the gospel 
it is not only the love of Christ the 
love of christ love of christ the cross 
the redemption the love of Christ the 
forgiveness of sins 
Christ is a perfect being the kingdom of 
God is a perfect kingdom where it does not fit 
space for sin and for the 
darkness then what he has to 
to do is to separate those two groups 
there is the woman 
on the one hand 
and there is the snake on the other hand 
and what Christ has to do because 
in history always always those two 
groups mixed and we know 
of our own lives that we are 
we are a representative of that mix a 
standing here and from another believer there and with 
some friends we have that face and with others 
friends we have another face depends on 
where are we we adapt but christ 
does not allow that 
and what he introduces is the sword 
what exactly causes a war one 
spiritual warfare can be says does not have 
come to bring peace but the sword and 
that's the work that we see here that's the 
the eternal gospel works the image what 
eternal goes beyond a cute message 
that's a message the hymn but to the 
human perception through seems 
also very hard but that's the 
consequence to the last point here 
in that story the 
eternal gospel god separated the village 
from him the top of the village woman who 
followed the snake 
the cause that division here at the end 
is very clear and all the two groups 
and a group has marked the lintels and 
other groups will be punished 
do not 
I do not know if I understood the question correctly 
and aggressive are just symbols and I'll put 
enmity in you and the woman says and 
between your seed and his seed is 
they are symbols the woman in life is a 
symbol for the church of god also 
there we could put another woman here 
because there is another woman who is a symbol 
for the false church there is also yes 
but we just use the symbology 
315 genesis here why 
that's what that describes, that's the beginning 
this is based on the war in the garden 
of eden between eba and satan that is 
dressed as a snake 
we have little time we have 15 minutes and 
of course 
all those ways 
so that it started 
that this is going to sustain 
and a lot 
they left and a spokesman said 
come now 
but they can not go out as Egyptians 
actually they come out joining the 
God's people they are them 
added to the people of God remember how 
in lavalle write that they searched 
hide in those of your friends to not 
receive the angel death then 
they do not come out as Egyptians in this 
meaning they come out as part of the 
God 's people can join them 
perfectly the division is not between 
races between cultures of your people is 
between peoples of I am who wants 
come with him or between pagans 
the forms 
as the 
and I can of god here is 
we in before Easter have 12 
tribes the sons the sons of Jacob 
they had but the people of god the 
story starts here 
more clearly the people of God exist 
at the moment that I deliver the 
commandments because without commandments and 
without law without foundation there is no pact 
already then the pact establishes the town 
of god there later fifty days 
it's the people of the relationship 
yes oh yes 
and because 
the town is that 
although they receive primarily 
in all those stories one thing too 
can you live 
actually and in the first place god does 
a work within what he considers his 
here the twelve tribes are approaches the 
work now that some wake up from 
the others and come together god allows it 
but in reality his time comes after 
in that time here the work is effusive 
with the Jews 
but some the Samaritan for example 
they wake up and they add and they get together 
God's people I only allow but 
just here back the work begins between 
the others then 
because God has a purified people and 
clean and put together so that they 
save and god do you take it to heaven and 
the other poor things are going to die not this 
village here is ready for you to 
just work among the others 
this is the function the function of the people 
of god is not to be saved be saved 
who can but to enter the 
service and are ready to do 
example and to help others who 
they are outside for that reason nothing else 
God prepares his people no no no no no 
it's nobody exclusivity but the others 
it arose they have time do not know them but 
they have time and god then starts to 
work among the nations later but 
You need your people and you can do it 
the school of his people that then 
is ready to work in the world 
they are all workers all were 
missionary actors and in the priest in 
lighter we will go up in height 
miner and then our history 
because that is equity over 54 thousand 
which then has its function for 
work in the world 
and learn 
and if it is good or bad it is necessary no no 
I know if I qualify well or badly is the terrain 
of God does not allow darkness no longer 
allows shadow of evil then god 
you have to have it so it's necessary 
is consistent no no no room for 
a grain of sin 
Yes that 
Of course that covers much more that's the 
eternal gospel because it's called the 
eternal gospel because god here 
announces his plan of redemption that is the 
fight between satan and christ and the cross 
in his village 
this one that answers on Saturday 
and in the value of it 
while it is the same 
very few and now 
and then 
few really 
because we have about 10 minutes to 
close and let me add then some 
those last points here 
that then what the network its 
when to lazaro 
it is your act as if you were coronary of 
culminating already 
supreme that I like because it has 
supreme in miracles and Christ 
here but that had a function too 
more alea still because what Christ 
now it will be with lazaro crisis the 
health has a function promptly 
it had to be something that had to be the 
already speaks of his experience and Christ was going 
to enter as king in jerusalem the true 
and who was the triumphal entry of who 
was who was going to guide the asthma square 
lazaro the 
the coronation the coronation of the acts 
of salvation love of Christ the 
and now from the word who helped 
supreme and next to him they came as he says 
I gave him of all the lame 
it's not true sick that he had 
healed was still an impressive march 
of people from samples of evidence of what 
that this made his work 
because you came because it was step 
that's right, but this act here 
for Christ in his heart he was 
a deep sadness 
because he looks at jerusalem 
and see what happens 
and when they with them come out choose or 
they leave to receive what they want is the 
idea that they have their heads because what 
they want to put on the throne of the city 
the literal throne want to give it a 
crown and they did not understand anything is already that 
shows everything was nothing for them not 
had caused the effect they lived on the 
people in general in Christ then so 
we read in lucas 19 let's continue 
Lucas 1941 and when he arrived near the 
When he saw her, he wept over the 
saying oh yes you also know is a 
at least in this your day what is for 
your peace more now is hidden from your 
eyes the town did not understand what was happening 
because days will come upon you when your 
enemies will be surrounded with fencing and you 
they will besiege and everywhere 
they will shake and they will knock you down to earth and 
your children inside you and they will not leave in 
you stone on stone because you do not 
you knew the time of your visitation 
we need to see when is the 
time of our visitation not 
we understand that we are going to be under the 
same curse I never christ what it says 
here a curse on the people 
because you do not do that, this is going to happen 
in the destruction then what Christ 
announces here is the final destruction that 
comes over the town 
to purify the temple a second time 
first we put here triumphal entry 
we have purification 
the temple 
that what happens here he concludes now 
his work 
well let's see a lot of applications 
what he does here in the next 
line God willing we will touch 
now to close 
he still needs a little 
elena guayas an interesting comparison 
in conflict the centuries he compares the 
triumphal entry of Christ with the cry 
at midnight 
because that was the flavor and of last night 
he announced the arrival of the messiah 
and the triumphal entry does just 
that 's the arrival of the messiah is 
announced at this moment is evident the 
Messiah comes to establish his kingdom 
and we have that comparison 
tomorrow this serves us 
ok the last one then I pass here always 
is the 
the arrival of this message and the 
third message is a door that 
I do not know if we need to read many things 
on the cross of course then it arrives 
the trial for the people 
the town his people 
they who reject him who take him to the 
cross then 
they cry the curse on them 
they're going to be lost as a people and they're going 
to be discarded by god as a people 
of like his people using while 
the others at that moment have the 
possibility of being saved forever as 
in May and it takes in that room 
then we have not focused on that there 
more details here but to leave it 
simple we have not added the room 
message that in all stories there 
here also the cross and in the two 
men that together with Christ are 
crucified here that is shown 
you have the possibility at this moment 
to enter with Christ into the kingdom of 
the heavens or is lost forever not 
that's what the cross and the people mark 
brings on if celia like this raise his judgment 
with that decision specifically the 
priests who kill him 
the leader of the town 
well I think that 
how fast we have done this 
we see a parallel in those two 
stories the beginning of the old 
israel the end of ancient file the 
purpose always separate your town from 
the darkness and establish his people 
again clean and pure and ready to 
a work in the world 
these god does through a process that 
always mind always has the same 
sequence of events is a logic is 
a technique as god liberates his people 
of the darkness but the resistance is 
unfortunately and we 
we went through the same process that is the 
goal of those series of studies and I do not know 
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will get to 
that point where we compare that line with 
our story I think we 're 
quite advanced here in those events 
very well without anything else then we are going to 
close for today and so we maintain the framework 
from the time that we were 
dear father who dwells in the heavens 
so then we want to thank you 
we have asked that you give us some studies 
with blessing and you have been to our 
side thanks dear father to accompany 
to all well to your home to your home to your 
where are they going to stop tonight that 
it's not a blessed rest protect us and 
to all who want please help 
and direct so that tomorrow we can 
put together the name of Jesus again