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Publish Date: 8/12/2016
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one of the afternoons 
Let's start but as in prayer 
good afternoon baby boy or whatever 
continue your baby other studies 
suggested at this time in the line of 
and we have seen that 
this represents a fresh start 
one of them is already old 
this presentation we are going to weigh the 
studio on whether the old 
What is the end of them? 
of Christ and His Work 
we no longer see videos that in the work of 
reform that day 11 the list between the 
super knot, not similarity 
surprising in the next line of 
find the same characteristics 
the first reform does not always begin 
in a time of darkness as we have just 
read 70 said so to give light to us 
who lives in brás time and in the shadow of 
death to direct the feet through 
the path of peace that you would draw when 
news to give in the years that 
habitually black in the bible tells us 
is that this time was a time of 
obscurity a definite time 
the first feature here equal to 
we by the same context can read 
next to this factor k of descending to 
hot detoná said so far away 
in the codes of god in the faith had 
committed and hope here if there was 
no longer illuminate in the future 
words and prophets was not 
understand the words crowd month 
of death was a mystery genius 
mass was already uncertain and to sleep and 
rodríguez was no sleep was not 
activation of mothers in Bethlehem teaching 
and the clamor of food the heart of 
humanity in which he played this is prophet 
through the eyelashes 
in the bag the going already sea great 
Mourning generated this miró longer want 
who look dirty and did not want to be 
controlled because I perceived perished in the 
next year and death shadow 
awaited the arrival of liberator 
when it is said to dissipate in cinemas and 
alaa clara maria and mystery 
the future of java on it 
at this time the regrettable situation 
a certain freedom not to put and 
all born as in the time of darkness 
we are waiting it's messiah 
liberating the hit and why this 
dark as well as moving 
How can we call receiving this? 
here we wake up it's better what 
we are called neither mysterious nor inspired 
be tinkering of thousands who are not 
watched the miniseries Band 
that gives weight to merge the truth of 
lie of the eternal the two things that 
you can not merge certain resources 
so they crank it and serve me that grandson 
be merged and their next two years 
here they put it in the pool there 
influences of education and 
Roman decadence in already 
adapted many things from other 
the Greeks and Romans 
Let's make everyone say the 
and the like Christ days or cesium Pueblo 
since there is no prohibition to 
in religious instruction tells the cob is 
consider the abacus of the curse of 
God had embargoed the insecurity there 
become formalistic in traditional 
the bia supplanted is great in large 
as will the scriptures in the true 
education drank induced the coppers 
to search for the delinti somehow 
to thrash him in the poles with God 
dedicated to your attention in the ceremony 
of nabhan in the minds of 
utilities to study for student 
that could not 
be recognized and upper school 
in the experience that your team 
an acceptance character of the word of 
God had no chair in a system. 
absolute educational scene in the 
internal ceremonies for students in the 
found time to spend hours 
everything with god we have video about 
that it was necessary for 
could learn what had ended 
in three things necessary time 
communion with god and environment change 
I did not find time to spend hours 
in Quito with God 
nine years hugo boss in his quest for 
knowledge departed from wisdom 
in the main essential service 
god was one of those in care 
principles of the law were obscured 
that was considered with education 
was the biggest obstacle to and I wish you 
the real interesting mirim of the 
which was considered as education 
Do you think it would be education day? 
for example in a university 
a master's and doctorate degree in education 
superior in the school that we all go 
to higher education 
and this generates was an obstacle to 
it this gem a real shack in the 
preparation in the games of the 
colleges of guilt at all were g 
first his internet was paralyzed and 
is in the choice that education 
the Romans 
to sell their own 
Corinthians in the hinterland in the other 
see that in others 
we call it israel as it is spiritual 
in a certain you to a parallel between the 
parallel between higher education 
of that time and in the other time 
so we must understand in the word of 
God does not inhibit us as an example in a 
we get on interesting things 
said helinho that jesus received 
instructions in schools and synagogues 
the priests themselves will not summarize 
first human teacher who is 
important role of responsibility 
by the thin lips of him and his 
eyes of the prophets learned from the 
celestials in the same words that 
taken to Israel through Moses and 
were drawn on the ruins of his 
mother past eliminate this in 
adolescence did not attend the 
choices of the rabbis quoted name entered 
run I could offers details 
Why was God your instructor? 
Baptist is the natural order of things is 
this of the sacarias will open be educated 
for the priesthood 
was a privilege in the education of 
Rabbinical schools to open ruined 
for your work 
johnson has not sent you for years but 
brought of theology so that one learns 
to learn how to interpret 
future of love and certain for what 
learn from nature and god in the 
we want to stay environment is so 
since the mixture of god by the Greeks 
the Greek education we can not define 
in simple words maybe it would be like 
ask the terms for another 
occasion as a starting point for doubt of 
point we in the bible is the 
contrary to others we have 
premise as the starting point in the faith 
we believe 
we'll understand later 
are two very opposite things are 
very different than what we expect here 
so have here 
We should wait here in the skirt. 
that is where this reform begins 
Herculano, who will this character be? 
there who can help me to understand that 
begins in the form and time of Christ 
autistic year we will move 
Let's make some texts about horn 
lucas a knot verse 5 
here and in sacks of a story 
right when you wake up from the story 
that is, second mission if more or 
We 'll know less from the nape 195 to the set 
opening many tempted the dust in the hour 
in the history the hero days 10 gb per 
a priest called sacarias da suite 
abby loved the scent of woman he 
to know was mosko scares before god 
walking yes pressure in all 
commandments and statutes to be better 
I ask is it possible to display without sin 
be short in this new world that does not 
feared niche because he will know hysteria 
and the girl was to advance the days and 
happened and that the 
priesthood before God in the order of 
turn according to the custom of 
failed priesthood and sweater to welcome and 
licensed into a temple of the 
lord and all multitude of rabbits 
I was outside looking at the hour of sense and 
appeared that gentleman post in which is the 
table directive incense sector bag 
fell following and fear reads 
about it but I let you draw on the themes 
because your sentence was acid or gone and took 
rennes to bt pariah to go to a niche and 
love the performances name is one likes and 
joy and many liked his 
birth will be great before 
God and in Arab drinking in the 
It will be the year of the Holy Spirit to be one of 
your mother's scene 
the risks of israel will convert to lord 
god of jesus because he will go before him 
with the spirit and virtue of elias for 
competing in the hearts of priests in 
trash and the rebels 
the prudence of the costs to equip the 
lady in the open minded village goiano 
with me, new malachi 31 said so 
malachi 31 on the river me messenger and 
run prepare and walk before me and 
on error will sell the time is lord 
here the others you look for and anticipate duck ac 
of others and here is a habit 
cell phone 
our army that a characteristic 
that this time also here is 
complete prophecy right from the prophecy that 
if the time of bass is fulfilled 
finally what period of time while my 
and here and the messenger and prepare the 
way before me and we know here is 
when the track 
what mass is announced for the time 
of Christ, because I believe in a certain someone 
with me and cet skirts 
14 17 and exit at cet 14 
so it's the same lady or will be 
cna here is to know whether it can and 
will leave and love to love his shadow and 
manu he is announcing here in christ 
Let's go, hit the knot. 
bent one 
hit a knot lied knot said so 
to go to a niche and he'll love the name 
of jesus because he will know how to overcome it 
of their sins 
all this took place to 
fulfill what was said by this gentleman 
by prophet what john is here at bm 
will get and to go to a niche and love 
his nobleman and manuel than that declared 
this with others in several protests 
the time 
we have established here there is an increase 
knowledge is not certain that it was a 
increase as the birth in the time of 
Moses there who wakes knew nothing 
and will end in the 400 years 
some were waiting in the backcountry 
for example who called Moses in 
sector he was expecting and why 
He tried to save the Swiss and yukon 
a special way too 
knew that if a liberator were to rise 
I wanted to go ahead and start this 
the work of his own strength 
Did you know he's going to be liberating? 
hope that can t that has a 
knowledge would be the way to 
people knew what was going to happen 
the shepherds william in the wise improvement 
if he knew everyone knows that only 
abandoned already pulling us not hit 
You know it there today and we'll open mathew 
we one dose 
said so and how it was born that 
arise bethlem from fasting days 
heroes here are money mages of 
orient the pounds in addition saying in this 
agenda of the curious who is born 
because its star we emos seen in the east 
and pampering to worship did not even know you go 
Nasser the Messiah in the light being the 1 
Even so, whenever I was in the 
dark delete linear i short mystery 
of your screen brightness 
contemplated in the glory of creator 
seeking clearer knowledge if 
addressed in the Hebrew scriptures in 
his own land was preserved 
prophetic enrolled in proceeding 
nino arrival of a conductor to balla 
was one of those wizards who was in a 
time prophet of god in holy spirit 
had foreseen the prosperity of jegue 
and there the appearance of messiahs and their 
prophecies and had transmitted by 
attribution of cigarettes in cigarettes 
Old Testament is food for 
savior to be revealed but more treatment 
clearly with gusto the magicians who rise 
was approaching and everyone is here to give 
genius of the knowledge of glory left 
Did you know Miami that was coming to 
energy of the shepherds 
Let's open lucaz 
doss our currency name 
lucas dos webb said so and here it is 
that lord bino on and on and on 
Candidate God is not a legislator of the 
beer big fear but yes those of jô 
no longer because here the two brides 
great that will be for the whole 
those born in the city habitually a 
Savior who is Christ is a lady who is 
but bia to be born already UL 
we know the magicians in the shepherds who 
our simioni to Namibian Lucas of the 25 
so it is here they had called simeone and 
shadow and cost r worse waited on 
consolidation of jegue and spirit 
holy was upon him 
the verse 34mm animal steel mother mary 
here it is exposed to fall and to 
nzl multi - purpose lift for sowing 
will be against the Miami Ana and his 
budgets to bianchi village nasser and 
let's move forward 
we have one of the students we have seen 
that old testament 
clearly announced in the drink of 
the messiah also knows andoni bhana cmss 
a hit 
Bolivian let's open, want me just not 
to confirm what everyone with our 
in these texts but our mark 
repeat me 35 knots 
but you treat small btnf to be 
in the thousands to take care of this month to 
Is it that you will not be angry? 
sohn of this principle since the days of 
siglo information about when and 
where and who is born under the excuse 
mainly who should know 
all these things we priests do not 
know the theologians in the east sector 
Pastors years knew he should know 
were not prepared because you 
there were mixed backs he nominated 
should master 
I have here one of the texts about 30 
the work at 30 years can not confirm 
numbers are 4 verse 3 23 30 a 
several tests that states in this we read the 
let's move forward 
that we have advanced was to complete 
here a little there framed here our 
balance the crac goias will abbreviate 
the df teaching time and also that 
we have read 
we can attack 12 year birth 
baptist jesus 
increased knowledge 
and what we want to expect names like 
the next in formalizing the message 
that it was in the story of Moses that 
ars passed in environment and off of one 
mission would not be the same here. 
playing with me malquias pedro beat 
people who love these of mathew 
men who had been here or 
time of birth of bassinet will make a 
man who wanted to be the one who was going to kill him. 
mini a certain tone occurred something like 
in tone of access 
another parallel we have drawn and here 
in this time you should know 
they are not ready and we are going 
know that he only passed by airton 
at this moment we god did not want 
now rabbit was the leader and 
they should work as 
How do we know more about this? 
very parallel 
Ok lets let's open mathew c 
hit a c3 if to 14 to be so because 
all the prophets and in the law to taquara 
prophesied that they wanted to receive 
they distribute that's what was 
We aim to go let's read also in lucas 
3 verses 3 to 4 days ago 
waking pain getting last of 
repentance for the admission of 
sins as written in the book of 
words of the prophet isaiah voice of what 
cry in the wilderness ' prepare the way for 
Lady hit and her scenes 
we have 20 1st message that it is about 
a work of Baptist that said here in the 
cas 33 because for admission 
sins that the autistic proclaims no 
Let's go ahead and read a text from the magazine. 
saw in law 
Let's translate the noe into Spanish viana 
said the difficulties that 
I answered that finding it was much more 
than the difficulties that 
the one who prepared the 
paths of already being newspapers here 
also there electoral campaigns in your 
tone is always so much effort to 
be political 
there is always a lot of money involved 
If you loved the country of the world, that's all. 
pass a certain tone is one thinks it is 
complicated to be issued with the 
President will arrive this benefits you 
both by highlighting and by the difficulties 
who came to understand that finding 
it was much bigger than they 
difficulties encountered in those who 
They prepared the ways of manager and nice 
he was there at some politician was 
to announce a certain messiah in the heart 
from london to gd his pain was to genius 
of contention on malicious media and nick 
date them us and would impress 
for a message of mercy and love 
andré presented as remuneration 
eradication has depressed supply by 
cause of his justice and the very 
think this word here that was born from 
boras is now 3 15 
God should never be the seed of the 
bible in a certain 
So let's know that with our 
Talking enjoy our case size if 
that eternal is not speaking of him 
text continues 
the message that when autistic was a 
message in error and alarming not 
could be intertwined with the 
superstitions and tradition seemed to us 
in the disciples of ruan name not 
should think that his self-denial and 
sacrifice a sacrifice of oneself 
How long will it last for you? 
came out to us as it seemed to us 
It looks like it came out on the flap n for growing enob. 
enabled in their exercises 
Religious want to merge the pretense of 
opinions when the devotion of ruan 
would only make bret more evident in 
training and street work at work and 
when it was time to choose a character casemate 
in the works and we seemed to present 
their traditional and sovereign energies 
during the people woman a vacuum 
specific message that shows your 
flag light that the leaders were 
So it seemed to us, let's move forward and let's go. 
open hit 3 a node 
31 are the dose and those days binocular 
Baptist preaching in the wilderness of guilt and 
suddenly telling those who are the genius of 
seals ciaa surrounded and here we enter a 
understanding in a conflict that 
there was at that time in the clubs was 
waiting for what kind of new government gene 
scenario that attracts him the 
we have an expression that we use one 
he calls the genius of glory and another 
genius of grace 
This will knock you out almost naive and changed the 
year of grace that wanted a world 
Hi glory, what are we choosing from? 
gracia many years in the air standing by 
set the time of glory 
It is important that we understand this is 
this difference of us - 
william who the video that in the circuses 
concentrated in this world that is of 
baptism here the video that first in the 
ranking it drops gcb power and always gets 
manifesting of bones in a special way 
a certain he appears here here then 
You should expect the same thing. 
write here 
to see who knows what it is to be a symbol 
bingo that appears here in this 
the baptism of which Jesus appears some 
symbol dominated the pigeon riani let's 
confirm and mattel 3 has been released and 
hit 33 c 
so they decided to keep going up 
is from Galilee and araquan judgment for 
be baptized of 16 of jesus after 
was baptized to raise the ego of water and here 
see you if years were opened livino a 
victorious spirit that decide how 
dove ethnicity on it and here in the show 
if she said these same beloved and 
baby I have contentment 
jesus lopes even when with how many 
years 30 years because 30 years 30 cm 
He weighed it became certain that 
times in 30 years 
what I got this friend here la paloma 
bentes i after Christ that broke 
whose days we will open mathew days 
verse 5 to cet 
they could until the days 5 to 7 said to this 
dossier to the coffers of the 
commandment going down a path of 
warm light islands will not come together 
to Samaritans not three but before 
chances lost in the house of zero and in 
being the genius of 12 years is approached 
from hell born the demons of grace 
free test here we now have 
to understand that at this moment it is 
work that must be performed is 
important and we will have this text here 
said that in the disciples know announced 
Your lady's name was accurate throughout. 
the meaning and the events 
politicians were performing in this 
same time will be completed on time and 
the genius of God had been near. 
message and kisses 
after this time of 69 weeks and 
chapter in the year of daniele i drank 
should this become christ had received the 
1 if one of them shouted after having 
been baptized for when he wakes up in 
God they had declared is near 
was established by the death of Christ is 
special - video star wars lampreia na 
The Bible means both the poison of grace 
like him the glory 
a detail I quote from this moment 
that Christ is a rigid and 
kg on the day we have not Christ 
with kaka south 
a cassi wrote this message 
how I was received from selling the islands 
Kuril receiving the vaccine but two years O 
Let's open lucas. 
never the case pending in the event 
advance but never 79 say and all 
people or going to tax collectors justified 
God to the years and like the baptism of the street 
but it seemed as if we were wise in law 
desire the concept of god against you 
even if they are not baptized from third parties 
excluded from the proceedings 
Why should they know they have 
the entire economic movement in 
scriptures of memory concert and let's 
to make this ceiling of who 
we could interpret 
erroneously and apply in the word of 
God and node know my time 
up situational years of ministry 
Christ and his apostles in the last 
years of grace have dedicated us to 
destruction the lady's messengers 
renal emissions and offering 
poetic spirit in damage to itself also 
eugenics of the world absorb the 
thoughts of node shoulders take note 
prophecies to be fulfilled quickly 
and the evidence that he is a genius of gods 
arrives preston 
here we will cool down and the next 
presentation of the ox to continue and 
Let's try to complete this line. 
I want 50 of amazing similarity 
parallel to the prayer 
to silence we want to thank you because 
at that time be treated and what is more 
curious everyday in silence and that 
we have this precious time and that 
we learn by past benecy 
continues with others how much spirit 
saint of the angels so that we 
protect from any distraction and 
so we have the name of Jesus Amen