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the truths that came into this 
movement since before 2001 
in the line of construction of 
those truths are the stones that are 
cut from the mountain 
but after September 11 
those rocks or stones are used to 
build the foundation 
cut the stones before 11 
it's a work that makes noise 
If you go to a mine, let's see 
that they make a lot of noise for 
extract the stones 
but when the basics are 
placed has to be all silent 
and we come to understand that 
danielle is the second testimony for 
this truth 
because in the prophetic line of David he 
is anointed in 1989 
so from 1989 to 2001 
you have two functions 
and you have to david says 
On September 11, Saul dies 
and I'm not talking about the apostle san will 
pablo but I'm talking about the king saul 
then from 1989 to 11 
in the bible we have the fight between 
David and Saul 
there was a lot of noise 
when Saul began to be oppressed by 
the demons 
in that story 
David would be with his army he played his 
and that story was thus associated with 
as well as in the construction model 
of the temple the stones extract the making 
noise then when we got to 11 of 
due to being anointed for the second time 
and if his horn starts to sprout 
before September 11 
so before September 11 david 
he was in the desert of a 
desert in the middle and this is where he 
I had that fight with Saul 
but after the September david 
is in the desert of stopping 
and for is associated with Islam 
and on September 11, Islam is there 
so on September 11 david was 
anointed for the second time 
and he will reign as king from Hebron 
for seven years or seven and a half years 
depending on what passage of the 
writing you give it but it's still going to 
be once again in the clamor of 
because he is going to reign from jerusalem 
it's a 33 year old 
and jerusalem is the cry of beautiful night 
so he's going to reign until the law 
where David anoints himself for the 
last time the fourth time 
so I'm just 
repeating some truths that already 
they were placed in this in this 
message because a long time ago 
In short, the truth is that their arriving 
from 89 to 2001 
those are the stones 
and if I had the time 
to sit down and talk about this 
I would say that each of those truths 
when they came to the surface 
there was some discussion against 
there was always a controversy against 
of those truths and that's why I say was 
also noisy 
so some of those truths I had 
a personal connection with them one of 
those truths that came before 11 
September was a truth that is called 
the judgment of the living and you have 
been instructed now 
that the trial of the videos begins 
in the Sunday law 
but then after September 11 
I identify publicly 
identified that he in the trial of the 
videos started on September 11 
and now we have already gone from 
that place some time ago 
and there is someone being baptized several of 
and in two of the votes there he says that the the 
trial the living began in 2001 
but when the trial saw them it was because 
first time introduced to this message 
like a stone 
the foundation stone 
that was taught how it was taught 
of course before 11 
September we taught ourselves 
prejudice the alive we begin does 
time that we had not even spent 
by September 11 
then that was taught about the 
trial of the living before 11 
well what was taught was that 
it started in the Sunday law 
but most of you have come to 
this movement 
after September 11 
they followed that the judgment of the living 
started on September 11 
and now sometimes 
when I say that he caught the living 
started on September 11 
I have prophecy students in this 
movement that the brother will tell me to 
me the one of the teaches that the trial saw it 
the Sunday law begins 
maybe you have not noticed no 
they know he said that 
you knew that or some of you did not 
I knew that the one who knew that raised his 
always relative and I'm going to tell you 
I agree with the brother allows 
I taught that long before the brother 
allows so what I 'm trying to 
identify for you is this 
the growing light of the third angel 
back times is partially 
complicated because now there are more than one 
and sometimes some of us believe in 
that two of the leading teachers I 
and parminder 
that we can be at odds 
unique to the other and I'll tell you no 
we disagree and I have always 
thought that he has to have the 
freedom to teach the message in the 
way or the style you choose to do it 
and every time it came to my mind the 
idea that he taught something contrary to 
What I was saying 
I was going to go and I asked 
and he told me normal not you and I are 
teaching the look he said no brother you 
we are already teaching the same thing 
so I'm going to try to present 
something here 
and most of you do not have any 
idea of ​​what of the dynamics that is 
behind that 
and being baring some of the 
good students of palm index 
they come to me and they want me 
teach is what I teach 
using the lines and names that 
let's hit the landmarks 
and I 'm going to tell you I do not have to 
to do that 
and I do not think palm in there either 
do what I do either 
you need to hear what I 
I teach 
and determine if what I 'm teaching 
is in accordance with the word of God 
because if so, you have to accept it 
but if what I say seems to be in 
contradiction with what he teaches 
that is your responsibility to answer that 
dilemma that you have 
I do not have that dilemma 
so part of the things that you 
come in these presentations 
because of the environment in which we 
we find 
and I'm playing talking about certain things 
that usually I would not touch 
if there were no people here present 
who want me to present in the way 
of the one who does it for mint 
and for those of you who are new 
in this message 
there is no need to create here 
doubts in the way you understand 
the message so the best that I can 
since he does tell you that part of what 
what I am saying is something that 
it happens here then good 
being said that 
I know is that for me he has certain 
names to the milestones that to some 
they want me to use 
but I know that I do not disagree 
with the brother to sell 
but I 'm going to teach things the 
way that I understood them 
is also something are frank that would be 
what I am here building this 
it's something I 've repeated what 
we had already spoken 
based on these seven nine that I do not 
I put there 
we have these three main milestones the 
September 11 the midnight clamor 
and the Sunday law 
but after our 79 we got to 
understand midnight 
but those three that I'm marking are 
are based on these 79 
according to the chronicles 29 is connected with 
other 79 
because Ezra came out of Babylon in the 
first day of the first month 
and in classic 
in chronicles they began to clean the 
temple the first day the first month 
and it took eight days to clean the temple 
purify the temple and then I take them 
another eight days to be able to purify the 
and I know I did not draw it with the 
maybe right here are 8 days 
these are the next 8 days 
but this is where I want to talk 
between midnight and the clamor of 
I am saying that here in this 
in the middle between midnight and 
Midnight love 
there is a private offer on first offer 
the offer of the first fruits of barley 
and that takes place on day 8 of 
first month 
in the first eight days of the month 
the second offer of scoops take 
place in the seconds on the eighth day 
in terms of the Lord's holiday this 
it's the festival of the first fruits 
and that 's the pentecost party 
and there is half I want to get there 
and here I am using the logic of the 
parminder logic regarding the 
and I'm saying that the door of the 
grace closes for the priests who 
they are here in this room at 
Now if you do not understand that 
parminder students now 
and I 'm just doing it very 
easy because they are going to say 
I just left the students by 
they lie uncomfortable because I am going to say 
they're going to say that there is not 
Midnight for priests 
that's raffia for priests 
and so midnight of the 
priests is before 
brother jeff you are mixing two lines 
but no thanks that's midnight here 
for priests in that line that I 
I'm putting the people who were 
taught by fermin of should not 
have no problem in following me 
all of you who insist that 
here is raffia and not midnight you 
they are creating a problem for you 
and it's preventing you from getting 
follow the logic that I am presenting 
if I call here this raffia 
instead of me at midnight 
do it if you want I'll call it 
because I'm going to show that in this 
that Christ is arrested and put in 
the cross 
and he is arrested at midnight 
so that's why I want to do it 
they try to follow me they can follow me 
the grace closes for the Levites 
but it's a grace that closes 
progressively there 
the door of grace closes for 
the net and neos 
but it is also a land of grace 
and when I say that in Sunday law 
the dentists close their thanks this 
it also does this also makes the 
students by medel get 
because they were taught the closing 
thanks for the Adventists of 
midnight close so maybe 
you do not understand this because I 
I want you to know what it is that 
It happens here when I use my own 
names in the milestones and when for me 
He has his own names, so the 
good students of perm index 
brother today you should not have said of 
this other way but I say the door 
Grace closes but the Atlantists 
in the Sunday law but brother 
closing probation closes in love 
midnight says but against that 
what is today is the first night 
Sunday and is a first in the laws 
Sunday and what's in between is the 
proof of the look of the image of the 
beast therefore is a land of 
progressive grace that begins with the 
first Sunday law 
if they have 
and jesus illustrates the ending with the 
principle therefore at the end we have 
the Sunday law 
so for me to say that in the 
thank you closes for the aventis is 
in the Sunday decree 
it is simply the last door that 
in those various doors or law and 
Sunday that occur 
but I told you 
I told them that the Levites close their 
grace in the midnight cry and 
we know that that process there 
called the proof of the image of the 
and we already know that the sister 
white said the image the proof of the 
image of the beast has to come 
before the closing of the grace that is in 
the Sunday law 
because the great test by which 
stop having no Adventists will be 
that test the image of the bird this is the 
proof that it has to come before being 
taught and when they are sealed 
good are sealed in the Sunday law 
read the testimony for the church took 
and here I put them back to you 
nervous again I do not 
you say that they had to 
have been sealed before the law 
Sunday is not true 
then you say we have to 
have the character prepared before 
decree is not like that 
but I 'm here now saying that you 
you have the seal of gods in the law 
But the law is not raffia 
we are supposed to know 
all this many times many people 
they are new they do not know 
but all of us who we know 
the two ways of naming the 
it seems that they do not have are willing to 
be diligent enough and 
understand these lines by themselves 
to zealand 
I told them in the last presentation 
that I came back in my first group of 
chat whatsapp and I told them that I at 
purpose was trying to cause 
shaking there in in whatsapp chat 
so for any of you in 
this room 
that they think that I'm trying to 
be defensive here 
although I'm being aggressive with the 
students allow me 
and you are misunderstanding the 
point in the school of the prophets 
what we have been doing 
since the sister ts was there 
we have been counting the days until the 
November 9th how many days are left 
what is the day that we lack today is 
November 18th 
then we have 357 days left 
we have 350 days left for raffia 
the right one or not 
although while you by regions or 
we the school of the prophets 
We have been placing the number of 
days and we would do in reaching 
this and we would put the 6 and the day after 
we would put that day 
so I'm going to leave the 357 here 
until someone is sure they are 
357 days is said jeff twiss text 
the mental history 
established language 
so what I'm saying 
my wife 
we started studying with 11 
40 45 and the study technique of 
line line in 1989 
we have been studying that for 29 years 
We have an experience in this subject 
prophetic in my experience tells me 
that when a new complex truth 
comes to the surface 
It takes a certain period of time to 
to be understood and sometimes a little 
more time for the whole body of 
believers but you understand 
and I'm saying that 356 days 
they are days many days so we need 
start to pressure each other 
others about what it is that we 
we understand and what we do not understand 
so what I'm doing today 
here with palm index students 
is pressing them and I'm not not me 
interesting if they press me then to 
me but they need to use the 
correct prophetic principles when 
they want to answer me 
and I also 
but it seems that 356 days is not 
enough time for us 
let's understand all these prophetic themes 
now if we try to go to our notes 
for the first time 
I understand that not all of you 
they have the notes - they had 
do not 
and the notes that I 'm going to use are 
by title 
7 and 1 
and the first appointment this 
to biographical notes 
so I 'm not going to read it because of 
time but when you read it 
Sister White goes to Mount Zion 
in vision 
and good 
then she says that there since she 
It is on Mount Zion but 
Once already in 
and identify 37 trees 
and what I'm saying and getting them 
they are the combination 7 and 1 
so there are seven fruitful trees in 
Mount Zion 
it's 30 the same passage in it 
she saw the time and said 
she said she saw seven columns in the 
temple time 
so in the first written 78 and 79 
she is going to see the temple again 
in vision 
and she does not see seven pillars in the temple 
open and only pillar 
and she says that only pillar is the one 
Holds the whole temple 
and it is in that column if you have a 
bleeding lamb moored from the temple 
A lamb 
so good in the temple there 
seven pillars in the temple 
but at the same time there are eight pillars 
that I just want you to see that using 
these two quotes we can discover that 
there are seven pillars or maybe one so 
the combination 71 so talking now 
of modern Rome she is the eighth 
but it 's from the seven and so 
ephesians that is the eighth and after 
the Jews but is also among the 
first between seven so that's what 
what he wants to teach is the combination 
7 and 1 
and it's in that story here 
from 9/11 to midnight there are seven and the 
eighth is the story of midnight 
to the midnight cry and I what 
I want you to see the 
Biblical justification 
by this symbol this symbol that 
called the combination 7 of 1 
and we have several examples of 7 and 1 in 
the Bible 
the following quote in the document speak 
of apocalypse 17 
and they are notes that I address and good in their 
under the subtitle that says alliance or 
and we read those presentations 
it's a first presentation when it was 
when they open they entered impact with the lord 
He gave them the sign of circumcision 
and when was that the children should be 
his acquaintances on the eighth day 
now so good I'm talking about 
directly the number 8 
8 am and pretended that then 
of the final agreement 
and I'm sure if you try and 
All this 
sainz in English and a quote that come from 
alinghi union located on page 25 in 
on october 7 options sign of sunday 
but I say that the baptism party 
the circumcision was as a symbol of the 
alliance was replaced by baptism 
of signals obviously means signal 
and the word sign also means 
so I'm saying that 8 in 
symbols of the signal and at the same time 
it's a banner 
and sorry I'm not placing 
all words have departed 
Portuguese so that's in your notes 
are trying to follow me logical 
in English of collective 
if you are following my logic for 
please say amen 
Well I 'm not asking you if 
you could follow in the notes I want to know 
if you can follow logic very well 
let 's talk about the number 8 
let's go to the second of pedrosa 
25 degrees 
in bikini 
according to depedro 25 if you need 
and he did not forgive the ancient world but 
Guardian is not the eighth preacher person 
of justice bringing the flood on the 
world of the wicked please is not you 
saying that in the flood 
and gat 
from harvard applications 
in that 
La gente 
here irreverent 
ok but in a second the fifth says 
different but in Portuguese in Portuguese 
says the point that I want to make I'm 
trying to show 
I want to show you that it is not the eighth 
that is not the eighth in contrast to 
the other seven 
and in which iniesta as well as I 
I would like to teach but because you 
has it ok does not say 8 people were 
but it says it's not the eighth 
he is the eighth he is of the seven is of 
the same family but he is the eighth 
we are on the same page then 
then we go to the first depedro 
stay king precision 
which in the past were 
disobedient when I once expected the 
God's patience a few days of nine 
while preparing the ark in which 
few that is eight souls were 
saved by air to the figure of the 
which the figure of which the baptism 
that now corresponds now is 
He is saying it is not that it is not eight 
they are a symbol of autism that is a 
but autistic brothers and sisters 
the last one is not a single point in the 
time when it is guaranteed is 
baptized on his death 
and that will be the end of everything 
it will be that you leave after 
it will be that when you are baptized after 
picks you up and you come out of the water and what 
It means that 
and in the resurrection 
so the reason is not simply the 
resurrection symbol 
not simply in death the baptism 
it's the whole process 
it is death 
they resting in the grave and then the 
resurrection as well as we understand the 
very well then it is not the symbol of 
and also it is not the symbol of a certain 
eighth of a stereo number between 
7 and baptism and circumcision are 
related to number 8 
but this number 8 does not allow us to do 
a singular point in time in a 
line and why 
because baptism is baptism and the 
last is a death 
a rest and in the grave 
and then the resurrection 
at some point of time in a period 
of time 
Whats Next 
maybe they do not even know why I'm 
saying that 
now if you go to your notes you can 
have there resurrection roman 
but if we need to read designed from 
all nations page 11 
what page 
it does not change me 
about two thousand years ago you heard 
a mysterious voice that said leave the 
throne of god here that I come 
offer sacrifice and you did not want to but 
My body prepared me and here I come 
in the scroll of the book is written of me 
to make hatred your will is five 
accidents so believe this and it's going to 
make the sacrifice and not to the 
to be an offering he had to have a 
prepared body 
and because 
necks and headaches 
is the correct answer but it is 
because that had to have a body 
to make dead 
do not 
I am humanity and coming is approaching 
a little but explain it to me 
the problem is that the divinity the 
divinity can not die 
so that Jesus could be a sacrifice 
and that he died he had to take the 
human existence about itself 
it will be that the divinity of Christ died in 
the cross 
he did not die on the cross 
he died was his humanity 
Christ is going to be offered 
but he has to be prepared as a 
offering before and when it is that which is 
prepared already 
was prepared at his baptism 
or was prepared from birth 
although then you think it's like 
an educational process but it's not a 
educational process 
Jesus needed to have a body a 
human body to then be able to die 
when he was given that human body 
at his birth either 
in the incarnation 
nine months before 
there was when humanity and 
divinity combine 
that is not correct yes and because this is 
important is important because I am 
about to tell you that 
you will be the offering 
the first gate of the firstfruits as well 
how Jesus was the first fruits and the 
priests are also the first fruits 
and what do you and I have to do 
have prepared to be the 
first fruits 
we have to have experienced the 
and what is the incarnation according to 
terms that we speak 
is the combination of divinity and 
and when I talk about making 
priests being the offer of the 
first fruits in that story before 
I get there 
before that story 
they must have had the 
experience of the combination of 
divinity and humanity and the sister 
white and sweet repeatedly she says 
that humanity combined with the 
divinity does not sin so before that 
we arrive at midnight 
and I'm sorry before we 
let's get to raffia apologize 
we must have overcome sin and if 
you have not done it yet 
let me tell you that you have 356 days left 
so you can do that 
but I do not think that you're going to be waiting 
until the last day to leave sin 
very well and I will also go if I achieve 
let's eat notes that when moses 
he raised the tabernacle 
and when Solomon built the temple 
before the service will begin 
before the offering there was a 
manifestation of God's power in the 
tabernacle in the history of Solomon 
that manifestation of power took the 
place when when it was brought from the ark 
and was put into the temple and I'm going to say 
and that this manifestation of the power of 
what is doing is doing referred there 
when it is placed when the ark is carried 
for inside the temple 
mark that offer offering before that 
begin then is the combination of 
the one of humanity with the deity 
represents when the work of the 
combination of humanity and divinity 
is complete in the priests 
and what I'm going to say is that that takes 
the place before midnight 
Over there 
and there has to be another manifestation of 
power of god there on that side but the 
first refers to the combination of 
humanity and divinity 
is there to tell us about the fact 
that a body of believers have to 
experiment and be prepared before 
the offer of the offering or sacrifice 
and from the biblical commentary it took six 
pages 1010 
1,092 it was for the glory of God that the 
beginning of life should go had to 
be the first fruits and anticipated that 
typifies what the typical offer me 
follow why 
those you previously knew and predestined 
wait according to the image of your life 
so that he is the firstborn in 
have many christ brothers was the 
first fruits of those who sleep that same 
dinner the resurrection of christ between 
the dead was observed in him as 
kind by the Jews in one of their 
holy holidays 
so Christ was the offering of the 
first fruits in this story 
and he was doing he was resurrected 
in the provincial holidays when 
a party that was saved by thousands of 
many years 
and I want to say later that 
resurrection of christ in the affects to 
the firsts are pointing to that 
between rafa and loaves between me among the 
midnight and the midnight cry like that 
that we have in number eight are the 
they live there says exodus 25 40 
and it says Hebrews 82 
but the Hebrew reality today all the 
no you do not have to read now 
but it is simply the old and the 
new Testament 
they are simply references to talk 
from which moses erected a tabernacle 
according to a pattern 
and all the temple buildings in 
the sacred story make meat balls 
all these constructions in the bible 
point to the construction that happened 
between 2001 to 2014 when the temple was 
built in our history 
and I say that all those constructions 
of the bible temple teach a pattern 
so when we looked at the 
construction of the temple of our 
and when we study the consecration of 
the priests 
it has to be based on the pattern that 
is in the bible 
so good so before we go 
to levitical 8 
and let's go to the word purification 
it must be time 
wine and aman de cavani type 
in this 
in reference to the web 
let's read less the first so that 
can more or less understood 
we give diverse united by 14 and jehová 
spoke Moses saying these were the law 
of the leper on the day of his purification 
will be brought the priest will be that the 
leprosy is a symbol of sin 
so the pattern here that is 
speaking is that is what you do can 
that sin has been cleansed 
so the person who had leprosy has 
to go as a priest 
the priest is going to watch her watch her 
and then the purified one has to enter 
in a process seven days 
I do not know 
and the process goes up to verse 9 like this 
let's read verse 9 
and it will be that the seventh day was all hair 
from his head he drops all his hair 
and wash his clothes and the truth his 
meat in water and it will be clean now and in 
the eighth day will take two lambs without 
defect and the record was one year without 
defects and three tenths of flower 
flour for offering kneaded with oil and 
a blog 
so what I'm trying to put 
here is that there are other illustrations 
about purification in the ancient 
and all give in the same structure the 
body the extract that was the structure 
that put us here that happened first 
it was purified 
it's a bit vague that happens first 
he can enter 
what happened first 
it's not after it happened first 
that would still be the second part the 
leper has to realize that 
he was released from sin and then he has 
that go to the priest and the priest is going 
to investigate 
and then there's a kind of seven days of 
a secondary purification 
and on the eighth day 
but it is proclaimed or announced as 
clean so I'm dialing 11 
as the beginning of this story I 
I'm saying there's a ceremony 
seven days and I'm in my bora type 
so on the eighth day the prose 
pronounced clean but what does it mean 
to be purified he was cleansed there at 
what are the seven days that is because 
is not in the line that is supposed to go 
to be clean before baptism 
and the wigan 
perhaps baptism is some 
public demonstration 
the public demonstration is of the 
priests looking at you and then there are 
a seven day ceremony 
and on the eighth day 
and there is pronounced then I would 
I could call it that 
and all the scriptures have that 
purification structure 
and that's why I'm placing the 
combination of 71 from 11 
September until midnight and 8 
until the midnight clamor 
and that agrees with the structure of 7 
and 1 and then that's about sin 
but I want to talk about the priests 
because we talk about the lepers 
going to the priests in Leviticus 8 
and as you spell priest 
then presentation 
of kraft and pipes extended 
leviticus 18 
now when we read this about the 
priests I'm going to have to comment 
you have to ask yourselves 
if this is the line of advent ism 
this is the line of sorry for you 
4000 this is the line of nenets ineos 
or this is the line the Levites are in 
the line of our certain air 
and what I am going to say is that no 
matter which line is 
very well 
this here is talking about the beginning of 
sanctuary service in our 
story when the Lord builds a 
simultaneously he develops a group 
of priests in the priesthood that 
Serve in that temple 
so let's try to forget about 
any other type of line and in this 
let's leviticus for you 
and I speak is saying took and of 
your children with clothing and oil 
of the anointing and the calf of the 
expiration and the two rams and the 
basket of the loaves investigated and 
gathers all the congregations the 
projects calculation of the pension 
as you read the passages of the 
Purification of sin is done by the 
ceremony process that happens 
that always happens in front of the 
door work in the process 
purification of the sanctuary and that too 
occurs in the consecration of the 
they are connected to the sanctuary 
because they are going to be priests who 
they serve in the sanctuary so moses goes 
to take Aaron and his sons and will 
have a ceremony process for 
consecrate them 
so that they can begin to serve 
as priests and you can read 
all of chapter 8 and we're not going to stop 
there in verse 30 
and we're going to read from 30 until the end of 
as bassinet oil unction and 
the blood that was on the altar and 
he sprinkled on Aaron and on his vestments 
about their children on the costumes of 
his children with him and sanctified Aaron and his 
clothes and their children and 
clothes of his children with him 
and he said very they let their children bake 
the flesh of the door of the tabernacle of 
the congregation and eat it with the bread that 
is in the basket of the 
congregations as I sent you 
saying aaron and his children will eat it and 
what's left I'll make of the meat and the bread 
you have to burn the fire of the door 
the tabernacle of the congregation not 
It will be 17 days until the day it is 
fulfill in the days of your 
contractions because for seven days 
you will be consecrated in the way that today 
He has become commanded to be a jehovah 
make atonement for you at the door 
Well, from the tabernacle of the congregation 
you will be day and night for seven days and 
you will keep the ordinances in front of 
jehovah for nomura is because I like that 
has been sent and Aaron and his children 
they did all the things that he sent 
jehová by means of bassinet 
in expiation to the door of the tabernacle 
of the congregation we will be day and night 
for seven days and save this killing 
in front of jehová so that nomura is 
because that's the way it has been with priests 
We are going to make a process of 
purification of seven consecration of 
seven days and why 
then there it says it 
this rancid 
for seven days 
the priests are going to go through a 
purification process of consecration 
34 because 
there he says it 
how is the word up to increase 
translated in Portuguese 
expiation in verse 34 134 8 
and in English it means in a moment 
in a moment 
atonement until a minus means 
in English without me 
in a way it means the first 
or in a 
to a 
in English and that means the combination 
of divinity with humanity 
is when humanity and divinity 
combine and become a 
in English that is the process that the 
place there with the priests 
and what I'm saying when you get to 
verse 34 is when the first human is 
find just before midnight 
and the ark extracted from the temple 
and the priests have already completed their 
combination process well between the 
humanity and divinity 
and for that are those seven days can 
follow that 
read verse 1 of the next chapter 
is when I saw it was on the eighth day that 
they called their children and the 
elderly israel 
and for that it's also seven days that 
occurs on the eighth day 
on the eighth day they begin to 
function as priests when the 
first human of humanity make a 
offer offering before the Lord in those 
seven days here on the eighth day 
there is an offer offering that is still made 
and it's going to be done by the priests of 
humanity and divinity but as 
tl3007 dayz offering 
Portuguese that offer 
the first is humanity and the 
divinity that you and me 
we are both the offering and the priest 
I am saying is when what Christ 
our example is humanity and 
we divide 
and it was both the offering and priest 
and what about the first fruits is when the 
human first exodus 22 
there are 22 29 and 30 we are so many 7 days 
that's in your notes but just 
pass over 
is when the sold of humanity and 
the divine 
you and I are so 29 and 30 
that is 
is when the human first or the 
humanity and the divine 
you and me 
we are so 
you do not delay giving the first of your 
Harvest nor of your largarme will you give 
the first ideas against humanity 
as a virtue güey you and I and your 
sheep seven days will be with evil and to the 
eighth day they will give it to me 
seven days and this is the offering the 
first offer of the first first sevice 
of them has to be with mothers 
for 7 18 
and on the eighth day it can be offered 
now we are going to the ebit and with 22 
is when the hand comes 7 the event of 
humanity and the divine 
you and me 
we are so 
the egg the lamb the goat when 
born seven days will be more sucking 
from his mother sisters from the eighth day 
from now on they will be septo friends will be 
I accept for the sacrificial offering 
on so we have two 
testimonies again here that's 
established I am saying that 
here is the offer offering of barley and 
seven and this is the other humanity the 
Firstfruits and the first fruits 
we are have to be through a process of 
seven days after they are born to do 
what or doing is when the human 
17 the Helvetian 22 of humanity and the 
they have to spend seven days drinking the 
milk from his mother 
Is not that what you are talking about 
the mother for seven days is feeding 
to those animals January 7 mankind 
and the divine you and me can be offered 
we are late 
and I'm saying that up to which 
as Christ we are both the 
priest but also as a beginnings 
you and me and I tell you that writing 
that you can not have a harvest 
if you previously offered that first start 
in front of humanity in the sanctuary 
so you can follow the logic we are 
for which I say that Jesus in our 
example in this so I tell you that 
the writing teaches us 
is that after midnight raffia between 
humanity and we have to 
overcome sin completely 
we are so many and complete the purification 
in our life although it is fulfilled in 
our life to have is when the human 
we have to be fed with 
the message that was given from 9 
September until midnight 
so we can do is tighten the 
purification in our life but in the 
eighth day 
have let's start to work 
making fed 
from December 9 until the 
so we can make that offering 
and then on the eighth day 
so we still have enough time 
let's start to work and make 
eyes that see as falling 
offerings so please make a 
I can do something that maybe should not 
I will continue for a moment 
but before I do, we have 
still enough time please 
get up low but there are some that 
they have in their arms let's see the 
tabernacle of moses we are 
in English 
it was the moses tabernacle built 
according to an amen model 
I saw myself 
also perform no criticism years 
when I saw I thought I was going to have a number 
name is easy 
very well then the tabernacle was gone 
built according to a model that I received in 
the mountain you will see that the temple of 
Solomon was built according to a model 
Yes or no 
what plane 
do not look for it on the internet tell me 
according to the plan that David had made 
and it will be that David's plan the plane of 
David of the sanctuary was inspired 
yes so the two temples were 
built according to inspiration 
so these two testimonies together we 
They are giving us talk about our time 
very well then what we are going 
to see is the beginning of those two temples 
because when this temple that we 
We have been diff and going to start 
very fast 
midnight or raffia 
because you say that will be that it is not already 
running the temple 
for me he told them that the temple was 
finished in 2014 so the temple 
finished being built four years ago 
years will be that it is not yet 
running the temple then you're not going to 
change in your response of pushing in 
this car that is there is working 
it's not working that he needs 
to dry functions 
I need a driver 
so good that car needs a 
conductor so that a temple can 
work without priests 
so the temple can not work 
without first having no priests who 
Now I'm going to be talking to her 
most people who are 
I'm going to continue because all the 
people came back 
when we talk about the 
building of the temple 
and we will align it with the dedication 
of the temple of Solomon and some of 
you and I want everyone to be able to 
see this part before the sacrifice 
of the offering there is a fire that descends 
in the temple of Solomon 
and before that offering was given and the 
fire descended on the temple of Solomon 
there is a prayer that is marked 
Solomon dedicated his temple 
after that dedication he had his 
famous prayer 
and then the offering was made 
and the fire fell from heaven 
and I say that that structure 
and I know this is going to challenge the 
people who are very close to the 
fermin bencinas of this structure is 
the structure of the seven stamps that 
begins in an apocalypse 
verse 1 
what does 81 mean? 
and the mind in raffia 
if you do not like to talk about midnight in 
in the history of reduced there are 81 
priests there 
but that is a priest is the sumo 
priest the rest of the 80s are you and 
and we are human beings 
but the high priest is divine 
so that combination of 81 is the 
combination of divinity with the 
humanity that manifests itself 
in raffia and is in 
agrees with Felix de 81 
and that describes in 81 
a period of prayer 
and a fire that falls on the earth 
It is the sanctuary 
then both in apocalypse and in 
moses and in Solomon there is a fire that 
descend from heaven 
and it falls on top of the offering 
and I want to tell you that in the first 
the first fruits were that they left 
Christ raised on the cross but before 
of reaching that cross there is a period of 
time that is marked by a sentence 
among other things then it was coming 
came the fire and the manifestation of that 
fire that descends here is different to 
the manifestation of power in the temple 
if you lower your notes 
the tabernacle of bassinet 
approximately half a year was occupied in 
the construction of the tabernacle when 
this one completed moses examined all the 
builders' work comparing it 
with the model that God had shown him 
in the bush and with the instructions that 
god that God received as the Lord 
he ordered it like this 
with a lot of interest the crowds of 
israel gathered around to see the 
sacred structure and while they were at 
contemplate those scenes with 
reverent satisfaction the column of 
cloud stood over the sanctuary and 
descended and enveloped them 
there was a revelation of majesty 
divine and for some time not Moses 
I could go in there with deep emotion 
the town saw the indication of the work 
from his hands that the work he already 
they had done it was ok there were no noises 
manifestations of rejoicing 
a solemn fear rested on everyone 
more the joy of the heart transshipped in 
tears of rejoicing and murmuring in voice 
brown words of the fiery 
thanks for which in the 
Tabernacle Moses a finalization of the 
temple there was a manifestation of 
rejoicing in God's power but it was not 
the people were that were 
and I'm getting into you I want to do that 
point for a specific reason 
because people who have said that this 
manifestation of God's power 
and the second manifestation of the power of 
God after midnight must have 
the same characteristics and I'm 
saying that the testimony that we are 
reading here is that they are different 
demonstrations the first manifestation 
when the temple is dedicated it is something that 
makes the people of God stay 
humiliated and in humility before him 
even though they see they are 
they do not hit a shout of rejoicing 
I do not know 
do not 
there was no loud and high exaltation of 
but a reverent fear rested 
they all understand my point but I 
I will say that the manifestation of 
power of god after midnight 
people if they are going to launch and they are going to 
speak loudly they will scream and I want to 
that they see that difference that I am going to 
I see him brother can you see the 
difference what we are 
saying I am saying 
and maybe the people who see it a 
little different the way I see it 
is that that here 2018 the love of 
midnight maybe you want to call it the 
High clamoring loud question but I'm going 
to say that does not produce strong probo 
a loud cry 
and I want to tell you something, that's what I 
me my wife , my daughter my son when 
I was there and he opened the truth 
about November 9 
we wanted to stick our heads 
we did not feel any desire to go 
and tell the world nothing what we just 
of hearing and the reason why I do not 
we did 
it's because we realized that what 
she put there was a truth and we 
so we feel too strong for 
make a lie but for us it was not 
a clamor was not made to humiliate us so 
we recognized 
that we had the responsibility of 
proclaim that message and the first thing 
that I recognized 
is that truth and under using a 
shaking in this movement and before 
to exterminate you 
and I was trying to control the 
damages that were being caused 
some of you who were there 
they knew that I was trying to be 
pending of the impacts that the date 
I cause 
I knew that that was going to challenge this 
but I also knew that truth that 
was brought was the one that was going to join the 
so what I'm saying is 
every one of you that I accept 2018 
as the loud cry for the 
priests for any girl that you 
you want to think that is the loud cry 
I'm going to tell you there was not a strong 
literal proclamation there 
what really comes and goes is the 
unity in movement 
when this movement recognizes that 
and recognize that this is the time they 
so that's what the distinction is 
I want you to see the second 
plan and the first 
now let's jump d 
from the tabernacle of bassinet and we go to another 
with divine determination the tribe of bi 
was separated from the sanctuary service in 
the primitive times every man was 
a priest in his own house in the 
days of abraham the priesthood was 
considered right of the birthright 
of the eldest son now instead of the 
firstborn of all israel lady are 
He accepted the tribe of Levi for the work 
of the sanctuary through this honor 
different he manifested his test his 
its approval to the fidelity of it 
both by adhering to their service as 
to execute his trial when israel 
bet everything with the cult of the calf of 
gold priesthood still remain 
restricted to the aaron family to this and 
his children is only allowed 
administer the rest before the Lord 
of the tribe was in charge of the care 
of the tabernacle and its cleansing and 
should ides and their furniture 
should assist the priests in their 
more ministry should not sacrifice or 
burn incense or see sacred things 
before they were covered after 
of the dedication of the tabernacle of the 
priests were consecrated in a 
sacred service 
these ceremonies took seven days 
each one was designated by ceremonies 
specials on the eighth day they got 
start to his ministry and helped by 
the children filis 
Aaron offered the sacrifices that God 
ordered and lifted in the hands and 
blessed the town 
everything had been done according to what 
God will indicate and he accepted the sacrifice 
and revealed his glory remarkably 
fire came from the Lord and consumed the 
offer on the altar and the people looked 
with bread to this wonderful manifestation 
of God's power with horror and 
intense interest 
they saw the sign of God's glory in 
the sky and they raised an acclamation 
general of honor and adoration falling 
on their faces as if they were in 
the same immediate presence of jehovah 
they saw the difference of the first 
manifestation and the second 
here on the eighth day is when the 
priests begin to work 
and there they have to exist or have another 
manifestation of God's power 
that is going to come and go down in the 
and what is it that people are going to do 
I will have a universal cry of 
adoration and admiration can see the 
and now what you ask in this 
this offering here for whom 
it is an offering for the Levites or for 
the priests 
the priests are the offering 
it can not be for this the offering them 
they are an offering 
who typifies them as an offering 
christ the firstfruits and that said christ 
if I were beaten out 
I will bring all men to myself 
this is the eighth day 
is the banner 
is the banner being raised 
with the purpose of attracting all 
so this offering here for who was 
or is 
for the Levites 
of jade that I will let you answer 
are for yourselves because it is not 
for priests 
I do not even know why we should 
ask that question 
but I know 
well let's go back to Leviticus 8 
phoenix suns 
how many sons aaron had 
that I said that chapter 8 leviticus 
chapter 9 the sons of Aaron 
they begin to work as 
ministers and when verse 24 arrives 
there is fire that descends from heaven as 
we just read in the spirit of 
now let's go to chapter 10 verse 1 and 
2 and the sons of arona daviú took 
each his censer set fire to 
they on which they put incense and 
they offered in front of fire jehovah 
I miss that he never sent them 
I have 
and fire came out in front of the jehovah that the 
who died in front of jehovah now 
let's go to the last paragraph here 
between there are prophets but then just 
after sudden and terrible calamities 
We fell on families are priests 
at the time of worship as soon as they ascended 
to God the prayers to honor the people 
God two sons of Aaron took each 
a censer and burn an incense 
fragrant in it to take it 
in front of the Lord with 
of a pleasing color but transgressed their 
order to use strange fire number 34 
to burn the incense 
they took fire with a mere sacred fire 
that God himself kindled and commanded that 
was used to cut the head of 
this sin came to fire of the Lord and 
devoured them at sight of the town so 
there is a manifestation there of the wrath of 
in that manifestation of the wrath of the gods 
against the false priests 
the other two videos of Aaron 
because he had two wise sons and two 
foolish children because the los 
foolish are destroyed 
because they used strange fire 
and because they used it was a strange 
the world ground 
because the west brom 
because they had been drinking wine 
then the wine destroyed the 
feelings of them and how was it that the 
discernment should guide them to them 
he should give them the ability to make a 
distinction to differentiate that is 
the fire as a dislike 
between the truth and the error between wheat and 
weed at some point when we get 
before we get there 
there's going to be a second class of 
what will have accepted a methodology 
and that is going to prevent them from 
can understand the difference between 
truth and error 
and in the story after the 
midnight of those two classes are going to be 
and why or why 
well I will tell you what my answer is 
this part here is the story of Elijah 
they left elias he comes from the 
Tuesday of Mount Carmel 
and there's another one there's another way that you 
you can relate the history of jazz 
the cool sister for example says that 
guillermo thousand was typified by 
and we know that in history 
of the day we were 6,260 days of drought 
while Shabelle dominated 
and so before William Miller 
there were one hundred thousand seven hundred thousand 
two hundred and sixty years d 
domain of the deed of the spiritual in 
this level the story needs me people 
or identify a testing process where 
two prophets are going to be identified and 
the true prophet himself is going to be 
recognized and in that story Elijah is 
recognized as the true prophet in 
contrast with the prophets of evil 
there were two types of those false 
prophets iess stories 
it is not right that the priests and 
the prophets 
and the prophets 
I do not remember the priests 
it is not made of what is false good what 
it happened to the evans prophets 
steel priests should be them 
were killed does not make the prophets 
of val when he was killed 
just after the fire descended 
from heaven 
just as the fire descended on the 
offering and just afterwards the 
priests to do there the prophets of 
they were destroyed so there are two types 
of false prophets how many children of 
Aaron were destroyed 
and what was going on in the history of 
you know there was going on with 
william miller 
they came to the story of the second 
angel in the midnight clamor 
and the prophets the Protestantism 
apostates comes to the scene before the 
history miller and is 
there was church but america 
protestant but the protestant horn 
of the USA is going to be conquered like this 
like the republican horn has to be 
with this conqueror 
when was the protestant horn 
conquered in the history of the USA 
on the first day of the first month in 19 
April 1844 
Protestants the United States 
they stopped being Protestant and they started 
to fulfill its role in history as 
the false prophets of history 
biblical with biblical prophecy in the 
moon on April 19 , 1844 the lord 
began to lift the day 
to william miller 
the movement miller and is and what 
he identified them as the prophets 
true in contrast to the false 
prophet and the revelation came 
when fire came down from heaven above 
the offering the Elijah offering when the 
fire came from heaven in history in 
the history miller and is 
in the midnight clamor so in 
this story 
it's not just about the 
priests is not just about the 
in fact I could even say that the 
two sons of Aaron 
are probably the false priests 
of this movement 
and the false priests of the church 
but well that's not important for 
this story 
what is important for the point that 
I want to do is this here any 
make it what I answer 
there is going to be a demonstration that 
identify the true priests 
like the real ones and why do you have to 
be like that 
because brothers and sisters 
because those priests gave the 
world everything was going to happen just 
here they began to say the world 
right here 
not just telling them what it is that 
it takes to pass 
but also the day the month and the time and 
nobody would choose to believe 
but that was the midnight clamor 
for them 
and in the story of the cry of 
midnight in miller history and it's 
that's when I had manifested the 
true and false prophet then this 
another offering to cris for what is 
is for the Levites 
for the net and neos 
it's for the whole world 
if I were raised to bring all the 
world to men to me 
and I'm not going to deny that that 
exaltation reaches more 
special to the Levites 
but I still have a second testimony 
what can I put here 
and we have the time 
and so let's go here 
in the time of Solomon 
we live 
to the third paragraph 
then where it says temple of Solomon 
the first paragraph tells us that 
Solomon has been building the temple 
for seven years 
is written 
and we can discuss a little more about 
that's because the bible really says it 
in two ways he says he took seven 
years and other times he says that I take 
seven and a half years 
but this first paragraph says that he 
it took seven years to build the year 
build the tabernacle 
the fourth paragraph says that the time 
for the dedication 
it was the feast of tabernacles now 
leave your fingers there in your notes if the 
they have 
but I want to go back and see something here in 
The Feast of Tabernacles Leviticus 
2. 3 
critics 33 critics 23 33 
Solomon will dedicate the temple in the 
Feast of Tabernacles Let's read verses 
33 and 34 of Leviticus 23 and I speak geo we're going 
to go saying speak I follow him and 
tell them at the 15th day of this seventh month 
It will be the solemn feast of 
tabernacles to Jehovah for seven days like this 
that this here is the party of the 
tabernacles for how long you 
keep the party the tabernacles seven 
we go to verse 39 also at 15 days 
of the seventh month when you would have 
stored the fruit of the earth and 
jehovah party for seven days the 
first day will be Saturday of Saturday will be 
also the eighth day actually the 
Tabernacles celebrations is a party of 
seven and then a day that will be eight 
so you keep the party for seven 
days but still the eighth day is a 
Holy day convocation 
and it's the same as the first 
and this is the first day 
and here are the days from 2 to 7 and the 
first it is a holy convocation and the 
last is a holy convocation 
but it is the eighth day 
and from the east it's the eighth day but it's 
of the seven and so we saved 
that he was building the temple in 
This weather 
so if it's what the very constructed the 
temple for seven days also has to 
have the pattern of 7 and 1 
now if we go back to our notes in the 
fourth paragraph 
in the first sentence 
the time chosen for the dedication 
it was more favorable the seventh month when 
the people of all parts of the kingdom 
he was used to meeting in 
jerusalem to celebrate the feast of the 
tabernacles this holiday was pre-eminent 
and an equation of rejoicing the labors 
of the harvest the 
activities of the new year still not 
they started the town was free to 
cares and could leave or be left 
lead by the sacred influences 
jubilant of the moment the next 
paragraph says 
says that at the appointed time the ark 
of the testimony was brought and then the 
next paragraph tells us 
says taking the temple the sacred ark 
which contained the two stone tablets in 
that the leo of God had been written 
the Decalogue precepts Solomon would follow 
the example of his father David every six 
steps offered sacrifices for a song and 
music and with great ceremonies back 
they brought brought from the priests to 
place of the Lord's concert and its place 
and the oracle of the house and the sanctity of 
the entities 
when penetrating the interior of the sanctuary 
they took the places that were 
appointed and the Levitical singers 
white linen linen dresses with 
symbols and with harps remained of 
foot for the east of the adapt and with 
they up to 120 priests who played 
it's worth spending time here 
and the scripture passages that in the 
that is being referred here the 
next sentence of the next paragraph 
says that when all these singers 
they were united in one person 
they are bringing the ark of the covenant 
towards the sanctuary here I say they are 
they find right here 
they are just before midnight and because 
you would be able to argue that 
that's how many priests there were there 
Andrei juvenile 
so on a certain level 
we can take the 120 from 9/11 to 
the midnight 
a time 
where we said that the finger of God 
where is the finger of God in our 
brother lines daniel you know that 
I know that Danía knows 
says that tyler knows 
so well we are talking here 
where the ark extends is being done 
brought and is marking the unit and what 
is what unites the priests where 
they can all sing the same 
in the message the message of the strong 
says it came clearly this year 
but it started to be open since the year 
2016 depending on where was where is 
that you want to place it ok next 
and it happened that when they 
uniformly they played the trumpets and 
they sang to make their voice heard 
blessing and praising the Lord 
raising their voices with trumpets 
and symbols and other instruments of 
music blessing the Lord because it was 
good because its benignity lasted for 
always the house was filled with a cloud to 
know the man's house and they could not 
the priests stay on their feet to 
minister because of the cloud because the 
glory of the Lord filled the house of God 
now in this story here in this year 
the glory of god and in the temple and that 
is what Salome is going to do now 
The room does not recognize the significance of 
this and what does he do 
he starts now 
this is the famous prayer of Solomon 
and what happens at the end of your sentence 
they begin their offering and then 
it comes down from heaven as it is 
happened in the Moses history as 
it happened in the story of Elijah but 
I want you to know that the prayer is 
emphasized there after midnight 
Up to the middle 
and in the history of the seventh seal 
an expert 
let's go to the next paragraph 
He Selo world now running down 
fire from heaven and consumed the holocaust 
and the sacrifices the priests do not 
they could enter the temple because the 
glory of the Lord filled in the house of 
Sir and all the children of Israel watching 
descend the fire and the glory of the Lord 
over to the house in bending 11 with the 
face on the ground on the pavement and 
they worshiped and praised the Lord because he is 
good because its kindness lasts for 
if they want you if they want to read that 
directly the bible 
in first of networks' chapter 8 
from 1 to 66 
and what I say is 
we have two testimonies 
fluency and monica 2 
there are two manifestations of the power of 
god maybe three if you want to add 
the judgment that is made 
at the moment it is 
that we are experiencing 
today on this day in this room the 
first manifestation of god's power 
and around the whole world 
people who are in this movement 
are trying to reach an agreement 
are trying to understand the 
implications the implications of that 
the Lord has opened us now 
a message of a defined time 
even though as a movement I never 
we had the desire or the will of 
accept or preach a message with 
time then immediately the lord 
is providing 
biblical reasons so it's 
happening then for those who 
They want to know why we were called to 
proclaim on November 9 you go 
to have to do that with the faith of 
competition that leads 
but secondarily 
u and they we have the 
and let the holy spirit guide us 
towards unity in this message 
and I am saying that what is 
illustrated here in this story 
this message is amazing and I'm not 
saying that she is amazing as something 
super cool I say it's amazing 
as the scariest thing is that some 
once you've heard 
but it's so strong and it's so perfect and 
adapted to the prophetic model that 
we have developed 
that you can not stop seeing that in the 
God's signature is in all things 
that have occurred in this message and I 
I want to say that is happening today 
To who 
less than a year ago to find us 
with raffia 
and those of us who are here 
we now have to be certain of 
that the ark of the Lord which contains 
the law of god which they bring the 
presence of the Lord of the corners 
and that that letter is coming to our 
temple individually that the 
humanity and the divinity is being 
combining in us because if that does not 
it's like that then you can not 
present an offering correctly 
Christ had to have a body 
prepared to be the offering 
and he is our example in all 
we have to have the 
combination of divinity with the 
humanity before raffia and cloth before 
raffia and midnight that's happening 
now you need to be 
humble in front of this message 
in the last call that you have 
to take this message because you 
they are about to be an offering and this 
is they are about to start their service 
as priests 
my next argument and I'm going to 
continue tomorrow 
is that this period here of the 
midnight and the midnight cry not 
it's a point in time it's a period 
of time 
and I 'm going to argue that the cross 
It is in the middle of that story though 
that Brother Parminder has placed 
in him 
and the public that there is a cross in 
midnight and that there is a cross in 2014 
and that the way that has been 
explained that there is a cross also in 
in 911 
so if what we know through that the 
crosses at a specific point of time 
I do not have any problem with that myself 
I have no problem that they allow them 
like to eat bananas and I like to eat 
he is teaching a different subject I 
I'm saying that the matter that we are 
studying today here 
is that we have a symbolic cross here 
in the middle 
on the day number 8 
and that story is divided in two 
by the seven and a half symbol but what 
we'll see it tomorrow 
we pray