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but sir we praise you is the saint 
Saturday thank you for the opportunity to 
continue studying your word and what 
form the foundations in our faith 
direct us at that time also so that 
let's talk according to your will 
direct the hearts of the students 
of your word the name of Jesus we live 
also that norman holy spirit for 
to teach us the whole truth 
very well then we have next 
in this series 
I want to present the subject in this hour 
of the 1050 diagram as you see 
here back there are two diagrams we have already 
talked about that diagram that was 
proposed produced in 1842 we already knew 
the history of the diagram diagram 
prophetic we have seen the issues that 
it covers 
but here to my other side we have another 
diagram that at first glance 
possibly you think 
same but it's not the same not exactly 
same is 
almost the same and almost covers the same 
but you are going to see some 
differences for example here you 
they have the sanctuary theme because they do not 
is there in this here you have 
the three months of the angelic what 
is not in this here you of one 
different configuration of apocalypse 9 
apocalypse 11 and neither are the 
large numbers that here in this look 
let's talk about it and we're going to 
explain why this is what the 
differences or maybe things that do not 
they are so different 
this is the diagram I start with a 
Interesting history 
maybe you are from bruno we have never 
listened to an object of those diagrams to 
speak because never a lesson of 
sabbatella school came into this 
thematic because we do not see information from 
l because in the theology seminar 
where I know of theology is said because 
he does not tell me anything about him 
diagrams were a little hidden in 
our history or in case of this one was 
the story goes so pretty much 
in the late 1990s or early 1990s 
of 2000 
the year 2000 
just as I remember the brothers that I 
told the story a sister who 
I worked for a ministry and not anymore 
he does not live anymore 
ministry that worked with 
discovery or proclaiming the message 
of the messages message the pioneers 
of our church he entered the vault 
from a university in the United States 
to investigate to look towards books 
that out there have not published does not know or 
some versions of serious books that 
have not yet been published and so on 
doing research 
in the research within that 
novelty that normally are not so 
large the vaults because only 
collect and message high-value books 
or original editions and so on 
she on the shelves suddenly sees something 
strange because something had fallen something that 
had fallen behind down and it was a 
diagram but the diagram thus rolled 
a long tube 
that can not happen that's impossible 
pass should not in any way happen 
a library a book that is not in 
his place out there is never found 
more or just by accident 
and especially a vault should not pass 
that can not disappear an article 
because for research you need 
be in her place then with her 
curiosity crouches and what and pulls it out 
and from there one has to go out and have to 
present at the exit of the vault 
ordered for him to take note that you 
now you got that article and what is 
read in the reading room of which 
I could not take it home or anything from 
I could only read it 
for that nowadays it is no longer used that I 
I think almost very little there is a little card that 
the book accompanies the material in which 
one has to sign and date 
etcetera when he took it out when he asked for it 
that that happened with that diagram had 
the file that accompanied but in that 
they could obviously see the 
people who had previously 
borrowed they had studied that diagram 
and the funny thing was that in that diagram the 
person who had previously 
the famous 
I have which front book 
in the 1980s I do not know exactly 
when but are not those 80 
for the last time that diagram now that's 
that's very interesting and let's go back to 
because there are certain 
you can imagine why that man 
that this man may have had a 
interest not disappear that diagram 
we can try it but it does not appear outside 
of the impossible that not only not that 
he just did it as much as possible 
in that vault did it disappear what 
he fell back 
we do not want to accuse him but I'm 
saying that because of the story and so 
that he defended in the discussions of the 
scientist theology in the 80s 
etc. that has a role 
in the position 
what made him enemy of being and aggravates 
well let's go back to that and if not what 
I remember telling that story or things 
well that time that please me 
now is the story as network is 
rediscovered makes diagram how it came back to 
our history that's why we 
we have why we have rediscovered 
that's why it's now there is a copy of the 
Spanish is no translation for that is 
our story but now we go to the 
history of his 
1850 production us in asturias 
we have gone through a process is not true 
all this had begun in 1780 98 
the fall of papacy the rise of the 
usa the emergence of a land 
glorious where God could work with 
a people emergence of a character from 
guillermo miller who opened the way 
and then the history of 1840 plus 
specials of 1844 history 23 missions 
angelics in which they were 
misplaced those truths as 
foundation of our faith that diagram 
here in 42 
enter history what is here in 
this diagram was established in that 
previous story then we could 
back until the year 1816 18 years in the 
which Greek seers or study in 
discover those truths 
then this is what the diagram is 
represents those are the truths 
that is the time in which these were 
established then established here 
we are already past that the 
miners used that diagram in that 
history I tell you of disappointment 
I the disappointment that they did not understand arrived 
immediately after 
everything that happened here in that story 
then he took a different god 
he raised a village that was the guardian of 
those truths that was the one that had 
struggled to discover to understand and 
now he had it in his hand but this 
town was a small town 
the remnant and over the spiritual the 
new israel ok that had its truths 
in life it says that God's people are 
true can god have two things 
they have the commandments that he has 
prophecy spirit 
here the spirit of prophecy already worked 
on the podium from menso between 
account 4 and nabai has public visions 
there is a struggle to accept her as a prophet 
of god for inspired but the people 
achieve this and there is is asked prophecy 
within the town but the commandments 
well that's those Christians here the 
world champions and they were still in 
some things descended from the faith 
protestant and although they kept the 
commandments humanly did not keep the 
water the manometer on Saturday has to 
spend some time until they could 
discover which is not why 
in 1846 then here I had to pass 
something still after closing that 
we are after that time I had to 
spend something after that process 
what is a process and over the 
for 46 years of separation from a town 
the Protestants we established a new 
town but it's the new new town 
I still had to learn some things 
and in this process of learning those 
new things have to buy the 
Saturday to meet all 
commandments to fulfill what the 
bible had predicted 
and once it goes through that and they're added 
what we call the 
Here we can say that in this process 
place the basics 
because just here comes the message of 
health is not true after 54 
you understand the blue of the sanctuary and 
other things more in this process the 
construction the pillars god continues 
forming by establishing his people as his 
town that has everything that is needed 
so that for God to enter 
in the covenant with them 
the pact that I always establish with 
his town is a solemn moment 
specific and is taken by a process 
of purification and understanding the basis 
of the covenant is the law 
the law had to be saved there is no law 
there is no agreement 
about that that law God can establish 
the pact 2 once this is done, it arrives 
when his people in which he 
can enter the covenant and we 
we recognize 
in 1850 as the date of it because 
because he establishes his method with a 
those two diagrams are interesting are 
it seems almost the same but they are things 
those two diagrams have a parallel 
a diagram 
is the diagram of 43 we put 42 the other 
of 50 those diagrams represent 
they contain the foundation of the covenant the 
foundation of our faith 
now in the ancient israel god too 
established his pact on two tables 
because remember that the q2 talks about 
those of this diagram and as a table 
now the table that the bible more 
presents us was the table or the tables 
of the ten commandments 
now the table of the ten commandments 
they have in that already four commandments 
in the second he has six 
and you see the relationship 
of the pact of agreement with the number 46 
number in account 6 that appear juan 220 
also where the Pharisees respond to 
Christ that the temple was built in 
46 years this is the time time in the 
which was the spiritual temple built 
in 46 years here is a relationship here 
with those diagrams about those god 
he places his people on him and can 
build on can now work the 
village is now trained is 
established then at 50 that happens 
we have a second diagram and that 
correct that one error that was in this 
that maybe the only great the only great 
difference is the diagram speaks of a 
date of the end of prophetic time 6,053 
in that table that error is corrected that 
date and here now it says 44 and here below 
as well 
then the error is now corrected 
now we have a 100% correct diagram 
although the error was part of the story 
of how you saw us the last hour 
the presentation on the 40 on libya 
tell me and 3 and let's go to the story 
let's go again find some texts 
historical ones that talk about the diagram by 
God has not left us without information 
very specific this is less than happy 
marquitos released as 15 pages 207 
says well written on August 15 , 1850 
of 60 by björk to brother and sister 
storage in tops in maine I send this 
so that the laws to the church doctor 
another option 
brother roots arrived here on tuesday 
past that is only a week ago 
from today 
we are glad to see it 
he just pulled out a new diagram 
is bigger than any diagram that 
I have seen is very clear we like it a lot 
your diagram 
the gentleman showed me that a few weeks ago 
that as Jaime would begin to publish what 
that the leaders had written in 44 
about the truth satan would try to 
hinder but you have to fight for 
victory and move forward has been such 
which he knows that this work will do 
damage to your cause and save some jewels 
this is the reason why it does 
havoc but he is rejecting good 
that one of that story here in the air 
refers to that diagram 
and I have placed another paragraph of that 
text where it says that it's not going anymore was already 
re publishing texts of 44 then 
reaching that date 1950 they 
they realized that they had to 
they had to wake up again the 
truths that had been here 
teaching and that everyone understood 
here we are about 40 years later 
that they do not say 40 in about six years 
then nothing that 
they had already gone through a process of 
and fill in the truths and they seemed 
necessary to awaken the people and of 
print and reload what they had 
understood before what he had taken 
before a few years before the churches 
another text in volume 16 of the same series 
of media that you also use page 
207 says our next conference 
it was on Facebook 
the beige brother and his wife were 
present was a good meeting to 
our German return or nicholls the 
sir gave me a vision and showed me that 
the truth must be declared in tables and 
that would cause many to decide on the 
truth bright the messages and the three 
angels with the first two declared 
in tables 1 here as we've already seen with 
that diagram 53 elena white if it's 
also reference to this the text of 
avacu that declares the vision and writes the 
or sculpts the on boards good he to that 
diagram also refers to this 
text neither with brother nor kers had 
to be produced say because you again 
It was a good meeting at our entrance 
the german and kers the lord gave me a 
you have to underline that the man gave me a 
vision and I am happy that the truth should be 
declared in 1850 tables elena white is 
say a vision where again you 
that they have to make a diagram that is 
interesting extremely important because 
God wanted to seal his process now 
to agree with his people and there was an error 
had to be erased it has to be 
clearly stated what was the 
and it would cause many to decide on the 
truth through the messages of the three 
angels they lived in history and 
the three angels but they did not use 
convinced of the clips texts 
14 they did not understand they are also in 
the process what was contention that 
to fulfill those words here they already had 
here they looked back and we 
we went through that story have gone through 
apocalypse 14 
next text unless you use 
I take 15 pages 210 is not written was the 
first November in 1850 
on Monday we were back where they live 
our dear brother nicholls and 
family there in the night god gave me a 
very interesting view 
most of which can be seen in the 
God showed me the need to take out or 
publish a chart 
I saw that it was necessary that the truth 
declared in tables would have a great 
effect and cause that they also reach the 
Knowledge of the truth is not gone 
again they do that again they produce 
that diagram and I think I have to 
correct me what I said because in the 
first first text she of 15 of 
August and see them in that diagram of the 
hand robots 
it's another diagram that they had produced 
had produced and the many diagrams 
at that time 
He was bigger than everyone else and he says 
we like it but if I see it well in that 
moment that's not that diagram here 
because that 's what is called nicolescu 
public and it was called high levels 
ok then while there are other diagrams 
and they seem good to you and can be used now 
she in November 50 receives visions and 
receives the vision in which I know of 
every one they have to make another diagram 
what does that mean if God commands 
vision they have to make a diagram 
that means that mean 
for us if you 
now consciously think about it 
and understand that that diagram was product 
of a vision what would be the impact for 
his life what do I send you to 
do here 
my brothers that's not just a 
old paper with drawings and numbers that do not 
we seem so complicated that no 
it's just a historical document that 
is the result of a vision as well 
that has been the result of a vision 
in the same book for 213 jaime 
white added goal says wait 
send you some papers promptly 
the diagram is running in boston 
God is in him 
brother in my house is in charge of him 
God is in the understood this 
we sometimes have letters that 
the husband and wife together wrote 
for that simple 
wajdi is elena white too 
involved then they together 
they write and we have what 
accept at that time that both were 
in agreement 
with this diagram if they are in God 
they are in that the brothers are the 
because we already know that God was in 
this diagram and now and they do that 
diagram and that is almost the same god 
it is in him 
and that's from the same book page 301 
good chrysostom 13 page 3 159 I saw that 
God was in the publication of the 
diagram of lehman or nicholls lighter 
I saw that there was a prophecy of that 
diagram in the bible and if this letter has 
been designed for god rolls if it is 
enough for one then it 's 
enough for another and if someone 
you need a new letter painted on a 
larger scale all need the 
they need 
so why do they say that because 
many had started doing as a type 
business with diagrams no more 
interesting best colored drawings 
etcetera more spectacular bigger 
and there the building was not necessary 
God sent that diagram to be sometime and 
now 50 he sent that diagram 
so that another one occurs without any 
I would need that bigger one more 
nice then they would be but what 
we need is this here this is god 
it is in him 
I saw that the diagrams ordered by God 
favorably impressed minds 
still without an explanation 
there is something light loving and heavenly in 
the representation of the angels in the 
letters the mind is almost 
imperceptibly guided towards God and 
towards the sky that's very interesting 
it takes that time they go down they print themselves 
look at your diagrams 
many times I have seen people stop in 
my house for example of the diagrams 
people who are not do not have sometimes 
idea of ​​movement to the front or of 
in prophecies they look at it and they have interest 
they look at it and it is enriched they are children and that 
is that means that has some effect 
they do not scare ok though these figures such 
they are a bit frightening or strange 
is that they are afraid of the accusation that many 
sometimes I heard that prophecy intimidates that 
we should know so much about it 
because the people could give themselves marset was 
for me with this work is not true 
has another effect 
a very positive effect that we say 
so we've said so far that 
we get those texts here in 1850 comes in 
in the story a diagram 
in the diagram it was ordered by god 
it was what he wanted it was necessary that 
do them that was something to accelerate the 
process of agreeing with his people was 
correct that old diagram but in 
reality almost repeats all the truths 
that were in the we can open 
back to markets 
for backup 2 
and maybe 
and understand better what we had read 
in the last presentation 
I recycle 2 the answer of jehovah 
and he responded and said he writes the vision and 
declare the in tables so that the 
I read in it 
in the water says here 
that had a positive effect on the were 
necessary what that is for me of 
run you see it and you 
you take measurements you do something when 
you understand but here in the order the 
sir has 
talk about tables that's plural though 
we had said here it was fulfilled 
in that prophecy and that's true 
the diagram was made and 300 was made 
truth was declared in tables in many 
but we could also start that 
way and that's also right that 
now we have a diagram of 40 on 43 and 
we have another diagram of 50 are tables 
they are diagrams 
remember the text 
of spalding and mccann 
that we have read in the last 
presentation we have lived two texts a 
text of first writings and another that 
it was almost the same 
spalding and bigger 
online white talks something about the 
diagram let me find quickly 
almost the same texts 
page 1 for photo 3 
he told him the following I saw that the truth 
must be presented clearly in tables 
that the earth and its fullness are of 
sir and that the resources needed to 
this should not be stopped and that the 
old letter was directed by the Lord and 
that no number of it should be 
s altered except by inspiration 
that is 
you can be a diagram that is not a 
in this text here of spaly and magan the 
innova says that that diagram can not be 
change that kind of inspiration 
and there's nothing to change because it was 
directed by the hand of God saved 
teach now here 
and that was made and that diagram is composed 
for inspiration that's why 
I saw god showed her signs that 
they had to do another good because what 
they had to do it because of that mistake 
then as I said you can make a 
diagram is not a problem that's not 
against the will attention to produce 
diagrams that clarify issues but the 
prophecy for example but 
here we have something that was inspired and 
here we have another one that was inspired that 
it's something different the two are highlighted 
takes them out of the 
from the company of any other 
diagram we already have here two witnesses of 
the truth of the fundamental truths 
as we have 
declared defended in the last 
presentations ok 
returning then here in 1850 what more 
we have to say a little bit again 
I want to summarize what that contains 
very similar as the other one is built 
in columns danielle 2 here no longer 
we have the ecological line but 
we have damage 2 
also the 7 of 8 a little more 
prominently separated in those two 
lines and then we have here 
the whole column 
on the right is 
is covered with the theme of the woes 
on the theme of apocalypse 9 until 
we have 
here we have at first there are the 
Arabs we have the second phase the 
supremacy of the Ottomans that after 
ended in 40 years 
and also here it says that the second step 
1844 some have a problem with it 
but here it is also declared 
this topic is here no site here is 
the third there is also no explanation 
identification of it as 
in this 
and then we have some sectors 
the sanctuary sector because they 
they had entered 22 
the experience of the most holy place in the 
expiration of the sanctuary 
the 23rd 
they perceived the vision 
meaning of the sanctuary this came to 
be the key point to understand by 
what the man came and why he did not come to the 
land but wine to the most holy place 
this is really that doctrine of 
sanctuary is now included in that 
great because they understood it a truth 
now here are the messages 
extended toward the end to the 
Second coming of Christ in the future 
this is what we are saying within 
that story here is shown very well 
they include this part and they have 
a sector where he says explanation of 
time this explanation of time here 
has been distributed 
in different parts where it is explained 
time now this here is summed up more or 
in one sector and maybe for many it is 
interesting the question what happened to the 
property of 2,520 
here is no longer if this one is here 
I've heard big and famous men 
in the centrist movement that cried out 
that here is diagram already taught us 
the 2,520 that's why they're not true but 
here they are here they are clearly 2002 
mind is written here you can 
and the other other times in 208 22 thousand 
302 thousand two hundred sixty 
other prophecies more here are in this 
sector placed 
that is, we have the same truth is one and 
the other 
we have basic the same information the 
one and the other 
here it was simply by inspiration 
corrected that error of the no 
understanding of the full year and the 
completion of the 2,300 and 2,500 and 20 
years now what else do we have to say 
remember that that here then includes 
the basics in our faith that's why 
we are placing them here back are 
what I did to you in movement 
learning is interesting made use of 
that word witness the bible always 
demand witnesses for the truth and from 
the book of Moses God asks for 
truths that decide about life and death 
bring me two or three witnesses now here 
we have a witness of the truths here 
we have a second witness of the 
God is perfect in everything he does 
I wanted to talk about this man 
here and we have taken the name 
and he was the last person there 
borrowed in that diagram and then left 
disappeared for about 20 more years or 
because I said that 
there is the possibility of thinking that he 
he was involved or that he did 
disappear because why 
one of the issues that emerged on 
absenteeism in the century 
20 at the beginning was the theme of the continuum 
that is in the book of daniel continues 
the theme of the continuum that some believe 
that his continuous sacrifice but it is not 
the millions taught that I continue 
symbolizes paganism continued 
continuous destruction of paganism 
through those kingdoms here says the 
continuous sacrifice is removed 508 
well here it says that it indicates a 
date for that diagram is a little more 
specific about that says 
the pagan domain 
the continuous removed or removed 
they gave him another 71,500 so he says 
that diagram says that the continuum 
a noun here in danger 
the pagan domain 
I was not friends with this idea 
and I wanted to erase that 
he had another position he has the 
modern posture he likewise all india 
and in doing away with that diagram 
well I do not know if he did but it was like what 
Once things happen that suit you 
one is not true to see I do not know how it was 
but he was the last person to 
had borrowed then disappears from the 
text is a witness that disappeared 
a very clear witness that the continuous 
means in understanding dismissal 
prophecy of the pioneers to paganism 
that's what I'm saying here we have the 
fundamental truths in our faith 
dear brothers for that in your 
diagrams are important for today for 
we today give us the 
to understand prophecies about which 
we can build there are more things that are 
they need to understand but you have to 
establish that information those lights 
truths about something 
These are the foundations on which 
we have to place any 
light understanding interpretation for 
our generation 
and simply continue one of them 
after we have 
rediscovered republished in their 
Of course the enemies do not stay long 
time ago after finding out then 
study the subjects of the also enter 
with your theories and there are some 
accusations according to the inah white his 
leader by normal of Mr. no 
should be altered or is there also 
there was an error not several but one can 
see that there are errors here 
I do not want to say that maybe you 
I would say but here for example there is an error 
here it says 1,335 Daniel 12 verse 11 
but now neither 12 verse 11 
they open the twelve hundred and ninety years and 
not from the 1,335 here the means and 
normally says we have 12 12 
and the lohan as he says 
and fun what was exchanged or 
simply that he wrote that he wrote it 
false here should have put 12 here 
in eleven maybe he did it because 11 
comes after before 12 but then 
the numbers should have been 
repeated and may have been repeated 
easily all that is a mistake but it is 
an error as we would say is not when one 
of printing of 
already when one describes in the field a 
type no 
English is not because he understands well 
not because he did black because he saw another 
wrong key no that's not an error 
let's say theological they did not believe in 
no place you can find 
some theory that they who understand the 
12-12 actually 
are the miners and the 90s no no it's not 
that is not an error 
but then that will come more perfect 
Yes or no 
so what do we do with a statement 
of lena white and there are brothers with whom 
they say no that's not why it was altered 
someone does not have to have changed 
what do we do with that then here in this 
diagram we have something special 
God uses 
apollo god to be produced diagram the 
use the human element 
in that diagram is let's say a witness of 
a mixture of two things of the divine with 
the human is not perfect and from my point 
of sight there are more errors in the diagram 
mistakes like the anatomy of the lion does not 
It is true 
here it seems everything has been the leg 
here also the proportions are not 
a horse does not run like that, never dance 
He raised a leg like that and not with both 
that was not known at that time because 
they had taken pictures as soon as they could take 
photos on horse running at speed 
and they had not understood that the horse 
run like that those are mistakes but dear 
brothers those mistakes are not the same 
how this error account 344 is another level 
it is simply the human element that 
is present here and combined with the 
then those mistakes can not not 
they should be no any way a 
awkwardness for us are 
simply an element witness 
that's encouraging to us that 
divine perfection 100% those not 
you know the human element there is that there 
access now and this one does not want 
do not be aware that no no 
it is taken into account 
however that does not destroy the validity 
the importance of meaning the 
perfection of that diagram 
that I wanted to say in that respect but 
they will not find you here a 
date now and that date should not be 
That date 
they are not going to find that kind of 
is or are 
I believe that 
those are the pieces or piece that according to li 
na wai 
there are always 
if one wants one finds and one if one 
wants one to fall god never 
remove all the stumbling blocks gives you 
the possibility if you want to not accept 
that then there you will find something 
for gratteri all that is not true anymore 
that's part of what has to be 
aware of this you have to 
decide on this because we have 
here now the clear expression of 
anahuac that god is in that diagram 
that was ordered by him 
divinity and humanity a very subject 
that is the story with which they 
happens god joins the deity with the 
humanity he makes the human being perfect 
at this stage but there is a mixture and a 
elena white with an endorsement of Christ when 
he cleaned the temple and told him that 
English is flex as a step ray says 
for the humanity of Christ a ray 
Divine step for the humanity of Christ 
he was illuminated right 
remember rules the Pharisees do not 
they could hold that human there because 
Divinity was agreed with humanity 
it's something that has to happen in that 
history and the diagrams are witnesses of 
The I 
that maybe it 's all that at that moment 
we want to say about that diagram is missing 
like that history of the diagrams 
keep going 
very important date for him and santi 
seventh day here the 
organization here is established the 
church to 36th day formally 
to be made by a movement had been a 
movement is now a church that is 
recognized by the state 
at this moment the 
the 222 draw a new diagram 
you can see it now 
is the new diagram is totally 
different as we achieve that 
new diagram 
to that we say something is missing is not true 
yes it is true look that you are thinking that 
missing that diagram that has different 
look at it well 
well almost do not have text is not true 
these two diagrams here behind me 
They have enough text proof texts 
text that proves what 
the numbers and so on the symbols now 
in that diagram of 63 there is no text anymore 
Sometimes there is a number 
where it says here 
romapapal and then the text little by little 
10 and 3 there says a mom dad without text 
it seems like a 
it looks like one of those cards where 
you as a student have to fill in 
what's missing ok but that's that there 
first the first view through is not 
so serious because it has all the 
elements of that useful 1,150 diagram 
he is going to find 
fast basically everything are still the 
Alas, there are only years 
says ay 
2 and 3 but it does not say what they are and that now 
it brings us a bit the problematic starts 
to explain the problem 
it is important that here in that diagram 
says that is this 
there it does not say what is this, it only says there 
a horse nothing more and says the second 
There but says that represents 
now what is that that for me is something 
is beginning to cut the truth 
now those that are also missing diagrams 
some numbers that are in the 
statements one and one of the great 
prophetic lines that are missing here that 
we are also going to present still in 
another presentation very quickly is 
the prophecy of these 1500 and 20 that here 
is it so 
and they were even more prominent 
and that is also missing that no longer if in that 
diagram is no longer 
what does that mean the church 
now take as a position 
in that position of 63 there's a lot that 
say we have a series called the 
desolation of jerusalem that we explain 
a little and a little more in depth 
that happened 1863 the church wants a 
the church wants to be recognized now 
like the other churches recognized by 
the formalized state established 
legally there is no longer a movement 
no more a prophet want a president 
wants a structure etc. and so on 
I'm not talking with all the 
organization for nothing but here 
something very interesting happens 
in the study of the 2500 and 20 we are going to 
demonstrate the following 
we will explain it and here we are not going to 
explain only we will receive it 
that the prophecy of the 2500 and 20 
begins the year 777 says so to 15 177 
in 1977 two thousand five hundred and twenty years 
that is the application of that prophecy of 
the curses on the people of God- 
for his estrangement from God 
and ends 1988 
but that was the application is the 
prophecy about israel 
there is a second application of it 
prophecy and the same 
judas trial 
Judah was taken into captivity 
in the same way as 
where I return here on dates 
as israel some years later 
as it is before Christ does not always have 
OK thanks 
then rd was taken to 723 before 
46 years later 777 Judah was taken to 
captivity and its time of 
punishment let's say 
that's a presentation itself but what 
that I want to demonstrate here 
this prophecy has an origin or has 
an explanation in 16 767 says that in the 
year 700 there is a prophecy of 1 742 where 
says in how many years they said 
65 years those two maracas attic 
if we 
we understand how prophecy works 
what is here is here so far what 
that here is here upside down is here 
then this that is here 
has its condition with that date and would 
the same here puts 65 years 
you arrive at a date 
and here we already have 1663 
now 1803 there is much to say I do not want 
say a lot at this time but 
will end with you in that text of 16 
to 7 
there is something that happened 
Isaiah 7 
and 67 
we simply jump 
to verse 10 and 11 Paul also carries 
home king 
saying ask to design from jehovah your 
God demanding it either from below on what 
deep or top up and 
replied to cas I will not ask 
I will try to jehovah said then there that 
and it's now david's house is little to be 
annoying men but also 
whatever it is, it's my god at this moment god 
prevents that 
the people of god in the king choose in 
the king rejects the shows the lack of 
faith that he has in divine protection 
for his people now what here is 
marks the beginning of the end of this 
power because here now it is established that 
within 19 years 
and it's going to fall because because they 
reject divine protection reject 
the signal reject or show that 
they have faith 
in a spiritual way it was repeated in 
that story 
1100 98 85 years later says nine years 
after 44 also the town does 
something that Israel had done then they 
they choose a king and they reject them 
directed by teachers them in the 
water is already very expensive after it is counted 
four days fast and the starts to 
explain that the town starts to 
reject the truths begin to 
reject the testimony they no longer believe that 
things are inspired starts to 
enter the trash she says she has to 
be taken out and very difficult 
and we have a story here 
which is really serious where big 
men begin to doubt the of the 
prophecy spirit 
and good simply what I want 
demonstrate that here a relationship with what 
what happens with a story where 
I start telling big mistakes to 
the Seventh-day Adventist church that's 
mark with that 9 diagram 
and gramma 63 where are they starting to 
set aside to extract fundamental truths 
where they start to cut them from the diagram 
ending with a text 
who is the author here and there is also a 
little controversy because jaime white 
who is not president but is the one let's say 
of the spiritual leader of the movement in 
January 64 
is with an article where 
and rejects the 2,520 
then the brothers say good now 
jaime bayly wrote husband of elena 
white elena white knew about that elena 
white then I did not agree either 
with that truth and he could have 
slowed down to that a little bit the reason if not that 
they have the enemies of that prophecy but 
notice the following 
first it is not clear if jaén white it 
he described 
he is simply the editor of the 
magazine and under its mandate let's say it comes out 
that text but not necessarily clear 
that he was the editor of that text if 
there would not be a problem in the 
understanding of the matter but I want them 
prove will be the time in that 
this text here that are the 
the minutes I think they're called the 
general conference of 63 
typically from the session of the 
general conference May 20 of 1063 
and appeared a short phrase says 
the emotion was given 
I asked for something that boat from the 
Guiana hand and was voted in favor of the 
conference recommends publication to 
the association of advertising puzzles 
and publications publish a new 
prophetic diagram 
here he tells us that jano bites was who 
originated that is a subject that one can 
start now to study more and 
deepen but here says 
water narchi proposed that if he is only 
originating from that idea we do not know 
with this we are going to be 15 brothers there 
more than studying and I invite you to follow 
that line of is not making 
video presentations 
in a quick way we want to present those 
issues but I think we can stay now 
with that valuable information that is not your 
village has 210 gr more that are a 
repetition of the two tables on the 
which god placed his covenant with ancient 
israel and on which he placed his 
Covenant with spiritual Israel 
that gave for here we are at the end of 
the history of that land 
please let us understand where 
place our feet in the name of 
Jesus we praise you and we thank you for that 
it's true if that information is