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once again although we have already doubled them 
the knees sometimes this morning 
I invite you to prostrate 
it seems to them trial especially for that 
We want to invoke your presence 
we have had some days already of 
today we want to continue your 
and we ask that you help us 
once again sir we are doing a 
I work here 
maybe a little faster in part is a 
little shallow 
but guide the brothers so that they 
they check the things that we are 
It tells us this morning that we should 
talk and how should we understand 
the words of your writing the name 
of Jesus 
yesterday we have come to verse 40 
and we have seen that verse 40 of 
danielle 11 
the first step 
what does the door do and need 
illuminated the king of the north 
who is the papacy to get again 
the control of this world 
and in that in that consequence account of 
events that present us 
danielle 11 
the first step was successfully fulfilled 
we many of you here have been 
witnesses of the events of the fall of 
I have several appointments here I only want 
draw a few as the means in 
that time they have reacted 
what they had said 
for example 
those are all the magazines of the usa 
is news world report said Gorbachev 
Russian President at that time 
bow to the Roman legions 
the truth the comparison that the world 
understood Gorbachev bows to the 
Roman legions 
making a comparison with the 
times of the past r the south is inclined to 
the legions to the troops of Rome 
another text only 23 examples the career 
towards freedom in eastern europe is 
a sweet victory for Juan Pablo 
from the magazine 'life December 1989 the 
race to freedom good like this is 
exactly as Catholics have 
sold to the world we have also released 
these people but in reality they have 
to those people 
from the same magazine in meetings 
private with state leaders 
secret consultations with dissident groups 
and persistent propaganda in favor of 
his crusade of tyranny , Juan Pablo 
second has helped create the biggest 
change of policy since the revolution 
the world if you have understood that Juan 
Pablo the second was the main figure 
to make communism fall 
it would be interesting to study how 
exactly what he has done 
we do not have time for this but you 
they know that the us have not had 
diplomatic relations with the Vatican 
until the 80s 
1984 for the first time after I do not know 
the usa with president ronald reagan 
establish diplomatic contacts with the 
and they send their presence of diplomacy the 
that is the beginning of that work to fall 
makes fall 
as ronaldo pronounce it the president 
of the two friends 
Ronald Reagan the Protestant President 
but he had a false conception of 
the prophecies because he said that the 
Antichrist of the Bible 
it is russia 
and I wanted the antichrist of the bible 
it was russia 
and for this with his country with his power 
military his intelligence and his money have 
supported in the fight against the antichrist 
but Protestantism 
they misunderstood the prophecies and evil 
understand the prophecies today too 
that false conception of prophecy has 
led to that wrong move instead 
to fight against the antichrist that has 
the acid alliance with the antichrist 
84 1984 the united states begin 
establish diplomatic relations 
and this is the same as we have already lived 
in verse 30 31 
remember that romapagana does have 
intelligence with 
those who separated the pagan saint 
and now once again the troops the 
forces the united states make of 
intelligence with they make pact with the 
and since then 
the cie and the secret service of the 
he continuously sent his reports of 
Vatican so that he is aware of 
the activities and they together have done 
a very incredible work the priests 
pretty much had free rein to country 
a secret agent the us could not but 
more enter but those of the church if 
they could enter 
and then the priests they were wearing 
this dollars but millions of dollars to 
poland to support that little 
resistance movement 
that a movement was formed in Warsaw 
it was a little bit of revolution 
and Juan Pablo second with fasting of the USA 
they supported supporting with a lot of money with 
technology with ideas with tactics to that 
revolution that was the beginning of the fall 
of communism is history and it would be 
enter history as everything fell 
this is him 
and there are two books that you could 
consult are books 
of the world and profane but they are books of 
documentation that would help to understand 
the story a book for those who want 
investigate is called 
the keys 
someone you know the book the keys to 
this blood 
this book was written by malaquías 
malaquías ivory was a Jesuit 
and he explained as Juan Pablo second 
managed to get rid of Russia 
documentation of the events that 
done with whom he has spoken when he has 
traveled to exactly where the steps 
of the papacy to achieve the fall of 
this book was translated into Spanish 
but it seems that with the book I follow the 
market disappeared from the market 
you can try to find it is very 
difficult me ​​after many years of 
search when I was in the city 
from Mexico 
I talked about that book that I knew 
I was talking and one of the brothers 
Young went to a bookstore on the day 
next he brings me the book says here 
brother gave him that book is the last 
I remembered the vices of the 
free day 
he told me when this book came to 
market in mexico was published 
immediately disappeared 
you do not know how and why or by all 
they bought them quickly or because 
someone bought it and what did not 
i'm out 
The lost 
well I have that book and in our 
ministry you have seen that 
we have taken out a book part of 
our ministry is to try to provide 
Material in Spanish is not easy because 
I 'm not born in the site, I did not grow up 
with the language as they realize 
I'm not easy I was born in Germany 
I speak German I write German 
but we have help and if someone wants 
help welcome we try to translate 
produce material that book can be 
photocopy for example but someone 
he has to do the work 
well that's a book in another book I think 
what is achieved is called this 
It's a biography of Juan Pablo Second 
you have to remember the name 
and the authors 
the authors are political framework 
and a gentleman who is called 
political framework maybe you know him 
He is a very famous man in the Vatican 
he is one 
what are the people who do the 
wrote a biography of Juan Pablo 
second he wrote a biography of 
the next dad he 
an autobiography of the current pope he is 
an almost employed employee has admitted in 
the Vatican is an expert in 
issues of the Vatican journalist and 
bernstein is a very American journalist 
he was involved in the scandal of 
watergate for sure remember less one 
of the journalists who did it 
public at that time seventies si 
I do not remember badly 
and those two authors of writing another 
and I do not remember the name of the book something 
as well as 
he also affirmed Pablo second 
well these books are the ones that provide 
documented material if someone has 
You doubt how true the dad managed 
tear down communism 
we have not entered we will find say that 
It would be nice to show some images 
for technology we have too much 
technology seems 
It does not work we can not do missing 
some cables 
another eighth time increase will be possible 
do what 
What I want to say is that Juan paid 
the second 
had to deliver russia to navy 
when was the attack of Juan Pablo 
second who remembers that 
when he almost died 
2. 3 
4 something out there remember that it 's almost what 
a very strange conspiracy 
and they kill him almost but because they do not die 
because the bullet hits him in a medallion that 
he has here judged and that medallion 
has the image of the Mary of Fatima 
and realized that Maria de Fatima him 
saved the life but the Mary of Fatima 
he had supposedly given some secrets 
that he had to fulfill but he 
I had hidden I had read the letter and 
he hid it he did not want to have anything to do 
he understood when they almost killed him if he did not 
fulfills Maria's desire to deliver 
russia to her the catholic church 
for the Canary Islands 
and the personal attack on him was the 
first clue because the third secret 
you see a dad who is hurt 
and he understood that it was that dad 
then the first thing in the in the 
hospital himself he reads the letter again 
and immediately I left the hospital him 
makes a mass where he builds russia 
to the virgin 
of Fatima 
and then come those events that we have 
very well 
it's a tragedy that our church does not 
I knew that this was going to happen 
Our church was in a position to 
know that this was going to happen 
because we have a brother between 
us who wrote in the year 1957 
an Adventist pastor in australia his 
name luís wire luis 
I was 
this pastor pretty well known in 
Argentina that time did a lot of 
different movement he wrote a lot 
about prophecy 
about how we should that would be prophecy 
and 957 notice what he had written 
Roman Catholics are given the light 
green to participate in war against 
the forces of communism 
57 he understood that Catholics are going to 
be war against communism 
dad appealed to the European powers to 
join to face your enemy in 
we are discovered before the situation 
present world and the development what 
meaning has for Adventists 
of the seventh day great setback of prestige 
the reader knows the prophecy that 
describes this fall of communism 
you understand the tremendous importance 
of the recent Russian reverses 
for a number of years the writer has 
declared that the power of communism 
would vanish or fall before the power 
growing of the papacy 
as stated in the last prophecy of 
daniel oil of the king of the north 
the world events are lining up 
now with the interpretation previously 
we had in the 1950s a 
a brother of us who understood 
that danielle 11 talked about the fall of 
communism by the hands of the papacy you do not 
to write 
imagine if the church had 
accepted that interpretation because it was to 
submission to the leader to trust 
as the conference is called and they point 
the general conference are brutally 
that brother 
I did not want to know anything about him they sent him 
back to australia with they cut their 
I support the brothers basically what 
they sent him basically spiritually 
or of terms like that of your reputation 
louis williams 
if you search the internet they will find 
many things about louis vierne he 
I was involved many things 
the wine usa submit its position is 
good but that's the situation 
imagine imagine if our church 
in the 50s I would have understood 
prophecy and would have declared to the world 
that within a few years communism is going 
to fall by the hands of the papacy who 
I would have loved 
no one 
later when that is really the 
dear brothers we can only imagine 
what would have been with our church the 
impact on the world 
is history 
and we are in 2016 and still 
many do not understand or know the 
then now we move on to the next 
color persie here in the studio 
we open our bibles 
in the eleven 
circle 41 
says so in verse 41 of danielle 
will enter the glorious land and many 
provinces will fall more these will escape from 
his hand and gift and boa and most of the 
children of love over here there are many things 
interesting what that means will come in 
in the glorious land 
first thing you will do 
after conquering communism the 
south radio was going to enter the land 
who were born those who are 
we have to go back a bit 
in our our understanding 
and in logic to understand what is the 
glorious land 
you have to understand very well that the 
glorious land is a specific thing 
who is confronted with this this 
they mix it because you can read in 
the verse 45 
the following we are going to analyze it still 
cycle 45 but you see what 
next here and will plant the legs of 
his palace between the seas seas and the 
glorious and holy mount 
the glorious mountain is not the same as the 
glorious land 
that glorious mountain