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that dear gentlemen or heavenly father 
thanks for that day thanks for 
give us here the circumstances 
necessary to study your word in 
This time we also invite you to 
blessing in your study and directing classes 
in your thoughts and my words sir 
so that the guides through those 
truth is that we need to understand by 
a man of jesus christ amen 
three hands yesterday we have come up 
our notes that we have in the 
page 32 
and I want to comment on a start again 
with the texts under the title of 
we have said that we want to understand 
when does he start? 
that investigative judgment of the dead and 
if there are signs or if there is information 
to know when it happens to the living 
and when it ends for the living too 
those are the vitals that we want 
study and for that we are preparing 
here the land through information that 
it is necessary 
to be able to reach those conclusions 
that we are wanting to see then we have 
we have repeated again the parables the 
word of the three virgins 
sometimes we can simply l the last 
the last text referring to the 
parables the word of the ten 
virgins that we have explained in the 
first hour of the words of life the 
grandmaster page 194 says page 32 
in the middle where it says in addition 
besides these parables teach that no 
there will be more grace time after the 
once the work concludes the gospel 
immediately follows the separation of 
the good and the bad and the fate of 
each class of people is fixed for 
this is a teaching that comes out of that 
parabola and other parables and the Nahuatl 
now in the following texts he is going to 
explain that 
with several examples where we had the 
title of the doctrine of the door 
I will read this this message will readers 
page 32 the break in the closed door 
of messages chosen as a page 71 
it is intended that these expressions 
they demonstrate the doctrine of the door 
closed and that is the reason for its 
omission in later editions but in 
reality they only teach what has been 
sustained by us as a people and 
it still is as I will prove by a 
time after the disappointment of 1834 
I held together with the set of 
Adventists that the door of grace 
it was then closed forever for 
in one 
to visualize this 
the artists 
they understood that for them there 
come the time of the end and 1798 
and that they went through the three 
angelic messages 
first angelic message 
on August 11, 1840 
second angelic message 
the love of midnight 
August 17, 1844 
and the arrival of the third message 
on October 22 , 1844 
and this last date 
for them it was obviously and it is correct 
a closed door 
the closed door for those who were 
participating in that movement 
but what she says here and that's that 
It is the emphasis that is doing them 
they understood that it was the closed door 
forever for the world and there I was 
the error 
because they thought that here Christ 
comes and if Christ here comes then 
that door is the final door 
but christ did not come dominates the earth 
he came to the heavenly sanctuary to the place 
most holy no more 
then then they have to understand that 
the door did not close forever 
the world but sincere and for a group 
for the protestants that the lord in 
this time I had wanted to wake up and 
ready to form their people 
that's the logic and the text continues 
take that position before I get 
give my first vision 
it was the light that God gave me that 
corrected our mistake and is not able and 
trained to see the true situation 
I still believe in the theory of the door 
that that term brothers the door 
closed is a term that we did not like 
today if I am saying that we do not 
I like I'm talking about our church 
that sounds sounds ugly that's not 
vocabulary of the Protestants already 
closed door that's that's a god 
severe jesus is a god who do not have 
compassion that closes the doors not 
we do not want to imagine this but she 
holds clearly I still believe in the 
closed door theory 
I also believe in this and you have 
listened to my brothers here all 
They are preaching at the closed door 
But what does it mean 
but not in the sense in which it was used 
the term at the beginning or in which it is 
employed by my opponents there was a 
closed door in the days of noah 
then the spirit of 
god of the sinful race that perished 
in the waters of the flood God himself gave 
to noah the message of the closed door 
will not contend my spirit with man 
forever because he is certainly 
meat more will be his days 120 years 
you already studied that this morning 
with brother daniel 
there is a closed door in time 
of 9 
there was a closed door in the days of 
the mercy stopped interceding by 
the inhabitants of sodoma and all with 
exception of the batch his wife and two daughters 
they were consumed by the fire that 
descended from heaven 
there was a closed door in the days of 
the son of god declared the Jews 
unbelievers of that generation in your 
we have left you home 
looking at the current towards the stream 
of the time in the last days the same 
infinite power proclaimed by juan 
this says the saint the true one who 
has the key david that opens and 
none closes and closes and none open 
I was shown in vision and I still believe it 
that there was a closed door in 1844 
all who saw the light of the 
messages the first and second angels and 
they rejected that light were left in 
and this is also that parable that we have 
read another day yesterday we have lived 
separate it is not true 
the first subscribed page 55 that's the 
group that was left in darkness that did not 
he realized that Christ moved to the place 
most holy and they did not go with him to 
They closed the door 
and those who accepted it and will receive the 
holy spirit that accompanied the 
proclamation of the heavenly message and that 
after they gave up their faith and declared 
that his experience had been a hoax 
from this wall of chaz aaron the spirit 
of God and this did not intercede more for 
them then here in that story 
that you are already understanding is not 
true in those days we've already heard 
several times here in a process in 
three steps in that process is the 
eternal gospel let's read some of 
this still 
and in this process there is evidence in 
actually you can say that first 
message is also a test 
you have to accept the first message 
because if they do not accept it or go to 
listen to the second and as you do not listen 
the second you do not participate also the 
third then you are out of that 
process in which god loves you 
but your test message is evidence 
you have to accept the truths for 
to be admitted and to participate in the light 
that is increasing in that way and here 
the doors are closed and the groups 
they come out and that what she describes to him that 
movement that was great that here came 
a climax that low and low 
until they are only 
about 50 people 
last paragraph those who did not see the light 
they were not guilty of rejecting it 
unique to which the spirit of God 
could not reach were those who had 
despised the heavenly light 
in that class they were included as 
I have said so much those who refused to accept 
the message as it was presented to them as 
those who having received it after 
they gave up their faith 
then we have two groups 
for which the door is scratched 
those who rejected the message 
and the second group 
to resign 
or a few days from the beginning what 
They saw what they heard They said no no no 
it is false others accepted but later 
they rejected it 
they repeated having participated in that 
but the others who had not 
and there we are with the question of the 
yesterday's sister I do not know what it is with the 
others us the other churches or 
other groups that is with the steps to 
other countries that did not know clearly 
they no no they are not in that group no 
they are in that trial because they did not even know it 
and they did not have the possibility to take 
the decision 
and we finish that paragraph 
these could have a form of piety 
and profess to be followers of Christ but 
not having a living communication 
with God they were taken captive by the 
Satan's deceptions present these 
two classes in vision those that 
they declared that the light was a deception 
they had followed and the wicked 
of the world that having rejected the light 
they had been delayed by god 
no reference is made to those who do not 
had seen the light and therefore not 
they were guilty of tourists their rejection 
now here a topic I also want to add 
that's because elena white talks about that 
door closed 
I want us to read the following 
paragraph also of the conflict the centuries 
the closed door for the Jews 
and we're still going to see a presentation 
of the sister 
Anna will compare the history of the 
is another parallel in the history of the 
if the bible talks about the Jews 
talk about the artists too 
another thing that you frequently in 
the church are going to see that that is rejected 
this was what before we are not 
but that's not how I study prophecy 
handle the stories 
all those prophecies in reference to 
all the actions that the people of 
Israel are a pre-figuration of the 
village activities and decisions of 
People of God today not for nothing 
We also understand that we are 
modern israel and then what were you 
they were ancient israel 
and for that reason that text here although 
refers to the Jews they refer 
us page 33 
are those who by faith follow Jesus in his 
great work of atonement who receive 
the blessings of his mediation by 
them while those who reject 
the light that shows that 
ministry does not benefit the Jews 
who rejected the light considered in the 
time of the first advent of Christ 
and they refused to believe in him as a savior 
of the world could not be forgiven by 
intermediate him 
when in the ascension Jesus entered by 
his own blood in the sanctuary 
heavenly to pour on their 
disciples come the blessings of 
his mediation the Jews were left 
in complete darkness 
and they continued with their sacrifices and 
useless offerings had ceased the 
ministry of symbols and shadows the 
door by which the men had 
found before access access near 
God was not more open 
we have seen something similar similar here in 
this is not true those who have not seen 
that Christ entered the place in the place 
most holy they finally worshiped 
satan his prayers were addressed to 
Atten the same thing here in time 
of the Jews who did not give 
account that Christ was 
he left the earthly sanctuary and he was the 
I enter celestial sensors them in 100 
the same to last a thing 
meaningless the office does not offer as 
tells him they did not have that they were empty already 
they had no function 
kill a lamb was simply kill 
a lamb and was not a guy for the 
death of christ because he said he died 
then they are already out of the 
history the story advanced and they did not 
they realized 
and the door is no longer open to 
Jews had refused to seek him out of the 
only way they could be 
found then by the priesthood 
in the sanctuary of heaven they did not find 
therefore communion with god the 
door was closed for them not 
they knew Christ as true 
sacrifice and sole mediator before God of 
there that they could not receive the 
benefits of your mediation the same here 
the Protestants 
they stop knowing Christ they stop 
know Christ do not know what 
Christ already does for them then they 
they come out of their mediation 
and the same thing you will meet with the artists 
that in this parallel moment it would be the 
Sunday law 
they do not know what Christ does then 
they come out of the mediation of 
Christ is outside that same principle 
in all those stories 
they did not know christ to bring last 
phrase as true sacrifice and unique 
mediator before God hence not 
could receive the benefits of their 
mediation the condition of the Jews 
unbelievers illustrates the state of the 
indifferent and unbelieving among the 
Christian processes there are 
and he says then that's the story of 
the Jews is the story of the 
who voluntarily ignore the work 
of our merciful high priest 
in the typical service when the sumo 
priest entered the most holy place 
all the children of israel must 
meet meet near the sanctuary and 
humiliate your in addition to the most solemn way 
before God to receive forgiveness 
their sins and not be separated from the 
congregation the more essential it is that 
in our time before typical of the 
atonement we understand the work of 
our high priest and let's know what 
duties concern us and this is the 
a problem for us and a problem 
for scientists 
they do not understand and do not accept or do not want 
see what Christ is doing and where 
he is 
then speaking to Christ 
as someone who has already completed the work in 
the earth while still not 
completed the work that is like talking to 
the fake person so to speak they 
do not do not refer to him in his function 
correct and current 
and that lack of wisdom 
it's not a thing that 
Leave them without guilt 
he has responsibility and the possibility 
to understand it like the Jews have 
the possibility and they rejected it to 
the condition of the Jews in believing the 
illustrate the state of the indifferent 
unbelievers among the Christian processes 
in the typical service 
we have already read that following for the 
men can not reject with impunity 
the warnings that God sends them in his 
a message was sent from heaven to 
world in time of nine and salvation 
of men depended on the manner in which 
that they accept that message you can not 
say no but god is a god 
merciful he goes he will not do 
that you can not do that 
you can do that but you're in 
rebellion against the truth of the bible 
if you take that position he says no no 
I can imagine that God is going to be 
door into the law of unifying for 
our town well that does not match what 
that says as I understand goodbye that 
you can not do that what here says 
men can not reject with impunity 
the warnings that God sends their in their 
mercy there is a message that they 
and you can not deny or you can not 
ignore that message that they 
if Christ is that work here and notice to the 
Christians to the Protestants that the 
work 'he enters instead of the most holy you 
you can not say no that this already died in 
the cross there is no judgment there is no door 
closed and those are the sins that the 
God's people are committing today 
ok let's go to the next page 
we are still a bit in the field of 
defend is 
with diction that there is a judgment 
and we are already entering to show that 
had we show that at a trial of 
the living of the dead and the living 
we are already preparing the ground for 
understand the judgment of the living you 
they're going to see this the beginning of the 
testing process here some 
texts and you have read those 
texts of those days 
with other brothers but let's open 
apocalypse 10 
apocalypse 10 verse 8 to 10 
the voice that unite heaven spoke again 
with me and said go and take the little book that 
is open in the hand of the angel that 
is standing on the sea and on the 
and I went to the angel telling him to give me 
the little book 
and he told me and I take it and eat it amargar 
the belly but in your mouth it will be sweet 
like honey 
then I took the little book from the hand of 
angel and I ate it and it was sweet in my mouth 
like as honey but when it was 
eaten bitter my belly 
we read the comment elena white 
about this from that story this 
biblical commentary took seven page 92 
971 the understanding of the truth the 
Happy reception of the message is 
represented by eating the booklet 
the truth in reference to the time of 
advent of our Lord was a 
precious message for our souls 
they had a reference message 
in your dates here those those years 
indicate times in which they had to 
certain things in this message we 
we also have a message but not in 
reference to time 
the understanding of the truth the reception 
happy message is represented by 
eat the little book 
now but eating the little book 
in turn it means judgment how it works 
this the water that descended 
that is angel of apocalypse 10 that 
came down with the little book open 
descended here 
August 11, 1840 
that was when the little book that 
specifically , it's Daniel's book 
it was opened because it was opened 
because the prophecies that the miners 
they had been understanding and teaching 
since 1816 
18 here read me he began to study 
and started preaching the messages in 
3. 4 
There he received that 
30m was just policemen here 
get the credentials to talk about 
this pulpit 
as danielle well remembers in the year 
1831 he spoke for the first time that with a 
group outside your home or outside your 
study room he talked to them and the 
he presented his truths 
33 34 went to that church platform 
33 the local church will have four other 
churches of that congregation then 
here the message came out but that 
it was a message like we said 
a message but that message was a 
theoretical message that message said that 
Christ comes here first said that 
come here 
43 is not true around was not very 
and it said that in that christ generation 
but that message lacked 
of tests or checks had 
proofs of biblical texts but did not have 
you did not see this in reality yet 
but in this year 1840 for the first time 
a prophecy declared by 
the mineristas to the letter 
and before those who have presented I speak of 
in those days I did not attend all the 
presentations and so or not 
if we are not going to have to summarize it 
they already heard a brother and I ask 
already mentioned the prophecy of the 300 91 
years and 15 days 
they heard that 
then we are going to do here a 
parentheses and we will explain this 
because that prophecy is important in the 
billiard story and it's important for 
understand that here came the first 
angelic message or who received 
force the first angelic message open 
your bibles in apocalypse 9 
in apocalypse 9 
something that was started in 
and says the fifth angel sounded the trumpet 
how many angels there are that play the trumpet 
7 and here we have the fifth 
we are leaving out the first 
4 only'm going to explain 
mention what they were 
the trumpet number 1 
the trumpet number 2 
complete number 3 
the fourth 
the sixth trumpet and the last one in 
now on that list of trumpets 
this here is chapter 8 
and this here is chapter 9 
until eleven 
the first trumpet those three four 
trumpets were the barbarian peoples 
that the barbarian tribes that barber of 
the barbarians who came to tear down 
rome specifically western rome 
they ended with western roma 
that looks all right in the video you what 
see still 
if I write down here 
to put up then 
those are the judgments that end with 
western rome 
that's a part of that romapagana here 
rome guy in rome 'western and 
towards the end of its history 
and that division the first division the 
first part is conquered by those 
four trumpets 
so the 4 ends here 
Thank you 
what was the first trumpet of that 
to write it down here 
there he remembers 
they were was 
to the disco 
of the two oceans 
the second is a scientist of the vandals 
we are not going to study that now you need 
more time to study those details 
that here the some not true 
has the leader of the Huns 
and the fourth were 
it was a time 
although those are three are four tribes 
some are here also the vandals 
they are here the others are here the usa 
they're here 
who have a job to do that 
the function in the trumpets what 
have to do is end with Rome 
exterminate roma the power of roma 
is how you know the corridas 
that they make Spain is that idea so 
sad and terrible to kill a bull 
after a painful process of doing 
suffer that animal but in all this 
long process of making that person suffer 
animal to the bull at the end come well the 
bullfighter to give him back is not 
true and sometimes it has to give 
back several times 
and that's what happens here the bull and 
I was quite tired I was already 
bloody but those four now what 
they finish they turn their backs on 
heart and here ends the roma story 
with odoacro 
pulls out of tron ​​the last emperor of the 
history of roma roma occidental 
the last one and he gets on his throne here 
end the vandals will be the first 
that conquer or enter the city 
of Rome there was no that before nobody ever 
had conquered had entered the 
city ​​of Rome they now manage to enter 
and they take prisoner the wife of 
emperor and his villas 
things like that happen now that's the end 
of roma good but that's not that is 
something that the Protestants had 
understood and taught for a long time 
the Protestants 
Well now here again verse 
pylon nine the fifth angel touched the 
trumpet and I saw a star that fell from the 
heaven to earth now the pioneers 
they noted that in that diagram that now 
it is important for us 
the fifth trumpet is here and here it says 
that the fifth trumpet says magnetism 
that's what the fifth trumpet is 
we said yesterday also the fifth trumpet 
then in our words today 
it would be Islam not true Arabic Islam 
and the star that fell 
it was mahoma 
you know what the symbol of the 
of Islam or the Islamic countries 
It's a half moon and 
a star 
also the moon represents the 
because in its origin it was the god of 
and that star represents a mahoma 
in the life of the star from which it fell 
those are the two symbols that you 
can see in several flags not certain 
from Turkey I think that you start lowering 
several Muslim countries 
it's that symbology here 
well that's the one we're still not 
coming to this prophecy this but 
we are now preparing the term for 
understand it 
and let's read a little bit that all the 
symbolic inscription 
and he was given the key to the pit of the abyss 
come out here the powers of the abyss a 
diabolical power those forces that 
the religion of Islam teaches that the 
bible has been corrupted it is no longer 
the old testament has been corrupted not 
it's right they are religions that 
they had a divine prophet had I the 
son of god not sons of god had 
jesus who was a prophet who was not a son 
of god but those and those 
religions according to them then they 
they believe that Islam is a pure religion 
the last religion of the pure land what 
same that other religions teach like 
For example, 
what are those who want that angel called 
about his church in Cochabamba have their 
its great chapel 
the witnesses of jehovah 
Mormons believe the same thing is not true 
that the bible has been messed up by the 
time and then I gave it through is 
angel moroni or new a pure bible 
and that of similar ideas and him too 
an angel comes to him who speaks to him 
dictate the new book as well as the angel 
moroni came moron and wine and dictated to 
alemanno smith also this good book 
that is a false religion are the 
powers here from the abyss that arise 
verse 3 and the sumo came out 
locusts on the earth and they were given 
power as scorpions have power 
of the earth and they were commanded that they do not give and 
they make the grass of the earth and it is not 
all that is very interesting are studies 
very interesting but the pioneers 
they understood that today the atlantis 
he does not understand that anymore because we have 
discarded throughout our 
history we no longer believe in the idea of ​​Santista 
do not know what that means there is not a 
official position of the meaning of 
seven trumpets there are no different 
proposed ideas but this here no longer 
we believe 
then verse 5 and it was given to them that 
not kill them but tormented 
in five months 
that is a five time prophecy 
months are how many years 
five months are 150 years 
it's true because a month has how many 
5 times 30 
are 150 days and prophetic days are years 
then here is power 
the arab arab islam had to 
torment the Roman powers but 
now no longer western roma but his 
Focus now becomes Rome 
and papal 
that 's all it 's history 
then he says that 150 years were going to do 
that and they were going to do it under certain 
conditions and the bible gives us the 
conditions and we can jump to 
verse 10 they had tails as of 
scorpions and also stings and in their 
queues have the power to harm the 
men for 5 months here repeats 
that prophecy 
and they have the angel as king over them 
from the abyss whose name in Hebrew was 
I was don and in Greek up or lion that 
means the destroyer 
Now that's interesting because the 
Muslims did not have a king 
has no network 
they had a religious leader mahoma 
but mahoma moore dies here at the beginning 
of the history of the Muslims he 
only a few years accompanied that 
movement he did not see how he grew up 
the borders as after was going to be 
so he did not have a king 
time they have no king for hundreds of years 
they have no king the movement of the 
Muslims start here 606 
This is how the pioneers understand it 
that's for the moments when mahoma 
has the vision of is angel that some 
they say was Gabrielle 
but it was not the angel gabriel was the 
angel an angel 
satan probably external 
disguised as an angel of light that 
He spoke things to his ear 
here starts 606 but here we have that 
date then in the year 1200 99 by the 
first time Muslims choose a king 
and that king 
299 was called Ottoman 
Ottomans and tsunamis 
now how does that work then if the 
bible tells us they torment 
to the earth for 150 years when this and 
this and this and this has to be 
then we have to look 
when this and study your things you 
therefore meet the requirements to give 
start to that prophecy 
and last requirement that we find is 
which he has a king and has king from 
what the Protestants and the 
pioneers also understand it is that 
those 150 years here begin 
and 150 years ten thousand nine hundred thousand 299 
It takes you to one thousand 449 
but the bible gives us 
it tells us that they make war and they 
they have a king and that first war 
Ottoman king started on July 27 
therefore the 150 years end 1400 
account 9 on July 27 
is one is a very broad study but what 
I'm summarizing here I'm getting 
in minutes what we can not talk about 
that easily a week 
so in this story here that's the 
prophecy the prophetic application but 
we are still in what the 
Protestants understood themselves dear 
the milanistas take this because they were 
Protestants and they understand that now 
in the next trumpet there is something new 
something that had to be solved 
in verse 15 we started a little 
before verse 13 the sixth trumpet 
the sixth angel sounded the trumpet and I saw a 
voice from between the four horns of the 
golden afternoon that was in front of god 
saying the sixth angel that had the 
trumpet unleashes the four angels that 
They are tied together by the big river 
that word here angels means 
messengers and they are not angels of god those 
four angels here who are unleashed 
they are the four main provinces 
of the Ottoman Empire no no no no no no 
are the angels of god here 
next to the Euphrates River 
the province of Baghdad the province of 
allepo the province of script already and the 
province another mobility 
damask four provinces 
4 main sultanates in the empire 
they are untied and says I'm sure 15 
Now you're paying attention and that's 
is the important point and they were 
unleashed the four angels who were 
prepared for the hour 
day month and year in order to kill the 
third part of the eyes 
now here he has said that they are going to 
make a storm to the earth at 105 months 
but now he says that 
the sixth trumpet 
to get that out here 
we are here in the 
trumpet sex 
this trumpet is a trumpet where the 
Muslims are going to torment they were going to kill 
to men the third part the 
men by 
how long 
one year 
one month 
one day 
and one hour 
now and here he enters among the pioneers 
here they enter because that is here that is 
that's like um 
as we say a 
is an enigma what does that mean 
for this time will be his work is a 
enigma and the Protestants did not understand 
but the mineristas if they understood 
because in having the mineristas because 
the mileuristas had a key in their 
and this key is called 
the beginning 
or at the beginning 
the day 
by year 
this this key 
that was 
in the middle with them they could now open 
prophecies that had not previously been 
and with that key now they start to 
open the closed doors of the 
prophecy or we can also say the 
stamps that closed the book open 
and he who did that work in 
reference to apocalypse 9 was the famous 
pioneer hiram that was not not 
it was from Josiah 
he used that miner's key that 
key that William Miller applied and the 
use here in this chapter 
we are well brothers we are following 
that there are excess questions towards that point 
now they take that key day by year 
the principle and apply it and we're going to 
to do is the same here 
One year is how many days 
360 because why not 365 
the biblical year works differently as 
our year we have already heard in the 
first the first presentations 
remember they had a calendar 
lunisolar we have a calendar 
solar there are differences of days and the 
biblical calendar has every month has 
30 days we can try that from the bible 
the year has 360 days then one year 
is equivalent to 360 prophetic days but that 
they are 360 ​​years literal 
a month has already said that 30 days 
what is equivalent to 30 literal years one day 
have how many days 
one day has a day 
one hour how many days have 
not even a day is a part of a 
day how much of a day is a 
the 24 part of a day is an hour 
then you have to take 360/24 and 
that age 15 days 
those are years years 
if you make the sum you get to that number 300 
years 390 years three years 91 years and 15 
a quite special prophecy a number 
strange different like all the others 
numbers but very very precise very 
specific and that's what 
that's what caused this event here 
the miners now took this 
prophecy and they said this prophecy 
starts here on July 27 at 459 
we have not explained what happened here but 
that would be a lot now but here all 
those are events 
three hundred ninety one years and when 
did that 
kucinich made that calculation in the year 1838 
now the prophecy ends if you do the 
Exact calculation 
on August 11 
ie two years before he said that 
prophecy is going to fulfill that prophecy 
apocalypse 9 
verse 15 and if you study that 
military understands what this means 
means that on this day that empire 
Ottoman was going to fall 
because that is Arab Islam and I am 
here is Islam 
I do not know if we have an idea of 
Ottoman Empire the Ottoman Empire 
generations bigger empires by 
many centuries 
started in rage spread towards the 
northern turkey istanbul 
from there it expanded to Europe hungary 
bulgaria romania those areas where today 
it was Yugoslavia those conquered areas 
all by the Muslims and by the north 
of Africa is spread over all 
North what is today Algeria Morocco 
in the various countries I do not accept libya 
Egyptian everything was Ottoman Empire and enters 
for the west again makes the jump 
by the Gibraltar to Europe and again 
conquered and enters and conquers portugal 
for many centuries Spain was Muslim 
and that was interesting is easy to 
prove that is a story until today in 
day the Spaniards celebrates energy when 
they were liberated from the Muslims 
ok and that's interesting because if you in 
the geography you see that here 
portugal-españa to whom you do not áfrica and 
turkey and another part or clothes that's like 
a half moon or the expansion that your 
empire era was a was a half moon 
that is the symbol of them the moon the 
half light 
ok then but what happened dear 
brothers elena white talks about that in a 
little the centuries and he says it was fulfilled 
the prophecy where Leeds beans are 
on that same day on August 11 thousand 740 
the Ottoman empire falls they submit 
to the European powers at four o'clock 
european powers cross ya russia austria 
and england and empire streets in that 
great tremendous empire that dominated the 
world for many centuries 
and a prophecy was fulfilled 
and the minerists how well predicted what 
well preached two years before two years 
and it was a funny thing it was like that 
people have no idea of history as 
cowboys empires and is walking badly 
they are giving hands well well strong but 
fall out 
fall will not fall 
this prophecy was a matter of mockery of 
the part for the enemies of the 
Adventists but when it happened and not 
only chords me but it happened the 
very day that had been announced 
because the days said a few weeks 
before announcing it on the 10th on the 11th and 
August is going to be and it was like that on that day 
on that same day the ambassador meets 
the ambassadors of the Europeans with the 
representative of the Ottoman government in 
that day on a ship in the sea 
mediterranean where they sign the papers 
that's history on the same day it 
render sherin of that empire 
ok then this prophecy was fulfilled 
here because that prophecy was fulfilled and 
now we are now going back to what 
we are saying the beginning how is this 
prophecy was fulfilled what the 
miners were teaching now it was 
visible was approved was checked 
those brothers are right those brothers 
they understand the bible those brothers 
they understand the prophecy they have the 
key to decipher the prophecies 
because what they had done was fulfilled 
predicted and this was on August 11 the 
mission of 40 for this we say that in that 
moment the book was opened 
because what was prophecy closed and 
sealed now it was open for all 
they could take that key and open the 
prophecies and say and understand that the 
2300 such were going to end here the 2002 
and 90 must finish there the 2.160 
and all that was now open 
there the little book was open and that 
he illuminated the earth with his glory 
and to do at that time we're going to go back to 
read apocalypse 10 
dear brothers I want to say one thing 
here is not coincidence 
consolidates the location of that 
because as we said here 
this is chapter 8 
this is 
let's start here go that's chapter 
let's do it in 10 more in detail 
the fifth and the sixth trumpet or 
here until here is chapter 9 
and now the bible places chapter 10 
that does not talk about Muslims 
but what speech swiped 10 
speaks of the angel that descends with the 
booklet open and the little book that you have to 
eat that is you are that is the story 
of the mileuristas 
and then comes chapter 11 
in chapter 11 
well on the seventh trumpet 
that begins in history and the 
mileuristas in 44 
and finish 
in our future 
then the location of this cycle 
Nor is it coincidence is 
chronologically perfect 
because after the 
sixth trumpet chapter 9 comes the 
history and the miners the bible what 
place there 
they do not realize the life of one two three 
four trumpets later in video 9 
continue with trumpet 5 6 but not 
speaks of the seventh trumpet is a 
pause places chapter 10 history the 
What does it have to do? 
see with the history of the trumpets is 
true that story is here and after 
continue after the story minerista 
it comes that he swiped 11 the experience the 
seventh trumpet 
because two weeks then here 
we finish if there are questions I also 
I love you all 
remember take note and then in the hour 
of questions and answers we are going to 
let's see how we can respond well 
we can 
I am dear sir thank you very much for 
this hour and that day that continues to be 
very nice 
there is sun there is heat there is a wind and 
we have peace and tranquility 
sir we are in this process of 
understand that story of us from 
our village from the beginnings of the 
foundations that you have placed the 
basics of our faith 
it's a lot of information by the way but 
we are in a process of 
to recover what we have not been 
what happened over centuries 
we now have the task of 
understand what has patience sir with 
us and help us in the name of 
Jesus Christ