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our father this afternoon will 
we combine to be with us in 
that study 
please bless us with your saint 
spirit so that we can understand the 
they refer to our time 
Sir, please also with your 
holy angels here present so that 
protect us against any 
distraction be with my brother talat you 
I also ask sir to speak with 
according to your will and be with me 
also but so you can make a 
good translation that we ask 
humbly name jesus amen 
are generally this page will scroll 
we have delivered them 
It has two sides of force 
the first side is 
gwyneth is an illustration that we have 
talked yesterday 
and if you read 
I 'm very careful 
and you are going to notice that up here 
the distance of time is marked 
between the two 
in under under these boxes 
here we have the calendar of time 
Gregorian our calendar in the 
band is 6 
on top of the Gregorian calendar we have 
the seasons spring summer wind be 
winter spring summer autumn winter 
and a line above I said jay 
carner we have Jewish calendar in this 
version and you are going to fix that of the 
first day of the first month 
it is this first day of the first month has 
30 days of this first month yes and then 
I continue with 29 30 29 30 
and here you are going to trust that there is 
four months first second third and 
four months here 
that lead us to the clamor of the 
on the first day of the fifth month 
and two months and ten days later go to 
defend disarm you see the 10th 
day of the seventh month 
we are is another illustration of that 
we talked about yesterday it's almost the same 
but here on the other side of the sheet with 
when you read here you see 
calendar the calendar 
twitter here on this side you see here 
the distance between dates 
that is for example between the first day 
from the first month until the first day of 
fifth month is 118 days says here 
if you prefer, you can tell it here 
also and it will be counted day by day in 
help god the base of the bases and if 
you notice there are 3 
the first day of the first month the first 
day of the fifth month and the 10th day of the set 
seventh month in decisions 
and that's to show on what day 
the day of the Jewish calendar falls on 
our calendar 
what we have looked at yesterday 
the first day of the first month 
he fell on April 19, 1844 
we have not arrived yet but we are already 
almost reaching the next milestone that is the 
first day of the fifth month and today it's 
chile that is on August 15 
in both cases by steve the sector of 
and then we're going to talk about the 10th day of 
seventh month which is to absorb October 
with message today chi 
the tithe 17 a month that is 22 of 
October 1844 
another thing that we have commented 
is that 2,300 years earlier 
we are the same 
of 6 Uruguay more we have the strong and 
you know we have the same three milestones in 
the year 457 city 
We have the first day of the first month of 
life where Ezra comes out of Babylon 
we have the first day of the fifth month 
when I get extras in jerusalem the 
and then we have the 10th day of the seventh 
month where the decree comes into force 
sex is tony fernandes 
look and that takes 2,300 more years 
until October 22 
in one thousand 854 the mobile is almost what 
we are discussing here is where they are going 
to extend is that the thousand wounds 
they needed to understand this time for 
be able to apply at your own time 
if they did not understand well in what 
moments came out extras from Babylon or in 
what moment came and went into effect on 
decree could not understand understand 
your own story 
are some 
if you then open your notes 
I believe that you 
we are on page 4 where it says first 
day of the fifth month August 15 
what we have discussed so far 
is that the mining history is illustrated 
in the word of the virgins the western 
and we understand that the virgins take 
in landers and flesh and then to a clamor 
there is a clamor that says 
well is the husband going out to meet him 
and then the door closes 
the world and as we continue we are going to 
overlap that is the pair talks to the 
history of the thousand wounds to the lines 
of solar miners that do not have 
We are reading about conflicts of the 
pajín at prices 95 to 397 let's read the 
first 2 paragraphs page 4 where that 
first day of the fifth month 
Of course 
let's read then d 
complex of the centuries pages 325 
We are on page 4 
our notes as iguanas online 
from the vertex 
what we want to do is 
place the parable of the three in line 
virgins and place in parallel the 
history of the military 
We are on page 4 in this appointment and 
end of the appointment indicates peace 
delaying then the husband nodded 
all and without sleeping until midnight 
the scream was heard and here comes the 
husband go out to meet him then all 
those virgins got up 
season your lamps 
in the summer of 2,844 mid-mid 
of the time understood 
between the time that had been assumed 
first that the 2300 days would end and 
the autumn of the same year to where 
they discovered later that it is that 
they spread the message was proclaimed in 
the same terms of writing and 
here that has husband 
at this time, well, if we do not see each other 
here the story of the stop from the 
10 virgins illustrated in the history of 
the leaders 
They are good when the time went by 
ace should they realize that 
this very moment they are in the 
delay time 
and they are waiting for the husband 
Mendez and what we will see is 
so what we're going to see is that the year 40 
57 and the year thousand 854 are in parallel 
the first day of the month of April 
we see that the time of 
delay for the 10 virgins 
and it's no accident danger four dif and 
know that in the year 45 and 57 for the 
soccer fans on the first day of the 
first month that's very your extra life is 
I was coming out of Babylon 
baldomero work and the first thing he does 
is to take near the river just 
is to work in the area and not delay 
it's taking near the river ends and it's 
waiting to come more more 
then the history of the sinks 
how many of you are familiar 
with the tour of the milanistas levanten 
in your hand by 
what is the real discount 
you know which angel to descend 
descend here at this moment 
and which angel specifically in the 
context of apocalypse 14 
in apocalypse 14 we have the first 
second and third angel and we are going to open 
apocalypse 14 for a moment 
and me 
I think someone is going to talk about the 
2000 line macramé wounds 
what's true the country 
ok we have someone who is going to explain more 
details to your investment in sex 
then in afghanistan captor 
diverticula 6 and says sent another angel 
fly through the middle of the sky that I had 
the eternal gospel to preach the a 
those who dwell on earth and all 
nation and tribe and language and people 
requested this is the first angel 
and in 7 says saying loudly that I 
give god and give him wave because the time of 
His judgment is come and worship him who 
has made the sky and the earth and the sea and 
the sources of the waters 
then there is end time in 1798 
the first angel in his story arrives 
with this too 
708 thousand end time or penalty of 50% 
Here is the book of Daniel 
you say risk currency and historians and 
worsening is here when miller receives 
your first match in this phase and 
then later and I started studying the 
this marks the first angel 
and that broad that we want 
except we go back a little bit rewarded this 
although first 
it will be 
arrives in history in 1840 
the first angel will receive power 
the day after and this happens many 
Sometimes it seems very interesting 
anxiety and original speaking raffled 
this happens when the prophecy 
Josiah Leeds fulfills the prophecy 
about apocalypse 917 this is the end 
of the second 
he had identified that the empire 
Ottoman was going to fall in compliance with 
this prophecy and gave a special power to 
military movement 
and then after the first message 
descending power which centuries 
we see ourselves arriving the second message 
angelic the 16 1 lotina and us 
we are looking at this angel you say 
this is the first day of the first month 
lansing de ebro on April 19 
because the arrival of the world 
it's because the second angelic message 
from apocalypse 14 verse 8 
identifies the rejection of truths 
and another angel followed him saying he has fallen 
that great city has fallen Babylon 
because she has given to drink all the 
wine nations the fury of his 
making on wii if not to careless 
They visited the youth here we see 
that Wallonia has fallen 
and that represents the rejection of a 
yes you 
they would read the sister's comment 
garden of this story if a kid 
to inform you that this is where by 
the first time the message of the 
second angel 
then the second one came to find 
it only comforts 
to the 
changed and who falls at that time 
it is possible who rejects the message is 
take the tensions and then they are the 
Protestant churches at that time 
after the moment 
until that moment the Protestants 
they were being of state 
has tried hours but when the 
second angelic message to fulfill and 
shine said 
if they completely reject the 
message because apparently the two 
You are wrong 
and not only that the Protestants 
there are many who were inside the 
message sales 
we observe a separation of 
between two classes the 2 goes from ford ranger 
of smart the army and the 
brothers who used to be together 
and they start making fun of them 
the first day of the first month 
we have identified here that Babylon 
and the message is that they should leave 
fixed parts then they are 
taking because of this puddle 
but also at the same time they are 
coming out of Babylon 
we observed then that both 
characteristic features in the 
history the delay and the exit 
then on the first day of the first month 
in the year 457 
of Babylon and then it will take in the 
called was also from Babylon to go 
to jerusalem 
from 2,300 years later the same day 
we say experience solís hector 
history repeats the same experience 
for the first 
the second message 
He pronounces his people that he has fallen 
and informs them that it is time to leave 
as well as brother marko already identified 
has many applications to come out of 
they can mean many things 
in this month but what is it that has 
in common those different 
the foundation that they all have in 
common the meaning of Babylon or is 
getting out of the plane is something 
we go from the sun 
is that you must leave to leave behind the 
mistakes and go to the truth 
the miners now 
they had received the call to go out and 
separate from his brothers 
formerly brothers 
that I was now chasing leaving 
coming out of the churches falling falls 
because these fallen churches are now 
they have died 
daughters of Babylon 
native and so the time of 
lateness of mateo and mateo 25 its waters 
you see the parallel between the two 
uncertain confused when I was 
1918 144 
if the time in front 
I had false other questions 
on April 19 thousand 854 this date 
weiss these two points are the same 
and the second angel arrives and that can be 
confirm with the sister's writings 
guard wendy rings 
after 60 it clearly explains that 
the second angel arrives at the moment 
and there are other questions from the city 
if you are that I have never felt for 
you please ask 
and we have seen the 
similarity between half a day of the first month 
in the first month and 854 of April the 
hiding place in which they come out of 
Babylon and it's going to take 
and 2,300 years later the same day 
also the first month 
james love and levitas will go through the 
same difference of the virtual world come out 
of Babylon blood and thorax 
when the second angel arrives 
the card time starts 
and the delay 
marked with him 
with the virgins sleeping while 
and sister white identifies the 
this state of being numb like a 
state of 
then they are confused or they are 
uncertain about the message 
and this does not happen until 
and that 
I was 
then it does not happen until April 19 
at this time they are fed up 
design of your frame 
of crisis 
in the time of delay it also has 
as a characteristic that they were anxious 
by the arrival of the Lord to be in 
dicom they were waiting for it to arrive 
with a view to commenting on this crisis but not 
comes the time they expected 
have to spend more time there 
with the 
they are separating from the churches 
the protests 
and understanding football 
also the brothers who previously formed 
part of the movement leave them also 
they start with the 
and also begins to preach the second 
angelic message he kept strength 
today's inbox insanely and one of 
the first people who start 
to do it you are Carlos Fitz ya 
let's go to this market talk about being the 
author of this day graficó 
is one of the first pioneers who 
identifies the Protestants as 
they are more taps 
the next paragraph 
we are on page 4 below in the 
second to see 
from the first day 
we will take and pause 
a 10 minute break and we will continue to 
4x we will see 
we are blessed by him he wanted 
we deserve for more an opportunity to 
study and vote 
We ask you to help us with the 
problem of electricity so that 
can then return to the player that 
be your will 
We ask that you be with us on 
remaining this afternoon as 
experts who both spirits over 
that you can not guide an understanding 
more complete with you sir 
forgiveness of our sins and our 
thank you, mr 
in the name of Jesus amen