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as Adventist there's a principle that we all understand and perhaps an easy way to explain it through a Bible verse was a twenty-eight verse 10 verse equal years as you turn in there Isaiah 28 verse 10 we're gonna say that this is the principle that you're all familiar with it may come under a different name but it's what we've been doing so far in our studies as a 28 verse 10 so you see that there's this methodology of repeat that's basically what this verse is teaching you verse 13 says the same thing and hopefully you've seen how this works we took the concept of Noah's Ark then we saw that there was this eating or feasting and marriage then we saw other Bible passages we took one verse or one word or one line and we connected it to another one which seemed to be not connected so we saw that they were given in marriage we then developed this understanding of what marriage was using parables parallel lines where did we go went to first John chapter 3 where else did we go went to ezq chapter 2 we went to John chapter 6 and then we spoke we didn't go to many more verses but we spoke about these ideas because we're familiar with them when to Genesis we saw that man is a singular species composed of male and female so over and over again we saw how we conceptualize what this marriage is and then all we're doing is taking this principle line upon line precept upon precept he says here a little here in one place and there a little or there in another place and we bring all these thoughts together and one is a trauma point we just read verses 10 I reference you to verse 13 and tucked in between them he's verse 12 so it says this teaching technique placing one line of thought with another line of thought it's the rest it's the refreshing and I'm sure most of you are familiar the when he speaks about the rest or the refreshing equals the latter rain and is anybody not familiar with that concept and the wife speaks about it quite often the rest and the refreshing is the same thing is the latter rain is a symbol of the last rain so what I'm suggesting is that to understand the latter rain gardenia not only intellectually spiritually experienced it the way that that will be achieved through using this methodology and when you use this methodology you'll be able to place things in their correct context so that when the latter rain comes you'll be able to recognize it and to receive it so I just wanted to say in that general level but I wanted to see what did the people say in verse 12 they said we will not here so what is useful or is it the hearing which means someone must be speaking it is their speaking they must have some kind of communication or message to give you so we read in the last presentation about a man who did war Asian equals ax opened his mouth and what do we open our mouths for what do we use our mouths for 32 things the things coming in and things coming out things coming in to eat the things coming out are our words so when they say we wrote here and we're going to use this methodology line upon line verse upon verse then I would suggest we'd be connecting these thoughts together there has to be some message some important message just connected to the latter rain God's people say we wrote here and how do you stop hearing got two ways you can either block your ears my brother says you know any people do block their ears when someone spoke to them do you know anybody who you could block your ears do you know anybody who blocked their ears when they were given a message we do it's in the book of Acts as a man called Steven he's a deacon in the church and he starts giving them a history lesson to the Sanhedrin after a while we need starts becoming personal and sensitive what do they do yes they close their ears rush upon the man grab hold of them and kill him so you know you can just block your is is there another way you can stop someone from listening you know this story as well you can get your knife out you can do what you shop the raise off do you know a story about who was the man the guy's ear chopped off who was that man no his name no no he's rolled was he a leader or a servant he was a servant in fact he was a servant in the household of an important priest so the Caiaphas or anise one of the two so now if he's a guest chopped off can he hear the message can't hear doesn't have any ears remember the message comes to the church twice remember the story from the story in Noah first the men then the animals now Peter says it's not time for you to listen to the gospel was Peter right or wrong he was wrong what does Jesus do immediately picks up the hero pussy back on he was a I don't know if he picked it up or not he heals his ear what is Jesus trying to teach us they're not trying to teach us to use swords properly he's trying to teach us it's now time for the servant to be able to do what a listen job Jesus going to get taken captive that night I'm gonna say by that man who wasn't listening to Noah and they asking question after question and what does Jesus say nothing he's not going to give them any message because they have in ears we'll not here they're not oh shit so I just gave those examples I think it's because I want us to see that we can take these verses which may seem obscure they may not seem to be relevant many people are scared to go into the Book of Isaiah and try to understand or decode watts of going on why one is to see that when you begin to use this line upon line methodology you can begin to see how to put the pieces of the puzzle together one more thought it says they will not here we can go to another passage that says that go to Jeremiah it's before not after that's all I know it's a it's after Jeremiah chapter 6 I was thinking about Isaiah Jeremiah chapter 6 verse 17 17 you can not Chinese it's easy to go into autopilot he says they will not listen who they not listening to like in the back which are you since - the watchman keep your finger here go back to Isaiah 28 in Isaiah 28 he says they wouldn't listen who are they not listening - I skipped a verse verse 11 history verse 11 now this stammering lips I'm not sure how he's translated in the Spanish he actually means a foreign language so God is going to speak to these people in a foreign language language they don't understand he says that for language so I want to suggest it's not a literal foreign language when we make the application but in the story it could be so if we connect Isaiah 28 and we're connecting with Jeremiah chapter 6 who these people with the stammering lips they're not going to listen to each other they have to be the Watchmen yes so can you see how you can begin to connect these stores together it wouldn't take us much effort if you can see thus far I could show you through typology through line upon line that this watchman who is the watchman by the way in Jeremiah chapter 6 it's Jeremiah isn't it it's with Jeremiah but not just your Amaya who's a contemporary with Jeremiah Habakkuk a little bit before him Jeremiah begins his ministry in the time period of Josiah most people we're not 100% sure but most people believe that Habakkuk is a little bit before even though jeremiah begins in the time of josiah he really knew his ministry in the history of the last three kings joy kim joohyuk in Zedekiah he has daniel and he has ezekiel so he zq and daniel the contemporaries and they are the Watchmen who are given the warning to God's people and they're not gonna listen and I would suggest Watchmen for that Watchmen is also a symbol of John the Baptist and you're the Baptist is who Elijah so then you go back to the story of Elijah and Elijah is a watchman to whom again the King I had in Jezebel and they don't want to listen either and both of those people the husband and wife get killed and if he's a symbol of John the Baptist and Elijah who else is he a symbol of Noah and no one's listening to Noah so we won't listen to you Noah so you can begin to see hopefully how you can use this methodology to develop very powerful and strong arguments to bring these Bible verses into endtime prophecy did they listen to John no no did they listen to NOAA no either listen to Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel know who is the day God's people can you see a pattern in your five testimonies the Bible says upon the testimony of two of thing is established an established principle there's gonna come a time what time is that the preparation day God's gonna do read EJ Lisa 6:17 he's gonna race someone up on the Baptist Noah these people who speak with a foreign language and what they saying we're going to give you a warning message the people say we don't believe you why would they not believe because you don't have any evidence that you're who you say you are whatever it is does John have one none woman what's the evidence he's gonna use he's gonna tell you I'll tell you who I am I'm a voice you know that's doing wrong because you know giggles crying in the wilderness on this path to prepare the way so he's using line upon line this man is so he's so much of a nobody Jesus says he's a somebody well he does his ministry can't even use his own name is to borrow a name whose name does he borrow Elijah for Elijah's name and Jesus says he's the most faithful person greatest prophet what makes him so great when he can't even use his own name I'm suggesting he has the greatest amount of faith because he's forced to use a methodology when he gives his warning message what's that methodology line lead upon line he's gonna borrow those Old Testament stories and he's gonna turn them into a living parable how does he dress he dresses in the traditional clothes of a prophet when he wore those clothes by the way it's not a loin skin like people show you it's not it's not a skin of an animal or an animal skin he's not this rough looking uncouth he's not this rough looking man he's a civilized well-dressed human being civilized really sounded make you cultured he's wearing the traditional dress of those of profit the same dress that Elijah war he's not gonna eat certain food why does he not eat that food why is he vegetarian what's the point he's trying to make other why he'll tell you it's a public rebuke today feasting the feasting of his generation and of course we agree with that but it's more than that because he's Elijah just like to go through that experience he does he goes through an experience where he doesn't eat flesh food where he's a vegetarian and when he's in that experience who's in control of his environment him or God God's in control and that's the spiritual message that Johnny's trying to teach not just about dress reform it's not just about health reform bristle identification this man he's been fed by God how does God feed you we read it he says open your mouth take the book and eat that's what John is showing us when he shows that he's a vegetarian besides the obvious when he dresses in these plain clothes this is the clothes of righteousness they're not white these are unique clothes only prophets wear and are we not made to be Elijah at the end of the world so not only are we to be concerned about dress reform and diet reform which is made the example stops I mean we're supposed to replicate his life he was a prophet did he had dreams and visions again to his Yaya's his sweetness no no he had impressions he didn't have dreams and visions this man had to use line upon by methodology to work out what was going on he had to be fed by God directly he couldn't use his own wisdom all of this is symbolizing our experience it's all predicated upon this principle God's church say we don't believe you because he's only defense he's going to go to the scriptures the inspiration to prove ways teaching is true and what are the people born instead of that they don't want to be proof texts don't believe your evidence will they repeatedly say to Jesus in order for them to believe they give us a sign the Jews demand assigned the Greeks tomorrow wisdoms idea logic do you know sorry whether you go to an inventive school or a secular school an Adventist institution or a secular institution we're all taught the same way the Grecian methodology of Education that's not meant to be an attack on anybody who genuinely isn't I'm saying is it at the end of the world at the end of the Jewish world the Hebrews they demand signs and they demand things to be understood in the logical fashion Koza Senate when Vietnam and it's not logical in a year ago the young woman marries and a widowed man who's much older than her he's much older than if we now sure and he was a widower yes he was a widow way to bring previously married you know it's not logical she could have a child before marriage it's not logical they should marry him so he only married her to protect her reputation that's the logical conclusion of what you would come to so logical if all your ancestors come from Nazareth the to say actually I was born in Bethlehem so even though he talks about the Greeks demand wisdom and logic God's church have imbibed the same philosophical outlook of life who ran the church in the time of Christ you have two groups remember Pharisees and Sadducees who rules the church a 50/50 chance most people say the Pharisees the Sadducees the Sadducees would the elite they would be rich families who controlled the nation but they were not popular so they struck a deal with the Pharisees who were popular and the deal was will give you power pseudo power failure for them but the you ready are puppies and you're not allowed to preach one doctrine the toxin that I hated the most oh yeah and the reason I hi today is because it was a logical what is that doctrine the doctrine of the Resurrection it makes no sense that someone could die we buy a shark you're gonna do it on oh and then the shark was eaten by a bigger fish whale does it make any sense that that person could be resurrected they had crazy ideas the boat who brought to soil a plan would be SATA would be party day 22 a sunflower seed some will read the sunflower seed I mean turning to waste and you're gonna tell me that's gonna turn into a resurrected being this is the kind of logic that they had it's alive and well in the church in the time of Christ and the only thing that John can use see there's a many signs he's not given that ability can't do any miracles by the way if you did America would it make a difference will make any difference because if you did a miracle who they attribute a miracle to Aurelia and you know you Satan so these Satan can do all of that stuff you've got no hope of convincing the church over and over again you see this repeated story could give the same dynamics in the story of Noah the church who they're gonna turn to the scientists it's not logical the dose clouds can hold so much rain they can calculate how big the clouds are how much water there would be and it won't would be more than a couple of inches they're going to use the appliers of science to reject Noah so this concept of line upon line which you think our church teaches today I want to tell you if it's not threatening to them to you to me I mean because them is us them enough it is not threatening we're okay because we'll use line upon line methodology to convince a Baptist the Sabbath is correct that one verse though you when Sabbath stars go to another verse told you don't work go to another verse cook you food on Friday line upon line will believe that line upon line state of the day we can prove it but when it comes to self application we begin to become a bit nervous now it begins to be a touchy subject because this line upon line now is going to be used as a stick or a carrot to either induce you to repent or to smack you with and he's not just a little time this mag is permanent and it's line upon line that God is going to use and the people said we will not listen no so I want us to really think about this before I want to go into a particular history we're gonna go into the middle-right history and we're gonna see how that history can be used to trace our own history but I wanted to take this time to not just jump into that and show you the logical argument story I wanted to show you the philosophical idea that's behind all of this it's this concept that you have to use the Bible the whole Bible and spirit prophecy if youth inspiration to show and prove what the end of the world is gonna look like and when that looks different to what you expect and I guarantee you it will it does because it's different to what the Church teaches most of the church then people start questioning I why is there a difference whether these two opinions how do you know who's right and who's wrong and I'm saying you have to go on the weight of evidence and I'm saying where is the evidence it could only be in the inspired words the problem is when you read the inspired Word you go to Matthew chapter five verses two and three he says blessed are the poor in spirit for this is the kingdom of heaven people say that's nice that's a nice Jesus isn't it that's a beautiful message isn't evil Jesus so full of love and I don't think people realize what he's doing he just got a big stick and went to your head it went to your head and not him and he said wake up do you know that you are and miserable you are dead you are poor in spirit and let me tell you it doesn't mean you're humble no significa recess when you're poor in spirit it means you're bankrupt when it comes to the possession of the Holy Spirit and if you don't have the Holy Spirit and you think you do what's your name John chapter 3 1 it's Nicodemus it's gonna get personal now don't we now your name is Nicodemus and you're an expert on the Bible you're later seein and he's not even born again he doesn't even know how to be born again did he say that Jesus says be born again and what does he say how does that work I'm gonna be old and I'm too big and I won't fit in my mother's belly is that his response do you know he was lying by the way I'm sure he's lying when he says I don't know what you're talking about it I mean do you no wonder he says I silly I get that much goodies think about that he knew exactly what Jesus was saying because last week not literally I'm adding now last week he went on the evangelistic campaign he was a main speaker he said coming to the end of the world the Messiah is coming you wiki Gentiles what you need to do is repent and be born again because you were born into the world into death and they need to be born again into the church a week later he's at another evangelistic campaign it's nighttime and it's dark and no one can see in the dark Jesus says you bad church person do you know at the end of the world you know the Messiah is here and you're born into death I need to be born again and they end later seer Nicodemus says you can't use that concept against me doesn't work that way this is why God's people reject because we know we're the three angels messages we know so we're going to give the warning cry to the world but what we forgot in fact what we're ignorant of because we're the coin that doesn't even know it's lost we don't know that we need to take the medicine first because the Bible says we're sick from the head that means the leadership to the toe that means the youngest child Adventism in my opinion is not well yeah and he needs to be healed in the healing message is the message of the true witness yes the everlasting gospel and the only way you're gonna get that message is by line upon line because if you look at yourself you're not gonna see your condition how you gonna see how bad you are you have to go to a parable and you have to say this is Judas and you're here you all think that God and John standing next to him which one are you are you Judas or John and the way you know it's like carefully tracing the history of these men and their interaction with Jesus and I want to advise you on one thing if you try to do that in a moral framework it's a dead-end road you'll get no way because I tell you there are people who are nicer than us in the world and they're lost our righteousness is not based upon our good behavior Judas his problem is there he had a misunderstanding of prophecy because he was just as bad as John it was John's acceptance of prophecy broke him it was Nicodemus his understanding of prophecy the broke him by the way Nicodemus was not staying at the cross he was stayed long before that so what I want us to see before we start looking at the details tomorrow is that what we need to understand is that this deceptively simple principle which all of us claim to believe in line upon line one verse in another verse if we're not careful we are liable to reject let me say in a stronger fashion very amazing when you take the vast majority of God's people they will reject line upon line prophecy teaches us that I've got a few minutes let's go to the subject of the flood we saw the flooding Matthew 24 we saw the flood in the Genesis chapter 6 my question is what is the flood now we understand literally what it is we want to try and understand symbolically thinking about prophecy which is the two main prophetic books in the Bible Daniel revelation so there's turned to the Book of Daniel so go to the Book of Daniel and we'll go to chapter 9 so what were they we're looking for the flood so in Daniel chapter 9 and we're going to read verse 26 in verse 26 even if it may not be translated the same in the Spanish it's the same word so we read verse 26 now we're not going to go to this verse in detail but we just couldn't do a quick overview yeah first of all the verses in two parts the first part talks about Jesus and then the second part talks about destruction can we see those two parts of the verse we're focusing on the second part of the verse in the English there's a colon there to break the verse I don't even have the same break in the Spanish you do it says the people of the prince 26 this is the people of the prince are gonna do what they're going to come and destroy the city and the sanctuary we can see that I'm saying that city is Jerusalem sanctuaries the temple so who the people of who's the prince would say the Prince Caesar and who is Ramon army so the Roman army of the Caesar is going to come and destroy the city and the sanctuary do we know why that's gonna happen sir it's because a few years before in AD 31 beginning 90 27 God's creepers are gonna do what they're gonna reject the message of John then then reject the message of Jesus and they're gonna close their probation when they kill Stephen all standard understanding then a few years later 36 years later the Roman army he's going to destroy them we are kept so far and then he says and the end you have the end so if he says and the end which is what's going to happen after the verse what was the beginning qualified to receive you the beginning was the Roman army between Superman the Roman army is the beginning and now there's gonna be an end no it says the end of is the how it translates the end what is the 8th it's there all right okay that's fine it what is the eighth the reason you might have him is because of the gender issue that is important in Spanish in English it isn't so whether it's a draw him what is the age I give them a period soon I'm saying it's the city and the sanctuary yes so we quickly go with that here's the city and we'll just do a city like this and here's the sanctuary the city in the sanctuary are going to be destroyed by whom by the Romans this city is Jerusalem and this is a sanctuary they literally destroyed the city and literally destroyed the sanctuary literally we're gonna do gonna make a parable remember yeah so here's the Powerball and then we're gonna do this so this one is going to be symbolic so it says the end of it why is the eight it's this nice the beginning with work with wall the beginning was with Piegan wrong we agree with that I can run with the beginning says the end of it will be with a flood I said we're going to have Jerusalem and the sanctuary is going to be destroyed with a flood he says unto the end of the war desolations I've been determined or decided I'm gonna interpret that he says desolations in the plural so this is one catastrophe of destruction and this is the second one so the flood is the destruction all of this is a war so this is a war and God has already decided this so what we're gonna see we want to understand the spiritual application of the city and a spiritual application of the sanctuary we'll do that really quickly the Angie chapter 8 verse 13 Daniel chapter 8 verse 13 verse 13 is going to explain all of this let me rephrase that this was supposed to explain Daniel 813 we're doing the other way round so this passage is gonna lead you all the way down there are two events oh yeah ERU 1844 we lose your father's involvement yes it talks about the sanctuary we hear it doesn't say the city it says whoa the army or the host if you do line upon line you have the sanctuary and here you have the hostess so this is the house this is God's people so the symbolic application of Jerusalem is God's people what's the symbolic applications of sanctuary well it doesn't seem boiling fellows are playing I'm saying it's the religion or the doctrines of the church it's not doctrine of penis we know that because the doctrines of the church base upon the Ten Commandments thank Obamas in a box that's held in the sanctuary so the sanctuary becomes a symbol of the religion of God for religion in brackets and the city is a symbol of the people of God he says it's to desolating powers the daily and transgression of desolation this is the daily and this is the transgression of desolation you can already begin to see who this is you go to a couple more Bible verses Revelation chapter 12 Revelation chapter 12 verse 14 we're not going to read but verse 14 says there was a woman the church she was given a place of refuge and the place of refuge is not a geographical place it's a time and the time is a 1260 so in the 1260 and then we're going to read verse 15 and verse 16 in verse 15 he says the circum group a flood out of its mouth in verse 16 he says woe analysis it says the dragon poor a flood out of its mouth once is the serpent and once is the dragon even if you don't understand all the symbology was the time period 1260 who's punishing a hurting God's people make you war against them in the 1260 the papacy so what I'm saying is this this war began with pagan remember and it's gonna end with pay to Rome pay to see was this this is the daily the transgression of desolation the literal city the led to sanctuary symbolic city God's people symbolic sanctuary the religion of God's people natural sanctuary symbolic sanctuary is the religion of God's church God's people the papacy in Daniel 7 the little horn does two things it tramples upon God's people and tries to change times and laws Daniel 7:25 so I'm saying the flood at the very beginning in the story of Noah is prefiguring wall it's the papacy there's gonna come and destroy all those people that are not going to enter into the church and this flood this flood that is going to spew out this mouth in Chapter 12 of Revelation initially God's people get helped who helped them verse 16 the earth the earth is connected to revelation 13:11 which is the earth beast we see the United States in 1798 the United States helped God's people when the United States was were anymore al and later on United States is an attorney to walk into a dragon eye when this blood is gonna be poured out another time know in the 1260 the Dark Ages we in the future the United States the earth I'm not gonna help because they become war 16 they become the Dragons and they pour forth the flood since he speaks like a dragon and this freakin is gonna be war it's the Sunday law so I'm saying there is you know right from the very beginning the story of Noah he's showing us the days of flood coming this part is the Sunday law and if you're not in the yard you're gonna get swept away these things in the story have no other not at all there's things in the story now that alter this detail day but what I want us to see more than anything else was not so much that the flood is a Sunday law and for you to say wow I never saw that it was to show the methodology that we're required to use in endtime prophecy and if you can see that that is a Sunday law then you can see the Noah's message very few people are accepting it and Noah is a symbol of John is a symbol of Elijah is a symbol of a message that's going to happen at the end of the world and we're gonna suffer the same implications if you don't accept line upon line you know let's pray