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Publish Date: 8/27/2016
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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good morning broilers boys again 
Let's continue with our presentation. 
on the essence of the reform line of 
moses in the reform that moses carried out 
in the suburbs where we are already 
third presentation and we will investigate 
try to finish this line hi to 
that we can move forward all the time and 
even admits that you use these accounts 
important and then we will go again 
established that these are three 
steps in the first here first 
message that with which he says here 
it's more stopped there was second mensah 
coffee was to do with russia and so 
open with me please 
Deuteronomy 6 or verse well have 
and here it is said that the parents 
must be 16 and 17 years old and prefer 
cost at this time 
in February what is said here said 
so to have the name or six well te to be 
25 when Mariana asks you and everything 
that saying what it means in 
indirect statutory statements that the 
studious student sent them to you then 
they saw this deal in the others were the 
brothers and faraoni chito sílva in the 
woke up egypt with a strong hand, jehovah cnle 
miracles the great ones about me and about 
your whole crazy home travel to 
traiano cedar night as it cured the 
the priests tonight and sent us that I 
to carry out all its statutes and 
that we have the scholar here because 
bahia abih rn every day and for 
give us life as hi and we will tend 
When will we take care of when to take care of work? 
all these commandments of God as is 
Our warrant is this message on 
past here if you live common 
cost if we have it here is a 
according to the message of justice first 
moment of sin 
second and third and russia 
he is in charge on the task that 
I discovered in the studio days pests 
subway next step here is second 
message I received either 
found which in the first clear that 
fell on the egypt how to get out and now 
made instagram right in the first and 
in the second node 
already in women 
in the third series of shows in the worst and 
I usually yen contempt for the worst 'the 
flies yen after being large or 
Kenyan lobsters and the last in death 
of the cousin's death monitor 
woman then you have 10 days here 
plagues and the topics as it is already search 
these texts already know where 
were found until we found and ex 
ct of the day 10 plagues attracted suffered 
Little this plague and show that I'm 
in the work of and in that the eternal in the sertão 
and that this in his work on that day already 
I memorized it there in France. 
this work from here 
our skin color is the work of the spirit 
holy of separating two groups in the sheraton 
in the work of the holy spirit and demonstrate 
two groups separated into two groups 
we've worked hard and it's about 
This is a work of holy spirit. 
show and prove this has already been shown 
on the plates 
abrin to me please what Etecs 
most remember with shades of the hotel sound 
sc to Noah said 
we have been dealing with the worst with certain 
and in the 70 they come in tones and it is understood 
born to himself or to me like the 
lovely and will also be for 
make worse with your spells 
but we can on our shoulders as I said 
webb let them find out that it is 
affirm here finger of god 
this text is I want to discover how the 
tennis that means finger of god one 
when others study in the bible 
we use this method and put pity 
work if we do not approve of a 
through another text 
yes the receipt of the problem 
you 'll get another text that 
God's work 
Obina, my God, I'm already here with me. 
lucas 11 
lucas 11 bent verse 
we are index is not says spse the uncle 
were the demons in babies and books 
in which we were so they 
will be twice but if the finger of God 
jón furlan the devils certain genre 
of god the arrival of others 
here the work of demons and how Jorge 
jesus we still have no answer yet 
that in 60 days we'll get another 
text that his own work incident 
Sweet mathew 
mathew sweet bent option of the same 
his lennon sneakers and 27 week stay that 
is in the same situation and bent other 
service is like this 
of breaking here god did not say so 
that the spirit of God and eight were the 
demons is certainly attached to you 
others and God's genius asked if 
forgot God it 's curious 
woman who only the heir of gods works 
the spirit of holy spirit work 
next text of patriarch to be prophet 
and prophets if so by the hand of oz and 
It does not influence my power to 
origin of the manon that had 
and that the grain in miracles and 
wonders purpose of convincing of 
which is great and hi 
Abib to moses was baby and I wished 
to see that he had left to serve the 
mages are also seeded 
wonders pressed the engrave by his 
own ability I only regret this knot 
by being able to ascend or satan who 
helped to classify the work must steal 
they know that the heart of bronze hardens 
It is not knowing what to persuade 
according to ana carla diaz plagues we have 
here and neither weave angelic message of the 
what is it about 
It is roissy which well placed 
here at the door is the door that is bad on 
fourth it is this moment and 
how to enter business days right 
at some point or from the door to 
out that he was not prepared because 
This is a whole preparation made with 
several proofs at the door and how the priest 
than the last plate that fell on the last 
plague, what if the rope was the 
surprise was something that already had 
had already announced that a 
announcement of this principle had 
warned pharaoh dear assassazzo 
if it will not 
Saturday the hit was more or less like this 
I do not let AMIP moved and 
now take everything firstborn here 
whose management is here a time of 
spelling and kayaking on the final board 
we can move forward neither with me ex 44 
to confirm that we have 2012 
said ex from 22 to 23 and for free 
to your side and old chassis is my 
hijo mi hijo first here is a good example 
of literary is figurative 
figurative not sure as I know 
then that's the way it's needed 
firstborn of god said 
and to show that let go to Mass or 
to serve me 
but we wanted to let it go is here and 
I'm going to kill your firstborn 
which he had announced before the aac 
fulfilled said to patriarchal prophets and 
prophets when presented by the 
first time the jewel of egypt in demand 
z release it was injured in 
warning about the free master of 
all plagues and continue winning in the 
next text and 1 and the about 
which Washington was to be the last 
to come to 11 is very aware me if 
they tell me only when they tenderly 
to all beings created in his image 
sila lose props with seven aces gwc 
herd was to take the team to the 
yield in nests in the open been 
only to the divine commandment and 
final blow was about to fall here 
as the already al join the group because it 
always there two groups only regret that the 
the birth of Satan that this 
interesting we have characteristics 
similar 5 whose water they had to see 
with number 7 of why why 
the movement is very 
similar in surprising 
Let's find the same 
characteristics in all reforms 
all the students in the plagues 
the difference between the first 
explore three lagoons and the last 
seven and ten 
the plates are different are all 
same as in the fourth pest pest 
flies security in the county wants you 
this share of the government's plan comes 
It's me who studied three and stuck 
no forgiveness 
one second the exodus to heaven with me 
ex workshow verse 3 16 
the biologists who was the third plaque 
with a certain tone then announce god in the 
fourth plague the idea other than k 
ex hotel verse 2012 said so 
dwells so that no one leaves already in order 
of which strains on average three first 
plates in the last seven of the first 
three are for all the latest and 
exclusively for you we can do 
a separation would also be of the cep 
matraga exclusively for the Egyptians 
not be so good to everyone 
another path that fell on the last plague 
let's move forward was to launch this 
number if at the party that he 
celebrations year the tse welcomed in its 
history I had to make reborn 
kaka at Easter announces tone is 
related to la pascua advance said 
Easter hash and buzz will follow. 
feast that is called as days of peace and 
citizenship before being better as 
first fruits be seen 
another feature 
then we will find here the one whose 
sasc what disappoints that occurs in this 
history with the Israelites very 
we are in a certain and here at last he 
the Egyptian leader success a sure 
Czech qualifier than the course here 
this big disappoints 
It comes out at the right profit and I'm coming in. 
The node we are going to go forward said 14 
verse of s 
and when will men make their market in 
punches and akilo qn between the sejus and 
let it not be Moses had 
public of Egypt that we each of 
for that we live and not of sir tom because 
we are born with others who do not 
drawee in egypt who have said 
saying let us serve us did not want 
chips to serve your chips 
moore in the other nerds sure as 
quickly as God had guided all 
this time the house as in the league behind 
the army consul and in the history of 
old fashioned 
This is a clear example of what 
have experienced Adventists and here 
they already refer to another line that 
Let's study because this story 
already the curious in this story of the girl 
justine got over and took time to move 
Adventist Church as well as the 
Israelites from Egypt when it is serious 
great tricks to suffer your faith was 
approved as was in the near future 
March about mazzoco the daughter 
compare what happened great 1844 
barbecue compare with this situation 
neymar played here and third quarter to 
four seconds than the first and 
third, because Jack is crazy and in the whole 
this story again 
the difference is now only the work 
So, did you know the last two? 
Homs cards April is over and the game 
guide so that they could pass sea 
there were 36 wonder you can think so 
now if they will follow faithful not 
understood that the one whose 
an already fallen urn 
we will open sex ds 6 verses of 
to 3 and all the congregation god you 
there murmured against bassinet and aaron is 
of certain and of sky in the 50 
the dead years the beer canal graduate 
and in the land of Egypt when we 
We sat the leaves of the meat when 
we would eat bread 
the opening because in the abc drawn to this 
sure to kill Andrew and all this 
the title that disappointed a certain god 
had guided wonderfully 
quickly from all this over and over again 
I came face to face with you then you 
God, I have to borrow this again. 
three steps to know that the 
eternal world fall we have always given 
paraná in the two groups of reinforcement of 
he passed away and publish in not being 
Here again you have to jorge 
to see that it is his birth to die 
baby satan playing with me then 
Sex of the day 16 4 to 5 
said so silva seen the bassinet and here 
and hear this year's pan resolve and it was mine. 
will leave and run for each day to 
that the prize if you walk miley the knot in the 
proves that the proof is in whose Caculama 
so to prove if it excites the knot 
climb the stunt that suffered every 
as soon as the end unites the public 
head and follow the test 
at first it was again that you want me 
prove it is the sound if he knows the 
save that Saturday at the mana test 
about this Saturday because he was a 
month they diego felipe and how much is 
Let's read project wins with 90 and we 
30 and neither sex bian and itch folded 
food two trades for each and 
all principles of the congregation 
pine in the bassinet and it will be you go 
to know 
and they biojó those nuclear ones that I 
go love me and it is necessary to put Saturday 
I can complain than die in this 
you noah and what is heard and read 
position with the Senate all look to 
in your spare and keep it for tomorrow 
and they kept that way the second 
Did you know I killed him? 
I do not know why the goalkeeper on Saturday 
said Moses says hi, why was this? 
open one was in the six days in 
I will make use of the seventh day of Saturday 
uai not know now what happened that 
left us and did not go out as way to 
during the day 
your usual Moses is the quali 
to protect deforestation 
sydney and closed the ownership today Saturday 
and so the energetic show of the day 
speak for the cold each in its 
resort nothing and saga of that place to 
to know how to promote edu has passed 
It's always good morning. 
an example of what had already been 
identified before deforestation 
sometimes we listen to this is the moment 
noble to saturday 
we know that they should already be able to 
see if it's good for those who also found 
so check out the little one to taste here 
julia given curious through Saturday to 
morning train said before the law 
was promulgated from there that operated 
a miracle or every week in order to 
to convince the recovery of holiness on Saturday 
This game was meant to be like that. 
food and every day of re advice by 
have disappeared mg connected in the adobe you 
one second the instructions of bassinet 
let's move pulled a conventional 
may god save you yesterday to receive 10 
in the backwoods in the deforestation this 
pact that god the tsmc secure reference 
Noel and 25/23 1516 we have in time 
party of the week 
but as if legislation suddenly happens