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good very good morning crisis brothers 
that presentation is now a 
continuation not of my subjects but of the 
line of topics presented by brother 
lincoln julie on the methodology 
ok remember the methodology in methods 
Test texts against the method 
historical critical or historical critic 
grammatical I am now in that line 
adding more information 
very well then we are coming out of the 
theme that I have presented here day 
after day and let's jump now that's 
the topic because I want to add more a 
little information about 
how it evolved and how tumor place 
the historic historical grammatical method 
critical within our church 
for this we open our bibles in the 
joel's book 
the studios have opened they have read young 
with a lincoln 
they have studied the one 
not what the fuck 
very well then we go to joel's book 
chapter 1 
disciple 1 a text 
word of surah that came to joel son of 
petrer and this elders and listen to all 
the inhabitants of the earth has happened 
this in your days or in the days of 
your parents 
and this you will tell your children and 
your children to their children and their children to 
the other generation 
small pause 
when generations are here 
1 2 3 4 
you tell your children these to your 
children and those to the other generation 
we have four generations here in the 
which one has to develop understand 
of this you will tell your children and 
bones children to their children and their children to 
the other generation are four 
generations verse four what 
it was of the caterpillar it ate of jumpy and what 
that remained of the goose ate the bolton and 
the lobster ate what of the tumble 
had left how many insects 
had a caterpillar first 
then we have 
the roll 
jump did not bounce in that comes first 
it's a bit different in other languages 
the roll 
and what do those insects do 
those are insects that you want 
have in your garden 
Twine sitting on milk 
the onion 
with rice leaf ok those are what 
here the bible explains is that you have 
here a little bug 
that eats 
happy what you have planted 
especially the tender leaves is not 
true but he eats everything and then 
comes this 
and continues destroying it 
what you have and then what the 
continues to destroy 
and finally what he already leaves you 
they know that the lobster leaves nothing 
true but there is something that although 
a stick then it finally comes for 
exterminate the tumble 
I do not know what those insects look like and 
different languages ​​introduces different 
it's a bit difficult to understand which insect 
they really were but they do not have 
familiarity itself is not a revolution 
of an insect are different insects 
then evolution of an insect of what 
that already lives shows us here there is a 
destructive and destructive process 
and the bibliography related to 
generations why he asks another 
this has happened 
That happened 
this has happened that tells us here not 
I know what you're talking joel us has 
this happened in our generation or 
in your days or in the days in your 
couple and here you mean joel 
then say of this you will tell 
your children that I must tell my 
children tell us 
and then says what I want from the caterpillar 
with me the jump and so on then 
we understand that what the question is 
refers here to a process 
a process through four 
generations of destruction 
It is a destructive process through 
four generations and here the town is 
refer this here dear brothers 
what towns this is israel that town of 
God is our church dear ones 
brothers all the prophets spoke more 
for our time that for your time 
then here the toy book 
prophetically identifies a process 
destructive that was carried out through 
of four generations or we can say 
four stages once again 
there is no time anymore and we can not mark 
four generations in terms of 40 
years or whatever because we are 
talking about stages of phases 
we continue 
the 5th century wake up drunk and cried 
and me everyone you see me came to see 
who speaks here 
speak people of god 
we do not drink no no no 
no, we are not drunk, yes, God wanted 
you are very drunk awakened and 
cried limit because that is that what 
He passed 
everyone you see me came because of the 
must because it is removed from you 
then I tell you that the town of 
here in this generation when it comes s 
is analysis of the situation is 
what is drunk 
to the one person that is what causes that 
he is drunk 
he came very well we are talking 
prophetically here the wine and that is the 
and doctrine 
good all kinds of wine cause a 
any type of wine 
the Babylon fermented wine 
because we know that it is also 
another type of wine in the bible that is not 
the grape juice we would say today 
then this town here has lived to 
through four generations a wine 
received has taken ingested the 
false doctrines of Babylon 
through its history that is divided 
prophetically in four generations and 
why here says jimmy you called 
because it is taken away from you that the 
that is, since they are drunk, God, we are not 
is going to give the must now here in para 
the other option would have been the must 
Now that is the must 
the must is the juice of the fresh grape 
pressed we would say the fresh juice of the 
grape without any fermentation is that 
came from which Jesus says to the Pharisees 
I can not take it 
in these as it says old wineskins because 
what would happen the wineskins would break 
the new wine fresh the doctrine that 
Christ brings the message of Christ wants 
give our generation does not fit 
in the mouths of those who are drunk or 
that would destroy them ok then that's 
the situation of God's people at last 
of the times that's the situation of the 
we are a drunken town well drunk and 
it's a very sad situation and only 
to have a parallel test text 
can open isaiahs 
that's the same context in which the 
sister anna introduced the line theme 
on line 
Isaiah 28 
says so at the beginning first verse 
there is the crown of pride of the 
and brrains of efrain 
Isaiah 28 verse 1 
what is efrain 
in the tribe of israel already represents the 
Tribe of Israel is a name for all 
the northern tribes for 10 the 
there is the crown of pride of the 
drunk on the front are drunk 
God's people are drunk and of the 
Deciduous flower of the beauty of his glory 
that is on the head of the valley 
fertile and more a little down to 
explain this terrible situation well 
verse 8 
an article 7 and 8 10 28 7 and 8 but 
this also closed with the wine and 
consider then gave the 
priest and the prophet erred consider 
they were upset by wine 
they were served with the cider they prayed in the 
what does that mean they missed in the 
vision do not understand 
the prophetic vision has 
completely wrong interpretations 
they stumbled in the trial 
in the trial that is taking place 
are stumbling and which one closes 
door and falls 
that is the situation of the people here is 
refers especially to the leaders of the 
town 8 because the whole table is full 
of vomit and dirt until there is 
clean place 
and there comes the question to whom I will teach 
that you studied that anna with them 
or who will be made to understand doctrine 
then here we see the focus the 
combination the relationship that the bible 
does is false doctrine wine and the 
doctrine of the Lord whom I will teach 
science to whom I will make you understand 
doctrine to whom 
to the distillates 
and here that is false in Spanish 
because it is interrogative and should be 
with exclamativo to weaned 
racists in English to those who are weaned 
that they no longer drink milk to those I 
I could teach doctrine but like everyone 
they still drink milk 
then I can not say the 5 ok 
Then he shows us the methodology as 
we have seen how we should study the 
bible commandment after commandment 
line back row line on line 
that says here now you have seen 
that is the method we should use 
then that terminology take wine that 
refers to how to study the Bible the 
doctrines that is what we understand to 
follow the word of God as the 
we understand then going back to joel and 
closing our mini studio here 
Joel says in verse 6 because they are 
So serious the situation the people of God 
here because he has to moan 
because he has to cry 
is drunk then rest well 
a good time 
and then eat a banana 
banana and it feeds well and after 
will be fine not if you do after 
a while again because it's not too late 
because verse 6 says because people 
strong and innumerable rose to my land 
his teeth are dandelions and his 
mora de morales de león 
and situations so serious that the 
was then purposely by the 
enemy and my son gave him fought he gave and 
the town took tomo 
just as before you know your 
sad stories that to the towns 
indigenous people of america 
North America have sold things 
precious in exchange for brandy 
it's not true of alcohol and so those 
towns were weakening 
getting drunk and the enemy could 
easily attack that the same situation 
here they have lived that fermented wine of 
Babylon and weakened and in the enemy 
however it is ready says 
because innumerable strong people rose to 
my land your teeth are teeth of 
lion and its teeth lion's teeth 
I suggest that here he is talking about 
this town here who daniel 2 is 
represents like a lion 
Babylon comes to destroy the village 
of God we have already seen that it is the task 
of the king of the north remember the king of 
North received as pay to Egypt because 
because he destroyed the people of God 
then in your task 
so to speak this town is ready 
is about to attack to attack point 
to surprise the town that will last because 
it is extremely here what it means 
that doctrinally we are 
in a situation where we can not 
defend the doctrine of Rome 
because we also have it mixed 
with our convictions and has 
replaced our convictions in 
much and in this way how are we going to 
defend ourselves at the faith level of the 
doctrine against Rome if we are 
in the same as they have already signed 
papers we have made pacts we have 
submitted to ideas and rules of the 
Protestants who in turn have 
subject to rules and doctrines and 
traditions of rome ok we are now in 
this situation we do not have how 
defend ourselves we are drunk 
ok here we can leave that text and this 
is serves as the basis for this 
presentation we are talking here about a 
doctrinal problem of a problem of 
false doctrines that entered our 
this study here shows that that 
carried out through four steps of 
four phases of four generations and 
we are suffering that you are that is 
our conviction that those four phases 
can be related to events in the 
scientist's story and let's talk 
no no of all this is a presentation 
wider but let's take a detail 
in detail when the historic entered the 
historical-critical method to our 
church and how it 
that cement between us but for 
complete here that logic the first 
the story begins one thousand 854 up in 
in 1888 until 1919 of 1919 
until 1954 and 1954 we are in the 
last phase 
until the Sunday law 
in the Sunday law comes that enemy 
that is like a lion to devour to destroy 
the people of god 
88 used in the general conference 
where the church rejected the light that god 
he prepared for his people 
rejection of the doctrine of 
justification by faith 
1919 another general conference where the 
church rejects basically in terms 
official the prophecy spirit 
and replace or take out the prophecy and 
it replaces it with a light gospel 
light that only has one part already 
does not have the prophetic message in 54 that 
It is 54 brothers when it comes out 
doctrine in questions about 
the publication but 
68 published 
so we put 62 here 
the publication of the book questions about 
that agreement is that contract that was made 
with the evangelicals to be 
accepted as one of them from among 
protestants and no longer be a sect in 
the eyes of others 
but we are going to cover all the 
sector if we are not going to jump to the year 1932 
we are here in that 
in that phase 
in the third 
third phase 
I'm going to talk to the year 1932 
in this year the general conference of 
our church came to a conclusion 
that it was necessary to improve the 
training and qualification for 
pastors the future shepherds wanted 
raise the level so to speak and they 
then they established to vote or 
voted to establish a school of 
theology that our brothers 
pastors had never been educated in 
seminars in theology 
this is now new 
What does theology seminar mean? 
the idea was to put them at a higher level 
elevated education 
as well as Protestants and 
Catholics teach their pastors and 
priests with methods 
and thus more advanced certain scientists 
because theology is a science in the 
theology is the first science that 
taught in universities nowadays 
everyone studies medicine and engineering 
what justice is called 
right advocate exactly those things 
before there was not that the first science 
that was taught to theology for a good 
time later other things came in 
and our church decide that year that 
they have to do that we need school 
a theology seminar 
they also decided that 
I needed a school 
of medical missionaries 
of medical missionaries or doctors 
evangelists and this is the school today in 
day is the university of hill 
I'm going to read here a text from a man 
that describes that story and we're going to read 
enough of that man 
That man is called 
against him 
and if you want to have an idea who was 
that was doctor doctor raymond or against 
he a scholar in our church 
he died not long ago 
through a decade ago or something like that 
That man 
but name appetite 
very polite energetic 
he had the mission in his head to elevate 
the level of education of artists 
because he did not like that they did his 
own thing so everything was in schools 
where some elder educated only 
men without education but for 
experience educated pastors not 
he did not like that he wanted to form 
help for the church to help the for 
church has a higher level as well as 
the others also level putting them to 
much of the education of the world 
this man let's talk more about this 
its role is quite important throughout 
that story you know it without 
know what I wanted was him but you 
they know who is 
in 1932 the general conference concluded 
that it was necessary to update the 
training and qualifications 
people who entered the ministry of 
the church and they voted to establish a 
theology school 
this led to the establishment in 1934 
the pacific and union college 
today also be brief 
peaceful college union very famous 
great beautiful location in 
that's the deprivation for pacific 
and Union College Union College 
from pacific 
of what was first called the 
Danish school pipe called the 
advanced school of the bible 
and in 1937 that school was moved to 
Washington DC where he assumed the name of 
be the sociological insiders of 
way theological seminary of the crusade 
makes seventh day chalk 
the singular event was a requirement 
tax on the American school libaniel is 
now here is the thing says the second 
event was a requirement imposed on this 
now it's nice that the students 
accepted for the course of medicine 
they were graduates of accredited schools 
and here we have an important term 
what does accredited mean 
that means that the state has to 
say those who leave that school 
they receive a baccalaureate they receive a 
official document recognized by the 
been so they can then go to 
other colleges or universities the truth 
If someone graduates or receives or ends 
the course in our school that we have 
we in Brazil do not receive any 
document that the state accepts 
it is not accredited 
but if you go here to school 
Adventist schools do or chalks 
in santa cruz the students of the 
primary school receive a document 
which is officially accepted by the 
been to go to college later 
etcetera because that is accredited the 
state says you need to comply with 
those subjects those subjects is the 
behavior this and this and if you do 
this then you receive you are in the list 
of the schools 
accepted by the state and in turn the 
state financially supports the 
recently there were big problems in 
one of the Argentine universities in 
the biggest in sao paulo the problem 
had to see that there are students who 
they are gay 
and the church did not want to school to the 
university did not want to admit them to 
certain positions I think it was like that 
but they fought legally and won 
because that school has to submit 
to the rules 
from the state to make a school 
accredited and the state says 
free choice of my inclination ok 
so if the state says the school 37 
well you have to do that does not have how 
be at the door for some who is gay 
or from another sexual inclination does not have 
as because it is subject to the system of 
been and only within the limits 
that the state allows you can 
execute your conviction 
moral only in limits can not 
ban gays will not be able to 
prohibit that there will be gay teachers 
will not be able to churches colleges 
of the world they will not be able to do this 
we are in the process that this is 
ok that's that is the situation for being 
accredited if it has not been accredited 
then I go out I fall for the 
system and I make my own home but I do not know 
recognizes the title 
and how the titles are so important 
for us it is very difficult this and here 
that decision is made and in that way the 
church fell fell under the tutelage 
of the state 
ok that's an event really 
huge serious and he kept saying those 
two events 
logically they made it necessary for the 
colleges schools will update their 
faculties includes including from 
then your religion teachers to ok 
clear in those schools starting with 
those two now want to be accredited 
they have to meet those requirements 
we want you do not have 
teachers who are educated who do not 
they have titles, if you want to be 
university you need that amount of 
doctor professors you need to take out those 
requirements and lesaka scientific journals 
you continually need to prove that you are 
an institution at that level at 
scientist if you do not have teachers 
educated with titles 
then how are you going to produce doctors 
teachers with degrees then what 
we make 
what we do 
what we do to fill that gap that 
it gives us life to fill that void 
that they did not have, they almost did not have 
almost no or very few people who 
they had official titles because what 
they had what 
take people and put them as 
teachers who had degrees 
let's read a little more and I'll 
explain that even a little bit more when 
the schools sent members of their 
theological faculties for training 
advanced in such subjects as languages 
biblical ancient history and chronology 
archeology and ancient manuscripts 
biblical gradually came to 
understand line gradually came to 
understand the importance and principles 
and historical method procedures in 
form a correct understanding of 
bible she defends this against him is 
a friend of this he started this and forms 
part of that he talks positive but 
what he says is very wrong 
and says that we then what 
they then took students from 
that they did not have titles and they put them in 
state universities 
they did that they supported this 
process the best students for the 
faculties of the world theology 
Protestant and when they have a title 
then they would return and they will be 
future teachers in our 
faculties that was the idea if they did 
many many sent for 
quickly have they get titles one 
Once they have titles, our 
universities take control 
but those brothers after that is the 
armament of the head in 
Protestant universities came back with 
the name of Atlantist but with the 
full of the fermented wine of Babylon 
that happened 
and little by little the church then 
it meant a training team of 
new teachers but all educated in 
the world's schools with titles 
accredited now 
placing not those universities one level 
recognized by the states 
of the world that makes little by little 
everyone but teaching now the 
Babylonian virus and all future 
pastors from little by little from 
that year they came to be taught with the 
methodologies of why the world because 
they here learn evangelical theology 
theology ways of thinking about defending 
the bible with methods 
of the so-called historical methods 
critics ok 
this is the process to always that and 
I say one thing our church was given 
very fast error account of the great 
error that they had committed very fast and 
if I had was president and she was not 
president after he was called 
write a story the famous good 
sir report 
in writing it two years later while 
years later 
and in this report he says we have 
committed a serious mistake 
and have tried to repair that process has 
tried to block but it was not possible 
the same president who has started his 
process then tried to stop it but 
it was not possible and the thing had 
routed and had taken speed 
and it was no longer possible for him to say he wrote 
a long story is very sad to read 
he says we have made a tremendous mistake and 
only based on small things that 
They were observed by young people 
they sent sent to the faculties of 
Izod schools and they no longer 
they behaved like financiers they have 
seen that those young people and those who are 
guys with girls feel that no 
doing our level in our 
schools but now in the world they do 
they go to congregations 
worldly they go to meetings 
type parties and those things and we were 
watching and that's what alarmed 
and only based on that they saw 
who have made a serious mistake 
behavior of young people 
not even at that height could they 
see the doctrinal influences 
let's move forward a bit here in the 
We start to finish and we will also 
a little later 
now against him I will continue doing 
where's why 
now he continues saying in 1935 he says 
before 1935 the exhibitors 
Adventists of the Bible at least 
they were generally following the method 
Biblical research text test 
before that 
two events apparently not 
related to that decade led to 
a gradual transition towards the method 
historical and he makes a trap 
call me everything 
that sounds pretty good historical method 
but that method he calls method 
in science it is called method 
although it cost us we met 
that understand that 
the historical agrifood but in the 
speaks what the world calls the method 
historical-critical but he pulled that 
critical word so that sounds like this to us 
so serious 
two events apparently not 
related to that decade led to 
a gradual transition towards the method 
historical-critical through the 
following 26 years 25 years with the 
result and now eye with the result 
that by the 1960s most of the 
biblical scholars of the church had 
adopted that method 
always your attention when most of 
the scholars in this church had 
adopted that method here 
with the result that for the 1960s the 
most biblical scholars of the 
church had adopted this method 
dear brothers in 1960 and peak the 
years here 62 63 in 587 in those years 
the majority 
of the theologians 
they adopted side that method 
the new method 
and discarded the method as we should 
study the Bible the text method of 
now if in the 60's most of 
the theologians and pastors had the new 
method as it will be today 
how will it be today 
we're talking about we're almost there 
60 years later not true 
how will it be today if here at that height in 
the world and that man knows and maybe 
let's get there that we're going to do because 
he know we are very good because it was like that 
he can say that in that time already almost 
all Adventist theologians pastors 
they used the new method of studying the 
bible meters of the historical critic 
the language the ancient language methods 
scientists to understand the bible 
methods that one like you and me can not 
to access 
that the situation dear brothers 
we are in that and I was once in 
one I was invited to a 
to a meeting to a conversation with the 
president of the church of countries of 
because they have heard that you there 
and some brothers was made to 
alarm then they invited me to talk 
with the president the treasurer and with some 
secretaries that were four men 
theologians theologians and I had a little bit of 
that direct is the problematic we 
we are trying to go back to dinners 
old to the method of how to study 
life why we have different 
conclusions of what we teach that 
you say brother here not here in 
this country our countries no no no we 
let in those new methods 
we have not left behind a new methods 
and I said good they think but I know 
which is different then it continues 
talking and we talk about another topic of 
from a book I said that means 
this says no no no 
you can not be like that you can not 
wake up so you have to see 
first as how he in what time 
you need to understand your language, not what 
you can do it that way you need to do 
a study a little deeper than 
I was doing the he was without being 
aware of this he was using the 
historical-critical method 
those wines of Babylon that we have taken 
we do not realize 
and dear brothers, I'm not talking 
only of these all of us here 
we are baptized into the church after 
I do not think 
and if those who baptized us were already 
in that method as we are 
we of breast milk have 
lived this method 
in one way or another, of course there is 
shepherds that are not well that way 
but in another way we have received 
part of that in our diet 
spiritual as Atlantists and do not think 
in that you are free of that 
we all have our remains even though 
that in thinking our 
A way of 
study the bible 
Now that is a very serious situation 
nowadays there are institutes that are 
independent in Adventist sites 
independent and they see that the 
church is wrong and they make a 
alternative education like this with elena 
white with feeding with 
but I know one level 
of doctrinal teaching is not in that 
they are colleges that are well so placed 
in many things 
vegetarians because the school of 
Petista are no longer Italians but they 
are the Italians dress well and 
they take care of many things and they have written and 
prophecy is a prophecy 
but the doctrines they are always 
in harmony with the church they are already in 
harmony with the church because because 
they are completely on that 
completely method 
that's reality and that's the rule 
because those colleges and institutes 
ministries do not advance either 
spiritually they are in that method not 
they are unfortunately free of that 
it's a very serious situation because the one 
takes wine does not realize it is not given 
account of your situation speaks things and not 
he knows what he is talking about in the others 
they realize if they have not drunk wine but 
the one who has not drunk wine does not realize 
of the silly things he's talking about 
continue against him he says 
there are three methods of biblical reading you 
list a little about lincoln brother 
you talked a little about the control your 
texts do not use ok very well then what 
I can read 
there are two methods of biblical reading 
special training is needed or 
Expertise says he 
but for the Bible study with the 
purpose of recovering the meaning 
exact proposed by the inspired 
writers a hermeneutics is essential 
that is what he means to understand 
what the Bible really says you 
you need a hermeneutics 
hermeneutics what is that 
in a few words is the science of how 
interpret a text 
worldly text biblical text or whatever 
is a is a scientific term and that 
means the hermeneutical term 
keep saying the word 
hermeneutics comes from the word 
Greek brother yo 
which in turn based on the name is based 
in the name of hermes 
comes from hermès 
the legendary messenger and interpreter of 
the gods a biblical hermeneutics is 
a method by which 
interpret and understand the messages 
divine recorded in the bible 
then what he says here 
is if you have the bible here 
and you open it 
you really do not understand what she 
He says 
You do not understand why this Bible was not 
written in Spanish was not written in 
Spanish was written in Aramaic Hebrew and 
now to understand what really 
you say you need to read ancient Hebrew 
Greek ancient Aramaic ok you speak 
some of you languages do not have 
some experience in these languages ​​does not 
then you can not 
because life was not written in Spanish 
so if it's in Spanish there are already 
transformations changes comes the 
original and pure message you can not 
that what says that is false but that what 
that says that is what all those who 
they are in this minute tell us 
so what do we do then you 
you need a methodology to get there 
now you are here 
and you want to understand the word 
but you can not do the word 
because he does not speak his language 
then that word stays for you 
an interrogative 
but he says there's no problem because there 
a path and that path is the 
hermeneutics and what is the hermeneutics 
for this word comes from hermes he 
says like that and who was hermes he says the 
most legendary messenger of the gods 
of gods 
and holy spirit of Rome 
Hermes was the god of culture 
of the Greeks was a Greek god like 
you saw that god 
you can see the museums today in 
day sometimes in buildings neighborhoods and I've 
seen that god looked like this 
I've drawn it if it comes fast 
It has some special characteristics 
I had those shoes up here 
shoes had an alita have seen that 
because it has a wing 
because that's how it's flying, it's running 
very fast 
because the messenger 
that god supposedly carries a 
and that's that is the idea in mythology 
and he has a helmet 
and here in this case also has the 
have seen that ever 
I believe that 
some emails use those symbols 
and I 've seen where the bank was not 
of the nation I think it has that symbol 
also some state institutions 
and those emails and well with that is 
then making it visually the 
situation that text is closed for 
why not 
something else that says what is one 
it's very important for example judge was 
he wrote for you brother that you live 
in peace 
not clear that not because he did not know 
even that exists that existed in 
some future country called bolivia 
a plurinational state a city the 
peace he did not know anything about that he does not write 
for you he writes for his time is what 
what does it say 
but we know that if even more 
for us has written joel that text 
that for their time but they say that 
do not 
has been written for its time that's why 
scientist science is like this he does not believe in 
the divine inspiration has been written 
of course god they say god what I 
I support her but I do not write for us 
that we live in peace 
or in Buenos Aires or wherever 
in the band ok then then they 
they invented that method so that you 
understand why you do not have access or 
to the word nor to the story and the 
game culture because he was the one he wrote 
for them for their countrymen then 
you need someone who knows a 
messenger who has studied that has 
experience that knows the history the 
situation the language and then he will 
transports the mystical meaning or 
closed hidden from the word you 
transports and puts you in your head 
and with that help you and I can enter 
the bible that is false again but it is 
what they teach is what that says 
what every theologian attends all day 
believes he always needs someone who 
knows more to teach someone that 
they know less 
and now the definition the stations 
now the definition that we have here d 
of the dictionaries 
in Greek mythology hermes is the god 
olympic messenger of the borders and 
the travelers who cross it cross them 
the shepherds he is the god and the 
of collectors and ingenuity 
and commerce in general of cunning 
of thieves and liars to whom 
well thank you very much now we have the 
god of the lie that turns us on 
bible he is the god of liars and 
of the thieves 
in Roman mythology it was called 
like mercury 
son of zeus and the mayan employee the anthem 
doctor hermes invokes him as the the 
uniform wit cops tropos de astutos 
thoughts thief quarters of oxen 
boss of dreams night spy 
guardian of the doors that very soon 
I would have to show off glories 
feats before the immortal gods 
although of course, in the theologians of 
our church tell us that this is so 
but it's impossible 
separate the original meaning of the 
present function of hermeneutics 
the main feature in the traditions 
about hermes consists of her role as 
herald of the gods that's the idea the 
God's text 
that is written by god and that's why 
we can not access it then 
that text he has to transport is the 
messenger put is in it appears the one 
appears even in the Homeric poems 
once sharing function with iris 
an interpreter who crosses borders 
with strangers' is an er maneuvers of hermes 
the word hermeneutics for the 
art of interpreting meanings 
in Greek a lucky find was his 
older woman we believe that the 
Holy spirit does that not so 
but dear brothers all all 
our church 
is based on this method nowadays 
sometimes they call it different not only 
they call grammatical historical method but 
that method means that you need 
a methodology to understand the bible 
not the holy spirit no more is a 
and if you can not study Greek 
etcetera etcetera you can at least 
read the books of the doctors that you 
explain what they mean 
ok elena white please do not study 
theology have no title did not speak 
Greek then why for today in 
elena white day is an opinion but not 
is an authorized comment about the 
meaning asylum of our church 
and let me finish here the definition of 
Hermes his original character of divinity 
of the nature of lazkao arcadia 
disappears gradually in the legends 
as it was the gods preside over the 
skill in the use of the word 
although here comes the thing now 
the as the radius of the gods because it is 
the clock because he talks nice 
because he knows how to explain things that are 
difficult and puts it in easy words 
he is he knows well to use the language 
the eloquence in general is very 
eloquent hermes 
because the closed ones are public speakers 
in the assemblies and other occasions with 
right-handed as a right-handed orator was 
especially employed as a messenger 
knows required eloquence to achieve 
the desired object 
what does that mean you have to lie there 
lie so that what he says here does not 
it sounds like it says here there is a message 
and he has to put it in words like 
that you accept it as they sound good but 
that's why he is the god of thieves and 
the liars 
hence the languages ​​of animals 
you sleep was also the god of the 
prudence and skill in everything in 
social exchange relations these 
qualities were combined as how 
with other similar ones such as 
both words and actions and 
even fraud 
according to the prominent folklorist 
briefcases that hermes is a cheat of 
one of more things here 
we are already 
in our hour my brothers only 
that inlay here would place more than 
to say but that I want us to have 
our situation is a situation 
life writes us as drunk because 
because we have lived the fermented wine 
the fermented wine is doctrine the 
false doctrine came in well so 
great to our church through the 
accreditation of our institutes 
accreditation means that we 
we have to submit to the rules of 
state the state proposes the level now 
the level needs doctors teachers and 
educated in the schools of the world that 
is what we did we sent many 
young people to do to be educated 
before someone was chosen to study 
life to teach the bible based on 
his experience and his spiritual life 
from here the 
people teachers based on 
subtitle and in this way how to run 
he gives us testimony entered this method 
and in the 60s and almost all 
theologians of the world artists were in 
that method and today are they are all like that 
we have to release that method and 
we have to go back to the text method 
of miller's test and this week what 
we have shown our times how 
it works and it's hard for us to get used to what 
is to accustom but that means that 
each one of us can eat in the 
bible can access the can read 
although it was written 1200 years ago that no 
there is no problem because it opens us the 
that guides us the whole truth is not a 
method but is the holy spirit 
good only one more comment on 
control against him was the one that initiated 
what is now the institute 
of research and institutes of 
Biblical research 
the other always the other 
the start and was open to 
institutions before the institute 
biblical those institutions over time 
They became the Bible school he 
he was always vice president or something like that in 
all those institutes also in the 
biblical institute biblical institute was 
an institute for scholars for the 
pastors and theologians so that all 
they become educated educators in this 
method that was the idea that's why the 
Biblical institute today is 
strongly defending the method 
historical grammatical ok has written 
books that's what they defend 
and control also wrote the comment 
biblical Adventist 
ok 4 he was the editor of the comment 
biblical to 36 wrote him the majority of 
the articles and we're not talking here 
of volume 7 only but of volumes 1 
to 6 
it's like this I do not know if someone has that book 
in those books at home the comment 
biblical that are six volumes and after 
have the additional tomes was written 
in large part because of him and he was the 
editor of that series 
that was first the first literature of 
our church officially based on 
that methodology 
and for many today is very 
important to know what the method says is 
he who wants the biblical commentary 
He was the editor of that 
has 3 
7a is another thing is only one 
text collection 
each I discuss 17 
includes a dictionary 
is in that method 
that method now 
and I read some things just that they are 
historic are not so bad but you 
you have to know that the method is bad 
what he is using 
dangerous is loyal or is a little play with 
the fire 
you have to be aware of that you have 
some interesting information there 
historical in dictionaries more than 
nothing but I would be very cautious with 
he is the editor of the entire series of 
the whole project is supervisor as well 
say it 
yes yes that's also part of that of 
this project there are some things that are 
correct because they are the facts 
historical like that but not have to have 
a lot of caution because he was good at 
start of all that process and this man 
It was also the one who wrote that 
oversaw the writing of this book 
about doctrine 
wes johnson 'top ten' 
questions and work and this book that 
completely transformed theology 
introduced the new theology in our 
church and so on you know him in that 
history that opens is also behind in 
he rewrote it basically 
ok very well then here we have 
our study a little bit was to add that 
we had already heard in the 
presentations of brother lincoln yuri 
our father who dwells in the heavens 
you have given us the 
help of the holy spirit that directs to 
all the truth dear father but we have 
been educated raised in this 
spiritual experience in methods that do not 
come from heaven beloved father help us 
to free of it, help us to be 
conscious where there are traces for 
eliminate the lyon and so in that way 
to be able to understand your word for us 
belong to those that the bible 
called drunk and drunk in those 
such alarming moments of history 
earthly dear sir please bless 
to every brother who can lead his 
process in your heart and in your 
understanding by the name of 
jesus christ we want to ask this amen