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very good dear brothers 
we see yesterday 
open our application 
we have started to place dates and 
we have remembered that in 1844 
the lord had raised a town and that 
was ready or established in 1850 
but shortly after 
in 1863 he started a job 
that the bible describes the work of the 
destructive or destructive insects 
I wanted to sustain that a little bit more 
because we mark that date 
yesterday in passing I had drawn the 
insects and a brother reminded me that the 
sequence is should be a little different 
and I have not paid much attention in 
or not ready for the moment because in 
different insects of different 
places and I'm not aware that 
I can make a specific application of 
an insect still in a situation but 
is correct in the lobster espanyol 
how was the one the last 
they should have drawn in their brochures 
Once there has to draw the lobster 
but at the moment it's not very important 
I imagine that it is important but not 
I knew how to say 
well then thousand 363 who of 
you have had the opportunity to 
study the prophecy that is checked 
the profession of the 2500 and 20 years 
lift humala are not many half 
one third 
maybe and the thing is that we can not 
study this prophecy here either in 
that moment 
but it is a prophecy that the mileuristas 
placed on that diagram 
and they did not place for nothing we do not have 
build when explaining this 
prophecy but it is a prophecy that the 
ministers defended 
and because we defend them is 
simple because lina white descends it from 
indirect way but very clearly in 
first writings page 74 
let's read that text 
first writings page 74 
she is a series of very affirmations 
is in Spanish and the thing is like that 
text in his writings 
is one of the first studies only in 
compilation the truth is not a text that 
it was written as a problem white and 
how that text appeared in the original 
that's how he tells you this and I'm this is 
a paragraph this and this this after is 
the theme this that and then wanted to talk 
of the diagrams also then you 
makes several paragraphs with the data that 
different topics now in first 
subscribed has been mixed and all this and 
everything came together as if it were the same 
paragraph then you do not notice that there 
blocks of different and different themes 
completely separated this we 
complicates and really causes a great 
to address all that subject here nonetheless 
we do not want to go into this either 
direct your attention please more or 
less than half of the text where 
says I've seen the day that the diagram 
I have seen that the 1843 diagram was 
directed by the hand of the Lord and who does not 
it must be altered that the figures were 
how he wanted them 
that the hand covered rough a 
mistake in some of the figures 
so that nobody could see it until 
the hand of god depart 
then the diagram 
and says I've seen that diagram that 
diagram was guided by the mother of god 
and it should not be altered 
so what does that mean to you and 
for me 
not being that God says alters what not 
could alter because the figures were like that 
how he acquired 
and how God wants things God wants 
the things I only want the truth 
then god does not place falsehood here 
unless they serve a purpose 
special and it's going to be explained then 
that diagram we have to understand 
Everything is true 
that is, the prophetic applications are 
true it is true that we can say of 
humanity in that diagram for example I 
I used to work as an illustrator 
drawing for me that lion is not 
you are that your medicine maybe 
they know that autonomy is false then 
there is a there are elements of falsehood or 
mistake we can say also one could 
apply this here to the drawings not 
true again to a semicolon another 
time some details but this is the 
humanity that is shown with the 
divinity that was expressed in that diagram 
that does not rule out that this is a document 
true and correct that is not happening 
it would be like this 
and then says there was an error in some 
of the figures 
and normally that phrase is taken to 
say of him in water says that that 
diagram has errors 
then we today believe in 
the church that this is false Islam 
what several dates are false many 
things we do not believe more today 
application of those things here different 
but it does not say that 
we have to be careful in our 
reading l says the following 
I've seen that the islands figures were like 
he wanted them that his hand covered and 
hid a mistake then a 
mistake is a mistake they are not 
two you have to decide that in that 
diagram is false which is the only 
error that is here and then explains it 
a little more is said a mistake 
in some of the figures 
then there is an error 
and that is an error appears several times 
it's like in a document I write 
your name is false and in all 
document I write the same name 
always false because I always put it 
false but all the rest is right that 
is what happens here and in that diagram 
there is a mistake of all we do not know 
what is that error is the conclusion that 
the prophetic dates reach 43 
it's not true that was the error the 
They should have understood that the dates 
they reach 44 
and why did this diagram where 
then they were going to correct him 44 and because 
include that information here because this 
you have to put me 
the position of seeing that this date 
prophetic or that post ethical period here 
since new it has to be correct 
no as what 
based on that feline white logic we 
You can say that is false because everything is 
as the Lord has acquired it and as the 
Lord gave us in that diagram that nothing 
more for those who have not studied this or 
they have a doubt about the validity already 
that prophecy once again without power 
study a lot what this means 
prophecy because it's a broad study 
but we need that prophecy now for 
the next step I want to ask you to 
they open their lives in Isaiah chapter 7 
the first verses I want to read with 
Isaiah 7 
happened in the days of acas and I choose 
so and I say if you have time to play I will 
put this first here 
to home 
the king of playing 
in their days they receive rave and syria 
then you are and 
King of Syria 
pk and his rem alias king israel rose 
against jerusalem to fight it but not 
they could take it 
and pk 
king distracts 
for those two kings in the days of acas 
rise against jerusalem which is the capital 
from Judah 
in other words those two kings 
they made an alliance 
israel when his brother 
he made an alliance with the state of Syria 
with the heathens to attack their own 
that happens in those days 
it's a situation we continue and came the 
new to david's house saying syria 
has been considered with efrain of the 
confederation and he shuddered at 
heart and the heart of your people like 
the trees of the mountain tremble 
cause of the wind 
here the heart of this town 
he shuddered 
they were afraid 
in view of that powerful enemy term 
so I said oh jehovah verse 3 
Isaias salt ACAS now to meet your 
and his neck is the end of 
aqueduct of the pond above in the 
path of the inheritance 
of the washer and tell him to keep and rest of not 
issues do not trouble your heart because of 
those two fields and blight that smoke through 
the side of anger of receipt and laziness and 
of the son of royalties has agreed evil 
advice against you the Syrian with extra and 
with the son of re evil and us saying 
let's go against play three we have the 
we distribute among ourselves we respect 
between us and put in the middle of 
by king the lid icio 
therefore the Lord says thus not 
will subsist and will be 
then through the prophet the lord 
send a message that's why it's very 
interesting but we're not going to go into your 
moment in those details that leads to your 
son the name of your child may 
you some have studied this 
they will not subsist and it will be then he says 
do not be afraid because this is not going to 
there's going to be no such thing they do not 
they are going to attack you are not going to conquer you 
the 8th century because the head of Syria 
It is more co 
is the state and damasks the capital and the 
head and also runs without that king 
living 65 is laughing at the 
broken to leave says the people 
for that on the interesting point to 
because he says that's that and that 
word for israel 
efrain within 65 within 65 years 
will be broken 
now to understand this we 
we need to understand when in what 
moment isaiah is giving that message in 
when there was that meeting and when it was 
this all 
before Christ 
well let's put that in a line 
to put that line up here after 
we put that back 
if we place is a line 
then we place here 
the year 742 here is that prophecy made 
why and how that can be proven is 
another issue as how we defend that but 
is a data is a date that is established 
already not even the absenteeism has made 
that's what the Protestants already 
they established that date 
on this date then in this year to that 
that meeting that alliance when poor 
god and the prophet says within 605 
Ephraim will no longer be because it means 
that will not be more 
will be destroyed will be conquered 
hundreds of 605 years 
now what does the fact that 
within 65 years 
if someone tells you inside 60 and have 
Within 10 years I 'll give you 10 thousand 
then you are happy or more or less happy 
or very happy or you do not know what that means 
for you 
because what does that mean tomorrow or in a 
or in 10 years where maybe it does not have 
nothing of value 
then 65 years here means that 
it can be a kaká kaká it's not true 
but we already know that we live 
we live centuries after this is 
king and was really conquered and that 
it happened a little while after done 
after 19 years in the year 700 23 
before Christ there 
Ephraim was conquered by the Assyrians 
this we had already touched yesterday is not 
true and disappears on the map 
there is no more israeli ever more there was more 
interest these are the ten tribes 
lost here are to take them to 
captivity and the history of the north ends 
just the story of Israel ephraim and that 
it was prophesied 19 years earlier 
then it was the doubt because that 
the gentleman has not said in 19 years is not 
perhaps God did not know 
because they say in 65 years what 
logic has that because it tells us in 
visions years in 20 years to be 
a little more precise 
the gentleman tells me being 65 years old and yes 
let's look at that date this is the year 
600 77 
and what happened in that year 
in that year these here 
play and solve was also 
and as we have heard 
here I fell in Manasseh 
For the history 
conquest to take care of your little different 
because here falls the manasseh king and after 
he was going to have six more kings 
and all six kings after never again 
they were free kings were as well as the 
Jews under the Romans had kings 
but they did not place king was Syrian and 
after Babylon that the king placed that 
they chose and they governed those peoples 
then in the year 660 77 historically 
you can mark 
the end of dependence on 
independence of the kingdom of Judah 
the submission 
the break of that empire are going to have 
kings but they are no longer free now the 
line does this here that's very 
to a prophecy about the end of israel 
but in this prophecy the prophet marks 
specifically and clearly the end of 
without saying that explicitly 
but he says it implicitly and we're going to 
look a little more that text 
because because in verse 7 we had 
said has lived the affirmation of the Lord 
I did therefore Jehovah the Lord says 
not survive to me will be what you 
issues is not going to happen quiet is not going 
to spend nothing 
not going to happen 
and now we see if perhaps the king of Judah 
I believed this or not 
verse 10 also spoke jehovah with a 
home saying ask for you sign of 
jehovah your god demanding it from either 
down below the depth or from 
up on top 
now we think that many times 
We would like the Lord to give us a 
sign a city visible for questions 
for doubts for decisions and here comes 
god by surface says the igte 
some signal what you think 
what do you want that you would like to see 
invent something we give an example that you 
would you choose something voice so you do not think 
can attack your people 
that fire falling from the sky would be magnificent 
if you can not do that, that is not possible 
there can not be a trick is a Syrian not 
it's great for me another prophet dictated that 
the skin the wool that I would place that has 
wet on one side and the rest would be dry 
we can imagine different signs 
and because God asked him that or because 
they gave him that chance because 
he did not want to say so you think that 
you can choose a signal can be easy 
for you 
and that says home 12 and responded home 
I will not ask and I will not have jehovah not you 
they think that that was an answer 
Of course it was not simply his doubt and 
his lack of faith and he saw it in a 
answer that seems honest it seems 
sensible I do not do not want to try the lord 
I do not want to but he just did not believe 
in did not believe and now comes the 
consequence of the 13th century 
she said then she goes up now to leave 
to me or it is little to be annoying to the 
men but so is that 
then here at this moment 
in this year the king of Judah decides not to 
believe in god and this is going to have his 
consequence 65 years later the same 
what will happen to israel here 
will play here 
now what does this have to do with our 
study of insects and wine 
and education and all that 
those dates start where the 
bible calls the prophecy of the seven 
hello prophecy 
of two thousand five hundred and twenty years 
two thousand five hundred twenty years of 
punishment for israel and 2500 and 20 years 
punishment to play 
that is in the physical 26 
that's a broad study there are many 
things to say there would be many things that 
yes but you have brothers here that 
they already understand and they teach this then 
can you investigate what that 
is not interested in that moment now what 
what that means here at the end 
2500 and 20 years of punishment is used on 
they finished in the year 1798 
2015 and 2020 years about playing ended 
if you do the account in the year when 
Now that's no coincidence 
what here the Lord has destroyed here 
the rest of your life has restored it 
what here was broken here was healed 
that's an issue but this here we 
interesting too 
if we would now make the mirror 
and we would place this prophecy at the end 
65 years because here obviously 
those are 46 years like here are 46 years 
those are 19 years old, those are 19 years old 
here years we would arrive 
19 years after 44 
63 minute 
then this prophecy marks in a 
that date 
and I think we can not ignore it 
it's not a coincidence because what 
happens here are several things in that year 
of course everyone knows that the 
seventh day church in that year but 
there are other things that happen and those things 
that happened in history and 
our church fit perfectly in 
that story 
now all that prophecy that I give them 
I explained and maybe they do not know 
they do not know because it is not taught 
because they teach us because the pioneers 
in this year 1863 
from a series of articles by jane white 
an article that he wrote in December 
63 and that was published in January 1864 
jane white denies 
the veracity of that prophecy 
he places the beginning 
that this province was going to be in the 
I forget 
here this prophecy and it's going to be 
linked in our church now I do not 
I can invest time to defend 
because we believe that that prophecy is 
you maybe here in that application 
you can simply see that it does not make us 
a lot of damage 
the first time seen does not hurt 
simply affirms dates as 
artists we have always affirmed affirm 
these two main dates affirms what 
which is the beginning of the movement 
argentina and what is the end of the 
movement artist 
so what is the problem 
that's one thing and then as I have 
said here is here is but in this 
same year with us we make the 
application of that prophecy through that 
analogy and that mirror jane white pioneer 
in all the position that is not correct 
that he is not correct himself 
defended had preached had used 
that diagram had students diagram 
but the church 19 years later 
of 44 represented by jaime white se 
he enters a situation where he no longer 
defends the fundamentals that had 
settled down 
here 42 
in that diagram here 
in the 1800s 1618 
William Miller had discovered 
that prophecy 
then here in 63 something happens something is 
happening something is happening that marks a 
bourgeois stretched like it was Spanish 
a point released in a turn in the 
address on the way to the church 
deviates from fundamental truths 
and this prophecy is a symbol of everything 
this here not for nothing is the first 
prophecy that placed them there is the 
first that genova and discovered william 
thousands discovered 
well many more things could be done 
they could measure something 
the question is if the na wai did not react 
to this if the husband is wrong or not has not 
done that 
and many times she did not do that she did not 
had the function of intervening of that 
that maybe for us difficult to 
sometimes understand why he stopped us 
and because she tells us no no no she did not 
that was not it was not its function and already 
let's see some texts because such 
She does not do that 
because she does not do that 
because it was not only this that 
happened at that time 
I want to read from 
testimonies for the church a hotel 
third paragraph 
testimonies for the church of tome 1 
page 115 
and that the visions had not been more 
frequent lately 
because it has not been appreciated have not been 
appreciated by the church the church has 
almost completely lost his 
spirituality and faith and repressions and 
warnings have had very little 
effect on her 
many of those who professed to have faith in 
those did not hear them he wrote 
this can not be said exactly but 
between 54 and 1800 
54 and 58 that is before she is not now 
something we had said here that was already 
had had his first vision at 
and ten years later he says 
the visions had not been more 
frequent lately because they have not 
been appreciated by the church the 
church has almost completely lost its 
spirituality and faith 
ten years later almost completely 
he lost his spirituality and his faith 
that is hard to imagine 
ten years later 
and says and the repressions and 
warnings have had very little 
effects on him already for me 
ya now has a function elena 
white is not a normal human being in that 
sense that 
it reacts normal as we assume that such 
time the wife should traditional husband 
she has to fulfill a role 
and in the things that she has to say 
He says them because the Lord takes them to 
say it 
and here in this situation we are going 
to see that here begins a process in the 
which in which the opposition against their 
writings begins 
she can not not defend certain 
things because it's a process that the 
church has taken and has entered into that 
way that is a deliberate path of the 
church and god sometimes allows it so 
lets here starts to be made 
I miss the road 
and that's why I understand that he does not 
intervenes does not have to intervene 
it was his function to do it in this 
moment though no more formally 
we think maybe because he told us and I do not know 
how it was between him or is he capable 
said something I do not know but it was not his 
mandate to publicly get up 
because we can say this because when 
Later she writes with titles 
centuries there is a text where he already 
defends the 2500 teeth but it is not so 
to the surface that we should have 
that explain a little in detail how 
she does it but we can see it 
clearly defends that prophecy 
in early writings on it also the 
defend if you go to the pages 
final 235 853 something out there in the the 
defend but good 
and that is now the weather 
another text same book page 213 
we say for the church 
for force 3 216 for was 1 
do not 
testimonies for the church page 213 3 
236 first paragraph 
my work has been very discouraged now 
that I have seen that it has not been fulfilled 
that I had proposed 
I often have to ask with 
the affliction of what all my 
these brothers adopted that position 
we believe in visions by the lady 
white when writing he put his own 
words so that we believe 
only the part that we think that 
comes from god 
and we will leave the other 
we seem familiar this is a posture 
that today you hear a lot what 
true not everything the nabai described 
has been clearly inspired and has had him 
visions but then there are your words and 
then here the great chapter opens 
of the theme of inspiration that is 
Inspiration that embraces inspiration 
what was 
inspired by what she puts in 
paper that part that parts all or 
only one part and who decides that 
that chapter opens up here begin to 
after defending it 
by outside attacks with the 
attacks from outside with the spirit with the 
next they have to come then they 
they start between them inside 
attack attack the spirit prophecy and 
the index very early says that 
but dear brothers God allow here 
that the church takes a path because its 
God does not manipulate decisions not 
can do this 
so that's why we want to raise her 
He says some things but it's not his job 
to do this you have to let it run like this 
how the town wants to run 
very sad those words seem to me here 
the work has been very discouraged now 
she says 
ok then in this year 
that's why we mark this as the beginning 
of the work of the insects of a 
destructive work 
at the level of doctrine and beliefs in 
this church in this year because we see 
that the church officially begins 
through their leaders to depart from the 
truths that have been established 
the point they take is the prophecy 
and 2,520 that the longest prophecy that 
includes the 2300 and other prophecies 
the second thing that happens in this year that 
the church decides to make a diagram 
also one like that a new diagram 
that is the prophetic diagram of 63 
we never put it in the 
we make presentations because it's the 
diagram they make is an anti 
anti these against your diagrams the 
diagram looks at first glance quite 
those who have seen know is pretty 
there is only one thing that is noticeable 
very clear the diagram that makes them not 
has text 
they have the drawings the animals have 
some dates 44 some things but 
basically it's like an it seems to me 
as well as didactic material so that I 
I 'm going to give you a test of you 
they have to fill in the dates and 
biblical verses so it seems because no 
has almost nothing 
but they have almost nothing 
they automatically deleted in that diagram 
new that they did here erased 
many truths that had not been 
express so 
the victorial 
and between those things the 2,000 and the 20 
who are up there or who are here 
have been disappear that diagram or 
to level 
written and visually the church is 
move away from certain points 
and he no longer believes that all the things that 
they taught at that time here are 
truths depart from various points of 
true that they used to make them one would take 
time for that and this prophecy that 
prophecy is tied to the produce 2300 
you can not skip they are together the one 
needs the other one supports the other 
as here we can easily see 
end on the same date 
this then two points maybe that we 
They help us understand why we mark 63 
as a milestone in a chain now of 
or fall 
then we are going to place again that 
diagram where that line here 
that we have up first 
in 1863 
the new diagram 
and the 2,520 attacked in the article is 
and of course it 's easy to tell us 
to say today jaime white not what 
I agree 
the church I do not accept it here comes the 
home is a prophecy and not valid 
but the others is not so easy not 
we can do that 
if we would be that we simply 
we deny everything the complex necessary 
of logic and defense we can not 
discard a truth simply by 
someone did it and by assuming that he in 
water already supported it there is no text where 
he supports it there is no 
and the logic of this man is not 
enough to say that that is not 
right we need to investigate 
to that prophecy and see why they believed it and 
why do you throw it away and based on that you 
You can just say it's true or it's not 
but we usually do not do that 
we say good they 
will deny it and then it is no longer valid and 
he has made a new diagram and there is no 
is this either and that diagram 
he does everything that is here because he in 
water says it has errors is diagram 
at that level it's usually the 
argumentation one would be surprised but 
that's how it is in the years that I 've worked 
in that message so at that level nothing else 
to enter the discussion 
well here we put then that date 
now there is another thing here and that's why 
course is the formation of the church 
there is a text by elena white that gives a 
definition of the church 
and that text is important and you have to 
take into account 
this text is from 
someone remembers that the book is atheist 
to this your eyes is a devotion 
thank you very much to these your eyes page 
for the 5 16 
313 says god own a church is not 
a great cathedral 
neither the established official church nor the 
various denominations 
again god jose a church is not a 
great cathedral nor the official church 
established nor the various 
but the people who love God and guard 
his commandments 
because where are two or three 
gathered in my name there I am 
in the midst of them even though Christ is still 
among a few humble this is their 
Church because only the presence of high 
and sublime that dwells in eternity by 
constitute a church 
so I 'm not at all denying 
that here was formed the church of God that 
it was organized here 
that's the church of god the town of 
god but at the same time the concept that they read 
aguayo is explained here 
I see I think it's a little different and 
the concept that we have of what 
that is church here was formed or is 
he organized the church of god yes 
but the concept here does not match 
everything perfectly with the idea that 
we defend because it says 
Although Christ is still among a few 
humble this is your church because only the 
presence of the high and sublime that inhabits 
in the end you can build a 
then it is not even at 
credentials that a church receives or 
is that there are 30 members that opened it and 
that these things have been baptized 
they are also important but they can be 
poorly applied that's right that's 
necessary is the process 
at the same time if there is no component 
spiritual in perfect harmony with 
wildcard aguayo describe life what 
mark then a church can 
appear god's church because he has the 
name and title of the entire procedure 
from the eyes of God 
it's not necessarily like that 
because the requirements that God puts 
They are very clear and may not agree with 
the process that takes place 
where two or three love and obey 
commandments of god are present 
Jesus presides over it and make a place 
desolate on earth the desert or in 
the city or enclosed in the walls of 
a prison the glory of God has 
penetrated in those last ones with hands of 
glorious rays of celestial light the 
dark dungeons then god can 
form your church based on others from 
other circumstances about others 
elements that 's where those are 
that they present to him that they are his children 
then he recognizes this to his church 
the church 
seventh day oil that is formed here he 
I already had some external motivations 
to train 
one thing had external was war 
civilian in the us and the civil war in 
the united states put the church in 
a problem 
the state was and young muscles the 
men and olive trees to the war 
so if you were seventh Adventist 
day you could do 
you had to go and you had to use weapons 
the only thing you could do is 
have a paper and show that paper 
that 's the document you say you're 
member of the church on the seventh day 
recognized church and that's why you have 
recognized that you are a Christian and that we 
carry weapons and then you state 
freed from the 
of that situation where you have to take 
weapons but the church was not formed 
it was a movement I did not have credentials 
officers and it was not recognized church 
official therefore he was in a 
difficult situation because their young people 
they had to go to the army then that 
it was an external motivation for the 
form here 
to simply give a valid document 
in the eyes of the state that that's a 
that is to close perspective we can 
understand here the church had to 
get off at the state level and be 
recognized as a church to receive the 
benefits at that time ok 
it's something that happens externally other 
problems were were problems of 
to handle well is money accusations 
it was a little difficult that a house was 
on behalf of a brother and then others 
they have to give their tithe to that house and 
says that goes to the house of Mr. reveal 
This is brother and brother. 
march what we do with that building 
where we were then it was that 
they were also problems that have to 
be solved and that's why they form here 
the church is formed but the church does 
something that is going to be criticized by the 
pioneers after especially by jones 
do something 
we can read in samuel's book according to 
the grandmother 
first samuel and scooter chapter 8 
it's the whole chapter of that story 
or a little bit we can enter here 
it happened that having aged samuel 
he put his sons by judges over israel 
and the name of his firstborn son where 
it was joel and the name of the second you had 
and they were judges in bersheva but not 
they walked the children or the ways of their 
father before they went back after the 
greed being bribed and 
allowing the right then all 
the old Israel came together and 
they came to the branch to see samuel 
they said here you have aged and your 
children do not walk in your ways therefore 
we are now a king who judges us 
as all nations have 
but Samuel did not like that word 
who chose to harm us a king who 
judge and samuel gold to jehová and I bazán 
and job has said said jehovah samuel I heard the 
voice of the people in everything that tells you what 
that they say because they have not rejected you 
me but they have rejected me so that 
do not reign over them 
then the government of israel 
from the egypt exit 
led by bassinet 
and when moses dies you 
the judges phase begins 
and the prophets who lead the people 
it's not true they were judges and prophets of 
the fictional story in the envelopes of 
many great men and women 
and in that situation where everything was 
perfectly fine 
in an organized way thorium in that 
situation the town says we do not want more 
this is what this type of government is called 
that I had placed here theocracy 
or theocracy theocracy theocracy 
with a 
theocracy that is a theocracy god 
directly governs 
is directly involved 
when the enemy enemy attacked the 
people could not agile could not do 
I had to wait until God 
tell what to do is a theocracy is 
involved directly here I took 
the decisions directly the cloud them 
they guided etcetera 
well this was something they did not like 
and they wanted to be like the others they 
they did not want to have a prophet who was 
under a tree they have to look 
but they did not want this they wanted a 
strong or cute representative man 
as Saul for example that a man who 
is a representative of the nation and this 
it induced them to rebel rebellion 
they lie here they lie and says 
for your children was a good excuse nothing 
more but I know it's not that I waste you in 
the voice to me they discard me they make 
rebellion against god at this time 
now jones 
use that story and say this is what 
happened here that's what the 
they entered an organized way 
organized recognized by the state well 
like the other churches ok 
everyone is organized they all have a 
have to meet certain standards 
state to operate 
now the situation of the movement 
Adventist was a similar situation 
who governed the town until that 
who led the town to 30 to 63 
God I have grace and who used him 
Elena is a prophet more true 
she alone 
the pioneers 
the pioneers of the first hour and elena 
the symbol for me of this here that was 
the system that I had placed was 
a movement but the movement was 
organized and had leaders like god the 
breeding I came a moment where they 
obviously for reasons reasons that 
They had 
they wanted to change something and look for another way 
officially recognized organization 
by the state and that's why I say so 
like the others like the other countries 
like the other nations like the others 
you know what 
I tried to prepare your town for your 
will live in 1188 
elena white had lived at that time 
so we can see that I 
I had placed the system 
I would have reached that date without 
need to change 
the prophet could have given the people 
perfectly up to that date here 
there was no need like that 
samuel time was simply old no 
I was not dead yet 
and he had his problems clear his 
mishaps but it was not dead 
and here also he in water was already alive 
I understand, I believe that Mr. 
would have wanted to guide the movement of 
the same way until I had come 
the lord here could have come here 
but good they chose another form and as 
we see nest and they start 
here in large writing help 
let's go back to this topic a little more 
later when the question of the 
organization and the president's 
it will become a question of good 
discussed in the church 
that comes later in the story with 
they again come back to this 
problematic here 
I was here in that line 
the next thing I want to mark is 
dated in 1883 
here comes a man with the name of 
urias and rays 
but from the first generation and schmitz 
said the following 
to see a moment if I have it in Spanish 
said the following comes that man with 
authority and he's going to be president 
as well 
it was not your book was going to be going to be 
president after the church 
was the director himself 
he is well known and he says the following 
is the text here is from a 
this alberto team is a comment that 
does about those events and he comments 
against the criticism of elena white 
smith accounting was a factor that 
they led the nasa to take over 
that guided him to assume that not all 
the writings of elena white were 
equally inspired that was in 1833 
had smith the in water and criticized 
for some decisions he took I think 
that he is validating one with seminar 
of seminary for pastors at school 
in the water and criticism the ies offended 
personally his ego 
then I said that woman is fine what 
he says but not everything he says is 
inspired because it did not suit him 
because he attacked him or his ego 
then he changed his ups 
your acceptance of the prophecy study 
in the spring of 83 
smith was convinced that while the 
Visions of Mrs. White were 
really inspired their testimonies do not 
were inspired you have ever 
heard from that position to that this 
position that many today still 
they have the division of the texts of the 
Black fence in two categories 
and testimonies 
testimonies can be good can be 
can give courage or be motivating 
but the only thing we can really 
take as my words are the visions 
tonella clearly says I saw this this 
this this is to that this differentiation or 
that criticism of the text elena white is 
the basis of a problem totally 
Uriah Smith's staff and introduce him 
that problem 
to the movement of our church that 
man introduces him now based on him 
we have already said in the following year 1884 
we have not tutorial 
urias elena white 
I was going to have his last 
the public 
never again 
it always gives me sadness to say this 
because it seems so very very very strong to me 
what the Lord decides here but never 
never the people had that privilege of 
to witness a vision of her she 
I still had visions but always 
they were in his room they were always without people 
without witnesses ok the people of god no longer 
I deserved that, it's very, very sad 
It happens here 
the gluten and the portland oregon 
and there is testimony of that is only what 
that I read the beginning what happened here 
in the 50s where they already lose their 
trust now has its result if not 
they want to hear so I'm going to 
make hear and like kant samuel 
here we see what God does he allows 
and there I understand on that side his 
ask also why li na wai very 
intervene if I am allowed to walk 
where they want to walk allows them to choose 
his King 
now it was good that they have a king 
God wanted me to have a king 
I did not want to because I was not an atheist thank you 
they took him out but god blessed the 
election of six kings 
If I chose Saul to David to Solomon 
then we see here a situation 
difficult for the gentleman in our 
words but god has to be two 
things have to bless his people and 
you have to allow them to do what 
they want to do 
I will end with an event in it 
same year 84 
the president of the church butler 
butler-jones the president is the 
write a series of articles that are 
published over several months and 
are his 10 articles on inspiration 
you can find that in the 
Church archives online can 
download all the magazines by reading your 
argumentation and what 
elaborate in those ten articles are is 
a theory that there are different degrees of 
now this means that is interesting 
for it is very interesting to see what to 
if other people believe 
let's finish with this 
and he had the 7th theory 
the books of moses 
and the words of Christ are 100% 
just this in all the bible 100 inspire 
the bassinet levels and the words of 
Christ not read me all alone some 
things I think that means only 
the words of Christ like that in the 
comments the words of the 
apostles before and after are not 
part of the words of Christ 
Then come the prophets pretty 
many inspired 
the prophets the apostles 
and some years or part of the years 
or no one has to memorize this but 
only I want to prove and that's 
what I am actions study that 
we have said that this here is the wine that 
enter and where we can as we see 
prove that are the things that happen 
then third degree of inspiration or 
be something inspired are the books 
and flower 
samuel chronicles kings other books 
and the fourth place comes just the 
Ecclesiastes proverbs 
the singing of Solomon sing is book of 
job he is saying that they are almost not 
inspired are ideas are ideas are 
poems of people inspiration not 
there's a lot here 
own milk has that idea and that idea is 
is well received in the church and 
teaches future pastors in that 
elina gual waiting 
like five years in that case 
let me see five years that tells us nothing 
neither says anything to the subject and then and I go 
to finish with that she says what 
next she attacks him 
driven your spirit 
do not 
the Lord was not with you through the 
Holy spirit for you to write those 
this was not your job while 
many did not understand as light 
it's really going to create many souls 
it will take away many 
and it's going to be 
will still be a cause of death for 
some she writes this 
in Volume 12 of the manuscripts 
released less than you choose page 367 
and she has more texts and he in water and 
clearly says this was from the devil 
that was not god all that theory 
although good is fine and no more is 
well ya s 
what I also want to say the 
difference of your thanks for reminding me 
this indirectly and see that text that 
I am using is a text that has 
several is a compilation of many 
texts and all that logic you can 
have this if it is not already in our 
web page I can give you we are going to place 
there then they do not have to write everything down 
because there are many documents and many 
texts here ok and as he says there are some 
texts translated already also in Spanish 
good in summary 
we have stayed a little here 
defining this date because here or 
because here begins a process this 
process is marked with decisions that 
we can say decisions against the 
established platform 
move away and agree or parallel to that 
there is a separation from the church and 
he asked prophecy they oppose the flame 
it starts shortly me slowly and then 
increasingly stronger through voices of 
important men and finally still the 
president of the church oppose the 
complete inspiration from the testimonies 
elena white and from the same bible pad the 
ok then with this situation here 
we have a beginning of what more after 
it's going to lead to chaos in understanding 
what could be the convention 
good dear brothers to this 
then I wish you very happy Saturday and 
many blessings in the next hour 
with my brother family let's pray