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Publish Date: 8/8/2017
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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to direct me in my andrezinho 
so that all message will be with the 
words that you want, sir and that everything 
out to be that they - week plant 
turn that is true in your 
Little heart sent from blood and a half 
in works and in situation more guides 
in this place without a name is jesus we will have 
all this also say that the same 
Thank you, good day, every week, and 
this drawing acts on the same graph 
that we were using yesterday that the 
people here is really serious happened 
there in the war years 
You can already play on the notes and add 
if you know more the notes that are there 
already pointed over the same sites 
that we approve this same place is 
the same in one place or balance sheet 
on page 51 the eta sensor and we're going 
see these people jumped and the page 
page here on the other we are there 
people see in more detail what 
happened in each of its 
stories each of these milestones and 
other years to know Carlos in detail 
each on the back that happened 
sees continued normal and perhaps much 
some important points 
not many details now expect a 
important point is something for you 
make notes and notes in the 
coast to warm the note if the agency 
where I put it here in the 
first day of the first month falls 
little angel 18 on the coast she in the 
first month the license but you have 
which put a ball underneath and 1 60m 
put a note down there saying that this 
here is our story saying 
this r to understand iese in our 
stone because the first day of the first 
month in history values that 
first bié first master in 
military history is this blessing 
from now 
I thought a lot about the scene at what time? 
time I make a parallel of the story 
glorious with our whole history 
had to be based on parallel history 
women with voters in 
realized what happened today already has 18 
of our history 
for this thesis in which to persecute who walks 
the vocalista of this great and 100 in its 
story today that came down in the spring 
of 1,144 military history she renders 
fire in the spring and 1,144 in the 
military history is the angel of 
apocalypse 14 fourteen proclaims small 
opens how your actions came to public 
on the beam and still focus on 14 and 
25 lots fell fell great glory fell 
Bigger, better. I want you to read. 
which is reminiscent of the policy of 14 15 and 64 
years he was still attracted to fall from 
oop rondônia in the big city because the 
sbb atola designated by hour 
of your publication what this message 
is leader with alexis message people 
need your clothes now the second one does not 
is second only if in this history of 
Bolivia 14 just do not even want to think and 
apocalypse 14 the story of the three 
messages and in history to 
3min time he head that was fulfilled in 
minority history that have not yet 
o in military history 
but the Bible tells the story of a 
next pearl angel hold me to 
next year would evenings too 
Talk about this fourth angel and he will not 
also fail this room before it 
would come it would be the three messages 
yen between years trapped messages 
repeated over the years on a chart - 
so they were mud on more graphics 
or less so we have the three messages 
games in glorious history we have the 
scenes in angelica the millennial story 
and similar to mineirice we are 
living on the programming of the 
third and we are living on the 
programming may be similar but 
will arrive the time has arrived the group 
but let's get to diego coast time 
times when these three messages 
repeated tanks from where these three 
messages have to be overcome and they 
come with the police 18 and 21 12 
with great power and glory was enlightened 
with its glory was to dominate both 80's 
national security to understand 
Remember when we saw that when 
had 126,774 and when we saw that we 
then sells cervantes to the house that 
silva is to the glory of God in 
home and was filled with the cloud with 
better and I left 
this is a typification of game 18 one 
typification representation 
meaning a representation of 
lingerie apocalypse and focus now 
eyes of u2 portuguese now appears 
we will go to verse 12 apocalypse today with 
powerful voice of teaching to fall out 
the large colony and that to the 
dwelling demons and custody of all 
the worlds and hostels all over the world and 
now displays what if the government today 
these two headlights and hot planet 
at the time nor if it were used it repeats the 
second evangelical message is difficult 
according to his message fell fell to 
Great Babylon fell fell was 9 
billion, but 
but the death of Managua woman and said 
When you played that, you defend. 
that when this year and the singer of 
render the first and second messages 
evangelical are repeated in the first and 
according to the delicate message they are 
repetitive and we will repeat in the 
next will read about it in the 
coming presentations and we just 
We work to read about this in the next 
presentation in another situation and 
not behind is death says that the 
three messages are combined in the angel 
We already talked today about being an agency agency. 
that in the three angelic messages are 
combined in message in honor of 
mouth licensor us also speaks 
about this and also a selection of 10 
I want you to realize the shot 
I have no expressive complaints like this 
when the government today defends when 
look and is located between our 
story in not this story they 
will repeat the first second or 
third message he keeps repeating in 
1st 2nd and 3rd message of it falls and how 
is today 's favorite police 14 verse 8 
its spring acumen into a coma 
military history he is a vocalist and 
fourteen psychology decided in 
speaking spring fell for osvaldo 
antônio that she is falling you 
to leave the great Amazon of our 
story parallels the public today 
of 18 that speaks veronica fell in reader 
and so beyond the combined and 
Apocalypse I wanted to be the one who fell 
millions fall so I put in the 
same boat here 
so I just wanted to have had 
even in March ae 
but I understand that today's Apocalypse 18 does not 
dropped in the spring of sanctions and 4 
where the kilo of the present and those 
apocalypse 8 901 and the spring of 1844 
he goes down in our history is down 
extractors and this event typifies this 
March and this event means that milestone 
so I put together so that 
has put there accounts makes sense 
Do you get by following today? 
a great noise also parallel him 
a relationship that is dropped out of the 
Bible and in Jordan are parallel 
be a man about the new ones we will close 
Do not bring anything, we'll read the 
respect for what happened in the afternoon 
dance of the woman when the 
what happened in the afternoon when the exhaust 
sus by the loop 
Look at the picture here neither in 
when the first 
disappointment when it acts first 
drafts that was when the Japanese 1428 
defended that was when apocalypse years 
14 psychological fire 
so they may be beaten all and 
slept well dance represents the 
relationship breathing. 
expect you find time delay 
at this time this volume and cleaning 
superficial and sincere measure without 
person to vaccinate those who 
they thought of knowledge characters of the 
The Bible had clothes that could not 
be beaten by areas of adversity 
in a second he'll be late 
represented by the expiration of time 
expected to see that their inheritance 
I can represent the inspiration of 
speculations, one has to expect that 
if you expected the passwords first 
the first disc and here those who 
passed the test and here those who 
have had this problem sometimes 
was studying life for himself is 
if those who are studying the 
bible for cynicism but the question about 
the Bible by itself and rejected a thousand 
members in 2000 was picking up turkey and 
want I want him to come there for 
itself is not necessary - nike 
guilhermo miller was climbing to 
otherwise I would take that message 
the region to see if it really was a 
negative goodwill and have to see if 
It really was true for you. 
pass the test we're seeing 
to give them the power to pass this feat 
that we are living today in having a 
personal experience with Christ 
we make no reference to the 
character meets the way the 
We have this word studying the 
ourselves and the way we do in others 
cinema sessions and subbiano da paraíba 
the same persons who 
are these messages that we preach 
Here people say that no one 
message that we are studying here for 
example of brazil played in brazil in 
anywhere in the world talking about 
from anywhere in the world is a 
beautiful dress that do not take aim 
seems to call to really check 
to actually compare to look for the 
the processes to investigate 
through the lonely and ethical line of 
testimonials but simon times the exams 
sleepy and beige energy really 
works it is necessary to study the 
stories of the bible it is necessary that 
all others rose in the stories of 
bible said we are saying that 
all the teachers more to our 
time and this is just another we are 
being that every teacher revealed more 
for our time the story repeats itself 
in which history repeats the judges 
the usual bible stories matter 
same standard 
this means that if they not only received 
a story came to follow itself 
but now when the person finishes 
to know the message was time when 
the people in the house and know the message 
it is important first to understand the 
principles that have made the 
important first to understand the 
principles that will be fundamental 
messages are all principles 
are biblical principles 
then it 's requirement needs then 
we feel the need of everyone 
You are only with yourself. 
both in service was for cynicism and 
same time the message is 
being employed and at the same time 
follow the message that is being 
the two are accessed in the gifts 
after the prize to combine 
we all started headaches were all and 
printed a child and Christian 
took the indifference and abandoned the 
I suspect it's still waiting 
patiently until more is said 
embargo and the night of the test this second 
category seemed to lose some of its 
sweaty point 2 emotions in children and 
could not continue to support 
without on vacation week 
each should be suspended for cynicism or 
This is what happened there in the 
spring of 1944 they realized that 
they were fulfilling the word twice 
in cash money who were 
fulfilling the word on the virgin islands of 
if you realize what you have time for 
ansa they chased they understood that 
they had 50 throw the time of the dances 
I also got cookies and this time 
Until I got my password, the coast opened 
the Chapter 2 conversation rocked 
costs chapter 22 4 verse a 
disease and has almost signed up for 
runs 6 to 1 for a while but yes 
I'll be waiting because I feel like selling. 
and to notice give you all 
accompanied everyone accompany everyone 
together let's hope everyone 
I found chapter 25 to 23 for 
that we all have together you think 
can write that in our neighborhoods and 
26 24 
I know she was going to write that. 
chip two vehicles 24 points after 
this passage is important without noting 
this passage below 2 two to 4 
below the ten chapters and verses 
everyone found andré 
let's go once again let's do it once 
most at risk write the omission of 
declare in splints so that you can read 
and a half 
the great conflict speaks clearly 
noncompliance with these taboos that 
greet this view writes the 
view of people wrote avense 
large rooms here only that this is a 
prophecy that speaks of followed 
But now there's a prophecy here that 
someone then just make a 
relative to the afternoon before 
of the pioneers realized that they were 
in these wanderings and did not make the pines 
they understood that he is in my 
thailand looks were just noticing 
time they were living moments in 
they were understanding the line that 
these environments the uneven deaths the 
mistakes are beasts and announce the people where 
they are in the story to 
make the announcement 
where are we living in history 
living two 
her 12 you have to know what 
the period of history you are 
You have to know what period in the 
history is living so that the 
bible instructions do if they do 
sense for you to know and understand 
Intrusion in life want meaning for 
Look at the arm 3g Only these are things 
knows - the pepsico in traffic and which 
are interventions aimed at delaying 
one for a time but if the person if so 
and not lies that salazar is expected 
because then you will doubt and will not delay 
if she waits waiting quoted she does not 
take away my vision is again to win 
again the provinces were not 
wrong and the prophecies not only they 
had correct understanding 
they had an understanding with israel 
wait to be waiting 
watch the last see the last two 
verses the second one is a line that the 
people really waiting patiently 
most of the money a gauze and 
Christian was lost in difference and 
abandoned in front of the other waited 
patiently the one that would be much bigger 
do not cite waiting until the virgins 
prudent and waited but waiting 
everybody bet they retired reborn 
they knew the time they were 
living following the advice of the book 
the one who was following the 
google the board having a board 
asking you to wait midnight 
It was midnight as it was already said 
It was a night as it can be forgotten. 
that I want the brunette to 
message a new light message neither 
old is actually a correct 
understanding of the old light seems 
truth was the correct understanding of the 
language what is important to highlight says 
that it is important to note that we are 
seeing in the waiting period that God 
will reveal light days barcelos this is 
a campaign that happens and this 
happens in the field final moments and there 
they can understand why 
future processes is that they understand 
because let's read it very carefully 
much attention to the 44 of the second 
period was made as the moment of 
appearance of monthly programming 
on a set time the 
the word she is the balls whose 
application of the experience clearly 
as well as squid and dilma midnight 
announcing the closeness husband 
the same occurred in the fulfillment 
spring of 1944 
uses first that would end the 
1,300 days and is the dream of 1054 when 
subsequently verified who is 
made has risen in so many a 
clamor with the same words as the 
here they can socialize received 
then in some souls paragraphs of 
after the success in which he became more 
expensive on web pages 
But look what I say this spring 
from 1834 to 1917 between the spring of mines 
and 54 and autumn of 1944 and he the dream of 
1944 which was proclaimed 
proclaimed the midnight cry of 
midnight love the wife leave the 
So they can come out in this video. 
I believe in proof of what they say 
in parallel run from exactly in the 
mean only receives on average was 
proclaimed with the woman at night was 
programmed of love and 6 nights more 
interesting this is most interesting 
that this probably will not be for 
there will not be time to study and 
that there is probably no other 
boyfriend is not always just here but 
You add the dates from here to more 
it seven more years and then the sec and 
divide by two or take 
exactly in the middle between the two was 
exactly the average is exactly the 
half of these two periods 
exactly half of these two 
you will find data you will 
find in the session where samuel snow 
when this coin was not preached 
the first time the midnight cry 
when the woman did not 
first time the love of midnight in 
boston in boston 
this was and this was in July includes 44 
together known July 21 won in the 
July 21 st street in July he proclaimed 
this right halfway there is 
problem is not only ibm and half of the 
way and this is called midnight 
our dreams 
menotti inscriptions and then not 
complained about midnight and then 
midnight clamor this camp that the 
people talked to my dad looking at 
we do not talk about it 
now look only in the next text what 
burn we will compare to a molt 
from the night to show the next 
text with which this motto will not 
compare the quake - said the midnight 
arguments are not so much talked about as 
Biblical evidence was clear and with customers 
advanced with a powerful 
like vielman on lease to enter yes 
with the pressures and use the people who 
knew gathered from all parts of the country 
to celebrate the party went to the 
ride and meet with the attitude that 
was positioned by the inspiration of the 
moment and helping to extend love 
who said blessedly what comes in the name of 
in the same way if unbelievers 
attend aventis meetings 
some out of curiosity others can only 
to be honest can not convincingly 
follow this message here no one 
Sister 's wife is talking to a goal from 
midnight she makes a parallel with the 
story of jesus and manuals of love - 
relates parallel with jesus history 
cup what we are wearing the veil 
which appears to be in use in the 
parallel entry into jerusalem to a 
falcon get into the concentrated cast and 
does in exchange comparing the two 
he is buying both stories 
just that when Jesus in Jerusalem that 
when jesus in jerusalem and at the moment 
he is on one of these the group 
Chinese trade and in which pushing 
meetings elmo lazaro branches 
the owner of that 50's clamor of sock 
night between the girl's mother had 
same meaning of beauty as this is 
same meaning of it the series can 
thousand points 
I gotta wonder then, from here. 
It's just for us to have an idea of ​​what 
It happened in each of these milestones 
exceptionally so that you 
get an idea what happens 
in each of the landmarks you need 
at least identify that first day 
from the 5th even with the night 
the Chinese have at least mean 
this half day from Thursday to month as 
This midnight love because each one 
We started out making fun of both of us. 
during each - the coach 
now is a chart a little bit 
different, without knowing which of these 
people are talking about 2007 in which to know 
What is taking things we're talking about? 
so I baptize you with the button from the 
first day of the 5th half placing 
this landmark and pepper and asymptomatic 
but then the team will draw the 
first coming the same boat during the 
week to telesp and hot the same day in 
fifth same engine difference chart 
important you notice we know 
but we are talking 
so it is important that not tse 
You have to mark only another one. 
throw a page things and this to 
then return to our study of 
yesterday we go to page 53 for 
that the themes and recognize the law this 
years where we stopped exactly at 
Lazarus the other band we stopped 
certainly entangled 
come on in acts a verse 15 swing 
is to have a new verse 15 
this price I liked the side of the 
midnight glamor 
this text whom I put of 6 900 
It may even time you guys can 
read in time you read enough in 
56 students while doing a quiz 
to 15 
but it looks good that not only fast acts 
in the side story of the 
selection but need attention in cne 
by him were the habits when the 0 
dies when they were women once in the 
banana text that in consideration that 
Jesus took time to resurrect him. 
What a chance it took to resuscitate him. 
It's not going to be right when he dies. 
it does not go right in time to be 
A lot and why did Jesus take this? 
installed and because Jesus took time to 
resurrected whose titles 
they were disappointed because we 
disciples and created said not because 
the cardoso that we seek the conversation is 
because we because jesus took 
disciples wanted to be disappointed 
socialists seen history pages 
results in voters results this 
and the disciples according to the 
retirees and the disciples who 
I want 
then after four days Jesus 
then in são josé she is jesus silva 
lazaro you will still request the 
out of lazaro disease with jesus nem 
silval state and threw in this 
without going into a site like we saw 
like midnight when we had today 
and tomorrow night 
now look in acts a verse 15 on the hour 
keep me your new acronym or 500 and 
Judas he after the cure he leaves and there 
they will replace a person 
and will replace with persona note this 
story of people saying that this 
voter and we throw beautiful here eyes 
blues a leasing arm 
we will go to elementary school 15 
those and stones rose and a half 
of the brothers we meet will be like the 
190 in number and from where it appeared almost 
122's character comes and that's where 
will happen the story that will them 
select more children and then that when 
will happen in history where 
Excellence does not flow Matias 
this you can see more ahead the 
time you can see these machines 
But feel like this can be from us. 
only 6 3 and 6 0 in only 26 to see the 
happened, and they made their 
part and its and fell on matias and 
It was discounted after partner with 
20-year standard at all times. 
I'm sorry I said pointing to 
this but 120 points out several other uses 
but 120 point differences between other 
things the 120 and 300 the number of 
time of grace represents a 
number of proof of a time of grace 
as we have seen it is not the spirit of the 
do not drive the man for more than 
121 6 20 years as a vision and 
spirit of God will not grant 
huge for over 120 days for plants 
of the virgins in the midnight cry 
Midnight spirit, let's sleep at night. 
night after domains and this dating 
less than a year later she feels 
The core of midnight happens this 
division of the fans and prodigies 
then called - if this happens 
separation from the wise and 
seated this as thought is 
with a time of probation 
like the time inside it 
Let's go to the next page - she 
page 54 eyes several times and joseph 
Flag of the girl talking about us three 
will terminate it is the same logic 
happening between the same logic 
happening for how many years in our 
how the years come in the health that was the 
who were the first king of israel 
in 40 years 40 years know this 
then health in dogs then someone in the 
15 of 2009 when the years 1940 41 after 
20 hours later the girl like that 
hall of the year spoke ill when 
janaina salomon 40 40 
so I have a few years - 
how many years 90 to 63 in 36 as well as in 
2006 as well as Daniel 100 120 
principles still undermines the three 
kings are placed on them three 
governors are placed on the 
governors do not put on is the 
same thing with symbols 
different symbology with different 
farense symbols forgiveness pardon with 
different symbols and what happens 
after salomon and what happens is 
responsible at the end of the period 120 years 
is still less than 50 years the people of 
israel is divided into north on south by 
avenue and north on the night the girl 
Midnight, the Bible is all talking. 
for our generation the whole village is 
is not reborn from these stories 
they are not just stories to tell 
for kids 
this serene operation and for 
count for mine are not just 
stories for moral lessons 
our zoning and stories to 
Moral phones are stories that 
help locate us on the line 
they are stories that nothing will come out 
located in prophetic history 
they want more of the examples of their 20 
years as the end of probation the 
They want to have calm weather more or 
least 190 years as the end of five graces 
painful years and is not 
build how old is the woman renner 
noah to build 100 million 
we will see next month in our law 
to keep in English determined 
purify your world where luso 
Joseph finished purifying the world for a 
deluge but of mercy and love him 
God Floods for the Mercies 
love and lithium alessandro lubiana a 
approval 120 years wedge deprive 
strap on tennis during this time 
while the house was built during 
this time when it was built 
voice of Moses and Matuzalém and many 
on the turns of modena and moses in the 
Noah Noah enjoys our woods beyond 
of many others were heard and 
warning was the woman without 
warning was heard sixth er er bow 
wow remittances every hit every beat 
it was a message of defense and camarilla 
it was only a warning message 
how much time 
to control spending and virgin was also 
the time of trial of the angels of 19 
years later problem retro time 
for us 
in nine years only after using it 
built for one hundred and twenty years and 
not want it is that he never was 
built for 199 how many days it takes 
for the animals living in tents are 
as the delay for those animals 
grapevine in the ark seven days and would thus 
to which 12 represents represented herein 
at 70 
as it is represented by the twelve 
disciples and 120 
so the largest of the sertões 2005 
launches in 2005 is also having 
number 70 also represented by 
number 77 here at least 70 is 
also represented by my up and 
then the animals are successful . 
express what happens after the 
Love Animals website dispense 
then she only small animals and 
watermelon would have cores that will not 
to happen 
to the point of access to porto alegre 
waterfall can see the first 
I do not know that without tickets, it's not in 
Spanish is almost equal to that same 
daniel Llose 24min is not verse 
24 we have a 70-week prophecy 
we have a prophecy and 70 of the week to 
People talked a lot about the 120 
we talk a lot about feel good now I go 
talk a little about the attentions to the girl 
open a little in the month of September 
also represents in period of 
which also presents a 
is the problem of 1924 
the picture is a well-known verse 
this verse very much in the hands 
Goose's first step can read my 
part says so 70 weeks and without 
determination of the people and above all holy 
How many weeks are the newspaper the globe? 
how many weeks in the plan 
think 70 weeks in the children doing 
so they are born of the week they receive them 
It's long your legal determination, my 
if I already know the determination to 
message bet of the party favor 
excessive force havens for him 
at the end of the subsidies you only have one 
closed door 
so 70 cns in the wrong port when the 
people have the numbers of 70 years the people 
and 1200 years 
below you can go beyond 200 
seats in the 70's in parallel 
in 1160 which is 1,210 this time 
times half a time a thousand time 
two hundred and sixty years as three years 
and Midle 
in 1960 year in three and a half years 
therefore the damages also represent 3 
Halfway features 36 years and whose 
head you all the answers to 
situations but already confused 
but this graph is small and the 
great heroes a little graphic here 
he had not even in access 
attentive to the presence of 270 
to 1,169 represents 6 and a half that 3,200 
her friends represented 76 because 
we are the name 260 jesus die in the middle 
that period consumption on average this 
period 3 thousand polish bulls 3 thousand 
internal words make red cross 
the red cross but only six and a half years 
back completed the study 77 85 13 saint 
areas 7777 holy oils 
the path is as big as that of the second 
normal 51 truck on part of the saints 
on departure holy place 
You had a table at a table. 
while fans even while 12 12 
only a candlestick and certainly 
none canceled and how many memories 
but in the temple of Solomon 
a different thing happens turkey in 
auction still something different than 
Come on let's go, Chronicles 4 
Let's go to the 2nd Chronicles 407 8 verse 
7 and otis already goes in its unique note 
chronic corinthians our theses 
notes on 14 4 787 and looks like Solomon 
was built care how 
I understand that hand was built the 
first, the 85 stores and income 
according to the mec second bruno uvini and the 
two sipam buoys in ten months against 
hotels around the tables when it was 
intense in just interventions 
or five on one side and five on the other 
525 and others within priests or 
of the twelve disciples internal gospel 
which will go through the eternal angeli 
end of it you will have those 
presented by schools and teeth 
the signs of interest week 
represented by genes prudence 
financially and foolishly with a good dose 
of people speak like the word they 
now felt prudent 5 fools 
50 prudence five buried inside the 
priests we have the fools and another good 
within the groups and others less 250 
houses like here in time are 
represented 5 on one side and 5 on 
others as well as the time to the moment 
represented 55 
other 15 a symbol and you do not 
should think of this symbol in 
quantity inter recall sms mullen 
as in the number of the twelve disciples 
ours and yes at 11 will remain where 
remained and 1 fell and tottenham and 
this is represented by five cautious 
and this is represented by five 
provinces and circus fools and 50 and heavy 
totti there are eleven disciples as 
so we have here 11 safe 
as the province and a disciple 
represent for all and a disciple 
represented by the foolish I understand that 
we will win the symbol of 5 prudent 
5 everyone is a symbol then when 
we only have this one year and five 
provinces and 50 are a symbol of this 
division that will happen within the 12 
of this division that will happen in 
of the 12 or priests 10,755 sneakers and 
also in the profits of the Levites and also 
remember the blues with 75 
representation of the words of the times 
who the representation of the word in 
virginia pathways on one side and five 
other 5058 you have to fight for 
to be part of the five student videos 
teaching in which to fight to be part of 
so convince Nestlé we are 
living a period of tests we 
we are living a period is problem 
and for us to pass this test the 
We have to eat the little book. 
and that for us the group is to pass this 
problem we guide eat book 
received cheerfully true and reside 
cheerfully actually study for us 
even in others and even in others 
to keep track of what is 
It is programmed and not help 
keep track of what is being scheduled 
but for us to have an experience 
staff with christ 
but I 'm not from the party 
reference to the character with Christians 
I need to study for ourselves in the 
we arranged everything is by our commission 
so that we can not sustain 
our faith because of a brother to 
which we can not only display in the 
traffic is the number one cause and yes 
because of the bible but here 
because of the bible 
We have to fight, you can pass the 50's. 
We have to fight a lot to be like this. 
with the way of the master you are in the 
sanctuary bible of animals for 
our generation are already installing 
more to our reborn their 
treasures for me a new time for me 
for the first pedro 1º dp 
a chapter in the eleven important games 
the first daring spirit of 
Christ who was in which it announced the 
before the sufferings of Christ and the 
flowers that would sell behind him revealed 
that in cain there is cynicism signed for 
we were managing the things that 
hours are announced by 
that the amplified gospel by 
holy spirit in 2010 
things without which the window admires the 
jozú I want a kiss between things 
that outside and inside the leandro 
responsible use the spirit revealed 
not for them the prophets for us 
he revealed to them but he is speaking 
for us the spirit is all that 
spirit is better for them expect 
they talking to not be left alone 
I am promoting the 12 prophets. 
looking at our national network 
We have to give importance to your 
we must see how important it is to 
even thank you for let us 
much more light required of 
we are much more sense to our 
help us to realize that 
we need to take time to study 
of the word that is not perceived 
in the scaling areas we need to devote 
time to pursue this loss 
if we have to sanctify through the 
words that we have to sanctify 
through words let's eat the 
neighbors we need to see what we 
we're telling people to 
can follow your dreams and that we can 
follow those concepts of the branches 
spirit about us 
the afternoon rain 
we help us a clear understanding of 
words and at the outset understand a 
clear understanding of two words are 
paulo for the next presentations 
are coming 
so join us to help us keep 
concentrated on what is important and 
did not stop concentrating without 
that is important to you 
production safety opportunity use 
of the word matters and not for this 
opportunity myth and the word everything in 
The name of Christ also the whole number is 
christian to me