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dear father who dwells in the heavens 
make an end of that Saturday day 
here we have 
we have another opportunity to congregate 
us and will be decided with 
another dedication to your word we want 
study what you have here saved 
as treasures for this latest generation 
dear father please let us bless 
through that reading and the 
presentation this also 
according to your will with the listeners 
they work on them 
and it helps that we have an experience 
rewarding because your word is her 
that illuminates not that our hearts the 
name of jesus amen 
very good very good night everyone 
Welcome everyone here in our 
small series of studies 
in the heart of montevideo 
and until nine or so we 
total we're not going to split that into two 
mini pause parties and with a small 
summary then I want to start 
Yesterday we looked at the history of bassinet 
but we study those stories 
of envelope of moses and the following 
stories under a different perspective 
as we usually study the 
Bible stories there's more depth 
in many stories this is what 
we know 
There is a different level than many times 
this is known to us in the 
history of bassinet there is a sequence 
towards the end of good 
there is a sequence of events 
that have to do with its function as 
the liberal liberator of the town of 
the puree israel 
at heights that are born bassinet 
found in slavery in egypt 
they came as free men to egypt 
but due to the circumstances change of 
government brings those who committed as 
full town in slaves men 
books and now there were those in bondage 
they served in egypt worked hard 
in the construction of buildings 
tremendous and so on 
god however he had predicted abraham 
and here we are going to draw a small line 
Abraham had predicted that God is going to 
make a great town is going to be a great 
village of him but in the future 
this town is going to go through a time of 
400 years 
then we had read another 
another prophecy where said after 
four hundred and thirty years 
the village would be liberated 
yesterday I did not know how to explain this 
in detail how that is explained 
difference of dates but things 
the 400 years are not very difficult 
they begin when Abraham leaves Aran 
a rne will not do 
with M 
and the 400 years mark the beginning when 
I make a pact with the wta 
both what you have that the bible gives us 
end here 
four hundred years corrections to 
our 30 years after those 
incidents in the life of abraham 
and that's the exit of the town from the 
exit from egypt 
those are awesome things because 
400 years earlier I had predicted to 
his children that that was going to happen and 
happened on the very day of 
fulfillment of these dates then 
that is a clarification to what we have said 
and we now focus on this 
history here 
in the end of that story in that 
God is going to take his town out of the 
slavery and will take it back to 
the land into a land that 
corresponds only to them is going to 
make a nation of those tribes is going to 
give away a territory with them can 
open a kingdom not a good kingdom a 
nation a state and be able to live according to their 
convictions and according to your faith ok then 
that 's what interests us here 
we are studying that detail that 
last section of that story of that 
good to carry out that work of 
liberation from slavery god lifts 
to a man and it 's man was Moses and 
since childhood we have seen it was prepared 
and now we 're not going to do what we did 
yesterday we are going to do a mini repetition 
a brief summary and then we have to 
study other stories and there are more 
still we have to look at god 
lift that bass is equivalent to a first 
message that arrives at l means arrive 
the message arrives but the message more 
late you will receive a receiving power the 
message is there but nobody understands 
is not known exists but has not yet 
received the message that moses 
will liberate the people from slavery 
receives power when Moses undertakes his 
I work and go to Egypt ok 
and in the moment that moses goes to egypt 
an angel direction in the sky we have to go 
of sawyer and slows him down because he slows him down 
because he was not prepared perfectly 
for that work he had neglected a 
a mandate from God to say consider your 
son and that he had done because his wife 
I did not want and then 
by negligence let's say I thought I could 
overlook that command of God and the 
angel was about to kill bassinet because 
I was not ready for the work 
I was thinking of entering with a small defect 
as savior of the people and that god does not 
I was going to allow here the message received 
be able to before the message that I had to 
take to the town was explicitly 
expressed in the burning bush with the 
God revealed himself to Moses and explains that 
he has to do what he has to say 
it is then here we already see it as 
entering Egypt begins his ministry 
and the first thing he has to do 
he has to lay a foundation for 
that the people have also prepared 
to leave because God was not going to take the 
town because that's their town, not because 
It has the name of its people because 
just going to get god in this process 
to take his people out of slavery 
they have to prepare the town 
because the people did not fall into this virtue 
So it was not an accident, it was not a 
suppression of the other slavery was 
consequence of the behavior of 
because the town forgot the laws 
and of the covenant with his god then god 
allowed him to fall into slavery and 
that process then needed a 
reform within the town and this reform 
Inside the town it starts with bassinet 
placing the foundations reminding them 
that they have to keep the Sabbath 
as a holy day as well as sent from 
the creation and once established that 
now begins the work of the enemies 
that stand up against and well that what 
we have drawn here 
as one here the enemies rise 
duplicate work make it difficult 
and Moses has to then arrive with 
a second step like that just does not work 
then it will be a miracle in front of the 
pharaoh pulls his rod the rod becomes 
in a snake and the pharaoh asks his 
wizards to do the same have their 
bars and snakes are also made 
because the inah white already explains to us that 
the molded rods was a rod that 
it really became a snake 
but the bars of the magicians were 
apparitions for him 
here has an answer 
the power 
ok and thanks for the help here in the 
answers for the snake video 
it was a respected adored animal 
known in Egyptian the cobra 
initially had its function in the 
worship in the world of the 
religious of the 
so a rabbit would not have done it again 
the same impression as we see that in that 
history the snake appears several 
times in the desert when God does 
send a bronze snake there the 
I would have to look at him a bit I do not know 
exactly why 
if not, then 
here what happens then in this step and 
that brand 
a second stage is now a phase in 
that story that's why we say that it arrives 
the second message 
Pharaoh if it was his heart at that time 
that is to say that there is no god that is a 
magic they are doing that is a 
pizzeria that are not god those men 
they come here and claim that God sent him 
there is no such thing, there is no god that 
you say that there is then the 
hardened his heart and work 
harden and harden your heart and it's going to 
close the channel will do everything 
possible so that they do not come out 
It is the message of the serpent 
simply one was a sample that 
then he gets to receive power when 
the ten plagues fall one after the other 
the other and the last plague 
happens on Pentecost or at the same 
time on a specific night of the 
Jews had to meet in their homes 
they had to paint the lintels of the 
doors with blood and the angel that had 
the commission to kill every firstborn 
that existed in those lands or the 
animals on humans will 
I was passing 
for those doors that have that brand 
or that is a symbol of a seal that 
was placed over the chosen town in 
this moment of history here is the 
seal and they will not receive the the 
judgment the trial nevertheless arrives here 
and the judgment means for some the 
death and for others the release and here 
there is a clear division the people in that 
moment it leaves egypt while others 
they stay and they're never going to leave and they're never going to 
get together for them in this whole process 
however from the circumcision or 
from the sequencing representation 
and the angel that arrives is the time of 
Moses does everything from that 
moment means death or life and people 
also while they are entering 
in the message and listening to what I 
makes your decisions are no longer decisions 
so it starts to be lightly if not 
cause or the life or death of those 
that are in that phase 
is this here a very specific process 
that God sometimes performs in 
the story with his people 
those are that is a history of reform 
this is a story of the gift of God 
it releases its power from a bondage of a 
darkness as we have read and in the end what 
has clean what has purified it 
he has gathered and he takes it out to be his 
town we have already seen that here also 
the number seven appears 
the number 7 here because after 
easter day the feast of the fans of 
seven of seven days the number seven 
appears here there are more details of the 
history but that will be enough for 
for the repetition demos jazz had 40 
years here when he has to go to 
desert and learn what I have to 
teach him and he's 80 when 
they leave the little son 
ok the next story then that 
will be the theme of that night 
the end 
of ancient israel 
I said I'm going to put four here 
parallel stories that 
they have the same points and the same 
purpose purpose thereof 
procedure like that story but they are 
different stories separated by centuries 
this is electoral moses that is the 
story of the beginning of the island of the 
now let's look at the history of 
Jesus that marks the end of the history of 
ancient design as God's people 
and then we go step by step to 
discover the similarity between those those 
stories now Jesus came in a while 
from darkness to earth yes or no 
and what was the darkness 
they were again in bondage that 
the Roman then that's a darkness 
slavery does not come again does not come 
well no more than the Romans simply 
they were much stronger than the Jews not 
is what God allowed 
and they will be conquered by the Romans 
because because they walked away from him 
then retire goodbye your protection and the 
village is free to do what 
wants to do and street 
I know exactly no 
we understand of course that Rome was a 
that existed in his war techniques not 
they simply conquered 
with weapons they conquered us a lot with 
negotiations also sofas the 
Romans tactics 
are you friends with us or are you from 
If you are a friend, we will give you 
benefits but you're going to incorporate 
our empire and you pay taxes if 
you want to fight the hard one we can also 
do that I do not go in Rome had those 
options many times I incorporate many and 
many but kingdoms were incorporated as well 
we do not forget that God was the god of 
Israeli town 
and there is no power that exceeds the 
God's possibilities for his people 
so that's why I said that 
can be whoever wants to attack 
Israel I was always willing to 
protect your people but joke for 
supposedly played a role in the prophecy 
came the time of Rome and had to 
fulfill a role god prepared him for that 
there is no 
there is more than one god but those others 
gods know not not not see them 
my name 
if it is correct notwithstanding the human being 
You have the freedom to choose yourself in your 
gods you can make a god and 
anything you want is not a 
god that is comparable to some 
way with them there is only one clear god 
yes then dark times 
Christ has arrived here 
that's going to make the story of christ in 
this story 
same as sample is we have seen yesterday 
Moses was a type of Christ 
he was going to liberate the people as Christ 
I was going to liberate the town 
but we also have another character that 
prepare the way in that story 
john in the Baptist 
and you know that they two do 
basically the same time with the 
difference of a few months 
I read a little about 
what causes darkness here we have 
said the darkness is caused by the 
mystery of iniquity the mystery of 
iniquity is the mixture of the divine 
with the human or the pagan and the 
Jews mixed with the culture with 
the religion of the Egyptians in that 
time there was something similar and that 
showed in the schools says the sister 
white the wish to all the people is page 
in the days of Christ the town or city 
that did not make provision for 
religious instruction of young people is 
considered under the curse of God 
however teaching had come to 
be formalist the tradition had 
largely supplanted 
scriptures the true education should 
include inducing young people to search 
to god if in some way palpating 
made facts 17 27 but the masters 
Jews devoted their attention to 
ceremonial and filled the minds of 
useless issues for the student who 
they could not be recognized at school 
superior of heaven the experience that 
obtains by a personal acceptance of 
the word of God had no place in his 
educational system etc. not to read 
everything here but there is a problem that the 
the rabbis had accepted 
an education for future leaders 
of the people who came from 
a mixture of their understandings to 
through writing with the 
teachings and Roman philosophy and 
something like our church happened in 
the 60s when the church thought 
the scholars thought they had to 
raise their educational level by 
introduction and combination with 
teachings of worldly universities 
ok that happens in that time 
and that leads to a corruption of the 
pure teaching that God had given him 
only to his people because the mixture 
Jesus another event of the 
mystery the iniquity where it mixes 
divine with the human in education 
do not 
and the intention forgiveness 
a planet 
it's more apparent 
for what 
try it 
that is, you say that this is how today 
day is not true that there is not a single 
truth and who who nobody dares 
say I have the truth if it's not like that 
there is discussion there is possibility space 
for a value 
ok in the natural order of things 
we continue here and our reading the 
son of Zechariah would have been educated 
for the priesthood who was the son of 
when the Baptist of natural order 
because his father was a priest he had 
been educated for the priesthood but the 
education of the rabbinical schools 
would have ruined for his work god did not 
sent the theology teachers to 
that I learned to interpret 
I just should not go there 
I called the desert to learn 
of nature and the god of 
nature we have already seen yesterday that is 
a parallel to Moses that also has 
have to go to the desert to be educated in 
theology schools would not have been 
ready for work not otherwise 
I would have been an enemy like Pablo 
only there you hear the word of 
how he wants to be if he does not do it now 
missing that now we repeat 
that when they reach this time they are met 
several prophecies I think that's one of 
the well-known subjects that had had 
many prophecies in the bible about 
the ability of Christ exact prophecies 
inclusive of the date when he had 
to be born that is fulfilled of course 
here at that moment we see that in those 
times prophecies are always fulfilled 
here is the 400 thousand 430 here 
secondary prophecies of the life of 
Christ in the birth of Christ 
is another marker in those stories 
in the lines of reform 
the next thing God does he chooses a 
liberator of the people and here he chose 
Moses and had to reeducate the bassinet 
here we also see that increase in 
we have already said juan was elevated now 
there is desert for god can educate him 
but all that time is marked by a 
increase ticos in knowledge not 
It's only Christ, it's not just Juan 
not only was it a bassinet at the time of 
moses who else received knowledge of 
aaron circumstances yesterday we said 
we have other names here you do not have more 
they knew that the time of the 
the elders were visited by the 
angels who more parents of bassinet 
they knew this same Moses same wise angels 
to invite here there is a series and pharaoh 
he also received this message too 
I knew that if it gives containment now in the 
time of Jesus who knew that the 
scream they were going to do 
who have an increase in 
knowledge or reference at the end 
good water will then be specific not 
they were kings they were not magicians but they were 
wise the wise men of the east 
wise men from the east them in increase of 
knowledge who more 
the shepherds 
who else 
a day 
how would it be 
the high priest and high priest 
and then there was the prophecy or 
and man 
no longer 
here there was here there was a lot of accumulation 
of an increase in knowledge about this 
specific moment the town woke up 
those who sought the truth understood 
today he has to come to Christ and 
thus they fulfilled the 70 weeks of 
danielle nine days is fulfilling is 
the prophecy Christ comes there is that god not 
he leaves his village in the dark when 
arrives at this moment is to that phase 
specific to his people what 
They inhabit us prepare it and notice that 
here between these moments are 40 years 
more or less 40 years 40 years between 
moment of the preparation of 
knowledge up 
and in teams of Milan was something similar 
let's see in your after 
now the message 
for this generation it has to be a 
message not necessarily the same as 
this because this town had its 
problem they did not keep on Saturday 
this town did not have that problem 
it squared on Saturday but what was the 
problem of this town what was the 
message that Juan then carries for that 
generation so prepare yourself to prevent 
repentance they had to 
become his heart had to be 
purified in the end the same thing that 
here will happen but that was the message 
the message that receives that formulation 
we are saying yesterday 
through the mouth of John the Baptist 
says elena white in offers and kings 516 
at first God had not revealed the 
exact date of the first advent and 
even with the prophecy and danielle of the 
I did not know everyone interpreted 
correctly the message 
but Juan now what he does 
he also makes the announcement of Christ not 
true the announcement the coming of Christ 
for that generation then that's what 
who has this message is the message 
specific for that generation has to 
receive the messiah and have by elio 
become for that event for this 
phase for this moment that's the 
formulation of a specific message 
then comes here a message with 
Christ and with Juan comes the first 
message that is formulated here and that is going to 
receive power 
when saying again a being 
that heavenly being here receives the form 
of the dove and holy spirit descends 
at the baptism of Christ 
lucas 7 I would like to read this with 
you lucas 7 verse 29 
7 29 and 30 
and all the people and the publicans when 
they heard it they justified goodbye 
baptized with the baptism of John that 
is the first message that comes from 
village plus the Pharisees and the 
interpreters of the law discarded the 
God's designs regarding themselves 
not being baptized by juan 
what happened to those who rejected the 
Juan's message 
they accepted the message of Christ 
those who did not accept messages from Juan 
they were also going to reject the message of 
Christ then John was the one 
he prepared that work and he opened the way 
you had to accept Juan's message 
to receive the message of Christ 
so here at this moment 
also begins that test for the 
God's people come from messiahs 
then the town has to decide 
if the message of Juan 
It is valid right or not 
moves away or starts to continue 
listening to what this this teaches 
now here what we see what happens 
with the Pharisees they never depart 
more are going to join them to this 
Life has a term and that's the 
Visitation time they have heard 
sometime the time of your visit 
with the time of the visitation of 
town is the time when god has 
and wants to carry out a work 
specific in his town is the judgment 
to his people in the time of 
Moses and I thought that the 
visitation was here and Moses wanted their 
own forces cause the release but 
the time of visitation was here 
according to god 
and here something similar happens also the 
John's disciples thought that he is going to 
cause this and he's going to open the way of 
rid the people but they still have to 
occur some bidding things and it goes 
to be here 
despite all the people is page 202 the 
Jews misinterpreted and 
they misapplied the word of God and did not 
they recognized the time of their visit 
those years of the ministry of Christ and his 
apostles the precious last years of 
grace granted to the chosen people the 
dedicated to adapting the messengers 
and messengers of the Lord that was the time 
of their visit and they do not 
they recognized the time the last time 
they had to save themselves 
they committed and they accelerated it what 
got worse 
Earthly ambitions 
absorbed and the kingdom offering 
spiritual was done in vain as well 
also today the kingdom of this world 
absorbs the thoughts of men 
and they do not take note of the prophecies of the 
prophecies that are fulfilled quickly and 
of the indications that the kingdom of God 
comes quickly describes that very well 
our circumstances and our 
situation as a church we did not have 
idea that happens and where we are not 
we as a people of God idea what 
advanced time we are in that 
line of events also and promptly 
It will be simply too late 
the message does not arrive so all the 
world I see miracle in heaven and then 
the church that a special message does not 
is in the writing that does not seek is not going 
to find nothing and you will not realize 
you're not even 
what Christ does now in that time 
he also places the foundation because 
his people have to be freed from the 
slavery and we do not talk about slavery 
roma but church see you spiritual you 
but for it to come out of it the people 
It has to be purified and prepared 
then christ places the foundation 
for his people 
we can read Isaiah 28 16 
and 628 16 
which is the foundation that Christ places 
16 days 28 16 so jehovah the lord 
says so I have put in zion 
for foundation a stone stone 
approved angular precious growth 
stable and that you believe do not rush to 
who that same christ stone 
same through its service through its 
life through his teachings placed the 
he was the foundation and it was easy because 
in reality you have a foundation 
visible you did not have to follow him you have 
to copy have to ask you 
that learning that was what Christ 
so the first Corinthians adds 1st of 
1st Corinthians chapter 3 
says so verse 11 
because nobody can lay another foundation 
that the one that is put which is 
Jesus Christ or that nobody can put in it 
is the foundation he is the foundation for 
the foundation of the foundations 
then the foundation here in this 
history is placed 
and founded is christ 
now when christ starts his 
ministry and start to heal and start 
satan does not stay calm is not 
just like in that story we see here a 
of peace of the enemies an effort 
the Pharisees here listened to the beginning 
they watched choirs already go but now if they 
they get up and start looking for how 
destroy men 
then the activity of the enemies is 
the response to the liberating activity 
of the lord 
we always see this in these stories 
very well 
the next thing that they have to spend 
then it is that a 
second message they have that they have 
to move forward with them with them 
his plan to liberate his people and what 
God does then we see in history 
through Christ we found in san 
juan chapter 2 of cycles 18 
sanjuan chapter 2 universe and close 18 
to 21 
and the Jews responded and told him 
which is great you show us since you do 
this remember this question 
and that's the same question of Pharaoh 
what is great you have 
to show that you are sent by 
God what sign there are no signs and 
made the snake and here the 
priest asks the same question and 
the Jews responded and told him that 
they taught the samples since you do this 
Jesus answered and told them to destroy this 
temple and in three days I will raise it 
they said later the Jews in 46 years was 
built this temple and you in three days 
you will not raise 
I want to add a comment here 
wanted all the people page 135 
those who had heard from the temple atrium 
they came back little by little after a 
time has jumped over a 
incident that had just happened 
before that 
exactly right here where everyone 
you see it and both 
verse 13 
and says the following that's why the 
sorry question let's introduce that 
it was about the Passover of the Jews 
and Jesus went up to the temple and found the self in 
the temple to those who sold oxen 
sheep and pigeons and the money changers there 
and focused and making a scourge of 
strings made out of the temple to all and 
the sheep and the oxen and scattered the 
currency of the moneychangers and overturned the 
tables and said to those who sold pigeons 
remove this here and do not do the house 
from my father's house market market 
then they remembered their disciples 
which it is written the zeal of your house I 
consumed then comes the response of 
the Jews and the Jews responded and 
they told him that if you already show us 
ok then here we have 
the purification of the temple 
what is the second message 
and we also see that Easter is the 
first easter in which Christ 
and here comes the comment then the 
who had fled the temple atrium 
they came back little by little after a 
had partially dominated the 
panic that had gripped them 
but their faces expressed irresolution 
and shyness watched with amazement the works 
of Jesus and they were convinced that 
in him the prophecies were fulfilled 
concerning the messiah 
Christ does a miracle here with this 
because what Christ did the 
purification of the temple was not like that 
take the tables and clean the temple like this 
with force but look well a man and 
they all flee as is how it was possible that 
a man goes in there and manages to do everything 
that because they can not be forcefully 
have resisted what could have 
braking but that could have been 
supposedly in opposition to him but what 
Christ does here is a miracle because he 
in water he tells us that he simply 
have to look at some and the look of 
it was impossible to resist and they 
they felt so discovered and so reduced 
in the south in his naked sin that 
spiritually they fled since 
they fled away from korean as if something 
tremendous would have happened 
that's why they come back now after 
a time with shyness 
they looked with amazement at the works of Jesus and 
they were convinced that it was 
fulfilled the prophecies concerning 
messiah the sin of desecration of the 
temple included to a large extent the 
priests by his rules the atrium 
had been transformed into a market the 
people were comparatively innocent 
I had been impressed by the 
divine authority of jesus but 
considered the influence of the 
priests I say great those looked at the 
mission of Christ as an innovation and 
they questioned their right to intervene 
in what had been allowed by the 
temple authorities were offended 
because the traffic had been 
interrupted and drowned the connections 
of the holy spirit above all else 
the priests and rulers should 
to have seen in Jesus the Lord's anointed 
because in their hands were the rolls 
sacred that described his mission and 
they knew that the purification of the temple 
it was a manifestation of one more power 
as much as today they make Jesus not 
they managed to free themselves from the thought of 
that they could be a prophet sent by 
god to restore the sanctity of 
as it says difference born of that fear 
they went to ask him and signal us 
signs that you do this 
Jesus had shown a signal to the 
to penetrate the light in your heart and 
execute in front of them the works of 
that the messiah had to effect them had 
given convincing evidence of his 
when they asked for a signal 
I answer with a parable and showed 
that discerned his malice and saw up 
where would lead them destroy this 
temple said and in three days I will raise it 
the meaning of those words was double 
jesus alluded not only to the destruction 
of the temple and the Jewish cult but to its 
own death from the destruction of 
time of your body 
then to understand a little the 
magnitude of this event here this event 
it is a decisive moment and it is a following 
step in what Jesus now does he does 
understand very clearly the people and 
especially the leaders that is his work 
since it will be the one that will be placed here 
a new kingdom he is going to clean the temple 
he goes 
in what he does demonstrates his 
superiority and authority over the 
leaders of the town ok then that 's the 
message that arrives but let's see how 
that's still going to increase the 
to be able to do what he does but as we have 
now 45 minutes let's take a break 
of 5 minutes no more and after 
we will continue is fine because we have 
the rooms at 9 nothing more 
let's go to a prayer 
we go 
for our 
maybe we do not have the ability 
to understand 
that magnificent divine work that led to 
but some things we see and understand 
and it's a little sir we marvel 
in itself that story is a story 
incredible and beautiful but if we compare it 
with the history of moses we see the 
parallel and those are really things that 
they taste us 
the divine hand behind all these 
events have wanted father 
thank you for that study that we have been able to 
listen please keep your hand 
about that congregation on behalf of 
jesus amen