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Publish Date: 12/6/2018
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Language: English
Channel Group: Bolivia
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in sisters 
Clothing classes 
james moore fail daily 
in see pp present different months 
only sing act 
I'm here on top of injured people 
conclusions of the presentations of 
It's a brief summary of the points 
she aims for four battles in the 
old history 
that will illustrate the end of the world 
and asia 
the battle of ipsos battle heracles 
cullum and benevento 
that identify 
and back 
it would be the element 
Well I do not know 
know that it points to an alliance that places 
between the antagonists before the 
first war 
that identify what 
the key components of those battles 
for the participation of elephants 
that identify that in each of these 
battles make a battle mode 
or emphasized the main means in each 
the body approach 
and in this movement we already explained that 
there in the movement we identify that 
in principle I would not say it's the triple 
prophetic application 
we recognize that trump was the president 
from the USA 
we begin to see various events 
repeated that would take place in 
his history as president 
in our events it would be the third 
world war 
so we recognize that the third 
our world war is at a 
triple application of the prophecy 
to catch them from the test 
and we recognize that in the first war 
global the new trees in I came back 
after nuclear weapons 
it is understood 
and we recognize that in the second war 
world, the soul was wrapped 
so before you got introduced 
your presentations 
we started to speculate what would be 
what would be the battle medium during 
the presidency of donald trump 
for that third world war 
in her presentations she makes a good 
work to show 
and that's not the way to battle is the 
information war 
already points that movement of the internet 
that starts at thousand 989 that is the time 
and in the time of the end 
and there would once be an increase in 
an increase in knowledge 
about the prospects truths for 
the people of them 
the internet was the increase of 
knowledge for the world 
if we go back to the writings of the 
pioneers of the ancient 
they would identify that 20 and 38 a 
increase of knowledge 
changed in front and as well as know 
but they also identify that in 1.038 
we have the effects of the revolution 
industrial that affected the entire world 
and point to all those dimensions 
that were made at that time 
telegraph telegraph factories 
to other phones 
so the mind of knowledge 
3 placed for the world is more 
and already explains how the internet was 
and there will come a time when 
could reach the information of the 
people who used the internet whether or not 
be that people will be aware 
of zones 
and the Beijing detonator 
then some major events during 
that internet movement 
they correspond with some some sites 
that we had already identified in our 
so this is a summary 
summing up in these four battles 
these four elephants 
they represent a new kind of war 
the type of battle of the requisition 
identifies clear information 
and it has several ramifications 
but as it already aligns our history 
she marks forwards 
how to make trump elections 
in November 2016 
and therefore there 
know a coalition between the king of the south 
and the king of the north 
which in the context of this 
application is between between russia and usa or 
Between putin and amp 
in the notes it should be called here 
and 2014 
she has also taught 
go Go 
that the 2013 felipe days of trap was 
in Russia 
that's close enough to 2014 
to say that she is not 
the collision becomes an argument 
let's go back 
who is going to the presidency and 
but here in this framework 
that I'm going to place as 2018 
we are identifying October this 
with the heat of summer midnight 
we have reasons to mark it there 
in document and yes no 
in September adventure 
about the USA starting a war of 
actively information 
then in September of October 
Let's see 
in any way 
that means this as the size of 
It's important to answer and I'm 
placing him to worry about a month of 
difference the next battle 
we handle medicine 
the battle of the ass but before 
have placed the information in the 
public record 
we had marked this milestone as the top 
the battle of raffia our life of 11 
from another line of prophecy 
and rafa is serious 
senior series by cloth 
all right 
initially we marked Spanish as the 
Midnight rosemary 
when we mark 9 and 19 as the 
ration rate 
We understand that it is midnight for 
since the door closes for our 
everyone knows that 
recently the presentations 
already dial 18 in July 2020 
as in the battle of cloth 
but there are people who are not seeing it 
in that way for several reasons 
and I have no more and I'm wrong 
but I have reason to watch 
place this date the dates areas 
had our new doctor 
this is how another milestone comes before or after 
Spanish is open for discussion 
but one of the arguments that I'm going to 
get here in this group to 
identify this as Spanish 
of November 9, 2018 and yes no 
if you are in the battle of raffia 
and identify 
on July 18, 2020 as Spanish 
does not allow too much time 
we need more time between these two 
myths so that you all answer 
what I say is maybe they 
be correct in saying that this is 
theme, not Spanish written 
but this argument of not having 
too much time or enough time 
between these two do not have any weight 
2016 is in November 
it is the end of 2016 
at least two years until we arrived 
to this other battle of the creates 
you have barely a year until you get to this 
these are 252 days apart from their stops 
it is not outside the structure 
established from these four battles 
the fact of this upcoming battle 
especially good the inspiration has 
placed in the registry 
and also emphasizing the fact that in 
this movement is true that I'm going to 
mention was always emphasized 
this truth making the movements 
endings are fast 
the inspiration says those repeatedly 
and from the beginning of this message 
when it was publicly heard that was always a 
a fundamental truth that the 
final movements are fast 
and quickly 
and from the coalition to I do not care 
speak the first battle 2016 and the 
second in 2018 the third in 2019 
this is in harmony with that movement 
this last movement doing events 
subscribe that is here has to be 
long after 
so I want to do 
argue I want to receive argue 
I would say that is in the order of saying 
that the Lord is delaying in coming 
biblical lands that says that the false ones 
they move to come from their lord 
and if we are going to use the partner model 
of the harvest 
what is this 
in the second coming of second 'b' and 
ment so there will be a temptation 
to count years 
far in the future beyond time 
which would come 
because the word is never fails 
there has to be a 
there has to be an argument to place 
to go even further in the future so that 
can comply with that part of the 
with that saying I will not be dogmatic 
about what I understand from July 18 
and two thousand ninety 
usually in these whatsapp groups 
I've only had a few smartphone ago 
but they purposely brought me back to these 
whatsapp groups 
I placed myself in this group the week 
passed and on purpose 
I purposely try to cause problems 
front on the street 
I did not tell katie 
I said look here is placing here 
my comments my comments 
the first one that I entered is thrown out there would not be 
one answer someone answer three 
and I tell Katy I'm doing this 
on purpose 
and what are you doing on purpose in 
that study is the study group 
because I'm trying to lift or move 
some of those issues that those 
issues that have never been 
answered and the reason for that 
the place 
is that I think we have to answer 
those things in a very fast period of 
if our grace closes on 9 
November next year 
then we need to unify in this 
message quickly and all the little ones 
small notices to call that are not 
resolved they need to be resolved 
now fast 
so I have no problems if what 
I'm saying since the beginning of July 
of 2020 is incorrect 
but I'm here to tell you 
if your only argument is that it happens very 
and I'm saying you 're saying 
that the lord delays his life 
if you are going to correct it 
corrected from another direction 
I have to come to union in life 
now down on other notes 
there was a truth in this message 
a friend 
and the truth is that what 
they came before message before me not 
they were the stones 
in the stones that was taken out of the 
quarry to be placed after 11 
and when she is fat, she is the target of 
movement were countered 
fought when I believe that you are 
truths in the public domain 
I was still working in the 
who had yesterday other ministries that 
they worked with him 
and all those movements rejected what 
he was teaching were being 
about that matter 
this value is outside where the same 
he rejects them 
so when that came into the story it was 
an argument for a long time 
and that truth our understanding about 
apocalypse 17 3 
when Juan is taken to the desert to 
the domain of 1260 years 
of the 
then it is the see these five white 
papal norm 
and I understand that there are some 
it is not one of our heads and my 
answer for that is 
that it does not make sense that it is 
definitely the fifth head 
and in 1,738 five have fallen 
11 the united states 
one still has to come the united nations 
and here is the point 
the eighth of the seventh 
the deadly monkey area of ​​the papacy is healed 
and then we have seen in the beginning of 
this movement 
it's up to the argument that the octave 
of the seven 
well when we saw the president 45 of 
we started looking at the presidents of 
your home guaranteed 
if we could have all the citizens 
les us in this room right now 
you want to ask, we ask who 
He is the first president 29 percent 
would answer wrongly they would say that 
the first president of feve george 
washington the first president was not 
they had seven presidents of the 
constitution of the convention 
constitutional and then they 
they wrote their first constitution 
because it was called the articles of the 
confederation and while they were 
finishing the articles of the 
confederation there would be ten presidents 
that brings us to 789 thousand and washington 
technically jorge washington is the 
President number 18 
when we look at these things we give ourselves 
mind that in the transition of these 
first seven presidents for these 
two presidents 
that the seventh president of the 
first 7 
it was also the first of the next 
which means that 7/10 president 
for eight kidnapped president he was the 
eighth was of the seven 
and as we believe that Jesus illustrates the 
end from the beginning 
then we know that the end with donald 
we should see in the presidency of the 
us what we saw at the end in the 
and that this phenomenon of the eighth being of 
the seven should also be present 
that concept that phenomenon and it is 
and connects with the 17 after we gave ourselves 
that although there are only seven 
churches in the apocalypse that those 
churches represent the time the 
type of the disciples of the end of the world 
and we had already recognized that those seven 
churches also represent time 
from the history of Moses to Christ and 
there not long ago 
and we realized that these seven 
churches represent the time since 
adam until bassinet so when 
we put that in its place 
we see that all the controversy of 
sin of the beginning in this world 
is governed by history 
represented by the seven churches 
and is represented is repeated three times 
since the fall of fallen Eden until yesterday 
in restored 
but we had already understood 
when we arrived at the last church 
when we arrived at the time of Christ 
then you are in the last church 
from the history of Moses to Christ 
and when we got to the last church 
in the history of the Hebrew church 
at the same time you are in the first 
church church history 
we understood that he says it to jeff 
those are contemporary churches 
then with that understanding 
and we realized that with the church 
or the last church 
we always have in two churches 
also the last church that is the one you want 
and the first church that 
and in our history the last church 
it's the Adventist church 
they are the covenant people who are 
being overlooked but the first 
church with which the Lord is 
entering impact the 144,000 
they are efe are because there are seven 
churches but the eighth since seven 
of the first seven 
with the powers or the churches where 
know we started seeing this in google x 
17 the first kingdom is Babylon get into 
to greece 
and the eighth is modern madrileña 
because Jesus illustrates the end from the 
principle therefore in the seven 
the last church is life 
the last and the first is to offer so 
both the last church plus the excess 
we are living now in time in 
you who are life are contemporary 
Let's see 
because of that but to do the 
what is a fundamental thing this was a 
fundamental stone 
this riddle is formulated 
the enigma that the state is that of the 
because now I'm going to deal with the 
number 8 
and I 'm going to argue that the number 8 
has a combination of that combination 
of 7 and 1 and that this phenomenon 
really present now 
and it has to do with history 
Midnight to the Midnight Cry 
I'm going to argue that when that 
midnight message really it 
it began to open 
he did it based on the recognition of 
Greece of nothing 
while the first came out of Babylon 
day the first month 
takes to jerusalem the first and the fifth 
and that the implications for the elites 
on the tenth day of the seventh month 
and when we do not start we go 
to see that we realized that this 
It was on September 11 
this framework this and had associated with 
jerusalem midnight 
in this effort 
and this is the Sunday Hernando decree 
Grace closes for Adventists 
of the seventh day 
for those of you who are 
being trapped in the module the 
that has only one hole in 
where the closing of the door is marked 
of grace you need to expand your 
understanding the history of 1,089 up 
World's End 
it's like in crystal history it 's a 
progressive grace closing 
and there it is closing in all these in 
all these milestones if we are going to play each 
concept each line based on that 
there is only one closing of the sentence 
you are going to confuse 
and it's fine if you choose or choose to do 
but it's not okay if you're confusing 
to other people 
with your application 
have the birth of Christ 
on the side there says 
that the leaders of the Jewish church 
were overlooked without the closure of 
the grace 
in the time of Christ in the time of 
then there is a closing of grace in 
thousand 989 which is well before 
written processes that you are insisting 
that they have to see before it will happen 
before the closing of the grace why not 
is my point my point is number eight 
only demonstrated 
since midnight there is the cry of 
it's the eighth day last 
in second of continuous chronicles 
where the first and the first month 
they begin to purify the temple and 
It takes eight days to do that 
and then from day 8 to day 
We have 8 new days to clean the 
this was one of our first points 
this here allowed us to see that the clamor 
of the night is the eighth day 
and it is all that some people may 
give I want you to see 
this is the end of the day number 8 
and the eighth day starts here and that 
from here to here are seven days 
since this is the eighth day 
and he wants to not address this day as a 
time frame 
we are losing the implications of 
what they were saying here 
but I 'm starting this by saying 
that is now true the eighth 
is from the 7 
inspiration is being forced to give the 
distinction between 7 and 8 
based on second and clinically 
September 11 is the cry of 
midnight the temple must be purified 
I am arguing that the temple is 
purified before midnight because 
second of chronicles 29 is like any 
another passage of the prophecy 
and governed based on line on line 
if we are going to see now or not now 
let's show that when sin 
there was a seven day process 
to purify and atone for that sin 
and then on the eighth day they were 
pronounced cigars 
we are also going to show it 
that the temple was built in seven 
seven and a half years seven years 
seven and a half years the Bible says 2 
so let's deal with the temple 
being built here and that the 
consecration of the temple 
a manifestation of the port of God in 
the temple 
let's deal with the fact that the 
priests had to be consecrated 
for seven days and then in the eighth 
day they begin to serve as 
then we will try to unwrap the 
which include what happens when 
the atoned eyes of sin 
as are the consecrated priests 
how long it takes for the temple to be 
do not 
and how long it takes the work of 
david be established 
because david begins to reign lebron 
by September 11 
and he reigns in Hebron for seven days 
seven years 
and the black queen for seven and a half years 
they call it euro for seven years or seven 
years and a half and there the king reigns jerusalem 
for 33 years on throne of life is not the 
temple when we go to lucifer lucifer 
I wanted to sit on the throne of God and in 
the north sides 
the north side is the church 
do not 
the north of 'not the lord ruled his 
church and the throne represents his 
political authority and satan wants 
take power from these two thrones 
and both of those stretches are established 
or restored when the church 
it comes from being hidden 
to be able to have a functional temple 
working we have to have a group 
of priests working 
and the priesthood in this church have 
to be free from sin 
there would be an infestation of land in the 
temple here 
and this is a manifestation of the power of 
them here in the offer the pledge 
before the midnight clamor 
before Spanish 
ok because we already consume all our 
time I want to give a more concept about 
what are we going to try 
in you 
for me he has been the first person 
primary school that has placed the model of 
agriculture in the public register well 
for those of you who are 
tempted to say that I am teaching 
something different from parminder 
I have presented this directly in 
front of par binder and asks if 
Have any problem 
with that and he says no so no 
I'm sure it 's with farming says 
things like I tell myself things 
sometimes it can be like the sisters 
they are listening to parminder to teach me 
I teach that grace closes in a 
point in time 
at midnight 
grace in midnight love the 
grace begins to close for those of 
but it does so progressively in the 
Sunday law 
Grace begins to close for the 
but he does it progressively now 
some of you have a problem 
because we know that closing the 
grace is here brother yesterday 
super in that 
are you listening to me 
parminder and I are not on a page 
different about this this is the model 
of agriculture 
that is the great harvest here 
but the harvest can not begin in the 
Jewish Jewish economy 
before a firstfruits and 
Christ was the first fruits 
and I say that the cross of Christ 
find here represent the first fruits 
of barley 
on Sunday morning when Jesus 
I was a bunch of taken to the sanctuary 
it had been cut 
brought to the temple and offered for 
the related offered scoops 
but what 
in the second 8 
there is another other offer of the first fruits and 
happens 49 days after this offering 
of firstfruits and now the firstfruits of the 
that first-seed offering was not 
just a bunch of wheat that was 
cut and taken to the temple 
the first fruits of this book were 
collected the trio was separated from 
the place was not growing 
the trio was taken 
It was very nice 
canary was mixed with yeast and 
but today I become one in a bread 
in two loaves 
Well, no 
because then 
this is an offer an offering of 
Firstfruits according to the scriptures 
that condition and pentecost 
so it's still good to use the 
Sunday as a symbol of 
hope so 
so there is a 
garments and scoops here 
but it's barley wheat 
and this offering of firstfruits is being 
identifying a process 
this firstfruits offering represents a 
point in time followed by a 
and then two loaves this is a country that 
it's another bread 
we need the brand of yes but of all 
ways we are to almost anyone 
but that is not the point 
and if that helps you talk it 
and the priests 
these are the priests with the Levites 
but both 
both offerings are banners 
this banner will wake the 
Levites and this banner will agree to 
wake up the net and neos but both 
they are firstfruit offerings 
both are associated with the number 8 
but they are different 
and the closing of the 
the bible teaches that there is no harvest 
before the harvest of scoops and all 
you here are first fruits 
but not only are they the scoop of wheat 
you are taken and that is 
typified by the cross 
and Jesus taught that if I were raised 
would attract all men to me 
he was a banner 
typifying the standard that would be 
raised between the history of 
Midnight and the Midnight Cry 
which is the eighth day after 11 
September we prayed